but the hugs the giggling the touching my otp is back


Long post ahead y’all but this was a lot of fun to go back and reminiscence about markson and their antics together. I hope all of y’all enjoy! 

Also, please remember that these are my own personal opinions and that they shouldn’t be taken literally or seriously. But if you ever wanna come talk markson with me, I’m always ready :) ((Note: All gifs should be linked directly but videos and pictures with have physical links above them because I’m not sure how to link those to their respective tumblrs– if your post is here and you want your content removed bc you don’t like the linking, msg me and I’ll take it down.)) I’m a litlle late but here we go!!

1. This was one of the ones I already had in mind ;) I just love it bc it’s such a weird situation to be in but Mark, ever the gentleman, just takes it in stride and keeps his hands to himself. I love how near Jackson gets to Mark and if that isn’t the simplest testament of how (pun coming) close they are, I don’t know what is. In all honesty, if Mark really wanted out, a simple hand on the back or a squeeze on the shoulder or even just shifting out of the way would have sufficed but he stays and although his face is stoic, his eyes are constantly on Jackson. LOVE IT!

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

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2. SOFT!! My heart always swells a bit when I see this picture!! It’s natural and pure and they’re both enjoying this moment and it’s evident on their faces. I personally think jumping around puts a smile on most peoples faces and if other people, friends, are doing it with you, then there’s no way that isn’t going to make you shine. SO, jumping+BFF+concert adrenaline+love= BIG A__ SMILES !! Oh they’re also cuties so there’s that factor too.

LINK: http://fyeahmarkson.tumblr.com/post/136342100342

3. TBH I GOT DISTRACTED WITH THIS ONE AND REWATCHED THIS SECTION OF THE REAL GOT7– anyways…THIS IS PROBS MY ALL-TIME FAVE, THAT I FORGOT ABOUT. So the whole episode itself was hilarious with got7 and we got some markson moments sprinkled in but THIS, THIS takes the cake. I mean who doesn’t want to see their otp get this close to kissing? I love Mark’s hands cradling the back of Jackson’s head. I’d like to believe that Jackson stretched his neck up a bit more when Mark touched the other side of the paper but I’m not sure in this gif bc its quick (maybe I’ll add another one after I publish this). Like omg still can’t believe this happened though :D

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4.  Ok all the Got2Day Vapp stuff was gold and I loved the fact that we got to see everyone but of course my faves Mark and Jackson had the best one ;) It was cute and relaxed and I just love them in light/soft colors. Also #no#personal#space !! The video is just a short moment but it is super cute and I love them smiling at eachother bc heart palpitations~ OH but the second gif is MY FAVORITE bc it’s Mark just watching Jackson talk and he just looks so content and caring and its just one of those moments ok

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LINK: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/152683520387/jackson-lays-on-the-table-and-mark-laughs 

5. I could rant FOR YEARS about this but idk if tumblr has a character limit or no.. BUT SERIOUSLY THIS IS JUST ICONIC!! It was actually the 1st to pop into my mind bc it was my icon (no joke for that one sorry) for a month I think? ANYWHO, I just straight up love this. They’re close. Jackson’s shirtless. Said Jackson is pressed along Mark’s backside. Said Mark is very very very smiley. Like Jackson could’ve chosen someone else- JB was kinda close I think- but he chose bae and got all up in bae’s business. And the fact that he’s partially restraining Mark? Keeping him flush with his body and leaning in to talk to him? My heart cannot keep up, this some tachycardia **** right here omg seriously!! Is it hot for anyone else in here or is it just them? *wink* 

PICTURE LINK: http://bangtancity.tumblr.com/post/149470443176/fyeah-markson-please-tell-me-again-that-markson

VIDEO LINK 1: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/149317913961/shirtless-jackson-hugging-mark-from-behind

VIDEO LINK 2: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/149277241258/two-angles

6. GO WATCH THE VIDEO PLEASE. Like the caption is spot on in my mind and I couldn’t agree more on the fact that it looked like Jackson was going to do something intimate and then he hesitated and looked at the camera!! UGH. seriously a fave moment bc its like what were you gonna do? huh?! You can’t not agree with the fact that that boy was playing around behind Mark. And then there’s Mark’s small smile and that little thing he does with his mouth, which reminded me of someone keeping a smirk in check. Oooooh there’s def something going on there and I wish I knew what it was!!

LINK: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/151033384652/i-already-posted-this-but-ill-post-it-again

I couldn’t find a gif of this video D: but I found some others from the same video (they’re faves but this ^^^ moment is the one I really cared for)

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7. ANOTHER VIDEO!! 9/10 markson shippers should remember this badboy right here. I don’t even remember what video this moment came from but even if I see a still I freak out bc this is literal gold. One of the best shows of touchy!Mark and cuddly!Jackson ever. Seriously, Mark kept putting his hands on Jackson and moving subtly, and then he even has the nerve to lean into Jackson further to whisper something-BOY!! And then there’s Jackson who decides it’s perfectly ok to rest his head on Mark’s chest all casual like he’s done it a thousand times before. And one moment I really love to see is Jackson noticing Mark plating with J’s bracelet, looking at him, and then Mark moves his hand away so quickly like he’s been caught. its cute. don’t fight me on this. Also I got newly-dating vibes from this: not sure how much actual touching is safe, leaning into one another, glued at the hip, private jokes. Markson or never ;) I’ll add a gif when I find one!

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LINK: http://awesomemeowww.tumblr.com/post/128284251380/markson-httpifttt1hebms6

8. This picture satisfies like 3 things from my otp goggles-on checklist: smiling towards the other, touching, and suggestive posturing. Don’t tell me that this doesn’t look like Jackson’s about to pull Mark in and plant one on him! The positioning of Jackson’s hands make me wanna punch something bc who puts their hands there unless its for a headbutt or a kiss?? And lemme tell you that I’m 99% sure that he’s not about to headbutt Mark. (ALSO ARMS 4 DAYS JACKSON OVER HERE #hot hot hot) Back to the smiling and touching and pose- they’re close for one thing, and then Mark’s about to go into hug mode, there’s full eye contact going on, and what a beautiful smile!! It seems so loving and happy that I just can’t deal with them rn. I have a link to a gif, Jackson jumping into Mark’s arms :) , so I’ll add that in later!

PHOTO LINK: https://dani-okem.tumblr.com/post/160701529358

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9. Ok but I really think they fit together so well sometimes~ Like their heights aren’t monumentally different but it’s enough that they look good together. SO there’s that sly BUTT tap and then the blessed hand moves up to the lower back (i like ur style boy) and eventually falls off the waist when they stop in front of the fans. Mark is totally guiding Jackson here and it seems like he’s 100% a-ok with it. Oh and there’s definitely some smiles going on here! I wish we had more concerts but the fanmeets are still great but there’s something about concerts that really let otps shine.

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10. VIDEO— ITS THE FINAL ONE Y’ALL AND ITS A FAVE BC I’VE BROUGHT IT UP A FEW TIMES. (lol I still get pissed every time I remember that I posted the screenshots on my old baeksoo account instead of this one but oh whale:) ) anyways I just love love love this bc it was so fleeting but so memorable. I know Mark was running around messing with everyone during this time (and that he did something similar to JB) but this was something special for Jackson. There was NO SPACE between them and their heads were so so so close. And then there were lots of giggles and smiling and DID YOU NOTICE THAT JACKSON HITCHED HIS LEG UP WHICH IN TURN BROUGHT MARK’S LEG HIGHER AND BY DEDUCTION, THEIR HIPS CLOSER?? bc I did. bc I know that. and it’s true. AND THEN AS MARK (the little tease) LEFT, JACKSON TRIED TO KEEP HIM THERE!! GRABBED AT HIS WAIST!!  I just want to know what on earth was going through Mark’s head when he decided to go and lay flush against his group member. seriously tho. but 11/10 would recommend them recreating this, in the presence of a solid 1080p filming camera preferably. 

PIC LINK: http://bangtancity.tumblr.com/post/144433607756/ss-baeksoo-you-can-see-that-jackson-brought-up

VIDEO LINK: http://awesomemeowww.tumblr.com/post/127118208761/jackson-doesn-t-want-mark-to-leave-so-he-was-about

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Supercorp for the OTP ask thing

Which one cried during a fucking Disney movie?
You would think it’s Kara but it really isn’t. Kara has unlimited knowledge of Disney songs, she sings along to them all. She’s always singing and constantly humming and bopping along to them as she types up articles and does research. Kara shimmies up to Lena and sings into a spatula, she often distracts Lena when she’s cooking or reading by singing and insisting they dance to “Tale as old as Time”. However, it is Lena Luthor who is the movie crier. Lena sobs when the Fox and the Hound meet, she sniffles as Bambi’s mother gets shot and she’s in full hysterics when Stitch gets reunited with Lilo and Nani. Kara did not expect Lena to be so emotional and she doesn’t know whether to tease her girlfriend about it. She feels that there is something more to it but she never pushes the topic, instead she traces patterns along Lena’s forearm and rubs her back. Lena tends to curl into her and when she’s emotional she burrows, her head falling to the crook of Kara’s neck and her arms wrapping around Kara as she clings to the safety of her Kryptonian. Kara kisses Lena’s forehead and they enjoy the rest of their film marathons with Lena perched in Kara’s lap and Kara kissing away her tears.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
Kara when she first came to Earth and it scared the Danvers half to death. It happened to Lena once after a hell day, she was exhausted and not paying attention. She’s never done it again - not after the 20 page slideshow that Kara and Jess The Secretary put together on reasons why she is working herself too hard and reasons why she should be more careful. Nowadays they just use Kara’s heat vision.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? 
Kara 100%. Despite knowing that only one person can fly through her balcony door Lena always plays along which results in soft giggles along her neck and soft kisses stolen before meetings.

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
Lena. She was hesitant for touch at first being so touch starved so on her part she held back from touching casually. She flinches sometimes when they hug but their apartment can get really cold and after a few months Lena takes to padding out of the room in just one of Kara’s old t-shirts and her underwear, hair down and bare feet - which was definitely a mistake because then her feet get really fricking cold. Kara is still somewhat flustered given Lena’s appearance but what she definitely doesn’t expect is for her girlfriend to practically jump on her and attack her with cold feet. She doesn’t really care because she’s basically a toaster oven and any excuse to warm Lena up gives her free reign, running her hands over exposed thighs and kissing down Lena’s jaw line. Lena gets cold a lot…

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
Kara forces Lena to watch horrendous shows and Lena protests but she always caves and indulges her girlfriend. Watching Kara talk back to the television set is one of her favourite past times. That was one of the first times she heard Kara curse. She was just amused that she wasn’t the only one putting money into the swear jar. That is until Alex and Maggie come round for a new and improved sister night. There is a lot of money along with her credit card in the jar that night. Lena likes to watch cooking shows and Kara finds it fascinating because it inspires the chef in Lena and then she gets lots of yummy food experiments to try.

Who laughs more during sex?
Kara is naturally giggly and the sound of her laughter warms Lena’s heart, she loves the melodic sound so she makes it her mission to get Kara to laugh at least once most times. Lena is all about comfort and given that Kara was initially scared to go further they took it slow and became comfortable with one another, lots of practising and finding out what the other liked. Lena and a reluctant Alex made very tiny doses of Kryptonite that Kara fully consented to so that Kara could let loose a little during more heated times. 

Lena usually. Kara feels comforted when she can hold Lena in her arms and she is really protective of Lena at night. They both suffer from nightmares and being comforted by the gentle but secure arms of their lover really helps. Lena has a thing for Kara’s arms and she is definitely supposed to be sleeping but she can’t help it when Kara’s arms are resting along her waist, it really isn’t her fault if that leads to late night activities. There are the times around Kara’s Earth birthday and Astra’s death where Kara needs to be the little spoon, she sobs and Lena holds her, singing Kryptonian songs softly as she lulls Kara to sleep. It gets easier when for Kara’s Earth birthday Alex and Lena decorate the bedroom with stars and things that look as similar to Krypton as possible, Lena goes further (with the help of J’onn) and manufactures a special bedside lamp that can mirror colours from Krypton. Kara proposes under the sun of bedroom Krypton.

(Side Note: If you couldn’t tell I love them and I have a lot of headcanons for them! Send me questions if you want and I’ll gladly talk about other headcanons I have or if you want little drabbles then prompt away!)

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Can you do an otp of your choice using this prompt?: "Just let me take care of you."

Thank you so much for the prompt! <3

Cullen Rutherford x Evie Trevelyan
Fluff - 715 Words

The blow seemed to have came from out of nowhere, leaving Cullen staggered and reeling. His longsword fell from his fingers, dropping into the dirt with a dull thud and burst of dust. His shield followed suit, slipping from his arm to clattered beside its partner. He stumbled backwards, bringing his right hand up his face. As his back connected with a wooden post, he pulled his hand back to find blood staining his fingertips.

“Cullen!” Confused amber eyes flicked to the source of the outburst. Evie ran across the practice ring, dismay marring her delicate features. “Maker, Cullen! You’re bleeding!”

“I noticed.” He chuckled, wiping the blood from under his nose with the back of his hand.

“I’m so sorry.” Evie gasped as she took his chin between her thumb and forefinger. “You said I was holding back. And I- I told you I would get one of us killed. I should have never picked up that Maker forsaken sword. I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.” She turned his head this way and that as she spoke, examining his minor injury with widened eyes.

After wiping the blood on his tunic, Cullen took Evie’s hand in his, gently pulling his chin free from her grip. “I’m fine.” He assured her with a smile. “It was a good hit.”

“A good hit!?” Evie stammered incredulously. “I could have killed you!”

“I’m not as fragile as you might think.” Cullen teased.

“Just let me take care of you.” Evie pleaded, reaching toward his nose with her free hand. “Please.”

Dodging her fingertips, Cullen shook his head with an amicable laugh. “There’s nothing to take care, love. See?” He touched the pads of his fingers under his nose and turned the digits to Evie. “No blood. I’m fine.”

Evie’s worried eyes darted between his fingers and his nose several times before finally lifting to meet his gaze. “If you’re sure…” She finally conceded suspiciously.

“I swear to the Maker.” Cullen offered Evie an earnest smile and gave her hand a light squeeze. “Now then,” While still holding her hand, he reached down and retrieved his practice sword from its resting place. “Let’s get back to work.”

“Oh, no.” Evie freed her hand from Cullen’s grip and took a step back from him. Raising her hands defensively, she shook her head. “I’m not doing that again. I’ll find another way to train. Or better yet, I’ll just tell Commander Helaine I’m not cut out to be a Knight-Enchanter. Just, no more swords.”

Sighing, Cullen leaned his sword against the fence and took the single step required to get to Evie. He smiled warmly down at her as he placed his hands on her shoulders, He placed a tender kiss on her lips followed by one to her forehead then a final peck to the tip of her freckled nose, pulling a jubilant giggle from her.

“I don’t think you mean that.” Cullen correctly pointed out. All Evie had spoken of since Commander Helaine had arrived at Skyhold was the prospect of becoming a Knight-Enchanter, of using her magic to defend as well as heal. Despite her earlier protests she had been the one to ask Cullen for help improving her skills with a sword. She was just uncertain and lacking in confidence. And now that she had proven her mettle, she was scared. Cullen wasn’t about to let her give in to that fear. Not when he was so sure she would regret it later.

“I just…” Evie began with a lame shrug. “I don’t want to hurt you again.”

“I know, love.” Cullen pulled Evie into a warm hug, cradling the back of her head in his hand as she buried her face into the thick fabric covering his chest. They stood embracing in the middle of the courtyard for some time until a grin broke over Cullen’s face. “What if I wear a helmet?”

Evie’s slight frame shook with laughter. She leaned back from Cullen’s chest, gazing up at him with a playful sparkle in her eyes. She traced her gaze over Cullen a few times before laying her head against Cullen’s broad chest once more. She tightened her grip around his waist, pressing herself as close to him as possible.

“Full armour too.”

Thank you for reading.
Reblogs, comments, and likes are all greatly appreciated.

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1 + zenmasters <3

N/A: Man, I felt bad after the sad fic. Here, have super fluff.

1) things you said at 1 am

His chick’s feet were always cold, no matter the day of the week and the hour of the day, and what station the year was wearing. Jackie’s tiny, delicate and very ticklish feets were always cold. Which is something Hyde had never truly though of until tonight, because it’s almost one am and he’s still awake, even when he knows he is supposed to be up at six and take Jackie to the doctor at seventh, or Mrs. Forman will figuratively and maybe literally kill him. Yet, he moved his feet a little, touching Jackie’s with his fingers and smiled when he confirmed that the thing hadn’t change in years. Yes, his chick’s feet are still cold. Just like the rest of her body is still soft and small; her belly all warm, her lips full and red, tasting like cherry and the gum she loves to chew on. 

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I Ship It

Summery: you are Tony Stark’s daughter, and you are close to the newest members of the team. During a Harry Potter marathon with the younger members of the team Steve develops an opinion on your and Pietro’s relationship. (better than sounds probably)

(Y/N) your name
(h/c) Hair color
(h/l) hair length

It was a typical day in the tower. You had spent the day with the Maximoff twins and Vision having a Harry Potter marathon. Your idea of course, when you heard that they never saw any of the Harry Potter movies you insisted that they join you in watching every movie. You were all curled up on the couch with you on one side of the couch with Pietro sitting in the middle and Wanda on the other side of him with Vision, various types of snacks were piled up on the coffee table (and yes most were Harry Potter themed). We were about half way through the movies with The Goblet of Fire playing on the giant screen when your dad Tony Stark, the woman who is practically your mom, Pepper Potts, and the man who you thought of as a grandfather, Steve Rogers, walked in. “Hey kids how’s your marathon going?” your dad asked walking towards you and planting a kiss on the top of your head.

“It’s going great! Harry’s about to face off against the dragon,” You answered your eyes glued to the screen as Hermione jumped into Harry’s arms, “I ship those two so much,” you sighed absentmindedly.

“I do too, sweetheart, I do too,” your dad started, “anyway your on your own tonight, the adults are going to a fancy dinner with the mayor and all those other big shots. Don’t throw any wild parties while we’re gone.”

“You don’t have to worry dad we still got 4 more movies to get through.” You said pausing the movie before turning around so you were now facing the trio of adults. “We are going to be up all night finishing these movies!” you cheered.

“Okay but when the movies are over go right to bed, it isn’t healthy for young adults to stay up all night then do anything but sleep,” Pepper said in her mothering voice.

“Of course, mom, when have we ever done otherwise,” you saw the look on her face so you quickly added, “don’t answer that!”

“Okay we got to go or we’ll be late, and everyone’s is waiting for us in the limo, have fun kids see you later,” your dad said ushering the other two adults to the elevator.
“Bye guys, have fun love you!” You shouted after them the others in the room also shouting their farewells. You hear the adults shout their forms of goodbye from the elevators. You turn back around and press play, “Okay let’s continue.”
(In the limo)

“Sorry we’re late but we had to say goodbye to the children,” Tony said settling in between Pepper and Bruce.

As the limo started on the road Steve asked a question that he had been meaning to asked ever since (Y/N) said the word. “What did (Y/N) mean when she said that she ships Harry and Hermione?”

Everybody chuckled a bit at Steve’s question before Natasha decided to take pity on the poor man and answer his question, “It means that she wants to see or she thinks that they would make a good couple, like how I ship Tony and Pepper together.”

“Or how I ship Nat and Bruce together,” Clint piped up followed by the avengers naming who they shipped.

“I ship Thor and Jane all the way to the moon,” Tony shouted causing everyone to laugh.

“I ship Pietro and (Y/N),” Steve yelled out finally understanding the concept. Everybody shouted their agreements laughing and having, well everybody except for one.

“What do you mean that you ship my daughter with that roadrunner!” Tony shouted.

“Well they’re really cute together, Pietro is always trying to be close with (Y/N) and protect her,” Steve explained.

“I’ve noticed that to,” Bruce said contributing to the conversation, “Whenever she’s in the lab he’s hovering over her, he always tries to impress her during training when he drags her to it, and he always seems to find some way of touching her whether it’s holding her hand, poking her, or just finding some reason to hug her.”

“I don’t like this I don’t like this at all,” Tony pouted crossing his arms over his chest. He resembled a little kid who just got a toy taken away from them.

“Oh don’t be like that Tony you should be happy.” Pepper said poking Tony in the side.

“Why is that?” Tony asked not losing his pouting child look.

“Someone loves her enough to brave the anger of the Avengers,” Pepper giggled.

“I still don’t like it,” Tony huffed.
(Back at the Tower After the dinner party 2:00 a.m.)
The Avengers walked out of the elevator into the silence of the Tower.

“I guess the kids decided to turn in and finish the movies tomorrow,” Clint shrugged his shoulders, as they walked deeper into the tower.

That theory was soon disproven when the Avengers entered into the living room. They found that they’re ships had sailed, and caused Tony to resemble a volcano that was about to erupt. All the kids were curled up sleeping on the couch. Wanda was resting her head on Vision’s shoulders with his head rested on top of hers. Now that wasn’t why Tony was mad, he was mad because of the position that Pietro and you were in. You were sleeping on Pietro’s chest hands fisting his shirt. One of Pietro’s hands were tangled into your (h/l) (h/c) hair and his other arm was wrapped possessively around your waist looking like he would never let go of you, and your legs were tangled together. Needless to say Tony was not happy.

“GET YOUR GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!” Tony shouted waking up everyone in the room. You and Pietro were so shocked that you both ended up falling of the couch in a tangled heap. Tony snatched you away from Pietro in a blink of a eye. “YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!!! YOU HEAR ME SPEEDY!!! COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW (Y/N)!” Tony dragged you to your room and ordered F.R.I.D.A.Y. to not let Pietro enter this room. You were too tired to even question your dad’s antics and just fell back to sleep on your bed.

Back in the living room Pietro wasn’t doing much better than you were, “what was all that about?” he asked the others in the room accent heavy with sleep.

“Just Tony trying to sink our ship, but don’t worry we won’t let him mess with one of our otps,” Clint said patting Pietro on his back.

“I did not understand a word you just said,” Pietro croaked out.

“All you need to know is that we ship it to Asgard and back,” Steve said causing all the adults to laugh and the teens in the room to slump to their rooms for some sleep away from the crazy grown ups.

I See The Light

Prompt:  Imagine your OTP recreating the lantern scene from Tangled.

Request:  Prompt 24 for tom holland please? Idk otherwise free range :))

24. “Just because.”

Peter Parker x Reader

AN: I don’t actually know if there’s like a good lake near NYC because I’ve never been but let’s pretend there is one lol also i know that they announced that Peter is 15 but i’m making him around 17 in this one

Send in prompts from this list!

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And at last I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new 

“I love this scene. It’s so romantic.” I told my boyfriend, Peter. 

We were having movie night and I somehow convinced him to watch Tangled with me. Peter had his arm around me and I had my head on his chest as we cuddled on his bed. 

“I’ve always wanted to try flying those lanterns.” I said. Peter hugged me tighter and rubbed my arm. 

“Really?” He asked, looking down to glance at me. I looked up to meet his eyes.

“Yeah, it seems fun and it looks really pretty.” I smiled.

You’re really pretty.” He told me. I rolled my eyes and giggled. My cheeks felt warm as he complimented me. 

“And you’re really cheesy.” 

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You Are In Love

He heard it in the silence. He felt it on the way home. He saw it with the lights out. Dan was in love. True love.

Please note:
Based off of Taylor Swift’s ’You Are In Love’. You can listen if you want. I have it attached here and here. Again, you don’t need to listen to the song to enjoy the fic.

Warnings: language

Word count: 2345

Genre: fluff (bc lets be real do I write anything else)


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Love like a Crescendo (Part One)

BOOM! Like I promised @tahciram and I wrote another fanfiction together!! I’m so excited and I hope that this one will receive just as much love as ‘Kitty Jealousy!’ This one is an Adrienette fanfic! And yes, there will be quite a few songs mentioned in the fanfic itself, you don’t have to listen to them, but it does ad a lot more feeling to the story! Hope you guys enjoy it! If anyone has any good Adrienette songs that they think we could use, please send us your suggestions!

Link to Kitty Jealousy (Part One): https://vanilla107.tumblr.com/post/137833448390/kitty-jealously-one-shot

Here’s the link to the song that Marinette listens to in this chapter: https://youtu.be/Y3fgV-ZfS0c


Marinette sat down just as the bell rang, signaling the start of the class. Her eyelids felt heavy and she was sure that if she closed them for just a couple of seconds, the next thing she would know is her head ungracefully meeting her desk.

Alya looked amusedly at her friend, her disheveled twin tails rested on her shoulders. Marinette had the tendency to work late on designs or gifts, when the next morning at six she needed to be ready for school AND be there before the bell rang. So yes, Alya was just a little amused at the situation that repeated itself for the past weeks. “Geez, Mari. Oversleep again?” she asked, holding her head in her palm and gazing pitifully at her best friend with a small smile on her face.

“Yes.” Marinette mumbled as she got out her sketchbook to doodle her sleep away. They were in History now but since there was only three weeks till the end of the semester, there was no point of knowing France’s economy during World War I, since the students (as well as the teachers) didn’t feel like doing anything.

Meanwhile, in the row below, Nino hissed at his own best friend “Adrien… ADRIEN!” Repetitive nudges on the young model’s ribs apparently being his only success for snapping him out his dreamland.

“W-what?” Adrien replied, still half asleep, lifting his head from the desk. The blond looked as if he needed some serious professional make up to hide those shadows under his droppy green eyes.

“Dude, you fell asleep in class. Again,” Nino said as he fiddled with a piece paper. “Whatever modeling thing you have going on I hope it lessens since the holidays are coming up, because you look like a zombie,” his dark skinned friend said, throwing him a knowing look before going back to whatever he was writing.

Adrien wasn’t surprised when Nino just knew that it was a photoshoot aftermath. His sessions increased every week since summer was approaching, and with it Gabriel’s Summer Collection. Photoshoots, fittings, publicity events and his fencing, Chinese and piano lessons were draining him physically and mentally each passing day.

Adrien needed to shut down a moment, just a little moment that’s all. And he was just about to go to sleep again, he couldn’t care less about his surroundings right now; but of course luck appeared to, skillfully, dodge his will every time as Mme. Bustier took that moment to speak up. “Okay, class!” she clapped her hands in front of her and smiled to her zombie-like students. “As you all know, towards the end of the semester the school hosts an event were all the money raised goes to charity, this year’s event is directed to Jean Phillip’s Children Hospital. The event staff had a meeting and agreed that the students must be part of this year’s event, to vary things a little.”

There was a simultaneous groan throughout the class and Marinette could understand the frustration. After all, the last day of school is normally plagued with itch. Everyone bouncing in their seats, counting the seconds till the last bell rang to fly out the classroom, hugging the holidays and breathing in the fresh summer breeze… Not to be running here and there, planning an event directed mostly to high-profiled (old) people like the mayor.

“Officially, the event will be a ball, and since it’s a tuxedo ball the school yard doesn’t fit that much this year. For this reason, the principal decided to rent a place near La Seine; the decoration and entertainment of the event is your responsibility so be careful and be professional, kids. After all, this is for the ill children of Paris.” Mme. Bustier finished with another kind smile and this time the classroom was quiet.

Yeah, it’s true that work wasn’t something they were ecstatic for, but it was indeed for a good cause, so why not? Moments later everyone was chatting silently about their ideas… Everyone, except for two students, too tired to listen to whatever their teacher was talking about now.


Recess came quickly and Nino convinced Adrien to eat something with him, Alya and Marinette in the school yard. They were sitting by a table, munching on some pastries Marinette brought with her while Nino and Alya talked about the ball. “Dude, I want to make all that old people dance their asses off. Just imagine, my own DJ booth!”

“I listened to some of your new mixes and they are amazing so far! But personally, I really want a photobooth of some kind. I don’t have pictures of the four of us!” Alya grinned, her eyes glistening.

“You have pictures of us,” Nino looked at her with a lifted eyebrow.

“Yeah, yeah, but just the four of us!” the young journalist rolled her eyes and made a hand gesture, as if it was the most obvious thing.

“You have a phone right there, you know?” He was taunting her and he was having fun with it, Alya thought. That son of a… 

“JUST LET MY PHOTOBOOTH DREAM BE, NINO” Alya exasperatedly exclaimed, arms in the air; but after a silent couple of seconds they both were laughing and side hugging. “Okay, that was unnecessary. Marinette what do you think?” The girl asked, her laugh drifting away.

But Marinette didn’t reply and they looked at the other end of the table to find black and blonde lingering together. Yes, the two dorks fell asleep again…

On each other’s shoulder.

Putting aside the half eaten croissants in their hands, the scene was kind of cute.

“What are you doing?” Nino asked his companion, she looked as if her smile could rip her face in two.

Shh!” a slap on the head was all Nino needed to understand, on the harsh way, that he had to be quiet for some odd reason. “You told me to use my phone, I am doing it. My OTP is happening, Nino! Now be quiet while mamma takes a good picture.” Alya hissed, almost dropping her phone in glee while snapping some pictures in every angle she could think of.

After what looked like twenty pictures in a row, Marinette was the first one noticing the persistent and annoying sound; half lined eyes opening to find the blurry image of her best friend grinning like a mad woman, phone in hand. Her head felt heavier than usual… She raised a hand to touch her forehead, she could feel it in her finger tips but she didn’t felt them in her forehead. A moment later, a little scream of realization escaped her mouth and she jumped to the side, dropping Adrien’s head on the table. Obviously, the poor blond woke up immediately, rubbing his reddening forehead and looking around wide-eyed.

“Oh my god I am so sorry!” Marinette squeaked, looking at him with concerned eyes. He didn’t need much time to put the pieces together.

He must have fallen asleep on her.

Oh embarrassment, his old friend.

“No, no, no! It was my fault!” Adrien laughed awkwardly and tried unsuccessfully to calm his friend down. “I’m sorry, I-”

“And this, friends,” they snapped their heads towards Nino, who was holding an Éclair like a microphone and talking like a natural documentarian, “is how a model-designer mating goes. Side glances and awkwardness. Nerds not knowing what the fuck they are doing but still tr-” A cookie flew right to his nose and Marinette’s mouth fell open, looking at a flustered Adrien still holding the paper bag. “DUDE!” Nino’s angry voice was muffled while he rubbed his nose and looked at Alya for support. Obviously she was too busy laughing her lungs out.

“Shut up, you started it!” was the mature response Adrien Agreste gave as he looked back at his best friend with narrowed eyes and tinted ears. “I am sorry, Marinette. I guess I’m more tired than I thought.” Adrien said sheepishly with a hand on his neck.


A few hours later, and to Marinette and Adrien’s relief, it was the last period of the school day. Both of them had gradually been getting their energy back throughout the day and were mostly awake now.

“Alright, everyone! I know that we’re supposed to be doing English now but since it’s the last period, I’ve decided to let you, as a class, discuss your decoration and entertainment plans for the ball. The school already has the food covered but a few extra platters won’t go to waste. I need to fetch a few documents from the Principal and talk to the staff regarding the ball, so talk amongst each other until I get back.” Mme. Bustier then walked out of the room and the class collapsed immediately.

 “I think we should have fancy platters with seafood and caviar!” said Chloe with a smug smile plastered alll over her face and looking down at everyone from her seat on her desk.

“Um, Chloe, that may be a little out of the schools budget,” replied Max as he tapped away on his calculator. He was right. Did she really know how expensive those fish eggs were? 

“Well, what if we had mini pizzas and piggies in blankets with some raw vegetables on the side?” asked Rose with a smile. “I like the piggies in blankets, it’s like a fairytale but with food!” she giggled.

Ew! Why would anyone eat those?” Chloe said wrinkling his nose in disgust at the little blonde who looked down inmediately.

“Well, for you’re information Chloe, those platters are a lot more affordable and still taste good!” Alix glared at her as she sat relaxedly with her feet up on her desk.

“Wait, what if we got Marinette’s parents to bake some desserts? And Alya, your mom is the head chef at Le Grand Paris, can’t she make something?” Ivan asked. All the attention was drawn to the two girls in question. They looked at each other.

“Well, I’m sure my parents won’t mind since it’s going to a good cause,” Marinette shrugged, feeling quite proud knowing that her dad and mom were two of the best cooks she knew.

“And I think my mom might be able to whip something up.” Alya said, apparently messaging her mom right away.

“So the food is sorted, now what about the decorations?” asked Max now tapping away on his cellphone, probably listing everything there.

“I can get the decoration part! My mom knows someone who owns a huge warehouse of fancy décor!” squealed Rose her eyes bright with excitement.

“Okay! Lastly, entertainment" Max looked up to everyone, waiting for the suggestions.

“Well, Nino is technically a DJ, so why not him?” asked Alya. Nino blushed from the praise.

“Well, I have been working on some new mixes recently and I think th-“

“Excuse me? Who would want to hear that garbage at a fancy ball?” Chloe interrupted him with a roll of her eyes. Everyone glared at her in response.

“Don’t you forget, Chloe, that Nino was the one who got you that slow dance at Adrien’s party those few years ago.“ stated Ayla, balling her fists at her sides.

“And he also won that competition on TV which your dad had supervised,” growled Marinette at Alya’s side. She won’t let that brat get away that easily neither.

“And Nino’s music is really good, Chloe.” Adrien said gently. Marinette and Alya looked at him with lifted eyebrows. That’s it, Adrien? They sighed and looked ahead again.

“Okay, so what if we have Nino DJ-ing at the ball, then what? None of the mature guests is going to dance because that music is meant for a club!” Chloe said venomously. Nobody would admit it but she was a little right in that. “I say we get a live string quartet and they can play classical music for the guests to relax to. Remember we’re catering for upper class people not-” Chloe gave Marinette and Alya a once-over, “-people like you.”

Marinette felt her face flush with anger and quickly grabbed Ayla’s wrist to stop the brunette from pouncing on Chloe. She would’ve loved seeing that scene because it is obvious who would have won but this wasn’t the moment.

“Wait a second. Adrien, don’t you play the piano?” Nino asked, trying to change the subject. “Why don’t you play in the background while the guests dance and maybe have someone singing while you play? That way the guests will still be entertained and the students can listen to the good music.”

The blond smiled and shrugged his shoulders, he can do that. “Sure, I don’t mind.”

 Rose was the first one to hop onto the idea. “That sounds wonderful! Imagine everyone dancing and Adrien’s music in the air- Oh, it sounds marvelous!” She clapped her hands together gleefully and Juleka agreed with a nod.

“That’s a good idea as long as there isn’t too much classical music. It can put me to sleep,” yawned Kim and Alix rolled her eyes at his frienemy.

“Anything that isn’t competitive puts you too sleep, Kim,” the petite pink-haired girl teased.

“Uh, there’s still one more thing. Who’s going to sing with Adrien?” asked Sabrina her green eyes wide with curiosity.

“Me, of course,” answered Chloe with a flick of her hair and a big smug smile as if she was the most obvious choice.

“Um, how about no?” Alya said with such sass that Nino’s jaw dropped before he started laughing.

 “Can you sing, Alya? Have you had two years of singing lessons from one of the most prestigious singing teachers in the world? No? That’s what I thought.” growled Chloe at the two of them with clenched teeth.

“Marinette can sing like a pro. Remember Mari? You sang almost always and you did it beautifully!”

“B-but Alya! That was y-years ago!” answered the black-haired girl, slightly backing away.

Alya bent down and whispered furiously into Marinette’s ear. “Do you really want Chloe to sing with Adrien the whole night?” Marinette didn’t answer. She can already imagine Chloe clinging onto Adrien the whole night and how she would have to witness it all.


Alya smiled triumphantly as she faced Chloe and Marinette stood up to look at the blonde with determination in her cornflower blue eyes. “You can’t just assume that no one can sing, Chloe. Which is why I think having an audition for the part is exactly what needs to be done.”

Rose clapped her hands in excitement. “This is so exciting! Anyone else wanting to audition?” Mylene, Ivan and Sabrina put their hands up but Sabrina’s hand was quickly pulled down by one of Chloe’s glares.

“I think Adrien should judge since he’s the one playing the piano and he knows real talent when he sees it,” Chloe sneered at Marinette. None of them willing to drop the little glare war they were having. At that moment Mme. Bustier walked into the class.

“So, is all the planning going smoothly?” There was a chorus of ‘yeses’ and everyone sat down.

As the tense atmosphere slowly left the room, Max took that momento to adjust his glasses and coment his calculations. “According to the numbers, there’s still some money left over for the ball. Any suggestions on how we use it?” he asked.

“PHOTOBOOTH!” screeched Alya immediately. The whole class stared at her in shock at her sudden outburst. “C’mon! Why not?” Nino, Adrien and Marinette looked at each other and then laughed as the bell rang signaling the end of the school day.


Marinette was humming the song that came out from her speakers while doing her homework for tomorrow.

Thinking about the auditions make her foot bounce and her face twist but she knew that she wasn’t bad at singing. She was just a little rusty after two years of no lyrics, that’s all. 

The black haired girl put her pencil down and frowned while thinking about all that “no one can sing better than me” scene Chloe made, and knowing that Chloe would do anything to win the auditions. All of a sudden, a smile crossed her face when a new song started, it’s lyrics pounding on her ears like a promise and determination flooded her body. Suddenly feeling like she could win this thing, she started singing.

She looks at life like it’s a party and she’s on the list
She looks at me like I’m a trend and she’s so over it
I think her ever present frown is a little troubling
And, she thinks I’m psycho
‘Cause I like to rhyme her name with things, but
Sophistication isn’t what you wear, or who you know
Or pushing people down to get you where you wanna go
Oh they didn’t teach you that in prep school
So it’s up to me
But no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity,

 That annoying brat was going to learn a lesson.

Title: Valentines and Denial (Part 3)

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir with a bit of Marichat mixed in (no Adrinette interaction this time, sorry!)

Word count: 1728 these things just keep getting longer

Inspired by this post by @lilacblossoms

I think I have become a permanent tenant of Ladybug hell. (Part 1 | Part 2)

It wasn’t fair that she was the one whose heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was about to burst.


“So, kitty, have you done anything about the girl you mentioned yet?”

Chat whipped his head around to stare at Ladybug with eyes the size of saucers. “What?” He sounded startled and more than a little horrified that she was asking.

Ladybug waved a hand. “You know. The girl you told me about last week. The one who wrote you a love letter?” Part of her couldn’t believe she was asking this. But Chat hadn’t made mention of the girl for a week, and Ladybug was beginning to wonder if he had made some sort of progress. The thought made her heart sink every time she thought about it, to the point where she couldn’t help but ask.

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Little Whispers

Request: Could you do another Jensen x reader where the reader keeps whispering dirty things to Jensen during a panel, so he gets super frustrated but no one really notices. And then when they get back to their room they have rough sex? Please? Thank you!! – Anon

Pairings: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, public but silent dirty talking

Word Count: 2957

Btw, omg. 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Jensen’s POV

Another day of Con. It’s really fun, believe me, but I just get exhausted and sometimes overwhelmed. I’m feeling it mostly especially this week. I felt my hand getting lightly squeezed and I looked at my intertwined hands with my wonderful wife, smiling encouragingly at me. “You okay, J?” She asked. I nodded. “Just tired.” I replied. She leaned in and kissed my cheek. “Don’t worry, we have a week off before we have to shoot again.” She said. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled closer to me.

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Pocky Day

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Relationship/s: Victor Nikiforov/Katsuki Yuri

Rating: T

Warnings: Fluff, anxious Yuri

Summary: Yuri is freaking out, he doesn’t know how to deal with the pressure of being in the first place. Thankfully, Victor is there to help him through, Victor offers they play a game to calm him down.

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I’m Happy You’re Home (Mileven week, day 6)

 Summary: Happy AU. Set during the final events of episode 8. Will is rescued from The Upside Down and Eleven still stands after defeating the Demogorgon. There are new people to meet, stories to tell, and a promise to be kept.

Other links: [AO3] [FF.net]

 "Eleven, stop!“ Mike yelled as the girl got up from the table and started approaching the monster they called the Demogorgon.

   El didn’t listen. With a wave of her hand, Mike was blown away, his back hitting the wall sharply. She didn’t want to hurt him, but she wasn’t going to allow him or her friends to be demolished by the monster either. She was going to get rid of the terror she had brought into this town, even if she died trying.

   Fearlessly, she continued to walk up to the beast who was roaring and squirming against the chalkboard, still stunned after she used her powers to help Lucas launch a rock down its throat with his wrist rocket. She held out her palm and the monster was pushed back even farther, the chalkboard began to crack and crumble.

   "No more,” she growled as her nose and ears began to bleed.

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Malec Week Day 1: Family Day

YAY! Happy Malec Week! ‘Tis kind of late, but I had the idea of a Christmas fic in my head for a while, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a short fic with some Xmas fluff and family cuteness. Enjoy, and everyone have a great Malec Week! :)

When Alec gets back from hunting demons with Clary, Izzy, Simon and Jace in the Rockefeller Centre on Christmas Eve (Shadowhunters don’t get days off), the last thing he expects is what he sees when he opens the door to his and Magnus’ loft.

The loft is beautifully decorated, as it is every year thanks to Magnus’ magic, with Christmas music playing softly from non-existent speakers, mistletoe hanging from the top of every doorway, themed green and red cushions on their matching couches, and almost all the fairy lights they owned hanging from almost every wall. Except one.

Magnus stands in the middle of the living room, wrapped in the last string of colourful fairy lights to be put up. In one arm he holds a wriggling blue warlock child and on his back, tugging lightly at his neck is a young, laughing Shadowhunter.

Alec stares at them, folding his arms but barely holding down a fond smile. When he closes the door behind him, all three pairs of eyes land on him. They all stop what they’re doing and stare with that ‘this isn’t what it looks like’ look, when in fact it’s exactly what it looks like. Finally, he’s the one to break the silence.

“What happened to ‘it’ll all be done for the party before you get home’?” He raises an eyebrow, looking each of them in the eyes individually. There’s a beat of silence.

“Rafe did it!” Magnus says with a laugh. Rafe gasps in shock, tugging his Papa’s neck a little tighter.

“Hey! Traitor!”

That’s when Max starts wriggling again and Magnus starts laughing again and Alec can’t hold it back anymore. He laughs on his way over to them, then takes Max out of Magnus’ arms, holding him like he is a baby again. He’s still so small, but getting bigger every day.

“Rafe, help your Papa out of those lights while Max and I get dressed,” Alec says. Rafe nods, and Alec leans up to kiss him on the head and Magnus on the cheek, but Magnus turns his head so that he catches his lips instead. They smirk at each other cheerfully. Then Alec walks towards the bedrooms.

This day was kind of important, they were having his family over, all of the Lightwoods. And this would be the first Christmas they were all free to be having it together: Izzy, Simon, Jace, Clary…his parents. They all accepted what he and Magnus had made for themselves, he wasn’t worried about that kind of fight, but it had been awhile since they had all been in one room, so anything could happen; he supposed.

“Daddy, put me down! I needa show you what me and Rafe made for you!” Max says, interrupting Alec’s thoughts. He sets him down with a smile, and watches the toddler scamper down the hall happily.

He follows Max into his and Rafe’s shared room, and sees the mess scattered over the floor where Max is sitting excitedly. Alec sits down across from him and looks at the pictures drawn for him, and doesn’t even bother trying to hide a ridiculous smile.

From what he can make out from the scribbles of blue and black, it’s Max, Rafe, and himself fighting demons together. Most pictures have Magnus too, and some even with Aunt Clary (she’s the orange scribble) and Izzy. Alec can’t take it. He almost ‘awws’, but instead grabs his little blue son into a tight hug.

“I love them, blueberry.” Max giggles and is smiling up at him, obviously thrilled with himself. They stay like that, Max snuggling tighter to his Dad’s chest, finding the warming comfort he always loved. Then Rafe runs into the room, breathless in that ‘just been tickled’ way and Max untangles himself from his dad and stands up, hands on his small hips; all business.

“Now we have to get ready, dad.” Alec laughs but nods, getting up as well.


When both Max and Rafe are cleaned and dressed in their best clothes and playing together in their room quietly, Alec walks into the kitchen where Magnus is making dinner for the family gathering. He walks up behind the warlock and puts his arms around his waist, setting his head down on his shoulder with a sigh.

“Darling, are you alright?” Magnus puts down whatever he was making and turns in Alec’s arms, leaning close so their foreheads touched.

“Yes, just tired. Those demons today would not give in,” he sighs again, but smiles when Magnus gives him one of his protective looks.

“Well, you’re home now.” He leans more into Alec, enough to brush their lips together, but also enough to catch what he’s wearing. He leans away and his eyes widen in shock.

“Alexander! You’re still in your bloody hunting gear! Go get dressed, you’re family is arriving in 10 minutes!”

Alec leans in again, smirking. “That’s more than enough…”

“DAD! AUNT IZZY IS HERE!” Rafe shouts from the other room. Alec’s eyes close and he groans. Always the early one.

Magnus smirks back at him. “Go, you stupid Nephilim. I have some cooking to do.”

“Fine,” Alec frowns. “And don’t worry, I’ll keep her out of the kitchen.” Magnus laughs.

Alec walks out to the living room to see his sister standing in the doorway, arms full of presents and eyes scanning the place with wonder (he always loved Magnus’ interior designing talents). Max is standing in front of her, staring at his aunt’s arms, mouth open comically wide. Alec rolls his eyes fondly.

“Alec! Merry Christmas!” she smiles, setting the presents down on the couch to go over and give her brother a hug.

“Merry Christmas, Iz. Where’s Simon?” he asks. She looks around confusedly.

“Oh. He’s probably getting the rest of the presents…” she trails off. Alec glares at her.

“Izzy, we talked about this.”

“What?! It’s Christmas!” she says, Alec just rolls his eyes again.

“Fine, but it had better be things they can share…” Izzy smiles like she won (she most certainly didn’t) and sits down next to Rafe on the couch, talking animatedly about how she took down eight demons today with her whip. Show-off.

That’s when the storm hits, and the rest of the Lightwoods show up, crowding around the front hall in a ravenous chatter.

Clary and Jace have one present in each of their arms and are shrugging off their coats, Simon is stumbling in with about three presents of varying sizes in each arm, and the Lightwood parents are demanding room and have four presents between them.

Alec smiles. This is how it starts.


It isn’t chaos, per se, just a lot of chatter in one room. Alec decided he would go get dressed then finish setting the table, but really he is now just watching the living room curiously. Jace, Simon, and Clary are seated on the long couch in the centre of the room, listening as Max tries explaining his latest drawing to them. Clary always takes a special interest whenever Max talks about how much he loves art, Alec thinks she probably got him something artsy for Christmas and smiles for about the hundredth time that evening.

In one of their lounge chairs, Robert Lightwood is sitting, smiling at their Shadowhunter child as he switches between talking about what he’s been learning on the piano and what he’s been learning from his Dad with a seraph blade.

Maryse and Izzy are talking and laughing with each other, wine glasses in their hands, leaning against the wall next to the lit fireplace. He doesn’t know what they’re talking about, they’re too far away, but the sight brings a smile to his face. They’ve all come so far.

He’s frozen there that whole time, hand halfway to setting a fork down, when familiar hands settle around his waist and a mouth comes around to kiss the top of his ear lightly.

“Look at them,” he says to Magnus, who beams.

“I know. We’re the luckiest people alive.”

Together they stare lovingly at their shared family, reveling in each others company until Rafe sees them and drags them over to join the party.

*chants in the background* OTP! OTP! OTP! Hope people liked my Family Day fic, I was really excited to participate in my first Malec Week on tumblr, so I hope it was enjoyed. If you like my writing, I’m malecyday on ff.net and AO3. So long and goodnight ;)

anonymous asked:

Hii~! Can I ask for KuroMahi for the OTP questions, please? Thank you! <3

Aaah, hello you lovely Nonny…!! Of course you can ^_^! And you’re my first ask, OMG, thank youuu~ *hugs*
Hope I won’t disappoint <_<………!

1. Who has the cutest tickle laugh?

It’s a close tie, but probably Kuro! Mahiru’s laugh is always cute, like gaspy giggles and snorts and all that jazz, buuut when you find just the right spot (see below :B), Kuro’s can sound like a hiccupping kitten and that’s ADORBS <3

2. Who is ticklish in unusual places and where would that be? 

Kuro is! ;3 See, there’s that little spot right above his tail when he’s in cat form, that’s already veeeery sensitive to touch. And when in human form, said spot turns awfully ticklish! Unfortunately for the poor guy, it’s also Mahiru’s favorite spot to tickle, hee hee~ Because then Kuro tends to arch his back like a cat stretching while making hysterical mewling giggles, and his bf just dies from the cuteness of it all~

3. Who gets cheer-up tickles?

They both got at one point, but Mahiru gets it more often. He’s a little sunshine and Kuro hates seeing him sulk or worry. So he does what all good boyfriends do: lure the precious baby into a hug, make him lower his guard… then tickle him long and hard until he forgets what was on his mind~ X3

4. Who takes advantage of the other one getting their arms stuck while taking off their shirt?

Mahiru, that little bastard lmao. When stuck, Kuro’s too lazy to find a solution by himself, so he always stupidly asks for his bf’s help… and that’s when the Eve strikes! Who could blame him though. Having Kuro like this is the perfect way to get at all his worst spot in one go - lower back, armpits and bellybutton~ *insert evil laugh*

5. How did they discover each other’s ticklishness?

Pretty much by accident! Mahiru was curious about how human!Kuro reacted to the petting of the spots he liked as a cat, and then all hell broke loose lol. As for the other way round, it happened one cold winter, when kitten!Kuro slipped under Mahiru’s sweater to get some warmth… and got sweet little giggles instead from the unconscious sweeping of his tail back and forth across a very sensitive side~

6. Who can’t take tickle bites? 

MAHIRU! His neck is so sensitive, it’s not even funny; and it feels 10000 times worse when your bf has those pointy canines of HELL!! Plus Kuro does it almost every time he gets into ler mode, since it’s an easy way to make his Eve laugh without tiring himself out too much XD.

7. Who has to be tickle-forced out of bed in the morning?

KURO that lazy-ass! That’s actually how Mahiru gets him out of the bed 90% of the time – and 5 times out of 8, he just has to mention the threat of tickles for it to work lol. Never tickle Kuro too much though, or he’ll use this as an excuse to pretend he’s tired and go to bed again! OwO

8. Who gives up in a tickle fight?

Both give up pretty easy: Kuro because it’s too tiring, Mahiru because it’s too troublesome XD. So the duration of their tickle-fights mostly depends on how sadistic the ler feels at that particular moment~

9. Who is in danger of getting hurt when attacking the other?

Both are, surprisingly! Kuro of course possesses great strength, though he does make a valid effort to contain himself and not hurt his Eve when they’re play-fighting like this. On the other hand, Mahiru squirms and kicks SO MUCH and he just can’t control it! One day Kuro almost lost three teeth while tickling his Eve’s foot… and taking his other foot square in the face ^^;.

10. Who always provokes the other into tickling them and how?

They never really provoke each other, it simply happens. But… mayyybe when Kuro’s stretching right beside Mahiru, showing his belly and all, it’s not just his kitten instincts kicking in? Who knows ;). He’ll never accept it out loud though, so shhh!

Dean X Reader: featuring Charlie

Request: Charlie takes a picture of the reader sitting in Dean’s lap and puts it on Tumblr. Dean gets mad when the picture is popular. He sees how girls are saying that he’s hot and cute and takes a lot of selfies with the reader and she puts it on a tumblr.

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Dean aren’t dating but they like each other and won’t tell each other and one day Dean just kisses her and then walks away not saying anything and the reader tells Charlie that he kissed her then charlie does the readers makeup and stuff on her and makes her look really hot then makes her show Sam and Dean (Cas too if you want) and Dean and reader end up hooking up thanks!😄

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Oh, The Kisses Galore - RWBY fanfiction

[[ Inspired by an RP blog post! (xx), but I turned the touches into kisses because kisses are cute okay. Only RWBY x SSSN pairings: Ruby x Scarlet (Shades of Red), Weiss x Neptune (Ice Planet/Neiss), Blake x Sun (Black Sun), and Yang x Sage (Wise Dragon) ]]

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anonymous asked:

adrienette, winter

THIS GOT AWAY FROM ME but i really hope you like it!!!

“Stare some more and she’s gonna think you’re a creep.”

Adrien yelps, jumping a little bit at the sound of Alya’s voice. She, like him, chose to sit out on the chance to enter the skate rink (what if I fall on my butt and break my phone? How am I going to record when another akuma attacks?), at least for the while.

Adrien is glad to have a free day. It’s been so long since he last had one, and he made plans with Alya, Marinette and Nino as soon as Nathalie informed him of it. They decided to go out and wander for a bit, and in their walking they found the skate rink, in which Marinette and Nino are currently having the time of her life.

Well, Marinette is, Nino’s mostly just trying to do a sick move (possibly to impress Alya) and falling on his butt in the process.

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Love Is A Ghost

Post 4x11 - After doing shots with Regina, Emma pays her pirate boyfriend a visit at his room at Granny’s.

A/N: I wrote this in the middle of the night, because I felt like writing and because the hiatus seems endless and I don’t know what to do with my OTP feels. It’s post 4x11 and it’s loosely inspired by Christina Perri’s The Words (the new CS anthem haha). I was so close to include a bit of smut, but I didn’t - I feel like I’m not really good at writing smut. But I’m thinking about making this a two part story and maybe the second part will have some (soft?) smut. It’s not beta-read and I’m not a native speaker, so please don’t be too hard on me. :)

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„Swan! What…“ Killian didn’t even have the chance to finish his sentence, before Emma wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips against his. She shoved him backwards into his room and kicked the door shut behind her.

"Mhhmm…” he moaned, trying to bring some space between them, but Emma was persistently clinging on to him and kissing the life out of him.

“Emma.” He managed to bring out. “Emma!”

She sighed deeply and pulled away, pouting a little. She looked down and started playing with the hem of his shirt, before shoving one hand underneath it and touching his bare skin with her fingertips. He gasped a bit at her touch and closed his eyes for a second before reaching up and cupping her cheek with his hand.

“Emma, sweetheart, you taste like my flask.” He said with an amused smile on his face.

“Yeah, well and you love that thing very much, don’t you?” Emma looked up to him, head tilted slightly on the side. Her smile was so sweet and almost innocent that he felt a ball of warmth lodging just beneath his breastbone and he couldn’t help pulling her in for a tight hug.

“Regina and I are drinking buddies now.” She said against his shoulder, her voice muffled by the fabric of his shirt.

“Are you, huh?”


Emma pulled back a bit to be able to face him. His eyes were so blue and so full of warmth and love that she felt herself shiver a bit. “I missed you.” She whispered, before pulling him down to bring his lips back to hers’.

Her hands slowly wandered down from his shoulders and rested on the spot where his heart was beating steadily, reassuring her that he was still alive. She’d almost lost him. It’d almost been to late. Emma bit his lip a bit to hard as she tried to hold back her tears and he winced a bit, trying to pull back, but she wouldn’t let him. She couldn’t.

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Flirtatious Friends

AN: Hi there! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent, but it seems I’ve been at a loss of ideas. If you guys could send me requests, I will most certainly write them! Hope you enjoy!

Request from cassettape: can you do a fanfic where you and dan are best friends but he is always a little flirtatious frik and then on your youtube channel you get 1 million subscribers and they all dare you to kiss dan because everyone ships you guys and make it fuffy and cute

“Okay, so Dan, can you please measure the flour,” I tell him. Today, for my YouTube channel, HaileyBakes, I have invited my best friend Dan over to do a collab with me. We’re making cupcakes and Dan, as usual, is not cooperating. 

“How much do we need again?” He asks, looking at me completely clueless with the bag of flour in one hand and a bowl in the other. I laugh.

“Dan, I’ve told you three times already! 125 grams!” I laugh and playfully smack his arm. He smirks and looks down at me with his chocolate-y brown eyes.

“Right, okay. How do I measure flour again?” He looks at me once again, completely bewildered.

“You’re hopeless,” I state as I grab the flour out of his hand, “Put the bowl on top of the scale and do not touch anything else,” I tell him. 

“Okay, easy enough,” he says. I lean over him to pour the flour into the bowl. His strong arm is touching my side and I’m incredibly close to him. Maybe even too close for best friends. His scent is manly, but with a touch of fruity that combines to make a scent that is completely Dan Howell. 

Just as the scale reaches 124 grams, Dan tilts the bag of flour slightly and it pours all over my shirt. I gasp and drop the bag of flour on the counter. I look up at Dan and he has a little grin plastered on his face.

“You little bitch!” I yell at him, but I find myself smiling as well. I reach for the bag of flour and dip my hands inside and turn to Dan. His eyes are wide with fear as he knows what’s coming next.

“Come here,” I say calmly, holding a nice pile of flour in my hands. 

“No, get away from me,” Dan says and slowly backs away.

“Come here, Dan. I’m not gonna hurt you,” I begin to approach him slowly, but then I quickly throw the flour into his face. Dan laughs a small laugh and wipes the flour from his face. He turns to me with a huge grin on his face. He quickly grabs the flour in the bowl and throws it at me. Before I know it, we’re having a food fight and there’s flour, sugar, and icing all over my kitchen. I turn around for a moment to get another handful of flour, and Dan suddenly grabs me in a strong hold that restricts me from moving.

“Dan, let go!” I say as I wiggle in his arms, trying to get out. 

“Apologize, or this egg is cracking on your head,” Dan says in my ear, his voice low. I gulp. I turn my head around as much as I can, to see Dan holding an egg above my head. 

“You first,” I insist, keeping a good hold on the flour. 

“Hailey,” he murmurs seductively. Or maybe he doesn’t mean to be seductive, but man him murmuring my name in my ear sure turns me on. His grip tightens around my waist. I squeal. 

“Ok, Dan. I’m sorry,” I say. 

“Good,” He releases me and puts the egg down. I quickly turn around and throw the flour in his face. He laughs.

“You’re so naughty,” he tells me flirtatiously. I suddenly can’t stop the heat that’s rising in my cheeks. I quickly change the subject.

“Let’s clean up this mess,” I say. 

We finish up the video by apologizing to the viewers for not actually baking cupcakes. I also apologize for Dan’s lack of maturity and he rolls his eyes. I edit the video very quickly and upload it that night. As soon as it’s live, tweets and comments flood in about “Dailey”, mine and Dan’s ship name. “You guys would make a cute couple, Dailey 4ever” “omg you guys PLEASE date! you’re my OTP” “AHHH THE FEELS I CAN’T DEAL DAILEY IS SOOO CUTE” I laugh at all of the silly comments, ignoring them. 

I wake up the next day and I’ve hit a million subscribers. I scream and record a quick video on my iPhone and upload it, saying thank you to all of my subscribers and announcing that I’ll be doing an hour-long live show to celebrate. 

Just before my live show is about to start, my doorbell rings. I wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by. I open up the door, and to my surprise, Dan is standing in the doorway holding a bottle of red wine. 

“Surprise! I’ve come over to celebrate you reaching a million subscribers!” Dan announces, entering my apartment without permission. He doesn’t need my permission, he knows he’s always welcome here.

“Oh my god, hi Dan. I’m about to have a live show in celebration, I didn’t know you were coming ‘round…” I say. “It’s a pleasant surprise.” Quite honestly I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate a million subscribers than having a drink with Dan. 

“Oh sorry, should I go?” he asks, about to take off.

“No no! Please stay,” I insist.

“Alright,” he smirks a little, “Congratulations! I’m so proud of you, you deserve every single subscriber you have,” he says sincerely. He then embraces me. Dan’s hugs are always warm and soft and my nose is filled with his lovely scent once again, and I never want to let go. Unfortunately, he releases me and I take the wine bottle from his hand. 

“Let’s get this open,” I say and find my corkscrew. Dan already has two wine glasses out. He knows exactly where everything is in my apartment. I pour the wine into our glasses and Dan lifts his.

“Cheers,” he says. I clink my glass against his and we both take sips. 

“I better start my live show,” I say. 

“Alright, I’ll just be out here watching some telly. I’ll order a pizza,” he says.

“Great idea,” I reply. I head into my room and open my laptop and start my live show. I tweet and post on Facebook saying that my live show is starting. Soon enough, I have a couple thousand viewers on my live show. I start with the usual, where the viewers ask me questions and I reply. In the middle of me responding to the question, “What color underwear are you wearing?” I hear Dan yell my name. 

“Hold on a second,” I say to the camera. “WHAT?” I yell to Dan. He storms into my room and announces that the pizza has arrived. Suddenly, the chat bar is filled with Dailey and questions for Dan and questions about out relationship. 

“Dan’s here, everyone,” I tell them. Dan waves hello to the camera. 

“Whilst he’s here, why don’t we do a bit of truth or dare?” I ask the camera, “Come sit,” I say to Dan and I pat the spot next to me on my bed. He flops down on his stomach right next to me and then playfully pokes me in the side. I giggle and swat his hand away and he smiles at me. The little flirtatious prick.

“Ok, seriously. Here’s the first one. Dan, what do you really think about Hailey?” I say. Dan suddenly sits up, and I look at him, expecting something sarcastic to come out of his mouth. He turns to me and I notice just how close together we’re sitting. His face is merely inches from mine, and I must say, he looks ravishing from this angle. His hair is perfectly tousled on his forehead and his beautiful eyes are gazing into mine with a comfortable intensity. He glances at the webcam for a moment then turns back to me.

“Truthfully, she’s the most beautiful and most intelligent girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting,” he says, his eyes trained on me. 

“Stop it,” I look away and laugh. 

“No, I mean it,” he says. I look up and I can’t help but notice how gorgeous he looks today.

“Thanks,” I say as I feel my cheeks heat up. 

“Ahem, uh, next question,” I cough nervously and return my attention to the computer screen. Instead of truths or dares, the chat bar is filled with things along the lines of “YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE” and “KISS HIM!” 

“Dan, I dare you to kiss Hailey,” Dan reads out from the chat bar. I feel myself blushing again as I look up to see his gaze still set on me. I tear my eyes away from his beautiful face because this is entirely inappropriate. He’s my best friend, although I can’t ignore the fact that he makes my heart race. 

“Guys…” I say to the webcam, embarrassed. I glance at the chat bar again. “DAN KISS HAILEY!” “KISS!” “OMG KISS!!!” It seems that every viewer wants us to kiss. Before I can scold my viewers again, Dan takes my small hand in his much larger one. I gulp, feeling my pulse rising simply from his touch. I can’t seem to take my eyes away from him. He smiles ever so slightly, and the butterflies in my stomach intensify as he places his other hand around my waist. He leans in slowly and my eyes close as his soft lips touch mine. I place my hand on the back of his neck and lean in to the kiss. I suddenly remember that I’m supposed to be doing a live show and I break the kiss quickly. 

“Sorry guys,” I apologize. I look over at Dan and he’s smiling at me. I smile back. That little flirtatious fucker.