but the line won't leave me alone

McHanzo headcanons:

  • McCree tries to be all smooth with his flirting… He is anything but. Ends up getting the line wrong, or at the wrong moment. Always ends up blushing and pulling the brim of his hat down to cover his face to hide it.
  • Hanzo enjoys secretly riling McCree up. Acts clueless with the cowboy, watching as he tries to explain himself, only to smile and chuckle afterward. This always leads to McCree blushing in slight anger and  going off on a tangent.
  • Soldier 76 sees potential and makes them partners during their missions. “The buddy system.” McCree grumbles and glares while Hanzo just accepts it.
  • Both are professionals, they swear. Nothing gets past them during stake outs… Nope, nothing, never, nuh-uh… Body against the wall roughly, hand in the hair, Hanzo’s lips to McCree’s neck and jaw, nips, bites… That hat falling to the ground -didn’t need it anyways at that moment, right? Soldier 76 coming over the comms, yelling about the payload coming their way. All he receives as an answer is a grunt from McCree… “Damn kids…” Gunshots and 76 bellowing over the comms about an attack. The two quickly separating, choice words and weapons drawn. “Blood back to the brain boys! Mission first, damn it!”
  • Luccio sneaking into McCree’s room in the early morning, moving to the bed and bellowing “Wake up, sleepyhead!” Only to have McCree jump slightly raise his head in confusion, Hanzo sitting up behind him and looking deadly. Luccio’s laughter that had started at the jump of McCree’s sudden awake state turns to shock as he covers his mouth, eyes going wide at the sight of Hanzo sitting up from behind the Cowboy. He goes running from the room as the ninja reaches for his bow.
  • Lazy neck kisses to lull McCree to sleep when he keeps muttering on and on about one thing or another and Hanzo just wants him to silence and sleep!
  • Full body massages courtesy of McCree when Hanzo gets all tense from a mission. He lulls the ninja to sleep by singing country songs to him, his voice deep and soothing.
  • The first time McCree admits to caring about Hanzo, actually saying those three words, is during a mission where his connection with Hanzo over the comms disappeared. He narrowly escapes what could be a horrible run in with Reaper. As Hanzo finds him again, checking him over with a steady hand a worry in his eyes while speaking all in Japanese, the Cowboy shakily smiles up at him, places a hand to his neck and pulls him in to place his forehead to the ninja’s. Those three words slip out, stopping Hanzo in his tracks.
  • The first time Hanzo admits to caring about McCree is when the damn Cowboy almost gets himself killed in a shootout. As Mercy is patching him up, Hanzo is standing there, looking down at him and swearing at him in Japanese. The damn Cowboy just grins stupidly, causing Hanzo to sigh and whisper “Ai shitemasu yo…” He won’t translate, but Mercy does smile softly at the two of them and excuse herself after making sure Jesse is stable. Jesse spends the next four days trying to figure out what Hanzo had said. When he goes to Genji about it, the ninja is quiet before asking him who told him they loved him, only to silence himself and walk off, having answered his own question within his mind.