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  • Interviewer: We did find out, for all your skill as a Treasury Secretary, we did find out that there was an incident in your past that you caused a bit of a scandal, as they say in New York.
  • Hamilton: Oh god. Which one?
  • Interviewer: I'll tell you what, you go through them and I'll tell you the one I was thinking of.
  • Hamilton: No, You go first.
  • Interviewer: All right. We heard that there was a scandal when you had the audacity to play a prank on George Washington.
  • Hamilton: Oh that one.
  • Interviewer: That one.
  • Hamilton: Oh that's OK.
  • Interviewer: That's OK?
  • Interviewer: Oh god, what did you think I was thinking of? Please tell me.
  • Max: I’m so bored.
  • Max: Wait! Oh my god, Kate, I got mail.
  • Kate: What is it?
  • Max: It’s Victoria’s new Grahamscott fic!
  • Kate: What the hell is Grahamscott?
  • Max: Ugh, it’s the name for Warren Graham and Nathan Prescott. They’re totally in love.
  • Kate: That’s a bit weird.
  • Max: *gasps* No it’s not! It’s meant to be!
  • Kate: But they’re both straight, stupid.
  • Max: How can you say that! Shut up. My feelings…

“Aw, did you start without me? Hi, Y/N!” Phil said, entering the room and waving.

“Couldn’t wait all day for you to water your plants, Phil,” Dan replied.

“Any new ones?” you asked. 


“Yes,” Dan said at the same time, and looked to Phil, confused. “What do you mean ‘no’, you spoon? You brought that gigantic ficus home last weekend.”

“Oh, that’s right! I can’t believe I forgot about George.”

“George the ficus?” you asked, smiling. Phil took a seat next to Dan.

“Have you been getting rain, Y/N?”

“A little bit.”

“Phil keeps your city’s weather on his phone and gives me daily reports about if you’re getting rain or wind or sun,” Dan told you. You laughed and held your own phone up to the screen.

“I’ve got London’s weather on mine, too.”

“You two are giant nerds,” Dan said, but you could see his smile. 

“I miss you guys,” you said, resting your chin in your hand. “Tell me about your lives. Tell me what I’ve missed.”


Taking a break from all those breeding and finally got the time to finish off Battle Tree. I’m taking days off work for New Year too! Yay!

Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
I know it’s a bit late but… oh, well!

I’m done with Super Singles for now. I’m gonna continue to Double and Multi after New Year.

Oh, my Dragonite destroyed Red’s whole team solo, twice, on normal and super single. I’m a bit disappointed tbh.

It’s still amusing tho how silent Red can be.

I also love how he just stand there waiting for us after his defeat, and then shoved all those Mega stones to our face without saying a word… Like, I imagine his face totally saying “Don’t say anything, I know you want it”.

And I just encountered Guzma, ma boi!
He’s levelled up to the title Pokemon Trainer. I’m so proud of him.

You can also scout Guzma and take him as your partner in Multi. I’m totally taking him when it’s time to face Red & Green.
(Still hoping to encounter him with his Golisopod tho)

If only our character can squat like him too!

I’ve also scouted Grimsley, Anabel, Colress, Mallow, and Cynthia along the way. I’m playing Moon, and I heard Sun has slightly different characters that you can scout… Is that true? Well, I haven’t seen Kiawe and Plumeria so far, even tho I’m sure I saw someone encountered them in Battle Tree.

I’m still trying to beat Wally! His Magnezone… it destroyed my team and broke my chain twice yo wtf

Sturdy + Magnet Rise + Bright Powder literally NOTHING hits it. That’s just dirty. Totally unfair.


For anyone wondering/needing help. Here’s my Battle Tree team for Singles:
(level them to at least 50 because it’s the cap for BT)

Adamant Dragonite @Choice Band + Outrage
(this set generally solo OHKOs everything that isn’t a wall or doesn’t resist it, only problem is Dragonite is pretty slow and weak to ice)

Timid Tapu Koko @Life Orb + Thunderbolt
(backs up when Dragonite is down)

Timid Gengar @Gengarite/PoisoniumZ + Sludge Bomb & Shadow Ball
(fairy killer and speed backup if Outrage fails)

**Mentioned moves are mandatory, the rest is your call. All mons preferably have perfect IVs/Hyper Trained & fully EV trained.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Gavin had accepted there wasn’t a lot he wouldn’t do to get laid, and even less he wouldn’t do for Meg. Which is what got him to this point in his life, competing with his best friends to see who could be the most adventurous. The Joneses were demanding and Gavin wasn’t sure he could keep up.

When attempts to one-up bring them into each other’s bedrooms, Gavin’s even less sure of what to do when feelings become involved.

Chapter 1         Chapter 11  (NEW)
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6 
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Beauty and the Beast, the 2017 version

So I went to see that today. Fully expecting to hate every moment of the remade bits, and quite intrigued about the new bits. Cos from the trailers I’d seen, the only bit that actually excited me was when the Beast goes “Oh, they’re in Greek.” Totally startled me into laughter. From the trailers, I was sure I was going to hate every visual being too garish too ornate too blasphemous a difference from the images I’ve memorised.


Well, no, I hated certain aspects and certain performances. And the way they changed the pacing of the music, dragging certain beats and spaces out, really bothered me. But I loved like everything else and I’m prolly going to go watch it again this week. And maybe more.

Spoilers under the cut.

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new studyblr!

Hi everyone,

I’m Sarah, I’m a brand new studyblr and langblr but I’ve been lurking and enjoying studyblr/langblr content for so long now that it feels strange to even be making this post! I’m currently studying the IB, learning German and Italian, and I hope to be making my own original content very soon :) 

I feel a little bit lost with an empty dash right now so please reblog if you post about any of the following and I’ll check you out:

  • studying (general studyblr)
  • the IB (international baccalaureate)
  • revision tips/study hacks, etc
  • German
  • Italian
  • languages in general!!
  • also linguistics! 

Special shoutouts and thank yous to the blogs I’ve admired from afar who inspired me to join this community:

@hermionegoals ; @languageoclock ; @languagesandlinguistics ; @studeying ; @studyblr@studyign ; @study-ings ; @studybuzz ; @studyplants ; @studywithinspo ; (++ and probably many more!)

Can’t wait to get going!!

tinker-tanner said: Sweet! The new hair makes you look a bit fifties.

Yeah? You think?

I dunno…I’m not…


what the hell…



-olly! Say isn’t it a little past your bedtime sport?

  • Lafayette: I’m so bored.
  • Lafayette: Wait! Oh my god, Aaron, I got mail.
  • Burr: What is it?
  • Lafayette: It’s Mulligan’s new Lams fic!
  • Burr: What the hell is Lams?
  • Lafayette: Ugh, it’s the name for Alex Hamilton and John Laurens. They’re totally in love.
  • Burr: That’s a bit weird.
  • Lafayette: *gasps* No it’s not! It’s meant to be!
  • Burr: But they’re both straight, stupid.
  • Lafayette: How can you say that! Shut up. My feelings…

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So dear what do you think about all the recent kind-of-spoilers that we have so far (especially klope)?

Oh my dear littlest wolf! <3 Mh… feels, lots of feels and the feels again? Well, the extended trailer was so revealing!! To be honest, I would have liked to wait just a little bit to see the first meeting between Hope and Klaus! >_< It was so quick in in the trailer and I wanted to carry on the suspence just to see that moment for the first time in the episode! So watching that moment, Klaus’ first reaction… seeing it without any preview would have been more appreciated, but… apart from this… I LOVED IT!! I’ve always loved JoMo’s perfect and spontaneous reactions when Klaus is emotionally moved and I think that the exact moment we see their reunion, he won’t disappoint us! <3 Also, the walking in the forest… aaaw, I think they have looooots of things to talk about and it won’t be easy for Klaus, because for the first time in his life, he will have to deal with this little girl who is so similar to him (*cough* like Kaname and Ai *cough*). I think we will see interesting scenes! *___* Also, do we want to talk about how Hope sees him? The strongest in the world, somebody able to fight and to wipe out bad things… I think that Hayley did a very good job with Hope, telling about how much her father is powerful and determined to protect her little girl. I think that this will be fundamental for Klaus, because he will have to prove to be this person and considering the enemy in the shadow (that’s the creepiest part of the trailer) I think that he will have to slave away. I also think that this mysterious and powerful enemy will reunite Marcel and the Mikaelsons to. Ok, now, I think you know I am not exactly a Marcel’s fan, but I think that even though what they went through because of him, Marcel still cares for Hayley, Hope, Rebekah… and for Klaus too. That’s why I am expecting a reconciliation or at least an alliance to face this threat. I am also happy because Cami will be something like a “spirit guide” for Klaus, but I am curious to see if her appearance will be only a product of Klaus’ mind or something else. Anyway, it seems that she knows something about what it is happening. Something else? I will patiently wait for my Haylijah to be “peacefully” together, but I think that they will have to deal with Hope’s safety/different views about how to save family (I read that Hayley and Freya will be on different sides about his) first… Anyway, I am just excited to see everything, starting from this evening and the second episode!! *___* I can’t wait!!!

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oh my god i think tuesdays are coming so quick now and i love every single bit of it sjjssjjs idk if its just because of my busy sched that everytime i check the date im always like "WTF TODAYS TUESDAY???" and im getting a new iwsy chapter in the morning SKKKSKDKK anyway I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT PART IMREADY TO GET DOMINATEEEEED!!! love you sara :*

I totally get you ahhh especially as I’m writing it, the week passes so quickly and most of the time I’m like “where did these 6 days go?” lol life is so hard QQ

READY TO GET DOMINATED OH MY LORD CHILD *passes you the holy water* lolol I love you too dear, thank you so much!!

Monsta X reaction to you fingirling over another member


He’d silently watch you gasping over Wonho’s solo part in Stuck, wondering what in the world made his part so special. When you’d glance over and catch him glaring at the screen, you’d realise what it was he was being agitated over. As soon as his part came on, you’d giggle and smile brightly, causing him to blush like a little bean and look away.


“Y/N. What is so good about Hyungwon crouching? I don’t get it” he’d huff, placing his head on your shoulder whilst you watch the new music video.
“I don’t know. It’s just really attractive I guess” you’d reply and he’d spin you around, taking the phone out of your hands whilst pouting.
“Really Y/N? You find that attractive? Wait until my part. My part is what you need to look forward to, let’s just skip this bit. Look how amazing I am!”


“Oh my lord, Shownu’s vocals are giving me chills” you’d sigh.
“I know right?! I got goosebumps” he’d giggle, walking into the room to join you in fangirling. However, after a couple of minutes he’d turn to you and say, “But Y/N I’m cooler aren’t I?”


He’d walk into the house, fresh from practice and would see you sat  on the couch, mouth hanging open whilst watching the new video. You wouldn’t notice him approaching you and would squeal as soon as I.M began rapping.
“Um, Y/N?” he’d say, catching on to why you were squealing. “Changkyun?”
“It’s not what you think! I can explain” you’d gasp.
“I thought you’d like my part best” he’d whine.


You would walk into your apartment after work and would think that Hyungwon was still at practice. You hadn’t gotten the chance to watch the new music video and you’d see this as the perfect time to watch it. When it got to Kihyun’s parts you’d squeal and scream, giggling excitedly. Before you knew it, the video was over and you’d move to get up off the couch when you glance up and see Hyungwon staring at you with wide eyes, messy hair and rumpled clothes.
“You were home this entire time?” you’d whisper and he’d nod in reply.
“Is your favourite Kihyun? Have you been lying to me? You said I was your favourite”


As soon as Minhyuk came on screen, your breath hitched as you let out a deep sigh. Jooheon would notice your actions and press pause on the video.
“Di-did you just sigh? Over `Minhyuk?” he’d ask in disbelief.
“How can you sigh over him and not me? I’m your boyfriend surely you should sigh over your cute boyfriend” he’d pout, unleashing his aegyo on you.
“Jooheon no- not the aegyo, anything but the aegyo”.


“Y/N no, just no. I cannot accept this” he’d say, folding his arms. “I cannot be beaten by Jooheon. I will not allow it. Let’s just listen to my parts”.

♢Credit to original gif owners♢


Hello? He- helloooo- Test, one, two, tes- DID SOMEONE TURN OFF THIS MIC?! Oh. Oh, there we go. Hey, HEY, everyone! Our people! What’s shakin? Hearty congratulations on finding our Tumblr page. I mean, really. This place is cavernous. So much stuff. So much blogging. So much Misha Collins. But you, you found us. Our funny little corner of the Tumblr world.

So, what’s the deal with this joint?  We’re counting on you to show us around.  We’ll be bringing all kinds of bits and bobs from KINGS OF CON to the table, but really can’t wait to see what you guys have to share!

To new frontiers! See you in the blog-o-sphere! (Is that a word?) KINGS OUT.

Stage Fright (Anthony x Reader)

Warnings: SMUT
Also this is after very little sleep and no proof reading
The first night was always the worst. Nerves always got to you no matter how many times you had performed, especially on a relatively new production where there was a high level of scrutiny. You had just taken over for Jasmine after she left to be a regular on a tv show and you were practically shitting yourself as you were waiting in the girls dressing room for the others to finish getting ready.
‘You ok sweetie?’ You were brought out of your thoughts by Pippa talking to you and looked up at her.

‘Oh yeah. I’m fine.’ Your answers were short and you silently cursed yourself for being snippy, ‘Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous. First night nerves you know.’
She nodded understandingly, ‘Don’t worry, you’ve been perfect in rehearsals. Its exactly the sa-‘ She was cut off by a knock on the door and stood to open it after checking everyones state of dress. The door opened and the guys were standing there, all grinning widely. With cheers they rushed in and crowded around you, pulling you every which way as they passed you round for hugs. You finally ended up in Lin’s arms as he pressed a fatherly kiss into your hair and murmured ‘You’re nearly there. I’m so proud of you.’ You pulled away and smiled up at him, opening your mouth to speak only to be cut off by a cough behind you. You turned to see Anthony stood off to the side with an awkward smile on his face. You stepped away from the group crowded at one end of the dressing room to walk towards the guy you’d had a crush on since to moment you met a few months ago.

‘Hey.’ You murmured, smiling softly at him.

‘Hey Y/N.’ He replied. You were suddenly jostled and turning to see everyone exiting the room, Pippa wiggling her eyebrows as she ushered everyone away. You were jostled again and fell into Anthony.

‘Sorry!’ You squeaked. He let out a short laugh and grasped your arm, steadying you as you heard the door slam and jumped. You looked around the empty room, ‘Was that our call?’

He shook his head, ‘No they were just- um. I Just wanted to ask you something and Lin decided to get everyone out.’ He stopped and you nodded slightly for him to continue.


‘So I was wondering-‘ He was cut off by the sharp sound of static and the five minute call.

‘Shit, sorry.’ You smiled and turned to the door, grabbing his hand, ‘We need to get down there. You got everything?’ He nodded and allowed you to lead him downstairs.
Intermission came quickly and you hadn’t messed up yet. Your nerves had settled and you had fun running around with Anthony during Winter Ball. As soon as you came off stage after the curtain fell a hand grabbed yours in the darkness to pull you along as you squealed. You stopped under the stage light to see Anthony looking down at you, worrying his lip. ‘I wanted to get you alone. I needed to ask…’ He muttered shyly.

‘Well, you got me?’ Your words came out as more of a question. He nodded, as if steeling himself and leaned down suddenly, brushing his lips over yours. You froze up in shock for a second before responding eagerly. After a moment he pulled away and you smirked, ‘Does that answer your question?’ He nodded and leaned down again capturing your mouth with his. He moved to wrap his arms around your waist to pull you close. You moved to grasp his hair, pulling the hairband our gently before running your hands through his hair, rewarded by a low groan. As his hands drifted lower to trace your body through the dress you returned a moan into his house. From the corner of your eye you spotted and alcove and pulled him in towards it, letting him push you against the wall and pushing his braces and waistcoat off of his shoulders. You gasped as Anthony suddenly moves away from you, leaving you breathless. He only gave you a moment before attacking your neck with his lips. ‘Fuck.’ You moaned, certain that there would be dark bruises in the morning. You gathered your skirts up  as he pulled your thighs up around his waist, letting out a groan as he shimmied his trousers down and lowered his briefs. His hand trailed under your skirt cupped you through your underwear and he smirked slightly.

‘God, you’re so wet.’ He murmured, his warm breath on your ear. You moaned in response and he cut you off with a short kiss, ‘You gotta be quiet.’ You nodded and he pulled your underwear to the side before entering you with one hard thrust. A small cry burst forth before he covered your mouth with a kiss again. As he continues he kept peppering your face with kisses murmuring over and over again under his breath.

You felt yourself getting close to the edge and gasped out, ‘Oh god. I’m getting close.’ As you finally fall over the edge you feel him go as well. As the both of you begin to recover he set you down and pressed his forehead against yours. ‘That was probably a bad idea.’ You murmured.

‘Probably.’ You looked up at him a bit regretful and he smiled slightly, ‘But I’m glad it happened.’ He presses one more kiss to you before adding, ‘We need to go get ready.’ You nod as he quickly put his rumpled clothes back on and stumbled away, grinning sweetly. You tried to smooth your skirts and move to go upstairs only to be stopped on the stairs by a familiar paternal figure.
‘Well done! You’re doing great so far.’ Lin said, hugging you. As you hugged you felt the lingering wet sensation you came to a realisation.
Condom? No Condom

The signs as the Noragami fandom on Tumblr
  • Aries: Crowns everywhere
  • Taurus: Yato is TRASH please just....STOP BEING LIKE THIS....o h g o d what A GARBAGE MAN
  • Gemini: pls yato do this again I will be your follower forever just...exist...that's enough for me
  • Cancer: Ok....so........ummm...... *sobs*.... why did Suzuha die again
  • Leo: Hey pls could you slow the release down a bit we need reST
  • Libra: I'm pretty sure.....these are.... crocs.....yes canon
  • Scorpio: I love suffering! ;) (tortured souls crying in the distance) ;) yes ;)
  • Sagittarius: (the worst jokes involving gods, heaven, and religion in general)
  • Aquarius: *crying* chaRACTER DEVELOPEMENT
  • Pisces: *points at female character* my wife *points at her while fighting* yes my wife
The One With The Popsicle.

Summary: You and Chris hadn’t seen each other in three weeks. When he’s about to come home, a storm kept him away. You know you missed him, but you didn’t know how much until you started to lick a popsicle while watching Captain America, which made you absoultely horny.

Author Note: I’m still waiting for your requests!

Warnings: Masturbation, a bit of smut and fluff. Oh, and words (cock, dick, fuck) ;)


You checked your cellphone umpteenth time. The time Chris told you he’d be home was getting closer and you were a mess of emotions, you didn’t know if you were happy, excited, nervous, anxious; actually, there could be a new mening of your set of emotions. All you knew was that you had really missed him this time and that you really love someone for the very first time.

As you put back the cellphone in your pocket, you slightly smile. How this happened? How suddenly Chris Evans crashed in your life and moved all the loveless and reckless ideas you always had before him? His smile, of course, that was the beginning, then that look in his eyes, definitely. That look made you feel like he was the only focus in the entire room and as he walked, making his path towards you, the people started to dissapear. God damn, he was (is) gorgeous, those deep and eclipsing blue eyes. Your cellphone rang, taking you back to reality. Chris.

“Hey” you answered.

“Hey, babe, how’s it going?”

“I just got home, I was at your sister’s”

“Oh, dear Lord, I beg for mercy everytime you got together, I guess the whole world does the same” he laughed, you knew he was kidding because he loved how well you get along with his family, but also, ‘cause something was going on; he always started with a joke before saying something serious.

“Yep, babe, you should. But this time, we didn’t give you the honor of being our topic”

“What did you two talked about? Girl’s stuff? Me?”

“I ain’t gonna tell, mister. And yes, and a bit” you added answering his questions. “why do you want to know?”

“I feel curious, what if you talked about, I don’t know, sex, maybe?”

“Oh, come on, Evans, would you like that I talk with our sis of what we did three weeks ago? Or would you like that I tell you what she tells me about her sex life?”

“Bad thoughts are coming, and bad-bad, not bad-cool, I’ll never ask again”

“Great, so… what’s up?”

“Oh, yeah… I called you because I think I’m not gonna make it tonight. All the flights are being cancelled for the storm.”

“Well… is just another day, right?”

“I miss you so bad”

“I can’t wait to see you, when I said that it’s been three weeks I just relized how much I’ve been waiting for you, Chris” you sighed “but it’s just one day, babe”

“Just a few more hours, I promise.”


“Babe… don’t be sad, I’ll be the first thing (person) you’ll see in the morning”

“I’m ok, are you?”

“Yeah, you sure?”

“Yes, Evans”

“Well, I gotta go, I need to check what’s going on. I love you, doll”

“I love you more, Chris. Oh, and, babe?”


“I’ll be waiting for you”

“And I’ll find the way to be there. I love you”

“I love you too, take care”

“You too”


You were wearing shorts and your favorite Chris’ t-shirt. It felt a warm weather, so you decided to watch a movie. Even when you and Chris had been dating for over three years and living together the half of your relationship, you still watched Chris’s movies when you felt like missing him more than usual. You pressed play and Captain America began.

After the first hour, you paused the movie and went for a snack, you picked a popsicle. When you were licking eat you couldn’t help to think about your boyfriend’s dick. You missed playing with it. You were listening to Chris’ voice, closed your eyes and licked the popsicle, you really wanted it was him instead of the tasty popsicle.

Your hand went down, you opened your legs. You started to rub your clit as you licked the popsicle thinking and wishing it was Chris’ cock.


You’d fallen asleep in the sofa. It was nearly five am when Chris opened the door, he left his suitcase in the hall, he was about to go upstiars when he saw the tv on. Your feet were over the armrest. He smiled when he realized that you were watching his movie. He knew you weren’t a big fan of action movies. He squatted and took a look of your peacefull face. His hand went straight to your hair and started to caress it. You took a deep breath. Your eyes started to open.

“Morning, beautiful”

“Oh, my God, Chris!” You sit up as he did “you’re here”

“I promised it”

“I missed you so fucking much” your arms were around his neck and his hands in your waist.

“I don’t ever wanna leave you again”

“I don’t ever wanna let you leave again” you smiled. He moved his hands and framed your face. He kissed you softly, you also missed his kisses.

“You were watching… me? I knew that you were missing me, but I didn’t realize that it was this much”

“Oh, you have no idea. I started to lick a popsicle and then it came the idea that it was your…” you stopped talking when you realized what you were about to say.

“My what?”

“Your…” you avoided to look into his eyes.

“My dick, maybe?”

“Your dick, maybe”

“So, basically you’re saying that you missed my dick more than me?”

“I never…meant to say that, you’re playing dirty”

“So sad, my dick kinda wants to teach you what’s like to be with the person you’ve missed like crazy”

So, that was your relationship with Chris, going from novelettish to fleshly needs in seconds. Your hand started its way down, you bit your bottom lip and looked Chris while you were doing it.

“I’d love that lesson” you tease.

A New Addition - Chanyeol

Title: A New Addition (scenario)

Requested by anonymous

“ Could you do a daddy chanyeol scenario where he found out he will be a daddy soon! ” 

You’re in luck anon bc I’m in such a mood for Chanyeol, I’ll go ahead and post this now instead of waiting for Sunday. Tbh when I saw “Daddy Chanyeol” I kind of sighed like, ‘Oh Lord, it’s begun.’ but then I actually finished the message and it was about him actually being a father, so that was a bit of a relief. I’m new to Chanyeol so that would have been a bit daunting of a task. Anyway, this is sweet and fluffy. Hope you enjoy~   And technically this is a drabble bc i went so far over my word limit but lets just say its a scenario

It couldn’t have happened at a more inopportune moment, EXO was in the middle of promoting a new album and soon they would be on tour, gone for months. Nevertheless it was joyous news, you just needed to find a way to tell Chanyeol. He was so busy right now, always coming to bed after you and leaving before you could even wake up. You worried for him but this bit of news would carry him through all the work, you were sure of it, though it wasn’t exactly something you could relay over a text or even a phone call. So, one night, you waited up for him to come back. You sat up when you heard the door shut behind him, his keys clattering against the table and his footsteps growing closer. He seemed surprised to see you still up. 

“Hey.” He smiled at you as he began changing for bed. 

“I was hoping I’d be able to see you tonight.” You said, watching him as he climbed into bed beside you. Watching him lay down beside you, you gathered your what you were going to say. “I went to the doctor this week.. .  and they found something.” He looked up at you with concern. 

“Are you okay?” His eyebrows raised, fearing something horrible had happened but you smiled at him.

“I’m more than okay. I’m wonderful.” You paused long enough for him to grow confused. “I’m pregnant.” He sat up immediately. A variety of emotions crossed his face but the majority that you could see was unparalleled joy. 

“Really? You’re sure?” You nodded as he grinned and glanced at your stomach. “My baby? We’re having a baby?” His hands made it’s way to rest on your stomach. 

“Are you happy? Really?” You asked, suddenly insecure.
“So happy.” He reassured you, as he held your head in his hands and kissed your forehead. Chanyeol pulled you close and held you against him. “We’re going to be parents.” he whispered, the joy in his voice making you so happy you wanted to cry.

anonymous asked:

Blurb where the pastel!reader wears cute lingerie and how punk!phil reacts (highschool au)


- being in school during an art class that you had with your boyfriend Phil
- you both being bored
- wearing your cute new lingerie for him that you wanted to show him at home
- not being able to resist and showing him a little bit of it
- “whoa baby, is this new?” “fuck, it looks so good.” “wait til we get home”
- him being impatient for the rest of the day
- you teasing him whenever you guys crossed paths in the halls
- he would lick his lip piercing and pull on it
- when you’d get home oh bOY would you have fun
- he’d strip your clothes to see the beutiful lingerie
- neck kisses
- maybe even making you strip out of it slowly
- holding you in his arms while whispering “you belong to me” “i’m such a lucky man”
- LOTs of praise

Seventeen Reaction To You Calling Them Daddy.

//Requested by my friend lol//

((I do not own any of the gifs)))

Coups: This is… new? *Doesn’t know how to feel about it but kinda likes it*

Junghan: *Finds it hot af* Call me that more often Jagi…

Joshua: Stop sinning babe… *pours holy water on you*

Jun: *likes it a bit too much and teases you for years after*

Hoshi: Awe babe that’s cute *not the reaction you wanted but he’s cute so you forgive him*

Wonwoo: *Becomes super embarrassed* Could we just stick to our fist names? 

Woozi: *Doesn’t believe it at first* Wait…  what did you just call me? *laughs*

Dokyeom: *Eternal screaming*

Mingyu: oh my…  you are so dirty minded! *secretly likes it*

Minghao: really? *not impressed at all*

Seungkwan: *acts funny to distract you from the fact that he was really turned on by it*

Vernon: *Smirks whenever he thinks about it and tries to get you to call him daddy again*

Dino: *to innocent to understand* wait does that mean you’re pregnant? how am I going to handle that?

linnlovegood  asked:

helllloooo you said you could make a yachi sheat and i kind of want to do a new yachi cosplay soon sooooo~

oh man I’m super duper sorry for making you wait!!! I remember you sending in your ask ages ago oh my gosh I’ve been busy with exams and summer school and that went to the back of my mind aaaaaaaaaa

Thank you so so much for being patient friendo!!!
Here you go :’DD!

(Design based on this amazing AU fanart by @manyuarts, I just changed the colours a bit and added a few more details)

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