but the ones that focus more on the rumours than the music

Knock Before You Enter {Remus Lupin x Reader} *SMUT*

Oh God, this was so hot to write ;) I haven’t written smut in a while so here you go, lovelies! Hope you like it

Reader needed help from the Marauders, only to walk in on Remus.

Enjoy! @allertonn


History classes sucked and that was the truth. It wasn’t just the numerous wars and revolutions, in fact, they were quite interesting but the drawling, ghastly voice of Professor Binns made everyone sleepy and bored. This would often result to students waking up by the end of the class, only to find out there was a homework about the earlier discussion and you should consider yourself lucky if someone was even awake enough to listen.

As was the case of (Y/n).

And no, she was not awake that time.

She was half-asleep when the professor announced a group homework and her group mates were none other than the four, troublesome Gryffindors. To be quite honest, they were not as laid back as she thought they’d be. They would help one another when it comes to studies and rumour has it, they would even stay up all night to review. No one has confirmed this rumour, of course, but she was quite confident in their abilities since their high grades were enough evidence especially her long time crush, Remus Lupin.

She was on her way to their dorm, carrying with her her school books to get started on the homework, when Peter Pettigrew came running down the stairs.

“Pettigrew! Where are you going? We’re supposed to start on the homework, remember?” She said.

“Sorry, (L/n). James and Sirius has detention the whole day today.”

“What?” She frowned, “But the deadline’s tomorrow! I can’t do this by myself!”

“Yeah, sorry. I wish I can help you but…uh, Remus is upstairs. He can certainly help you out. Anyway, I gotta go. See you around!” Peter said before scurrying away quickly.

(Y/n) did not know why he was in such a hurry or what could be more important than their homework but her heart jumped at the mention of her crush’s name.

She wanted to get this homework over and done with. She had put too much faith on James and Sirius and now that they were in detention (no doubt another prank), she had to make do with what she have; not that she didn’t mind studying with Lupin. It was because she couldn’t focus on anything when she’s alone with him. It had happened before and she did not understand a single lesson.

She marched upstairs while mumbling furiously, planning out how she will done the two in and bury their bodies next to each other. She had not noticed their door slightly ajar and so when she opened it, her eyes saw the most unexpected scene that made her regret ever coming in. Remus Lupin was standing with his back turned to her, slowly pulling his shirt over his head. His back was littered with long, red scratches and scars but the arch of his spine made her blush, his shoulder blades made her heart pound, and the tiny dimples on his back made her wet.

(Y/n) was immediately frozen on the spot. She did not know if she should leave or shout at him for not locking his door. Either way, she had to decide quick because time was running out and Remus was already turning around.

His eyes fell on her immediately but he did not seem taken aback by her presence. Instead, he smirked and watched her eyes widen in surprise.

“Can I help you?” He asked casually.

It made her melt, her mouth hung slightly open and all the air from her lungs felt like they have been sucked out by a vacuum. She bit her lip to try and swallow her words but her heart was beating so loud that she became unaware of what came out of her mouth.

“I, uh, need some help with something,” she said with a smile which Remus interpreted as a positive response. He walked towards her and every step that he took, made her walk backwards nervously until she was pressed against the door, closing it with a soft thud. He reached towards her face and gently brushed the back of his finger on her cheek, trailing down to her chin to meet his eyes.

“And what is that?”

(Y/n) looked at him with wide eyes before looking down at his lips. She was so tempted to know how they taste like, how they feel like. She wanted him badly but she decided to play along. Her awkward self was now long gone.

“Homework. I can’t do it by myself, you know.” She said with a smirk. She did not know where this sudden burst of confidence came from but it was leading her to get where she wanted to be.

“Well, good thing I’m here for you, aren’t I? None of my friends are here too so we have the room all to ourselves.” He said, twirling a piece of her hair before tucking it behind her ear.

“Don’t you think I should come by some other time?” She said, “You’re not fully dressed.”

Remus looked down at himself and chuckled, “I would be if you knocked on the door.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” She teased, making Remus growl and grab her face, kissing her lips passionately.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, her tongue trailing along his lips while he firmly kept his hands on her hips. Both of them have wanted this for so long but they never had the chance to know about how they felt towards each another since his friends were always teasing him. He did not ever want this moment to pass and so he moved his hands up and down on her body, feeling every inch of her skin, memorizing it in his mind. Hearing her moan softly was like music to him, knowing that he was making her feel good. He licked her neck and softly nibbled her ear before whispering.

“Do you want me?” He asked and although they haven’t gotten very far, he wanted her to assure him that she wanted him as much as he did. She slipped her fingers through his soft, brown hair and gave him his answer after a quick kiss on the lips.

“I do. I’ve always do.” She replied, making Remus smile excitedly like a little school boy who had just received his candy.

He carried her in both of his arms and laid her down on his bed before crouching towards her like a hungry wolf. She bit her lip and watched him hover above her, her eyes set on his. He leaned in and began to kiss her once more while she pulled him close with her legs. She felt his hard on press against her clothed heat, making him moan back. He continued to grind against her in a rhythm so pleasurable that made her sure her underwear was soaking wet by now. He pulled apart from her mouth and trailed kisses from her neck to her collarbone, lowering the top of her shirt to reveal more skin.

Watching him taste her and lick her was once a dream she would fantasize about at night while playing with herself but now that it was happening, she wanted more than just this. Remus stopped and pulled the top of her shirt once more, peaking down at her bra with a smirk.

“Take this off for me, darling, would you?” He asked in a polite yet lustful manner.

(Y/n) did not hesitate and sat up to remove her shirt, revealing to him her black laced bra with a tiny white bow between her breasts. She bit her lip and beckoned him with a finger.

“Remus…” She moaned, driving him mad.

He leaned in to her hungrily and cupped her breast in his hand, “ ‘This for me, darling?”

He fondled her and massaged her as she continued to moan his name in his ear. He pinched her nipple through her bra while she reached behind her back to unclasp it. Remus pulled it by the straps before tearing it from her body, throwing it on the other side of the room. She laid back down once more as he kissed her, his hands now reaching through her underwear to feel her wet womanhood. He pressed his thumb on her clit like a button, his other finger teasing her soaked entrance.

His lips went down to her breasts and closed around her nipple while he kept his fingers busy, rubbing up and down her slit. He pushed two fingers in and as she moaned, he began to move them, her wetness making it easier for him to slide in and out.

“A-ahh, Remus…”

“Feels good?” He asked but he did need to hear her answer.

The way she writhed at the mercy of his fingers was enough evidence. He continued fingering her until she was about to reach her climax, pulling it out before she could release. She glared at him for delaying her but he did not say anything. He tugged down her shorts and tossed it by the bed before removing her underwear that matched her bra. He placed it in his pocket and started to unbuckle his belt.

“You’ll have it back tomorrow.” He said. The thought of her going back to her room with no knickers under her clothes aroused him.

He pulled down his boxers next and (Y/n) licked her lips at the size of his impressive length. He was already hard and the tip was leaking pre-cum. She spread her legs in front of him, showing him how wet she was. Remus’s eyes darkened with lust at the sight, capturing it like a picture to wank himself to. He crawled back on top of her and held his cock before running the head up and down her soaking slit, teasing her.

“Remus, no…I-I want you,” she said, desperation in her voice.

He leaned in to her and kissed her softly before slowly easing himself inside, pushing his thick manhood in her wet cavern. Inch by inch, he filled her pleasurably, making her moan into his kiss. He pressed his forehead against her and pulled out gently before pushing back in one thrust.

“Oh, love…You are so tight. Feels so good for me, darling.”

He praised, his elbows planted on the mattress as he began to move in a slow, teasing rhythm. (Y/n) moaned at every hard and slow thrust he gave. Soon enough, he increased his speed with an even harder impact than before. Her walls clamped tightly around his length at every push and pull, his lips capturing hers.

His hands both gripped on the headboard as he roughened his thrusts, his nails scratching the wood. He was hitting her g-spot now and he was going fast and hard, making the headboard slam against the wall. He moaned at how wet she was becoming, whispering to her praises like how good she made him feel. He could tell she was close and so he carried her by her waist and sat up, allowing her to move up and down on his thick length.

“Oh my God, Lupin! I’m so close…”

“Go on, love. Come for me,” he encouraged, pressing his lips on her skin. He was getting close as well and with one last thrust and a hard slam of her bum on his thighs, the two finally reached their climax.

“A-Ahh!” Remus moaned as he started to cum inside her, thick spurts of his seed marking her walls as his. He groaned in immense pleasure while she soaked him with her juices, her head thrown back and her eyes closed. He kept his arms around her, her hands on his shoulders as his cock began to soften. He laid her back down and pulled out, his cum trickling down from her slit. (Y/n) smiled and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Wow…That was splendid.”

Remus panted and smiled before cleaning her up. He laid back down by her side and tucked her in with his blanket, pulling her to his chest.

“So are we dating?” He tried to asked confidently but his fear of just being a one-night stand made him worry. He wanted to start a relationship with her and not just a physical relationship to help him let out his frustrations. He loved her deeply and if she did not want him, it would surely break his heart.

However, (Y/n) smiled and nodded, “Of course!”

Remus gave a breath of relief and returned the smile, “Hogsmeade on Saturday, then?”

“I’d love to, Remus.”

She kissed his lips softly before resting her head on his shoulder, falling asleep by his side.

Russell T Davies on Steven Moffat

We do not know how lucky we are.

When asked to consider Steven’s finest moments, I was overwhelmed by images. Heores and villains. Battles and beauty. Monsters and children. Then I realised that I’d only got as far as 20 minutes into The Empty Child -round about the joke about Marxism and West End musicals - and had to sit down for a cup of tea.

I think, as fans, we can focus on the detail - Mondasian Cybermen! - at the risk of missing the bigger picture. That picture being, in Steven’s case, that we’ve just seen one of the greatest sci-fi body-horror thriller action-adventure romances (plus comedy) of our entire lives, beamed on to our TVs for less than 10p, written by a world-class master of his craft who’s now so in command of his talent, he’s riffing on ephemera from 1966 and turning it into gold, whisky, sex, whatever turns you on best. We truly do not know how lucky we are to have a man of this calibre writing our favourite show.

Since leaving Doctor Who, I’m approached, now and then, by strangers who remember my withered husk from Doctor Who Confidential. There’s a glint in their eye as they say, “What d’you think of it now?” An awful lot of those people are dying for me to trash it. I think, genuinely, they’re trying to achieve an intimacy. I think, nastily, they want me to say something bad so they can take it online and have some strange sort of fun. And when I say, “I love it!” they often think I’m lying.

I love it. I love every episode the man’s written. I love the other episodes he’s rewritten and I think few people know how many that is. I love the detail, I love the scale, I love the people, I love the jokes. I love the fact that Steven himself is quite down on The Beast Below. The whole of the UK on a spaceship? The whole of the UK is a spaceship? I’d retire there and then, complete. Nope, for him, it just wasn’t good enough.

I love the man, in truth, I love his mind, I love his standards, I love his rigour, his darkness, his kindness, his ambition, his love of TV. I love the man who wrote the very last line of Coupling, which shows what a lovely human being he is.

I love his women. Consider, in bad fiction, which is most fiction, how women’s roles, which have suffered so many years of neglect that they can be summarised as ‘women’s roles’, fall into the same old categories. They are reduced to the Mother, the Wife, the Daughter, the Bride. Agents of sex and childbirth, nothing more.

But then look at what Steven does with those categories. The Bride stands tall at her reception - literally in her wedding dress - and summons the Doctor back itno existence with an Old Maid’s rhyme. When the Bride has a Daughter, it’s a vital part of a galaxy-spanning revenge. The Daughter then becomes the Wife, a woman of such swagger and joy and tenderness, the Time Lord finally falls in love. We’re not done yet. A lesser category pops up, the Dominatrix, complete with eye-patch, but don’t worry, the Bride who’s the Mother of the Daughter who’s the Wife kills her stone dead! Then a lesbian travels the universe and everyone adores her. And nestling at the heart of the show is Doctor Who’s very own problem category, the Companion, a title inherently subordinate to the Man. Until Clara comes along! Companion to every single moment in the Doctor’s life. A woman so strong that in her first appearance, and her last, Death itself cannot stop her. A decade before Wonder Woman, Steven started weaving his own vast female mythology across the stars, in a funny old children’s show on Saturday teatimes.

I could mansplain all day, but the other thing I love in Steven’s writing is the complexity. I’ve heard some tiny, distant rumours that some people might have a problem with that. But I think it’s the very thing that will ensure Doctor Who’s logevity. You see, in the old days, us older fans fell in love with this show because it was porous. It had gaps. It was cheap, it was rushed, it was lovely and brave and unapologetic, using three walls in Lime Grove to create an entire Dalek invasion of Earth. All those gaps allowed us in. We imagined the offstage armies. We embraced the wobbles and bumps. If Sutekh had a secret hand on his cushion, we hooted, or invented a reason why (Clara!). But we either imagined it better, or saw how good it was underneath. Which is exactly like falling in love.

Now, the modern show has a lot more money. You can see those armies centre-stage. Gallifrey is so gorgeous, it has a spare city. Cyber-fleets can explode behind Rory’s head as a throwaway joke. And sometimes, a lossy show allows the mind the slide off. But Steven has created a brand-new porous surface. He invites us into the plots. He gives us stories which vault and somersault and double-back and trick and trap and treat. It’s not so much porous, it’s more like a great big spinning double helix and we’re clinging on, spinning for our lives, and yelling with joy. Yes, it’s complicated, but that’s wonderful. It will keep people thinking about the show forever.

Okay, my favourite moment? It’s my favourite joke. A Good Man Goes to War. Rory approaches River Song in the Storm Cage, and she says she’s been on a date with the Doctor, to the frost fair in 1814. “He got Stevie Wonder to sing for me underneath London Bridge.” And for a second, there’s that lovely shiver as you anticipae the punchline. “Don’t tell him.”

That’s a small momnt from a man who’s created empires. But a favourite joke is a beautiful thing. I just looked up the line and it turns out, I’ve long since paraphrased it, but that’s even better - like I said, Steven makes us part of the text, and now I own it! The point is, I think of that line every few days. Literally, a couple of times a week, every week. Every now and then, when I’m washing up or watching TV, or walking into town, or whatever, it pops into my head. “Don’t tell him.” And I laugh. I laugh, every single time. It’s been making me laugh for six years and it will make me laugh for the rest of my life. Very few people can write a line capable of that.

We have been so lucky.

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Sorry but am I the only one SOBBING after Louis' interview???? So much of it just hurt my heart but a lot of it just made me even prouder and jfc I have too many emotions rn pls tell me I'm not alone

…I mean…I liked the pictures? 

I’ve been thinkin about this a lot. So I’m going to elaborate.

When it comes to just about anything to do with Louis this is 100% me

And while there were definitely parts of the interview that had me wanting to cry in a very not so cool way, a lot of it just didn’t quite sit well with me. I’m not surprised with how they’re marketing Louis, since this is the same incompetent “team” that’s been behind his PR for years, but the content of the interview just had me like  

Let’s focus on the positive for a moment…he looks incredible.


But then as you start to add headlines to these photos it’s gets a bit…eh

Louis is so incredibly talented as both a a singer and songwriter and this narrative is disappointing because when you’re trying to launch someone’s solo SINGING career, exactly what good does it do to begin a headline with “Not the best singer”? 

Which is why when people praise this article saying how great it is I’m like

There are certainly very honest and raw moments in this article, and I do think it was well written. The parts of actual dialogue are gripping, but the way in which they’re framed sells Louis short in my opinion. I can’t sit here and say, “Wow this part was great and I’m just going to ignore all the other bits that kind of stuck out as odd to me.” 

They are using the same, and I mean the EXACT same, marketing tactics that they used with One Direction.

They’ve always tried to sell him as this working class Donny lad figure, which I’m pretty sure is why his relationship with Jamie Vardy has been so heavily publicised (aside from the rumours that he’ll play him in the biopic), but they’ve really made it sound like if he hadn’t made it into One Direction that he’d be mining coal somewhere right now…

And as ever, his image is tightly wound around a heterosexual “he’s taken” narrative. 

The difference between the use of “girlfriend” and “partner” is significant in that it implies permanence and adding fatherhood to that really shows how aggressively they’re veering away from targeting a young female audience demographic in terms of traditional marketing. They managed to put all that information into this article without any actual words from Louis.

The unfortunate thing about this article, is that the two things Louis actually talked about the least are now becoming the focal point of the narrative. 

Like, okay. We get it. He is doing the sex with the women. And all these seemingly random pap shots and snapchat cameos are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and they still can’t get a new quote about it…

What concerns me is that they’ve used their first opportunity to market Louis’ solo career this way. The end of the article is oddly dark and unsettling…

What the hell even was that? Like a pat on the back and a “Good luck kid,” as he chain smokes into the sunset? The vibe was very

And yeah, there have been some aggressive injustices in Louis’ life, no one should have to lose their mother that young and that suddenly, and I thought that part of the article was extremely well handled and verbalised. But, as someone who has appreciated Louis’ talent for years now, this article really didn’t have to make his insecurities the focal point. He didn’t have to diminish his existing collaborations by saying that he couldn’t get “big names” in the studio with him, therefore now isolating himself from pretty much everyone in the music industry. And the fact Simon Cowell got a nod in the article was like, “Hi! I’m a red flag!”

Like, Jesus Christ, he was put in a boy band, not sent to war. And if you’re telling me that Simon Cowell can’t pick up the phone and get big name writers into a room with Louis Tomlinson then I don’t know what to say. What bothers me the most is that this entire article sounds like a regurgitated speech from Simon Cowell that he probably used to manipulate Louis over the past five years. Despite his HUGE fan base, which has made him the most engaged with celebrity on Instagram, someone is still telling Louis he isn’t a frontman, when he has a global audience telling him the exact opposite. This article makes it sound like Syco is taking some kind of chance on one of the most successful musicians of the last decade. Louis wrote more of One Direction’s songs than any other member and there’s absolutely no reason to make his debut album sound more dramatic than Dunkirk. Like, “In a world where no one believed in him…Louis Tomlinson had to learn to believe in himself…COMING SUMMER 2017!” 

Ugh. It just…   

Anyway, I’m crying in a cool way over how gorgeous Louis looks here as a dramatic cat lady. 

And now it’s time to sashay away. Thanks for listening!

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I'm not one of those who blames Harry for what is happening rn, but man, I'm side eyeing the fuck out of Jeff. I dont know what restrictions Harry still has and all that, but this is some terrible shit tbh. Like, all these rumours about premiering his music before Dunkirk... that would be terrible!!! It would so undermine and overshadow his role in Dunkirk. Terrible business decision. And now the timing of this registration... it couldnt be worst tbh. I really hope Jeff knows what he's doing

I agree with you, and also, I’m going to go on a bit of a rant because I can’t not. I just honestly think everything related to Harry’s solo career is absurd right now. Harry has been almost entirely cut off from the fandom pretty much since hiatus began. I think that’s fine, and honestly, and I know we’ve all missed him, but I think Harry (possibly even more than the others) needed that time to himself. I think it gave him time to recover from such a tough schedule with One Direction, I think it gave him a break from the fan service and BS that really seemed to have burned him out, and it gave him time to focus on Dunkirk, which was obviously something outside of his comfort zone that required his full concentration. But Jesus Christ, man. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

We’ve gotten countless media sources, celebrities, and others in the industry talking about his debut album. And because he’s not talking, all of these people and sources are talking FOR him - and we don’t even know which of the things they’re saying are correct and which are completely false. And blah blah blah yeah, obviously the media is gonna talk about solo Harry regardless, but you’re lying to yourself if you think that his team couldn’t have shut up some of the people who have run their mouths about solo Harry at this point. And if the media is going to always make claims about his future music, both true and false, why wouldn’t he just speak for himself? Why wouldn’t his team speak for him? Why have they allowed this to happen for so fucking long? And don’t even give me that bullshit about oh, they just want to keep anticipation up - because at this point, that tactic doesn’t even make sense. I honestly don’t even know how solo Harries are alive right now considering they get hyped up for his music every two days based on what so-and-so said to the media. It’s fucking EXHAUSTING and it eventually burns people out to be constantly disappointed when they’re promised that something is about to happen and then it doesn’t. I’ve seen a lot of burnout in this fandom in the last week alone on the solo Harry front, and that’s so sad to see because things could have been so different.

If they’re gonna have a dude from Columbia come out here and tell me that an album is nearly done, and then have Grimmy say he was about to hear the album, and then have a touring company registered like a tour is gonna be in the works sometime soon when they haven’t said jack shit about ANYTHING, that’s beyond frustrating to me. You don’t have to give every fucking detail but god, not even a confirmation that the album is coming? NOTHING. Nothing at all.

Louis kept up fan service pretty consistently last year and eventually dropped music. Liam posts updates about his album progress to his social media, and yeah, his album still isn’t out, but there also haven’t been fifty people saying to the press every four days that it’s almost done. Niall was active on social media and kept up fan service last year before dropping his single as a surprise. Harry has done none of that, and I’m not saying that Harry has to do it the way the other boys did, but this is….really yikes. I don’t understand what the fuck his team is playing at, I really don’t. I know that Harry is the most famous in the band and I know that his music is the most anticipated, but he is not some untouchable artist with a shitload of street cred where his album is guaranteed to top at number one. I know this fandom might want to think that’s the case, but it isn’t. He is not Beyonce with numerous successful albums and decades in the industry. He has never put out solo music, and not only that, but we don’t have even the vaguest clue as to what his solo music would SOUND like at this point because again, we’ve heard nothing from his team.

The way this is being executed screams lazy and arrogant to me, and Harry is neither of those things, so I want to know what the deal is. To have this buildup for over a year with everyone else talking about it except for the people whose voices count the most and just expecting fans to be there, still waiting and ready and foaming at the mouth whenever you choose to drop music even though you never bothered to say anything about it….that doesn’t rub me the right way at all, I’m sorry. And listen, knowing this fandom and how much solo Harries have stayed pumped, it might work for them, it, but god, that is just….I don’t understand how people can respect that method of doing things. Us, the fans, as future consumers of his music, as the people who ensured that Harry is in the position he’s in today, deserve better than this. I know that fandom entitlement is a thing and we don’t deserve a lot of things that we think we deserve, but are people really gonna try to act like having confirmation of an album from Harry or his team is asking too much? Wanting some respect, and some clarity, and some basic fucking facts (for example: Are you coming out with an album? When is it coming out?) for Harry’s FIRST SOLO ALBUM EVER after over a year of almost complete silence from him (and silence about his future plans long before that) is perfectly reasonable, especially considering how much we’ve been jerked around about Harry’s solo career for like five years now, and quite frankly, anyone trying to suggest otherwise is fooling themselves. Harry’s team may not be able to control everything the media or other artists do or say about solo Harry, but they can (or at least, you would think they would be able to) control their own behavior, and at least so far, it seems like they’re just letting everybody else do the work for them (and do it messily at that, considering how many lies and ridiculous speculation has been published and passed around over the past year or so).

I’m just really frustrated because I don’t understand why his team is doing this and why they’re giving this impression of not knowing what they’re doing (e.g. the Full Stop website) or just not caring (e.g. [the metric for success] “is just existing”). With a lot of the Louis bullshit, even without knowing the exact details of what’s going on, you can usually figure out quite quickly that a) they’re actively trying to fuck him over and b) why they’re actively trying to fuck him over. The involvement of the stunts tainting everything Louis does also makes the intentions of his team clear (though no less infuriating). But this stuff with Harry? I don’t understand it and can’t even begin to imagine why things are being done this way. I don’t think it’s fair to the fans and I think it’s doing a huge disservice to Harry, his music, and if the rumors about when he’s dropping the music are correct, his acting career. I just really, really hope that there’s a huge change soon because I’m really cringing at what I’m seeing so far. I wish I understood any of this, but I don’t and watching it all happen is exhausting.

Alright, some of my word vomit is out. If people disagree with me, that’s fine, but this is my opinion. And no, I don’t think negatively of Harry or anything like that, I’m just not pleased with how things are being handled by his team (just as I’m not pleased with how Louis’ team is doing things) and I need to voice that.

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(1) About the post from @cuethetommo - might be, got me thinking. But then again, 1. what he says at the moment isn't 100% him and with zero intention to fit a certain narrative, 2. he/ they fought so hard these past years, I'm not sure if he'd really feel like that? especially if stunting and himmand L supposedly being enemies and the 2013 het Harry image are still a thing? they'd have to keep answering the questions they seem to hate, they'd have to keep lying... Not saying they shouldn't

(2) choose this option or that they’re disgusting for choosing it or whatever some people say about wanting to closet oneself! But I just can’t really image I think. Can you? I’d love to hear more thoughts about this


I think Liz, @cuethetommo, astutely observed that Harry wants to take the media focus off his sexuality.

He has always had the media focus intensely on his sex life– not just his romantic life, but his SEX life. How many, what gender, how wild. I think we’ve seen that Harry has been an unwilling participant. The questions have been intrusive and gross. Take the GQ interview (is it any wonder Harry hasn’t been back to GQ for his solo promo?)(source: http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/one-direction-gq-covers-interview):

GQ: What do you make of the rumours about you and Nick Grimshaw?

Harry: What rumours would they be?

GQ: That you’re an item.

Harry: Oh, really? I didn’t even know. We’re not dating, no. We’re just friends.

GQ: So you’re not bisexual?

Harry: Bisexual? Me? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’m not.

GQ: Do these rumours feel at all intrusive?

Harry: Some of them are funny. Some of them are ridiculous. Some of them are annoying. I don’t want to be one of those people that complains about the rumours. I never like it when a celebrity goes on Twitter and says, “This isn’t true!” It is what it is, I tend not to do that. The only time it gets really annoying is that if you get into a relationship and you get into a place where you really like someone and then things are being written in the papers that affect them and how they see you. Then it can get annoying.

GQ: Do you know how many people you’ve slept with?

Harry: I know the number of people I’ve slept with, yes.

GQ: What is that number?

Harry: I’m definitely not telling you!

GQ: Can you give me a rough, ballpark figure?

Harry: No!

GQ: Say “yes” or “no”. Less than 100?

Harry: No!

GQ: So higher than 100?

Harry: No, it’s definitely less than 100…

GQ: Lower than 50?

Harry: Yes, lower than 50.

GQ: Lower than 30?

Harry: I’m not doing this! You’re cornering me!

GQ: Come on, you’re a rock star. OK, less than ten.

Harry: Yes. Two people. I’ve only ever had sex with two people.

GQ: I don’t believe you.

Harry: Well, that’s my answer. Read from it what you will!


GQ: Is there anything they wouldn’t endorse?

Louis: “Weapons. A One Direction handgun. Although don’t rule anything out. Could be big in our thug market!”

For those with girlfriends, is it hard to remain monogamous while on tour?

Louis: “I don’t think it is. The type of girls that would sleep with you in a heartbeat aren’t the type of girls I’d want to take home anyway.”

Meanwhile, Harry, together with his big, visible cojones, has long left Narnia.

[For real]

I am not in the LBGQTIA+ community (I’m an ally, not a member), and I am also a terrible reader of queer signaling. So I am very appreciative of this post.


I can’t presume to interpret Harry’s queer signaling, but in term of his and Louis’s “coming out,” they have signaled to those who would understand. Many of my friends on Tumblr believe that they’re already out to their friends and family– including Harry Lambert, Nick Grimshaw, Steve Aoki, most of Louis’s lad crew, and Harry’s London friends. SM posts and interview questions make more sense when one assumes this.

As for the continued heterosexual public pose, it’s not a matter of their wanting to hide their sexuality. Partly it’s a business decision. They’re all at the beginning of their careers outside of One Direction, and there is undoubtedly public bias against LGBQTIA+ artists. Harry and Louis want a long career– they need to build a base of appreciation for their very real talents.

Not only that, but Harry and Louis’ coming out together, and admitting a relationship, would be huge, huge news. It would basically overwhelm any consideration of their music, acting, or any other project they have, let alone any project their bandmates want to do.

On the one hand, it might change the way the entertainment industry treats gay artists, for the better– it could be THAT BIG. On the other hand, the focus would shift to their personal lives, at the expense of everything else.

It’s not a cut and dry decision, though. I do think they will come out in public, someday, just like I think BG will publicly end, someday, even if it has already, de facto, already ended. I DO think that BG has already ended, and the consequences of it to Louis and Harry are minimal, at this point.

How hard are they pushing the het images? A few papped photos. Some song lyrics. The beard doing embarrassing SM self-promo. A promo story about a girl named Townes (her clueless dad on the local news!). All pretty superficial and circumstantial– for public consumption only.

What is really obvious is that Harry still cannot talk about Louis without the deepest emotion. He can discuss Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner with the sangfroid of a kid dissecting a dead frog. But he sings a song about someone sharing tattoos and white shirts with him, and tears up on television (https://youtu.be/c-77rZgouAQ).

Which makes this denial really heartbreaking:


Word Count: 1726
Author’s Note: Happy Birthday, Jim! This wasn’t to the point I wanted it at, but I’ve got to get to work, so I had to cut the planned smut and the planned ending…

The first time you saw Jim Kirk, you knew your life would never be the same. There was something about him, even while you were both cadets. He made your world seem bigger. More dangerous. And infinitely more exciting. There was something about the way he looked at the universe with the promise of adventure that made you want to be near him. You were disappointed when he was caught fixing the Kobayashi Maru, and surprised when you saw he’d somehow made it onto the Enterprise. Once the dust settled from the Narada incident, the emergency crew assignments had been reviewed, and you were surprised to find that you were reassigned to the Enterprise, under Jim Kirk as your captain.

It was on the Enterprise that you really got to know Jim. He’d always been this larger-than-life character on campus, the focus of your unrequited crush, which left you filling in the blanks when you didn’t know the answers about him. He was at once better and worse, depending on what rumour was floating around about him. You were innately fond of him, no matter how many notches he scratched into his headboard. But it was a crush, and it was fleeting, and in those moments when you were honest with yourself, you would admit that the idea of Jim Kirk was a heady drug, but the reality would likely be a letdown.

Once you were serving together, you were pleasantly surprised to discover he was nothing like the man you’d imagined. Instead of a thoughtless lothario, he was overwhelming discrete in his romances. So discrete, in fact, that most people didn’t realize he still had any. He was smarter than you could have imagined, challenging the intellect of Commander Spock regularly enough that the Vulcan seemed perpetually frustrated. Unbelievably, he managed to know each member of the crew, and at least have some sort of background information on them so that each conversation he had built on the trust he already had gained. He took that trust, and in turn, returned it, giving him a loyal crew that would go beyond reasonable expectations for one another and for the ship. It was as though he was born to lead.

That wasn’t to say he wasn’t without failings, and you’d definitely seen those too. His successes made him prone to arrogance, and he liked to needle Spock just a little more than necessary. He was sometimes too headstrong. And his disregard for the Prime Directive was frustratingly obtuse. But the positives about Jim Kirk far outweighed the negatives, and you felt your youthful crush fading away into something more like an admiration, trust, and deep comfort. Simply put, you loved him. It remained unanswered whether your feelings were returned.

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Trust Me | Jumin Han x Reader

RATING: Teen | WORD COUNT: 1,326 | GENRE: Drama/Fluff
SUMMARY: A rumour comes out that you’re cheating on Jumin with Zen, and you’re afraid of what Jumin’s reaction would be.

It’s amazing just how vicious the public media could be, twisting words and statements around and interpreting situations to suit their own satisfaction. They would do anything to get a good story and try to rile up the general public. They can either raise a simple nobody to glory and make them out to be a hero, or they can drag someone so revered down through the dirt. Say what you will, the media possessed power.

Jumin was already used to dealing with those vultures from a young age. It was something he learned quickly and by himself, but you were different. Being hounded by the press or having self-proclaimed experts spouting nonsense about you online was completely new to you. Though you expected this kind of response after that public stunt Jumin pulled at the party, it was a bit more intense than you had initially thought.

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[luhan] info♡

after releasing news about being involved in a romantic relationship, luhan suddenly has many more haters than before. this is just a brief post in hopes of clearing up some common misunderstandings and malicious rumours, and to express some personal perspectives.

(1) luhan works hard.

there are people talking about how luhan doesn’t value his work because ‘he took 'sweet combat’ to be with guan xiaotong, not because he saw artistic value in the project’, and because 'he’s always gaming these days instead of focusing on 'shanghai fortress’, he’s not taking this project seriously enough’.

'sweet combat’ is an idol drama, which is admittedly one of the cheapest and easiest genres to film, and the audience doesn’t usually expect much. but luhan still put a lot of effort into this project, with working out with a professional trainer, and practicing boxing and parkour. i remember he always had some kind of injury during that time, but he never brought it up.

like luhan mentioned himself many times earlier in the year during interviews and rmc episodes, he was single prior to taking 'sweet combat’, and like wang cholam confirmed, luhan and guan xiaotong developed a romantic relationship while filming. that 'luhan took 'sweet combat’ for guan xiaotong’ is a baseless rumour.

according to the 'chinese citizens occupational code of ethics’, not a single clause states that a worker who spends his time after work playing games is irresponsible or unethical. all those who have worked with luhan on film projects, including the director of 'fighter of the destiny’, have praised luhan for his focus and dedication to his work, and there’s nothing wrong with luhan choosing to spend his off time playing games.

(2) luhan cares about lufans.

i understand that some fans were hurt by the seemingly nonchalant way luhan released the news and the couple photo he and guan xiaotong posted to their wechat friend circles that night, because it was interpreted as 'luhan caring only about making his girlfriend happy, and not about how lufans would feel’.

here’s a translated excerpt from an interview from 2014 between luhan and sina entertainment:

sina: in the entertainment industry, rumours are likely inevitable, how do you deal with rumours?
lu: i think it is if it is, and it isn’t if it isn’t. i’ll be honest and announce it myself, because rather than hiding things, it’s better to show my real self.
sina: if you really announce your romantic relationship, but fans don’t accept it and leave you, what will you do?
lu: i think it should be natural, everyone must learn to grow up. i will wish her well, and thank her for supporting me for so long.

luhan did say long ago that he will be honest with us if he was involved in a romantic relationship, and he has kept his word. at least, isn’t it better to find out from him than from some media following him around?

also, put yourself in his shoes for a moment, and think about what you would do if you recently became involved with someone. you would probably want to post a photo of you together, right? isn’t it quite normal, especially as young people, to want to show yourself with your boyfriend or girlfriend? i don’t think it’s very nice to expect people to keep their relationship a secret, as if it was something that shouldn’t see the light. the fact that they chose to post their photo on wechat, a much more private social media platform instead of weibo, is already a consideration of fans’ feelings ;;;

(+the rumour that luhan and guan xiaotong were playing soccer together right before releasing the news was proven false, and their gaming history that was screenshotted and released at 3 in the morning was actually from a while ago.)

to those who say luhan isn’t good to lufans and was cheating lufans’ money all along, if all he wanted was money, he would have just taken more endorsements or projects, or price his music higher.

he wouldn’t have driven out to beijing’s dongzhimen in the middle of the night in the cold, but he did, because he knew lufans missed him. he wouldn’t have insisted with so many parties to intervene with scalpers’ tickets before his first concert tour, but he did, because he didn’t want lufans to pay ridiculously high prices to see him.

he has never encouraged lufans to buy his albums in bulk to rocket sales, and never said anything like 'you’re a good fan and i’ll thank you only if you buy many of my albums’.

what i have an even harder time understanding is how people can say his endorsements and other business collaborations are just to earn money off lufans. it’s so normal for brands to have a face representing them, and he hasn’t asked anything of us.

lufans buy his albums and endorsements and magazines and merchandise because we like him and we want to support him, not because he’s pressuring us into doing that or because we want something from him in return.

(3) luhan has done nothing that can’t see the light.

'luhan paid or was paid for to join the 'shanghai fortress’ cast’: 1, the coming movie 'shanghai fortress’ is funded by huashi entertainment (beijing) ltd and produced by shanghai huayun filmography productions ltd. 2, huashi entertainment is a shareholder at huayun productions. 3, huashi entertainment and luhan’s party (referring to laogao) both invested in the qinghan foundation. how does this mean luhan’s leading role in 'shanghai fortress’ was paid for?

'luhan is involved in an affair with wang mengqiu’: ms. wang mengqiu is luhan’s fan, and because she is older than him, is financially successful, and has been involved with some of the same projects as luhan, people have stooped low enough to claim that they are involved in an affair. the truth is, she is 'a mother-like fan’, and she and her husband of 15 years love each other very much (his name is xu yirong). because of their respective successes with baidu and meilishuo, they are widely known as a model couple for business investments and entrepreneurship. please give luhan and ms. wang mengqiu both some respect.

this has blown out of proportion, but if lufans make the decision to leave him, i only hope it’s with full understanding of the situation and that they won’t turn around to step all over him. don’t be led by malicious rumours or antis attempting to bring him down ;;;

My Type | Taehyung, You

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I’m much more me when I’m with you

Bree drummed her fingers against the pole to the beat of the song playing through her earphones as the bus stopped. Tossing a quick glance at the door, a tall figure stepping onto the bus and swiping his card before walking down the aisle past her and taking the seat just next to her caught her eye.

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Hamilton characters as modern-day college students?

Okay this is super long, so I think I’ll have to cut it short to HamilSquad + ABURR + Schuyler Sisters. I’M SORRY!! If there’s anyone else you want me to do, let me know! 

Alexander: Pre-law- Political Science. He’s roommates with Aaron Burr who is also in political science. They get along with each other for the most part, but Alexander is extroverted and likes to talk, whereas Aaron is super quite. They’re both pretty clean people, but Alexander gets chaotic when he’s writing an essay (which is all the time). There’ll be papers everywhere, and everything he has is untouched. His bed will barely be slept on since he lives in the library. He’s never in his room tbh. Tried joining the debate club, but was kicked out for picking fights with everyone. Has a soft spot for John, and he’s the only one who can calm John down when he gets into a fight. Same with John, he’s the only who can calm Alexander down. Despite loving to debate with people, he’s actually more interested in policy making. 

Aaron: Pre-law- Political Science. He’s super clean, super smart, and super in a bunch of debate clubs I’m pretty sure. He’ll be president of the debate club or something. Usually he doesn’t even debate, but he’s not afraid to educate the hot-headed newcomers (coughAlexcough). Everyone thinks he’s a master student because of how mature and quiet he is, and everyone just assumes he has his life together. He’s never late to anything, coffee in hand, going to 8:30 classes, dressed to a T. He never sleeps past midnight, and wakes up at sunrise- probs doesn’t even need an alarm clock. He strives to be a lawyer. He doesn’t get angry much (like at all), but there are rumours that he’s willing to kill a man when he’s angry… 

John: Environmental science. I don’t know why but I see him being a nature lover. He loves hikes, and just going out. He’s roommates with Hercules, and they both get along relatively together. He’s kind of quiet, and doesn’t drink as much (he can’t take alcohol), but he goes out with Hercules every weekend to drink. He has a pet turtle (of course). He’s pretty quick to anger, and doesn’t hesitate yelling at someone for not recycling. Everyone thinks he’s this smol child who needs protecting, but he’s super feisty. Everyone compares him to Alexander, but they soon found out that Alexander and John has a soft spot for each other. They’re the only ones who somehow can calm the other down when they get angry. He’s barely passing his classes. 

Hercules: Engineer. He’s really good with his hands, and loves knitting as his hobby. He’s a big guy who loves going to the gym. He’s rather loud, but he listens very well. In a group setting, he’ll somehow still be on top of everyone’s conversation- it’s rather scary. He’s VERY graceful with his actions- everyone thinks he’ll be gruff and boisterous- though his mouth is, his actions are far from it. When he puts a hand on someone’s shoulder they expect a slap, but it’ll be a gentle touch, and he’s very tentative when touching other people… idk if that makes sense, but he’s just SUPER GENTLE WITH PEOPLE OKAY?? He’s also an extrovert, but when he’s not with people he likes reading manuals. He’s doing super well in his classes, and no one knows how he does it?? 

Gilbert: Communications Studies (w/ focus on International relations). He’s good at language and he’s charming. He’ll definitely grow up to be an ambassador, or something along those lines. But he’s an international student who lives in a single room in dorm, and he met the HamilSquad by being a bit too friendly in the bathroom. He probs went around having conversations in the bathroom without even a towel. He goes through classes with a breeze. Like he doesn’t even buy the textbooks or goes to classes, but he’s on the Dean’s Honour List. 

Angelica: Pre-law- Political Science. Like Alexander, Angelica is more into policy making. She’s interested in looking at the protocols of various admin groups, and making sure it’s fair for everyone. She hates to see people get ripped off, and would be more than willing to help anyone fight for their rights. She’s super intelligent- everyone thinks she’s the female version of Aaron, but seriously she’s so much better. She keeps cool in tough times, and doesn’t falter when it comes to stressful times. She also has two younger sisters who goes to the same school, and she adores them! They’re pretty much together at all times- they have a house near the school. It’s a little harder to approach her because of her tough exterior, but she is such a sweetheart when you get to know her (especially if you’re a woman). She’s the MOM FRIEND who will make sure you pay your phone bills on time, enrol in class, and makes sure you actually GO TO CLASS. 

Eliza: Nursing. She’s a huge people person, and super friendly with everyone. She’s more approachable than Angelica, but she does have a temper. She’s pretty hot-headed at times, but no one usually sees that side of her. If she doesn’t agree with someone she’ll rant about it to Angelica at home. She is top at her class, and she’s a tutor to the younger nursing groups. When someone is having trouble with bedside manners during their hospital rounds, she’ll be the one to teach them. She bakes a lot, and would bring homemade cookies to study group meetings, and to her class, and just anyone she meets. She probably smells like cookie dough. 

Peggy: Music. She has A BEAUTIFUL VOICE, and just will suck your soul out with her singing. She has a youtube and is already super popular there. She’s seriously so good, and I don’t even know why she’s in school bc she already has a contract with a major music label! She’ll be releasing her first album soon- all she’s been doing is covers/singles so this is pretty exciting for her. She knows how to play various instruments: piano, violin, guitar, and saxophone. She really likes jazz and R&B, but she’s pretty well-rounded with her choice in music. She’s in the choir group in the university, but she dropped out because she didn’t feel comfortable with everyone putting her on a pedestal there. On Friday nights you’ll find her in the nearest bar on karaoke night or in a coffee house, singing. She’s really passionate about her music, and her sisters WILL ALWAYS see her performance- no matter what. 

Stay for Tonight

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: F/F
Fandom: Splatoon
Relationships: Pearl/Marina, Inkling/Octoling
Characters: Pearl (Splatoon), Marina (Splatoon)
Additional Tags: Fluff, Other Additional Tags to Be Added

There was something about keeping secrets that made them so exciting.
There was something about this specific secret that, although hard to keep, was especially exciting.
When they finally had the courage to grace the world with Off the Hook, things went better as planned. Marina was accepted into society, and they both became popular almost overnight. But the constant dread still clung to them like glue, even if they had no intention of showing it.

Based off of @vanillavagabond ‘s lovely art, which you can see here!

Cross-Posted on AO3. Feedback, kudos and reblogs are appreciated! 

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Double Check (Jack Lowden x Reader)

Requested by anon: Hey, I don’t know if requests are open but if they are could you write are os where someone (who is jealous of Jack) tells Jack that reader is cheating on him and he goes home to have a serious conversation with her? It’s not that he believes what the person told him, but he has to ask her if it’s true because he knows that having the job he has and not seeing her as much as he wants to she could totally be in love with/attracted to another man.

AN: Any party involved in a relationship would not be ok with even being asked if they considered an affair. Also, thinking about a partner cheating is heavy and isn’t healthy for anyone so I’m glad that you pointed out that Jack doesn’t believe that person. So I took that and ran with it.

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under, over

i sacrificed sleep and risked relatively stable mental health for you Nam Taehyun, I hope you’re happy

[► pairing : Nam Taehyun + Reader]

[► genre : explicit smut, dom/sub undertones, rough sex, fluff, bad!boy nam taehyun (but kinda not really), college/university au]

[ao3 link]

[►summary: He’ll turn you under and over, inside and out, and play with the strings of your heart like they were made to be manipulated by his finger tips.

Being afraid has never felt so good. ]


That’s all evenings like these come down to, stealing pockets of minutes and seconds, rushing from coffee with Lena, best friend of four years and her broken-in-by-3-months silvery haired girlfriend Su-Min (both of whom knew you hated coffee, so you decided to be enraged at the fact they’d invited you to third wheel at a fucking Costa) to a subway ride through hell, hoping and praying that it would come flying off the tracks, killing you in one bone crushing swoop. Wishing that if the whole freak-accident thing was too much of a stretch for the powers above, trying to compress your life into a series of humiliating anecdotes, they’d turn the men who are making no secret of the fact they’re clearly scoping out the curve of your ass and bare thighs turn blind.

Admittedly, it’s not the lack of time molding your face into a scowl, or the bitter slickness of coffee on your tongue pushing curses from your mouth as you jog back to the apartment complexes just outside the university, backpack straps looped around one hand.

You aren’t even that angry at the fact you let Lena, coffee loving and alcohol adoring fiend that she is, convince you that a Friday night party at the biggest frat house on campus hosted by none other than Jung Hoseok - talented, hyperactive and infuriatingly loveable second year - was worth hauling ass and soul for, practically kneeing yourself as you sprint up the stairs to your apartment that you’ll actually have time to shower, change, and ready yourself for untold hours of social interaction.

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Taylor Swift MIA: 7 Legit(ish) Theories To Explain Where The Popstar Has Disappeared To

20 April 2017, 17:29


We’ve got a real quick question for you:

Where the F is Taylor Swift at the moment?

We’re used to seeing her all over Instagram with her girl gang, or leaving the gym looking sweaty yet stylish (shout out to that time she used a £££££ Celine handbag as her gym bag).

But recently, our favourite pop princess has been a little MIA, so we thought it was about time that we figured out where on earth she is.

Or, at least, speculate and put together some outlandish theories - basically the same thing right?

So, here it goes.

Last Spotted: 11th January 2017

Last Performed: 4th February 2017

Last Posted (On Instagram): February/March-ish

Current Location: New York (we think…)

Recent Meetings: We saw Ed Sheeran leave her apartment in Manhattan back in March… Other than that, not much to report.

Theory #1: She’s Living A Quieter Life.

Back in March, police arrested a man for burglary, stalking and trespassing in Taylor’s apartment. A criminal complaint stated that the guy turned up at least four times in the past two months.

Whilst we really hope that it’s not the reason she’s been living a quieter life, we don’t blame her for wanting to take a small break.

Theory #2: She’s Exhausted.

Just us or did her 1989 world tour seem to go on FOREVER? Thus, we’re not really surprised that she wanted a bit of downtime.

Theory #3: She’s Pulling An Ed Sheeran.  

‘An Ed Sheeran’: When a popstar goes in hiding for a period of time before coming back and releasing ALL the music and getting ALL the number ones.

See also: Adele.

Theory #4: She’s In The Studio.

It wouldn’t surprise us if she had built a studio in her apartment so she has no reason to leave the house. Much like other artists, perhaps she is locking herself away from the world to focus on her next album. An album of which her BFF, Ed Sheeran, hinted that we could be getting around Christmas time.

Theory #5: She’s Gone Missing.  

Some fans are seriously concerned about Taylor’s absence from all things to do with life and are even speculating that she’s gone missing. Oh, and that her record label is currently looking for a clone to replace her.

Theory #6: She’s Still Mourning The Hiddleswift Break-Up.

Others think that ex boyfriend Tom Hiddleston is the reason that we haven’t heard much from Taylor recently. Perhaps she’s sticking to her lyric “we are never ever getting back together” and is now seeing someone new that she wants to keep hidden from the world.

Theory #7: She’s The Founder Of The Church Of Satan.

Okay, we’re sorry but this one is surely the most ridiculous nonsense ever?!

Rumour has it that Taylor Swift (in this case, the clone) was created in order to get more people into the Church of Satan. Taylor Swift was born in 1989, and Schreck (the person that Taylor is meant to be a clone of) left the church in 1990.

Here’s the video that everyone is basing speculation on:

ts1989fanatic this is the one I’m going with. Theory #3: She’s Pulling An Ed Sheeran.  And possibly this one   Theory #4: She’s In The Studio. or some combination of the two.

Assorted Mahoutokoro Headcanons

Mostly written because I found what Rowling wrote about the place to be unsatisfactory. Also because I want to write sports anime Wizarding AUs without putting them in Hogwarts because HEY, everyone in those is Japanese.

It’s situated in Hokkaido, so the winters are very harsh and winter holidays last two months. It used to be in Kyoto, but when the International Statute of Secrecy came into effect, it was moved.

It’s surrounded by magical cherry trees that blossom nearly all year round, except for December and January. When the last cherry blossom petals fall, that’s when winter holidays start.

The school itself is a collection of old towers and temples, but has since been expanded since the Japanese population boom. There are plenty of tsukumogami inside, and students have learnt to live with inanimate objects suddenly coming to life. There is also an actual shrine, tended by a small community of karasu tengu. The forests surrounding the school are populated with large quantities of youkai, some more mischievous but friendly, like the tanuki and kitsune, and some downright dangerous, such as the infamous jorogumo that dwells deep in the heart of the forest (which the Muggle-born students have finally give the nickname Shelob to).

Until very, very recently, students were divided by blood status into three separate dormitories: purebloods, half-bloods and Muggle-borns. An International Confederation of Wizards decree (pushed for by more openly Muggle-friendly countries like Germany, Austria, the Nordic countries and New Zealand) now states that blood status cannot be a factor in wizarding education. A lot of Japanese pureblood families are very angry about this and some removed their children from the school entirely. There are some students who are part-youkai or other magical creature, mostly kitsune. With the full integration of the student population there has been a major overhaul in sleeping arrangements: up until the fourth year, students are divided by gender into two large dormitories, and then, in fifth year, they are divided into rooms of two on the higher floors. There are two separate towers: the Karasu Tower for boys, and the Hakuchou Tower for girls.

Pureblood and some half-blood families send their children to school at seven. Until eleven they make extensive use of the Floo network to return home every evening. These classes, however, do not involve much magic and are mostly to do with maths, reading and writing, music and art. There has been a major push for science to be included, since the Japanese Ministry of Magic started an extensive modernisation campaign of the Wizarding Community. School traditionally starts for all students at age eleven, when magical lessons start for pureblood students. There are no elective classes. The curriculum is strict and demanding, with a great deal of focus placed on Arithmancy, History of Magic and Charms. Clubs involve Quidditch, various study clubs, hobby clubs and a Muggle Culture club. Muggle Studies is not a subject (however, the International Confederation of Wizards is considering making it a compulsory subject worldwide), nor is Ancient Runes or Care of Magical Creatures.

School starts in April (there is a three week spring holiday in March). There are also holidays for various Japanese festivals and a month in July. Muggle friends of wizards and witches are often confused by this timetable. They do have half a day of school on a Saturday.

School uniforms have taken slightly more inspiration from Muggles, but they’re closer to Meiji-era than modern. Boys wear a gakuran that is slightly longer than Muggle versions and a cap, girls wear cherry pink kimono with black hakama. Both wear a knee-length black cape, and generally some style of black boots. Instead of the tradition of boys giving the second button of their uniform to the girls they love, there is a tradition of swapping cape-clasps. Previously, the cape-clasps differed between blood status, with pureblood having blue, half-bloods green and Muggle-borns red. Students have often caused a stir when trading cape-clasps between blood statuses in the past, and pureblood students have sometimes been disowned for this practice if word has gotten to their parents.

The Seven School Mysteries include a haunted music room, the Maiden in White (a pureblood girl who threw herself from the Hakuchou Tower when her half-blood beloved was forced to commit seppuku. She often helps half-blood and Muggle-born students with their homework), Shelob herself, the dancing oni statue and a supposed magical scroll that, if read, will grant the reader a whole school career of good grades.

Popular pets apart from normal owls and cats include crows, pipe-foxes, small tsukumogami such as cellphones, pencilcases and such and nekomata.

Crows are the symbol of the school. The school crest is a crow on a field of pink cherry blossoms, holding a wand in its talon.

The place is unplottable and, if seen from the air, will manifest itself as a collection of unsavoury-looking, rotten old temples. There have also been rumours seeded among the locals that there are some particularly vicious wild boar and bears in the area, which keeps Muggles away.

Its student population now comprises mostly Muggle-borns from urban areas. Thanks to this it has become one of only three schools worldwide that actually allow electronics to function, and one of only two to have a wi-fi connection (the other being Ilvermorny, with which it offers exchange programs).

There are rumours of some female students becoming what some call “magical girls”, but these are not confirmed.

Next Door || Suga


Summary: BoyNextDoor!AU. If there was only one word you could used to describe your current situations, then you would ironically use ineffable. Why? Because you just discovered your long term crush was living right next door.

Word Count: 1, 532

A/N: Ahhhh, thank you very much for the request my dear! I’m loving this AU and I hope you enjoy the scenario! Sorry for the long wait, but it took a while to get to this! xx

Part 2 >>

“[Y/N] you ready? We’re going to be late.” You heard your older brother call from the bottom of the staircase and you rushed out of your room, adjusting your school uniform as you did.

“Yeah, coming now, hold on.” You replied, swinging your backpack over your shoulders as you dashed down the staircase to meet him.

Seokjin smiled as you approached, holding out a slice of toast you happily took for him for breakfast. “We’re leaving Mum, bye!” He yelled, following you out the front door without waiting for a response. You both climbed into his car and as soon as you sat down, Seokjin started driving.

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Partner (p. 9)

parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | end

extras: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader x Slight Jimin

genre: Fluff, Angst

wordcount: 3100

synopsis: You’ve been helping BTS co-produce music for as long as you can remember. Because of that, you’ve spent most of your career working alongside Min Yoongi. On the cusp of achieving a dream you’ve all worked so hard for, another wish is realized along the way.

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Got7 | Rumours

Genre: angst and fluff

Pairing: reader x jinyoung

Word count: 1,250

AN: This was fun to write sorry it took a while! Enjoy! | Requests open


“Crap!” you yelled as you sat up on the sofa. Your boyfriend Jinyoung was away at an award ceremony tonight and you’d promised to watch him but you’d fallen asleep and just woken up. It must be almost over by now and he’d surely already received his award. Usually, you watched the award ceremonies live from your apartment because the two of you hadn’t gone public yet so he couldn’t get you a seat at any of the tables for fear of raising suspicion. You’d had a long shift at work all day and had barely managed to get home in time to watch the ceremony but evidently, the day had taken its toll on you and you fell asleep not long after getting home.

You turned on the television to the channel that the award ceremony was being aired on to see if there was anything left or even a slight chance of a recap at the end but as soon as the channel came on, you saw the two MCs for the night signing off and the adverts starting to play afterwards.

“Nice one Y/n.” you sighed to yourself. Leaning back on the sofa in defeat, you noticed your phone on the side. Got7 were a highly popular group so surely there’d be clips of them receiving their award online by now and you could watch it before Jinyoung returned home. You assumed he and the other members would go out for some beef or a drink or two to celebrate before coming home.

You opened up Youtube on your phone and searched for this years award ceremony and surely enough there it was, the whole thing put online not more than ten minutes ago. Clicking on the video you skipped forward to the music section of the awards and watched from there. There were a couple of groups you recognised receiving awards. Astro got the rookie award and a group you liked, Seventeen, performed their latest song. Next came the solo singers. The award for female singers went to a fairly new idol called Minseo. She wore a shortish red dress and black heels and you noticed how pretty she was when she gave her acceptance speech.  As she came off the stage to return to her seat, she walked over to Got7’s table rather than returning to her own and threw her arms around Jinyoung’s shoulders bringing him in to a hug. He hugged her back for a few seconds before smiling at her and only walked away when Got7 were asked to go up on stage for their own award. Okay, you thought. They probably just know each other from work. She probably works for JYP, you told yourself. Though there was something about the way she smiled at him that told you otherwise.

Brushing it off, you watched the rest of the video and then scrolled down to the comments to read what people thought as you did with most videos Got7 were in. You loved seeing the kind things fans wrote about them especially Jinyoung as it reminded you just how lucky you were to have such a talented boyfriend. You started reading the comments about how talented Got7 were and how much they deserved the award they received and you were sat there smiling like a fool until you read one comment that had lots of likes and replies and it made you stop in your tracks.

“OMG did you see how Minseo looked at Jr!! They would be such a cute couple.”

You looked at the replies and felt your heart sink.

“I swear they’re already dating?”

“Okay but did you see the video of Minseo where she describes her ideal man, it’s basically Jinyoung in a nutshell!”

“MINYOUNG!!!” This particular comment had over one hundred likes and you put your phone down close to tears. Was Jinyoung cheating on you? What if JYP had set them up for publicity and he hadn’t told you? Picking up your phone once more you opened safari and before you knew it, you were searching “Minyoung dating rumours” and burst into tears at the things you saw. All kinds of interviews and photos of the two together but he’d never mentioned her to you before. Why was he keeping her friendship or whatever was between them a secret from you? You couldn’t stay in the apartment any longer. You were too confused and upset to be able to face Jinyoung when he came home and you didn’t want to ruin his mood when he came home to see you.

You sent a text to your best friend telling her that you were going to come round and that you’d explain when you got there. She was the only one who knew about you and Jinyoung and you trusted her completely. She’d also met Jinyoung and the other boys before so you knew they all got on well. She told you that was okay and as soon as you received her reply, you shot out of the apartment and went to her house.


Once you’d explained to your friend what was going on, she reassured you Jinyoung must love you because stringing you along and not being able to tell people about your relationship literally offered no benefit to him other than your company so it’d be dumb for him to do something like that. She also reminded you about how the media these days fed off of any rumour they could and would often blow things completely out of proportion. You felt reassured by her words but then felt overcome with guilt at the thought of Jinyoung alone at home probably worrying out of mind.

“Oh my god, I need to go find Jinyoung. He has no idea where I am.”

“Don’t worry he’s on his way now.” Your friend said putting her phone on the side. You looked at her questioningly. “Well, a while back, Mark gave me his number and I texted him ages ago to tell Jinyoung that if he was worrying that you were here so he wouldn’t panic. You know what those boys are like and oh god could you imagine Youngjae if he thought you were missing” she laughed.

“Wait so Jinyoung’s coming over now?”

“Yeah all of the boys are, I texted Mark to bring Jinyoung down once I’d talked some sense into you.”

You were about to thank her when you heard a knock at the door and she left to open it. You took in a deep breath as seven rowdy boys joined the two of you in the living room. You silently walked over to Jinyoung where he stood looking almost nervous.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, the crazy dating rumours between you and Minseo just got to me a little.” You said feeling foolish.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve explained sooner… I don’t like her that much by the way she’s actually kind of annoying but I can’t exactly reject her in front of the cameras.” he chuckled.

“No it’s fine please. Don’t worry let’s just focus on celebrating your award.” You smiled. “I’m so proud of you.” You said hugging him tightly. He hugged you back even tighter before whispering I love you into you ear.

“Okay once you two are done being gross, we should go party! You up for it y/n?”

“Count me in!” you smiled taking hold of Jinyoung’s hand and feeling him squeeze it slightly. “Let’s go!”

Heaven in Hell

Sup guys back with another bechloe fic because I’m bored af and like this idea. Enjoyyyyyyy! (This will probably turn into a fic!)

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Heaven in Hell
Pairing: Beca Mitchell/Chloe Beale
Rating: M (smut time)
Summary: Beca gets smuggled into the one and only Chloe Beale’s exclusive costume party. She didn’t plan on catching anyone’s attention, let alone the girl herself.


Jesse: C'mon Becs please go, I know a guy who’ll get us in! ):

Beca looked at the text message on her screen, raising an eyebrow and huffing. This was the fifth text she had got from Jesse within the hour to join the long list of other texts she had received. It was ridiculous, how ridiculous he was being over a small party. Beca pushed her phone away and focused back on her laptop, changing the pitch of one of the notes.

Emily: you going to the party tonight? :p

Beca growled in her throat, the subject of all the annoying, incredibly irritating messages she was getting was beginning to get under her skin like and itch she could reach. She shut her laptop, unable to focus properly on the composition of the music. She slid it away from her before picking her phone up, more willing to reply to Emily who was a fraction less annoying than puppy boy.

Beca: what’s the big deal?

She waited for a few moments and decided to scroll through Twitter, typing a quick update of ’#nobigdeal’ just to satisfy her inner bitterness. As she continued to go through her timeline the tweets started to follow the trend of the subjects of her messages such as ‘ready to go’ and pictures of people with cans of beer and bottles of vodka captioned with 'let’s do this bitches.’ She noticed one of said tweeters was Fat Amy, liking her tweet just because she was pretty funny.

Emily: please tell me you’re kidding Becs! D:

Beca rolled her eyes, debating whether to throw her phone across her room or not. Why was everyone so obsessed with it? Especially considering the fact that they always end in trouble and Beca was liking her invisible status in school. She felt a thud being brought on in her head, as she brought her fingers up to rub her temples a few times. Of course Emily would want to go, curiosity was her biggest weakness and Jesse would do anything to get near some of the girls going to that party. Well not just 'girls’, they weren’t just girls, they were practically goddesses, or more casually knows as the Bellas.

The Bellas were the hottest group in the school and pretty much untouchable. Consisting of several girls that were graced with God given voices they owned the campus and no one dared go against them. They weren’t popular, they took popular and crushed it, everybody just knew exactly who they were. All it took was a whisper and any new kid would be informed exactly who they were and exactly why they shouldn’t be messed with.

The group was flawless. First there was Flo, smooth olive skin and an accent that, according to a rumour, sounded great in bed. Not only was she part of the well renowned group but she was also captain of the gymnastics team and girlfriend of Mike Davis, soccer player. They were relationship goals to the max and Becas pretty sure she caught Emily writing fanfiction about them once.

Then there was Jessica and Ashley, who were closer than anything. Beca had a pretty sure bet in about whether they were actually together or not and Jesse was going to totally owe her ten dollars when they came out. Then there was Lilly, who was kind of strange and intimidating, who happened to have a stare off with Jesse in the hall until he cried (Beca loves that story. Lives for it.)

Fat Amy came next. As mentioned before she was more than hilarious, Australian and was also friends with benefits with the one and only Bumper Allan. Beca had heard rumours they got up to all sorts in the bedroom department. And it was kind of weird to think about so Beca tried not to a lot of the time.

Cynthia Rose, a confident and proud woman who had a smoking hot girlfriend. She was pretty awesome and if she wasn’t so damn intimidating Beca would have loved to get to know her. And how she gets her hair to look so cool.

Stacie Conrad, sex goddess and tits bigger than Becas face. She was not tied down in any way shape or form, incredibly open and definitely not shy in the bedroom department. Beca had heard so many stories and once Stacie overheard Emily telling Beca in detail that Stacies legs were out of this world. Emily had blushed unbelievably bright and almost passed out when Stacie winked at her and said 'they look longer wrapped round someone’s face, babe.’

Emily defo had a crush on Stacie Conrad.

Aubrey was next. God she was pushy though, known as a bit of a prude but an incredibly flawless prude at that. She walked round like she had a stick up her ass most of the time, but her blonde hair was also curled just right and she was oddly attractively dominating. That’s what Jesse always said anyway but Beca just thought Jesse was a pussy in bed.

Finally and definitely not least, came Chloe Beale. Beca let out a soft sigh as she leaned her chin on her hand. Chloe Beale was the captain of the Bellas and the cheerleading squad and also run a Russian literature group for some odd reason. She was beyond attractive, red hair like golden waves and bright blue eyes Beca just wanted to drown herself in. Not that she cared. Beca just thought the Bellas were a load of weirdos who needed to tone down their egos a little.

Jesse: you need to loosen up, I swear your becoming a recluse Beca

Becas thoughts jumped at the ping on her phone, rolling her eyes. Chloe Beale also happened to throw parties at least once a month, all really hard to get into if you was a younger (meaning Beca and her weird friends) Chloe happened to be quite a few years older than Beca and she never really let the younger lot into her exclusive parties. However the party that was driving Jesse and Emily crazy was the costume party she threw every now and again. If you thought her monthly parties were exclusive this was pretty much impossible to get into, yet hundreds always ended up going.

Jesse had managed to make friends with Bumper while the latter was drunk and apparently a drunken invite came with that sudden friendship. Bumper hadn’t spoken to Jesse since but the younger boy was still convinced they would get in. Beca was not convinced on the other hand and Emily just wanted to go because Stacie Conrad was there.

Beca: Jess, we will not get in, I’m not embarrassing myself

That was part of the reason Beca was against going. The humiliation of turning up at the door and being turned away in the blink of an eye. It may not seem much to them but Beca had built a solid shield for herself, only keeping a few close friends and never really going to parties. Going to this party and getting rejected would definitely be embarrassing.

Secondly, Chloe Beale’s parties were trouble with a capital T. Shit loads of alcohol and every seemed to be horny for everything which was an incredibly bad mix- add in a dash of drugs and a lot of heavy, sultry music there was your recipe for disaster. Or at least Becas idea of disaster. Also it was freaking costume party and Beca hated getting dressed normally let alone in a costume. It had to be a no.

Jesse: we will! I told you I spoke to bumper didn’t I? We are already in, come on! Even Em wants to go

Beca rolled her eyes at that, of course Emily would want to go, she was practically a baby (a very tall baby but sill.) Also a certain pair of boobs were gonna be there that happened to make Emily brush bright red.

Beca: Em’s a baby, of course she wants to go, Conrads going

Beca stood up from her desk and walked over to her bed, flopping down onto it dramatically with a sigh. Jesse was way to persistent, Emily actually got the hint and left her alone.

Jesse: Please Becs, I’m begging

Beca switched her phone off at that, fed up with the persistent asking and threw it to the end of her bed before getting to her feet. She grabbed her bag, plugged her earphones in and placed them in her ears before exiting her dorm, letting herself forget about the party.


It took them ten minutes to find her.

“Becaw!” She had simply been sitting in the coffee shop, sipping at her drink while once again scrolling through Twitter when she heard that god awful nickname and turned to see Jesse, Emily and also Benji now heading towards her. Great. They all took a seat with Jesse ruffling her hair, Emily hugging her and Benji just grinning like an idiot like he usually does before returning his puppy gaze to Emily across the table.

“How the fuck did you find me?” None looked taken back by the outburst, Emily already scanning the menu and reading it aloud to Benji who seemed thrilled at the attention he was getting. Emily was pretty stuck, she was perfect for Benji but he obviously just didn’t attract her like certain others did.

“You’re always in the same coffee shop Bec,” Jesse grinned before ordering a large hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. Emily ordered the same and Benji stuck with a herbal tea like he normally did. “So, you know what we need to talk about.” Jesses face was weirdly serious.

“I’m not going,” Beca huffed, taking a sip of her coffee and relishing in the flavour before returning her glare to the brunette opposite her who was looking at her with an oddly sure smile. Beca raised an eyebrow before increasing her glare ten fold. “What have you done Jesse.”

With that Jesse lifted a small plastic bag up which he had subtly hidden, humour dancing in his eyes. It was a plain blue bag and Jesse emptied the contents onto the table. Laying on the table was a white tee, white skirt and knee high socks. Confused Beca picked up a large packet on top, furrowing her brows when she saw the fluffy Angel wings from the costume shop. Next to that costume was the exact same but in red with a comical pair of devil horns next to it.

“We are going as the Angel and devil!” Emily burst out just as Jesse was opening his mouth, vibrating in her seat with excitement. Beca blushed highly at the length of the short skirt, which was incredibly unlike Emily to buy. They had bought costumes already?! Beca tried not to hyperventilate as she prodded the Angel wings.

“What the fuck?” She exclaimed, looking at the trio in front of her. Emily looked overwhelmed with excitement, Benji highly sheepish and Jesse was grinning at her mischievously. Beca pushed the costume towards him angrily.

“I’m not wearing that. I may as well go out in nothing with how short that skirt is.” His cheeks flushed slightly but apart from that his stupid smirk remained on his face as he crossed his arms across his chest to grin wider.

“That’s why Em got the stockings. You’re gonna be the Angel and she’ll be the devil,” Jesse argued with a tone that was way too defiant for Becas liking. And surely, not that she was going to, she would be the devil to fit in with her badass attitude right?

“Surely I would be the devil?” She dead panned, glaring straight at Jesse who looked really pleased with himself and humoured at the exact time, like Beca was some sort of joke that offered him entertainment. She felt herself prickle at that, flattening her palms on the table to stop herself from battering him round the head with the Angel wings.

“That’s the joke, you’ve swapped personalities. It’s like you’re almost going as each other,” Jesse laughed to himself as if he was the funniest fucker in the world while Emily giggled a little, winking at Beca.

“No.” Beca growled, “and that’s final.”


A day later on Friday night she was standing in her room, in the Angel outfit ready to go. How they managed to convince her was beyond her but it was ridiculous. She finished lacing up her black converse with the white toes, which she bought to break up the colours a little. Emily swiped a slab of red lipstick onto the brunettes lips, grinning as she looked at Beca.

“You look so good Beca!” Emily did look pretty adorable in her devil outfit, even though it did not suit her innocent personality at all. Although there was always someone Emily was not innocent for. Beca huffed out a sigh, following Emily from her dorm to downstairs to meet Jesse and Benji. The Bellas lived in some big frat house or something and that’s where Chloe’s party would be.

Jesse and Benji were leaning against the car, both in costumes. Benji wore a masquerade mask and a cape, looking slight weird and Jesse wore boxing shorts and no top. Beca raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “What are you meant to be?”

He begun humming a tune and pumping his fists which were enclosed in boxing gloves, hopping around on his feet. “I’m Rocky!” Beca couldn’t help but roll her eyes as he playfully punched her in the arm, making quick breaths as he turned. She opened the passenger door.

“Well I call shotgun bitches.” She heard a chorus of groans behind her as Benji got into the drivers seat and the other two slid into the back. Benji usually drive as he wasn’t a big drinker, so he could usually drive them back. Beca never really stayed until the party finished anyway. Well actually she had only been to about two parties and she hadn’t stayed till the end then.

Darkness followed them as they drove to the house, Jesse still humming that annoying theme tune as Beca turned round and glared straight at him. This was exactly one of the reasons she would not date him. Their relationship was weird and he had admitted he had feelings for her. However she had grown irritated at him acting as her boyfriend when he wasn’t that she turned him down. Jesse was a great guy really but she knew a relationship with him would become way too serious way too quickly. Beca didn’t want or need that, Beca needed LA.

“I can hear the music from here,” Benji mumbled, his hands shaking a little. Benji was also not one for a party and struggled with a crowd of so many people. Beca would have happily stayed at home with him but Jesse and Emily insisted the two come. They turned into the last few roads, large houses lining the streets. Most were perfect, straight white picket fences, mowed lawns and chandeliers could be seen through the windows. At the end of the street though the perfection was pretty much ruined as the bella house stood, emitting pulsing lights and a fog from the machine on the lawn.

Beca plugged her seatbelt back in and sunk down on her chair. “I’m not going in!” She exclaimed as she saw some guy punch another on the lawn before grabbing his shirt and kissing him. She felt sick to her stomach as the house physically vibrated, the music pounding. The rumour was Chloe payed all the residents in the street to not complain about the music, so they rarely got shut down; only a few times.

With that she was being hauled out of the car by Jesse and his stupid boxing gloves as Emily and Benji joined them. Standing outside of the car was worse, the house even more intimidating and the two dudes were still making out on the lawn and ones hand was getting dangerously low. Beca covered Emily’s eyes next to her which caused the taller girl to giggle.

“What now? We can’t go to the front door, that’s where we’ll get turned away!” Jesse grabbed Becas hand and began leading her round the side of the house, his palm quite warm and soft. Beca gripped on to him tightly as they came to a small fence joined from the side of the house to the hedge next to it. Emily and Benji followed as Jesse opened the gate and pulled them all through, instantly coming into contact with a throng of people.

“You never really spoke to Bumper did you?” Beca had to talk a lot louder than she liked. Jesse looked over his shoulder and shook his head with a mischievous grin on his face. Beca took that moment to look round the party. They seemed to be in the garden with a rectangular pool in the middle that was pulsing with coloured lights and various people swam around. In one of the corners there was a bar lit up with fairy lights and there was also a food table across one side of the fencing. Jesse hauled them into the middle and through the glass doors of the party.

The house was almost completely dark, with lights lining the ceiling edges to emit a soft, almost sultry glow. To the right there was a doorway and another to the left then in front was a large staircase, with solo cups lining the steps and couples sitting on the steps doing things Beca didn’t really want to look at. First Jesse took them through to the right, into a spacious kitchen with someone giving out drinks.

“Can we have two vodka and red bulls please?” Jesses voice sounded way to young as the bar guy looked up with an eyebrow raised suspiciously. Beca could feel Jesses hand heat up in hers as he began to blush, feeling embarrassed. She had to do something to convince them that they were old enough to drink!

“Babe you know I find that too bitter, can you make mine a cocktail?” She found herself winking at the guy as she wrapped her arms round Jesses bicep and pressed herself against him. The bar dude began making drinks as he smirked a little, Becas head pounding as though she was drunk already. Two red cups were given to them as Beca thanked the guy and they walked off, her still draped over his arm.

“Nice save but what the fuck was that?” Jesse laughed, wrapping an arm round Becas shoulders and she pulled a face. They were back in the stairway room, and Jesse was looking at her oddly.

“He had to think we were older and you saying please in you puppy dog voice was not good. I done what I had to,” Beca explained, a smile on her face as Jesse blushed a little. He then led her into the room on the left, taking a deep breath before he entered.

The room was lit up in pulses as a hidden disco light shot beams across the space. There was also a fog machine somewhere as a thin line of fog spread across the ground, reaching their ankles. In the middle of the room there was a space that was obviously meant for dancing as several people twisted and turned, grinding on each other dirtily. Round the edges were the odd few people sitting down and drinking, one corner stunk of weed as a dude smiled at Beca, higher than a kite. Then at the front of the room, stood the Bellas. Some danced and others danced with each other, all with a drink in their hand. Not all of them were there however, only about five of them: Beca could make out Aubrey, Stacie, Cynthia, Amy and Flo.

Aubrey was dressed as a cop which was actually quite funny, Stacie was in a skirt and top but had a pair of bunny ears on which was weird. Cynthia was dressed as an air hostess which must have been an inside joke, Amy was a crocodile? Flo had a Mexican hat on, the rest of her dressed in normal clothes.

Jesse brought his hand down to grip tightly onto Becas hand as he swung back the rest of his cup. Beca copied him, instantly regretting it as she screwed her face up at the bitter taste. With that she was dragged into the dance floor, attempting to unclasp her hand but Jesse was too strong. He grabbed her waist and pulled her against him, beginning to dance with a stupid grin on his face.

“Jess, let me go,” Beca growled as Jesse just laughed, had he been drinking before the party? Luckily Beca spotted Emily and Benji at the edge of the room and she mumbled some excuse to go help Emily just to get away from him. Emily brought her straight into a hug as Benji went to dance with Jesse to distract him.

“Beca,” Emily whispered into her ear, “that’s Stacie Conrad.” Beca looked up to see Emily gazing straight at the leggy brunette, watched her swing her hips and laugh drunkenly. Emily’s mouth was slightly agape and her shoulders sagged a little as she couldn’t stop watching the brunette. Beca grasped her hand and hauled her out of the room.

“Let’s go get a drink Em.”


The party was in full swing and still going on, as Beca sat on a couch in between Emily and another guy. They were watching a game of beer pong as they waited for their turn, a pleasant hum of alcohol in their veins. Beca hummed to the music as Emily leant her head on the shorter girls shoulder, her neck must have uncomfortable. Some dude got the ball in and so another gulped down a drink, grinning at everyone as they cheered at him.

“Em, can we go to the bathroom quick?” Emily nodded and the two found the stairs and climbed them, where the hallway was dimly lit but a little easier to see than downstairs. Emily waited outside as Beca entered the bathroom, eyes fuzzy as the bright light was sudden. She washed a bit of cold water on her face when she heard a sharp cry of help from outside. She rushed to unlock the door, fingers fumbling as she swung the door open.

Emily was pressed against the door, her face turned and eyes screwed shut as a guy pressed himself against the length of her, pinning her wrists to the wall as he growled into her ear. Beca yelled out at him to get off her, watching as he ignored her and grabbed Emily’s chin and turned her towards him. She whimpered and struggled as Beca rushed over and punched the guy in his arm. He simply pushed Beca away, chuckling as she fell to the floor.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” he mumbled to Emily, kissing her jaw as Beca attempted to get up, her head spinning as she cradled it. Emily struggled once more and shook her head as the dude once again kissed her, licking all up her neck as she flinched away.

“I suggest you leave her alone or the only thing that will be fucked is you when I punch your teeth in.” Beca looked up to see none other than Stacie Conrad standing there, eyes alight with a dark fire and looking incredibly intimidating. The guy stepped away from Emily, glaring at Stacie as he swayed to the side a little.

“Oh back off Conrad, I saw her first. I just wanted some fun.” Stacie raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at the guy, her eyes pinning him to the spot. Beca pulled herself to her feet and gripped Emily’s hand, squeezing once, before letting go. Emily nodded gently at her.

“Always the man whore James, I bet your right hand is even sick of your tiny dick.” The guy glared at her, walking past and shouldering harshly into Stacie before descending the stairs. Stacie watched him go before turning to look at the pair, or more specifically, straight at Emily.

“Oh my god thank you so much,” Emily rushed out in a flurry of words, hands gesturing wildly as Stacie watched her with a glint of fondness in her eye. She shrugged casually at the brunette.

“I like your costume,” she almost purred before turning to disappear down the stairs, throwing a wink over her shoulder. Emily almost passed out, leaning against Beca as the tall brunette looked like she was literally going to die.

Relationship goals.


“Becs m'sorry, please get a drink with me?” Beca rolled her eyes as Jesse yelled at her over the music, heart pounding in time with the rhythm of the music. She nodded and followed him into the drinks room but noticed the bar guy they had managed to convince had gone.

Fat Amy stood in his place. Shit.

Too intoxicated to notice Jesse dragged the over there and it was too late to stop him, Beca felt the humiliation run through her as he leaned forward and asked for a drink. The Australian raised an eyebrow, looking him up and down before looking at Beca and doing the same.

“How old are you buddy?” Her accent travelled across the music as she placed her palms flat on the table and leaned forward, frowning a little at him. Jesse stumbled a little and Beca gripped his hand tightly to steady him.

“I’m 17.” Great they were fucked.

Amy grinned and made her way round the table, looking at Beca and Jesse, cocking her head to one side. She took a gulp of her drink, turned to someone to her side and muttered in their ear before folding her arms.

“I think you guys better come with me. Cap wants to see whoever tries to sneak in,” she paused, almost looking sympathetic, “anyone who’s confident enough to commit social suicide.” Beca gulped roughly, hands trembling as she followed Amy through the house into the dance room and into another door. There was less people in this room but still quite a few, as she went out of a back door and dragged them into the garden they went into initially. There in the corner sat a few of the Bellas, all with a drink in their hands. Beca scanned them and her heart nearly dropped into her ass.

Chloe Beale.

Ironically, and this was just because Beca was so unlucky, she was dressed in a devils outfit but unlike Emily she wore a tight red dress that was incredibly short, a pair of glitzy devil horns and bright red lipstick. Her hair fell done her back in cascading waves, slightly messy, and black eyeliner accentuated her bright blue eyes. Surrounding her was Aubrey, Cynthia and Stacie, all conversing with each other. Beca also noticed Chloe was sitting on the lap of Tom, the captain of the soccer team. He twirled a lock of her hair found his finger but she appeared to be almost ignoring him.

“Oi Cap! Found these babies asking for a drink. Underagers, your favourite.” Beca blushed as Chloe turned her attention to Amy, who was currently blocking them a little. A smirk overtook her face, making her seem intimidating and hot as hell. God Beca get yourself together! Jesse stepped forward.

“Hey I’m not underage!” He exclaimed, swaying to the side a little. Chloe rolled her perfect blue eyes (perfect, really Beca) and raised an eyebrow, standing up to her full height which surprisingly wasn’t massive. She was tiny bit taller than Beca and Beca was considered short.

“He’s drunk out of his mind. Get him out of here Amy,” she spoke, her voice a heavenly pitch to Becas ears. Being a DJ she knew when a sound was perfect and she wanted to put Chloe’s voice into every single mix she did. She was getting cheesy, she needed to get out of here. Chloe hadn’t seen her yet though.

“Sure thing, what about short stack?” She moved to the side, revealing Beca to the Bellas, and most importantly to Chloe. Blue eyes landed on her, and they seemed to ignite with a low fire. Chloe looked her up and down, a small smirk taking over her features as she bit her lip and rolled it between her straight white teeth before letting it ping back into place.

“Well, well, well who is this little cutie?” Beca felt herself blush profoundly, feeling half irritated at being called little but feeling her stomach churn with heat at the way Chloe was looking at her. With that she heard her name being called as Emily appeared at her side, obviously confused as to why Beca had turned into some sort of mute at the site of Chloe. Where was her badass reputation?

“I swear we didn’t mean to cause trouble-” Emily’s rambling was cut off by a show of Chloe’s hand as she stepped forward, eyes trained on Beca as she came closer to her. Beca gulped roughly as she tried to clear her mind, skin screaming to be touched, nerve endings alight with the need for Chloe’s hands on her and what the fuck was happening to her?!

“Get rid of the boy,” Chloe mumbled as Amy went to grab Jesses bicep. He wouldn’t go though, struggling out of her grip as he tried to latch onto Beca who flinched. Chloe turned and glared straight at Jesse. “I’m giving you five seconds to get out before I kick your ass in front of everyone.”

“I’m not leaving without Beca!” He fisted his hands next to his sides, confidence ignited with alcohol. Chloe turned back to Beca, a smirk once again on her face.

“Beca. That’s a pretty name,” she hummed, a flirtatious look in her eye. It disappeared as she looked at Jesse. “I’ll take care of her now, leave.” Jesse looked at Beca who just nodded towards the gate. He sighed and followed Amy out, shooting his puppy look straight at Beca as he left. Beca turned back to look at Chloe.

“I’m not little,” she blurted out, trying to regain a tiny piece of control. At the Cynthia laughed as Chloe grinned at her, still somewhat sultry as her eyes continued to gaze at Beca in a way the was making her blood hum.

“Are you having fun? Sneaking into my party,” Chloe paused and gave a dramatic gasp, pressing her hand to her chest, “what a bad girl.” That spread the fire in Becas stomach as it began to lick at her senses, burning them into ash as she resisted the urge to both punch and snog Chloe Beale right there and then.

“Eh, it’s okay,” Beca shrugged, her head screaming at her to be cool as she attempted to act as causal as possible. A few of the Bellas laughed at that, a splash of the pool behind her as she heard someone jump in, senses heightened as she stood face to face with the redhead.

“Listen we don’t want any trouble, we can go,” Emily rushed, sensing that Becas sarcasm was going to get them into trouble. Chloe glanced over at her them back at the girls.

“I’ll take the tall one somewhere else,” Stacie stood up and came over, gripping Emily by her bicep and urging her away from the scene. Chloe returned her attention to Beca who now stood alone. Where the fuck was Benji? Couldn’t he do one of those annoying smoke cloud things.

“Chlo this is boring, just tell her to fuck off,” Tom groaned from behind her. Chloe rolled her eyes before turning and retaking her seat on Toms lap. He nuzzled his face into her neck, dropping sloppy kisses there as she looked at Beca once more.

“Nice to meet you Beca,” she drawled, “but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to leave.” Beca glanced at Chloe one more time before turning and rushing into the house and up to the bathroom, just to use it before she left. She let out a woosh of air once the door was locked, chest heaving as she gripped tightly into the sink, waiting for her pulse to calm the fuck down. She splashed her face before exiting the bathroom, just about to descend the stairs when she heard a high pitch noise.

Regretting her decision already she turned and began to head down the hallway, looking at the various doors. The first few rooms looked innocent enough but one had a couple in right in the middle of… well, Beca nearly threw up there and then. It was then she heard another gasp.

“Stacie!” Her eyes widened at the breathless name and her heart thudded as she recognised the person that voice belonged to. Emily was banging Stacie Conrad? What the hell even was this party, who had Emily become, why did Beca want to sit on Chloe Beale’s face?! She avoided the room that came from, ready to turn when she saw a door with a large, flowery C on. She glanced round a few times before entering the room and shutting the door behind her.

A double bed stood in the middle, sticking out from one of the rooms with a thick white duvet covering it. It looked comfy as fuck with all different coloured pillows over it. On one wall there was a wooden dresser with various make up items over it, a desk with a laptop and a big rug that looked also comfy as fuck. Beca trailed her fingers along the dresser as she looked round the room, happy to be away from the noise a little and allowed to take a breather. Which was probably why she didn’t realise someone had entered the room as well.

“I thought Angels were meant to be well behaved.”


Part 2???