but the idea is lovely

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[and i’m dying while trying to keep quiet about future updates for this au tbh  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

Imagine: a really cuddly Keith in the morning with Lance. Like he just hugs Lance or holds his hand and goes for those morning kisses that he and Lance both love more than they’d admit to the other. Just peaceful early morning Klance. 

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asdfghjkl okay you. changed my life i swear. you mentioned COG and I was curious. so I went and found the Eagle's Heir, played it because the cover art was beautiful, anD IT BROKE MY HEART. I played it like? seven times? trying for different endings with Alexandre. and then I find out that you had the audacity to make the beautiful cover art that got me into this mess like??? thank you but also you owe me a box of tissues. because I'm going to play Heroes now and it's gonna hurt probably

I finished the Heroes Rising trilogy and I was right you owe me so many tissues asdfghjkl

Welcome to CoG hell, anon B^)

YO MAN Eagle’s Heir has easily become one of my faves from CoG for SURE!!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!! I only played it once but aoufhsdoh WHAT A GOOD GAME. I romanced Alexandre and Eugenie (THAT WAS A PLEASANT SURPRISE) and oooooh man I loved it. I’m really really happy that you liked my cover art!!!! Definitely one of my favorite jobs even if that background nearly killed me. 

CACKLES TO THE SKY Heroes Rise was one of the first series I got into and def one of the bestselling ones!! Have a bunch of tissues, Anon, bless your soul, you made my day. 

If you’re looking at other titles to play, I highly rec Creatures Such as We, Choice of Robots, Choice of the Deathless (haven’t played it personally but heard only good things abt it). 

If you wanna get into the Hosted Games stuff, which are the community created titles using ChoiceScript, I always rec Community College Hero (kiiinda biased since I’m working on CCH2 now too), and Zombie Exodus (both the ZE1 and Safe Haven). Lurk around the forums too, there’s a bunch of cool demos you can try out!!