but the lovestory was absolutely beautiful

Why Amelie is a Great Musical
  • It has beautiful songs 
  • it’s fun and quirky 
  • maintains a childlike overall tone while also still having a bit of adult humour
  • there’s a fish named Fluffy 
  • Said fish is a tall bearded man who dances around with a fish puppet on his head 
  • it’s colourful 
  • Sets are gorgeous 
  • there’s a lovestory between a Gnome and an airline stewardess 
  • There’s a whole Elton John number 
  • FIGGS 
  • It’s a perfect love story that makes you feel good inside
  • Every character is lovable 
  • Savvy Crawford is absolutely adorable
  • The choreography and staging is lovely
  • You never want it to end
List of some great and recent NejiTen fanfictions vol.2

Hi everybody, it’s been 5 months since my last List and you guys liked it, so here are some new recommended stories from FFN:

I Swear I’m not Drunk Officer by fanfictioner22

 AU where Tenten is hitting on Neji the Policeman? Hell yes!

Something Lost  by fanfictioner22 

The “first kill” is quite common topic in the fandom, but this is very touching, realistic and deep Gai’s POV of Tenten’s first experience with the reality of a ninja life.

Four Times  by keroRiBBIT 

Very steamy, smutty and well written story. There are lighthearted funny moments that balance the naughty ones. :)

The Twelve Days of Christmas  by Giada Luna 

Almost finished beautiful modern AU. Both the Christmas and the Fate bring Neji and Tenten together and a realistic lovestory in one particular Konoha city may begin…I enjoyed all elaborate details, smooth dialogues and many parallels to Naruto world.

Everett’s Web  by syaoran no hime 

When speaking about parallels to Naruto world this is the masterpiece. The level of narration in this modern AU is absolutely stunning. Fiction contains all other ships and more and it’s so freaking captivating!

Blades of Ice  by fanfictioner22 

Another modern AU where Neji is an ice hockey player and Tenten ice skater. It takes place in Canada during a winter season and I can’t wait for the last chapter! You’ll love it!

Great Expectations (Of A Certain Kind) , hypothétique by tabine

Nice sneak peak into the world where Neji is alive and happily banging loving Tenten.

A Special Day  by fanfictioner22 

This Valentine Story is precious, humorous and sweet and has everything to make your heart happy and warm.

The Cat Situation  by EmeraldNorth

After a mission gone wrong, Neji and Tenten have to deal with the fact that they’re practically half-cats now. As fluffy as the cat’s fur. Purrfect.

As It Should Be  by Mewmewmemint 

This is a little pearl lost in the sea. A Fanfiction with the capital F. The author manages to resurrect Neji and make it look realistic. Pity this is still unfinished and updates are sporadic but it’s not abandoned and I love it!

How To Use Cutlery The Correct Way  by EmeraldNorth 

Short story with Tenten as the fierce troublemaker and Neji as the only force that can pacify her.

The List  by MarzSpy 

Girls plays the “The Dare” game. Pretty simple idea but it works and it was fun to read!

For You

Little smutty story written by ME. ;) Life isn’t easy for a 19 years old prodigy especially when he has a little too sexy teammate.

I would like to use this place to declare that @yahboobeh needs to update her stories!!! Please!!! You are my beloved author and I’m desperately waiting for your updates!