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Girl I don't have a crush so why don't you tell me about your crush lol


Ok. First of all, she’s out of my league.

She has the most beautiful singing voice in the world and the sound of her real laughter is honestly the cutest. Making her laugh makes my entire year. She also has the most beautiful eyes, freckles, hair, smile, and fucking everything? Even before I got to know her, my first thought looking at her was…she’s fucking gorgeous and aesthetic as fuck wHAT do people actually look like that. She’s gorgeous with makeup, she’s gorgeous without makeup. My friend can vouch for the fact that I physically tripped over a backpack running to her in the middle of a biology lecture to show a pic of her posing with a car. Mind you, I take school work very seriously too.

She’s also so hardworking, ambitious, intelligent, brave, and strong-willed. She will defend what she believes in come hell or high water or ignorant cishet fuckboys. She pursues her passions to no end and I have no idea how she balances everything and manages to do well in all of it too (fucking 4.66 GPA what kind of monster). She’s driven and motivated but in all of it, she shows integrity and honesty. I know she’ll be the first to stand up to injustice and she deserves the world because of it.

She also has the most beautiful heart. She’s sensitive and caring to people she cares about. She knows when something is wrong and she’ll ask about it. We can literally not talk for four hours and just being with her…is enough??? The silence is comforting. She’s not afraid to make fun of herself. She loves memes and roasts and manages to put up with me and my plethora of problems. I’ve been so unfair to her and through it all she’s been understanding and graceful. She’s so mature and sweet and talking to her is never draining.

Although she eats ice cream even though she’s lactose intolerant, ignores me when I tell her to tidy her floordrobe, and never stops acting like a complete fucking goon, she is perfect. She makes me want to be a better person and constantly motivates me to exceed the limits I set for myself. 

yeah. out of my league but I happen to be dating her oh well.


Trans Day of Visibility!

My name is Kal (he/him). Two years ago I came out to all my family and friends. A lot has changed in those twenty-four months: a name, a voice, a smile — a perspective, among other things. I like to think who I am has not changed, but more how much of myself I share and how am with others. I’m the same as before, except I’m more honest.

I still carry sadness and find myself still dissatisfied with my form, my state of mind, my living situation. I suppose that means I have more growing to do.

Two years down, one lifetime ahead.