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Every photo you posted was related to a work event. Nice try.

Oh, you’re right. Work event, so you have to remember to smash your breasts against your coworker, look at her like she hung the moon, grind you hip into his crotch, kiss her temple, rest your hand on his chest in a possessive fashion, breathe her in, wrap your fingers around so that your almost cupping her breast, stand between his feet or legs to get closer, adjust your clothing to prevent any reaction showing… am I missing anything anon.


One pic gives me more feels than the other…in one Sam looks sincerely happy to have that person by his side…one looks like a lifelong relationship the other doesn’t…one looks like an acquaintance embrace the other of two people who would go into battle for each other without a second thought…two equally nice photos but IMO tell a very different story.

I’m off to bed. I have another very long day ahead of me tomorrow, but hopefully I can write a one-shot in the morning before I leave for work. 

Thank you again to all of you. You’re all so nice and so sweet and your comments on that photo definitely made me blush, ha.

Gnite loves ٩(♡ε♡ )۶


Photo 1 and 2- Nicola and I had a nice cool morning run today. It was 12 degrees but beautiful. Along the way we saw some lovely sunrises and this was the view from Joel and I bathroom. Stunning. My hips have been feeling sore ? this week so I need to start stretching them out and foam rolling my body more often.

Yesterday I had a super busy day and managed to squeeze in a 4k run with Dogga. My second run with Dogga in 4 weeks. It was amazing to have him with me, he helps me to push myself too :)

I went to the dentist yesterday, and she said I have some decay happening. She’s worried it’s more than my teeth routine but more about my diet or something my body is/isn’t doing. So when I’m back from Canada I will see her again. She said I have lovely teeth tho? Haha

At work we have had 3/7 of the teachers are relievers and boy oh boy it’s keeping me busy! Yesterday I almost have a break down because it was so demanding. However, I have a 2 year old transitioning to me and he loves me! He packs a tantrum when I return him to his room. He’s really sweet, and it’s so awesome that now that I am a ‘permanent teacher’ I will get to follow that through :)