but the lieutenant dude is awesome

Dog-tags and Microphones(Former Marine/Current Bodyguard!Jensen AU)

Requested by @dancingalone21 “Reader is a popular singer who gets recognized constantly, especially with a huge bodyguard that stands out. The reader is stubborn and doesn’t want security at all. Her manager decides to hire an ex-special forces marine to act like a bf/friend/personal trainer (whichever one you want to pick). So he appears to be someone in her life instead of security. They don’t hit it off at first. Bickering and annoying each other. Eventually they start to fall for each other.

Words: 3955(…… I got carried away)
Warnings: Sassiness, sarcasm, cursing, a hater, burns, PTSD, a bit of death, brief description of said death and a war situation
Pairing: AU!Jensen x Reader
Tags: @growningupgeek
A/N: This image kills me, I swear to God… And I got hella carried away with this oneshot. I’m a bit obsessed with military and whatnot, so I had to explore that. Also, I apologize if I made any mistakes anywhere, whether on my writing or on the war situation or anything at all. Also, requests are OPEN, ask away! (I do MCU, Supernatural and a few other fandoms) Also, I might do a second part, let me know if you guys want it.

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