but the f a c e and the p r e t t y

[cpt 2] stretching out toward the horizon (my heart aching to touch you)
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second cpt of the yoga class Berena AU ft. special surprise guest is up, curtsy  of myself and @awesomelesbiansurgeon 

  • Hinata: I h a t e Kageyama
  • Yachi: Why? You're always together. If you're not playing volleyball, you're going out to ea-
  • Hinata: How do you know we go out to eat?
  • Yachi: Y-
  • Hinata: How much have you seen?
  • Yachi: A lot?
  • Hinata: KAGEYAMA!!!
  • Kageyama: What do you want du-
  • Hinata: S h e k n o w s
  • Kageyama: H o l y-
  • Yachi: You don't even hide it you idiots. Literally everyone on the team just assumes you're dating.
  • Hinata: c r a p
  • Kageyama: f u c k
  • Hinata: Don't cuss
  • Kageyama: Oh, I'm sorry *hugs Hinata*
  • Yachi: how the crap do you guys not expect us to think you're dating?
  • Kageyama and Hinata: h u h ?
RQ Name Game

1.) Your FIRST letter of your FIRST name.

A B C D E - Maven
F G H I J - Evangelo
K L M N O - Farley
P Q R S T - Kilorn
U V W X - Cal
Y Z -Mare

2.) Your LAST letter of your LAST

A B C D E F G - wants to
H I J K L M N - loves to
O P Q R S T - likes to
U V W X Y Z - hates to

3.) Your SECOND letter of your FIRST name.

A B C - kill people
D E F - catch fish
G H I - fight
J K L - dance
M N O - eat
P Q R - watch their enemies suffer
S T U - sleep
V W X - watch the dawn
Y Z - bitch

3.) Your SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A B C D - with Mare
E F G H I - with Maven
J K L M - with Cal
N O P Q - with Farley
R S T U - with Evangeline
V W X - with Kilorn
Y - with Gisa
Z - with Elara

how accurate is yours?

mbti as history of japan

INTP: ding dong, it’s the outside world
ESFP: [how about s u n r i s e l a n d]
ISFP: and the royal palace became such a dream world of art that they really didnt give a shit about running the country
ESTP: [h i r e a s a m u r a i]
INFP: [n o w t h e r e s m o r e a r t]
ESFJ: [open the country. stop having it be closed.]
ENFP: “that sucks” they said “this sucks!!!!”
ISTP: and japan says “can you maybe chill” and russia says “how about maybe you chill”
ENTJ: p l e a s e r e s p e c t u s o r w e m i g h t i n v a d e y o u a s w e l l
ISTJ: [i t s t i m e f o r w o r l d w a r 1]
ISFJ: [n o] said everybody, quieter this time
INFJ: the shogun didnt actually care he was off somewhere doing poetry
ESFJ: [t h e l e a g u e o f n a t i o n s] whos mission statement is to try not to take over the world
ENTP: h o w b o u t i d o a n y w a y
ENFJ: and the united states started helping britain because they’re [g o o d f r i e n d s] and not helping japan because [t h e i r f r i e n d s a n d o u r f r i e n d s a r e n o t f r i e n d s]
INTJ: “and now i’m going to invade korea, and then hopefully china”, he said, and failed. and also died.

let me spell out the name, i am the 

M-A-R-I-E J-O-S-E-P-H P-A-U-L Y-V-E-S R-O-C-H G-I-L-B-E-R-T D-U 


P E T E R  M A X I M O F F

Originally posted by maryjosez

“I love you, idiot,” Y/N confessed, an anxious feeling wrenching at her gut. The boy’s face illuminated in happiness as the words left her mouth. Peter’s eyes lit up as he leaned in and feverishly kissed her, smiling against her lips. 

“I love you too, dork,” He asserted, skimming his thumb across her jaw as he gazed into her E/C hues dreamily.

W A R R E N  W O R T H I N G T O N

Originally posted by gryffinddor

“Y-You what?” Warren repeated for the third time as his eyes shot open at the final realization at what she said. He shot forward, tackling the girl onto the floor as he placed small, yet hungry kisses upon her face, and then one on her lips.

“I love you too,” He said, getting off of her, and carrying her bridal-style back to his dorm in confidence.

A L E X  S U M M E R S

Originally posted by lucasdaily

Alex nearly choked on his beer as those words left Y/N’s mouth, Jubilee’s jaw dropped, Jean passed Scott a twenty dollar bill with a shit-eating grin, and Peter wolf whistled as loud as he possibly could. His Azure-Blue gaze shifted to your serious expression, and without thought, his lips crashed onto hers. The kiss was full of hunger and need, and for a split second, he forgot he wasn’t alone with her. He let go of her, and her fingers were at her lips, tracing where his were in shock.

“I knew that,” He asserted with a smirk. “But do you know what’s cool?” Alex’s smirk disappeared, and a smile found it’s way onto his lips. “I love you too,”

“I told you, sucker,” Jean smirked, as Scott’s face was dumbstruck.

C H A R L E S  X A V I E R

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“That’s quite a stupid thing to say,” Charles stated with confusion placed all over his usual calm expression. “But I can say that I love you too,” He admitted, adverting his Icy-Blue hues away from her E/C ones. The woman’s petite hands found their way to the collar of the button-down he was wearing, and she’d crashed her lips onto his. His arms snaked around her waist, and he smiled against her lips as they kissed.

S C O T T  S U M M E R S

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Scott dropped the Pop can he held in his hand, Jubilee squealed like the little girl she was, Peter said something disgustingly funny, and Alex said something completely vulgar and amazing as the words finally escaped your lips. “R-Really?” Scott choked out, his jaw basically touching the floor at this point. 

“Of course, goofball,” She confirmed, a chuckle and a small ‘idiot’ coming from Alex, his lovely older brother. Scott was beaming in joy, as he snaked his arms around Y/N’s waist, picked her up, and proceeded to spin her around as he kissed her. 

“I love you too, Y/N,” He agreed, a smile plastered on his face.

nct dream on new years

my ships are showing move away if you dont like markhyuck, jaeno, or renle :’)))))


  • doesnt matter if he’s been working non-stop for 234872389 years he N E E D S T O S T A Y U P F O R T H E C O U N T D O W N
  • suddenly has all the energy in the world right before new years
  • has planned his new years kiss with hyuck since they met
  • makes sure hyuck is by his side all night so no one can steal him for their own new years kiss
  • cant drink and be a cool kid™️ so he drinks juice with the dream team
  • doesnt let any of his kids near alcohol
  • ready 2 pass out waters to his hyungs that mightve drank a lil 2 much
  • just wants to kiss the fuck out of hyuck at the end of the countdown


  • pretends not to care about new years
  • planned the party most likely
  • bought extra juice for jisung 
  • gets mad when jisung ends up falling asleep before the juice is finished
  • “that ungrateful little brat i cant believe he’s trying to look cute while he’s asleep so im not mad”
  • whines when mark drags him outside to watch the fireworks right before the countdown
  • calls him a loser after they kiss and complains about how he tastes like grape juice


  • emerges from his hole after 2489234 years
  • gets babied
  • jeno makes him drink his juice with a straw
  • that’s how he was planning to drink it anyway
  • co-planned the party with hyuck
  • just said yes or no to everything hyuck said
  • tired and mopey the entire night
  • boyfriend jeno to the rescue !!!!


  • clings onto jaemin for the entire night
  • makes sure he’s ok and doesnt let him do anything by himself
  • too excited to function
  • probably thinking about all the new things the dream team will accomplish in 2017 :’))))
  • sweet precious bean counts down the loudest
  • has chenle on his left side and jaemin on his right
  • holds jaemin real tight when the countdown ends 
  • kisses his cheek instead of his lips bc they’re best buddies !!! nothing more !!!!! :’))))
  • stop lying to yourself jeno


  • nervous sweating the entire time
  • has to get a pep talk from jaemin
  • really just wants to kiss chenle’s cheek
  • nervously sips orange juice
  • wants to complain when they run out of orange juice but too nice to, settles for apple juice
  • hypes himself up to kiss chenle
  • chenle ends up kissing him instead :’))))
  • passes out right after the countdown like the tired lil kid he is


  • gets high on juice with jisung
  • will touch everything except grape juice
  • hates grape juice with a fiery passion
  • sticks with renjun and jeno the entire night :’))))
  • pretends not to notice how nervous renjun is
  • probably goes wild and mixes the juices together !!!!11!1!!
  • takes pity on renjun during the countdown and kisses him instead of the other way around
  • has no regrets


  • mixes all the juices together and takes shots with them
  • regrets his life choices but whatever will keep him up man
  • ends up falling asleep anyway
  • gets tucked into bed by mama taeyong
  • vvv sad in the morning bc he wanted to see the fireworks :(((
  • laughs when he sees renjun being nervous over kissing chenle
  • nobody knows where he is most of the time
  • unless you call everybody over for shots, then he’ll appear (for juice of course !!!!!)
  • the drunk friend when he’s old enough to drink
  • pretends to be hungover the next morning, just probably vvv tired
  • kisses his teddy bear at the end of the countdown because he’s a lil baby that shouldnt be kissing anyone

repeat after me, friends !!

aces and aros and aspecs can call themselves queer if they choose to.

aces and aros and aspecs can call themselves queer if they choose to.

aces and aros and aspecs can call themselves queer if they choose to.

  1. aces and aros and aspecs can call themselves queer if they choose to.
  2. aces and aros and aspecs can call themselves queer if they choose to.

  • aces and aros and aspecs can call themselves queer if they choose to.

a c e s  a n d  a r o s  a n d  a s p e c s  c a n  c a l l  t h e m s e l v e s  q u e e r  i f  t h e y  c h o o s e  t o .

this has been a psa. -mod rho