but the hedgehog is adorable too

My thoughts on the 'Give Bees a Chance' Sonic Boom ep

‘Give Bees a Chance’ was a great episode!I loved how the gang tried to cheer Amy up and stop her from crying. It just shows how much the gang care about her (and each others feelings). The episode also kind of proves that Amy is the heart of the team with her being kind and caring to a supposedly harmful machine. It was so sweet and heartwarming. I loved Amy’s adorable giggles too (like omg it made my heart melt) And don’t get me started on the bee puns XDXD I adored this episode because it showed another side of Amy ,that I love and want to see more often. It’s a character development that was shown but never was the main focus in the series episodes.It definitely is one of the best episodes so far. (the eggman working out scene though…..I really don’t know how to feel about that XD)

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Maybe #3 spins the bottle?

Number generated: 2 (Tails)

Amy gets her hopes up as the bottle slows when it nears Sonic, but it stops on Tails. Her eyes light up and she almost melts as those adorable sapphire eyes rest on her. The little kitsune is too cute.

Tails is about to move toward her, but the pink hedgehog yanks him into her arms and gives him a big kiss. Once she pulls away, she takes a moment to gaze at Tails’s now flushed face and squeezes him a bit. She lets him go back to his spot even though she doesn’t want to.

Sonic nudges his best friend and winks. Tails only blushes harder and looks away.


So, lookimadeahat dropped an INCREDIBLY ACCURATE Scorpius/Albus BuzzFeed AU in our inbox, and it’s honestly too good to keep to myself:

ALBUS: Scorpius! I’ve been working on some pitches. Want to hear?

SCORPIUS: That’s brilliant. You’re brilliant. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve come up with. I’ve actually been working on some too, maybe we could take t–

ALBUS: ”Quiz: How Overrated is Your Dad?”; “18 Insanely Adorable Hedgehogs to Think About While Your Stupid Dad is Telling You About The Cupboard Under The Stairs Again”; “35 Deaths That Were Directly or Indirectly Harry Potter’s Fault”–

SCORPIUS: Okay. We did do really well with social for “19 Tweets Only Children of Messiah Figures Will Understand.” I … I wonder if we could find some more, some more general topics.

ALBUS: Like “This Artist Has Reimagined These Gryffindors As Less Smug and It’s Breathtaking”?

SCORPIUS: Yeah, that’s good. Or “15 Reasons You’d Do Anything For Your Best Friend.” Number one, his hair seems very soft–

ALBUS: –“16 Tumblr Posts that Prove Literally Everyone Named James is a Jerk”; “25 Lamps That Have More of A Personality Than Most Portrayals of Your Mom”–

SCORPIUS: –”99 Times You Wished Your Mom Was Not Dead Today”–

ALBUS: Oh yeah, sorry dude.

SCORPIUS: Here’s one. “3 Reasons Fanfic Is Better Than Real Life and Also Certain Officially-Sanctioned Spinoff Media.”

ALBUS: What are those?

SCORPIUS: “1. You can make sure your favorite characters don’t get left out in the cold.”

TEDDY LUPIN: (Popping his head in the door:) Hey guys! My editor Luna Lovegood gave me the thumbs up to start my own section, “Buzzfeed Shapeshifting Werewolf”!

SCORPIUS: Wow, that’s brilliant! “2. You have total control of how the existing canon is incorporated, based on your personal perception of how characters would act.”

ALBUS: Right! Don’t you think so, Portrait of Snape From His Brief Time As Headmaster Which I Keep On My Desk?

SNAPE PORTRAIT: Look, I know we both think your dad and people named James are annoying but we are not friends. I have lots of friends. I don’t need any more friends.

ALBUS: Fair enough. And what’s the last one, Scorpius?

SCORPIUS: “Number 3: In fanfiction, they drop all the hints t0 mollify prudes and let two guys who clearly have a romantic connection just kiss already.”

ALBUS: I’d rate that … “win”.

(They make out furiously.)

                                                               — lookimadeahat (Kathryn Funkhouser)

Evaluation of marriage candidates in Rune Factory 4

As based on my female character. Evaluation of female candidates will require a second playthrough

Vishnal: blushingly handsome but the master\servant thing ain’t me. Has the cutest little side hair thing.

Doug: he is a weenie


Arthur: Will treat you like a princess, kind, gentle, sweet, adorable. AND WILL NOT DATE YOU NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY. He is too good for anyone, including you. I’m not bitter, shut up.

Dylas: sure if you wanna date fuckin shadow the hedgehog. Needs a kick in the pants and to get out in the sun.

Leon: DISTRESSINGLY handsome. The embodiment of that age-old lyric: “it’s hard to look right/at you baby”. I don’t know how I would talk to him without being a stuttering, blushing mess. Marry only if you possess great power.

Barret: is not a marriage candidate but should be, because that braid is powerful.


the interaction between Zilo is too cute. first twas Lilo talking, Zayn interrupted Louis. someone throw a blue bandana on stage. Zayn picked it up and place it on his face and tries to get Lilos’s attention. you can watch a crappy video version here :)

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But Shadow and Maria having matching eye colours when he was little and Shadow being super proud of it

that’s literally the best and saddest thing how dare you break my heart like this (˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ ) 

Have a really quick doodle because this is too cute


i almost did a Fate/Zero parody with that dogfight theme, but thankfully i’m too lazy _(:3 」∠)_