but the fact that they turned to each other to feel safe

the thing about courferre is just. it’s the kind of relationship that would feel so safe.

and that’s not a bad thing. in fact, it’s what draws me to it.

i like the idea that these two best friends come together, and realize that they want something different from their relationship. i like the idea that they were friends before they started dating, and not just friends, but best friends. i like the idea that when they see each other, they think of safety, of quiet nights spent working on homework with enjolras, of getting each other coffee for their 8 AM class on political theory, of inside jokes with the other amis, and of napping on each other’s couches.

i just. they wouldn’t be volatile. they wouldn’t be always ready to break and explode and have a huge blow-out fight at any minute. sure, they’d get upset with each other, they’d fight– but you know that they would turn back around and do everything they could to fix things, because their relationship is important to them, and it has been for a long time.

maybe they’re not the most interesting pairing to write about, because they would be happy. but they’re the pairing that appeals to me the most for just that reason.

i don’t know. i just like the idea of combeferre coming home from a long day at the hospital and scowling and being grumpy, and courfeyrac just sitting him down on the couch and marathoning tv with him, poking him with his feet and making silly faces at him until he cheers up a bit. of combeferre taking courfeyrac to the zoo and getting excited about the animal rehabilitation programs. of car journeys where they’re both a bit cranky, but know instinctively when they’ve both hit the wall and need to find a snack.

and sure, these are things that can be found in any relationship. but just– the two of them feel very safe. like it would be easy for them to fall into their routine. like these things that they’ve been doing forever would just blend seamlessly from one type of relationship to another. i don’t know. i like the idea of the person you’re in love with also being your best friend. i’m just rambling, and feeling emotional about courferre. what’s new.