but the only other one besides these ones was in tallahassee

Sleeping Arrangements (1/4)

When Emma Swan was sixteen, all she wanted was her own bed. The night before her wedding, however, she laughs at her teenage self because she would give her right arm for the pirate to be here too.

Rating: M

Me when I started this: I’m going to write something cute and light before the wedding.

Me 5,000 words in: Hahaha, fuck that idea.

Read on FF.net here

When Emma Swan was sixteen, she shared a bed with three other girls and wished for nothing more than a single amount of space that was her own. Staring up at the peeling, off-coloured wall of her the bedroom of her current home, kept awake by the nudge against her knee by little Molly or the occasional grunting snore from the much larger Ann, she blinked in the darkness and prayed for nothing more.

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Final Round-Up

Thank you so much to our incredible authors and artists who participated in the first annual Captain Swan Big Bang! We had some snafus (minor and major), but everyone managed to pull through with flying colors.

Here’s the final round-up of all the stories and artwork! It’s under the cut due to length, but please be sure to check them all out!

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fault lines

much like this one, this is just some post-episode fluff :) a little flirting, a lot of complaining. this time: “detour”!

Fault Lines

In the car on the way back to the airport, Mulder starts to hum.

Agent Stonecypher turns around to stare at him, eyes wide. Scully will admit that this behavior seems suspicious, given what he was like on the way here: his total unwillingness to engage, his abrasiveness, the way he shouldered his way out of the car and into yet another misadventure without so much as a thanks for the ride.

But he just keeps on humming, a little upwards quirk to his lips, and after a second she recognizes the tune.

Joy to the world, all the boys and girls

Maybe she’ll kill him.

“C’mon, Scully,“ he teases, low enough that the agents in front can’t hear him. "I know you know the words.”

She is blushing furiously and she is furious. He asked her to sing, she’d never have done it otherwise; she hasn’t sung in front of another human being since she was eleven and the music teacher told her to just mouth the words.

He leans over so his mouth is practically in her ear and this time he starts singing, voice still low: “If I were the king of the world, tell you what I’d do,” he croons, and he’s right, she does know the words, and she knows what’s coming next.

“Stop,” she says, and the warning in her voice should be enough, but he is, as always, incorrigible.

“I’d throw away the cars and the bars and the wars, and make sweet love to you.”

Mulder,” she snaps.

He settles back into his seat, grinning at her.

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Tangled Up In Blue

Enough is Enough (Chapter 27/?)

Summary: Fear for her unborn child, a bruised and broken Emma Swan is determined to escape an abusive marriage. After she drives a long way from home to a small town in Maine, she doesn’t think her life could get more complicated… that is until she ends up falling for her OBGYN, a blue-eyed British man who’s shielded his heart from love long ago. But he may be just what she needs to begin her healing process and start a new life for her child. If only nothing gets in the way.

Notes: Okay folks, this chapter is the freaking monster of all chapters. It was probably the most difficult thing I’ve written thus far, so I’m sorry if it’s a mess. There are still some questions that won’t be answered by the end of the chapter but I promise everything will make more sense in the next one.

I have to give the biggest shout out to my best friend, Lydia (@rouhn), who has helped me out so much throughout my struggles, with her ideas and endless support, and points out my stupid mistakes. According to her, it’s the best chapter of this story, so hopefully you will all agree.

All I can say is, you’re either going to love me or hate me by the end of the chapter, probably both.

Also, for those of you who are interested, I’ve posted a deleted scene of Killian’s thoughts during their first encounter. It’s scene 3 of my collection.

Thanks for reading!

*TRIGGER WARNING* Mentions and depictions of physical and verbal abuse/domestic violence

Rated: M

Catch Up: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Check out deleted scenes: 1 2 3

Also available on: AO3 FF.N

The ticking of the wall clock was loud in the quiet room as he grabbed his bag, glancing around to make sure he didn’t leave anything behind before heading for the door. The four walls were painted in a cheerful yellow that made his stomach churn, and the furniture was old and worn out, but he tolerated it because it was free. Besides, he didn’t have anywhere else to go.

He was opening the door and walking out of his hotel room when he heard the familiar voices coming from the front desk.

“James, I’m gonna need the money you overcharged one of our guests back please.”

The man’s curiosity got the best of him as he quietly shut the door and made his way down the corridor.

Peering around the corner, he watched the interactions between the brothers from the short distance.

James certainly looked guilty as he pulled what appeared to be a bill from his wallet, handing it over to David. “I’m sorry, but you know it’s hard to break habits.”

David snatched the money from his hand, pointing a firm finger in James’ face, displeasure written all over his features. “I’m well aware, but you can at least make an effort. The reason why I gave you this job was so you could turn your life around, not continue your conniving ways. I thought I made that perfectly clear after you stole from Emma her first night here. You’re lucky I didn’t can your ass right then. ”

Sighing deeply in exasperation, James shook his head. “I already apologized to you both. What more do you want from me?”

With a long audible exhale, David planted his hands on his hips, glaring at his brother. “What I don’t want is another apology. You need to prove to me that I didn’t make a huge mistake by hiring an ex-con. Especially since Emma’s now living with my wife and I. She’s been through enough as it is and doesn’t need the harassment; she came to this town to get away from that.”

Narrowing his eyes, James furrowed his brows in confusion. “What do you mean? What exactly happened to her?”

Making his way around the desk, David opened the cash register, returning the money before shoving it closed. A heavy sigh fell past his lips as he turned to look at James again, crossing his arms. “Mary Margaret would kill me if I told you this, so you can’t say anything to anyone, you got it?”

James nodded. “Yeah, of course, what is it?”

The man had to listen even more intently to hear what David was saying as he spoke more quietly.

“Emma ran away from Tallahassee to escape an abusive husband.”

Well, this is an interesting development.

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allison-janneys  asked:

Hi! I wanted to read SF fanfiction, but I'm afraid of getting into a fic only to find out they treat Regina like crap. Like it happens sometimes with Neal in SQ ff... Can you rec me SF fanfictions that either don't mention Regina at all, or don't treat her like shit?

Absolutely! (and i totally get you because I’m sometimes wary about SQ fic for the same reason with Neal, haha.) There are definitely more than this out there, but here are some of my faves:

SF with mentions of Regina as a co-parent:

Courage of the Stars, WIP (AU where 3B!Neal time travels back to mid-S2, really nice subplot of regina’s relationship with Henry and there’s a great relationship between regina and neal that’s minor to the plot but SO lovely) 

Bent, WIP (Emma goes back in time to save Neal post-S3 and they work on their issues, fully recognizes Regina as Henry’s mother.)

A Broken Future Multi-chapter, Complete (future neal-is-obviously-alive fic with SF’s second child, primarily deals with post-partum depression (so def a big warning for that) and regina shows up as a friend/there are mentions of henry spending time with her)

Fics that don’t mention Regina: (Mostly AU)

veronicaechollsmars’ family drabbles (just linking her tag, but there are a lot of really adorable sf with little!henry au drabbles)

Our Little Love Bug Multi-Chapter, Complete (AU where Neal never left, they go to Tallahassee and Emma finds out she’s pregnant)

Of Night Owls and Swansongs One-Shot (AU where Emma and Neal meet when she’s a waitress and he’s a fireman. WARNING: SUPER SAD, character death)

Time Strangers WIP (season finale rewrite with neal instead of hook)

Song of the Siren WIP (Pirates of the Carribean-esque-ish AU?)

Spinner’s Son WIP (peasant baelfire gets the princess pregnant oh man it’s so great)

Of Wassail and Stolen Sneakers One-Shot (non-au besides neal being alive— they’re not together in this yet, but it’s a cute family moment with henry.)

Tallahassee Era:

Five Neals Emma Doesn’t Know and One She Does One-Shot(Swanfire-heavy Emma backstory fic)

In Trouble One-Shot (goes through the entirety of their relationship in tallahassee. some mentions of past abuse, as a warning!)

Of Bracelets on Coca-Cola Bottles One-Shot (also spans their relationship)

Because You’re Young One-Shot (literally my fave SF fic ever i cannot confirm or deny if this is because there’s a david bowie reference (it is). missing moment during tallahassee.)

And for shameless self-promo, i run Dates With Neal Cassidy with friends, and it’s a collection of (mostly) tallahassee-era drabbles.

(and like. more self-promo i am disgusting lmao, but my fic is like 95% swanfire, and I like regina, lol, so most of it’s either au, doesn’t mention her, or mentions her as henry’s mom!)

(publishing this because I feel like there are a few people who follow me that might want to see it!)

lights out // hunter x hunter

Killua stares and stares and stares at the beating space of skin at Gon’s throat. Beneath that skin is a fresh stream of blood, ever flowing, full of life. Killua has torn throats wide open with his bare hands but this is the first one he’s ever wanted to kiss.

Rating: K+
Word count: 5,600~
Summary: Two boys talking in the dark as they fall asleep, entwined. [Killugon, cuddlefluff. Set during episode 37.]

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anonymous asked:

Swanfire: "Tallahassee's not so far away now."

Always, All Ways

Henry isn’t crying.

It’s never not going to unnerve Emma how quiet her son is: he never seems to cry unless he’s actually hungry, or uncomfortable, or in need of a change. She’d heard horror stories from other mothers about how she’d never have a moment’s peace, not to mention losing any time she was used to having to herself. There had been more than one mother in minimum-security prison, during her pregnancy, and they’d all had their war stories.

None of that had mattered then: she’d been certain on her decision to give him up for adoption. She’d repeated it to herself every day, under her breath: this baby wasn’t hers, not her child, not her family, she was just holding him until his real mom came to find him. No child of hers would ever be left by the roadside. She’d had to wonder then whether her own mom had been in a similar situation, when she’d decided to leave her own daughter in the woods for dead.

Then she’d held Henry in her arms, and she’d fallen harder in love than she’d ever been in her life. Emma doesn’t miss her alone time. After eighteen years by herself, alone no matter who was sat beside her, the knowledge that this little person is all hers still knocks her breathless.

They cross the state line into Georgia, and Emma feels herself smiling. The sun is shining bright and hard, and even with the bug’s fan going full blast, it’s still warm inside the car. She reaches over to Henry’s car seat, and tickles his stomach with her fingers, the sound of his gurgling laughter sweeter than any music she’s ever heard.

“One more state to go, kid,” she says, to Henry and to herself, because at eighteen she might be a mother and a legal adult but she can’t think of herself as a grown-up. Neal was always the grown-up between them, a little older and more savvy, his ID real and his eyes full of mischievous wisdom, but Neal’s gone now. Emma and Henry both need a mother here, so she can be his mom, and she can be her own mom, and maybe they’ll make it in the end.

If there’s one thing Emma’s learned from being a runaway and a single mom, it’s that you can only rely on yourself. If Neal won’t promise to take her to Tallahassee, to take her home, then she’ll damn well keep it to herself.

“You’ll like Tallahassee,” she says, and Henry makes the little burbling sound he often makes when he hears his mother’s voice, so she takes that as assent. “It’s got a beach, and it’s always sunny, and I’m not wanted for anything in Florida so we should be safe. I’ll get an actual job this time, something fun where I can make some money and a real home for us. You’ll go to a good school, and you’ll go to college, and we’ll be happy and comfortable in the sun forever.”

She’s rambling now, sketching out her plans before her, trying to imagine them said in a voice more authoritative than her own. Neal could make her believe it. But then, Neal is a dirty lying bastard who abandoned her and their kid all alone in the world, so he’s not the best standard to measure up to.

Emma uses the money they have sparingly, and it’s warm enough to sleep in the bug at night. She’s glad the hospital had a carseat they were willing to donate to her, or else Henry would have no place else to sleep. Emma never wanted her kid to suffer the way she has, homeless and alone and lost in the world, but she’s also too selfish to let him go. She can’t abandon herself alone either, and Henry’s the only person in the whole world right now who cares if she lives or dies. 

There’s a gas station on the Florida border. Emma stops in, the sign on the state boundary visible from where she’s parked, and stops in to fill up before they go on.

She has enough money for gas but not for food, so she slips some beef jerky under Henry’s blanket in his carseat as she crouches to fuss over him. She’s glad, at least, that Henry nurses well so she doesn’t have to buy baby food yet. Buying diapers and clothes for him is already chipping away at what money she has, and she needs something for a motel room once they reach Tallahassee.

“The guy at the counter’s an eagle-eyed bastard,” a voice, achingly and impossibly familiar, comes low in her ear. “I wouldn’t try stealing from here.”

She springs to her feet and jumps back, almost tripping over Henry in the process, her mind spinning, her mouth hanging open. Her world splinters and shatters around her, reforming around a face she knows very, very well, and she instinctively shields Henry with her body. 


(sequel here) 

Oneshot: Confessions Of The Heart

SQ PROMPT: Neverland. Emma’s secret isn’t that she still loves Neal, it’s that she’s in love with Regina (you choose everyone’s reaction to that). When they leave the cave and Regina returns, Neal (jealous and angry), tells her (in front of everyone) what Emma confessed. Regina’s reaction is up to you – anonymous

Thanks for the prompt (sorry it took me so long to get to!) Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma shivers as the cool air of the cave whips around her. It’s a stifling place this cave, one that feels like it’s bearing down on you and there’s no way to escape. There isn’t, not without the price of a tightly kept secret. Emma’s heart beats loudly in her chest as sweat beads on her forehead. She has a secret, one she has never confessed. It’s the truest one in her chest and she’s terrified.

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Captain Swan WAS and IS happening.

Neal’s death does not play into whether it was happening or make it mean that all of a sudden it can now happen. They were falling for each other without Neal being a factor.

Here is what I got from Quiet Minds. First, this whole episode was showing that the focus was Neal in his role as a father. It was not Neal and Emma. There weren’t any romantic parts hinting that they could be getting back together or even that Neal was pushing for it anymore. When they reunited there was a clear friendship and I am not denying that Emma cares about him because it is clear she does. But she cares about him as being important to her in her past and as her son’s father in the present. It was clear this episode that she has found a lot of peace with what he did to her. When the issue is brought up she doesn’t fight him on it. She tells him she understands now.

The show has been clearly trying to tell the viewers that he no longer is a factor in the love triangle because they have gone out of their way to associate Neal with Henry and not Emma. Mention of him has always been as Henry’s father and not as a man Emma is in love with. The fact that she could make jokes about it while he was missing makes that abundantly clear. As he died her first thought is that Henry won’t be able to see his father again. It is not about her loving him and needing him for herself she just doesn’t want him to die as any person in her position would feel.  If anything this episode demonstrates that Emma has moved on.

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So I wrote this a while back, and within it Emma mentioned how Killian might react if the roles had been switched, and instead of Marian coming back, Milah had.  It took a while, but for your reading (and feeling) pleasure I have finally come back with just how that might go down. It got kinda crazy as I wrote… so this is gonna be multichaptered.  It is not meant to be AU, but it is based a few years into the future.

Also, this was kinda influenced by lady-silverblood’s INCREDIBLE Brothers Jones fic that had me in TEARS because it totally re-inspired me to finish.

Super big thank you shout-out to emmathecharming for being my beta and blowmiakisscolin for the fabulous title.  Love you guys a TON.

Past Tense (part 1)

(two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or on FFN)

              It is still new to them both, this thing they have, even though it has been years.  She isn’t sure it will ever be something she is used to. The kisses stolen in the alleyways between buildings, filled with more passion than Emma has ever known.  The subtle knowing smiles shared across first the diner and then a table, keeping them in on their own private joke.  The hesitant way he takes her hand in his the first time and every time after, weaving his fingers delicately between hers and holding tight as they walk together down the street, warmth burning straight through her winter gloves.  And she likes it.  She likes how he looks at her as if she hangs the stars, even if it is far from the truth.  She likes how he touches her, always gently at first, as if he is frightened that she might evaporate beneath his fingers.  She likes the way he flirts, innuendo after innuendo and she likes knowing that he is hers.  She likes him. And after all this time, longer now than she has ever been with anyone (three years, and Emma Swan is not one to count anniversaries) he still so clearly loves her.

              “Granny still bloody watches us like she’s waiting for you to come to your senses at any moment,” Killian is telling her with his usual touch of careful amusement.

They are making their morning rounds (Emma’s morning rounds, if she is being technical, but she does not know how to shake the pirate, and if she is being honest with herself, does not want to).  It has become a bit of a pattern, really.  Breakfast with Henry and Killian before breaking off separately (or sometimes together), to meet at the station and have another coffee and start Emma’s daily route.  She likes it usually, but since the cold has set in (winter, this time and not Elsa—she’d made quite certain) it has been especially nice having Killian tag along, having another warm body.  He does not say it aloud but she knows it is because he is always left feeling concern for her, which of course annoys her immensely—but the many happenings keep her nervous for him as well, so having him with her serves the dual purpose of keeping an eye out for him and having company that she is learning, however slowly, not to mind.

              And you never knew what could appear in Storybrooke.

              “I guess she’ll be watching us for a long time, then,” she responds with the slightest of shrugs, and an even smaller smirk in his direction.  At one point it would have bothered her a good deal, the town nosing in her personal affairs.  But somewhere along the line, she thinks (and certainly doesn’t glance at the pirate bobbing along beside her), things had changed.  Her words earn a sideways smile, and his fingers find hers with ease and give a comforting squeeze.

              And no, she certainly has not become tired of it yet.              

They turn a corner and she is so distracted, glancing out sideway across the beach that she does not notice his stop until his hand suddenly clenches in hers, pulling her to a halt.  She immediately whirls to face him.

              “Killian, what—“

His expression quiets her.  His eyes are wide and churning somewhere between rage and fear and clouded confusion, mouth frozen with parted lips, brow tightly knit.  She takes a sharp inhale.

              “Killian?” The voice is sudden and in front of him and Emma quickly turns to follow it.

              Her eyes fall upon a woman, a tall brunette with wide grey eyes that make her think of watches and Tallahassee and buttercup tattoos and a million broken promises and the realization nearly empties her lungs and sets an ache into her gut that feels like the aftertaste of a good punch. She forces her attention back to Killian, back to his expression calculating and adding and his eyes are moist now and she wonders how fiercely the storms are raging within him when even she feels as if she’ll be sick.

              And finally, finally he speaks, his hopeful voice cracking meekly and grasping angrily at her heart.


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home, you are // part 2/7

Well, I thought I could finish this in two parts but there was more story to tell than I had originally planned. This really became a love letter to Emma Swan, and I’m kind of in love with it a little bit. I hope you guys like it!

part 1

home, you are

He pops up regularly for the next few years, always when she’s alone, always when she’s lonely and wishing for someone to just look at her and see her. She stops being annoyed sometime after he finally introduces himself and starts wearing normal clothes.

She doesn’t tell anyone about him - she’d seem as crazy as he is, no one would believe her story about the strange man in pirate garb appearing out of nowhere when she’s lonely to offer up encouragement and advice.

His name is Killian, and he is…he’s a lot of things, really, but mostly she thinks he’s her friend. It’s hard to have friends, as much as she gets shuffled around, but he always seems to find her.

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anonymous asked:

I NEED YOU TO HELP ME! Could you write a meta about why the first CS kiss was romantic in terms of setting, music etc.? I am fed up of seeing STers saying that the kiss was nothing more than "a challenge" and that it was only a kiss to Emma. UGH. It was the most perfect romantic kiss ever to me

Hi nonnie! Thank you for this glorious, glorious question.

First, people who ship Emma with someone else are going to do whatever they can to cheapen the good moments (hah, good moments, see what I did there?) that CS has on the show - try to ignore it as much as possible. Trust me, I totally understand that it’s basically impossible…but the best thing to do is watch the scene again. That’s one of the best things about CS as a ship, in my opinion - what they do on-screen is just so charged and undeniable that it always makes me smile to see it. :) Luckily most of the people who ship Emma with someone else ship Hook with death or hell or something haha, so we don’t have to deal with that so much.

The hilarious thing about them saying that it was just a kiss to Emma is that she really doesn’t kiss people that often. She’s only had one other on-screen kiss in the present and it was with Graham, who obviously meant a great deal to her even though she didn’t know him for very long. The important thing to note about the Graham arc is that when he tried to kiss her and she didn’t want to kiss him, she DID NOT LET HIM. She was not having it AT ALL. That tells us that Emma Swan doesn’t kiss people unless she wants to. Emma doesn’t have that much control over many things in her life - she can’t control that she’s the savior and therefore responsible to do a lot of the saving (“The price of being the savior is I don’t get a day off”), and she couldn’t control ANYTHING that happened in her past (since when she got out of the system, August was hiding in the background).

More analysis under the cut!

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Out of the Blue (1/1)

So I’ve been in kind of a rut with my WIP, plus sick, so took a prompt from this post to try and get me out of the slump. 

  • ‘you’re a vet and i’m pleading with you to save my goldfish and you’re the first vet i’ve visited to not ask me if i’m sure i don’t want to go and buy another goldfish for three dollars’ au

I hope it’s not too feelsy, but I just have a lot of feels about people+their pets, man. Sorry!

“I’m sorry, you said she wants me to look at what?”

The receptionist looked down to where she was shuffling her feet nervously, before saying again: “A fish, Doctor. A goldfish.” Her tone dripped disdain. “Can you please deal with her; she’s getting huffy, and insisting that she has to see—“

Killian ran a hand down his scruffy face. Less than half an hour til closing, and some most likely hysterical, infirm elderly woman thought he could work miracles on an animal that had a blink-of-the-eye lifespan. Still…he’d never been one to turn away any pet owner, no matter the circumstance. “Alright. Alright, send them back.” The receptionist gave him a brief nod and shoved the clipboard with the owner’s info on it into his hands.

He double-checked the examining table, making sure there weren’t any cat hairs still stuck to it from his last appointment, turning around when he heard someone clear their throat obnoxiously loud.

His first thought, as his eyes settled on the large glass bowl cupped between a pair of hands, was that his receptionist really hadn’t been pulling his leg—not that the dour-faced wench so much as cracked a smile most days.

His second thought was, as his gaze trailed up smooth, pale fingers and a cream-colored sweater (that ran over magnificent curves, if he was being honest), up to a face marked with sharp green eyes and a tumble of blonde curls, was that his client was definitely not elderly.

He didn’t realize he’d been staring until her brows scrunched to the middle of her forehead. “See something interesting, Dr. Doolittle?”

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Title: Final Thoughts. A draft of a story for Swan Queen Week: Awkward, Day 1.

They were fighting in the middle of Regina’s kitchen. Emma was sick of being mocked for her romantic choices (if she could call them that) and Regina was always ready with a jab at the Hooked Idiot (her nickname).

“On what planet is your absurd dalliance suitable and appropriate for our son?”

Questioning Emma’s commitment to Henry was never a good thing, considering how insecure she was about her abilities as a mother. She felt her heart leap into her throat and barely managed to shout, “You are the most obnoxious asshole, I have ever fucking met!” It was the emphasis that Emma placed on ‘most’ that got her in trouble. And Regina, in a moment of weakness—her feelings hurt over the ‘asshole’ part—did nothing to defend herself when a wave of red arcs shot from Emma’s hands and set every stitch of clothing she was wearing on fire. 


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anonymous asked:

Hiiiiiiiiii :) I was wondering, could you do a real long meta about why you think CS are endgame/true love etc. and talk about the whole Neal obstacle thing? :) I'd love all your summed-up thoughts!

What a hefty request! But for you, nonnie, anything. :) <3 

The first thing I’m going to tell you is that I have written a couple metas that outline these sorts of things, so if you are interested, I have a few links you can check out: (x x) those are the ones I could immediately find and figure they pertain to this, at any rate.

Buckle up because this is gonna get long. Bluntness and general Anne sass ahead, because I am NOT afraid to share my actual opinion. 

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