but the idea is lovely


Chapter 595: “Hope”
“It was the form of his great hope. You, Sakata Gintoki.
That’s why that person smiled at you.”

 i’m love him,, these aren’t his actual colours but they’re cute. Kinda hate myself for the batim refs I slipped in-

name ideas so far have been Snacko, Inkblot and Bunson

how often
does a human
attempt at invisibility
attempt at transparency
fall into the uncanny valley



Here’s the short shitty film that me and @that-friendly-neighborhood-gay made in the span of around 9 hours!!! 👉😎👉
They did the rough storyboarding and sound editing, I did the keyframes, and both of us paired with our friend Trevor created the concept and wrote the script together!


okay so um if I said I had a whamjamilton story in my google docs and I could start posting it would anybody want that? Washington x Hamilton x Jefferson? Together in one ship? Anybody interested in this?