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The 120 Apostates

You know who doesn’t get any headcanon? The Sheikah monks entombed within the shrines. Stick with me on this one, it’s a bit to get through.

1. a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.

Lets start with a few things we can infer from the game before branching out into the unknown. There are 120 shrines within the world of Breath of the Wild, inside each of them are one of one-hundred and twenty monks. The shrines are of the same technology as the divine beasts, guardians and the Shekaih slate as evidenced by the presence of Guardian Scouts within them and the interactivity of the Sheikah slate with each shrine. I propose that those 120 Sheikah are responsible for the creation of that ancient technology. 

“But wait!” I hear you proclaim. “That technology was created 10,000 years ago. That would mean those monks have been in there for 10,000 years!” Yes. Yes it does. After all, the shrines are still sealed in the memories we see of pre-calamity Hyrule. I highly doubt they would have been opened any time in the history of that era seeing as Zelda has no idea how to access them despite her extensive knowledge of the tech.

Something else we know is that after leaving the Great Plateau, most of the shrines require the Runes obtained from the Plateau to complete. This suggests that the shrines were set up with a deliberate and intended order of completion, at least in so far as the four on the plateau needed to be completed before any off of it. The Great Plateau also houses the Shrine of Resurrection, which I think is far from a coincidence. This was planned.

Here’s where it goes off the rails. The Calamity was an inside job.

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RP concepts.

Concept: Yuri buys a mini cooler for the club room, and many drinks that everyone has picked for them to drink whenever.

Concept: They all play Dead by daylight, and Yuri is always the killer-

Concept: Each are streamers, and Yuri plays Dead by daylight all day

Concept: imagine them playing other board games like scrabble, monopoly and mouse trap

Concept: Everyone gets their own mini games

Concept: How each would react to a surprise birthday party

Concept: Natsuki activates Gordon Ramsey mode when everyone is cooking together

teaandbanjo  asked:

An AU story where Dot is the very new police woman at City South, and Hugh Collins works for Miss Fisher, lady detective.

“Let me just see if the Inspector’s in,” Constable Williams says, trying to keep her voice firm although she has the feeling it’s not going too well, this lady detective looking like the world’s best dressed freight train about to run her over and her own eyes constantly straying to her assistant, smiling and making her stomach do weird flips she suspects Father Grogan wouldn’t approve of.

“Oh, there’s no need,” says Miss Fisher breezily, zooming around the desk like the path to Inspector Robinson’s office really is a downhill stretch of train tracks. “Why don’t you just stay here and get yourself acquainted with young Hugh here and–” she pulls a couple of plates from the basket hanging on ‘young Hugh’s’ arm, sets them on the table and takes the basket with her “–sample these scones Mr. Butler just baked while I go… extract some information.”


tell me about a story i haven’t written, and i will give you between one and three sentences from that story.


Au where there’s a small number (tattoo-like) on people’s neck (just behind the ear) that changes everyday. It shows the number of days till you meet your soulmate and when you heard your soulmate’s name, it will change to a specific color.

YOHAMARU - Well the number on their necks are already 00 and Hanamaru’s color is grey while Yoshi- Yohane’s color is yellow. But they don’t know that they’re soulmates bec. they met when their still children (their parents know it tho).

YOURIKO - When Riko transfered to Uranohoshi, she bumped to a certain blue-eyed girl. She bowed and said sorry just like the other girl but the stranger’s quite in a hurry so she just randomly said her name with a ‘catch u later’ before speeding of. Riko’s number changed to 00 and to color blue and she already knew what happened to her.

KANAMARI - Well they’re just ghei for each other. They knew that their soulmates since their 1st year then they started going out after some making-kanan-realized-that-i’m-her-soulmate move from Mari. Kanan has a purple one and Mari has a light green one.

a counterpoint to the “Confirm Jake Peralta As ADHD” argument:

i Absolutely do not want this because i don’t want to fuckin sit thru the inevitable Adderall Episode, in which Jake tries Adderall or whatever, gets way too intense about everything while on it, and eventually is convinced to just Love Himself Instead Of Taking Pills. because that is always how it goes and i don’t trust non-ADHD writers for even one second not to fuck it up.


you know i had to do it to em 

Fanon Loki: is super cool, has plans upon plans to outwit opponents 
Canon Loki: is literally a dweeb who just goes with the flow and tries to find the best option to benefit himself but constantly fails

Fanon Loki: is anguishing in his illusion as Odin, misses being himself and loathes that he must hide behind a mask
Canon Loki: literally is having the time of his life being doted on, eating grapes as Odin and watching a play he most likely wrote himself about himself

Fanon Loki: a quiet, bullied child who just wanted to be left to his books and was constantly tormented by Thor and his brutishness
Canon Loki: disguised himself as a snake because he knows Thor loves snakes and then when Thor picked him up to admire him, transformed back into himself and yelled “bwaaah it’s me!!!” and stabbed Thor