but the irene scene made me think

look, I’m a reasonable person. just tell me why did they cut out the gay bar scene

seriously, what are the possible reasons
- it was boring (not possible because inserting the characters in unusual atmosphere is always fun to watch especially when we’ve seen the montage of several similar boring bars)
- it was too long (they could at least keep couple of seconds of it, making the scene shorter but still keeping it there)
- the acting was not good enough in that scene (absolutely not possible)
- it was somehow insulting (the only way it could be insulting if john or sherlock made a homophobic comment about the place and neither of them would do that)
- the lighting/cameraman work sucked (since when?)
- the problem with homophobic countries broadcasting the show with gay symbolic in it (not working - i think we’ve crossed the rubicon when Irene and thob gay couple appeared)

- it turned out to be different from what they expected when they’ve been writing on paper (maybe they intended it as a gay joke and martin with ben made it deeper?)
- it was somehow revealing/spoiling the plot(…?)
what if in that scene drunk sherlock let himself to look? to observe too blatantly. let himself to dance? smiled? what if sherlock was too organic (this word is ruined forever) in that atmosphere. (remember the private post on his SoD site about clubbing and ‘everyone wants to kiss me’ or what were the words?..) like it wasn’t actually the first time for him in a place like that

so if that actually happened, that gives THE WHOLE NEW perspective on a stag night and martin’s knee grope acting choice.
that gives a new perspective on sherlock’s actions and face journeys during the wedding. if the gay bar scene somehow, in the slightest, outed sherlock (less likely john) freebatch would think their story was going in that direction in the end. that would explain why benedict was playing a man blatantly in love with another man

Confess (An Adlock Fanfiction/Ficlet)

(Yay! Thanks so much for everyone who sent in their prompts to help me relieve my stress. Decided to go with @seaductress‘ prompt first, which is “Sherlock is forced to admit his love to Irene under dire circumstances” because the idea popped to my head immediately. It won’t be as vocal as the ‘I love you’ scene with Molly, but I still hope you like how I put it. Enjoy, loves!)

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How can someone feel so numb yet devastatingly in pain at the same time?

Sherlock was aware that what he was feeling made no sense. His fingers were shaking from when he destroyed the wooden coffin with his bare hands just moments ago, thinking about how much he had hurt Molly Hooper. The fear of losing everyone he cared for, slowly and intimately, simply felt rotten to the core. 

He saw John’s hand reaching for him, reminding him that there are more things to come – things he had to face and hopefully conquer. 

His mind reeled as he stepped into the next room, thinking about the stages his clever little sister has prepared to unravel the depths of his memories. First was his home, then his humanity by playing with the lives of strangers, then the idea of unrequited love. The words of Eurus on making him choose between Mycroft and John rang over and over, and yet what he saw in the next room sent his heart racing due to urgency.

With nothing more than a table with a sleek, black box on top of it, Sherlock felt his knees buckling in fear. It was all too familiar now, the contrast as to why he dismissed John’s quip upon seeing the wooden coffin. 

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season3hiatus  asked:

Hi Ivy, that scene when Sherlock starts to play Irene's theme and Eurus concludes he's had sex.. How did she know? It really hurt me because it implied he had sex with Irene, in which I will never believe, but they made it look like he did

Hi, I really want to help you with this, but I don’t think my words do much good. I’ve been talking about this since series 2, but I still hear this question every 10 minutes, so I’m not sure going over this one more time is going to help.

You are welcome to read the events of the story in any way that resonates with you. You are welcome to take whatever cues you like that exist in the story to construct your answer for yourself.

This is my answer.

I do not see any evidence in the story that suggests that Sherlock has feelings for Irene. The only evidence there is is that John is worried that he does, which says more about where John is emotionally than where Sherlock is. John has no idea how Sherlock’s emotional life works at that point in the story. He thought Sherlock doesn’t feel things that way, which we now definitively know isn’t so. Even when John tells us Sherlock moping and sad about Irene’s death because he loved her, his only evidence for that is that Sherlock’s behaviour is exactly the same as it always is. John doubts his own observations about this, and so should we.

Irene means something to Sherlock, most definitely. She is a pivotal figure for him. He sees himself in her. He sees himself in some ways gone very wrong; unguided, unable to resist temptation from the wrong sides. Pushing the envelope too far. She is a sort of warning, but also a promise: Irene is a version of himself with a sexual appetite. 

When Sherlock confronts Irene, he is alarmed and ignorant about sexuality, especially his own. The story goes out of its way to show us that and tell us that. The introduction of Irene is the point where he has to face that anxiety, face his own sexuality, and accept that it’s there and something worth knowing about. That’s what Irene does, it’s literally her job: to point out what it is people want. Sherlock didn’t know he wanted that. But he does now, and he can’t unknow it, it’s part of him now. She forces him to face a fundamental complication about himself.

Irene is the most blatant Sherlock mirror in the entire series. They have their actions literally mirror each other repeatedly. They even style her hair so that it looks like his. I don’t know how this could have been more blatant. Any time Irene appears or is referred to, the topic of conversation is Sherlock’s romantic status, not because he wants to sleep with Irene (he tells us himself that he doesn’t, and that it would be a bad idea, which is obviously, obviously true), but because she raises the spectre of his neglected and denied sexual and romantic needs.

With Irene they take form; they exist, and he can dismiss them, but he still has to admit that they’re there. She knows what he wants, and now so does he.

My reading of Irene is, I think, confirmed by the fact that Eurus recognizes the song he plays as an indicator of his sexuality. Not “you’re in love,” just “sex”. That’s what the song is, this part of himself. And it’s changed in The Final Problem in a way Eurus recognizes.

If you think it’s possible that Sherlock jetted out and hooked up with Irene for a night, you’re welcome to think that. She’s missing from the final montage, so it doesn’t appear that she’s a big part of his life if that’s the case. Just a one time thing? Sherlock is such a deeply emotional and romantic soul, which Eurus goes out of her way to tell us on her jaunt around London with him. Is he the casual hook-up sort of guy? I think there’s far more evidence that something happened between him and John. 

Since the start of this story I’ve been saying I didn’t want them to hook up fast, because once they do, the story will be over. The tension between Sherlock and John drives a lot of what we love about this story. Once they resolve that tension, something important drops out of the story.

As far as I can tell, that tension is gone in this episode. Honestly I think that’s what people are most upset about. With that tension gone, the view is that the relationship isn’t being given any attention. But in truth, the relationship on screen is so certain and confident and unquestionable that it feels invisible. It’s not the relationship that’s gone, it’s the tension.

Sherlock and John shared a really important emotional moment at the end of The Lying Detective. They were honest in a way they have never been before. They were emotionally stripped and didn’t turn away from each other. They have turned a corner. The tension that has been driving their relationship is gone, and they are completely certain of each other and their place in each other’s lives. John is not running around concerned what people will think anymore. He knows where Sherlock’s head is at at any given moment. They trust each other, and thus are no longer looking inward. They are looking out, together, as a cohesive unit.

This corner they have taken doesn’t have to be a sexual corner, but they allude to Sherlock no longer being a virgin without giving us much else to go on. So to me this is the most obvious conclusion, because the whole episode is evidence of an important change between Sherlock and John. Why not that?

Mary and Molly

In my head, I see a link between the scene in which John beats up Sherlock and the scene in which Sherlock beats up the coffin. Both have been trying to keep it together, but their love just overflows and comes out in violence.

There is a link between John and Mary’s relationship and Sherlock and Molly’s, I think. Both Mary and Molly push their respective partners to be the best versions of themselves. Both really see their partners for what they are. Both never fail to call their partners on their shit.

My friend once asked, “Well, is Molly good enough for Sherlock?” And people say, “Molly is too quiet, she’s just a plot device to be a love interest.” But I love Molly Hooper. Because she is quiet. She is soft spoken. And with a single glance or a small phrase she can make an intellectual asshole (I love you Sherlock but you are or at least used to be an asshole) apologize. She’s made him apologize…twice. And Mary does the same with John…remember the graveyard scene in The Abominable Bride with Mary? 

“I’m taking Mary home.”


“Mary’s taking me home.”


(those quotes aren’t verbatim, but that’s the general idea)

THAT is why I ship Sherlolly. Because she is one of the few that can make Sherlock attempt to be a better guy, like Mary does with John. As much as I ADORE Irene, I think that was more based on sex than on actual emotion (though honestly, if this had ended with Irene walking through the door, I would have been happy too). 

But you know what? Molly is unique. She is good enough. And now, the whole world can see it. Thank you Motfiss. Thank you so much. 

Why I believe..and will be a little let down if there is no follow through because the most important evidence is in the show and not a fan meta or video...

Honestly, if i were to pick a scene or moment from the entire series that proves Sherlock is gay and if the show doesn’t confirm it, its queer- baiting, it would be the dinner scene in Angelo’s from episode 1. Because unlike any other show the slash fandom swears to be queer-baiting with non-canon ships, Sherlock actually establishes its protagonists being gay right there in its first episode, making it as part of the story from day one. A story that needs to come to fruition.

That entire scene is straightforward. It’s not played for laughs. No one is laughing in the scene. Not John, not Angelo, not Sherlock. We the audience aren’t supposed to be laughing either because the conversation was just as serious as the discussion about the case. 

Angelo who as quickly established, is familiar with Sherlock and makes the assumption that John must be Sherlock’s date and that their dinner was a date. He boasts and speaks highly about Sherlock to John like he was trying to make John impressed of Sherlock the way a parent would do about their child to the the person their child was dating. It’s a common thing. 

John is right though. He’s not Sherlock’s date as far as he knows because Sherlock never asked him to Angelo’s as a date. But Sherlock doesn’t correct Angelo probably because he doesn’t feel the need to entertain every single issue and was also preoccupied with the case. 

When John asks Sherlock if he had a girlfriend and Sherlock said “girlfriend, no. Not really my area.” John took it to mean that Sherlock had no interest in women and girlfriends supported by his expression and “alright” Just like we the audience were meant to also understand it to mean. So he rightfully asks if Sherlock had a boyfriend then. And he made sure to let Sherlock know that its perfectly okay with him for Sherlock to be interested in men. Basically that he’s not a homophobic bigot. And that Sherlock is safe with him. 

Sherlock’s “i know its fine” comes off abrupt, like he was affronted at the idea that he would be ashamed or being interested in men. And i think its very revealing about the way Sherlock feels about his own sexuality. 

John then says “so you’ve got a a boyfriend then” because he took Sherlock’s defensive response to mean that him being gay was true. 

And of course, Sherlock answered just as abruptly with a “no” and looked a little bit confused too about where the conversation was heading in. Until of course he considered the possibility of John hitting on him. 

Before then, John had accepted his no and concluded very nonchalantly that Sherlock was single just like him, equating their romantic circumstances and letting Sherlock know that it was okay.

But i think it was his “fine! good!” that made Sherlock think John was interested in him in a romantic way. 

After John corrects Sherlock on his assumption, he let Sherlock know again that Sherlock being gay is perfectly okay; because i don’t think he was really trying to hit on Sherlock in that moment. Like he said, he really wasn’t asking about it to determine if he could hit on Sherlock successfully. I think John was asking because two people he had met that day who knew Sherlock all said things that alluded to the fact that Sherlock was gay. And he wanted to let Sherlock know that he John Watson accepted Sherlock. And like i said, safe with him. 

And that is how that scene went. 

Nothing about the establishment of Sherlock’s sexuality was meant to be humorous to the characters or us the audience. It was meant to be serious and to be taken at face value. 

1. Sherlock isn’t interested in women.

2. Sherlock knows being gay is perfectly ok and valid. 

3. Sherlock doesn’t have a boyfriend and isn’t interested in starting a romantic relationships at the moment. 

4. Sherlock’s “thank you” to John at the end of it all is the best because he accepts John’s assurance to him. 

Not once does John say “i’m not gay!” as a reaction to Angelo thinking he was Sherlock’s date or when Sherlock assumed John was interested in him romantically. Because Angelo nor Sherlock were erasing his sexuality or talking about it. He didn’t need to correct anyone. No one assumed he was gay. He also said “it’s all fine” which encompasses more than just being straight or gay. It includes bisexuality which i think John is. 

John’s “i’m not gay” declarations in the series to me seems like the frustrations  of someone tired of bi-erasure but still in the closet or trying to deny even to himself that he does have feelings for Sherlock. And sure, some of those could be made for laughs. But even that scene with Irene where John states he is not gay was preceded with Irene declaring that yes, John and Sherlock were a couple to a stunned John. And then proceeded with Irene saying to John “well I AM! Look at us both!”

And all John could do was scoff in complete defeat at the conclusion Irene was making about them. Because he couldn’t deny their circumstances nor what his behavior betrayed about his feelings for Sherlock.  And none of that implication was played for laughs. 

So yes, if Sherlock is not explicitly confirmed gay the way Irene Adler was, then it would definitely be queer-baiting. And i include John being bi in this category. 

So Sherlock going from “John, i’m flattered by your interest but i’m married to my work and really not looking for anything” to  {“I love you John and i’m interested in  being with you”} is a complete story and arc. Something no other popular non-canon slash pairing has at all. 

words in {””} quotes are mine and not from the show except for the obvious.

“…we’ve seen more of his vulnerabilities, and humanity, and I think Molly saw it from the start…”

All the talk at the end of TLD between John and Sherlock about relationships and how the women think they are better men than they are and how they need that…

Made me think of this so much and also what a lot of people are putting out there in regards to “if I wasn’t the man that you think I am, would you still want to help me?” etc

Molly fits the role perfectly for Sherlock and that scene was so beautiful for so many reasons (we needed to see it to redeem John and the cheating, and fix John and Sherlock’s relationship, and for them to finally talk about Sherlock’s sexuality and the fact that Irene isn’t dead and to say goodbye to Mary).

It was loaded and beautiful and it made me feel such warm Sherlolly feels especially since she was coming to take care of him and then take him out for birthday cake. 😊

I’ve been feeling a bit nervous and sad not seeing Molly much this season but I am quite happy now and will go into the last episode not expecting much and happy with this lovely scene.

Who is Sherlocked?

For reasons, I was checking out the Sherlock Youtube channel just now. To pass the time (i.e. procrastinating), I decided to watch the “I am Sherlocked” segment from ASiB again (for the umpteenth time, because, procrastination). I know this is nothing new – that the subtext of the scene was all about Sherlock and his feelings of want and desire for John (his celibacy was part of the disguise, his yearning for John’s affection was but a chemical defect…, etc.) — but just by watching the segment again and listening to the words being said… it made me even more certain (I honestly didn’t think it possible) of what awaits us in S4.

“I am Sherlocked” – that is the mystery. Irene Adler was the (gay) messenger that brought it to light for all to see. And yes, it is very much to do with sex. But who, of all the players involved in this mystery, is Sherlocked? Think about it. Doesn’t matter who you ask, Sherlock Holmes is the great detective in the funny hat, the calculating machine, the bloodhound that sends the criminals of the world into hiding, the hero of the rational minds. Sherlock Holmes is… well, Sherlocked; he exists in our collective consciousness as the public persona depicted over a century ago; his private life, and where his heart lies, can only be found if you read carefully between the lines of Dr. Watson’s chronicles. Sherlock was made aware of the century-old outward trappings in ASiB – of “being Sherlock Holmes” – and he’s been trying to solve the mystery (alone) ever since.

By the end of TAB Sherlock finally realizes the man with the key is none other than our good doctor (thank god) – and yes, we will see Sherlock Holmes unravel in ways no one thought possible, but with John Watson by his side every step of the way. What happens when Sherlock Holmes is no longer “Sherlocked”? I’ve no doubt the poetic of “Sherrinford Hope” will be utilized in some way (whether a mirrored character or Sherlock’s real name), but everyone on the planet that watches the show will soon realize the true meaning behind show title “Sherlock”: a Sherlock Holmes stripped bare of the historical trappings (maybe literally, who knows, haha). Anyway, my point being: all roads lead to Johnlock, guys, and we will finally see it with our own eyes in just a couple of months.

anonymous asked:

I looked at all your Adlock gifs uwu there are so many parallels I missed! I was wondering if you could list any more parallels Irene has with Sherlock for graphic/writing inspiration please? Tyvm for shipping~

oh man, you just opened the box

  • Sherlock naked (sans sheet) / Irene naked
  • Sherlock looking at photos of Irene / Irene looking at photos of Sherlock
  • THAT WHOLE SEQUENCE WHEN THEY’RE GETTING READY TO MEET EACH OTHER (Ben C during the dvd commentary: “It’s just like any first date.”)
  • Sherlock trying on disguises and going “nope” / Irene trying on disguises and going “nah”
  • “I’m going into battle, John! I need the right armour!” / “What are you going to wear?” - “My battle dress.” (also in TSOT when Sherlock’s dressing for the wedding he says, “Into battle.”)
  • “You didn’t even change your clothes” - “Then it’s time to add a splash of colour” / cut to that extreme close-up of Irene applying colour to her eye shadow
  • “Punch me in the face.” Sherlock uses blood as part of his disguise / Irene using a blood red shade of lipstick as part of her disguise
  • “Do you know what the big problem with a disguise is, Mr Holmes? However hard you try it’s always a self-portrait.” i.e “Damaged, delusional and believe in a higher power” / “The combination to your safe— your measurements.”
  • Their hair is styled similarly, their eye colour is the same, both Ben and Lara have impeccable bone structure. (Mark Gatiss {I think it was during the dvd commentary}: “They’re clearly absolutely made for each other”) narcissists, if you ask me
  • This fits in really nicely with Irene wearing Sherlock’s coat.
  • Sherlock taking control of the crime scene while Irene’s just a spectator / Irene dominating the crime scene and figuring the case out while Sherlock’s drugged, proving that her mind could work like his
  • They borrow phrases from each other’s language: “Brainy is the new sexy.” / “Stop boring me and think, it’s the new sexy.” / “I’d tell you the code right now, but you know what? I already have. Think.
  • Also this isn’t really a parallel but just through eye contact with Irene, Sherlock could tell that the safe was rigged.
  • Sherlock smacking that guy across the face with a gun / Irene smacking that other guy across the face with a gun
  • Irene owns a riding crop / Sherlock owns a riding crop (ASIP)
  • Irene drugs her friends / Sherlock drugs John (THOB and also TSOT mention: “He missed a whole Wednesday one day.”)
  • “This is how I want you to remember me. The woman who beat you.” Irene strokes Sherlock’s face with the riding crop / Irene strokes Sherlock’s face in his mind palace (TSOT)
  • Irene jumping out from a building / Sherlock jumping off a building in TRF sorry
  • Irene faking her death / Sherlock faking his death
  • Irene wearing Sherlock’s dressing gown
  • Irene sitting in Sherlock’s chair
  • Irene texting behind her back / Sherlock texting behind his back (TSOT)
  • “I would have you right here, on this desk until you begged for mercy twice.” / “Are you expecting me to beg? (…) Please.” / “Please.” when Sherlock asks for the phone.
  • Irene’s pupils dilating / Sherlock’s pupils dilating
  • Also a really nice reference to canon is how Irene has that photograph of Sherlock (“in that hat?!”) and runs her hand over it / Sherlock treasuring Irene’s portrait at the end of A Scandal in Bohemia / Sherlock keeping Irene’s phone
  • Irene saving Sherlock at the beginning of the episode by calling Jim / Sherlock saving Irene from the terrorist cell at the end of the episode

I’ve probably missed some things but yeah