but the important thing is that they did

Apologise to kids

Everyone who spends any time at all around children is going to eventually do something that requires an apology. You might be snappish to a kid, or forget something important to them, or trip and bump into them. No one is perfect, and when these things do happen, it’s important that adults – parents, especially – be able, willing, and ready to apologise to children.

  1. It shows them that they are important to you, their feelings are important to you and that you care enough to try not to hurt them. (Everyone needs this knowledge in order to feel safe in a relationship.)
  2. It models healthy ways to deal with conflict - how to keep a relationship a happy and safe place even after something bad happens.
  3. It models for them how to take responsibility for actions you regret, instead of just pretending those things didn’t happen.
  4. It teaches them that even authority figures can be held accountable for harming less powerful people.
  5. It shows them that the thing you did that requires the apology is a wrong thing to do and that they should not mimic that behaviour.
  6. It teaches them to expect the people around them to be accountable for their own behaviour, and it teaches them not to internalize blame for how other people treat them.

When adults routinely fail to apologise to children, children notice. They learn that the function of an apology is to pacify an authority figure, because that’s the only example they get. They learn that they are not respected or heard and that their feelings won’t matter to others until they, too, have control over someone less powerful.

Children learn from your example even more than they learn from your words. Teach your kids how loving and respectful relationships feel, so they can take that knowledge with them into the rest of their life and make better choices because of what you taught them.

If you go off conversations between Xefros and Joey alone then ya Dammek seems like a total dick, but if you clicked on literally anything in Dammek or Xefros’ hives then you’d get a much bigger picture of what their moiraillegience is like. Any surface of Dammek’s hive that isn’t plastered with conspiracy theories is covered in pictures of him and Xefros. His screensaver is all pictures of Xefros. He has a livefeed of Xefros’ hive on one of his monitors. A young man consumed with violently overthrowing the government doesn’t waste time embellishing his resistance hq with photos of someone he doesn’t even like or keeping survellience on someone he doesn’t think is important. All the pictures of them together in Xefros’ hive bring up fond memories of times Dammek was kind to him. He may have a tendency not to return the things he borrows, and he may be harsh, but in Dammek’s mind there’s a war on, and the enemy doesn’t favor the weak. Would Dammek want to rebel against the Heiress if he didn’t understand the injustice that all lowbloods were facing? Cruelty is not excusable, but there’s something to be said for the dangers of being weak willed. Tavros was a coward and while he never did anything evil, there’s certainly a few good things that he didn’t do because he was too afraid, and his inaction caused people to suffer. Alternian culture has strong enforcement of the intended roles of each bloodcaste. Xefros’ abused mental state is likely a result of far more cultural conditioning than Dammek’s behavior alone. And for that matter, any perceived superiority Dammek has over Xefros is a result of society as well. I see lots of people saying not to judge Dammek before we know anything about him, but there’s a ton we’ve learned about him from looking at his hive alone and it paints in a much more positive picture than Joey thinks.

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BakuDeku, 88: "Don't panic but I think we might've accidentally gotten married." If you're still doing prompts ^^~

axalion said:   88. Deku/Baku. This could be hilarious.  

“Deku. Wake up.”

Izuku mumbles incoherently and burrows deeper into the bedsheets. He’s warm and comfortable. He doesn’t want to get up just yet.

“Deku, you lazy fucker. Wake the fuck up.”

“Mmm… five more minutes.”

“You fucking asked for it.”

The next thing he knows, Izuku is flying off the bed sans blanket. He squawks when his bare skin comes in contact with the cold floor.

There is something about that  sensation that has his alarm bells ringing. Not related to the fact that he was just thrown out of bed when he was so comfortable, which is startling enough on its own. Well, okay, he should have expected it considering Kacchan did it, but Izuku is not much of a morning person today.

Again, something niggles in the back of his mind. Something about Kacchan throwing him out of bed. Something about that is decidedly important.

“Ow,” Izuku mumbles, finally opening his eyes, and oh.

Kacchan is squatting beside him.


Kacchan is squatting beside him naked.


Kacchan is squatting beside him naked while Izuku is also naked.

Granted, Kacchan’s knees are in the way to see the thing. But Izuku knows it’s there, and oh god, the temperature is rising. Which is related to Izuku’s physiology , not Kacchan’s quirk.

Honestly, Izuku would prefer Kacchan’s quirk right about now. Mortifying doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.

“Don’t panic,” Kacchan says slowly. There’s something wrong with that. Mainly, the lack of swearwords which this situation would definitely warrant. Also, Kacchan’s face is doing something complicated and frankly, constipated looking, which is what it usually does when he tries to look nice and be comforting on purpose. “But I think we might’ve accidentally gotten married.”

Oh. Yeah. Right. What. Wait. Remember the script! “How?!” Izuku chokes out.

“Fuck if I know!” Kacchan shouts, waving his hands. There’s a suspiciously gold gleam on one of his fingers. Oh, there’s one on Izuku’s hand, too. Very nice, the ring, with a red gemstone that reminds him of Kacchan’s eyes. Kacchan’s has a green stone. “Last thing I remember we went into that shitty bar and you challenged me to a drinking contest, you little fuckwit! Next thing I know, I wake up with a ring on my finger and a signed marriage certificate on the table, my ass sore as fuck. This is your fucking fault! Let’s tour the United States like All Might did, my fucking ass!

“I just said I had a high alcohol tolerance!” Izuku protests valiantly. “No challenge whatsoever. For your info, I’m sore, too, and maybe I wanted to tour the US, but you wanted to go to Vegas so you could rub it into Mina-san’s face!”

Not that Izuku wasn’t all over that plan, though.

“So you really don’t remember a thing?” he asks.

“I just fucking said that, didn’t I! I’ve got no fucking clue where we even are! Much less how this shit happened!”

“Did you know your right eyelid flutters a little when you lie, though,” Izuku mutters, stifling a grin.

“What was that, Deku?” Kacchan asks menacingly, looming over Izuku, and oh, Izuku can see the equipment now. It’s practically in his face, in fact.

“I said I don’t remember either!” he yelps out the blatant lie. “Nothing! At all! No memories of trying to find that church and picking out rings and mindblowing sex whatsoever! The alcohol must have addled my mind! Anyway, our flight goes in, like, two hours, we gotta get to the airport.” He jumps up, running for the bathroom. “You can probably get a quick and painless divorce somewhere in the city, but we absolutely don’t have time for that-”

“You saying you wanna get fucking divorced?” Kacchan demands angrily. “I’m prime husband material, you asshole!”

No, Deku, do not think about assholes and last night before you are in the shower alone. But wouldn’t it be nice to take a shower together, though.

“Of course you are!” Izuku squeaks. “We don’t have time anyway. Can’t miss the flight. I guess we can come back… later. I think we’ll have time for it in… a decade or two?”

“We don’t have time ever, we’re fucking heroes, you idiot,” Kacchan snorts derisively.

“Oh. Well. That’s too bad,” Izuku comments cheerfully. “Guess we’ll just have to put up with being married.”

“Yeah. Too fucking bad,” Kacchan echoes with a grin.

“So… shower?” Izuku asks hopefully. “You’ve got scrapes all over your back, better let me look at that. You know, be responsible and stuff.”

“And how the hell would you know that you scratched my back up last night, huh?” Kacchan smirks. “You’ve been facing my front this entire dumbass conversation, shitty Deku.”

“The blood under my nails is pretty telling,” Izuku answers innocently. “Shower?”

“Fuck yeah.”

i  need  to  get  this  out  my  system.   what  happened  has  left  me  speechless  but  all  i’ve  seen  on  my  dash  the  past  few  days  is  support,   all  i  see  now  is  support.  you’re  not  naive,  you’re  not  stupid.   you  have  a  beautiful  heart  that  cared,  you’re  human.  some  of  you  shared  stories  that  were  so  personal,  some  people  spoke  out  for  something  they  didn’t  quite  understand  but  wanted  to  help,  some  people  had  to  come  offline  because  they  were  triggered  because  of  personal  experience.  it  didn’t  matter  how  you  dealt  with  it,   because  we  all  stood  together  for  one  thing.    

we  came  together  in  a  time  of  grief  and  i’m  so  proud  of  every  single  person  who  did.  this  ‘social  experiment’  proved  one  thing  and  one  thing  only,  that  we  care.   that  we  can  open  our  hearts  and  we  have  ears  that  will  listen.   when  it  comes  to  rape  and  suicide,  those  are  things  that  are  most  important.   that  you  could  be  someones  rock,  that  maybe  even  sometimes  you  and  that  person  share  your  survival  story.

it  was  proved  that  we  could  mourn  the  loss  of  a  fellow  roleplayer,  that  our  passion  and  love  extends  past   our  characters. 

i  am  so  proud  of  you.  all  of  you.  pat  yourself  on  the  back  because  without  knowing  it  you  helped  so  many  people  along  the  way,  not  just  ‘sarah’.  

Jack, Boats, Water, and Flood imagery: Is Jack like Noah?

So there has been much meta about Cas and water, and 13x1 was chock full of things related to water. However, what I want to focus on is how hand in hand with the water references are the boat references.

The Book of Enoch and Noah and Jack

This is important to me due to this post I wrote about Jack. To summerise; there is an ancient Hebraic text called The Book of Enoch where this guy (Enoch) is shown this huge war between Michael’s angels and Lucifer’s fallen angels through these portals which appear. Enoch is told that this war is going on because all Lucifer’s angels created Nephilim and did other bad stuff and now the Nephilim and bad angels were ruining the planet. Enoch is told that this may occur on earth in the future. So at the end of this text Enoch’s son comes to him and says he has a new grandson who seems angelic and he fears the child might be a Nephilim and here is that passage;

‘And after some days my son Methuselah took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore a son. And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and the hair of his head †and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful. And when he opened his eyes, he lighted up the whole house like the sun, and the whole house was very bright. […] And his father Lamech was afraid of him and fled, and came to his father Methuselah. And he said unto him: ‘I have begotten a strange son, diverse from and unlike man, and resembling the sons of the God of heaven [i.e. angels]; and his nature is different and he is not like us, and his eyes are as the rays of the sun, and his countenance is glorious. And it seems to me that he is not sprung from me but from the angels, and I fear that in his days a wonder may be wrought on the earth. And now, my father, I am here to petition thee and implore thee that thou mayest go to Enoch, our father, and learn from him the truth, for his dwelling-place is amongst the angels. […] And I, Enoch, answered and said unto him: ‘The Lord will do a new thing on the earth, and this I have already seen in a vision, and make known to thee that in the generation of my father Jared some of the angels of heaven transgressed the word of the Lord. And behold they commit sin and transgress the law, and have united themselves with women and commit sin with them, and have married some of them, and have begot children by them. And they shall produce on the earth giants not according to the spirit, but according to the flesh, and there shall be a great punishment on the earth, and the earth shall be cleansed from all impurity. Yea, there shall come a great destruction over the whole earth, and there shall be a deluge and a great destruction for one year. And this son who has been born unto you shall be left on the earth, and his three children shall be saved with him: when all mankind that are on the earth shall die [he and his sons shall be saved]. And now make known to thy son Lamech that he who has been born is in truth his son, and call his name Noah; for he shall be left to you, and he and his sons shall be saved from the destruction, which shall come upon the earth on account of all the sin and all the unrighteousness, which shall be consummated on the earth in his days. And after that there shall be still more unrighteousness than that which was first consummated on the earth; for I know the mysteries of the holy ones; for He, the Lord, has showed me and informed me, and I have read (them) in the heavenly tablets.’

 So this son who is born who seems like a Nephilim is actually not and will be the saviour of the earth after God hits ctrl/alt/delete and floods the earth ruined by men and Lucifer’s angels. I think this discussion is highly relevant because in 13x1 all the angels shown were portrayed as adversaries to Sam and Dean. We also know that over in the portal world there is a huge fight between the groups of angels and Michael is about to come onto the scene probably causing more fighting. So we are nearing this world through Enoch’s portal in SPN. And Jack obviously will play a role in this, and like Lamech we don’t know yet whether he is like the evil nephilim created by Lucifer’s angels or if he will be good and save everyone, i.e. be like Noah saving everyone in Genesis. 

So I wrote that post back in early summer and have been waiting for this first episode to see if Jack is going to be linked to Noah. So I watched 13x1 looking for flood and boat and water references and I found a few. These might be a little far-fetched… but oh well. This is one interpretation and I really think due to the obvious similarities between SPN and The Book of Enoch that this is relevant. 

Jack and Pirates and Nautical Imagery

So evidently this first episode and 12x23 are set by a lake, but in this episode it moves from being about water into also being about boats and ships. Stumbling upon Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats is the first instance of this. The place is decorated with everything nautical including the uniform of the workers. It is also a reminder that ‘Jack’ is a very pirate-like name. Most famously there was Calico Jack (named because he wore a lot of calico apparently). Fun fact, Calico Jack’s fellow shipmate was the person who apaz designed the Jolly Rodger (the flag with a skull and two crossed swords).

Also, ‘Jack’ is the name of a flag flown by a vessel at sea from the jackstaff, hence why people sometimes call the British Union Flag the Union Jack. So his name is nautical in that it is a well known name of Calico Jack and of course Captain Jack Sparrow and also it means a flag flown from a ship. So his name is like doubly nautical. 

Anyway, here are some screen caps to highlight quite how boat filled this episode was;

(apologies for the play signs in the middle of these screen caps)

We have to remember that sets take a long time to make. And just the sheer amount of boat related stuff in every shot inside here is pretty intense. 

We also see a boat in the same frame as Jack;

We also see these boats when Sam and Dean leave Pirate Pete’s. They are clearly shown and framed in the shot. I mean, they’re leaving a pirate themed food store and driving past at least 4 frikkin boats…. the nautical theme is just very in your face.

Another thing I noticed was that the camera focused on a boat over in the lake before panning towards the impala;

Then of course there was the shot of Jack holding the water and looking at it in confusion, tipping it from side to side to make the water move within it. He didn’t just hold the bottle, he moved the water symbolising not just still water but moving water like a flood.

(Also what is interesting about screen cap is that you can see Jack’s jacket. The amazing @tinkdw wrote in this post that ‘Though, and this could be totally random, his jacket is also very reminiscent of my Early Civilisations class where I studied early Mesopotamia and the emergence of the Mediterranean and Greek culture, the geometric design just really stood out to me’

What’s interesting about this brilliant observation is that the original flood myth is traced back to Mesopotamia! I don’t know whether this is just a coincidence or not…. but anyway. It’s something to note which I found very interesting when reading Tink’s post.)

And then Jack stands next to a drinks dispensing machine with a photo of some flooding water streaming out of it…

This is an image of the machine which I’ve definitely seen in the US.

North Cove 1889 and What Happened in 1889

And then we have the ‘North Cove’ stuff. There were at least 2 close up shots of this mug which I found a bit strange. It just seemed like they wanted me to really notice it. Of course North Cove is relevant to the water theme, but what about the date ‘1889′? Now…. this I was unsure about so first did a quick google of ‘America 1889 Boats’ and it came up with info on a lot of shipwrecks which was nothing to note due to there being many shipwrecks in that era. 

I then typed into Google ‘America 1889 flood’ and was inundated with pages about Johnstown flood in Pennsylvania in 1889. In ‘Time’ it is listed in the top 10 Historic American floods.

Again, I don’t know how relevant this is, but those close up shots of that mug that happened multiple times made me feel as though it was important. And it took about 5 seconds to link the date to one of the deadliest floods in American written history so…..

Jack’s Nursery and Previous Boat Imagery

Another thing to note about this whole nautical theme is that this didn’t just start in 13x1. 

In this post and reblogs by all these amazing people they discuss the painting in Kelly’s room.  Seriously, if you haven’t read it please do. And to the author’s, this next section is all to your credit and I hope you don’t mind me including your thoughts within my post!

I would like to thank @rosewhipped22 for the post which is amazing and also included these wonderful screenshots;

This painting was identified in that post as; ‘Breezing Up (A Fair Wind) is an oil painting by American artist Winslow Homer. It depicts a catboat called the Gloucester chopping through that city’s harbor under “a fair wind” (Homer’s original title). Inside the boat are a man, three boys, and their catch.More from wiki:   The painting’s message is positive; despite the choppy waves, the boaters look relaxed. The anchor that replaced the boy in the bow was understood to symbolize hope.[2] The boy holding the tiller looks forward to the horizon, a statement of optimism about his future and that of the young United States.’

There was also discussion in that post of the cross painted in Jack’s nursery which @deaneatscake said this about ‘I think the Camargue Cross has already been referenced (standing for faith, hope and love) but I would also like to add that this is also called a “Sailor’s Grave” in German.’

So we can see from this that the theme of boats and of stormy seas was started in season 12, and this imagery has just been ramped up one million times in 13x1. 


So rather than simply focusing on water imagery, this recent episode has started confirming my theory that Jack will be like Noah in Genesis. I am not saying that Jack is gonna build a boat and save the world. Think of Noah’s arc as a metaphor; the earth was being ruined by bad angels and fighting and so Noah saved the good people whilst God hit reset.

This bolsters a couple of theories. The first is that SPN is going to have to end at some point in the not too distant future. And a good way to end it would be to reset the SPN world back to when the gates of hell were shut and all Sam and Dean had to worry about in season 1 was ghosts and monsters of that lowly ilk. ( @tinkdw has some great thoughts in this).

And so I think that SPN is heading towards this reset button. We’re heading towards Genesis and starting in the text that in the Biblical canon precedes this; The Book of Enoch which gives you the backstory before Noah (for more info please check out my Book of Enoch tags).

The second theory this bolsters is that Jack will ultimately be good. I have no doubt that somewhere along the line Jack will have a misstep or two, but ultimately i believe he will be good. He is paralleled so much to Cas who has made mistakes but is good, and Sam who had demon blood within him but is also inherently good.

And so I think that Jack will be like Noah, he may not literally save people from an actual flood, but he will help to herald in a new kind of peace once the calamity of old has been washed over. And then the SPN world can in many ways start anew at the end. 

Floods are symbols of cleansing. They are also symbols of bringing the new. When a river floods its banks it destroys yes, but it also creates fertile ground. So I believe that all this boat symbolism surrounding Jack and the boys means that a whole flood of chaos will occur around them, but they will be saved from those torments and be carried through into calmer shores.

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Can I get an angsty reaction where they can feel you losing interest in the relationship and finally addressing it? Gimme some salty fanfic tears!!!!

Okay, forgive me, but this was so specific. I needed to bend your ask to a “break up, but then you sort it” reaction. I didn’t want to repeat the same story seven times, haha! 

Also, I’m exhausted and will be posting these separately (because I’m extra and have an awful habit of writing too detailed reactions…)

Jin & Suga Reactions: Close Call

Originally posted by rapdaegu


“Tell your mom I said hi!” Jin only cast a glance over his shoulder in acknowledgement before returning to the conversation on the phone. Slightly put out, you cradled your coffee in a tighter grip.

When he hung up, you asked, “why didn’t you tell her I said hello?”

 Jin still didn’t look at you, “I did.”

 “No, you didn’t. I was standing right here.” 

“She heard you over the phone.”

 “Oh. What did she say?” 


“You haven’t told them about me, have you?”

Keep reading

Actually seeing Louis being vocal about these social issues (as much as he can) is so so so important to me. It’s not like I ever doubted it, but now we have an actual proof of what an educated man he is/has become. All these different topics these articles discuss are things I talk about on a daily basis, things I worry about and I think it’s the same for a lot of people in this fandom.  Louis is a good fucking human being and we knew this before, because of course he did, but this? This is him being actually vocal about it. And it’s all I could ask for at the moment.

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Do have any advice on making a fan character for tf2? Like I've tried to think but I haven't come up with anything. Little help?

I have a lot of practice creating characters for my own original projects, but that’s not very useful for someone who’s just dipping their toe in. Before I did original work, I dabbled in various fandoms and made my share of OCs. Most of them weren’t very good, but I was basically a kid and still learning.

A good place to start is just having a fun concept. In this case, think of a role your character could play. For Driver, I made up a 10th class, complete with a new game mode concept, because I just couldn’t help myself. Don’t worry about yours being ambitious or perfect, though. The important thing is to have fun and build up your creative muscles.

So what areas of this world would you like to explore? Is there a place or group of people that interest you? (For example: Australians.) What sorts of interesting jobs might people have that haven’t been touched on in canon? You could also think about relatives, friends, or enemies of established characters.

So I go from the “oh, what if…?” of the initial concept to asking myself what sort of person might fill this role. Sketch out different ideas, either with actual drawings or just notes in a text document. Poke around in your imagination and also do some actual research. I came up with a lot of Driver’s look from researching street racing and motorbike culture of the late 60s-early 70s. Find things that inspire you!

That’s a good way to start, anyway. I can’t walk someone through the entire process because it never really ends. All my characters live in my head, so I’m always finding out new stuff about them.

I would advise you to avoid relying heavily on popular tropes and archetypes because that’s a good way to end up with a flat character. If your character does bear resemblance to a popular trope, think about interesting ways you can subvert it or add nuance where people wouldn’t expect it. I love doing that.

I also pay a lot of attention to verisimilitude, which means I try my best to make sure anything original I think up for a preexisting property matches its feel. TF2 is pretty wide-open because it’s a ridiculous world, but I wouldn’t, for example, introduce LotR-style elves into the mix, unless it were for a gag. Just something to keep in mind.

Paxon (Pax)
Age: 16
Main Weapon: Tentatek Splattershot
Secondary Weapon: ???
Personality: The quiet kid who is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, plays at an S+ level with an extremely aggressive, in your face strategy. However, what many soon find out is he’s actually quite kind and soft outside of competitive play! He will genuinely apologize and give gifts to anyone he’s upset. He’s also very fond of soft things like plush toys and animals. He can be intimidating if you start trouble with him, but otherwise he’s a good kid.
Current Story: Paxon doesn’t have many friends, as he’s got quite the reputation for being a ‘tryhard’ player. Even in Turf Wars, his splat count is the most important thing in his eyes. He’s encountered Zest from time to time, who’s tried to befriend him, yet both of them are a little awkward in that regard. He did once give Zest a squid plush to apologize for a grueling round of being splatted by him. Zest still has the plush to this day.

Fun Facts:

-He’s a little short for a 16 year old, many don’t believe him when he tells them his age.
-Romance Whomst?? If anyone approaches him with a crush he’ll have no idea how to respond.
-Despite his competitive nature, he can take a loss pretty calmly. Losses are merely learning opportunities to him.
-His weakness is sometimes he has NO idea how to dial it back; even in turf wars against friends he’ll go 150% aggressive.

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How about heads w/ Tom Holland where you don't want to introduce your bff to him because you afraid he will fall for her as everybody in your surroundings did.

Originally posted by kiingholland

  • First of all, I think Tom would feel kinda upset
  • He may say things like “why can’t I meet your friend? You know all of my friends, especially Haz”
  • And he’s like an annoying little kid, so he always bring it up the fact that he does want to meet your friend
  • Especially if she’s really important to you
  • But when you get tired of how much he bothers you with the subject, and tells him the truth, he will feel sad
  • And a little bit guilty, also
  • His first thought is that you might be joking with him, so he will laugh
  • But when you don’t laugh with him? That’s when what you said will hit him right in the face
  • “What? Like, for real?”
  • “Yes, Tom. For real”
  • Tom stays silent for a moment, looking at the floor, and then at you; at the floor, and then at you again
  • Then suddenly, he hugs you
  • Like, he gives you a bear hug, almost smashing your bones
  • “Oh, you fool. How could I ever fall in love with someone else?”
  • And you tell him that everyone did
  • You don’t even gotta mention how that always made you feel, Tom got it
  • He kisses your forehead, and then your lips
  • “Don’t think I will trade you for someone else, alright? The only person who still has a chance with me is Scarlett Johansson, but that’s just because I know Chris Evans has a chance with you too”
  • You laugh, and then you see his beautiful smile on his face
  • Tom kisses you again, saying that you don’t have to be afraid, he really just wanna meet your friend because she’s your friend
  • And like he said, you know all his friends
  • But it’s okay, he can totally wait until you’re comfortable with the situation
  • He won’t bother you anymore, he promises lol

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I don't understand why people think that Sansa is an innocent, pure good person. Did they forget she let Joffery insulting Arya, when her prince attacked her sister she literally screamed at arya to stop protecting herself. Or when her direwolf died because of her lies, Cersei's good opinion was more important to her than her family. Or when she kept the vale knights thing in secret to claim all the credits after the battle.

Yes, I’ve seen this excessive white washing, too, anon. It probably has sth to do w/ current “black & white” fandom culture that brainwashes ppl and makes them thoroughly incapable of dealing w/ gray areas, so they reject or ignore them in a desperate effort to remain “good” consumers of “proper” things. Sansa often falls victim to this cramped mindset and comes out at the other end being a 100% pure, innocent, blameless, helpless soul who is also somehow The Badass Queen destined to rule the world, know everything, outwit everyone, and mercilessly avenge all evils. That’s fanon!Sansa, a walking-talking identity crisis, fulfilling two classic yet mutually exclusive fantasies. Sadly the show decided to peddle this ridiculously contradictory fanon version, and I’m still laughing and groaning over that clashing mess peaking in S7.

even now i wish rachel had been given some agency: despite taking susan’s/evie’s position, we only got to see her meditate and grovel to a faux-immortal dude for six solid episodes. then, after episode seven when rachel effectively tried to seize control of her own autonomy, she was choked and didn’t get to do much beyond sitting in a hotel room and then being dumped in an uber. 

meanwhile there was time for mud (who?) revival (did it matter?) yannis (hello, plot device) and even p.t. (did anyone care? does anyone now?)

i’d have liked season five to focus more on its characters, and less on exposition, especially exposition that didn’t really end up being important in the end. the entire “let’s take down neolution” thing was rushed (al-khatib, anyone? who was he? does anyone know? does anyone care?) as were many other aspects of the show’s final season.

in conclusion: i am (a bit) bitter. let ob s3/s5 prove that adding conspiracies/bigger & bigger plot twists aren’t enough. it’s character development that tends to keep us hooked. by all means, have an original plot, be inclusive, and keep your show exciting. just make sure you don’t forget about your characters. 

Prayer is second-guessing your god

When did worship turn into a two way conversation, and then into a personalized shopping list of all the corrections and things you want that will make you feel better?

Your god is not Santa. He’s not even your friend. He’s your lord and master. You’re his subject.

Your job is not to give him notes and pointers on how he could be a better omnipotent, omniscient entity, or a list of things that would make you happy. Your job is not to point out things he already knows, as if he didn’t deliberately set them in motion himself. He has a much bigger job, a much grander Vision™ than your petty little gripes about the choices he’s made for you and your life that you think he got wrong.

Your job is to thank him for all the stuff he chooses to inflict on you as part of his important Plan™. Your job is to shut up, grovel before him and like it.

Did he leave you barren or sterile? Then you don’t “pray” for him to change his mind and grant you a child or a miracle - you thank him for this important inclusion in his Plan™. What, do you think he made a mistake? Do you think he doesn’t know what he’s doing?

Has he given your child leukaemia? Who are you to “pray” to him that he got it wrong and for him to magically undo what he deliberately did? Your god did it for a reason you couldn’t comprehend, so you just shut up and be grateful to be part of the Plan™. Because you could be easily replaced.

Have you lost your home and family to floods, hurricanes, fires or other events? Good. Then you’re exactly where your god wants you, where he put you. Unless you think he’s just incompetent and unqualified, stop asking questions and stop harassing him with your nagging “prayers,” asking him for something other than what he gave you. Just thank him and be ready for the next thing that he does to you. (It’s a surprise, but it’s all part of the Plan™.)

Do you know how to run a universe with a 10 trillion galaxies in it, juggle the lives of billions of people, move all the pieces around towards the objectives of your Grand Plan™ and keep it all clicking along happily without everything collapsing into a gigantic black hole, ruining 6000 years of work every time someone sends a brain-blast via the galactic psychic hotline? No, you don’t.

If his Plan™ could work just fine with someone sort of like you instead of exactly you, why wouldn’t he be perfectly entitled to smite a high-maintenance trouble-maker like you out of existence in preference to someone more pliant, whose only prayer is a more accomodating “thank you, sir.”

Knock it off, get back in your lane and stop trying to manage the universe upwards with your selfish, whining “prayers”. Second-guessing your god is insulting to him. He told me himself.

So listen up, this is important.

Currently DC is trying to pull off the Batcat marriage thing and now Talia is getting involved.

Now, there are certain things that worry me, for obvious reasons. Talia’s treatment by DC in recent years has been appaling.


I’m giving them the benifit of a doubt, especially with the newest Talia appearances giving off a vibe that hits a lot closer to her original approach.

And the way they did lead into this does seem promising. They first start with showing Damian’s emotional termoil over the whole deal and adress clearly that Talia’s relationship to Bruce is just as loaded as Selina’s. They have a child together so Talia is a constant factor in his life even when he marries Selina.

This is good. Great even. It’s a lot more then other writers have done in regards to interpersonal relationships which get affected via a marriage (looking at you DickKor'i and Dickbabs)

Another thing that makes me hopeful is the fact that Talia is presented to be sexually active with multiple partners. It shows that she isn’t waiting around for Bruce all lonely and obsessivly (it also confirms her as Bi and you can rip that LGBT arab representation out of my cold queer arab hands!)

So here are the possible outcomes:

Wishful (best) Scenario: A polyamorous arrangement is made between Talia, Bruce and Selina. Like look, this would literally be the best case scenario that would make the least mess within the fandom. Brutalia shippers still have their ship, Batcat shippers still have theirs and if they decide to have a open marriage everyone would be happy. However, we all know DC would probably never go there (or at least not in this decade).

Best case Scenario that actually is likely:

Talia respects Bruce’s decision and her and Selina set aside their differences. They discuss the situation and how they will handle Talia’s involvement in Damian’s life and have her become a ally to the batfamily and personal good friend.

Maybe also finally setting up a redemption arc.

Bad scenario:

Talia and Selina fight over Bruce and the story just takes a shit on her to make Batcat look good. That would also make the 3rd time Tom King takes a shit on LGBT women.

Worst Scenario:

They use Talia as a way to cop out of the marriage deal. (Probably also involving Bruce cheating on Selina) Honestly I don’t think that’s likely but it wouldn’t be something DC hadn’t done before (*cough* *cough* Nightwing)

I’m not a big fan of the Batcat marriage, however I’m even less a fan of using other women as a mean to break somebody up and of writers wasting their readers time.

The Sun’s Touch - Part 4

It had been some time now, since Helena found herself the guest in a beast’s lair. She loved it out here with the beast. The past six weeks had practically flown by; Regal and Helena did everything together, and Helena had even been able to sneak home and steal from her own old cottage for some of her things; three times! She took important things like clothes, books, food, and seeds. Helena planned to start a little garden near the cave. Regal did protect her, just as he promised.

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Take a minute to think of your very first OTP. The first thing you’ve ever shipped. It’s probably super irrelevant now, and nothing in comparison to your current ships and pairings, but it’s still important. You’ve got a tender part of your heart still reserved for that ship and it’ll never truly go away. You might forget it, you might not recall even the memory of loving it, but you did. It’s still there. And there’s something lovely in remembering it, so, take the time right now to let yourself get a little nostalgic. Search that ship in the Tumblr tags. Remember the good old days for a moment.

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I saw my hero yesterday...

but that wasn’t the most important thing I was able to accomplish. Yesterday, my little sister saw her hero and I gave her the means to do so.

First, I feel like this story needs a bit of context.

I am a college student. I don’t have a lot of money, but despite that, I’ve gotten to do some really incredible things solely because other people gave me the opportunity to do so. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish, or do half the things I’ve done without someone loving me enough to think of me when they want to share an expience with someone.

About a month ago, I was spending some quality time with some friends. We were all calmly sitting, quietly chatting upstairs at our university center when we saw that tickets went on sale for Markiplier’s You’re Welcome tour. When we noticed the price, we knew we had to buy them. They were very generously cheap, all things considered, so we discussed how many we would need to purchase. We were set on five tickets when I remembered that my little sister is an avid Markiplier fan. I couldn’t and I didn’t want to go without her, so I bought her a ticket. When I decided that it would be a surprise, my friends instantly wanted to pitch in and keep the secret.

So, we became ninjas. We bought the tickets in secret, I called my mother and told her that Jade (We’ll call her that for her privacy) would be kept out of school on the 16th and 17 of October (I explained why and she was over joyed), and when I came home that weekend, I told Jade to clear her schedule for those two days because we were going on an adventure. Her little teenage heart became overjoyed. We’ve always been close, and I’m pleased to know that I am her favorite. She began asking questions, but I would not be deterred. It was a secret and it would remain so!

As time approached, a very creative friend of mine decided that we needed to make cute, matching shirts, so we did. We bought tie-dying kits, white shirts, and a ton of puff paint and got to work. Here is the end result (she’s can’t see her shirt, by the way. We knew it would give it away)

Suddenly, the day arrived! We loaded up into the car, and we began our journey to see Markiplier!

We arrived in Nashville which was a new and exciting experience. We’re all from rural communities. Nashville was kinda scary. We perserveered and we made it!

As time drew nearer, we quickly realized several problems. One, people would be excited and would want to talk about it, and two, she would be able to see signs and promotional material. The surprise we worked so hard for would be ruined. We quickly “blindfolded” her with an extra t-shirt and we marched her toward the waiting line (to the woman who threatened to ruin the surprise, I despise you. Why would you do that to a kid? Shame on you. Go home).

As darkness fell, we discovered a new way to blindfold her and block out excited Markiplier fans around us (She’s listening to Pentatonix’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, In case you were wondering).

Show time! I lead her in, she still cannot see, we split up (three friends bought merchandise, two were still waiting and we split her up between the five of us to keep the secret going. We finally made it to our seats (which we discovered were still very wonderful seats! We were so very fortunate) and as time began ticking down, I kept her occupied with my phone (she was watching Markiplier’s videos. Oh the irony). We quickly took a photo at 30 minutes ‘till. Here we are, looking hella cute and fine ;).

Finally, at eight o’clock, an announcer came on and announced the event. We got rid of the glasses, I moved her hair aside, and she finally got to see who we were “meeting.”

There were many happy tears. There was so much joy. I was just so happy that I could do this for her. I will keep the look on her face with me until the day I die. I want her to experience the world. I want to create happy memories with her. I want her to get more out of life than I’ve gotten. I want to give her something to hold onto when life gets so hard.

Yesterday, I met my hero, but I received more than just that. I was able to give my sister her hero. I was able to make her day by spending a little money. This will last a lifetime. We don’t have a lot. We never have, but I could give her this.

Markiplier was so inspirational yesterday. Yes, it was a funny show, but as Wade, Bob, Mark, Ethan, and Tyler all spoke about dreams and this tight little community we are a part of, it kinda made me realize that there are still good things. There’s still a reason to hope. There’s still something to look forward to each and every day. I want to give her to world, and if by some means that I could give her some form of hope and security, I’m glad we could do this.

I want her to realize that she can be anything she damn well pleases. I don’t want anyone to ever tell her that she can’t do something because of her gender (or any other form of discrimination). I want her to grow up in the belief that she can be whoever she wants to be, and people will still love her regardless. I want her to know that the world can be scary, but she doesn’t have to try and figure it all out right away. She has time.

Yeah, I finally got the opportunity to meet the man that instilled these beliefs in me, but, honestly? Being there with her, making her laugh and smile, sharing this experience with her made the whole trip worthwhile.

So I want to say a very sincere thank you to Mark and friends for their wonderful show. You made one little teenager from the middle of nowhere very happy yesterday. Thank you very, very much.

as soon as dan outright said he suffers from clinical depression, my heart stopped. saying that so clearly is so hard to do, and he’s so brave for doing so. the entire video showed that depression was always there, regardless of his appearance in collabs and at events and the life he’s been given. I’m honestly so proud and close to sobbing because I’m so happy that he had the courage to share his story for such an amazing cause. his advice, like seeing a therapist and speaking to people you trust about how you feel, is so important and should be talked about and shared so much. dan howell, you’ve done a wonderful thing. i love you.


You have to be honest about how bad it feels so you can move on