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i just wanna put emphasis on how ICONIC the guys’ reactions are to even actually showing up at isak’s door like,,, right before this even had stopped texting isak and didnt call so the guys were like “hey it happens sometimes it doesnt work out” and next thing they know he is at his door and they are just shOOK BC WHAT THE FUCK?? HE SHOWED UP?? YES ISAK FUCK YES!!! and how they were so willing to go out into the freezing cold fucking barefoot just for isak,, and omf when they were like yES LETS MEET EVEN and isak was like wtf are u crazy no and they were like ok.. well we can casually and ‘accidentally’ just bump into him outside! and isak was like nO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BUMP INTO HIM GET THE FUCK OUT,, i just :’) love them :’)


Sans is great at puns and all, but we all know Papyrus is the Pun master… (forgive me)


Black and blue.
Endlessly useless.
Indecisive. Weak.
That is what I am.


In which Butch Deloria and I are the same


ヾ(。・ω・)シ♡true love prevails! 


Zhang Yixing’s 2015 

Thank you for another amazing year ♥

Magnus pulled him close, and the witchlight flickered between them, its color changing rapidly. Alec had never seen a witchlight rune-stone do that before…When he bent to kiss him, he smelled like sandalwood. Alec clutched the sleeve of Magnus’s jacket, and the witchlight, held between their bodies, flared up in colors of rose and blue and green.

this was a dumb breakup plot but damned if that color-changing witchlight image didnt stick with me…good stuff :(

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: What Can I Get You?
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It wasn’t that your last job was bad, far from it, in fact there was only one bad thing about your last job; misogynistic customers. You couldn’t handle it, and your boss didn’t care so after careful deliberation you decided to quit. It wasn’t as if you were completely dependant on this job, to be honest it was only a summer job whilst you saved up for your second year at university, learning to be a midwife.

It didn’t take you long to find a second job, one of your parents friends had an opening at work and offered you the position straight away, knowing you were one hard working girl. It was working in mcdonalds but hey it was a job right? All you had to do was man the drive thru orders on a couple night shifts a week, a job that must have been kind of hard to fill as he offered you quite a substantial amount for doing so; almost like a bribe for what you were going have to put up with. 

Walking in at 8:30pm in full uniform (minus the god awful hat) your boss quickly explained the job, introducing you to the other few employees working, a couple quiet girls who’s names you missed and a very loud boy named Pietro who had by wearing the hat backwards made it look very hot. Wow good money and a cute boy what wasn’t there to like?

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Listen, fellas. I know somebody put you up to this. They probably payin’ you some extra money too. Yeah? Well it ain’t RIGHT! Pulitzer thinks we are gutter rats, with no respect for nothing, including each other. Is THAT who we are? Yeah, we stab each other in the back, that’s who we are. But if we stand TOGETHER, we change the whole game. And it ain’t just about us. All across this city there are boys and girls who ought to be out playin’, or going to school, and instead they are slavin’ to support themselves! AND their folks! THERE AIN’T NO CRIME IN BEING POOR, and neither one of us complains if the work we do is hard, huh? All we ask is a square deal. So kids, for the sake of every sweatshop, factory and slaughterhouse in this town, I beg you, throw down your papers and JOIN the STRIKE.

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                                     independent JACK KELLY from Disney’s NEWSIES
                                                                written by AMANDA