but the moment was pretty awesome so i giffed it

...I never noticed this before.

It’s simple, but a really nice touch.

When Shaggy and Scooby freak out over Mr. Hyde, Shag runs normally, but Scoob lands on the ground unusually…

and pushes himself off the wall, scrabbling away in a very unique animation.

All the years of Scooby-Doo, and I never noticed that before. For such a small moment, that’s a pretty awesome thing to slip in.

Edit: the queue randomly posted this early, but y’know what? Random Stomach Slide™ is so good, I don’t even care if it’s at the wrong time. It does what it wants.

Got7 reaction to you fangirling about BTS

I love you too. And I hope you enjoy.

Jaebum would look at you giggle watching the newest Bangtan Bomb and would just stare at you for a bit. Then he would turn around and mumble under his breath, just loud enough for you to hear, that you should fangirl about your boyfriend’s group like that instead of some other group, how talented they may be.

“I am in a group to, Jagiya — Got7… We are pretty awesome too, you know.”

I think Mark wouldn’t mind at all, he would find it increadably cute how you whisper the fan chants while watching them preform on stage. He would come sit next to you and give you a big hug and would just listen to you ramble about how great BTS was, with a big smile on his face.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this gif to the fullest? I died.
“Yeah, they are very good dancers indeed.” *kisses you* “But so are we.”

Jackson would secretly fangirl with you, but would act all jealous to tease you. He would cling onto you and whine about how you should like him and the group he is in, and not 7 other attractive guys. You would laugh at him but if you would ask him who his bias was, he would start summing up his bias, bias-wrecker, favorite vocal, favorite dancer, favorite style-icon, favorite meme …

“Y/N!! Only look at me dance! Look how amazing I look right now.”

Jinyoung would pretend not to care for a couple of seconds, but would then just start laughing as he sees you running around the room in excitement. Then he would sit down next to you and enjoy the show.

“You are too adorable, baby.”

Youngjae would just not have a care in the world. He would just be doing his thang (I’m so sorry) and would just be enjoying life, being a litteral sunshine. Honestly, Youngjae would just let you fangirl about them because he knows it makes you very happy.

This does’t have to do with the reaction, it was just to cute to leave out.
“Yup, let’s go see them live next time. You would like that, right?”

BamBam would probably have been the one to introduce you to BTS in the first place. If he didn’t though, he would just fangirl with you as well. He would love watching the new video’s with you and seeing them preform live, as he has a great appreciation of other groups (of course they all do).

“Oh have you already watched the new Bangtan Bomb without me? Then you are just gonna have to watch it again.”

Yugyeom has a load of respect for other groups as well and doesn’t really get jealous very easily, so I think he would just let you enjoy it. When it came to the dances though, he would be your dance teacher, choreographer and chiropractor at once, not letting you stop until you nail the dance moves like BTS does them.

“After this move you have to push your elbows out more… you see, like a butterfly.”

Shout out to Lyla Michaels

I was just re-watching this episode and I thought to myself, “That moment, when Dig looks up to the helicopter to find their savior and sees Lyla, hair blowing in the wind and resting a missile launcher casually on her shoulder–and he smiles at her like she is the most incredible thing he’s ever seen– is pretty amazing.”  I miss her on Arrow and wish she were around more.  After all, it can’t be good for a marriage to spend so much time apart.  I bet Dig misses her, too.

I’m sorry I don’t know who made this gif to capture this awesome moment. 


It took me a while to get a feel for this part of it. Raise the black too soon and the prize will run. Raise it too late, and you’ll induce panic and a greater chance of resistance. You got to show  y o u r  c o l o r s  at just the right moment to get them to strike theirs.


♔ the adele challenge(1/3) funny moments

"I dyed it red wine color when I was about 15 and it literally 
stained every bit of hair follicle in my head, and every time it
grows now it's this color. I was like blonde blonde."


(The first gif pretty much sums up how excited I get when my man proposes we go out and get hunting!)

I felt my adventures were pretty relate-able to other Poke-Goers, So I really wanted to share them through some adorable animation! :D

From your friends choosing different teams than you, to getting a sunburn the moment you step outside… Freezing and glitches.. waiting for batteries to recharges… legs giving out during a hunt because /who uses legs?!/ … I feel yu, man. xD

We’ve been having an absolute blast venturing downtown, visiting parks and awesome landmarks, meeting other awesome Pokemon Fans and happily giving tips and tricks to complete strangers, even entire families, and I could not be happier! 

I have been downtown before and it was pretty vacant for city streets, only a few groups of shoppers here and there… But this last trip, I saw /crowds/ of people, all greeting one another, alerting people across the street that there was a rare pokemon near by… I’ve felt like I’m in some kind of crazy dream and I don’t want to wake up from it!

I know it will die down in a few weeks, at least until trading becomes a thing… but right now.. It’s a beautiful time to be a Pokemon fan. <3

Interview Peter Prevc and Severin Freund – 28.02.16 Almaty

Anon Ask: “Sorry, but can you quickly tell us what was the interview with sevi and peter after second comp in almaty about and what did they laugh about, couse this link you kindly shared with us doesnt work out of germany. Sevi was sooo cute in your gif.”

Since I am procastinating from studying anyway: here you go!

1.      The Interviewer always asks the questions twice (in English and german)

2.      I´ll not correct their grammar mistakes and just write down what they said

Interviewer (Norbert König): Congratulations to a great second jump, to a great competition, to the hill record.

Severin Freund: Oh it really was [the hill record]?

Norbert: Yes sure, half a metre longer!

Sevi: Ah, right 

doing a facepalm

Norbert: You teased Prevc a bit with that…

Sevi: Well…yeah, that´s always something nice, hill records. Although the snow so far down the hill was really soft and the telemark wasn´t that easy anymore. 

adjusting skis

But anyways, I´m really satisfied and to tease/fret the man standing next to me 

dramatic camera zoom out, one can see Peter Prevc standing next to Sevi, staring into the void 

is really difficult at the moment.

Norbert [to Sevi]: Now you can congratulate him officially in front of the camera of the ZDF (the name of the broadcaster). [In English] Peter, please come to us.

Fist bump, both grinning like little children

Ja Peter. So, there´s just one little problem, you are the champion now, but the record is gone.

Peter already starts laughing when Norbert asks the question in German and so does Sevi

Is that a sad problem for you?

Peter Prevc: Uhm…

Sevi, who has been giggling all the time, kind of pats Pero on the shoulder [moment from this one gif], Peter also chuckles. Norbert also smiles (very creepily)

No, i don´t think that… that´s really great compensation.

Norbert: So it´s pretty early. The day would come, you know that, that you would take the title from Severin, but ehm… did you expect it so early? There are still six competitions to come?

Peter: Yeah it was just … uhm … really awesome [from here I have to translate from German again because the commentator translates it into German and speaks so loudly I can´t hear Peter] this season. From the start of December to the end of January everything was great. That was the time I was earning a lot of points in every competition and so I did it now.

Norbert [in German again]: Severin, in the passing weeks you probably noticed that the [Overall WC] title will be gone. 

Sevi starts giggling again, stands in his fashion pose

Say just a sentence about Peter Prevc, I think he´ll even understand it in German, what kind of guy he is. In this winter and in comparison to the last one, when there was this extremely tight fight with you.

Sevi: Yeah I think he just learned something new, I would have never imagined, but he got even more constant, constant in achieving very good results and that´s quite spectacular, finishing a season having won all the titles. Chapeau.

Peter just stands there, biting his lips and showing no emotions whatsoever

Norbert [in English again]: You understand every word in German or just a little bit?

Sevi, again in the fashion pose, giggles, Peter also stop biting his lips and smiles, also does a fashion pose

Peter: Ah… Yes, i understood a bit, so thank you, Severin. they nod to each other

Sevi: Well deserved

Peter: It´s just like he was last season, when he was just jumping so far and so well.

Norbert: Planica is far away, there´s still three weeks to go. There could have been a bit more people here in Almaty, a bigger party, but what can we expect for Sunday in Planica?

Sevi and Peter laugh

Peter: Ahm… 

looking around

i thank that there will be in Planica … 

there are just like five people on the ranks the camera is showing

just a bit more fans. Ahm… but the whole weekend will be really crowded and i think it´s better for my nerves that everything will be already decided.

Norbert: And Severin, I suppose you´re not just excited for Planica but for all the remaining competitions, six jumps, eh, six competitions.

Sevi [nodding]: Seven, there´s still a team competition in Planica

Peter leaves

and it´s going to be exciting three weeks because all the big events already took place and still one gives one´s best every weekend. I´m coming closer [to Peter] but yeah, one more victory would be nice.

Norbert: Exactly. Stay healthy, defend the second place [in the overall ranking] and [we wish you] some more victories. Thanks, Severin.

Severin: Thanks

TMNT - The Noxious Avenger

Just thought I’d post my thoughts on the ep with a bunch of pics and gifs.

1. First, the garbage man. 

“It’s a thankless job, I’ll tell ya that. I like keeping my city clean.”
What an upstanding character. A true Hufflepuff! But… do the words “city,” and “clean,” even go together? Oh well. Gotta admire his work ethic.

2. Rocksteady has a hammer and sickle. 

I know our countries aren’t exactly supposed to be getting along right now, but I love how Russian he is. <3


I know a lot of people cling to the older cartoons for nostalgic reasons, but you can’t deny that 2012 has the best brotherly interactions between the turtles. 

4. Joe Eyeball doing the Pillsbury Doughboy thing was really cute. :3

5. Blonde girl in purple SPOKE!!! As some of you might know, I’m kinda hoping for her to get turned into Mona Lisa later. The fact that she’s getting more screen time can only make me hope! 

6. It was so cute that April said Mikey should have been left in charge of naming the monster. Well, he may not have named the monster, but he did name the whole episode! Good for you, Mikey! And omigosh his face. lol

7. “Find butt, then kick it!” As sweet as Raph is in this series, he still maintains that kick-butt attitude that made all his fans love him. I think he’s a really well-rounded character in this adaptation. 

8. “TURTLE MEN???”

I remember back in High School when some of my male classmates would try to fool themselves and call themselves men… they were boys with hormones, that’s all (not that there aren’t exceptional young men who grow up fast, but these guys weren’t them). I like Donnie’s humility (and accuracy) here. 

9. Awww Mama Bear April

10. Awww… sick turtles… so cute!!! (I’m sorry, is that terrible to say?)

But I mean look how cute!!! And look, it’s the return of Leo’s duck blankie!!! LEO YOU’RE SO CUTE ALKSDOIWEOFIWEOIFWOEFIJWOEIM

11. I loved that whole bit about Joan Grody knowing they were mutant turtles, ninjas, and named after artists. Splinter being mad was awesome, and April was so cute. I just have one question… HOW DID SHE KNOW THEIR NAMES???

12. Karai! I’m so glad they’re mentioning her so much and keeping her subplot going even with everything else happening. 

13. Why’s it always Mikey’s room? We still need to see Leo’s and Donnie’s! It is cute seeing all of them hanging out in one of their rooms, though. 

14. Another reason they should be in Donnie’s room… why’s he doing sciencey things in Mikey’s room? And how exactly is Muckman’s puke affecting their very DNA? Will that come into play later or something? Or will they just develop an immunity to the toxic puke? 

15. Splinter. What a boss. 

…That’s pretty much all I have to say about him this episode. He’s a boss. 

16. NOOOO bad Leo! You’re my favorite because you’re good! …But man you’re cool when you get all serious with your Seth Green voice. :3

17. Have we ever seen the turtles more… them than in this gif? I mean look how perfectly they’re all summed up in this moment. 

18. Oh April… your acting is so bad. “Oh whoa uh help!” lol But you know what I love about this moment? Not only is Splinter awesome, but April knows it. She knew he’d catch her, even though he was so far away. As Princess Anna would say, “That was like a crazy trust exercise!” lol April trusts Master Splinter so much, and it’s absolutely beautiful. 

I loved pretty much all of April and Splinter’s interactions in this episode.

19. “Who would throw away perfectly good eyeball?”

……I’m not really sure what to say about this quote. 

I loved Bebop’s though. “We hate them more than moldy cheese! …Unless that’s your thing, being a trash dude or whatever I’m just saying.” lol

20. Mikey said uber :3 and… conspicuous? That’s not a word I’d expect Mikey to use, even if he does know it. 

21. Mikey and Raph may not have been allowed to drive because they’d hit things for fun, but now we know why Donnie wouldn’t let himself be driver. He hits things without meaning to. 

22. Raph: “Busting into Kraang labs? Not very heroic, Mucky.”
      Leo: “We don’t wanna hurt you, but we can’t let you rob the lab.”
…………What? It’s a Kraang lab! How is taking stuff from the Kraang not heroic?

23. Muckman has a rubber ducky in his stomach, did you notice? It’s rather adorable. (Sorry, didn’t get a screencap of it, but it’s in there!)

24. CREEP REFERENCE!!! Gotta love the continuity. 

25. Muckman: “At least I’ll be human! People won’t call me a freak!”
Leo: “So what if they do? As long as you’re doing the right thing?”
Oh the feels… I got a little misty-eyed here. 

26. WHAT WAS IN THAT SMOKE BOMB? Aspie no likey!

27. Donnie and Mikey were so cute when they went to check on Muckman, especially Donnie. His voice and his face… <3

28. Raph: “Stuff happens. It’s all good.” He must be growing up… he was rather quick to forgive. :)

29. Leo freaking out when he saw the reporters… oh the cute. 

It’s my headcanon that he was the most upset over them being accused of being child-eaters, because he had a tea party with a little girl once. None of the others have really interacted with children. 

30. The Pulverizer got mentioned! Awww. Now unmutate him, Donnie! Whip up some retromutagen and make him all better! 

31. Splinter is still such a boss. XD

But chillax, April! The most he can do to you is give you a stern lecture and then call your dad… who would probably give you a second lecture. And then ground you. 

32. Where’s Casey? Has he found his dad and sister and moved back home? Is he out looking for them? Is he being a vigilante somewhere? Seriously, where’d he go? 

Lucaya in Girl Meets Flaws

Okay so in the Gif above, it’s pretty obvious that they came from the same place, but Maya totally glances at Lucas’s hotness, is clearly upset with it, and bites her lip to, as Elsa would say “conceal don’t feel.”

Wow Lucas is strong. Once again, the writers give us another example of how good of an influence Lucas is on Maya. He doesn’t even have to say anything to stop her! Plus I think its pretty cute that Sabrina was trying hard to keep herself from laughing, who wouldn’t? it was a funny scene.

Aw! It looks like Lucas’s words of wisdom from the window scene really stuck with Maya! I just love how when he totally loses his cool, she was the one to bring him back and talk some sense into him. Riley could have done the exact same thing and jumped on his back instead, but it was Maya who stopped him from fighting fire with fire. Maya leans in so close, she might as well have kissed him to calm him down.

This scene is pretty much self explanatory, Maya was just so comfortable on his back, that she completely “forgot” to get off and looks kinda like “oh right” When Lucas asks her to get down

Okay, so pretty much there was a crapton of Lucaya moments in this episode. The writers are not the most subtle people because the interaction between Maya and Lucas was pretty hard to ignore. Credit to loveholic198 for being awesome and letting me use her Gifs, thanks babe!

Thank You, Amazing Gif Makers

It seems like, as much as the Mythical Beasts are loving and kind and all around a happy safe place, for us all, sometimes we get a little out of shape. And sometimes the gif makers of the fandom suffer. I know there’s always gonna be rude peeps going on anon to ruin someone’s day and I know there’s always someone calling someone out on something they don’t like, either privately or directly. But who’s to say there can’t be someone to cheer things up a bit?

In lieu of this post, regarding the mean anons that gif makers get, let’s take a moment to celebrate our gifers, shall we? Reblog and spread the love!

@feliznavidang thank you for making such lovely gifs. I know you get a lotta hate and I don’t know why. You don’t deserve any. Your gifs are simply so nice that the anon haters are jealous, I suppose. I know they’re mean, but please don’t pay them mind! They don’t speak for the majority of us.

@graveyard-whistler speed! omg the speed! and the variety of moments you gif! If there is a moment I saw in the episode, I can bet a cookie you have gif’d it or are about to. Your tags are awesome. You have such outreach and you really care about your work.

@rhettlinks Your gifs are gorgeous and you pick such interesting moments to gif! They’re so pleasing to look at and the speed is perfect for the coloring too. I think you’re newer to gifing in this fandom? Or at least it was only in the last few months I noticed your gifs all over my dash. Either way, keep up the awesome!

@rhettmcbabe Goodness! Your coloring is so pleasing to look at and your gifsets are so large and all-encompassing. I always look forward to seeing your daily giant gifset of GMM amazingness. Thank you for sharing your lovely art with us! Also IDK how you do those animated emoji thingies as your source links but I adore them.

@chiasquatch some of you may still know them as mythicallove, but chiasquatch is where it’s at now! So many gifs of more than just GMM! Commercial kings, rhett and link kasts, main channel vids.. thank you for your variation! And you have such a lovely tagging system!

@randlerandbelvedere such unique gifs! The moments the others don’t have a chance to gif, you do! I always look forward to seeing the content you produce!

@hasretmythical Goodness gracious, your photoshop skillz are unmatched! From your gifs to your edits/art/whatever those giffy-things I tag ‘art’ are, I can’t wait to see what you have up your creative sleeves next! The things you do are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Keep on being fabulous, girl!

@jadeneal There’s something different about the coloring of your gifs and I don’t know what it is, but I love it. I can’t wait to see which moments you gif in the future! You always pick some great ones :D

@goodmythicalmore Such pretty gifs! Your black and white gifs are stunning and your color gifs are beautiful. When you do those slowed-way-down B&W gifs it makes my brain stop working to stare at them for a minute. Keep up the amazing!

@yourmythicalbest Can we preface this by saying I adore your captions- they very often make me laugh aloud- your tags are gold, and I so look forward to your gifs! I love the coloring + speed combo they have, I’m always ready to see more!

@lilablackbird I love the blue tones (are they blue tones? Sorry, I know little about colors lol) in your gifs, and I love how you handle text on your gifs, because I always know who’s speaking.

@mythical-shippings There’s something about your gifs that has a soft quality to it, and I like it very, very much. I’m not sure how to describe it but I always know it when I see it. It’s amazing. ^-^ You make so many unique compilation gifsets too! also RHETT&LINKAST GIFS

@goodmythicalyann you make some awesome gifs too, often times of moments that no one else gifs, and I always love to see them. Keep up the good work!

@goodmythicalmeltdown I know you’re newer to the gifing scene, but hang in there! Your gifs are so pretty and your text is so elegant, and yeah, those people who take the credits off are jerks. Ignore them and keep doing you!

@mclaughlinrhett I don’t see your gifs very often. I’m not sure if it’s due to time zones or what, but I am going to start seeking out the loveliness that is your gifs. Because they are very lovely. Don’t stop!

@rhincoln In contrast to the darker red tones or blue tones in many gifs, the lighter, sort of pastel coloring and overall softer look of your gifs is refreshing! Always adore seeing your gif sets! =]

@the420gal Your gifs are fab and unique, and I know a lot of mythical beasts who thank you profoundly for the chest gifset XD Y’all know the one. Thank you bunches for being awesome!

@mythical-rhink It’s very rare, but every once in a blue moon, you make a gif or two, Isra. And we love to see them!

@tragica it seems like you can do everything! Like legit EVERYTHING OMG and you mail has been on a GMMore which is !! ?? amazing!  Gifs are one of your many talents and we love you for ‘em, girl! Keep on making ‘em!

@rhinkster I love your gifs! They’re as stellar as you (which is very, by the way). Appreciate your contributions to the fandom bunches here! Keep on being awesome!

@ianhecoxhasabowlhaircut you don’t just make gifs for the mythical beast fandom, but your gifs are stunning and colored very well! I’m always happy when you decide to gif our mythical dads. :D

If I didn’t mention you, I apologize. Feel free to reblog and add yourselves! There are so many wonderful people in this fandom that sometimes even I have trouble keeping track- and I make it my mission to keep track of this stuff! :p

You guys make this fandom 1000% better and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for being you.
Are you getting hate? Feeling down? Maybe your gifs don’t get the attention you’d like? Hit me up. I’m your new #1 fan. I love all of you guys so much. Keep rockin’. <3


I didn’t know, if there were any gifs of this tiny scene, so I gifed it myself to show you the most awkward moment in my tv-show experience, when I accidentally started to ship two barely related characters, BECAUSE OF THIS MOMENT. Just… can you imagine how awesome they could be together. Am I the only one? I think I am and I will get over it, like, tomorrow and I don’t know, what’s going on, but I’m pretty excited now.

Dear Ashley and Lyle,

I saw one of you reblog a post regarding an impending HotMessHangover live stream (hopefully soon), and I’d like to point out that since Lauren and I are currently living together and we could be drunk while the two of you could be hungover (yay, time zones!) and wouldn’t that be awesome?

I think that would be awesome. Lauren’s not here at the moment, but she thinks it would be awesome too.

Also please post videos again so I can make GIFs of your pretty faces and the epic things you ladies say on the internet. Gracias.