but the idea of cosplaying as say jane

Epic Rant About that time I was Jane Foster at a Convention
It’s been more than a week after the con and I still haven’t posted much about it anywhere at all. Over all I had a great time, bar a little drama here and there as there always is with cosplay. Unfortunately though, I had to deal with quite a bit more hate from my fellow con-goers than usual on Saturday while I was dressed as Jane Foster from Thor: the Dark World.

I really liked TDW for reasons I’m not going to fully spell out here, but I felt like they did a better job with the women, particularly Jane, than in the first film. She was clever and funny and still feminine. When the big strong man couldn’t save the day on his own, she fixed it with science. Between that and really liking her Asgardian dress/armour, I decided to cosplay her with my friend Mo as Lady Sif.

We knew the movie was only released in late fall, so we kind of expected to still be relevant/interesting on the con floor, and thought maybe we’d meet some other MCU folks for photos or something. What happened was people coming up to me just to tell me how much they hated Jane Foster.

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