but the hugs the giggling the touching my otp is back

BTS~ Caught in the Act

Anonymous said: I really liked your GOT7 version of getting caught in the act, so could you do a BTS version of it? Please and thank you! :3

A/N: OF COURSE I CAN!! OH MY SHIT! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR A BTS REQUEST! I LOVE YOU ANON! i might be a little too giddy right now… oops


Seokjin / Jin

It was late and not many members were around so Jin talked you into his pleasurable needs, only if you promised to keep quiet. He began kissing you deeply as he hovered above you, holding his body up with his right hand as his other hand gently moved from your shoulder, down your torso and to your thigh, lightly brushing your skin and sending adrenaline through your body. His lips never leaving yours as he slowly grinded his hips into you while holding you as close as he could get you. Suddenly the door flung open to reveal one of the boys. As you covered your face from embarrassment, Jin stayed on top of you and simply glared at the figure that soon began fumbling for the door handle before leaving.

“Are they gone?”

“Yeah” He giggles at your cuteness. “May we continue?” He smirks.

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Yoongi / Suga

You and Yoongi were under the assumption that the dorms would be completely empty, leaving only you two to do whatever your hearts desired. In this case it was simple kisses that soon turned into deeper kisses and the lose of some clothes. You slowly leaned back on the sofa while Yoongi hovered over you, his hand gently grazed over your bare skin. Your eyes fluttered shut as he trailed soft kisses down your neck and began to grind his hips into yours. Every touch made your heart beat faster but when you heard voices on the other side of the front door, you and Yoongi scrambled for your shirts before calmly sitting back onto the sofa.

“Hello friends! What did you guys do while we were gone?”

“Watched movies.” You both say in unison.

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Hoseok/ J-Hope

He hadn’t seen you all day and in Hobi-time, that’s forever. He wanted nothing more than to hold you and shower you with kisses but when he came back to the dorms early and found you in nothing but his t-shirt and his favorite pair of your panties on, his plans became dirtier. You jumped and pulled out your earbuds as a pair of arms snaked around your waist while you stood in the kitchen. Hobi quickly told you how much he missed you before he spun you around and hungrily placed a passionate kiss upon your lips. You smiled slightly, knowing where this was going when he lifted you onto the counter and moved his hand onto your thighs. Hoseok pulled away from you as soon as he heard his friends walk through the door. You jumped off the counter and looked at each other as pink flushed your cheeks.

“O-ooh, We- we’re sorry.”

“Yeah I- I’m just gunna go, p-put on some pants…” You mutter.

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Namjoon / Rap Monster 

Late nights with Namjoon were always fun as you both would chill out in his room and talk about stupid things or watch old movies. Tonight was just like every other night until you felt him squeeze your thigh. Knowing this was one of your weaknesses, Joonie continued teasing you until you had enough and straddled his lap. He smirked before giving you a small peck that grew into a deeper, more passionate kiss. His fingers intertwining with the roots of your hair as he guided your hips against his. Your head moved from his when you both heard the door handle jiggle. Joonie’s head fell back out of annoyance before he lifted you off of himself and went to answer the door. 

“Stay here babygirl, You’re not getting away that easily.”

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He finally had you all to himself and wanted to make the most of it. Jimin layed you on his bed as he hovered over you, tracing lines on your hips and kissing you deeply. His kisses began at your lips but then he started taking them to your neck, then to your chest and down to your stomach, making sure you leave light marks everywhere. He slowly removed your bottoms before kissing your thighs as he grew dangerously close to your core. His hands holding you close as he made his way back to your lips. He fell to your side when someone opened the door abruptly, causing you to jerk up and hug your knees to your chest. Jimin quickly got up, trying to divert the guy’s eyes.

“Yah!? What do you want?”

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Taehyung / V

Tae was feeling needy and desperate. He had twenty minutes before stage so he took it upon himself to search for his girlfriend, which is why you’re currently laying on a couch in his dressing room trying to suppress your moans as he continues to tease your folds with his fingers. Watching you whimper was always one of his favorite sights but he needed more so he began to leave love bites down your torso. Tae quickly got off of you and threw a blanket onto you to cover you up when he hear the door handle rattle. Before he got to it, the door swung open revealing a few of the boys.

“We’re busy, I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

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He couldn’t take it any longer. It was hot as hell in the dorms and the longer he watched your movements, the way your clothes stuck to your body, the bigger his problem became. Finally he got up before standing behind you and whispering “meet me in my room, now.” As soon as you walked threw the door, Jungkook pressed you against it, closing it in the process as his lips attacked yours. His hands quickly found the bottom off your shirt before he removed the fabric from your body. His hips pinning you against the door, making sure you can feel him. Suddenly the door opened, hitting you before closing again.

“Oh, whoops! Hey, you guys okay? I heard the door slam?”

“Y- yeah! We’re fine. Don’t worry about it Jin-hyung.”

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This slowly turned into just smut


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All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

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Pastel Eddie

“Sweetie you don’t have to do this,” Richie mumbled into Eddies ear. Normally, Eddie would give a shudder in reaction to Richie sweet talking him, but he was filled to the brim with nerves at the moment, not being able to concentrate.

He had seen his boyfriend get a handful of tattoos and piercings in the one year of his first tattoo; piercings in both of his ears, one nose stud, and tattoos he can count with both hands. But Eddies skin has remained pure, soft and supple to the very touch. But he wasn’t getting a tattoo anyway. He was getting a tongue piercing.

Eddie was initially excited at first, but he was now drowning in dread. He was used to doctors unnecessarily pricking his skin with needles but that doesn’t mean he liked them. He hated them with a burning passion.

They sat in the back of a dingy, rundown parlor in a town just across Derry. Richie knew a guy, who had done all his tattoos previously, that was actually very trustworthy. If he trusted him to do Eddie a procedure than he must be really great.

Eddie wanted to have a piercing just to see what the hype was all about. He wanted to know why so many people not only loved it but loathed it as well; he was extremely curious.

“I know I don’t Rich, but I want to,” Eddie murmured, busying himself with locs of Richie’s curls. He can’t remember the last time Richie got a haircut, but he wasn’t exactly complaining. He liked to run his hands through his boyfriends long hair when they cuddled, holding him close and distracting himself. Despite Richie usually being boisterous, he could be soft and romantic and calm. Eddie appreciates that.

Before Richie could respond, his friend, Tim, came into the room, wheeling in a cart with the needed supplies for a tongue piercing. Clamps and needles were placed cleanly on a small towel. What looked to be numbing spray was also on the cart with the the other items.

Eddie whimpered minutes later when Tim got the right place to do the piercing, targeting the exact place with a bright purple marker.

“Hey pal can you cup this in half?” Tim asked, handing Eddie a thin, green, plastic paper which looked like it belonged in a dentist office. He immediately folded it, getting the hint to tuck it close to his chest.

Eddie stuck out his tongue when he saw Tim take out the spray and shook it, who sprayed several times on his tongue. A weird sensation took over, and he couldn’t help but let it stick out like some puppy; Richie found it oddly cute.

“Now the exciting part,” Tim exclaimed, taking out the clamps and needles, and he crouched down in front of Eddie. Before he could register it, his tongue was clamped tightly and several needles came and went, replaced by a light pink ball piercing.

His tongue felt weird. He was passed a freezing water bottle a moment later and started to drink from off the bat.

“You did great baby, you’re so brave!” Richie said, hugging Eddie close. Eddie giggled and took a sip from his drink.

“It’s so weird, I’m gonna swallow my tongue!” Eddie stated and Richie chuckled but then smirked. “You can swallow something else later if you want,” and got a punch in the shoulder instead. The boyfriends laughed and got ready to leave, but that had to pay first though.

“As your handsome, breathtaking, gorgeous, beautiful,” Richie started saying but Eddie knocked him with his elbow, but he laughed anyway. “As your amazing boyfriend, I’ll pay for your first piercing.”

“And my last,” Eddie chirped and Richie put his hand over his heart, looking pained. “You don’t wanna get nipple piercings with me baby boy?”

Eddie cackled and shook his head no and Richie smiled at him, and ruffled his hair, muttering a ‘cute,’ under his breath. Eddie blushed slightly as Richie paid. Tim asked him if he knew how to clean the piercing and Richie snorted. Eddie researched hundreds of cleaning ways, so he nodded fast in confirmation.

After they were done, they got into Richie small trunk. Eddie couldn’t even get buckled before Richie attacked his lips with his, pulling Eddies smaller body close to his. Eddie put his arms around Richie’s neck, hugging him.

After Richie started prodding at Eddies lips with his tongue, Eddie shook his head no. “Can’t so soon, gotta give it at least a week before making out,” he explained and Richie frowned.

“Hey, It’s just gonna be one week alright?” Eddie said and pecked Richie’s freckled cheek.

“Okay,” Richie drawled out teasingly. “Get back in your seat okay love, let’s go home,” he finished off and started driving.

Despite the odd feeling on his tongue, he loved the familiar feeling of his boyfriends hand resting comfortably on his thigh, the other on the wheel.

//They’re 16 in this and 16 year olds make out, no one flip a table okay? 👍

They’ll all come to see you for what you are

A Jonerys fic

Arrival at Winterfell…

He closed and bolted the heavy door behind them.

“So…that went well I thought.”

With the tiniest roll of her eyes, she turned her back on him, refusing to let him see how upset she was.

“They hate me, Jon. Your family hates me.”

“No, they don’t hate you, they just don’t know you. They don’t trust you. But they will, just give them time. After all, I felt the same way a few months ago, as did you.”

Daenerys spun back around, her hands clasped to avoid wringing them. “Fine, Arya may not hate me, and Bran…is a little hard to read. But the same cannot be said for the Lady of Winterfell. There’s no mistaking her.”

Jon opened his mouth to protest, then thought better of it when he saw her daring arched eyebrow and realised there was probably some truth to what she said. So he tried a different route. “If it makes you feel any better, she hasn’t liked me much most of our lives either. I think she’s always loved me in her own way, but she’s never really liked me. Probably has something to do with her mother.” He looked at the floor, memories of the dearly departed Catelyn Stark flittering through his head, none of them pleasant.

She stepped towards him carefully, lately it felt like every move between them had to be thought and re-thought a dozen times before acted on lest one makes a move the other isn’t ready to reciprocate. But at that moment she didn’t care, they hadn’t spoken much on the subject, but Dany knew his father’s wife was a sore spot for him. After all, she had no great love for those who made her feel like an outsider in her own home either. She placed a small, delicate hand on his callused ones.

Jon looked up and met her eyes, she didn’t speak any words of comfort, nor did he need them, her touch was enough, the gentle smile on her face was enough. He shook his head slightly as if shaking off the reverie and let a playful grin begin to form on his face.

“Besides,” he began to say with a glint in his coal-stone eyes. “There’s only one opinion that really matters to me and he seemed to take to you quite nicely.”

Dany cocked her head to the side and furrowed her thick brows in confusion, then broke out into a bemused smile when realisation hit her.

“Are you talking about Ghost?”

Jon didn’t say anything, he just bit his lip slightly like a cheeky schoolboy making a joke. She loved this side of him, it surfaced so rarely, usually buried under layers of brooding, but when it did it made her heart glow.

“I’ll admit, the fact that he didn’t immediately try to bite my arm off was more of a relief than it should have been.” Dany walked towards the fire in the corner of the room, it had been hours since it was lit and was now barely burning. “‘The Dragon Queen’…bested by a little wolf.”

His eyebrows shot up. “‘Little wolf’?”

The tiniest giggle escaped her lips, reminding Jon how young she truly was at heart, there weren’t many moments like this. “You know what I mean, the animals I deal with are usually –”

“Alright, fair enough. He’s no dragon. But in these parts, he is still considered quite formidable.” Dany could’ve sworn there was something in his voice that sounded offended, but he did a good job of covering it up.

“That he definitely is. A worthy adversary if he chose to be.” She nodded to herself absentmindedly, apparently it was enough to put him at ease.

He walked up behind her and they watched the flames together, dancing and circling each other.

“It wouldn’t hurt you at all, would it?”

The corner of her mouth perked up, she had been waiting a while for Jon to ask her about this, she was starting to wonder if he ever would.

“Not at all.”

“What does it feel like, Daenerys? To walk through fire?” He had been holding this back since the day they met, he’d only heard tales of her walking through flames unscathed, and of course there was the ‘Unburnt’ in her title, but he’d never actually addressed it with her. He just took her word for it.

“Like warmth.” Then, perceiving what that probably sounded like, she backtracked. “Not ‘fire’ kind of warmth, more like…what I’ve always imagined a mother’s smile feels like. A proud father’s hug. The love of a new-born child. It’s the safest feeling in the world. It won’t help you understand it, but it’s the same as when I’m on Drogon’s back, soaring through the skies. I feel invincible.”

They both took a deep breath in, gazing wistfully at the fire, anything to keep them from staring at each other longingly.

“It sounds incredible.”

Daenerys nodded slowly, sadly. “Almost makes up for the fact that I’ll never have anything to compare it to. A mother’s smile, a father’s hug,” her voice broke ever so slightly, “my child’s love.”

Without thinking, he took her hand, squeezing it gently and rubbing his thumb along her pale skin. Boundaries didn’t matter to him, not now, not when the woman he was so desperately in love with was hurting.

“You are the most loved woman I have ever met, My Queen. Trust me, I speak from a place of authority.” Jon, realising what he had just said, cleared his throat self-consciously.

She took a small step back until they were aligned and rested her head against his shoulder. And there they stood, not saying a word, watching the fire die out, relishing the seconds, the minutes, the hours, that they didn’t have to pretend to be stronger than they were.

My Top 10 Anime Ships/OTPs

[Possible Spoilers]

This is really late. So sorry for my usual tardiness! T.T Thank you to @lemonadethefifth and @rays-of-fire-and-ice for tagging me! I guess I’m going to have to make mini-essays/explanations again, huh… Challenge accepted! XD

NOTE: There are shows here that I haven’t watched for a long time now, so I may forget some things or even make mistakes. If so, please feel free to inform me of them!

[A fangirl with messy english coming your way!]

10. Vampire Knight: ZeKi [Zero Kiryuu & Yuuki Cross]

The first time these two were introduced, I immediately took a liking to them. With Yuuki’s cheerful and outgoing personality, she balanced out Zero’s seriousness and no-nonsense personality. I even loved the way they bickered!

When Yuuki found out about Zero being a vampire, she was scared at first, but she slowly accepted him for who he was. It was a nice transition, to be honest. Yuuki, the one who was afraid of vampires because of her encounter with one of them when she was little, began to protect Zero, someone whom she had been with for years, even though he became the kind of specie she was afraid of. I’ve always loved slow burn, and I associate it with this pair sometimes. They just have this appealing, mysterious aura about them, and whenever they interacted with each other, I felt the tension and excitement pounding along with my heartbeat.

I still haven’t finished the manga, but I will someday. :)

9. Ouran High School Host Club: KaoHaru [Kaoru Hitachiin & Haruhi Fujioka]

Haha, yup. Not Hikaru, but Kaoru. The less brash twin, the one who thinks things through a bit more. I’ve always shipped him with Haruhi, particularly because I feel that their personalities would complement each other more. Like the other non-canon pairs I ship, KaoHaru has potential.

I’m not sure if it’s Kaoru in this panel (because I’ve never read the manga),

but here’s a scene of them together. I had a hard time finding pictures of them together. They’re not that popular after all. :’(

Perhaps what appealed me towards them is that they don’t have much scenes together. I actually often notice pairings who stand in the background. XD But seriously, I really think they would’ve been cute together!

8. Fruits Basket: YukiRu [Yuki Sohma & Tohru Honda]

Still bittersweet over this pairing. I never got to finish the manga, mainly because I felt that it was wearing me out (not because my ship didn’t happen, mind you XD). To be honest, I’m still surprised why I like them. Like some people say, if they ended up together, they would’ve been a boring couple (not like Kyo and Tohru, who are apparently more exciting). However, for me, there’s hidden potential in this pairing. I would’ve liked to see Yuki bringing out his cold side towards Tohru and distance himself from her, while Tohru would be all confused why Yuki was suddenly acting like that. Kinda like a slow burn. I don’t know, but that’s what I would write. 😂 What I don’t understand, though, is why Yuki suddenly thought of her as a mother figure… I mean… huh…? Maybe I missed something? Because that train of thought from him seems so… misplaced…

Anyway, I still ship them no matter what. <3

7. Gakuen Alice: RukaRu [Ruka Nogi & Hotaru Imai]

SHIPPING THESE TWO IS FRUSTRATING. They don’t have much scenes together (though they are always drawn side-by-side) and they have very little interactions. That New Year’s chapter wherein they got stuck together was literally a brief piece of heaven for me.

I love Hotaru blackmailing Ruka. I also like how they can be bickering together one moment and then become serious in the next. For me, there’s just so much potential in this pairing that I want to scream. I‘ve devoured every fanfic of these two and I still crave for more. I’d do anything to read a doujinshi about them. Anything at all! T.T

This art by the author made me less frustrated, though:

But I still want more of them! (He’s not even looking at her 😭)

Sigh. I’ll probably write a multi-chapter fic about them sooner or later once I get too frustrated…

Honorable Mention: NatsuMikan [No explanations needed; their meeting was fated, and they go well together. Natsume’s a bit too forward for my taste, though, lol (plus the fact that he was only twelve years old back then). However, I still like their chemistry together! The slow burn was really great!]

6. Card Captor Sakura: SyaoSaku [Li Syaoran & Kinomoto Sakura]

[Btw, is this an official art? If this is a fanart, tell me and I’ll take it down.]

…I cannot even believe that I was so giddy over a pair of ten-year-olds. I was in high school when I started watching CCS, and I never expected to become so invested in watching it.

Syaoran started out as someone who was relatively mean to Sakura. He was like a bully at that time, lol. I didn’t think much of their relationship in those moments, but I thought that they were cute. Typical children’s antics, as one might say.

But when Syaoran started developing feelings for her, that was when I exploded from cuteness. Ohh gosh, I literally squealed over them. Me, who was fifteen years old at that time. Me, who was often teased by my friends and classmates as an emotionless person.

(watching CCS)

Mom: Rei…? Are you… giggling…?

Me: ………….No, I’m not. (pokerfaced)

That’s about the gist of it, haha!

Honorable Mention: EriTomo [I just find them really cute together. Also, their personalities complement each other well!]

5. One Piece: LuNami [Monkey D. Luffy & Nami]

One Piece isn’t about romance, and I strongly feel that Oda is not even planning on placing some sure hints about the ones who’ll end up together at the end of series. I like One Piece because of the story, not because of this pair (that I love so much). However, it’s nice to see a lot of scenes of them together. <3

From what I’ve seen/heard, I think they’re the most hated(?) pairing in One Piece. Hmm. What I like about them is their dynamic. I think what most of us can agree on is that the two of them trust each other very much. This particular fact is emphasized back when Nami betrayed the crew at the beginning of the series. She stole the ship, the treasure, left them behind while they fought against a strong enemy… yet Luffy still wanted her on his crew. That no one can be the navigator except for her. He disagreed with Zoro’s negative remarks about her and looked for her until they came to a stop on her hometown.

The scene that drew me to them is the hat scene. Yes, that iconic hat scene. For me, it was beautiful. Luffy treasured his straw hat so much and didn’t want anyone to touch it except for him. However, when he saw Nami crying and asking for his help for the first time, he had no qualms about placing it on top of her head. Then he proceeded to beat up a guy he didn’t even know much. He practically defeated Arlong with all he had not mostly because of the man’s treatment of the villagers, but because of the reason that he made “his navigator” cry.

…I will forever go down with this ship.


4. Final Fantasy VII: CloTi [Cloud Strife & Tifa Lockhart]

In my personal opinion, they’re canon. Advent Children, On the Way to A Smile: Case of Tifa, and the original game itself confirmed it for me.

Cloud and Tifa were depicted to be childhood friends, yet in reality, they weren’t actually very close back then. It seemed, though, that Cloud had a crush on Tifa. It was really cute and sad at the same time, because Tifa had her own circle of friends while Cloud had no one. I don’t think Tifa ever ignored him, though(?).

This pair gets to me because of their tendencies to keep their actual feelings from each other. Tifa was confused about the Cloud who led AVALANCHE to defeat Sephiroth because of his mixed-up memories, yet she never asked him about them and only watched from the sidelines, possibly waiting for an opportunity to learn what the truth really was. Cloud, on the other hand, was a bit confident on the outside, yet was also actually confused deep inside about who he was.

But then the Lifestream scene happened. Tifa got to see the real Cloud inside his consciousness and proceeded to help him fix himself together. This particular conversation struck me in the feels (forgive the inconsistent image sizes; I only googled them):

Tifa: “Someone has to notice you…? …Who?” 

I would say more, but I don’t want this to be a really long essay. XD So yeah, this is why I love them!

Honorable Mention: YuffEntine [This pair… Oh gosh, this is kind of a crack pairing, but I am just drawn to them in a way that I can’t fully understand. Vincent, the brooding individual, and Yuffie, the hyperactive teenager… My shipper senses are tingling like crazy! XD I can’t wait to see their HD interactions in the remake! <3]

3. Fairy Tail: NaLu [Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia]

Words cannot express how obsessed I was over this ship back then. My first fanfic on FFN was of them as well as several others. I downloaded hundreds of fics about them, searched a lot of fanarts, and squealed over every scene they had in each episode. NaLu had been my online focus when I was in high school. These days, my great liking of them diminished a bit (because I haven’t read the manga for a while). However, I still ship them so much!

It was kinda frustrating that Natsu often seemed dense, especially regarding Lucy (does he know how many times he has made her blush? XD), but that’s a part of his character, I guess, and I admit that it’s also one of the reasons why I ship them so much. They’re always together because they’re close friends, and whenever they somehow teeter towards the line above friendship, I literally wanted to jump up and down in excitement! But then it would always come down to a comical scene, though, haha! Typical NaLu.

Ahh, that hug. I’ll remember it forever. <3

Honorable Mentions: MiraXus [That scene with Mira getting angry at Laxus will always get to me.] & LyVia […don’t ask me why. I just find their chemistry so adorable. I would’ve loved more scenes of them together!]

2. Bleach: IchiRuki [Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia]

If I was obsessed with NaLu, I was just as much as obsessed with IchiRuki. Heck, before Bleach even ended, I already started writing a rewritten version of the manga with IR as the definite end pairing (because I thought back then that Kubo would give Bleach an open ending… guess I was wrong) as well as a Bleach Movie fic with Ichiruki as a pairing as well. 😂 Damn, I was really addicted to this pair…

What I love about this ship is that their relationship is unique. Like Kubo stated: “more than friends, but less than lovers”. They’re placed somewhere in between, and for me, that’s a special thing. They have a label of their own that isn’t limited by the terms romance and mere friendship. It can also be interpreted as something like: “they’re right in the middle of two boundaries; once one of them figuratively trips, their relationship becomes a new, different meaning altogether”. I’m not going to rant on and on about them (because there are far better metas that explain their dynamics amazingly) so I’ll stop it here.

Even though they didn’t become canon, they will always be canon in my heart! <3

Honorable Mention: HitsuHina [Always-frowning-and-serious Hitsugaya being overly protective of his childhood friend? Threatening someone if they made her bleed, promising to kill someone after they did her harm both physically and emotionally? This ship hits me right in the heart. <3 It’s just a shame there’s not much of them in the ending. I would’ve given anything for them to have a scene together, or even just talk! It’s been long overdue. T.T]

1. Naruto: SasuSaku [Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura]

Ahh, SasuSaku. The very first anime pairing I shipped, and what an awesome thing that they ended up together in the end! Happy days! <3

Others often have misconceptions about this pairing. For me, though, it’s a pretty simple thing. It was already obvious to me at the beginning that they would end up together, especially after that Forest of Death scene. That scene highlighted the start of Sakura’s character development and it also showed Sasuke’s care for her as a teammate. I mean, why else would he go on a (for the lack of a better word) rampage after seeing her so beaten up?

I personally believe/headcanon that Sasuke began to really love Sakura in the Blank Period. It’s just that he already built a foundation for the two of them way back then. It was fairly obvious that he grew to care for her, after all. I think the forehead poke signified the beginning of him seeing her differently. (Just my own opinion, though)

And, to address a bit of a sensitive issue… Their relationship isn’t toxic. I know it very well. “Toxic” is not a word that should be used lightly. If their relationship is “toxic” then they shouldn’t have ended up together. They shouldn’t have so many fans. It’s just that simple to me. :)

Sasuke’s behavior in Shippudden is not who he really is. The real Sasuke is the one who Team 7 saved, who Naruto himself saved from the Curse of Hatred. The real Sasuke is the one who started smiling genuinely in Chapter 698.

Ahh, I’m rambling again, so I’ll stop right here once more. Anyway, there may be many who hate SasuSaku, but there are also many who love them to the core. We all have different, varying opinions about every pairing. Let’s just not spread so much hate. :)

Tagging @aubreycanalaine to make a list like this. Haha! (Because I know how much you hate writing essays, lol)

Crossdressing (Chanbaek)

Plot: Chanyeol finds himself falling for the new boy who happens to look extremely hot wearing a skirt. 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff

Side Pairings: Kaisoo, Xiuchen, Sulay

*a/n: 3rd time writing this and honestly an excuse to have chanyeol say ‘yo nice skirt’ bc i love that shit* 

*Warning: Very long lol.* 

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Accidental - WillNE Imagine

Title: Accidental
Pairing: WillNE x Reader
Warnings: smut
Requested(?): no but if you want a Will imagine please feel free to send it bc I love Will.

“Will give me my phone back!” I began to chase Will through the flat as he held my phone high above his head.

He ran into his bedroom, now being trapped. He turned to me and still held my phone above him. Both of us were out of breath and I slowly walked towards him.

“William.” I said assertively.

“Y/n.” He used my full name instead of his usual nickname.

“Give me my phone back.” I said.

“What’s the magic word?” He taunted.

“Please give me my phone?”

“That’s not it.” I walked towards him and tried jumping up for it. As I was quite a bit shorter than him, I failed miserably. “You’re going to have to try harder than that love.”

“William don’t make me put my hands on you.” I warned.

“You wouldn’t dare hit me.” I stepped forward and placed my hand right over his crotch, pressing my body against his.

“Who said anything about hitting?” I said seductively, looking up at him through my eyelashes.

“Bloody hell.” He cursed, eyes wide. I stood onto my tippy toes and pressed my lips against his jaw line and kissed down his neck. He brought his hands down and wrapped them around my waist, holding me close.

I let one hand tangle in his hair and moved the other down to my side, sneakily pulling my phone from his hands and quickly running back towards the living room.

“You’re going to pay for that!” Will ran after me and I hid my phone. Although he wasn’t interested in the phone anymore. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up, my back pressed against the wall.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and he quickly pressed his lips to mine. Will and I had never been anything more than friends and I guess my little trick to get my phone back sparked something between the two of us.

My hands were tangled in his hair as he kissed me softly. The two of us had a lot of tension between us now and it was in desperate need of some relief.

He walked us back to his bedroom and he laid me down on his plush bed. He tossed his shirt aside and laid himself on top of me. I put my hand on his chest as he kissed me repeatedly, moving down my neck and sucking here and there, definitely leaving his mark on me. His hand nervously slid up my top and I sat up, removing my shirt and revealing that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Fuck.” He cursed under his breath as he took in my body. I was now aching for his touch and couldn’t wait a second longer. I grabbed his wrist and put his large hand on my breast, letting out a soft moan at the contact.

His other hand worked to unbutton my jean shorts as mine fumbled with the button on his jeans. Once we had both removed our bottoms I could feel his hard on pressed against my body. I slid my hand into his boxers and he let out a breathy moan. I stroked him as he kissed my collar bones and down my chest until he came to the top of my panties.

“Will please.” I said. He smirked up at me and slid my panties down my legs. He let a finger faintly trail over me and I arched my body at his touch.

“I already have you this ready for me are you sure about this?” He asked.

“If you even dare stop now I will actually hit you.” He laughed and nodded, kissing me again. He reached to his nightstand and pulled out a condom, removing his boxers and sliding the condom on.

He grabbed my hand and laced his fingers through mine, placing a soft kiss on my lips as he pushed into me.

Never in my life did I expect to be having such an intimate moment with my best friend. Let alone enjoying it this much. There was no denying that there had always been a special connection between the two of us. We thought it was the two of us being brought together as best friends. Clearly we were wrong.

As we both got dressed Will looked up at me, pushing his hair out of his face and standing up. He wrapped an arm around my waist and leaned his head onto my shoulder. We stood in front of that mirror staring at us together. I was mentally picturing us as a couple. Will and Y/n. In an actual relationship.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He asked softly.

“What if we were together? Like actually together?” He smiled a bit and let out a soft chuckle.

“I’d be happier.” He said. It was enough for the two of us. It was simple.

“Then let’s do it.” I said smiling and turning around in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled at him.

“Are you serious?” He asked. I nodded in confirmation and he leaned down, pressing his lips to mine.

We stayed in his room watching films and talking, music playing softly in the background.

“I already like this so much better than us just being friends.” He looked at our intertwined hands and smiled. I turned my head towards his and traced my hand over his jaw, leaning in to kiss him. “And I really like kissing you.” I giggled and kissed him again.

“I like kissing you too. More than I’m willing to admit.” It was his turn to laugh now. “Wait, weren’t you supposed to film a video with Cal tonight?” His eyes went wide and he jumped up, finding his phone and seeing multiple missed calls from Cal.

“Shit. Come with me?” He asked grabbing a hoodie and finding his shoes.

“Sure thing.” I grabbed my things and we headed for the elevator. Will pressed the button for Cal’s floor. Once we had made it up, he knocked on the door and Harry answered, letting us in.

“Cal’s in the living room” he pointed us to their living room and Will thanked him.

“Jesus man you’re only three hours late. Hey Y/n.” He said standing to give me a hug and do his weird handshake with Will. “You look like you’ve had a rough shag mate.” He said seeing the love bites visible on my collar bones. I blushed and Will scratched the back of his head. “Wait, you two… oh my god you did!” I hid my face in Will’s chest and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Yeah yeah, calm down.” Will laughed and I sighed, clearly embarrassed by the situation.

“Calm down? Mate my OTP just got together how do you expect me to be calm about this.” I laughed and pulled back from Will.

“Right whatever, let’s just film the video and I’ll fill you in on the horny details later.” Cal nodded and I stepped over to the couch to watch as they filmed.

Will kept looking over to me as they tried to film and I tried my best to not stare right back at him.

“Keep your focus or we’re going to have to remove your girlfriend.” Will blushed and laughed. “Am I going to have to edit that out?” Cal asked.

“I don’t mind.” I said softly and Will broke into a smile.

“Neither do I.”


Long post ahead y’all but this was a lot of fun to go back and reminiscence about markson and their antics together. I hope all of y’all enjoy! 

Also, please remember that these are my own personal opinions and that they shouldn’t be taken literally or seriously. But if you ever wanna come talk markson with me, I’m always ready :) ((Note: All gifs should be linked directly but videos and pictures with have physical links above them because I’m not sure how to link those to their respective tumblrs– if your post is here and you want your content removed bc you don’t like the linking, msg me and I’ll take it down.)) I’m a litlle late but here we go!!

1. This was one of the ones I already had in mind ;) I just love it bc it’s such a weird situation to be in but Mark, ever the gentleman, just takes it in stride and keeps his hands to himself. I love how near Jackson gets to Mark and if that isn’t the simplest testament of how (pun coming) close they are, I don’t know what is. In all honesty, if Mark really wanted out, a simple hand on the back or a squeeze on the shoulder or even just shifting out of the way would have sufficed but he stays and although his face is stoic, his eyes are constantly on Jackson. LOVE IT!

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

2. SOFT!! My heart always swells a bit when I see this picture!! It’s natural and pure and they’re both enjoying this moment and it’s evident on their faces. I personally think jumping around puts a smile on most peoples faces and if other people, friends, are doing it with you, then there’s no way that isn’t going to make you shine. SO, jumping+BFF+concert adrenaline+love= BIG A__ SMILES !! Oh they’re also cuties so there’s that factor too.

LINK: http://fyeahmarkson.tumblr.com/post/136342100342

3. TBH I GOT DISTRACTED WITH THIS ONE AND REWATCHED THIS SECTION OF THE REAL GOT7– anyways…THIS IS PROBS MY ALL-TIME FAVE, THAT I FORGOT ABOUT. So the whole episode itself was hilarious with got7 and we got some markson moments sprinkled in but THIS, THIS takes the cake. I mean who doesn’t want to see their otp get this close to kissing? I love Mark’s hands cradling the back of Jackson’s head. I’d like to believe that Jackson stretched his neck up a bit more when Mark touched the other side of the paper but I’m not sure in this gif bc its quick (maybe I’ll add another one after I publish this). Like omg still can’t believe this happened though :D

4.  Ok all the Got2Day Vapp stuff was gold and I loved the fact that we got to see everyone but of course my faves Mark and Jackson had the best one ;) It was cute and relaxed and I just love them in light/soft colors. Also #no#personal#space !! The video is just a short moment but it is super cute and I love them smiling at eachother bc heart palpitations~ OH but the second gif is MY FAVORITE bc it’s Mark just watching Jackson talk and he just looks so content and caring and its just one of those moments ok

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

LINK: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/152683520387/jackson-lays-on-the-table-and-mark-laughs 

5. I could rant FOR YEARS about this but idk if tumblr has a character limit or no.. BUT SERIOUSLY THIS IS JUST ICONIC!! It was actually the 1st to pop into my mind bc it was my icon (no joke for that one sorry) for a month I think? ANYWHO, I just straight up love this. They’re close. Jackson’s shirtless. Said Jackson is pressed along Mark’s backside. Said Mark is very very very smiley. Like Jackson could’ve chosen someone else- JB was kinda close I think- but he chose bae and got all up in bae’s business. And the fact that he’s partially restraining Mark? Keeping him flush with his body and leaning in to talk to him? My heart cannot keep up, this some tachycardia **** right here omg seriously!! Is it hot for anyone else in here or is it just them? *wink* 

PICTURE LINK: http://bangtancity.tumblr.com/post/149470443176/fyeah-markson-please-tell-me-again-that-markson

VIDEO LINK 1: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/149317913961/shirtless-jackson-hugging-mark-from-behind

VIDEO LINK 2: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/149277241258/two-angles

6. GO WATCH THE VIDEO PLEASE. Like the caption is spot on in my mind and I couldn’t agree more on the fact that it looked like Jackson was going to do something intimate and then he hesitated and looked at the camera!! UGH. seriously a fave moment bc its like what were you gonna do? huh?! You can’t not agree with the fact that that boy was playing around behind Mark. And then there’s Mark’s small smile and that little thing he does with his mouth, which reminded me of someone keeping a smirk in check. Oooooh there’s def something going on there and I wish I knew what it was!!

LINK: http://marksonforlife.tumblr.com/post/151033384652/i-already-posted-this-but-ill-post-it-again

I couldn’t find a gif of this video D: but I found some others from the same video (they’re faves but this ^^^ moment is the one I really cared for)

7. ANOTHER VIDEO!! 9/10 markson shippers should remember this badboy right here. I don’t even remember what video this moment came from but even if I see a still I freak out bc this is literal gold. One of the best shows of touchy!Mark and cuddly!Jackson ever. Seriously, Mark kept putting his hands on Jackson and moving subtly, and then he even has the nerve to lean into Jackson further to whisper something-BOY!! And then there’s Jackson who decides it’s perfectly ok to rest his head on Mark’s chest all casual like he’s done it a thousand times before. And one moment I really love to see is Jackson noticing Mark playing with J’s bracelet, looking at him, and then Mark moves his hand away so quickly like he’s been caught. its cute. don’t fight me on this. Also I got newly-dating vibes from this: not sure how much actual touching is safe, leaning into one another, glued at the hip, private jokes. Markson or never ;) I’ll add a gif when I find one!

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

LINK: http://awesomemeowww.tumblr.com/post/128284251380/markson-httpifttt1hebms6

8. This picture satisfies like 3 things from my otp goggles-on checklist: smiling towards the other, touching, and suggestive posturing. Don’t tell me that this doesn’t look like Jackson’s about to pull Mark in and plant one on him! The positioning of Jackson’s hands make me wanna punch something bc who puts their hands there unless its for a headbutt or a kiss?? And lemme tell you that I’m 99% sure that he’s not about to headbutt Mark. (ALSO ARMS 4 DAYS JACKSON OVER HERE #hot hot hot) Back to the smiling and touching and pose- they’re close for one thing, and then Mark’s about to go into hug mode, there’s full eye contact going on, and what a beautiful smile!! It seems so loving and happy that I just can’t deal with them rn. I have a link to a gif, Jackson jumping into Mark’s arms :) , so I’ll add that in later!

PHOTO LINK: https://dani-okem.tumblr.com/post/160701529358

9. Ok but I really think they fit together so well sometimes~ Like their heights aren’t monumentally different but it’s enough that they look good together. SO there’s that sly BUTT tap and then the blessed hand moves up to the lower back (i like ur style boy) and eventually falls off the waist when they stop in front of the fans. Mark is totally guiding Jackson here and it seems like he’s 100% a-ok with it. Oh and there’s definitely some smiles going on here! I wish we had more concerts but the fanmeets are still great but there’s something about concerts that really let otps shine.

(Make sure to click the gif to see the whole gif post!)

10. VIDEO— ITS THE FINAL ONE Y’ALL AND ITS A FAVE BC I’VE BROUGHT IT UP A FEW TIMES. (lol I still get pissed every time I remember that I posted the screenshots on my old baeksoo account instead of this one but oh whale:) ) anyways I just love love love this bc it was so fleeting but so memorable. I know Mark was running around messing with everyone during this time (and that he did something similar to JB) but this was something special for Jackson. There was NO SPACE between them and their heads were so so so close. And then there were lots of giggles and smiling and DID YOU NOTICE THAT JACKSON HITCHED HIS LEG UP WHICH IN TURN BROUGHT MARK’S LEG HIGHER AND BY DEDUCTION, THEIR HIPS CLOSER?? bc I did. bc I know that. and it’s true. AND THEN AS MARK (the little tease) LEFT, JACKSON TRIED TO KEEP HIM THERE!! GRABBED AT HIS WAIST!!  I just want to know what on earth was going through Mark’s head when he decided to go and lay flush against his group member. seriously tho. but 11/10 would recommend them recreating this, in the presence of a solid 1080p filming camera preferably. 

PIC LINK: http://bangtancity.tumblr.com/post/144433607756/ss-baeksoo-you-can-see-that-jackson-brought-up

VIDEO LINK: http://awesomemeowww.tumblr.com/post/127118208761/jackson-doesn-t-want-mark-to-leave-so-he-was-about

I See The Light

Prompt:  Imagine your OTP recreating the lantern scene from Tangled.

Request:  Prompt 24 for tom holland please? Idk otherwise free range :))

24. “Just because.”

Peter Parker x Reader

AN: I don’t actually know if there’s like a good lake near NYC because I’ve never been but let’s pretend there is one lol also i know that they announced that Peter is 15 but i’m making him around 17 in this one

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And at last I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new 

“I love this scene. It’s so romantic.” I told my boyfriend, Peter. 

We were having movie night and I somehow convinced him to watch Tangled with me. Peter had his arm around me and I had my head on his chest as we cuddled on his bed. 

“I’ve always wanted to try flying those lanterns.” I said. Peter hugged me tighter and rubbed my arm. 

“Really?” He asked, looking down to glance at me. I looked up to meet his eyes.

“Yeah, it seems fun and it looks really pretty.” I smiled.

You’re really pretty.” He told me. I rolled my eyes and giggled. My cheeks felt warm as he complimented me. 

“And you’re really cheesy.” 

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katennara  asked:

I like the idea of Jackie as a fashion designer. She has to have some skills for drawing in that, imagine if Jackie knew how to draw and makes sketches of her friends without them noticing until one day one of them finds them or something and they are really nice :3

When she moves with Donna, her friend notices how much Jackie uses a small, yellow notebook. It’s not her diary, it looks more like a moleskine or something, and she knows Jackie isn’t writing. 

She doesn’t say anything at first, Donna asks first Hyde about it and he looks at her as if asking what is she talking about, and only says that “Jackie has lots of notebooks, man”. Which isn’t a lie, but still…

Finally, she asks and Jackie hugs the thing to her chest, says it’s her diary and “it’s nothing” at the same time, then leaves the room.

Donna searched the notebook next time, but finds nothing. It must be at the basement, probably with Hyde (who obviously know what notebook is and what Jackie does there), so she tells Eric and he tells Fez, and now the three of them are only waiting for Hyde to go away, so they can sneek around his room and see if they can find the thing.

Finally, Eric thinks of asking Kelso but he knows shit about it and when Jackie happily announces she and her Steven are going on a date (”Ugh”, “Yummy”, “Eww”, *giggles*), the four of them only wait for the sound of El Camino driving away for all to ran into Hyde’s room and search.


Defeated, Donna goes back to her house and knows she may be woke by Jackie when she gets home, so tries her best to enjoy her hours alone when holy fuck, the notebook is peeking out Jackie’s bagpack for school. She takes it, excitment making her smile, knowing she may find something embarrassing when–

The first half of it is filled with fashion designs that are– they are actually good. And Donna blinks, and then smiles but gets a little bit offended at titles like “lumberjack style fashion for Donnas” and “sluty yet nice for Lauries”, and so on. The thing is– she would wear that, if done with the right material and the right size for her.

Her friend does know what she’s talking about when mentions clothes, she realizes. And she keeps looking until–

(art by @doodlebugdebz here)

The next half of the notebook suddenly becomes the basement and school, and other every day scenes between them. She also has the cheer squad with little notes about them, she has professors, her [Jackie], her stuffed animals, them, Mrs. Forman and Red, her [Donna’s] dad, even her mom…

And slowly, it starts changing again, Hyde starts appearing more often. There’s more fashion designs, now for men and the model looks like Hyde a lot. She later has a drawing of the old dude that was her boss at the Cheese Palace, some other of her co-worker and superior, one of Joanne, and more Hyde.

There’s a page that has a girl curled in herself in the corner, nothing else. She understands the girl is crying. The next page, has Hyde with his summer beard, followed by details of his hands, and his eyes, his sunglasses and his belt buckles…

Jackie yells at her to give back her notebook. Donna laughs and rans from her, saying that she is a sensitive artist and whatnot. She doesn’t stop until she sees Jackie’s face all read and about to cry. For some reason, it embarrasses her and Donna gives back her notebook.

“I’m sorry…”

“You had no right to look at it!”

The next day, Hyde is looking weird at her and Donna swallows. When he finally talks to her, he explains, voice covered in his coolest demeanor, “That thing is like her diary, she doesn’t want anyone to look at it. You should had left it when I told you, man.”

“You said you didn’t know.”

“Read the mood, Donna.”

“Come on. She’s is so good. Why isn’t she telling this to everyone?”

“She is, right? Well, she knows too and doesn’t want those things out. You know the ones.”

Donna doesn’t explain she didn’t saw the rest of the notebook but remembers the sketch of the girl curled in the corner. “It’s like her diary”, the details of Hyde’s body are from the summer, and she shouldn’t had look at that.

Before she can apologize to Jackie, she gets into the basement and slams the door closed. She is carrying tons of paper sheets and throws them all in front of Donna. 

“I over reacted.” She says and goes to sit down on Hyde’s lap. “Don’t touch my notebook again, please. You can look at those.”

Donna does it. There are more fashion designs and an unfinished drawing of Donna reading on her bed. She recognizes the clothes as the ones she was wearing the first night Jackie spend in her house.

Not knowing what else to say, she apologizes and soon starts telling Jackie how good she thinks she is and if she is planning on going to fashion school. They start talking about it, when the others come in, Jackie looks a little nervous that Eric grabs her drawings and Fez looks at the others, but when she looks down at Hyde, he smiles and her and Donna smiles seeing how that quickly calms Jackie.

“Wow, Donna! Who did this for you?” Eric asks when he recognizes his girlfriend in the drawing. Donna looks at Jackie and she only nods.

“It’s Jackie’s.”


The same questions are repeated, Donna has to also tell a small lie, that she found these and not the notebook. Soon Kelso starts saying she should draw him and that he would pose for her naked for future references, which wins him a, “Jackie, stand up, I need to punch a moron”.

Fez wants a drawing of him and Nina, while Eric says he will be truly impressed only if she can draw the Death Star. Jackie rolls her eyes at all of them, but smiles at the fact that– it wasn’t so bad, uh?

30 day OTP Challenge: Day Twenty-Nine: Doing something sweet

Note: Pure fluff :D BABIESSSSS

Words: 1115

You frowned softly as Loki got ready to go to Asgard for a few months and it killed you inside to be away from him. Six months, that’s the longest he’d be gone and especially now that you are married it hurt like a knife in your chest. You held a smile on your face despite the ache in your heart of not being with him as you placed a hand onto your stomach. It was slightly swollen for being now almost three months pregnant and you were more emotional due to the hormones. Loki looked back to see your broken expression before you immediately forced a smile for him.

“My love do you like this dress, or this one?”  He asked offering out two different dresses as you frowned softly. “What does it matter? What does it have to do with you leaving for six months?” You asked crossing your arms. “Because, I want you to look nice and be comfortable when you meet Odin.” He said as you rolled your eyes. “Of course you–Wait… What?” You asked as your eyes widened in shock before looking to Loki who had a grin on his face. “Did you think I was going to leave my love and child alone for six months?” He asked quirking an eyebrow.

“Y-You mean you’re taking me to Asgard?” You asked as your jaw dropped open. “Of course, my love if I left you here by the time I would get back you could possible have our child. And that is a no on my list. I want to be with you every step of the way.” He said cupping your face as you tear up before laugh happily pulling him into a kiss. “You really thought I was going to leave you alone?” He asked softly. “Well I thought maybe you thought I’d be safer on Midgard.” You mumbled when he placed a gentle kiss onto your forehead causing your eyes to flutter close.

“I think you are safest when you are here, but I want to watch this child grow, be a better father than Odin ever was to me. I will give this child all the love and happiness that I can give it.” He whispered as you smiled before hugging him in tears. “You are just a sap.” You giggled as he nips your neck with a playful growl. “Funny.” He comments as you grin before burying her face into his chest. “What will we tell the others about me going with you?” You asked looking at him when he winks before putting his index finger over his lips as he shushes you quietly.

“I shall tell them of your absence, besides you would be suck in this tower all day with nothing to do. They wouldn’t allow you to go on missions while carrying a child, and if they’re smart they won’t considering it’s mine.” He said in a dark voice as he cleared it quickly smiling to you. “And as your prince I cannot allow you to remain trapped in this tower.” He said before picking you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist causing you to squeak. He grins before kissing your cheek as you blushed looking at him when you looked around. “I’m not too heavy?” You asked.

“Of course you aren’t. I can pick up Thor without a problem, you are fine.” He said as you nod biting her lip gently. “I promise my love.” He whispered nuzzling his face into your neck causing you to laugh at the ticklish feeling as he grins holding you closer. “My beautiful wife.” He whispered softly as you smiled before tightening your hold on his leather. “Come we should get ready, we leave tomorrow morning.” He whispered setting her onto the bed. “By the way I like the first dress the best.” You said as he smirks. “I told Thor you would.” He chuckled going to the closet.

It took a few hours, but you were both packed for the six month journey as he looks to you for a moment in silence. “You’re having second thoughts?” You asked as he sighs. “I’ve been having second thoughts before even informing you, but I don’t want to be away from you for that long.” Loki sighs softly when you sat up on the edge of the bed before he walked in front of you. “I’m just worried, but Asgard is a beautiful place. I know you’ve wanted to see it for a long time.” He said as you smiled softly when he makes you lay back before he lays a hand onto your stomach.

“If I had known getting pregnant would get you to touch me more I would have done it soon.” You laugh as he rolls his eyes before gently lifting up your shirt over your swollen bump. “If I had known all you wanted me to do was touch you I wouldn’t have done it.” He countered as you laugh before look down to him when his eyes fell to your stomach. You bit your lips seeing a glimmer in his eyes that you don’t see as often as you would like to. He grinned to the unborn child growing in you when he leaned down pressing a gentle kiss onto it. “Rest.” He said.

He pulled back as you sighed wanting to protest, but the feeling of exhaustion over took your words. He pulled you further onto the bed when he whispered that he’d be right back, going to ask him why sleep claimed you before you had the chance. The morning came while you, Loki, Thor, and Jane set off to the realm of Asgard, your new home for the next six months. You were happy to have Jane with you considering Loki was going to be a little busy with things involving Thor and the council. So it was nice to have someone you considered a friend and someone from the same place as you to top it all off.

Your eyes widened feeling you and Jane both freeze in place at the awestruck beauty that is the realm of Asgard. Thor grins to Loki who chuckles at both of your reactions. “I love it when they do that.” Thor comments as Loki nods agreeing with him before they both lead you towards the palace. “This place is magical.” You gasp looking at Jane who smiles to you nodding. “In more ways than one my darling.” He chuckles softly as he helped you up the steps towards the palace where Odin stood smiling happily to them. “Welcome dear Ladies to the world of Asgard.” He said gesturing.

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Author’s Note: Oh my goodness! Tomorrow is the last day of the OTP Challenge for Loki!! *Screams* Thank you all who has supported me this far! You’ve all been just the best people a writer could have asked for :’) 

The Maid Who Stole His Heart

AN: Extra-sweet regency era romance with a wallop of fluff. Enjoy and Happy Fri-yay!

Worn and weary, Sherlock Holmes, lord of Bakers Manor, made his way across the field toward home. Redbeard trotted beside him, equally weary. Theirs had been quite the adventure, running across the city of London and back in pursuit of the most odious of men. A man who was not worthy of the title, for he has slaughtered no less than a dozen others with no reason to even attempt to justify his bloodthirst apart from an evil desire to kill.

The sun was breaking over the horizon, putting the past fortnight of tragedy and triumph in the darkness of the night, spreading tendrils of golden light over the rolling fields of his land. And as he trudged up the last slope, he stopped and breathed in deep of the clean air as Bakers Manor finally came into view.

“We’re home, old boy,” he spoke with relief and rubbed Redbeard’s neck soothingly. The faithful horse neighed, as if agreeing, and the two partners resumed their trek, but with a lighter step in their gait.

Coming to the stables, a bright-eyed boy jumped at his lord’s call and left his pitchfork in the hay bale to attend to Redbeard.

“Mighty glad to see you again, sir!”

“It’s good to be home, Archie. I trust you made sure to keep the estate in one piece while I was away.” Sherlock hid his smile when the boy puffed out his chest and nodded eagerly.

“Oh, yes, sir! Not a single brick out of place!”

Sherlock nodded. “Very good, thank you. When you’ve finished your chores and put Redbeard to rest, come inside. I have an announcement to make to the staff.”

Leaving an excited Archie to attend to his faithful steed, Sherlock made his way across the expansive yard to the stone patio.

Though he knew he should clean his person before meeting any one else, he found he could not wait a moment longer. Loping up the steps, he hurried toward the door that would be the fastest route to the rooms upstairs, where his daughters would be dozing still, no doubt.

So intent upon seeing his girls, he almost missed the sounds emanating from the open doors of the sitting room. But then the faint notes of a piano drifted over to him and he paused, his hand on the door. Turning slightly, he listened.

The pianist was certainly not one of his daughters, lest Georgina, the eldest, somehow improved far beyond her years in the weeks he’d been away. It was a soft, lovely melody played by a practiced hand that tugged at his heart, pulling him in until he found himself standing in the doorway, the fluttering curtains billowing out beside him.

With her back to the rising sun, her brown hair lit in gold and red tones by its rays, his chambermaid danced her fingers across the ivory keys, the enchanting melody an extension of herself. Sherlock stared, unsure of how he had not deduced her talent, and dumbstruck by the sight. A soft smile started to spread across his face and a warmth filled his chest that had nothing to do with the warming of the sun.


It had only taken him three years to understand just how much he had come to rely upon the faithful maid. And just as long to realize how much he loved her.


At Georgina’s cry, the lovely melody came to a sudden halt and Molly whirled about, wide-eyed. Sherlock laughed as his three daughters, whom had been sitting on the settee listening, rushed him and enveloped him in their strong little arms. Pressing kisses to their foreheads, he looked up to see Molly trying to slip from the room.

“Miss Hooper,” he called out, silencing his daughters’ barrage of happy exclamations.

Molly froze and he could see the tenseness in her shoulders, the way she gripped the doorknob tightly, her throat convulsing as she swallowed nervously.

She turned around and clasped her hands together, avoiding eye contact, her face colored with shame. “I am sorry, I should not have been so familiar as to assume I could play your pianoforte. Nor be so informal with your daughters.”

Sherlock frowned. What-

She bobbed a curtsy and whirled about, trying to escape once more.

“Wait!” He looked down at his girls, all of whom were looking at him with beaming smiles and knowing eyes. They were his pride and joy, and already as brilliant as himself, even more so if they could already deduce his intentions. Oh, how he loved them. Slowly, they let him go and stepped away, letting him go to Miss Hooper, who was trying her very hardest to look anywhere but at him, her face as crimson as a rose.

“Miss Hooper, please,” he lowered his voice and stopped just out of arm’s reach. “I did not intend to cause you distress. You have nothing to apologize for.”

Warily, she finally met his gaze, looking up at him through long, brown eyelashes. He could see she was confused at his soft tone and still afraid of being turned out. Slowly, so as not to startle her, he reached out and took her hand in his, feeling the thrill at the touch run up his arm. He swallowed thickly and, ever conscious of their audience, closed the distance between them in a single step. She had to tilt her head back to look up at him and what he saw gave him hope: a longing hidden beneath a mask of propriety and servitude.

Since he’d hired her several years hence, she had made this rambunctious, riotous house into a home; no less rambunctious, but with a little more order. She had no qualms about the many experiments, often gruesome, that he conducted and the other servants had eagerly let her take over the cleaning of his laboratory, which had led to her becoming his right-hand assistant when needed. And she wrangled his wayward daughters into charming young ladies (when the occasion arose), all without stifling their genius, encouraging both their studies as well as their curiosity in all things that society deemed “improper” or “unladylike.” She adored them and they, in turn, were devoted to her. Just like their father.

“In fact, if anyone should be apologetic, it should be me.”

Her brow furrowed ever so slightly.

Sherlock lifted his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear, letting his fingers trail delicately over the apple of her cheek. She shivered and blinked repeatedly, her blush darkening, to his delight. “Wh-whatever for?”

He smiled softly. “For letting all this time go to waste.”

His heart pounded in fear and anticipation as she stared up at him, he could almost hear her thoughts and fears. She searched his face, her lovely brown eyes looking for answers to questions she dared not voice.

“A-are you…I-I mean…”

Sherlock lifted her hand and pressed a kiss to her knuckles, lingering enough to allay any further doubts she had. “If you mean, do I intend to announce to the staff this afternoon of my impending marriage, then yes. That is, if you accept my offer,” he smirked and flicked his gaze over to where his daughters were tittering in excitement. “I should inform you, my offer includes three rather unruly, but brilliant little girls who love you,” he lowered his voice and urged her to hear the truth in his words. “Almost as much as I do.”

Tears filled her eyes and she stared at him in shock. Finally, she licked her lips and cleared her throat, her voice thick with emotion as she smiled shakily. “I-I’m afraid I cannot accept an offer that has not been made.”

His knees threatened to give in relief and a smile split his face. “Easily rectified. Molly Hooper, will you-“

“No, papa! Get down on one knee!”

Sherlock shot his eldest a mock glare for interrupting. The little girl had the audacity to smirk.

“And tell her she’s pretty and that you love her with all of your heart!” Gwen chimed in.

“Yes, thank you children!” His narrowed eyes didn’t even faze the tittering girls.

Molly giggled and covered her mouth with her free hand. They shared a fond look for just a moment, then Sherlock stepped back and knelt down before her. He could feel her racing heartbeat under his fingertips and that gave him the courage to speak.

“I do, you know. Love you with all of my heart, that is. Until only recently, I tried to ignore the way I would smile when you walked in the room and the way my heart would race when I see you with the girls, loving them unconditionally. I was a fool to waste so much time being ignorant of my feelings. No more. And forget social expectation and propriety, I never gave them a moment’s care before and I hardly will now.” He took a deep breath and reached into his breast pocket to pull out the betrothal ring he had purchased in London. Ornately engraved gold ivy surrounded the band, twining itself around a single ruby. Beautiful in its originality, just as Molly was. “Molly Hooper, will you be my wife?”

Immediately, she nodded, a beaming smile on her teary face. “Yes, of course I will, you dear, silly man!” Slipping the ring on her finger, he jumped up and caught her into his arms. But before he could kiss her as he so desperately wanted to, they were assaulted by three small girls who were overjoyed and insistent upon seeing the ring and hugging their mother-to-be.

The youngest, Genevieve, in her arms and Gwen and Georgina burrowed in her skirts, Molly’s smile could have rivaled the sun for its warmth and brightness. Seeing them all together, his family, he knew finally listening to his heart was the greatest decision he had made. His kiss could wait.

Catching his eye, Molly leaned her cheek atop Genevieve’s downy curls and sighed happily. “I love you, too.“

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Supercorp for the OTP ask thing

Which one cried during a fucking Disney movie?
You would think it’s Kara but it really isn’t. Kara has unlimited knowledge of Disney songs, she sings along to them all. She’s always singing and constantly humming and bopping along to them as she types up articles and does research. Kara shimmies up to Lena and sings into a spatula, she often distracts Lena when she’s cooking or reading by singing and insisting they dance to “Tale as old as Time”. However, it is Lena Luthor who is the movie crier. Lena sobs when the Fox and the Hound meet, she sniffles as Bambi’s mother gets shot and she’s in full hysterics when Stitch gets reunited with Lilo and Nani. Kara did not expect Lena to be so emotional and she doesn’t know whether to tease her girlfriend about it. She feels that there is something more to it but she never pushes the topic, instead she traces patterns along Lena’s forearm and rubs her back. Lena tends to curl into her and when she’s emotional she burrows, her head falling to the crook of Kara’s neck and her arms wrapping around Kara as she clings to the safety of her Kryptonian. Kara kisses Lena’s forehead and they enjoy the rest of their film marathons with Lena perched in Kara’s lap and Kara kissing away her tears.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
Kara when she first came to Earth and it scared the Danvers half to death. It happened to Lena once after a hell day, she was exhausted and not paying attention. She’s never done it again - not after the 20 page slideshow that Kara and Jess The Secretary put together on reasons why she is working herself too hard and reasons why she should be more careful. Nowadays they just use Kara’s heat vision.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? 
Kara 100%. Despite knowing that only one person can fly through her balcony door Lena always plays along which results in soft giggles along her neck and soft kisses stolen before meetings.

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
Lena. She was hesitant for touch at first being so touch starved so on her part she held back from touching casually. She flinches sometimes when they hug but their apartment can get really cold and after a few months Lena takes to padding out of the room in just one of Kara’s old t-shirts and her underwear, hair down and bare feet - which was definitely a mistake because then her feet get really fricking cold. Kara is still somewhat flustered given Lena’s appearance but what she definitely doesn’t expect is for her girlfriend to practically jump on her and attack her with cold feet. She doesn’t really care because she’s basically a toaster oven and any excuse to warm Lena up gives her free reign, running her hands over exposed thighs and kissing down Lena’s jaw line. Lena gets cold a lot…

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
Kara forces Lena to watch horrendous shows and Lena protests but she always caves and indulges her girlfriend. Watching Kara talk back to the television set is one of her favourite past times. That was one of the first times she heard Kara curse. She was just amused that she wasn’t the only one putting money into the swear jar. That is until Alex and Maggie come round for a new and improved sister night. There is a lot of money along with her credit card in the jar that night. Lena likes to watch cooking shows and Kara finds it fascinating because it inspires the chef in Lena and then she gets lots of yummy food experiments to try.

Who laughs more during sex?
Kara is naturally giggly and the sound of her laughter warms Lena’s heart, she loves the melodic sound so she makes it her mission to get Kara to laugh at least once most times. Lena is all about comfort and given that Kara was initially scared to go further they took it slow and became comfortable with one another, lots of practising and finding out what the other liked. Lena and a reluctant Alex made very tiny doses of Kryptonite that Kara fully consented to so that Kara could let loose a little during more heated times. 

Lena usually. Kara feels comforted when she can hold Lena in her arms and she is really protective of Lena at night. They both suffer from nightmares and being comforted by the gentle but secure arms of their lover really helps. Lena has a thing for Kara’s arms and she is definitely supposed to be sleeping but she can’t help it when Kara’s arms are resting along her waist, it really isn’t her fault if that leads to late night activities. There are the times around Kara’s Earth birthday and Astra’s death where Kara needs to be the little spoon, she sobs and Lena holds her, singing Kryptonian songs softly as she lulls Kara to sleep. It gets easier when for Kara’s Earth birthday Alex and Lena decorate the bedroom with stars and things that look as similar to Krypton as possible, Lena goes further (with the help of J’onn) and manufactures a special bedside lamp that can mirror colours from Krypton. Kara proposes under the sun of bedroom Krypton.

(Side Note: If you couldn’t tell I love them and I have a lot of headcanons for them! Send me questions if you want and I’ll gladly talk about other headcanons I have or if you want little drabbles then prompt away!)

Touch. // FINAL PART



You felt your heart skip a beat as Justin walks through the door smiling as he greets the others before making his way to you. 

You didn’t understand the way you were feeling but just the sight of him made everything seem okay. You brushed off the thought as he pulls you in for a hug.

Damn. His hugs.

“Hey beautiful.” He whispers causing you to blush, a few seconds later you hear your friends snicker in the back.


“Why are these bums here?” Justin says playfully, his arm still wrapped around your waist.

“Rude.” Alfredo says as he places his hand over his chest pretending to be offended. “We only came here to see you guys make out-”

“Shut up Fredo!” You interrupt, playfully hitting him. Everyone bursts into laughter including Justin. You turn towards Justin. “They wanted to come, also, I invited them for moral support.” You say shooting a glare towards Alfredo who smiles innocently.


1 hour later…

You walk out of the dressing room to see the director explaining the instructions to Justin. You couldn’t help yourself but stare.

Why the hell does he have to be so handsome? Fuck, this is so wrong to think of him like that.

“We start in 5!” The director calls out, snapping you back to reality. Everyone begins to prepare for the first cut. Justin finally catches your eye and walks up towards you.

“Damn. You look amazing.” He says in awe and you couldn’t help but smile.

Oh shoot. The butterflies are back. 

“You ready?” You say as you hold your hand out.

“Always have been.” He says, grabbing your hand gently as the two of you walk towards the director.


3 days later…

It’s been almost three days shooting the music video and it’s been never more perfect. As cliché as it sounds, it has been. On set, it’s nothing but goofing around and just having fun when it comes to Justin. He’s just so different. Sometimes just thinking about him makes it harder not to smile. 

It was finally time to do the last scene. You were a bit nervous considering it was a little more intimate and you weren’t sure if it was a good idea for your friendship. The original idea you had in your head for the video was a kiss near the end, but you decided to take it out because you weren’t sure he felt comfortable with idea and of course you didn’t want to force the idea on him. You have to admit, you always had feelings for Justin but never thought about taking your relationship to the next step.

The two of you placed yourselves on the scene as you were told. The music began playing but all you could hear was the sound of your heartbeat. The director begins to yell out cues and you guys obediently follow.

You began to lip sync the words to your song, as Justin pulls you closer until your faces were just a few inches apart. He looks you in the eyes and you almost read it out as ‘trust me’. You felt his hands roam around your body gently and in a way it made you feel safe. You look into his eyes and it reminded you the reason why you fell in love with him in the first place.

It’s as if there was nothing but him and I. 

By surprise Justin pulls you in for a kiss. 

You couldn’t comprehend what was happening but the moment felt right. You wrap your arms around his neck as you kiss him back. You felt him smile through the kiss.


You didn’t even realize the director yelled cut until you heard the music stop playing and all you could hear were the applause, cheers and whistles coming from the audience in front of you. You both pull away slightly embarrassed.

“Nope one more…” Justin says pulling you in for one more kiss and you felt the butterflies in your stomach explode. 

I’m literally kissing my best friend. What the hell. 

“Get it!”
“get a room”
“my parents!”
“Far already!”

A part of you didn’t want to pull away but you felt uncomfortable with people watching the two of you make-out. 

“Justin- stop” you say giggling as you pull away. Everyone begins to cheer, you tuck your face into Justin’s chest as you try to hide yourself from embarrassment. Justin chuckles as he wraps his arms around you.

“Damn. That was worth the wait.” Justin says causing you to chuckle before placing a small kiss on his jaw. 




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Can you do an otp of your choice using this prompt?: "Just let me take care of you."

Thank you so much for the prompt! <3

Cullen Rutherford x Evie Trevelyan
Fluff - 715 Words

The blow seemed to have came from out of nowhere, leaving Cullen staggered and reeling. His longsword fell from his fingers, dropping into the dirt with a dull thud and burst of dust. His shield followed suit, slipping from his arm to clattered beside its partner. He stumbled backwards, bringing his right hand up his face. As his back connected with a wooden post, he pulled his hand back to find blood staining his fingertips.

“Cullen!” Confused amber eyes flicked to the source of the outburst. Evie ran across the practice ring, dismay marring her delicate features. “Maker, Cullen! You’re bleeding!”

“I noticed.” He chuckled, wiping the blood from under his nose with the back of his hand.

“I’m so sorry.” Evie gasped as she took his chin between her thumb and forefinger. “You said I was holding back. And I- I told you I would get one of us killed. I should have never picked up that Maker forsaken sword. I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.” She turned his head this way and that as she spoke, examining his minor injury with widened eyes.

After wiping the blood on his tunic, Cullen took Evie’s hand in his, gently pulling his chin free from her grip. “I’m fine.” He assured her with a smile. “It was a good hit.”

“A good hit!?” Evie stammered incredulously. “I could have killed you!”

“I’m not as fragile as you might think.” Cullen teased.

“Just let me take care of you.” Evie pleaded, reaching toward his nose with her free hand. “Please.”

Dodging her fingertips, Cullen shook his head with an amicable laugh. “There’s nothing to take care, love. See?” He touched the pads of his fingers under his nose and turned the digits to Evie. “No blood. I’m fine.”

Evie’s worried eyes darted between his fingers and his nose several times before finally lifting to meet his gaze. “If you’re sure…” She finally conceded suspiciously.

“I swear to the Maker.” Cullen offered Evie an earnest smile and gave her hand a light squeeze. “Now then,” While still holding her hand, he reached down and retrieved his practice sword from its resting place. “Let’s get back to work.”

“Oh, no.” Evie freed her hand from Cullen’s grip and took a step back from him. Raising her hands defensively, she shook her head. “I’m not doing that again. I’ll find another way to train. Or better yet, I’ll just tell Commander Helaine I’m not cut out to be a Knight-Enchanter. Just, no more swords.”

Sighing, Cullen leaned his sword against the fence and took the single step required to get to Evie. He smiled warmly down at her as he placed his hands on her shoulders, He placed a tender kiss on her lips followed by one to her forehead then a final peck to the tip of her freckled nose, pulling a jubilant giggle from her.

“I don’t think you mean that.” Cullen correctly pointed out. All Evie had spoken of since Commander Helaine had arrived at Skyhold was the prospect of becoming a Knight-Enchanter, of using her magic to defend as well as heal. Despite her earlier protests she had been the one to ask Cullen for help improving her skills with a sword. She was just uncertain and lacking in confidence. And now that she had proven her mettle, she was scared. Cullen wasn’t about to let her give in to that fear. Not when he was so sure she would regret it later.

“I just…” Evie began with a lame shrug. “I don’t want to hurt you again.”

“I know, love.” Cullen pulled Evie into a warm hug, cradling the back of her head in his hand as she buried her face into the thick fabric covering his chest. They stood embracing in the middle of the courtyard for some time until a grin broke over Cullen’s face. “What if I wear a helmet?”

Evie’s slight frame shook with laughter. She leaned back from Cullen’s chest, gazing up at him with a playful sparkle in her eyes. She traced her gaze over Cullen a few times before laying her head against Cullen’s broad chest once more. She tightened her grip around his waist, pressing herself as close to him as possible.

“Full armour too.”

Thank you for reading.
Reblogs, comments, and likes are all greatly appreciated.

Nalu Week: Day 6 - Tattoo

I listened as a small bell chimed signaling my entrance into the store. “One moment! I’ll be right with you!” A voice called from somewhere in the back of the store. I heard small conversations and the light clanging of something as a blonde woman walked to the front of the store. “How may I help you today? What is this, the sixth tat Natsu?” Lucy spoke kindly. I smiled brightly towards her. “Yeah, yeah. I was hoping to get another tattoo on my arm. Also it’s the tenth,” I chuckled, pointing to the arm with tattoos that almost covered it. Lucy pouted and I smirked. “Other artists, eh?” “You jealous?” She nodded slowly, staring at a computer system which then I assumed she typed my name into. My smirk grew wider at her submission to the question and I ruffled her hair. “Hey! Hey! Not now! I have another client,” She whispered, brushing out her hair with her fingers. Her eyes filled with glee as she seemingly found it. “Yup! 2 o’clock. You can follow me into the back to watch or just sit down anywhere as usual,” Lucy chimed. I nodded and quietly followed Lucy towards what seemed to be a little station she set up so she could work quietly on tattoos. A bulky blonde man was laying on his back, shirtless, on the tattooing table as Lucy grabbed her tools and began working once more. I sat in the corner, watching in complete silence as she thickened lines and fixed blemishes and after a small matter of minutes she was finished. “And we’re done touching it up, Laxus!” She smiled as she placed the film over the large tattoo. “All done with the retouch. Natsu wait here, I have to ring up Laxus at the cashier!” She said hopping off towards the front. She seemed giddy. Laxus put his shirt on and walked towards the front, ignoring my presence but I don’t mind. I hear them talk about the price and whatnot but instead I look around at my scenery. The room layout is pretty simple. There are some drawers and cabinets in a corner along with a small trolley full of paint and the needles Lucy used on Laxus. The room is overall pretty normal with the occasional wall decor. Not much had changed since I last came except for the notebook which sat plainly on the middle of the drawer’s top. I was tempted to walk over and read everything in it but I didn’t.

“Hey you!” Lucy giggles startling me. I tense up and freeze in place before realizing who it is. I sigh. “Of course, who else?” Lucy smiled. “We are doing the dragon on your back right?” I nodded as she grabbed the ink sketch she did last time. “Take off your shirt and lay down,” She spoke firmly and I did as told. I laid down on the table where Laxus once was. “I can’t believe you are finally finishing this project,” Luce smiled and looked over all the tattoos that had appeared over my shoulders, arms and now the back. There was an empty space for the last tattoo I wanted. I had gone to so many artists and somehow, Luce ended up being responsible for three and now her fourth. “Okay Natsu, here comes the sheet,” She chuckled and I felt the inky sheet placed on my back, pressed down and then brought off. I heard a whistle. “Dang, already looks good. Can we just leave it like this so I don’t have to do all the work?” Lucy laughed and I gave out a chuckle. “You saying I look good, Heartfilia?” I heard a flustered voice and I smirked at Lucy who was most likely blushing. “Shut up, Dragneel!” She coaxed. I laughed a hearty laugh but calmed down quickly as Lucy began to set up the needles and ink. “What colors do you want?” She asked. “Uh, I’ll trust you on this one…” I mumbled. “Wait, really?” Lucy questioned softly. “Sure. Why not? This one is the last piece to the puzzle on my back and I want you to have fun making it,” I replied. I heard a squeal and Lucy began to grab her colored ink. “I’ll surprise you, so no peeking!” She teased. I growled. “Regrets…” I moaned silently. Lucy giggled and soon she began. 

4 Hours Later

I stared in amazement at the photo of my back on the phone. I was in awe. The dragon was perfect. I saw hints of blue and green amongst the fiery and bombastic shades and tints of color. The shadows were perfect and she used greens and yellows and everything I pictured. No, more than I could ever picture! Little stars were added in the background and Lucy even managed to tie it in with every other tattoo had. This was my tattoo?! I couldn’t even believe it! “Lucy! This is… your best work yet! How much is it?” I asked, laughing. She flushed under my gaze and made circles with her foot. “Uh, free of charge…” Lucy mumbled. “What? You can’t be serious,” I gaped. Free of charge?! For something as amazing as this?! “What do you mean?” “It’s free. No charge. You don’t have to pay a dime.” “What?! Why? I insist…” I muttered. Lucy looked away from me. “You don’t have to pay me anything. I don’t want your money.” Lucy’s fingers played with her hair and I watched as her ears tinted just as red as the ink on the dragon. I grunted at this. I placed my hands on her shoulders and shook the poor girl around. “Nope! I have to give you something in return for this!” I said, shaking her back and forth. She pushed away from my grasp and plopped on the floor. “Shoot, sorry Luce,” I grumbled. She stood up and brushed herself off. “Look, Natsu, I don’t want anything. Okay? Now, I have another customer. The best thing you could do for me is just be happy with the dragon…” Lucy smiled brightly.  She stared at me and I stared back, feeling my face beginning to flush as she brought me closer to her and hugged me. I felt a small peck on the cheek before she walked away. “Consider this an anniversary gift from me to you, Dragneel!” She cooed as I watched Lucy strut out to tattoo her next customer. “After all, it’s been four years!” Luce laughed. “Yeah, four years…” I mumbled, placing my hands in my pockets. I smiled dumbly to myself as I walked out the front door, waving. I walked down the street back to the park and plopped myself on a bench. My smile formed into a grin as I felt the velvety box that held the ring for her. I sighed and stared up that sky. “Honestly Luce, I think you’ve waited four years too long…”

Nervousness and Spite

Words : 1450
Pairing : Charles Lee x Peggy Schuyler
Warnings : fluff, probable second-hand embarassment
Special Notes : thank you to @smoljamesmadison for inspiring this adorable pair, and @ghostierawrrawr for sending in the headcanon that prompted this fic!

Charles Lee has many feelings about John Laurens. Anger, bitterness, resentment. Feelings one expects to experience after being shot. But one thing Lee never expected to feel towards the hot-headed soldier was jealousy, but damn if that isn’t what sparks in his chest as he watches Laurens flirt with the cute girl he’d been quietly admiring.

Lee almost manages to smother that spark - he’s been flirting with every available girl in sight - but his efforts are in vain. As soon as he sees her giggle and take John’s hand - he hasn’t asked anyone else to dance yet! - the little spark flares right back up. Lee forces himself to look away, tries to distract himself by taking a glass of champagne when it’s offered by a servant. But again, his attempts fail when he glances up and meets John’s gaze from across the room.

John smirks and sticks his tongue out rather childishly. Charles realizes he’s gloating; the other man’s expression practically screams I saw you watching her so I took my shot before you took yours. Lee glares and forces himself to turn away once more, silently fuming as he retreats into a relatively silent corner of the room.


Peggy giggles as John whirls her around in a dramatic spin. “Wow, Johnny, I didn’t expect you to dance like this,” she laughs. John grins. He may have originally approached her simply to piss off Lee, but the two of them had immediately fallen into a comfortable sort of companionship. She’s vibrant, fun and easy to talk to; he vows to do his best to keep Lee away from her.

“Well, sometimes you gotta show off, y'know? I’m just taking a page out of your sister’s book.” Peggy stifles another giggle. “And besides,” he continues, dropping her into a fantastic dip, “I’m just doing my part in the Peggy Protection Squad by dancing so amazingly that no one unworthy of you would dare approach out of fear of disappointing you.”

As he brings her up out of the dip, Peggy swats his arm playfully. “I don’t need a protection squad, jerk. I am perfectly capable of scaring away unwanted suitors on my own.”

“Oh? And how do you manage that?”

Peggy returns his grin. “Simple: if I talk for more than 15 seconds without pausing, they usually leave.”

John laughs as the music draws itself to a sweeping finale. The two friends part on the final note, bowing and curtsying in tandem with the rest of the room. John draws Peggy’s hand up to press a kiss to it, and she blushes and shoos him away. “Knock it off you dork; I think I see Alex coming, you better go meet him before he knocks someone over.”

John glances over his shoulder, shaking his head when he sees that she’s right. He turns, gives Peggy a wave, and disappears into the crowd. Peggy giggles again, turning to make her way to the opposite side of the room when she practically runs headfirst into someone. She glances up, intending to apologize and leave, the words freeze in her mouth.

Adorable. That’s the first word that comes to mind when she sees the face of the man in front of her. Tall, kinda gangly, and wearing a smile that could almost be described as rakish if he didn’t look like he was about to bite his lip off. Or faint.

Before Peggy can regain use of her tongue, he’s offering a slightly trembling hand. “Um, would you care to, uh, d-dance?”

Oh, lord help me, she internally squeals. She smiles, feels a light flush rise to her cheeks. He’s precious.


I’m gonna keep him!


“I’d be delighted!” Lee nearly does faint as she takes his arm, her face lighting up like a sunrise as she pulls him into position. He’s sure his own face must be redder than a Brit’s coat, but he forces himself to remain upright as the music starts.

He’s still not sure what internal force finally drove him over after John left, but he wishes it had thought the action through a little more. As much as he wanted to talk to her, he hadn’t thought at all what he was going to do if he did. All he knew was that he couldn’t let John win her when all he wanted was to spite Lee. This lovely girldeserves someone who likes her, not dislike a competitor.

His mind races in a million different directions like those; he makes it almost ten seconds before he reach a thought that makes him panic. (A personal record for female-based interaction)

I don’t know how to dance! He feels like his heart might stop, while his lungs decide to pick up the slack. He’s on the verge of hyperventilating when he feels a soft hand rub his cheek. He looks down to see his sunshine girl watching him with worry in his eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay. Just remember to breath. Come on, it’s alright.” Her voice is kind, not condescending like he might’ve expected from anyone else. He nods, face flaming as he takes a deep breath. He realizes after a moment that she’s counting quietly under her breath, keeping track of the steps while he syncs his breathing with her numbers. He actually manages to calm himself as she takes the lead, smiling and forgetting his nervousness for just a moment.

Before he knows it, the song is over and she’s guiding him back to the corner he’d previously occupied. She’s smiling the same way you might smile at a frightened kitten “Are you okay?”

Apparently being called on to speak is too much for Lee, because his brain short circuits as he tries to think of a smooth, flirty answer.

“You’re really pretty!” Oh. My. God. He starts mentally kicking himself, feeling his blush make its way back up his neck. Literally the stupidest thing you could’ve said. He’s beginning to contemplate finding John and asking him to shoot him again when Peggy giggles.

“Weeeell, you’re pretty cute yourself.” As Lee recovers from the shock of being flirted with, she holds out a hand. “Margherita Schuyler. But everyone calls me Peggy.”

Recollecting himself enough to take her hand, he continues to spout the first thing that comes to his malfunctioning mind. “I was calling you sunshine, but Peggy has a nice ring to it.” He doesn’t even realize what he said until he notices the blush on Peggy’s face as she giggles again.

“Well, aren’t you quite the charmer?”

“Not really, no.”

Peggy snorts, and suddenly Lee can think clearly again. While his first impulse is to find a hole to crawl into, its overridden by a desire to make her laugh like that again.

A laugh that she apparently has no intention of repeating, if the way she claps her hands over her nose is anything to go by.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry you had to here that! That’s so embarrassing!”

Lee frantically waves his hands in front of him, a gesture that causes her to snort again and give him a playful glare. “No, no, it’s adorable. I’m the embarassing one!”

She shakes her head. “No, you’re the adorable one.” His ears turn red, and she adopts a teasing grin. “And it seems I’ll have to keep calling you that, since you haven’t told me your name.”

Lee groans and buries his face in his hands, and Peggy has to cover her own mouth to keep from laughing. He takes a moment to recollect himself, and even though he can’t quite tame the redness on his cheeks, he manages to remain in control of his thoughts. “L-Lee. Charles Lee, at your service.”

Peggy grins as he bows. “Well, L-Lee,” she purposefully stutters, drawing a shy smile from him, “I think I’d very much like to keep in touch with you. What say you?”

“I-I’d like that very much,” he manages. Peggy claps her hands excitedly. She opens her mouth to speak, but stops as she spots something behind Lee. He turns slightly to see a rather overjoyed burnette making her way over.

“Oh, there’s my sis. I’ll have to introduce you sometime, but right now it looks like she has something she needs to tell me.” Peggy gives him an apologetic smile as she slowly edges around him to keep Eliza from bowling him over. She chews her lip for amoment, evidently in thought, and before Lee can ask what’s on her mind,she’s pulling him into a hug. “I’ll be sure to write!”

She gives him one last dazzling smile that knocks all words out of him, and suddenly she’s dragged away, leaving him alone in his corner.

Once he recovers (hopefully for the last time tonight), he has only one thought repeating itself over and over in his mind.

A girl actually likes me!

hydejackies-deactivated20170430  asked:

1 + zenmasters <3

N/A: Man, I felt bad after the sad fic. Here, have super fluff.

1) things you said at 1 am

His chick’s feet were always cold, no matter the day of the week and the hour of the day, and what station the year was wearing. Jackie’s tiny, delicate and very ticklish feets were always cold. Which is something Hyde had never truly though of until tonight, because it’s almost one am and he’s still awake, even when he knows he is supposed to be up at six and take Jackie to the doctor at seventh, or Mrs. Forman will figuratively and maybe literally kill him. Yet, he moved his feet a little, touching Jackie’s with his fingers and smiled when he confirmed that the thing hadn’t change in years. Yes, his chick’s feet are still cold. Just like the rest of her body is still soft and small; her belly all warm, her lips full and red, tasting like cherry and the gum she loves to chew on. 

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Little Whispers

Request: Could you do another Jensen x reader where the reader keeps whispering dirty things to Jensen during a panel, so he gets super frustrated but no one really notices. And then when they get back to their room they have rough sex? Please? Thank you!! – Anon

Pairings: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, public but silent dirty talking

Word Count: 2957

Btw, omg. 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Jensen’s POV

Another day of Con. It’s really fun, believe me, but I just get exhausted and sometimes overwhelmed. I’m feeling it mostly especially this week. I felt my hand getting lightly squeezed and I looked at my intertwined hands with my wonderful wife, smiling encouragingly at me. “You okay, J?” She asked. I nodded. “Just tired.” I replied. She leaned in and kissed my cheek. “Don’t worry, we have a week off before we have to shoot again.” She said. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled closer to me.

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I Ship It

Summery: you are Tony Stark’s daughter, and you are close to the newest members of the team. During a Harry Potter marathon with the younger members of the team Steve develops an opinion on your and Pietro’s relationship. (better than sounds probably)

(Y/N) your name
(h/c) Hair color
(h/l) hair length

It was a typical day in the tower. You had spent the day with the Maximoff twins and Vision having a Harry Potter marathon. Your idea of course, when you heard that they never saw any of the Harry Potter movies you insisted that they join you in watching every movie. You were all curled up on the couch with you on one side of the couch with Pietro sitting in the middle and Wanda on the other side of him with Vision, various types of snacks were piled up on the coffee table (and yes most were Harry Potter themed). We were about half way through the movies with The Goblet of Fire playing on the giant screen when your dad Tony Stark, the woman who is practically your mom, Pepper Potts, and the man who you thought of as a grandfather, Steve Rogers, walked in. “Hey kids how’s your marathon going?” your dad asked walking towards you and planting a kiss on the top of your head.

“It’s going great! Harry’s about to face off against the dragon,” You answered your eyes glued to the screen as Hermione jumped into Harry’s arms, “I ship those two so much,” you sighed absentmindedly.

“I do too, sweetheart, I do too,” your dad started, “anyway your on your own tonight, the adults are going to a fancy dinner with the mayor and all those other big shots. Don’t throw any wild parties while we’re gone.”

“You don’t have to worry dad we still got 4 more movies to get through.” You said pausing the movie before turning around so you were now facing the trio of adults. “We are going to be up all night finishing these movies!” you cheered.

“Okay but when the movies are over go right to bed, it isn’t healthy for young adults to stay up all night then do anything but sleep,” Pepper said in her mothering voice.

“Of course, mom, when have we ever done otherwise,” you saw the look on her face so you quickly added, “don’t answer that!”

“Okay we got to go or we’ll be late, and everyone’s is waiting for us in the limo, have fun kids see you later,” your dad said ushering the other two adults to the elevator.
“Bye guys, have fun love you!” You shouted after them the others in the room also shouting their farewells. You hear the adults shout their forms of goodbye from the elevators. You turn back around and press play, “Okay let’s continue.”
(In the limo)

“Sorry we’re late but we had to say goodbye to the children,” Tony said settling in between Pepper and Bruce.

As the limo started on the road Steve asked a question that he had been meaning to asked ever since (Y/N) said the word. “What did (Y/N) mean when she said that she ships Harry and Hermione?”

Everybody chuckled a bit at Steve’s question before Natasha decided to take pity on the poor man and answer his question, “It means that she wants to see or she thinks that they would make a good couple, like how I ship Tony and Pepper together.”

“Or how I ship Nat and Bruce together,” Clint piped up followed by the avengers naming who they shipped.

“I ship Thor and Jane all the way to the moon,” Tony shouted causing everyone to laugh.

“I ship Pietro and (Y/N),” Steve yelled out finally understanding the concept. Everybody shouted their agreements laughing and having, well everybody except for one.

“What do you mean that you ship my daughter with that roadrunner!” Tony shouted.

“Well they’re really cute together, Pietro is always trying to be close with (Y/N) and protect her,” Steve explained.

“I’ve noticed that to,” Bruce said contributing to the conversation, “Whenever she’s in the lab he’s hovering over her, he always tries to impress her during training when he drags her to it, and he always seems to find some way of touching her whether it’s holding her hand, poking her, or just finding some reason to hug her.”

“I don’t like this I don’t like this at all,” Tony pouted crossing his arms over his chest. He resembled a little kid who just got a toy taken away from them.

“Oh don’t be like that Tony you should be happy.” Pepper said poking Tony in the side.

“Why is that?” Tony asked not losing his pouting child look.

“Someone loves her enough to brave the anger of the Avengers,” Pepper giggled.

“I still don’t like it,” Tony huffed.
(Back at the Tower After the dinner party 2:00 a.m.)
The Avengers walked out of the elevator into the silence of the Tower.

“I guess the kids decided to turn in and finish the movies tomorrow,” Clint shrugged his shoulders, as they walked deeper into the tower.

That theory was soon disproven when the Avengers entered into the living room. They found that they’re ships had sailed, and caused Tony to resemble a volcano that was about to erupt. All the kids were curled up sleeping on the couch. Wanda was resting her head on Vision’s shoulders with his head rested on top of hers. Now that wasn’t why Tony was mad, he was mad because of the position that Pietro and you were in. You were sleeping on Pietro’s chest hands fisting his shirt. One of Pietro’s hands were tangled into your (h/l) (h/c) hair and his other arm was wrapped possessively around your waist looking like he would never let go of you, and your legs were tangled together. Needless to say Tony was not happy.

“GET YOUR GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!” Tony shouted waking up everyone in the room. You and Pietro were so shocked that you both ended up falling of the couch in a tangled heap. Tony snatched you away from Pietro in a blink of a eye. “YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!!! YOU HEAR ME SPEEDY!!! COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW (Y/N)!” Tony dragged you to your room and ordered F.R.I.D.A.Y. to not let Pietro enter this room. You were too tired to even question your dad’s antics and just fell back to sleep on your bed.

Back in the living room Pietro wasn’t doing much better than you were, “what was all that about?” he asked the others in the room accent heavy with sleep.

“Just Tony trying to sink our ship, but don’t worry we won’t let him mess with one of our otps,” Clint said patting Pietro on his back.

“I did not understand a word you just said,” Pietro croaked out.

“All you need to know is that we ship it to Asgard and back,” Steve said causing all the adults to laugh and the teens in the room to slump to their rooms for some sleep away from the crazy grown ups.

You Are In Love

He heard it in the silence. He felt it on the way home. He saw it with the lights out. Dan was in love. True love.

Please note:
Based off of Taylor Swift’s ’You Are In Love’. You can listen if you want. I have it attached here and here. Again, you don’t need to listen to the song to enjoy the fic.

Warnings: language

Word count: 2345

Genre: fluff (bc lets be real do I write anything else)


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