but the kind where you freak out over nothing

The Five Kage and their bodyguards react to Furby's

Requested by anon!

Earlier I did the Akatsuki’s reaction’s to Furby’s, and now it’s the Five Kages [+ bodyguards] turn! So how would they react if they found a furby in their room? This will be set before the Shinobi World War.

1. Tsunade [Hokage]

Creeped out for a second. Punches it through a wall.

Tsunade: “HA! That’ll teach you to sneak up on me, you disgusting furry bird creature.”

2. Shizune [Tsunade’s respective bodyguard]

Stresses out a bit

Shizune: “EEK! How on earth did YOU get in here? I’ll just….slowly pick you up….by your ear…..ignore the fact that you’re looking at me and KICK YOU OFF OF THE BALCONY.”

3. Sakura [Tsunade’s respective bodyguard]

Get’s angry but isn’t worried

Sakura: “The hell?! Get the heck out of here!” *rugby throws it across the village*

4. Gaara [Kazekage]

Interested by it’s eyes

Gaara: “Your eyes are seemingly unblinking, But you wait. I will catch you in the act. I know you’re alive.”

5. Kankuro [Gaara’s bodyguard]

Thinks it’s a puppet being used to taunt him


6. Temari [Gaara’s bodyguard]

Thinks logically. Gets rid of it.

Temari: “You guys are freaking out over nothing. It’s just a toy. See, here I am, putting it in a garbage bag. Then setting that garbage bag on fire. Simple.”

7. Mei [Mizukage]

Uninterested. A little put off.

Mei: “Ew. What are you, some kind of secret admirer present? No thanks. I’ll just pop you in the trash.”

8. Ao [Mei’s bodyguard]

Inquisitive. Surprised by what he finds.

Ao: “My Byakugan will show me everything about you. Hm…you don’t seem to be controlled by anything. Your batteries are indeed missing….yet you’re still moving? How?! I WILL find out!”

9. Chōjūrō [Mei’s bodyguard]

Kinda scared, but doesn’t want anyone to know. Get’s restless.

Chōjūrō: “What are you?! I don’t want to deal with you! I…can you just leave? Please? Right now? You are terrifying and I am not liking this at all!”

10. Onoki [Tsuchikage]

Thinks it was sent to mock his appearance.

Onoki: “WHAT?! Are you SAYING something about me?! DOES SOMEONE THINK I LOOK LIKE THIS THING?!”

11. Kurotsuchi [Onoki’s bodyguard]

Dripping with sarcasm over how ‘cute’ it is

Kurotsuchi: “Oh, aren’t you just adorable. No, really, your demon like eyes are so immensely cute, I can’t help but squeal in joy. I’m so not irritated that you’re in my room.”

12. Akatsuchi [Onoki’s bodyguard]

Wants to place it in funny places and take photos.

Akatsuchi: “Let’s see. I’ll put you in this pot plant. Then in the shower. Then on top of Onoki when he’s sleeping. These are great!”

13. A [Raikage]

Smashes it with his fist


14. Darui [A’s bodyguard]

Can’t be bothered dealing with it. Moves it to C’s room

Darui: “Eh, C will deal with you soon enough. Not worth my time.”

15. C [A’s bodyguard]

Upon finding it in his room, he takes getting rid of it as a top priority

C: “I will not rest until you are properly dealt with. You are now an S rank criminal and I will not hesitate to destroy you should you try a sneak attack.”

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It hadn’t taken long for the shorter male to put two and two together. Shiro wasn’t the kind of person to freak out over nothing; which was basically how Keith had seen the situation until realizing the kind of effect it’d had on the leader. “Shiro–?” he began; a soft breath of a name after hearing the harsh swear fall from his friend’s lips.

“What are you apologizing for?” The Red Paladin asked, torn between moving closer for a supportive pat on the shoulder or staying where he was - sat against the back wall of their temporary break room - to keep from making his teammate feel even more smothered and boxed in than he already had been. “You haven’t done anything wrong.”

Keith gently waved a hand between them, trying to keep Shiro’s attention on himself rather than where they’d gotten stuck. “Just focus on me, alright?” With no clear idea of what was going through the other’s head, all he could do was grasp at straws and hope that something he said gave the other even the smallest amount of relief.

“It’s just us here… We have plenty of air to breathe, and I’m not gonna let anyone touch you. We’ll be out of here in no time… Just breathe,” the shorter said, drawing in a deep breath and letting it out a few seconds later. “And stay with me.” 

Request: Hello, I love the swithing bodies one shots, and I woyls like to request a similar, where it's Sam and Dean wgo swith bodies while Reader is dating one of them? I love your writing!:)

(Writing this on my phone, sorry if there are mistakes of any kind)

You woke up when Dean gasped. You rolled over, and looked at him. “You okay?” You asked, touching his cheek.

He flinched from your hand. “Um, no. What happened?” He asked, completely freaked out.

“What do you mean? Nothing happened. Dean, relax.” You soothed, snuggling into him. Instead of wrapping his arms around you like usual, he practically fell off the bed, trying to get away from you. “Jesus, Dean!” You exclaim, annoyed.

“Dean?” He mumbled beside you.

You sighed and grabbed one of his flannel shirts. You buttoned it around you and looked for some pants. You noticed Dean’s eyes shut tight so he wouldn’t see you. “What’s wrong with you? You’ve seen me naked!”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t feel very well.” Dean stated, you instantly felt bad. He was sick, and you were yelling at him.

You crawled onto your bed and leaned towards him. “I’ll take care of you.” You promised. You leaned down more and just as your lips were about to touch he moved his head, making you kiss his cheek.

“I, uh, don’t want you to get sick.” He said.

“Give me half an hour.” You requested, leaving the room and heading towards the kitchen. You were going to nurse him back to health. You always liked playing doctor.

*Third Person POV*

The only thing Sam could think was “shit, shit, shit.” As soon as Y/N left the room, he ran to his room. He barged in and saw himself sleeping. “Dean!” He hissed. Sam watched himself slowly wake up. As his eyes opened, Dean gasped.

“What the Hell?” He asked, sitting up.

“I don’t know.” Sam replied. “I woke up in your body and in your bed.”

“With Y/N?” Dean asked.

“Well she was in your bed, so yeah!” Sam shouted. “Nothing happened. She yelled at me for not kissing her.” Sam informed Dean.

“Good boy.” Dean said. “What the Hell caused this?”

Sam tried running his hands through his hair, but realized that he didn’t have his hair. Dean’s just didn’t have the same effect. “Um, cursed, maybe?”

“By what? When?” Dean asked. “Dude, how do you deal with all this hair? It’s everywhere!” Dean complained.

“I like it.” Sam replied defensively. “And maybe the other day, at the bar. Remember how we got free drinks?” Dean thought back, of course! He and Sam had snuck out to a bar without telling Y/N.

“How long do you think it’ll last?” Dean asked.

“They usually last for 24 hours.” Sam informed him.

Dean thought for a moment, then said, “Alright. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’ll pretend to be each other for the rest of the day. If we’re not fixed by tomorrow, we’ll tell Y/N.”

“Are you kidding? You mean that I have to pretend to be you for a whole day? What is she tries to kiss me again?” Sam asked, waving his hands all over the place.

“Dude, if you tell her that we switched bodies, or kiss her, I will cut your hair.” Dean threatened.



“Well, at least stay with us. Don’t leave me alone with her.” Sam begged.

“Alright, let’s go.” Dean sighed, getting out of bed.

*Normal POV*

“Hey, what are you doing? I told you not to get out of bed!” You exclaimed to Dean, who had just walked into the kitchen.

“Sorry.” He muttered, sitting down. Poor baby must feel horrible.

“Hey Sam. You want some breakfast?” You asked the younger Winchester.

“What are you making?” He asked, moving next to you so he could peer into the pan.


“Sure, thanks.” He said, smiling at you. Then, he seemed to remember something and sat next to Dean.

You made the eggs and put them on three plates. You placed one in front of Sam, and on in front of Dean. You gave Dean a kiss on the forehead, then grabbed your plate and sat down.

As you ate, you watched Dean, who didn’t talk or make any jokes. You figured you’d lighten his mood. You took your foot and ran it up his leg. The second your foot touched him he jumped, knocking some egg of his plate.

“You okay?” Sam asked Dean.

“Yeah.” He said, voice high.

You contained a smile and kept stroking his leg. Then, you sneaked closer to him, moving your chair inch by inch until you could put your hand under the table without Sam noticing. You grabbed his knee, and moved up his thigh, and Dean practically fell out of his chair.

“Are you alright?” You asked him, touching his arm.

He flinched away from you, and said, “I think I’ll just go lay down. You should stay here, I don’t want to get you sick.” He practically ran to your room.

You looked after him, concerned. “Has Dean been acting strange lately?” You asked Sam, if anybody knew it would be him.

“What? No! He’s fine.” Sam told you.

“I don’t want to sound paranoid, but, do you think he’s gonna break up with me?” You’d been telling yourself all day that that wasn’t going to happen, but now you weren’t so sure.

“What? Why would even think that?!” Sam exclaimed.

“Well, it’s just that he’s been acting weird all day! He flinches away from me and won’t kiss me.” You explained.

“Listen, he loves you. He would never, ever break up with you.” Sam assured you, a little too forceful.

You sighed, a little relieved, and said, “Thanks. I don’t know what’d I’d do if we broke up.” Sam smiled at you.

You decided to give Dean some space, and spend the rest of the day reading.

*Third Person POV*

“Dude what the Hell?” Dean asked in Sam’s body.

“What?” Sam asked from the bed.

“Y/N thinks I want to break up with her!” Dean explained.

“We’ll fix it tomorrow. Relax.” Sam replied.

“Just give her a hug every once in a while.” Dean suggested, leaving the room.

*Normal POV*

You walked into your room and found Dean already sprawled over the bed. You smiled and shook your head, he sure was cute for a man that killed monsters for a living.

He was still in his clothes, so you started to undress him. You pulled his shoes off first, and he didn’t wake up. He always slept in boxers, so you slowly pulled his jeans off. You accidentally woke him up, and he jumped when he saw you. 

“Hey, sorry. You fell asleep in your clothes, I was just making you more comfy.” You explained, pulling his pants off the rest of the way.

“Okay.” He squeaked, not looking at you.

You got his pants off and then went to change. You ripped your shirt off and Dean yelped, closing his eyes. You rolled your eyes, and quickly put on your pajamas. You jumped into bed, and without Dean’s arms around you, you fell asleep.

You woke up with Dean’s arms wrapped around you. You snuggles closer to him, and your movement accidentally woke him up. He pulled you closer to him, and after a moment gasped.

You turned around to face him. “Are you-” You started, but were interrupted when Dean crashed his lips to yours. When you pulled apart you smirked, and said, “I guess you feel better.”

Dean didn’t respond with his words. He just put his lips back you yours.

(I hope you like it!)

For The First Time Pt. 1 *Jack Gilinsky Dirty Imagine*

AN: Shoutout to my girl Tina for helping a sista out w this


Requested by Anon (I think)

You were sitting at your desk doing last minute homework when out of nowhere your window flew open and you jumped


“Oh my god, are you crazy?!” You said to the boy in the window who also happened to be your boyfriend of 6 months; Jack.


He jumped through your window then said “Yes Y/N I am, Crazy in Love”


“Okay Beyonce but what are you doing here? My parents are home”


“Relax Y/N live a little”


“I won’t able to if you get caught in here”  


Your parents were crazy strict and it was annoying and they didn’t like Jack another reason he always came through your window


“Don’t worry I’ll protect you” He told you while making himself comfortable on your bed


“As much as I love seeing you I have homework I need to finish”


“Don’t be such a nerd babe”


You weren’t offended because be called you that often as a joke because you were really into your school work thanks to your parents


“I’m not I’d just like to finish already” “Come here” “No” “Please I missed you” “That’s your own fault” “It’s called fun try it sometime”


Joking or not you were tired of people calling you boring or stuck up because you aren’t. 

You made sure your door was locked before you went and joined your boyfriend on your bed

“Seriously y/n you stress over school to much you need to relax” “It’s not me!” “You should tell them to fuck off” “I wish it were that simple”


You couldn’t wait to turn 18 graduate and go to college far from your parents 


“Well you need to relax and I’m gunna help you do that”


Before you could answer Jack kissed you


One of the many things you loved about him was that each time he kissed you it felt like the very first time and gave you butterflies


Eventually you had ended up on top of him you knew where this was going and it was freaking you out but Jack was unaware that you were a virgin and you knew damn well that he wasn’t which kind of sucked but you would get over it.


You stopped



“Nothing I just don’t think we should do this with my parents home”


“They won’t know”


“I don’t know”


“Baby I’ve been waiting months for this please don’t do this to me”


You didn’t say anything and he became impatient so he pushed you onto your back so now he was on top.


He kissed you and you hated that every time he did that you would do whatever he wanted you to.



Not even a minute later and there was already a hand down your pants.


Jack started to rub your clit furiously and moans were coming out of your mouth nonstop. “You like that baby?” Jack whispered and you let out another moan in response


After saying those words you immediately came on his fingers


Jack then brought his fingers to his lips and you let out a small whimper.


“You taste so good baby, but let’s see how good you can fuck”


Jack then immediately took off your shirt along with your bra and began to kiss your neck and massage your breast.


You let out a few small whimpers as Jack devoured himself all over your body.


Once he was naked he immediately pounded into your entrance.


You sighed you knew your first time would hurt but you didn’t think it would hurt so bad


“Mmmm” you moaned in pain but he didn’t know that


Jack immediately covered your lips with his and still pounded into you like you were his personal sex toy.


“Fuck Y/N”


Minutes late you both came together


He collapsed beside you


“That was amazing Y/N”


You tried to smile then you said “Yeah, I hope they didn’t hear anything”


“Probably did but definitely worth it”




15 minutes later you were both dressed again


“Can I finish my homework now?”


He looked at you skeptically then said “Are you kicking me out?”




He laughed “I’m just kidding, I should go anyways”


He kissed you “I will see you tomorrow”


You nodded “Okay”


“Love you”


“Love you too”


Then he was gone out the window and you stared out of it regretting not telling him that that was your first time.


You know if he had known it would have been different, that wasn’t at all like you had ever pictured it you were kind of regretting it a little but it wasn’t his fault you should have spoke up, you just hoped that when you did decide to tell him he wouldn’t freak out