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Jotaro Kujo is Autistic: an Informal Analysis

So. When I first started sdc, I INSTANTLY noticed a lot of core (and lesser known!) autistic traits when it came to Jotaro. I’d see him do something and I’d be like “oh! I do that!” Or “oh! I understand that!” Because you know. I Am Big Autistic Doofus.

So first thing I wanna start with is sensory. One of the first things we see of Jotaro is him yelling at some female students, correct? I noticed a trend here, and some behaviors I have too. Now, these girls are touching him, and they’re all speaking at once, voices overlapping, and he finally yells at them to shut up, right? Sure, you could play it off as him being edgy or whatnot, but that’s not necessarily accurate. Watching that scene personally, I noticed a few really striking things. he only yells after the onslaught of stimuli begins, and you can see him become more and more agitated as the stimuli continues. He reaches his breaking point when these girls start yelling at each other, and he screams.


And chalking it up to him being an Angsty teen doesn’t make sense, either, because the same thing happens in part four. Autism doesn’t go away with age, so it makes sense.


From experience, this is exactly how I experience sensory overload. Distressing stimuli, stimuli continues, your nervous system becomes agitated, and the stress can make you explode if it persists. this can also be why he gets snippy when people touch him unexpectedly. Unwarranted (ESPECIALLY LIGHT) touch can be really scary and even painful. His sensory issues also would tie into why he always wears his gakuran, even in the hot ass desert. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable and it provides deep pressure input. It’s a comforting weight he needs to keep cool, just like his hat is also a comfort item.

now,,, to break out the big guns,,, communication

Throughout each part we see Jotaro in, it becomes very apparent that he’s not the best with words, and not the best at reading people. He communicates, but it’s mostly actions instead of speech, so his intentions are often misunderstood and he’s seen as rude or brash. Again, another core autistic trait. an example I really love to use is the way he knew holly was sick. Despite his bitchiness about her being annoying (yes, that’s probably because’s he’s a fucking edgelord and can’t handle his emotions mostly) he genuinely loves her despite never saying so with speech. he knew something was wrong becuase she didn’t give him a kiss goodbye before he left for school. For a lot of us autistic people, routine is important, especially routines around people we love and cherish. Him getting a hug and a kiss goodbye is an ingrained part in his routine because he loves his mom. not receiving that affection threw him off, and perhaps caused some anxiety because “I’m leaving, why hasn’t she given me a kiss? She ALWAYS gives me a kiss goodbye, something must be wrong”

Along with that, rather than outwardly saying “I’m worried about my mommy” he travels across an entire continent to save her life. this also ties into how we read and understand people a lot of the time, and also a little thing called cognitive empathy and theory of mind. Cognitive empathy is the ability to understand why a person may be feeling a way, “putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes”. Theory of mind is the ability to understand what a person may be thinking or feeling, and understand that people don’t know what you’re thinking or feeling without you explicitly saying so. In jotaro’s character bio, he is said to not be verbally expressive becuase he truly believes people know his motives and feelings with out him explaining, which is A HUGE AUTISTIC TRAIT.


personally, I do struggle with theory of mind and I also kind of assume people know what I’m talking about because that’s just how my brain works! Jotaro IS empathetic, and emotional, and kind hearted, but he just shows it differently.

Let’s talk emotions and emotional processing. it is common knowledge that Jotaro is an emotionally constipated dumbass. But again, watching him as an autistic person IT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH MOREEEEEE

We usually don’t see Jotaro express much emotion outwardly, which we previously discussed has to do with theory of mind. But it ALSO seems to do with a little something called alexithymia. That is the ability to identify an emotion or feeling, which I personally believe is something he lacks. Not only that, but because of it anger seems to be the only emotion he can process and react to accordingly. anger is easy. It’s intense, it’s heated, and it is easy to express. Jotaro has a lot of trouble processing his emotions and identifying them. Grief, anxiety, sadness, overwhelm, they all come out as anger. Let me explain a little bit more about alexithymia, becuase again that’s something I deal with. So, if you have alexithymia, you may feel a certain way, but are unable to describe it in the moment. If I’m anxious, it’s squiggly or ragged or ziggzagged and blah, or “it feels like a lily is blooming in my stomach”. If I’m sad and don’t really know I’m sad, “I feel blah, and kind of heavy, and my hands feel funny.” If I’m overwhelmed, an example i used yesterday in voice chat on discord is ”I feel wiggly, my body feels like jelly” it can go on. Emotions can be tangible, physical sensations that can make them hard to describe. As a kid, when I’d dissociate I would say “today was a gray day.” Colors and shapes and sensations came easy, words not so much.

one more thing I’d like to touch on with emotions are meltdowns and shutdowns. Meltdowns are essentially outward expressions of extreme distress. This can range from crying and stimming to destructive things like throwing stuff, (TW) self injury like biting or punching or othering things like getting into fights and snapping at people. Meltdowns are triggered by fight or flight, your nerves are completely haywire, you can’t think everything’s too much and it’s all ??? and you just need to be alone to get though it. Shutdowns are exactly what they sound like: you are so overwhelmed that your brain and body completely shut off. You can’t move, speak, or think properly. Jotaro a big guy, and for a lot of autistic people our traits are seen as threatening or like we’re instigating, Espeically for somebody of his build.

so stimming is something everybody does, it can range from bouncing your leg or tapping your fingers on something, or rocking and flapping and humming. Despite stimming being a natural human behavior, neurodivergent people are notorious for it because we need to do it more regularly. It helps us regulate our senses and express our emotions. Something I noticed he does quite a lot is fist clenching. Fist clenching offers deep pressure input, and seems to be his body’s expression of anger or fear along with him biting his lip and clenching his jaw. Another very obvious thing he does is tipping his hat, a comforting motion, and also an expression of embarrassment, anxiousness, and I think it’s also to avoid looking at people’s eyes. last ones I wanna talk about are the notorious phrases…

yare yare daze”. Feels nice to say, first off, and from what I’ve gathered it almost always seems to be used when he doesn’t know what to say or he uses it as an expression of exasperation or confusion.

ora! Something I belive has a lot of credibility is that stands will have the autistic traits their autistic user does, and, since star is jotaro’s authentic self it would make sense that the only thing he says is a vocal stim.

Last thing! So. Perception. How you view the world and interact with it. Autistic people are super well known for our attention to the small details, and what is one of the first things we learn about star platinum?


stands are a complete manifestation of their user’s authentic self, and, if that user is autistic their stand would be also. Wouldn’t it make sense for their strongest traits to show?

This concludes my essay.

For now…

sound the drums of war

okay so i’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a retold fairytale about pocahontas, which is a really reasonable thing to request since i’ve done so many retold tales about disney movies, but here’s the thing

pocahontas the movie is easily one the most messed up things that modern media has ever produced, and i’ll belt out color of the wind like nobody’s business, but that doesn’t change the fact that disney took a history about lying, abduction, rape, and torture and … turned it into a love story. which. what. who thought that was a good idea???

so. look. this is the only retold fairytale i have in me for pocahontas. i know it’s not what anyone who requested this actually wanted, so. sorry.

we’ll keep disney’s aged up premise and characters, because the truth is just too sad to touch at all. we’ll keep pocahontas as her name, because it wasn’t her real name (her real name was matoaka).

okay here we go

we have pocahontas, the young daughter of chief powhatan. she is spirited and flighty, having no fear of jumping off waterfalls or any other manner of dangerous things. what does she fear? growing up, responsibility, having to be a grown woman in her tribe and all that that entails, of being forced into a marriage she doesn’t want.

she grew up with kokoum, she knows him, he is a good man and a strong man, he will provide for her everything she could need or want – but she doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason to marry him. he’s a good leader, he’ll probably be elected to replace her father when the time comes, and she will move on from being the daughter of the chief to the wife of the chief.

something in her rankles at being the daughter of, the wife of, to being just ‘of’ anything.

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My Hero Academia: a summary
  • Aoyama Yuuga : Why am not equal to everyone else?
  • Kirishima Eijirou : I'm not manly enough.
  • Kyoka Jirou : I'm not feminine enough.
  • Todoroki Shouto : I'll never escape from my past.
  • Yaoyorozu Momo : My intelligence is useless because I have no idea how to apply it in tough situations.
  • Uraraka Ochako : I'll never withstand the pressure.
  • Iida Tenya : Any failure from my part will bring dishonor to my brother.
  • Ojiro Mashirao : I'm basic.
  • Kaminari Denki : I'm stupîd.
  • Koda Koji : I'll just say the wrong thing like always.
  • Tokoyami Fumikage : People must never know I'm a dweeb.
  • Bakugou Katsuki : If I'm not number one, I'm a loser.

anybody ever just sit and think about how oliver banks was in a committed relationship with graham folger from MAG 3 for literally six years before he had a self proclaimed nervous breakdown due to the stress of his job and serious issues with his personal life — presumably right around the time that graham would have started going through the horrifying shit that led him to eat entire notebooks. and then they broke up and oliver moved out of their home they shared and then graham was replaced with a doppleganger and oliver started having horrible dreams.

because that’s, like. seriously sad to me.

any pictures oliver would have had from their time together — six years worth of photos — would be altered and defaced (literally!) and if he ever got a hold of him again, there’d be absolutely nothing to salvage because it’s not graham? do you think he could have felt like he had any semblance of closure if their relationship ended like that when they were both at their worst and not how they must have known each other, or do you think he might have tried seeking it later? do you think he’d be one of the few people to notice since his own avatar shit could clue him in that graham is DEAD and that this Thing feels Different and Wrong, or would he just? literally never see him again and never know? untold fucking stories, good lord.

That Trump just doesn’t have a 2020 platform goes to show how little substance a candidate needs to run for public office.

It’s honestly horrifying because people aren’t voting on substance; they’re voting on abstract ideas and misinformation. There’s little grounds to hold them accountable to their word.

We really must do better.

queen-0f-fandomland  asked:

How about a protagonist who was in captivity for a while (year or two) and is rescued/ escaped and while they're in the hospital the antagonist enters dressed as a nurse and inject a paralyzing drug into the protagonist's IV and when they realise what's going on, the antagonist reveals themselves and does a little "did you really think you could get away" speech all while the protagonist is unable to do anything but listen with fear. Sorry if it's too specific, I really love your work btw :)

It took the protagonist a horribly long moment to realise that they couldn’t move. The nurse had come in some two minutes ago, moving calmly around the ward, adjusting things. Now, they calmly closed the curtains shut around the protagonist’s ward bed, a periphery snapshot of a tidy uniform.

The protagonist’s stomach sank. The questions rose to their mouth and wouldn’t come out, locking tight. They couldn’t move. A distressed sound slipped out of their throat. 

The nurse turned to face them.

“Did you really think,” the antagonist murmured. “That you could get away from me? You poor thing.” 

It was like the protagonist’s nerve endings had been buried in snow, soft and cold and silencing. Instant. The cold dripped through them, drip, drip, drip, solidying in their veins more and more every moment. 

But they would have frozen anyway at the sound of that voice. 

The antagonist hushed them gently, stepping closer. They smoothed out the protagonist’s pale green hospital sheet and tucked them in tight. They leaned in to plump the protagonist’s pillows next, propping them up, before finally brushing the hair back from the protagonist’s clammy forehead with warm fingers. 

The two of them locked gazes. 

The antagonist looked more and more disapproving by the second.

“Look what you’ve done to yourself trying.” They clicked their tongue in a tut. “Did you think if you broke yourself enough that I wouldn’t want you anymore?”

Surely, someone must have seen camera footage; surely someone must know that something was wrong. This was a secure hospital for god’s sake. They were supposed to be safe. That was how it worked. They escaped, they found people, they got to the hospital. They were supposed to be safe. This was supposed to be over.

They’d fought for it to be over.

The protagonist’s eyes flicked over the antagonist’s shoulder, where they knew they’d caused damage. They’d seen the blood. Heard the screaming.

The antagonist caught their glance.

“That was vicious of you. I didn’t know you had it in you, I’ll admit. You really hurt me..and after I was nice to you…”

Bile burned in the protagonist’s throat. Tears burned behind their eyes.

The antagonist moved over to the IV drip once, taking away the line of painkillers.

“I was so nice to you.” The antagonist’s voice turned as cold as the drug as they manhandled the protagonist’s into a wheelchair instead. “But you know what? I’m not feeling so nice anymore.” They flashed a smile, full of mania. “I goddamn hate hospitals. Time to go home.”


Not a pr0mpt

Ok guys please let me talk about Star Trek The Orginal Series. I’ve watched 7 episodes and so far:

  • Kirk was cloned twice
  • Three episodes revolved around someone being mind-controlled by something
  • Sometimes they really don’t know how to talk to each other, space dummies
  • Some of the 60s gender portrayals creep out and make me wince even if they do a pretty good job in general for a show made in the 60s but it’s for a different post
  • I also don’t like captain Chris Pike from the rejected pilot, I’m glad we got Kirk
  • But here to the fun stuff
  • Kirk’s first reaction at learning that they’re gonna meet McCoy’s ex-girlfriend was asking if they should get her flowers (a man knows how to be nice to ex-partners)
  • McCoy being confused by Vulcan heart rate despite serving on the same ship with Spock for quite some time (lol)
  • Someone flirted with Spock at least twice and my homeboy was so confused
  • Seriously, the first episode Uhura was flirting with Spock and he was Confused™, like what’s going on and she ended the conversation with that ‘lol ur such a dummy, Spock’ tone of voice. I love Uhura
  • Sulu trying to stab people with the sword was a peak of humour ok
  • They made my boi Spock cry, I don’t care if that’s some space virus Imma gonna fight them
  • Also that was some quality Spirk bonding scene like Spock said ‘Jim when I feel friendship for you I feel ashamed’ and damn if that’s a confession
  • Spock has killing bitchslaps that can make a man fly across the room
  • Also magic hands that make people go to sleep
  • Evil Kirk wears eyeliner 
  • Kirk is a nerdy boi who read a lot of books in the academy and got excited by the thought of meeting a famous archaeologist
  • Also the mutual understanding between Spock and Kirk that Spock immediately knew that there was something wrong/bad going on when clone Kirk was mean to him
  • Like seriously, how much trust in each other they must have to 1. Kirk knowing that making evil clone be mean to Spock will alarm him, 2. Spock knew that Kirk would never say that to him  
  • Kirk held a vaguely penis-shaped piece of a space rock 
  • I am still confused as shit what does the shirt uniforms colours mean

That’s it. That’s the post. Did I forget about anything? 


Imagine spending thousands upon thousands of years being a demon, being the outcast, being the fallen, being the ‘bad guy’, being the one that everyone hates, and you still come around to unshackle an angel when he’s tied down, because even though you’ve fallen, you’ve also fallen in love, and you know that the angel would do the same for you, not even out of love, but because that’s what the angels do, that’s why they exist, they’re supposed to be the ones unshackling the damned and setting people free, and instead, after all of those millennia of being told that your very existence is wrong, you get a glimpse of the other side, and the first thing they do…is shackle the damned.

Everyone who talks about Crowley’s anger in this scene talks about it from the context that he loves Aziraphale and hated the fact that they would have put the angel through this, and I think that’s definitely the case, but I can also just imagine how apoplectic he must feel, knowing that he’s spent millennia wondering what would have happened if he hadn’t fallen, lamenting over the fact that he didn’t mean to fall, always addressing God as if She might be apt to give him another chance, only to have the curtain pulled back, revealing that the side of the angels is the antithesis of his values…but in all the wrong ways.

No wonder he looks ready to reduce heaven to ash and brimstone.

One of the lines in “Thor: The Dark World” that gets overlooked, I think (possibly because Marvel cut it from the final edit) was when Thor is talking to Frigga about Loki, and she says to him that he and Odin always shone so brightly, it was hard for Loki to find any sun for himself, or something to that effect.

Anyway, this is such a massively important line, because it basically tells us EVERYTHING about Loki’s childhood, and how he felt.  And here again is yet another example of how absolutely WRONG Taika Waitit’s view of these characters was, given what I heard about him wanting to include a flashback in Ragnarok showing Thor as a sensitive and bullied child, and Loki as dark and mean.  That would have been in DIRECT conflict with everything we know about these characters, just like everything else in Ragnarok is.

From what Frigga says to Thor, it’s plain as day that Loki as a child was always struggling just to catch up to Thor, to try and be equal to him, not just in Odin’s and Frigga’s eyes, but in the eyes of probably the entire kingdom.  It tells us that Thor, as a boy, was as popular and well liked, as charming and charismatic and as easy to make friends as he is as an adult, and that Loki was very much the introvert, quiet, awkward and isolated.  And from Loki’s desperation to win Odin’s approval in the first Thor film, I think it becomes apparent that that desperation grew directly from his feeling inadequate and lesser to the standard of both his father and his big brother growing up.  And it’s just so unbelievably sad, to envision that.  To envision Loki constantly struggling, trying to match Thor, trying to make himself seem as good as Thor for Odin, trying to make himself seem like a “true and worthy son”, as he says in the first film.  How anyone could miss this about his character is beyond me, unless they’re being willfully obtuse.  

And we see from this one line, that Loki’s entire motivation is based on a feeling of lack on his own part.  He feels like he’s less.  He feels like he isn’t as good as Thor, and that Odin must not love him because he’s not as good as Thor, and until he discovers he’s a Jotun, he doesn’t know why, and he can’t figure it out, and he keeps trying and trying to do the right thing to somehow make him, in his father’s eyes, Thor’s equal.  Think of the kind of psychological effect that would have on a person, especially a young man growing up in the kind of culture Loki did.  Think of the burden of constantly feeling like there’s something WRONG with you, because you’re constantly measuring yourself against the perfection of an older sibling who everyone loves, while everyone treats you like you’re strange, and even are at times outwardly hostile and cruel to you.  Think of the weight of trying to figure out how to change yourself so that others will treat you like they treat your perfect older sibling, but not being able to, because you don’t really know what it is about you that makes everyone dislike or hate you in the first place.  And then think of what it must have been like, to discover you’re from a race of beings who the people you’ve grown up around consider to be monsters, who are those people’s mortal enemies, and coming to the swift and awful realization that that must have been it all along.  That THAT’S what was wrong with you.  That that’s why you’ve always been an outcast.

I just think that one moment from The Dark World was so important for understanding Loki’s character.

And yet, once again, Marvel proves it’s own stupidity by cutting it out.  Just like they cut out so many scenes from the first Thor film which showed Loki in a more sympathetic light.  Gee, it’s almost like they didn’t want people feeling for him.  Too bad they ended up doing so anyway.

to go along with that previous post, I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while. I am neither cis nor straight, and one of my first exposures to lgbt+ media (if you could even call it that) was y/aoi content. It was one of the first ways i was exposed to mlm relationships and guess what? It wasnt good! At All! A lot of you clowns fail to mention that yaoi/fujo culture constantly romanticizes abusive/pedophilic/incestual relationships! it was 99% of the content i saw when i was a young impressionable kid! and it gives you an extremely poor and inaccurate depiction of what gay relationships are like! it fetishizes minors! it fetishizes abuse and unhealthy age gaps! transphobia and the invalidation of trans folk is a huge problem in a lot of y/aoi content because of the focus on genetalia (”it must be a guy bc he has a penis!!1!”) ! it fetishizes gay men as a whole! and it does affect how people view these things! when i was a lot younger, seeing so much of this content normalized it for me! i thought all of this was okay when a knee-jerk reaction would be to know that its wrong! and it takes a while too unlearn too! saying that yaoi/fujo culture is harmless is, at the very least ignorant, and at the most extremely fucking stupid. if anything, seeing stuff like that when you’re a young lgbt+ kid will twist your vision on a big part(s) of the community.

tl;dr, y/aoi and fujo culture can suck my trans gay dick

You know what?  I’m pissed. I’m pissed on behalf of “bayou” and “appalachian” people, the “white rednecks” that everyone loves making fun of so much.

Like, y’all know why we all, even other white people, make fun of them? Because once upon a time, some high-class white folks looked at them and said “ew, they’re acting wrong, they must be mixed with blacks or natives, they’re not really white.”

Like, I don’t fucking care how actually white these folks are, they’ve been getting shat on by conservatives and liberals for fuckin decades, treated like jokes, like shit.  And like, if they vote conservative, that makes sense?  bc conservatives might not actually care about them, but they’ll at least pay lip service to it, vs liberals just making jokes about them all the time.  

These are people who, if they were actually LEGITIMATELY cared about, if liberals said “we actually REALLY care about your issues and are willing to try to improve your situation” and followed through? Would probably be willing to change to voting liberal.  They’re voting based on who they think gives half a fuck, and when liberals treat them 100% like a joke and the conservatives at least pretend to care about them, can you BLAME them for voting conservative?????

I just.  It’s not fair.  It’s not fair to these people who, frankly, are a minority in this country, and are treated like shit by basically EVERYONE.  This is why I’ve basically stopped making redneck jokes, EVEN despite having lived in florida and florida rednecks not being remotely the same thing as rural bayou folks or appalachian folks.

It’s just…  idk.  I’m not saying “oh these poor white minority folks they have it worse than people of color” but I am saying that they’ve got shit levelled against them that a lot of folk don’t, and it’s not fair to be so cruel and hateful to them.

Let’s support our quote-unquote “rednecks” and actually treat them like fucking people.  Maybe then they’ll see that they’re gonna be better off voting liberal than conservative.  And maybe we can make sure that’s actually true, and treat them better than conservatives do.

You don’t know when you’re abused as a kid, you just assume that’s how life is for everyone. You either make yourself useful, or you’re not worth feeding and being kept alive. You either shut your mouth and endure beatings, humiliation, insults and torture, or you’re a weaking and a wussy and that you’d rather be subjected to continuous abuse than be any of this. You’d rather be strong and proud of how much torture you can endure than be considered weak, even though, in the end, you succumb to weakness and feel ashamed, pathetic, wrong. You’re taught that abusing someone means proving your power and strength and being a victim is shameful and your own fault. You either fulfill everyone’s needs and give up all of your rights to accomodate everyone else’s life, or you’re worthless and should feel horrible about yourself for every moment of your life.  You assume everyone is going thru the same, people who are confident and pleased with themselves all the time must have different kind of value than you do. They must have earned to feel good, while you haven’t.

Those are the rules abusers establish for their kids, and how could kids know all of this is wrong? As a child you can only observe how the world works and adapt to it, you don’t posess the skills to realize enduring abuse only causes damage to you, that hurting someone vulnerable is most pathetic, most cowardly thing you could do, and that it lowers your status of humanity, and proves nothing good about you. If you’re constantly threatened by being thrown out or abandoned if you’re not of use to everyone, how could you know that you’re not meant to be something to use? Until you see enough of the world, enough of how other families work, you can’t know something is wrong with the way you were treated. Until you’re at friends house and realize that in this place nobody hates you and how you never experienced that before, what you have at home will seem like the only option.

It’s normal to only realize there was abuse later in life, when you’ve seen and learned that life can be different, that life is different for a lot of people.


Im half Surinamese and half Pakistani living in The Netherlands so let me say this.

Everyone get rid of your henna tattoo’s, kimono looking clothing, facial jewels like bindi’s n whatever you made your new festival hype, asian styled makeup, wardrobe even your mannerisms like the way you eat or talk everything that links yourself to another race since it’s ‘so’ wrong. Sharing culture should be a beautiful thing, something that shouldn’t divide us more than the human race is already divided. Jackson out of all people on this planet would not have had the intentions to hurt or belittle anyone of any race or culture. He probably sat down in the chair, fell asleep. They did his hair, he woke up took some pictures and didn’t think anything of it. And he’s right, he’s not the only one: Bobby (Ikon) Taeyang, Gdragon (bigbang) WinWin (NCT) Kai (EXO) <- that’s not an excuse, but I didn’t see half the shit y'all are putting Jackson through on their pages at the time. There’s so many more idols that I can’t think off at the top of my head right now. He apologized and explained his perception of the situation. Stop commenting hateful shit. It’s rude and hurtful to not only Jackson but his fans and the rest of Got7. Stop painting him out to be someone he isn’t. Just stop.

I know many people will come at my throat saying I don’t understand, but the perception I have of this situation is different than some of you. You also have to understand that costums and culture in Asia is like a 360 flip to what we are a custom to, they don’t understand the concept of cultural appropriation because they just don’t know of it! Also Jackson probably had nothing to say on how he looked since it’s Pepsi? If Jackson was a hateful person, bashing black culture or people then Fuck i’d understand and probably join in on educating him but he is a human being with feelings, we all know how sensitive he is. AND even if you stand for what you believe in and feel like it’s really wrong what he did: SAY IT NICELY. Y'all won’t make him ‘understand’ by writing hateful shit on twitter or instagram. Let me also justify that I don’t agree with the way he answered and handled it, but seeing the situation he must have been really flustered seeing his comment section and just started typing without really thinking about it or consulting anyone.

I’m sure I missed a lot on this topic but if you have something to say to me i’ll reply.

But seriously. Imagine having spent your whole immortal existence as an angel of the God in Good Omens, seeing how She treats her creations, and being told that that’s love. God is love, right? God so loved the world et cetera, et cetera.

That’s love, except She’s terrifying to talk to. That’s love, except She kicks people out for asking questions, for wanting to know, for having the wrong friends. That’s love, except She gets tetchy now and then and wipes a city, a nation, a whole population off the face of the Earth, and you’re told they must have deserved it. (And if her loyal servants treat you with utter contempt, well, you must deserve it too.) They got what was coming to them, making Her angry like that. That’s love, but whatever you do, don’t make Her angry. Maybe She hasn’t hurt you–yet–but you’ve seen enough of Her wrath to get the picture.

(Down among the humans, if someone tells you they love you but in reality you live in fear of them, the wiser among them will say that that’s not love at all. That’s abuse.)

If that’s the model of love you’ve lived with your entire life, no wonder it’s so hard to recognize the real thing, when someone comes along who actually values, respects, downright adores you as a person. Someone who will bounce across continents just to be in the same space as you (completely coincidentally, of course). Someone who shows up to save you from inconvenient discorporation via guillotine or Nazis when your own side won’t even return your calls. Someone who’s always ready to take you to lunch, even though he doesn’t eat, because you like eating and he likes spending time with you. Someone who talks through your anxieties with you (and you have so many anxieties; whyever could that be?), offering logic and justifications and patience instead of condescension and dismissal. Someone who shouldn’t trust you at all, but trusts you enough to get shitfaced with you and sleep it off in the back room of your bookshop. Someone who thinks about your wants and needs and preferences, who remembers the things you care about, and protects them. Someone who can’t stop staring at you when he thinks you’re not looking. Someone who trusts you with his body–literally. Someone who doesn’t want to exist without you. Someone who would save the world with you. For you.

No wonder it’s so hard to recognize that thing you start feeling for what it is. The twist in your gut, the speeding up of a completely decorative heartbeat, the flutter when you catch him watching you. The warmth when he’s around and the emptiness when he’s not. The way you’ll see a particularly verdant potted plant or a pair of stilettos with red soles and think oh, Crowley would like that. I must remember to tell Crowley about that. The ease of conversation that’s not just the wine. The shared memories, shared jokes, the little rituals you both barely acknowledge but perform without hesitation. The horrible, yawning chasm that opens up inside you when you hear yourself saying I don’t even like you and It’s over. The feeling of I know you, I will find you, I will come back to you; I’m not really anywhere right now but I’ll still find a way to be where you are. The strength to walk into Hell and walk out again having saved both of you. The transcendent, soul-shattering joy of finally realizing that you’re both on your own side, together, and you don’t have to try to make yourself into something you’re not, and you don’t have to hide it.

Oh, you think. So that’s love.

Lilith in the Houses

Lilith in 1st house: They feel heavily rejected by people and often feel like their who they are and strengths ruffle people’s feathers.

Lilith in 2nd house: Their self-worth are wrapped up in how others perceive them and builds a value system around other peoples views. Practicing self love and understand their own self worth is important here.

Lilith 3rd house: They are highly curious about the world but others may be offended by their energy. They shouldn’t care about how others feel about lilith in 3rd house people and just continue exploring and being open to the world.

Lilith in 4th house: Family members represses and rejects Lilith in 4th house individuals. There’s a lot of power struggles and emotional division between them. People they live with may turn into a war zone unless they learn to manage their emotional landscape.

Lilith in 5th house: Strong desire to express their most authentic self. They want to break free from society’s standards even at the risk of being rejected. It may take them a while to truly develop their most authentic self in the process and will change several times. Friends and/or lovers will reject their changes OR the individual will feel they must leave their old group for another in the name of being authentic.

Lilith in 6th house: How they do anything and get anything done is heavily judged by people who think they are always doing it “the wrong way”.They are stifled by others who think they know better and that lilith in 6th house just doesn’t know what they are doing. These individuals will need to learn to be stubborn in their ways.

Lilith in 7th house: Lilith energy gets projected into others and these individuals will look for people who embody the Lilith energy. Or their Lilith energy gets activated in relationships and partnerships.

Lilith in 8th house: The natural house of Lilith and these individuals tend to have a better time utilizing the Lilith energy. Very strong psychic power and may often use it to their strongest advantage. Their psychic abilities may even be rejected. May have a fascination with death and money.

Lilith in 9th house: Strong instinctive wisdom. Seeks higher truths, will get into spirituality or a religion. Can feel rejected and will seek out these groups OR will reject this side of themselves all together.

Lilith 10th house: Either they reject being an authority figure OR they will have a hard time at work. May be throw into the spotlight or their public persona is far different than who they really are.

Lilith in 11th house: They are often social outcasts with few very close friends. They are drawn to a group organization where they can work together in collaboration of something larger than themselves.

Lilith in 12th house: They drown in their on subconscious fears when they are alone which creates a people person. They will find comfort being around people because they are able to take a break from themselves.

Elected President Emmanuel Macron was rumoured to be gay and this is how he answered to the rumours

A person close to Macron told him: “A man I know said to me: Macron cannot be president because he is homosexual.”

And this is what Macron answered:
“There are two things wrong in that sentence. First of all, it’s misogynistic. Just because my wife is 24 years older than me, people assume that I must be gay or a gigolo. If I was the one who was 24 years older than my partner, no one would have said a thing. So this comment is misogynistic and moreover, it’s homophobic. If I were homosexual, I would have said it, because it’s not a problem, it would not keep me from being president.”

I voted for this guy for many reasons, but I think this just added one more to the list.


I’m so over the idea that people can’t change. That they can’t learn from their mistakes. That once you’ve done or said something wrong or offensive, you’re just tarnished forever. Or “cancelled” as everyone likes to say. Can this culture of digging up skeletons from peoples pasts and holding it against them in an attempt to destroy their reputation and defame them just…. stop? If you can look at yourself and honestly, 100% without a doubt say you have NEVER done or said something stupid, hurtful, offensive, something you now regret and know you shouldn’t have said, good for you. You must be some kind of saint. But I’m sure NONE of you can. I know I can’t. I’m ashamed of some things from my past. And I learned from them. And I educated myself on why saying some things are wrong. And now I never say them anymore. But, you know, people don’t change or grow so I guess I’m trash and should be burned at the stake. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Are you being rude, or are you being manipulated?

Something that I feel like isn’t talked about enough with autistic people is that … starting from a young age, things that neurotypical people consider to be rude is normal to us. Which means that we get used to being told “no, don’t do that, that’s rude” in reference to things that don’t seem rude to us. 

And even if the people around us are supportive and tell us in a nice way, unless they *always* explain how it’s rude (which is hard because most of these things are entirely arbitrary social constructs and they don’t know why it’s rude, they just know that it is), we sort of get used to thinking that we can be rude without knowing it and we should stop doing “rude” things, even if we don’t know why.

When someone says “don’t do that, that’s rude”, we don’t question it, we just assume that it must be. And when the people around us are guilt tripping us, giving us the silent treatment, yelling at us etc because of something “rude” our default reaction isn’t to question why they’re reacting so badly to something that was just “rude” (as opposed to, like, hurtful and dangerous), it’s to think, “wow, that was *really* rude”

Which means that it’s very easy for people to silence  and gaslight us by accusing us of being rude. An autistic person will take “you’re being rude” at face value without question, whether the “rude” thing is being overly blunt, avoiding eye contact, using words that technically have the same meaning but with different connotations, or standing up to people that are harming us.

Imagine you’re an abuser. Your victim, who happens to be autistic, finally stands up to you - maybe they’re just angry and done with your BS, or maybe they think you have good intentions and try to explain how you’re hurting them. What’s an easy way to stop other people from believing them, get them to doubt their own perception & think they’re actually the one in the wrong, and make sure they never stand up for themselves again?

Simple. You say they’re being rude.

And they won’t question it. They’ll just accept that, well, they were being rude, and that must mean they were in the wrong.

As someone who’s been manipulated this way, @all autistic people: I know it’s hard after being trained your whole life to believe that you say rude things without meaning to and can’t identify when you’re being rude, but please, question things.

When people just call you rude instead of actually addressing what you have to say, question whether or not you’re actually being rude. ESPECIALLY if it’s when you’re trying to stand up for yourself. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY if it’s a recurring pattern of you being dismissed as “rude” every time you stand up for yourself.

Sometimes you will be rude without meaning to, and that’s okay. Sometimes you won’t be sure why you’re being rude, and that’s okay. But please, if it seems like people are just calling you rude to get you to shut up, if you notice a recurring pattern of all your attempts to stand up for yourself being dismissed as “rude”, or if your gut feeling is telling you that something’s wrong and it’s not your fault, question it. Ask other people if they think it’s rude. More importantly, ask if the other person’s response was proportionate to how rude you were being.

Manipulation is never easy to identify and it’s even harder to get out of. But please, don’t take everything that is said at face value, especially if it’s being used to silence you when you stand up for yourself. You can get through this. You will get through this.

england: inflicts unimaginable violence on people like flint and madi

flint: dialogues with england to try and stop it

madi: secludes from england to try and avoid it

england: continues to inflict violence on them, doubly now, for daring to imply it isn’t within england’s right to do this

flint: tries to secure nassau as a stronghold to repel further english violence (even going so far as to trade the cache, the revolution’s security blanket, to ensure an uncertain war doesn’t come to pass)

madi: fights to ensure that another place is secure for her people to sustain without constant threat of discovery, and so re-enslavement and exploitation (and refusing to allow that fight to endanger the blackmailed plantation slaves, even though the odds dwindle drastically without them)

england: continues to inflict violence on them, and invites another empire in on the fun because, by their own admission, their greatest combined enemy is these people’s united fight for liberty

all y’all: all that happened during this war is flint’s fault because silver said so and was Really Sad saying it