but the fic is beautiful really!!!

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hello um i read this fic about dan and phil in high school and dan is really sad and self harms and doesn't talk to anyone and phil wants to make him happy so he slips notes in dan's locker telling him he's beautiful and stuff and he gives him the safe word "watermelon" to say if dan wants to talk to him and dan actually uses it in class so phil takes him out to his car and they talk and it's cute

Stitching Up the Seams (tw)- Phil can’t help but notice the boy with dead eyes who wears baggy jumpers all the time and barely talks anymore. Not being able to stand how sad he looks, Phil begins to slip notes into Dan’s locker in hopes of raising his spirits.


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Have you read any good fics lately that you'd like to rec? Especially if they're fics that aren't as well known!

Yeah! There’s a short one I liked by @candycane-magnus titled Magnus + Downworlders. My favorite kind of Magnus in it, really.

@abloodneed also writes lovely drabbles in general; I haven’t read too many, but I’ve enjoyed all the ones that have come across my dash. The writing is very soft and beautiful.

And lastly, this fic rec list has older fics, but I highly recommend each one on the list because many are not as well-known and they deserve all the attention in the world for how amazingly they’re written.

Confessing Really Shouldn’t Be This Difficult- Prologue

Summary: Nico is in love with Hanayo. It’s a beautiful and wonderful feeling. She wants to express her love and tell the girl just how she feels, but it’s so hard to confess when the universe hates you.

Notes: Hello everyone! I’ve wanted to get started on this ongoing story for quite a long time now, and I finally decided to say ‘fuck it’ and just do it. The Nicopana story we all deserve!! I’ll do my best to bring this ship justice and a really nice, heartwarming and hilarious story.

This is just the prologue, but excluding it the intended amount of chapters are 11! Please look forward to it :’)

side note, I have never in my life written a conversation through text in a story before so I hope the way I formatted it was alright! 

smol shout out also to @banditchika for attempting to help me come up with a title but instead giving me the best way to summarize this fic.

Word Count: 880


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my favorite fics [25/?]

Autumn Leaves by @fukcinglouis; 27k, read on ao3

Summary: “Brave?” Harry frowns, caught off guard. “No, not particularly.”

“You seem brave,” Louis decides, pushing off the wall and stepping on the butt of his cigarette. “You are strong, and you are not mean. That’s good,” he assures, touching Harry’s arm gently.

“Thank you, but that’s not true,” Harry smiles ruefully. “I’m really not anything special.”

Or, Harry is an American soldier in France during World War II, and Louis is a French waiter that doesn’t mean to fall in love with him.

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HIII… So you know how I said that someday I was gonna write fanfic… Well, I actually wrote something… If you have time, can you please check it out?? Please and thank you!! It's my first fic so it's not good but I'll work harder to improve!! (。>﹏<。)

HELLOOO WOW REALLY? OFC I’LL CHECK IT OUT!! thank you so much for asking me to read your work!! 

OK I JUST READ IT AND LIKE WHY??? WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO POOR TAETAE AF;EWOIAJ; i really love your writing!! i guess the cancer thing might be a bit overdone but i think the diction is absolutely beautiful and i think this is really good for a first fic!! :))) keep writing and i’m sure you’ll improve and blossom into an amazing writer!~ ^^

now that i’ve finished DA2 it’s time for the sequel to Dragon Age Origins Social Media AU

  • Varric runs a twitter that is half devoted to livetweeting whatever ridiculous bullshit Hawke is up to and the other half is writing and also memes
    • he also has a writing Tumblr where he posts friendfic of the whole gang but with the names changed, only it’s a secret. no one knows. Cassandra is one of his most enthusiastic fans.
  • Bethany has a beautiful instagram full of really nice aesthetic photos and candids of her friends. She’s lowkey insta-famous
  • Isabela is the snapchat queen. her stories are unparalleled. her twitter is entirely retweets of particularly iconic things that, like, Cher and Carrie Fisher and Chrissie Teigen have said
  • Fenris has a REALLY angsty insta that’s all photos of like, bloody knuckles and knives, and also a secret tumblr that he totally uses as a personal diary, but a lot of his depressing quotes get a ton of notes because he’s super relatable in his anguish
  • Merrill is far and away the most social media capable of them all, she runs a tumblr and instagram that’s all nature and witchy stuff. She also runs a vegan/vegetarian cooking youtube + tumblr, which is like her side job that she stumbled into entirely on accident.
    • she posts an inspiring quote every day and responds to anon hate with sunny cheerfulness. many have tried to bring her down. none have succeeded.
  • Anders runs a social justice blog and gets into fights with every conservative ever to cross his facebook timeline
  • Sebastian is the conservative Anders is always getting into facebook fights with. he’s that guy whose likes are all about being a republican and loving Jesus
  • Aveline is super super inept at social media and mostly just uses facebook to keep up with people she knew in high school, but not in a petty way. even though she’s objectively more successful than them.
    • it took her three months after her wedding to get the photos uploaded, and only then because she had Bethany help her

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I watched The Big C episodes with Lee out of interest and now I am a broken man. Any tips on how to live with this now? He was so beautiful and perfect and it should've lasted forever.

I know right? I watched them because of solitarysister’s Draco x Lee AU and I really knew what I was getting into but I fell in love with him after one episode. Just imagine all the Mads beat characters that could’ve made him happy like I’ve been.

Though there is certainly not enough fic featuring him at all in my opinion.

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I was going through your blog and saw you mentioned Anterograde Tomorrow and now it's 1am, I need to wake up at 6, I'm really not ok and need someone to hold me ;-; That was probably the best and worst thing I've ever read in my entire life what even is life

Omg… you’ve never read it before today? I’m really happy for you and also I’m so sorry that you had to go through that pain. 

Also, if you like the pain like I do, read 10080. That fic broke me and I haven’t been able to read angst since. But it’s so beautiful and so worth the tears.

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ᴏɴᴇ ᴛʜᴏᴜsᴀɴᴅ ᴘᴀᴘᴇʀ ᴄʀᴀɴᴇs ʀɪsᴇ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ғʟᴏᴏʀ –

On the shore stands a boy looking over his shoulder at Haru, smiling happily, his eyes reflecting the green ocean, a hand reaching towards him, wind running through his sandy hair, tangling in his clothes. Annoyingly taller than him.

“Happy birthday, Makoto.”

– hoshruba, "catch a falling star”

160311 GOT7 V App - Jinyoung comforting and restraining Jackson during his outburst at JYP for not including any of his songs in the Flight Log: Departure album

top larry fics of all time

someone asked for it and i really have nothing better to do with my time, so have a list of the top 20 larry fics of all time (according to number of kudos on ao3)

+top 20 of 2015
+vote for the best fic of 2015

  1. Fading by tothemoonmydear
  2. Escapade by dolce_piccante 
  3. Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar
  4. Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes by theboyfriendstagram
  5. Wear It Like A Crown by zarah5
  6. Pull Me Under by zarah5
  7. And Then a Bit by infinitelymint
  8. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart by mcpofife
  9. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante
  10. As You Are by zarah5 
  11. nothing else but us right here by supernope 
  12. like a bastard on the burning sea by vashtaneradas
  13. You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release) by LoadedGunn
  14. This Shifting Ground by zarah5 
  15. Just Me, You, And This Box of Matches by tomlinsunshine
  16. Red Brick Heart by hazmesentir
  17. we’ll play hide and seek to turn this around (give me love like never before) by Wankerville
  18. Sing When You’re Winning by hazmesentir
  19. Wild And Unruly by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews
  20. Let’s Fall in Love in a Place You Want to Stay by embro 
The Song of the Sea

communitymc said something about siren!Tom and, naturally, a certain Pirate Captain (Jordan). I fell in love with the idea and this story worked its way into existence.

Ship: Syndisparklez. Lots of Syndisparklez.

Triggers: Unless you don’t like the ocean this is mostly just fluff with a lil’ sadness thrown in :)

* * * * *

“We’re closing in on the bay, Captain.” Capsize adjusted the wheel, angling the boat to further align with the narrow entrance to the bay that was illuminated brightly in the setting sun.

“You’re sure this is the place?” Redbeard asked, also studying the landform that they approached gradually- and not without a small dose of fear mingling with the anticipation in their stomachs.

“Look at the cliff outline. If that doesn’t look like a tower to you- ‘the seaside castle’ as she said- clearly your other eye is going as well.” Jordan replied.

“I see perfectly well with my remaining eye, mate.” Skipper replied, rolling said eye as Rupert scrambled up from below decks.

“Remember what milady said.” Jordan spoke levelly as the ship nearly grazed each side of the landform and drifted into the harbor. “Keep your mind on finding the pearls. Anything else is a distraction, and should be avoided completely.”

“Do you think they’re real?” Redbeard spoke softly, almost inaudible over the sound of the waves. “The sirens.”

“I think Jordan’s right. Your other eye is going.” Capsize replied, pointing straight ahead.

The bay they emerged into was shaped like a nearly-full moon, surrounded by sharp cliffs.  Small rocks jutted throughout the shallow waters, and it was on those rocks that they focused their attention. In the shadows cast by the cliffs, the rocks were dotted with smaller, pale-colored creatures.

“They’re real alright.” Rupert said, putting away his telescope with a look of determination on his face. “Steer clear of the shadows, mateys.”

“We’re here for the pearls and nothing more. Remember milady’s orders, and all shall go smoothly.” Jordan ordered, and the ship headed straight for the opposite side of the bay. When they were within a hundred feet of the shore, the singing started.

Rupert was the first one to hear it, and the pirate paused mid-word as unearthly voices reached their ears. It started out soft, barely background noise, but the closer they got to the shore (and the rocks) the louder and more noticeable the song became.

It wasn’t lyrical, exactly, nor was it in a language that any of them understood, but to many pirates and lost travelers, the song of the sirens held promises of things beyond comprehension. Rupert went slack-jawed, staring at a small group of sirens that had left the rocks and were approaching the boat with caution.

“Snap out of it.” Capsize ordered, and Rupert blinked, shivering slightly as he tore his eyes away and stared at the shore instead. Redbeard gritted his teeth, and Capsize guided the boat towards the rocky beach until the bottom of the boat nearly scraped the seabed.

“Eyes on the prize.” Redbeard ordered. “We’re here for milady, nothing more.”

As Jordan vaulted over the side of the boat and landed in the water with a splash, he mulled over the meaning of the song. It had started off as soft and sweet, but the longer he listened the more it lost its hold on him. For whatever reason, the sirens weren’t able to reel him in like the legends told.

He glanced at a group of three sirens who had begun to slowly approach him and scowled. Their perfect faces fell into perplexed frowns.

“Hello Captain.” One of them spoke finally, pale grey eyes staring into his own. “Care to take a swim? I promise we won’t bite…”

“I want no business with you.” Jordan replied shortly. “Leave me be.” He pulled his sword out of its sheath ever so slightly, and they stopped their approach, hissing slightly.

“Do our voices not tempt you, pirate?” The grey-eyed one spoke again. “Come on Captain, live a little.”

Jordan studied their faces, analyzing their perfect, feminine features before shaking his head. “Please leave me alone.” He drew his sword. The siren arched one perfect eyebrow, before turning her back on him. She swam off, and the others reluctantly followed.

He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. The siren’s magic hadn’t worked on him, clearly, and while he was grateful for that it was still confusing. He plodded through the shadows before emerging onto the rocky beach. Tide pools dotted the rocks and sand here and there; some shallow and small, and others deeper and much wider across. The smaller ones were a safer bet, and Jordan wasted no time searching for the oysters that would (hopefully) contain the right pearls that Ianite wished for.

The setting sun cast pink light on the black rocks as Jordan began to pull oysters out of the pool and stuff them in the bag he carried with him. He’d gathered maybe a dozen or so when the singing started up again. He immediately stopped, spellbound.

Whatever the siren’s songs had lacked before, it certainly did not lack that now. The song was smooth, flowing easily across the rocks and echoing off the cliff walls. Jordan closed his eyes for a moment, trying to pinpoint the location of the sounds that soothed his very soul with their words.

The song spoke to him of smooth seas, of warm grass on bare feet, and the feeling of a cool breeze on a hot summer day in the city. Jordan felt almost as if he was floating, as if the song had erased the laws of existence entirely. The song was both familiar and unlike anything he’d ever heard.

In a daze, he dropped the oyster he had in his hand. He needed to know where the song was coming from. Someone called his name, but he didn’t have time to pay attention to that. The siren was singing, and he needed to find them.

Jordan’s eyes fastened upon a cave leading into the far cliff wall. Immediately, he knew that was where he needed to be. Again, he heard someone call his name. Again, he ignored them and continued on. The closer he got to the cave, the more the tone of the song changed. While from a distance the song sounded pleasant and soft, the nearer he came the more it began to take on a sad, almost pitiful aura.

When Jordan splashed into the knee-high water that filled the bottom of the cave, the singing abruptly stopped. His mind snapped back to being rational once more and he blinked, staring around at the interior of the cave. The song momentarily forgotten, he stared at the rows upon rows of oysters that marked the waterline. Well, as long as I’m here, I might as well…

Jordan began to pick oysters once more, oblivious to his surroundings as he focused once more on the task at hand. When a hand tentatively closed around his ankle, he jumped and nearly dropped the bag as he drew his sword and spun around in a panic.

The siren that had snuck up on him backed off, eyes wide as it retreated into the very back of the cave. Immediately, Jordan knew it was the siren who had sung to him earlier. “Whoa, whoa, I’m not going to hurt you.” Jordan said, watching as the siren hid its face from him and trembled in the corner. “See?” He said, slowly sheathing his sword again and showing his empty hands.

The siren had retreated almost all the way out of the water, back into the very end of the cave. The scales that melded into its chest shone weakly in the light of the setting sun. Even from a distance Jordan could tell there was something off about the half-humanoid creature in front of him.

“Who are you?” He asked softly taking a couple hesitant steps closer. Finally, the siren raised its head and looked at him. Jordan’s breath caught in his throat. Golden-brown eyes stared up at him tentatively, the face they were set in framed by short hair the color of the ocean on a sunny day. Most surprisingly, however, was that the face was distinctly masculine.

“There are male sirens?” Jordan asked, astonished. The siren in front of him nodded, eyes never leaving his face. “I didn’t know.”

“I’m the only one here.” The siren finally spoke, and Jordan’s knees nearly gave out at the sound of his voice. He took another hesitant step forward, and when the siren didn’t flinch away he sat down on a rock nearby. “Most male sirens die of starvation within a year of their birth. They kept me alive because the species cannot survive without at least a little genetic variation.”

Jordan’s heart squeezed painfully as he noticed the ribs sticking out of the siren’s bare chest and how the hollows of his cheeks cast shadows over his otherwise-perfect face. He was still breathtakingly beautiful, but Jordan could not begin to imagine what horrors he had been through. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts

“What is your name?” Jordan asked breathlessly, attempting to learn more about the siren who had gradually begun to stop hiding from him.

“…a name? I don’t have one.” The siren frowned.

“You need one.” Jordan decided. “How about… Tom?”

“Tom…” the siren tested the name out, the human name sounding foreign on it’s tongue. “I like that. Nobody ever bothered to give me a name before.”

“Nice to meet you Tom. I’m Jordan. Jordan Maron.”

“Jordan. Hm. I suppose you were here after the pearls like everyone else?”

“My lady Ianite needed them. Myself and a few other pirates were sent on a journey to retrieve them.” Outside, Capsize yelled his name. Jordan cursed, closing his eyes. “It was an urgent mission, I’m afraid.”

“You’re leaving?” Tom’s face fell. “Very well, go in peace. And I don’t suppose I’ll ever see you again, will I?”

Jordan paused, considering the siren in front of him. Before the mission, he’d never felt a tie to anyone greater than that which he had to his goddess. Now, however, it seemed that the blue-haired siren had stolen a part of him away.

“Jordan, we need to go!” Capsize yelled from somewhere nearby the mouth of the cave.

“Here, take this.” Tom said, grabbing Jordan’s hand and slipping something into it. When he opened his hand, a coin-sized pearl shone brightly in his palm. “It’s something to remember me by, if you’d like.”

“This isn’t goodbye.” Jordan stated firmly. “I’ll be back for you. I’m going to get you help. Milady and I will work something out.”

“Jordan! There’s a storm coming!”

“Be safe.” Tom said. Then he paused. “Come here.” Jordan leaned in a bit closer as Tom’s voice dropped to a whisper.

The siren’s lips met his own, the kiss lasting mere moments that seemed to stretch into infinity. When they parted, the taste of salt lingered on Jordan’s tongue. “They say a siren’s kiss brings good fortune at sea.” Tom whispered, dropping his gaze.

“I’m coming back for you.” Jordan said as he scrambled to his feet.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

There are so many things I wish I could change about myself. I wish I was warmer, more patient, had tougher skin. I wish I knew how to let things slide. I wish I knew how to use words to comfort people when they need me – and how to not say the things that requires them to need comfort. I wish I wasn’t a pain for mom, and I wish I was the person my dad had wanted me to be. I wish I was good enough for them.

But my roots run deep, and I can’t change who I am.

Still – I wish I had a better heart.

I rewatched XMFC tonight for the first time in A WHILE* and it was! an experience!!

  • I would not have thought it possible that I could be surprised by how much of an asshole Charles is in this film, given that it is HIS DEFINING CANONICAL PERSONALITY TRAIT, but oh my god. oh my god. you guys. he’s the worst person in the world, except for maybe Erik, it’s a toss-up. they are, together, the worst people in the world. it is amazing. this is clearly the reason I love this franchise so much. they are both just trash heaps. the thing is, the movie clearly is under no misperceptions about this. he is awful from start to finish and accidentally stumbles into doing something good or having a correct opinion OCCASIONALLY. it is truly magnificent.
  • I literally grinned and giggled like a blushing schoolgirl any time Erik pulled any of his stupid antics. I don’t care, I can’t help it, I lurve him and his melodramatics and chic clothes. WHERE DO THE CLOTHES COME FROM? DOES HE HAVE THEM STASHED AWAY IN EVERY CITY? HOW MUCH TIME HAS HE SPENT ASSEMBLING HIS WARDROBE? WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND THE OBVIOUSLY HANDMADE CAPE ETC? I demand >5000 words of fanfic about this pronto. I must know. it is too delicious. nobody wears a fedora like Michael Fassbender wears a fedora, I am just saying. (Jon Hamm. that’s it. nobody else should bother making the attempt.)
  • re. Erik: he is. such. a. weird. man. everything he says is like, profoundly socially inept. he just lurks around and then says weird shit to teenagers about how THEY SHOULD BE PROUD OF WHO THEY ARE!! and scurries away, but like, not in an endearing way. nobody has ever thought about how he comes off as much as this man and yet he has literally no idea how he does, in fact, come off to other people. he is just a colossal failure in this regard. “just shoot me in the head, Charles, old buddy, old pal! it will be so much fun!!!!!” THIS IS NOT HOW WE PLAY WITH OTHERS, ERIK. EVEN IF WE LIKE THEM VERY MUCH. MAYBE GO GET SOME NICE CHOCOLATES.
  • speaking of which: this movie is so gay. it’s so gay. I know this is Not News but oh my god. as I was just saying to @connaissais, this is really the reason I feel legitimately resentful of the fact that the relationship will never be ~canon, whereas with basically every other media property I don’t give a shit: I really feel they went 9/10ths of the way in a very deliberate fashion in this film and then didn’t seal the deal. like, when Erik and Charles meet it is by way of Charles JUMPING INTO THE OCEAN to rescue a hot stranger from drowning himself, and then they cling to each other in the ocean for a while, and then they come up and gush at each other about not being alone. and that! is only! the beginning!! I mean!! COME ON. COME ON.
  • the thing about this movie, I found watching it this time, is: DOFP is definitely a “better” film, I think the best of the four X-Men films I have seen (X-Men, X2, and then these two), but I think this kind of goes higher and also lower. the stuff that works in this movie REALLY works. it has a much more affecting range of emotional content than DOFP (the major failing of that film to my mind)—the Charles/Erik stuff is total dynamite, and then the stuff establishing who Erik is and why he is so fucking out of his mind REALLY works. I mean, it is incredibly superficial and dumb—the scene at the beginning with Shaw is not exactly great cinema, BUT the one at the end in the submarine is really, really good, to the point where I went from like, gleefully cackling along with the movie to all of the sudden being unironically engrossed. the last act of this movie, wild historical inaccuracies aside, is really, really good. it really gets you in the gut. BUT the stuff in this movie that doesn’t work is a complete and total disaster. Darwin, Angel, the Hellfire Club scene (literally so bad it deserves a spot on this list), the creepy stuff with Erik and Raven, Charles randomly kissing Moira, some of the historical stuff that really goes too far into “uh huh” territory (you couldn’t??? just???? pop over into the USSR whenever you felt like it???????), random dangling plot threads everywhere, etc etc. whereas I think DOFP, for all its total wall-to-wall madness, is actually pretty coherent plot-wise, and very steady tonally. obviously it also has some problems but it’s pretty high quality all the way through, as far as I’m concerned.

to sum up:

just guy pals, doing guy stuff, nbd.

*it is possible I have not seen this movie in over three years. no, seriously.

Okay but I really need more fics of young Jack Morrison being completely and utterly love-at-first sight infatuated with Gabriel Reyes.

I want Jack Morrison who’s enlisted fresh out of high school where he was prom king and captain of the football team taking one look at the rugged beauty that is Gabriel Reyes and being like “Yes. Him.” Even though all his fellow recruits are like “dude he outranks you” and “dude he’s an officer and you’re just enlisted” and “dude that’s Gabriel Reyes.” And because Jack Morrison doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stop” when he’s got an idea in his mind he fucking goes for it.

But Jack’s not dumb. Jack knows you win people over with kindness better than force, so he winds up hell bent on being Gabriel’s best friend. He sits by him at mess, tries to really get to know him, compliments him every time he sees him. He’s determined to get to know Gabe and support him and make himself everything that Gabriel Reyes needs in a man.

Meanwhile here’s LA raised Gabriel Reyes who’s a ROTC kid, probably double majored in Philosophy and Computer Science while working in the theater department’s costume shop throughout college, wondering what the hell this white bread Indiana boy is doing trying to get on his good side. He’s suspicious at first, but the problem is Jack is just so genuine in his adoration. He backs off when Gabe asks him too, respects his boundaries, and really listens and takes things to heart, even when Gabriel challenges his Midwest farm boy assumptions about the world. So Gabriel can’t help but relax around him. Bit by bit he lets himself enjoy Jack’s constant company and comes to see him as a friend that he can rely on.

Finally one day his curiosity gets the better of him and he turns to Jack all “What the hell is all this for, Morrison? You know I’m not going to give you preferential treatment.”

Jack just shrugs like, “I don’t really want that. But how about a date?”

And Gabe is so thoroughly dumbfounded and seduced that he says yes.