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so I’ve been doing some Wheel of Time fancasting (once again, you guys who are here for other things, I am sorry this is happening) and I’m definitely making a point of casting a lot of non-white actors for characters who are, you know, described as non-white

because there are a lot of them

Music of the Heart Chapter 50 of ?

So I didn’t ever imagine this story would go on this long. When I started it, it was an experiment to see if I could write something that was a different style and more of a romance than my usual stuff. And so here we are at Chapter 50. There will be just a few more chapters in this story. I am still overwhelmed at the reception this has received and the messages supporting and encouraging me. Thank you all for that love and support!

Previous Chapters: FF.net and AO3

Killian was more excited about the idea of a dog for the family than Emma anticipated. He and Henry rushed through their school assignments – math problems and a vocabulary review for Henry and grading tests for Killian – with a fervor that she had not seen in either of them lately. Once responsibilities were done for the evening, they had barricaded themselves on the couch to view the photo galleries from the animal shelter and were placing calls to David about the different possibilities for the new family pet.

“Killian and I like this lab,” Henry told his mother when she carried in a tray of hot chocolate and strawberries for their evening snack. He shoved the smart phone in front of her and shook it until she commented.

“Nice,” she said, holding her head back to better view the image. “I thought we were going to look at the shelter after we get back from London.”

Dropping his hand, Henry let out an exasperated sigh. “But this one is perfect. He’s just two years old, already house broken, and has a sweet temperament. It says it right here.”

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