but the initials sh

anyway i hope magnus bane resting his head in the crook of his boyfriend’s neck becomes a Thing like………..in that first kissing shot it literally looks like he was dozing off and then tilted his head up for a sleepy kiss and i can’t think of anything more soft???? i love him so much let him have a quiet moment

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The pic from 2x07 where Alec is giving the gift to Magnus.. Look where they are standing! And that one particular lovely pic where they're just about to kiss Alec is still standing IN THE SAME SPOT.. So does that mean the kiss will be initiated by Magnus? Yes please! 😍 Idk if this has already been noticed I was few hours away from tumblr and when I came back.. You probably know

OH MY GOD, ANON! I haven’t paid attention to this detail yet but I checked when I read your message. And now I am dead. I mean I kinda sure he does move a little bit forward towards Magnus but his position didn’t change that much. When Magnus definitely moved closer to Alec, right? Right???

So does this in fact mean that Magnus initiated this (thank you) kiss? Because if it does, I think I will be dying even more. This is everything I want! BYE!


I’m sorry but one of the stupidest things Marlene has done is start this “lifelike” mask sh*t. I didn’t mind those initial Ali masks because they were noticeably fake and added creepiness to the show. But now we have these “lifelike” masks to deal with. First of all, no mask is going to look THAT real. You mean to tell me someone could be prancing around town in a mask looking like someone else and nobody would notice? It’s not Halloween folks! I know this show hasn’t exactly been realistic but the whole mask crap is just utterly ridiculous and fake as sh*t!!! Another cop-out to me because you can always say any one person was wearing a mask. I can’t roll my eyes any freaking harder.


The initial intention was to create manga style designs for these guys but I’ve drawn so much realism it’s actually really hard to simplify things now ):

anyway here’s a bonus:

thanks @spiritcc @cumberbatchcritter @lockholmes and anyone else who came and watched the stream :D

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my favorite thing about those stills is the fact that they put their glasses away so they can keep making out like i still can't believe this i keep seeing those images and i can't believe it

Same, Anon. When you look back where they started off after they first met and Magnus told Alec “There is nothing to be ashamed of.” and now look where they are now. “Relationships, they, um, take effort.” - “I am all effort.” Like… can you believe? I mean when you look back at it, it makes it look like it was all Alec who changed so much, who opened up after repressing his feelings his whole life. But Magnus, too. Remember him saying “You’ve unlocked something in me”? And his face when he was ready for his heart getting broken once again when Alec told him that they are “maybe too different”?

And now they are boyfriends, sitting casually on that balcony, being content and relaxed and so happy while drinking wine and kissing. And starting to make out?? Let the war outside wait for a second because the only thing that matters right now is the two of us.

Like….can I start sobbing again? Gawd, I am so emotional.

sherlock doing an experiment or smth and john’s just like “STOP. hold still” out of nowhere and sherlock is really confused bc john is pulling out his phone to take a photo bc sherlock’s fringe curls make the initials SH and that’s adorable and after he’s just like “ta. continue”

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Initially I was hesitant about Sh!ro wearing eyeliner hc because on one hand finally an Asian with obvious monolids that's not exaggerated in a cartoon but on the other yeah screw the gender binary until I remembered that the west has a problem with feminizing Asian men little did I know antis would erase that worry for me by calling Sh1ro white passing or she1th yaoi or brog@nes

Most people in this fandom claim to advocate for POC but then they go and call Asian characters “pale”… A+ Activism.

I’ve seen someone call the crew racist because “not all Asians have monolids” even though it was established in the first episode of Season 1 that Shiro is Japanese.

OP then replied by saying “Well the team is full of white ppl what did you expect” (the post is here: x)

So let’s take a closer look at this. Here we have the producers:

And this is the animation team for V/ld (here’s Studio Mir’s official website: x)

You’d think you can trust east-Asian people to draw east-Asian characters. But of course the White American Teenagers™ in this fandom are experts on racism and everyone else has to adopt their views… smh

Because two Asian characters who know each other well just have to be related.

And them calling romantic Sheith “Yaoi” just proves that they do, in fact, think that mlm relationships between Asian men are a fetish, and then accuse others of having that mindset. Like they don’t even entertain the idea that some people just aren’t fucking racist.



When Caitlin Snow dies, Killer Frost emerges, escaping STAR labs and into the wild where she finds Savitar who offers her a deal. Initially, shs rejects, however, when he reveals his true identity to her, she feels her cold heart beat at the sight of him. Savitar tells her the true reason why he is fighting team flash, and brings back Caitlin Snow. At the same time, Caitlin has to act as Killer Frost to continue with the plan.


I’ll be writing this soon (wattpad/fanfiction.net) 😁

The question that follows becomes: why would Sherlock text them two entirely different things to convey the same message? Four things come to mind.

  1. Sherlock communicates to them differently based on his relationship with each of them. He speaks with John in an efficient, utilitarian way, Mary in a more complex way. He did highlight this throughout 4x1 in his interactions with Mary about cases.
  2. Mary’s message may be coded. Sherlock knows her background occupation, knows that she recognized a skip code right before John was nearly burned alive, he trusts her to figure it out. It could be a warning.
  3. The audience is trained to assume both the texts are from Sherlock. Both John and Mary received their texts at the same time. Presumably Sherlock could have sent both if he types as fast as he thinks. But he might not have, the texts could be from two sources. Which leads me to…

4. Sherlock Holmes. Sherrinford Holmes. Same initials.

Symbolism in Sherlock: Birds, Trees and Butterflies

Something that caught my attention a while ago is that many wallpapers, cups and other objects in Sherlock have a bird and tree pattern and there are also a few butterfly designs. It could be a coincidence since they are very common motifs but I had a closer look at these recurring motifs for fun and think that there were some interesting findings, so I decided to share this. There are a few other motifs that will be addressed here as well (e.g. apples and clowns on Rosie’s wall), but the focus of my post will be on trees, birds and butterflies.

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60 DAYS OF 汉语 // 2017 年 5 月 18 日 

#tbt We visited Chengdu during the May Day weekend. We visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Tianfu Square, the Wenshu Monastery, various teahouse, and attended a dumpling making class, amongst other things! I would definitely recommend a visit, and our hostel - Chengdu Lazybones Poshpacker - was really nice!

I found the people in Chengdu easier to understand than the locals in Chongqing, who have a strong accent and their own local dialect. Native Chongqingers (Chongqingians?) often don’t say the sh, ch initial, instead say s, c, etc., - for me, this makes numbers (price, cost especially) difficult to determine because of shí (10 十) and (4 四), so be wary!

Irene Adler- The Final Problem

In the scene where Eurus told Sherlock to play the violin, Sherlock played Bach. However, Eurus wanted him to play “you”. This was very interesting because what Sherlock played was Irene Adler’s theme from ASiB. Now she deduces that he’s had sex ( subtle hint with Irene) just because he played that song.

Now in the ending montage (I don’t know if this is what they really intended but I want it to be a clue,hahaha) Sherlock texted “ You know where to find me- SH”- To whom might this text intended for. My guess is Irene because who does Sherlock text using the initial SH in the show? It’s only Irene

Shakespeare had a male lover to whom many of his sonnets are dedicated. To this day we don’t know his name, only his initials - WH.
The sonnet best known for being about WH is sonnet 57. This is the one that likens John to Shakespeare (bisexuality) with the 57 texts comment.
But what’s even cooler? Sherlock’s initials. They’re not SH - his first name’s William.
Sherlock is WH.