but the fact that they turned to each other to feel safe

So, I kinda have a theory on Stalia that I believe would be awesome to have.

I had been thinking, and I came to the theory of Stiles and Malia having previous history with each other before season 1, but they were both too young to remember each other.

My reasons:

- In the episode where they change Malia back to a human and return her to Mr. Tate. The way Stiles had looked at her almost resembled recognition, as if he had met her before but couldn’t remember.

When he had seen that she had gotten home safe, he then turns to look into the mirror and notices that he can read. As though she were his anchor.

- In Eichen House. He had felt safe with her and had been himself while with her. Now, I can see how people get heated over the fact that Stiles had had sex with her without really knowing her, but Stiles being that type of person would feel a bit ooc. He’s not the type of person to go sex up the next pretty face that walks by without having a least some kind of relation or connection with them. He hadn’t thought of her as a stranger

Then he had felt protective of her. They say that Stiles and Lydia are meant to be because they would risk their lives for each other, well news flash, Stiles did the same for Malia. More than once. In Eichen House he had given himself to the nogitsune to protect her. Then in Mexico when she had ran off and he didn’t hesitate to go after her.

And the same goes for Malia. In the basement of the lake house. When she was shifting she had wanted Stiles to leave because she didn’t want to hurt you. What she had said to him wasn’t a threat, it was a warning. She was trying to scare him away so he would be safe.

- Episode ‘De-Void’. After Scott and Lydia had gone into Stiles’ mind Peter had pulled Lydia aside to talk about the memory, stolen by Talia, of his child. When she had mentioned Malia’s name Stiles had come 'back’. The fact that she would be his anchor.


There should be a scene in which we see a young Stiles (maybe at the park.) and a young Malia (both maybe 6 or 7). We see Claudia Stilinski walk up to Stiles to introduce Malia and her 'mom’. Both Stiles and Malia look towards each other, as if analyzing the other. Eventually they start playing and become friends for a while.

When Claudia becomes sick, Stiles becomes sad/depressed and locks away memories and after her death he, essentially, forgets about meeting Malia.

Malia, at the age of eight, turns into a werecoyote and her family dies. She feels so much remorse and sorrow that she forgets about her meeting with the buzz cut, whiskey eyed boy.

When meeting again (season 3b) they feel a sense of familiarity with each other. Given, is why they had become so comfortable with each other leading to the Eichen House scene.