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It's Goin' Down

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Summary: Peter Pans daughter goes to The Isle of the Lost and meets Harry Hook

A/N: I kinda combined Descendants and OUaT (thought I haven’t watched the last 2 seasons so…) 

“All it takes is one swing and I’ll humiliate him

Matter of fact, make one wrong move and I’ll debilitate him

And if he even starts to slip, I’ll eliminate him

All it takes is one long look and I’ll-“

“Oh my God, we get it chill.” You stood behind Mal leaning against the railing a bored look on your face as you rolled your eyes looking at your nails. Everyone stopped and looked at you, the VKs and Lonnie smirking while Umas crew looked at you in disbelieve, they couldn’t believe you had interrupted the boy with the fake hook. You looked up at him, challenging him to say something.

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💡Hi! Pls read! I’m collecting ideas for next Otayuri pic! (I absolutely adore fluffy ones). So, is there something you’d like to see? Just, hmmm,  let me know, please :))) Feel free to leave comments, reblog and send messages. I’d love to know your ideas!!!!

besides quintessence what if lotor is using that ship made from the comet to find Shiro?

What if Lotor knows the true power of the Black Lion (since his father was a pilot)? He might know where Shiro is and he’s gonna find him.

Why? To use the Galra’s Greatest Weapon against Voltron.

i usually don’t care for coffee shop aus but i would give my left tit for a shidge one with shiro as the veteran barista who always remembers pidge when she comes in because the first time he asked for her name she panicked and gave him some random name off the top of her head and now she wants to die 

OTP Idea #909

Imagine Person A is a psychic who does tarot card readings. Person B is lost, misguided, and doesn’t know what to do with their life, so they consult Person A on the matter. B knows nothing about tarot cards, so when they choose their cards, A says that the universe is telling B to find love, and then promptly writes their phone number on B’s hand.

Book!Dirk, upon discovering the existence of his alternate universe selves, would attempt to start an interdimensional Council of Dirks (a la Rick Sanchez) for the express purpose of conning his other selves out of money in the form of extortionate membership fees.

So I was thinking about this post and figured I should doodle it because why the hell not.


Something’s been bothering me about what happened in Glamour Springs, so I’ve been doing some thinking.

Sazed used arsenic when he attempted to poison Taako, and from what I understand that’s not an instant death. I don’t even think the symptoms are instant - from what I could find, arsenic could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to work. It’s possible that Sazed intended to make a dramatic statement by having Taako drop dead on stage - apparently poisoned by his own food - and while that might have been a satisfying moment of revenge, it wouldn’t have been a good plan. That would leave Sazed with forty witnesses and a much higher risk of some kind of investigation. If he opted for a slow or delayed death by arsenic poisoning, it would be easy to pass it off as Taako getting sick. Who would question that? Taako didn’t have any friends or family to wonder what happened to him or wonder if Sazed’s story was true; Sazed then has the option of rebranding the show with his name and riding on its success with much less suspicion.

So it’s reasonable to think that the people of Glamour Springs also did not drop dead, and that the symptoms took a while to take effect. But the minute those symptoms showed up, Taako ran - because his first assumption was that the audience had been poisoned, and poisoned because of a mistake with his magic. That’s an incredible leap - why wasn’t the initial assumption that people were getting sick from the regular version of food poisoning?

I think it has something to do with the way Taako uses magic at that point in his life. When I took piano lessons and I had to memorize a piece to perform I was probably supposed to remember the written music, but I often relied on muscle memory instead. That worked, until I lost my place in the song; it was very hard to recover and continue the piece without at least backtracking. The music was familiar to me, but without that background understanding backing me up, my performance could unravel at any moment. I think that Taako’s transmutation was in a similar state - the underlying knowledge was there, somewhere, but Taako couldn’t get to it. He may have learned some of the basics since losing his memory, but he also possibly had the muscle memory of more advanced magic.

Whatever justification Taako came to for the ability to perform magic above his level, he’s not actually an idiot. He might have sensed that his control was tenuous; there was always the potential for something to go wrong, because if something happened that Taako hadn’t intended, he didn’t have the understanding necessary to recover. It’s possible that he was braced for disaster already. 

So when people started getting sick, of course it was his magic. Of course it was his mistake. It was inevitable. Why would he consider any other possibility? 

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Dr. Skirtl van Igengurm was propped up on his desk while having his ‘breakfast’. It wasn’t much, it was just a regular ‘pancake’ and a cup of steaming hot ‘coffee’. He was perusing through the pages of his manuscripts while listening to the early evening news. He was mostly active at night, contrary to popular belief that the Ralkoxen were diurnal and that they were weak at nightfall. He was searching for possible holes in his manuscript when the news segment caught his attention.

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You know what
Screw this
I will become a professional hobby animator and make my own SNK OVA with Hanjis backstory and a bunch of levihan

After I learn how to draw

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what do you headcanon the boys normal sleeping schedules?? (for the roommate au~)

Hm… That’s actually a really interesting question aha.

Preston is probably decently healthy about his schedule. Unless he’s writing and loses track of time (which, to be fair, is probably a pretty often occurrence), he’s basically your typical 11 PM to 8 AM kind of person. Sometimes if he has morning classes or rehearsal, he’ll be forced to wake up early (and he will hate it).

Max is a little different. Because he’s sort of at the will of his work’s random scheduler, he pretty much just sleeps whenever he can. He kind of sleeps in increments, though. Like, he’ll sleep 4 hours before work, and 4 hours after, and that’s his night. If he’s really exhausted, he’ll catch a thirty minute nap during his lunch break. So I guess you’d call him a polyphasic sleeper? Either way, Preston hates it and is Very Concerned.

i woke up with a brilliant idea for a Yuri on Ice historical AU set in like the 10th century, which would probably require me to get three Masters’ degrees in Japanese and Russian and European history before I could even think about starting it.

Viktor is a merchant from Rus who trades in rare books all over Europe. Yuuri is a poet from Japan who went travelling the world and got himself in major trouble in the city-state of Venice, where he runs into Viktor. It’s an epic that spans three years and two continents on horseback.

If I only had the time…

(I need to become independently wealthy or something to actually let me write these things instead of just dreaming about them.)

okay but imagine how fucking awesome it would be if Bangtan did a 7 deadly sins/7 heavenly virtues concept. good vs evil. light vs dark. heaven vs hell. two mvs - one innocent, the other one sinful af. two album versions - again, one pure, the other one full of sin. angels, demons, purgatory, afterlife. jungkook’s bare torso. i’d fucking die if they did something like this

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im really into ghost quartet but still confused as to who plays what? i saw a list somewhere but lost it lol... is there a link to an article/post that can help me out?

oh! i think i know the post that you’re talking about but i cannot, for the life of me, find it! 

THIS post breaks it down with character/plot descriptions but i can write it up here:


Two Sisters: Brittain is Rose Red, Gelsey is Pearl White, Dave is The Astronomer, Brent is the Bear… Gelsey is also The Soldier, Dave is also The Miller, and Brent is also The Fiddler

House of Usher: Brittain is Roxie, Gelsey is Lady Usher, Dave is Edgar, Brent is The Fool… Brittain is also Starchild

Subway: Brittain is The Photographer (Rose), Gelsey is The Victim (Pearl), Dave is The Subway Driver (David*), Brent is The Pusher (The Fool**)

Ancient: Brittain is Dunyazad, Gelsey is Scheherazade, Dave is David*, Brent is the Shah… Brittain is also Rose Red in “Tango Dancer”, but Dunyazad in “Monk”


Brittain: Rose Red, Roxie, Starchild, The Photographer (Rose), Dunyazad

Gelsey: Pearl White, The Soldier, Lady Usher, The Victim (Pearl), Scheherazade

Dave: The Astronomer, The Miller, The Subway Driver (David*), David

Brent: The Bear, The Fiddler, The Fool, The Pusher (The Fool**), the Shah

* David is the man playing the piano for Monk. in “Midnight” he’s addressed as “David” but later in the scene it’s clear that this man is The Subway Driver, so effectively we can assume that the Subway Driver’s name is David, or this is some kind of iteration of him, or he’s just simultaneously existing in a 14th century Persian palace and 21st century New York. 

** made a post about this here; The Fool becomes The Pusher after he leaves the House of Usher 

also, obviously, all four of them play themselves, or some off-version of themselves, in “Four Friends”, “I Don’t Know”, and “Any Kind of Dead Person”. Brent is also referred to as “Brent” even when in the mindset of other characters (as The Pusher in “Midnight”; as The Fool in “Family Meeting”).

hope this helps!