but the jewel


An old video from the Burger Queen Tour when the sound goes out during “Oh No!” and Marina does the rest of the song acapella. (1:46 is where the sound cuts out)


神 - Kami Idol Coord / Jewel Wedding Coord **

** - it used to be known as the “Jewel Wedding Coord”, but is known and listed as the Kami Coord on the official website. Given that there are two coords known as the Kami Coord, it’ll be tagged as “Kami Idol” and “Jewel Wedding”.

I just can’t explain how happy and proud I am of BTS rn ;;;; Just thinking about how they struggles since their debut, all the hate they got since they became popular… And finally people recognize them and their hardwork and now that ???! How crazy is this tbh ???! I love them so much and they deserve all of this and much more for all they did for us and all the hope they gave !!! I also want to say that despite our bad apples I love our ARMYs because together we are strong and make dreams come true for the ones we love so much ;;;;;