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Eyes on Me (M)

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Warnings: D/s (specifically DD/lg), restraint, slow build

Length: 1300

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happy birthday to my son, yuuri katsuki
instead of cake, have some love from your Russian coach ;)

“Victor,” Yuuri said slowly, raising his hands up in surrender. “We can talk about this…”
But Victor didn’t look like he was in the mood for talking. His gaze had Yuuri rooted in place. Neither of them moved. Two heartbeats, then three, before Victor finally opened his mouth. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Yuuri winced. He didn’t expect the topic to be drawn out so easily. He felt like he was about to be roasted alive over an open flame. Despite the growing knot of anxiety in his gut, he knew that white lies weren’t going to help him here. In fact, he didn’t want to lie at all. “It slipped my mind,” he confessed. “I swear. I didn’t mean—I only—I wanted…” He struggled to find the right words. “I wanted to focus on the GP. And I knew Makkachin was more important than my…” He sighed. “Than my birthday.”
Victor let out a sigh of his own. “It frustrates me that you think that way about your own birthday.” He shook his head. “You should know by now that I would’ve appreciated knowing beforehand.”
“I’m sorry. I really didn’t think—”
“No, you didn’t,” he said coolly, stepping forward and closing the distance between them so much that if Yuuri so much as reached out, he could’ve taken Victor’s face in his hands. One heartbeat, then two, and he realised half a second too late. He barely even had time to cry out in surprise when Victor took him by the waist and jumped off the edge of the pool, catapulting them both into the air. The mellow night lights by the indoor pool vanished into a cloud of bubbles and blue, blue water. Yuuri kicked upward, bursting out of the pool with a gasp. He rubbed the water from his eyes with the heel of his palm but it was pointless. Less than a heartbeat later, he was underwater again, pulled underneath by his wrist. And when the whirlpool of bubbles cleared, he found himself looking straight into Victor’s eyes. Yuuri pressed his lips together into a thin line and made for the surface again, but Victor kept him anchored in place. Victor held up a finger and pointed at his ear.
For a split second, Yuuri didn’t understand. But then he heard it—something more than a little familiar. His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say Victor’s name but only a flurry of bubbles escaped him. Victor looked like he was laughing. Yuuri scowled and kicked at him lightly.
Victor gestured upward and he nodded. They broke the surface together, taking huge gulps of air.
Stammi Vicino,” Yuuri gasped between breaths. “You… The hotel staff… did this?”
Victor grinned. “It was the closest thing to a surprise that I could get.” He held out a hand. “Shall we?”
Yuuri couldn’t help but smile. “I’m not sure what you want us to do underwater,” he said, taking Victor’s hand.
“Listen,” Victor said, intertwining their fingers. “And follow my lead.”
They went under and Yuuri did as he was told—he followed Victor’s lead. They swam out into the deeper end of the pool. Here, he noticed, the music was louder.
Questa storia che senso non ha.
He watched with unabashed fascination as Victor reached up, and turned away from him, taking on a lonely expression. Yuuri knew this. He knew what it all meant by heart.
Svanirà questa notte assieme alle stelle.
Was he really doing what Yuuri thought he was doing? Yuuri wondered as Victor spread his arms with a grace that mirrored his skating perfectly. He really is, Yuuri thought, smiling. He’s reinterpreted it. Just for this.
Sure, it wasn’t as showy as the true routine, but just like always, Yuuri couldn’t take his eyes off Victor.
Stammi vicino,” Victor’s lips moved silently along to the lyrics as he took Yuuri by his hands. “Non te ne andare. Ho paura di perderti.
Stay by my side. Don’t go. I’m afraid of losing you.
The music enveloped them. Victor’s hands ran down Yuuri’s face.
Le tue mani, le tue gambe—
Your hands, your legs.
Le mie mani, le mie gambe—
My hands, my legs.
Down his shoulders, his arms, to meet his hands once again.
I battiti del cuore, si fondono tra loro.”
The heartbeats are becoming one.
Victor drew close to him and if there was one thing Yuuri missed at that moment, it was the feeling of Victor’s nervous breaths fluttering against his lips before they kissed.
They were one, they were rising up and up in a maelstrom of bubbles and silent song. Yuuri ran his hands through Victor’s hair, letting them come to rest on the nape of his neck as they broke the surface for the last time, their lips still entangled in one another. Leaning his forehead against Yuuri’s, Victor pulled away first.
“Happy birthday, Yuuri,” he breathed. “Marry me?”
Yuuri laughed, heady with giddy happiness as he threw his arms around Victor and kissed him again and again and again. “Yes,” he murmured breathlessly into Victor’s lips. “Yes. Absolutely. Always. Forever. Yes.”
Victor laughed too, but it was a shaky laugh that spoke volumes. Yuuri cradled Victor’s face in his hands and kissed away the tears brimming in Victor’s eyes.
“I swear,” Victor said thickly, wrapping his arms around Yuuri and pulling him into a fierce hug. “I will never leave you again. Never.”
Yuuri closed his eyes and let himself be held. “Thank you,” he said softly. “You being here… It’s more than enough.”
He laughed again. It was crazy. He never knew it was possible to smile and laugh and simply be happy this much. “Come on. The man I’ve looked up to for years, pushing me into the hotel swimming pool and asking me to marry him?” Yuuri looked up at Victor, who was beaming. “If I asked for anything more, I’d probably jinx the rest of my life.”
Victor chuckled and ran his thumb affectionately across Yuuri’s cheek. “Ask and keep on asking for more,” he said. “I’ll be the kind of jinx you won’t regret.”
“Cheater,” Yuuri chided. “You know I’d never regret you.”
Victor’s smile mirrored his own. “Exactly.” 
And somehow, inexplicably, Yuuri could still hear the music echoing in his ears.
Partiamo insieme.”
Let’s leave together.
Ora sono pronto.”
I’m ready.

OK, here’s a tiny nugget of wisdom that I’ve managed to get my head around in my 28 years, which might (just might, no promises) make you feel a bit better about what’s just happened.

Sometimes you have to fuck up on a MONUMENTAL scale before you can really address something that’s a problem. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking life is perfect and people never make mistakes. They do, even the best kind of people, and especially the broken kind of people who try to be better but don’t always make it.

From what we know (and that is very little, granted), Robert regrets his actions (whatever they end up being) and also tries to confess. This is a complete change for Robert - remember how he was with the affair? Arrogant about what he was doing with Aaron, and how many other one night stands he’d had. This is a completely different Robert Sugden, because of the way he feels about Aaron. He knows he’s made a mistake, and he wants to fix it.

Also, I was always kind of left unsatisfied with the way the November kiss was dealt with - we saw a glimpse of progress in that Robert tried to tell Aaron in that kitchen scene, but he bottled it. Afterwards, he kind of dismissed it off as nothing, being all “oh come on Aaron, you know no one comes close”, which didn’t even attempt to address Aaron’s deep seated trust issues. Hopefully, this is the catalyst to now deal with it.

This is where Robert Sugden, who has now fucked up monumentally, realises he’s got a problem with fidelity, and that it’s something he can’t dismiss as game playing or whatever; that Aaron’s concerns and insecurities are real; and that he needs to fight against it in order to be the husband he so desperately wants to be.

Also, I’ve seen a few people saying that Aaron won’t/can’t forgive Robert for this. Sorry but I respectfully completely disagree. If Emmerdale want him to forgive Robert, he will forgive him. And it’s not like it’s OOC - Aaron has been incredibly forgiving in the past. Not just Robert - but the lodge and the scrapyard scene and the grain pit are all examples of when he’s had to forgive robert in the past and has done so - but also Finn, who he forgave for shopping him to the police, and Andy, who I think (??) he forgave for being behind shooting Robert and letting him take the blame for it. Yes, Aaron’s trust issues centre on Rebecca, and yes, Robert has done the worst thing he could have done to hurt Aaron. But then, didn’t Aaron also do the worst thing he could have done to hurt Robert? Pushing him away, turning his back on their family. I love Aaron Dingle to the ends of the earth and back, I seriously do, but he isn’t blameless in making Robert feel hopeless. They’ve both broken their vows here.

He doesn’t deserve what Roberts done, that’s not what I’m saying, and Robert should absolutely have hell to pay for it. But I really think Aaron will be able to get past it, and I refuse to even entertain this being the end of Robron.

And for the record, I am still absolutely mad as hell at Emmerdale for doing this - as a bisexual it is heartbreaking to see them feeding into the bullshit view about bisexuality, but I still think it was a completely in character move for Robert. He talked himself into believing he’d lost everything - that Aaron had given up on them, on their family, and he reverted back to his old ways. ‘Falling in love is for mugs’, so instead let’s go back to when I was carefree and unattached and didn’t love anybody but myself. It’s in character, it’s just frustrating as hell that they felt the need to explore that side of his character so soon after the wedding, and after all of the development we’ve had for Robert.

I’m gutted about it all, I really am, but I’ll get past it. And Robron will get past it, too.

I just really wish they didn’t have to. But then, if it was all plain sailing they wouldn’t be Robron, would they?

What kills me here is that Guts doesn’t want Farnese to leave (that was the whole point of going to see her) but he still cares enough to ask her what she really wants to do.

We all know that Guts went from not caring to caring too much about all his new companions, he doesn’t just think of Farnese as Casca’s caretaker or he would’ve just left without her and find another person to mind Casca.

He’s also savvy enough to know that if Farnese comes then so will Serpico (and probably also suspected that he didn’t want to leave the group either).

The signs as Heather C. quotes (musical)
  • Aries: " showing up here took some guts, time to rip them out :) "
  • Taurus: " you've come so far, why now, are you pulling on my dick? "
  • Gemini: " hello, slut :) "
  • Cancer: " Myriad? Nice. "
  • Leo: " for a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure "
  • Virgo: " well fuck me gently with a chainsaw "
  • Libra: " I'm feeling nice, here's some advice, listen up, BIOTCH "
  • Scorpio: " sHUT UP HEATHER "
  • Sagittarius: " [shouting] IT'S NOT A PARTY WITHOUT CORN NUTS "
  • Capricorn: " I got paid in puke! "
  • Aquarius: " Jesus! You're making me sound like air supply. "
  • Pieces: " I'm like oxygen, I'm everywhere. "
  • Kara: If I were a zombie, I'd eat you first.
  • Lena: I don't want your candy, what I really want is your number.
  • Kara: That skeleton over there said he'd get your number for me, but he didn't have the guts, so here I am.
  • Lena: I'm no vampire but I'm fine with getting no sleep and biting your neck all night.
  • Alex: Can you two flirt somewhere else? I'm dying here
  • Kara: We're not flirting
  • Lena: We're trading pick up lines
  • Alex: Is that what you kids call it now? "trading pick up lines" psh

me: finnpoe is gonna rise!!!!

my crippling anxiety: okay but listen here sweetie disney doesn’t have the fucking guts to go all the way with a canon mlm couple in a major movie franchise the backlash would be immense and the company itself is still wildly homophobic and there’s just too many obstacles in way for it to happen????

me, crying on the ground: finnpoe is gonna rise!!!!!!!

halloween pick-up line sentence starters.

taken from various places on the internet because who doesn’t wanna flirt with a ghost? no one, that’s who.

  • ❝  I can’t find a costume for Halloween, so can I just go as your boyfriend?  ❞
  • ❝  You’re the most boo-tiful ghost I’ve seen all night!  ❞
  • ❝  You look so good, you’re making my crotch rise from the dead.   ❞
  • ❝  If I were a zombie, I’d eat you first.  ❞
  • ❝  You must be tired, because you’ve been running through my nightmares all night!  ❞
  • ❝  You must be a ghost, because you’ve been haunting my dreams.  ❞
  • ❝  Are you being a ghost for Halloween, or are you just my boo?  ❞
  • ❝  You are dead sexy. Literally.  ❞
  • ❝  That skeleton over there said he’d get your number for me, but he didn’t have the guts, so here I am.  ❞
  • ❝  Hello there, boo-tiful!  ❞
  • ❝  You wanna take a ride on my broomstick?  ❞
  • ❝  Mmm baby! You’re decomposing in ALL the right places!  ❞
  • ❝  You must love Halloween! You don’t need to change to dress up as an angel.  ❞
  • ❝  I hear this house is haunted, we better stick together.  ❞
  • ❝  What’s a nice ghoul like you doing in a crypt like this?  ❞
  • ❝  All these ghosts and I still don’t have a boo.  ❞
  • ❝  Want to find out what I turn into at midnight?  ❞
  • ❝  If you were a jack-o’-lantern, I’d totally light your candle.  ❞
  • ❝  I should have dressed up as a ghost tonight so I could let you under my sheets.  ❞
  • ❝  I don’t know what the trick is, but you certainly are a treat.  ❞
  • ❝  Your costume looks complicated. Need help taking it off?  ❞

[insert teacup yelling and rolling around like a gerbil here]

I’m going to blame @fahye​ and @inknose​ 10000000% for the fact that I’ve become completely fascinated by the idea of zero gravity dance/acrobatics such as demonstrated in the Stargazer concept of ballisting.

There’s just. A killer concept here. I can feel it in my gut. 

\( ̄へ ̄)/