but the ending is still questionable

by Robert Frost

Out through the fields and the woods
And over the walls I have wended;
I have climbed the hills of view
And looked at the world, and descended;
I have come by the highway home,
And lo, it is ended.

The leaves are all dead on the ground,
Save those that the oak is keeping
To ravel them one by one
And let them go scraping and creeping
Out over the crusted snow,
When others are sleeping.

And the dead leaves lie huddled and still,
No longer blown hither and thither;
The last lone aster is gone;
The flowers of the witch hazel wither;
The heart is still aching to seek,
But the feet question ‘Whither?’

Ah, when to the heart of man
Was it ever less than a treason
To go with the drift of things,
To yield with a grace to reason,
And bow and accept the end
Of a love or a season.
—  Reluctance, by Robert Frost.

I feel compelled to post this every year at this time. It sums up the late November moment for me.

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Question, if Milo swap bodies with someone, like Zack for example, would Milo still deal with Murphy Law even when trapped in Zack body?

*shrugs* it would probably stay in his own body, since Zack isn’t the one who is cursed. Since its really only their spirits switching, Zack would end up cursed because he’s now in milo’s body

Endless Summer 3 Thoughts

I know some people are upset with the announcement that this will be the final book of Endless Summer and complaining that ROE and TF/TS get more books, but does anyone really want Endless Summer to become like ROE? ROE has very little plot, constantly contradicts itself and is a bit of a mess. Same with TS.

Will I be sad when Endless Summer is over? Definitely. I’ll miss the story and the characters. But I’d rather see the story end on a high note, in a way that makes sense than be dragged out for far too long. I still miss TC&TF, but I love how it ended and I’m glad it went out with the best book in the trilogy. I never got sick of the characters and the world.

I am excited to see what the conclusion of Endless Summer brings. There are so many questions we need answers to and I want to make sure those precious babies all get the happy endings they deserve. As much as it will hurt to say goodbye, I”m excited of the idea of them getting to live happily ever after (and that hint of the “next step” and “when you know you know”). I am predicting the first months of 2018 will be an emotional roller-coaster as we go to La Huerta one last time. 

After that? Well, hopefully, @playchoices will release another book in the same vein that can keep us hooked. I have high hopes for Hero Book 2 if they can finally find their footing and decide what they want to be. I’d also really love side stories in both the Endless Summer and TC&TF universe (I would happily pay 30 diamonds for a TC&TF romance story like TF got, same with ES). 

Instead of focusing on the fact that this is the end, lets celebrate the fact that Book 3 is only a few weeks away and we will finally get to see how this amazing story ends.

Lust for a Living - Chapter 2

Spencer wasn’t one for one night stands, but little did he know, his curious mind got him into one. The woman he meets is astonishing, breathtaking and intoxicating… literally.

AU: Angel!Spencer x Succubus!Reader

Warnings: smut

You pulled your coat around yourself as you stepped out into the cold night.

You unlocked your car and had the man sit in the passenger seat.

You started to drive silently as you hummed to yourself.

Spencer was still confused as hell with millions of unanswered questions boggling his mind.

You turned on the heat and made sure the vent was pointing towards him.

He didn’t have a coat, so he should be cold.

“Can I ask you some questions so I can figure out what the hell happened?” He asked with fear lacing his words.

“Let me explain. You walked in there and four pretty women led you to a booth where they kissed and touched you and then I got involved. The end.” You said as you turned down a street.

“That’s it?” He asked.

“That’s all she wrote.”

“Well why do I feel all fuzzy and… weird?”

“Have you ever been horny before?” You asked with a smile.

His face turned a shade of pink at the question.

“Umm y-yeah but… it just it feels really… weird…” he said.

“It? Your dick?”

“No no my-my brain my body.” He said quickly as he turned even darker red. “How do you know where I live?” He asked changing the subject after clearing his throat.

“I took your wallet.” You said tossing it into his lap. “But I’m not taking you to your home I’m taking you to my home.” You added.

“What why?! I need to go home, to my home…”

“You can’t.” You interrupted.

He turned his head and looked at you.

“Why?” He asked quietly.

“Just… just for tonight you can’t go back.” You said. “They… they know your scent and they will track you down and… do things you don’t want them to do.” You said.

That enhanced the number of questions he had by double, but he decided to stay quiet.

You pulled into your large garage and turned off the car before walking into your big house.

You set your keys on the counter and turned on the lights.

“So… if they can track my scent won’t they know I’m here?” He asked.

“Your scent won’t get through my doors or windows.” You said simply. “I’m going to change so you don’t have to avoid gawking at me.” You said with a smile as you looked down at the lace lingerie. “Eat something if you like, make yourself at home.” You said as you disappeared into your bedroom.

You quickly changed into a tank top and pajama shorts and came back out to see the boy standing in the same spot.

“So your name is Spencer.” You said leaning against the counter, remembering the name on his driver’s license.

“Y-yeah, what’s yours?” He asked.

“Y/N. What were you doing in a strip club? You don’t really look like the client type.” You said as you grabbed a glass from your cupboard.

“I just umm… I was curious.” He said shyly.

“Hm, that makes since.” You said handing him the glass of water.

He investigated the glass, looking at the bottom of it and smelling the water.

You took it from him and took a drink before handing it back.

“It’s not drugged. I’m concerned for your hydration.” You said with a smirk.

He looked at you and then the glass before taking a small sip.

You watched as his throat muscles contracted as he swallowed the liquid and you shuddered.

You were almost afraid of him.

He was so intoxicating to look at and to smell once he was out of the girls’ hands.

He looked so innocent with his big brown eyes; so pure.

To add to the torture, you haven’t been fed in four days.

“A little taste wouldn’t hurt,” you thought.

You took the glass from him and placed your hand on the small of his back, feeling his breath hitch as you persuaded his trust for you to increase.

He looked down into your eyes and you saw lust.

You hated manipulating men, seeing how they instantly fall in love in seconds against their will, but he was so gorgeous and you couldn’t resist.

You pressed your lips to his jaw and then neck as he gasped quietly, making sure you avoid his lips.

Succubus’s don’t kiss lips.

It’s too intimate.

They are just there to feed and move on, nothing else to it.

You wrapped your arms around his back and closed the space between you as you continued to assault his neck with your kisses.

You knew he was weak already from the torment earlier, so he wasn’t going to last long.

You pulled him along to your bedroom and laid him down on the bed.

You felt bad… but he felt so good.

You laid on top of him and peeled his shirt open before squeezing his arms and kissing down his chest.

His skin was so pale and sweet that you started to run your tongue across his chest.

His hands remained at his sides, which wasn’t something men always do.

You looked into his eyes and looked for any hint of rejection, and there wasn’t any, so what was it?

Why wouldn’t he touch you?

“You can touch me.” You whispered as you set his hands on your waist.

He nodded and you kissed his jaw lightly, his hums and gasps filling the room.

Was that all he needed?


Could he get any sweeter?

You sat up and straddled his waist, second thinking your idea.

He was so innocent and respectful; you didn’t want to poison him with your curse.

You looked down at his face with his eyes fluttered shut and his chest rose and fell heavily.

You sighed and rolled off of him sitting on the side of the bed as you tried to make your decision.

You knew there was a big chance of not seeing him again.

You would drop him off at his house tomorrow and he would be gone forever.

Or you could have sex with him and be fed for weeks due to his virgin energy.

You looked back and saw him laying dazed as a little smiled crept upon his pretty lips.

“Please…” He whispered, barely audible.

“What?” You asked softly as you completely turned around to look at him.

“More…” He whispered.

You quickly sat on top of him again as you sucked on his sweet flesh, fulfilling his wants.

He whimpered as he rested his hands on your hips.

The little sounds he made stung your center and made you crave more.

You quickly undid his belt and pants as you slid them down his legs before peeling off your tank top, revealing your uncovered breasts.

You watched as his shaky hands tried to lift up from the bed but he was too weak.

You needed to speed up before he passed out.

You quickly pulled down your shorts and panties along with his boxers, revealing his hard cock that your mouth watered to.

You gave it a few lazy strokes, and sunk down onto him.

He let out a loud moan as his back arched, he was already close due to your succubus stimulation.

You picked up his hands and rested them on your breasts, shivering at his cold hands as you started to rock your hips against his.

Chains of whimpers and moans fell from his lips that were music to your ears.

You quickened your pace and started to bounce up and down, making the bed squeak and his face start to contort.

His body started trembling as he let out little high pitched gasps and he came into you with loud moans.

You felt energy course through your body like you haven’t felt in almost a year.

You haven’t had sex with a virgin in forever, and boy was it filling.

You opened your eyes and saw his head and arms limp at his sides.

You slowly pulled off of his softening cock and stood up next to the bed, seeing the mess you made out of him.

You quickly went to your bathroom to clean up before grabbing a warm washcloth for Spencer.

You cleaned up his thighs and member before throwing the cloth in the hamper.

You put a soft robe on before going to your second dresser where you have men’s clothing.

And no it’s not from your previous clients, you buy it yourself for when men spend the night, much like Spencer.

You found a clean pair of boxers and struggled but successfully put them on him. You pulled the soft blankets over him and started a load of laundry to wash his clothes.

After that, you got ready for bed and crawled in bed next to him.

He was in the same position he was in when he fell asleep, well, more like passed out.

Succubus’s can take too much energy from their victims, and they can literally pass out from it, which you had accidentally done.

You checked his pulse, just in case, and it was there thankfully, but his skin was ice cold.

You felt his forehead, and it was cold as well.

You layered blankets on top of him and even decided to get a heating pad to help.

You didn’t know what was happening and it was scaring you.

He was freezing cold and you were afraid it was a lack of blood circulation, which could kill him.

Intimacy killed the energy you receive from your victims… but you needed to know he was okay.

You got under all of the blankets and wrapped your arms and legs around him, and when you did, he gasped and started to move and groan.

He turned toward you and hummed before wrapping his arms around you as well.

You quickly moved out of away and to the other side of the bed.

He was okay, and that’s all that mattered.

You didn’t want to turn into a killer like the others.

Bitches like Amber screw the brains out of men and then leave the house until they leave so they don’t get attached or she will use them until they die due to lack of brain stimulation and they are brain dead.

But you will always make sure the men don’t feel like a burden or feel like they have been used.

You knew Spencer’s scent would be all over your bed by morning, and it was going to drive you nuts.

You decided to go to sleep, and hopefully Spencer wouldn’t be gone by the morning.

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Fic Recs: Hannigram AUS/Canon Divergent

 Happy holidays everyone! I thought I’d put another fic rec list together to spread the cheer! I am not the biggest fan of AUs, which means I am not familiar with many. I have, however, been blown away by some I accidentally crossed paths with and hey, what a better time for AUs than when you may want to escape your holiday surroundings!? :)

Many of these are about 20k or 30k words in length (my jam!), most are mature or explicit, no WIPs, and all more or less have happy endings (NEVER major character death, but still MIND THE TAGS!) 

And don’t forget: Go send these authors some love!

(If they are on Tumblr and I couldn’t find them, tag them so they get some love right.now. :))

Black Rock Mountain by @bokunojinsei


“Will is a hitchhiker with questionable hobbies. Hannibal is a man who has questionable motives. When Hannibal drives by Will who just so happens to need a ride, things quickly take a turn from the questionable to the downright depraved.“

This is amazingly written, in-character, savage, tender and super insightful all at once! The sequel Lafitte is even more stunning, with nuanced understanding of these characters’  turmoil, love, trust,and intimacy. Damn, I wish I could read it again for the first time!

Eremite by @drinkbloodlikewine and @whiskeyndspite 


“Will Graham is homeless in Florence, making money reading people who pass by. Set post Red Dragon verse.“

Ever had a craving for more Dimmond? Maybe as Will’s friend? What about a slow-burn starring Will’s stubbornness, self-hate and pride, and Hannibal’s tactless attempts at making amends, all wrapped up in searing prose? This is for you!

Turn the Page by @disraeligearsgoestumblin


“After Hannibal went to jail, Will sold everything he had. He bought a motorcycle and ran.He ran…but eventually, if you run long enough, you’ll end up right back where you started.“

Oh man, this is so beautifully written and well-paced. Will is gritty and steadfast in this, and I love how he stays his ground with wanting to move forward and find his inner peace. Also what an amazingly hot and threatening “cowboy” Hannibal makes. Just saying, this is an amazingly satisfying read.

The Fox’s Wedding by @thehoyden


“Because Will’s life is bullshit, he gets gently kidnapped from the hospital after Hannibal guts him.“

Ah a courtship made with amends, distrust, love, and some wicked dialogue. What can taste better?

Sleeping in the Knife Drawer by @emungere


“Hannibal’s an FBI agent. Will’s a serial killer. He still has a lot of dogs and dislikes being sociable. Hannibal still wants to wind him up and watch him go.”

A short, but oh so haunting AU that convincingly switches Will and Hannibal’s roles, showing that they are not that different after all. Emungere wrote my favorite canon-divergent series in this fandom, Ladders, (haven’t read that? run, don’t walk), but this piece helped me see how great AUs can be.

A Tower to Broadcast our Dark Dreams by @coloredink


“Hannibal and Will have to pretend to be a couple for a case.  Everything goes downhill from there.”

Oh @coloredink, making AUs a thing of beauty since my BBC Sherlock days! It’s a fake relationship AU, a beloved and well-worn staple, but here the unpacking of emotions is so quiet and well-measured it stays delightfully in-character. It is the sequel to this which is equally beautiful, if less smutty :)

The Thorn of the Rose by @aglassroseneverfades


“ ‘Beware,’ it is said, “Beware, beware, do not go into the forest at night.” Yet go Will must in order to save his best friend Alana after she goes missing in that gloomy, forbidden wood. He finds her in the dungeons of an abandoned castle at the heart of the forest, imprisoned by a fearsome horned beast. A bargain is struck, one life in exchange for another, and Will learns that all is not as it seems in the ruins of Castle Lecter.“

My first AU in this fandom and the one that started it all. It’s a dark retelling of   Beauty & the Beast and it is so smart, so compelling, so wickedly well paced and written, and has a wonderfully unexpected ending. Head bravely into that dark forest, my friends!

Tale As Old As Time by @fervantrabbit


“I would consider very carefully before moving any further, Will,” says Hannibal. Will can feel the mirth dancing in time with Molly’s pulse.

“What am I considering?”

“A great perhaps,” he says.

If he could learn to love another, the spell would be broken. But who could ever learn to love a beast?”

Want more Beauty & the Beast retellings this time less magical and more literal? Prepare for some amazing fusion with canon! Also a brief but brave Molly appearance, kidnapping and falling in love in an old estate. The descriptions of the estate and forest, plus Will’s slow burn falling for his beast are stunning! 

The Fault in My Code by LiaSo/ @elfnerdherder


“Soulmates find their other half when they look into their eyes. After the next time they sleep, they wake with one eye the color of their intended. […]Things go horribly awry when he looks into Hannibal’s eyes, though. The next morning, he wakes up with one eye blue, the other maroon. He’s never wanted a soulmate, least of all one behind bars for murdering dozens of people and eating them. Hannibal thinks it’s delightful -it’s been dreadfully boring since he was locked up.“

The exciting soulmate universe created by LiaSo where a grumpy Will fights against the biological connection established with a very incarcerated Hannibal. Sexual tension for miles, featuring a kickass Molly, a funny Beverly, a coffee bogo for soulmates, and a very devious Hannibal :)

To Fuel Your Radiance by @GoldenUsagi


“AU where Will is the actual Devil.  After Hannibal sells his soul, a fascination begins to develop between them.  Will is intrigued by the unique monster Hannibal is, while Hannibal thinks Will is the most magnificent thing he’s ever encountered.  As their conversations continue, their involvement with each other becomes something else entirely.“

This is one of those cases where role reversals, like emungere’s, just shed light on how similar Will and Hannibal are, though their differences are what truly fuels their attraction and the wonders of seeing them banter, fight and fall in love. The dialogue in this is EXQUISITE.

Slip the Veil by @thisbeautifuldrowning


“He misses me, Will thought. He wanted what could have been, so much. He was lonely, looking for someone to finally see him for who he is. To accept him as he is. He thought he’d found that someone in me.

And how do we feel about that, Mr. Graham?”

Prepare for all those post-Mizumono feels and all the slow-burn negotiation that comes with grief and forgiveness!

Uncharted Sea by @louiselux


“Hannibal finally wakes from his injuries, and it becomes clear that he remembers nothing.“

This is bittersweet but so lovely. The dialogue is brimming with emotion and so well nuanced. I love the way this writer makes the mundane touching with their turn of phrase. Check out their other work and encourage them to finish their WIPs!

POST S3/POST CANON: Heed for angst with happy endings, new murderers, and plenty of sassy/conflicted Will.

Widow’s Walk by hysterbyrd @littlethingwithfeathers

“In the aftermath of The Fall, Will allows himself to be pulled back into Jack’s world of serial murder investigation. Someone is killing with quite elaborate purpose, marking their victims by smashing all the clocks in the house at the time of death.“

When This Old Tired Body Wants to Sing by @KareliaSweet / @lovecrimevariations

“Fuck me quicker, darling,” he purrs with liquid insincerity, “God forbid you see my face.”

Will never touches him unless it is in the dark. In the daylight he is a ghost.”

Byline and Bygones by @thenecron

“Jack struggles to accept a truth he already knows, and Will struggles with the beast. His, and Hannibal’s.”

A Wood Not Marked By Any Scar @ arboretum

“The beast was his, whether he wanted it or not.  And he did, he found, want it.  He did. Life after death: Will navigates his way through whatever mess he’s gotten himself into.“

Consumption by @deathstranded

“Sometimes Will imagines that they will die in this bed, fused together. He pictures it mentally. Perhaps he can get Hannibal to draw it someday. He is certain it would horrify most people, but he finds it rather romantic, their skin one large sheet, their bones twisted like old tree roots.”

Want a short tasty bite? What about A Photo by @red-earth-rising?

Some sadness, some miles to go and promises to keep.

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 Reyes’ Widow/Reaper’s Wife Pt. 3

Sorry this chapter’s a bit late, work has been kicking my ass! WARNING: Mentions of NSFW moments, and quite a bit of feels toward the end.

You sat in your room hours before your flight to Venice, two suitcases in the corner as you sat on the floor near the fireplace, pictures and what remained of the marriage and separation documents scattered on the floor. No, you weren’t going to Dorado with Anna and Sol– While you were ready, you still needed a self-prep to get yourself and your questions for Gabriel together. Besides, he might not even know about Olivia and Marisol meeting up yet, or even be there when they do. You knew to get a call from Moira, Olivia had to be quite up there on Talon’s hierarchy. So either way, sooner or later, he’d know…and either he came to you, or the two of you didn’t meet at all. You wanted to talk to him, to scream at him, to kiss him, to see what she had done to him… but you’d be damned if you didn’t put the ball in his court.

Your mind was leering into a place it both loved and loathed, the longer you sat there; Memory Lane.

And oddly enough? At Talon headquarter’s, Gabriel’s mind was too.

You moaned sleepily as you felt a certain someone’s large and calloused hand grip at your smooth thigh, the weight behind you shifting slightly to spoon you more. “It’s 4 a.m. already?

Gabriel let out a deep chuckle as you pouted, still-half asleep himself as he spoke to you softly. He knew this was your least favorite part of the morning. “Afraid so, mi amor~.”

This lovely relationship you shared with the commander of Blackwatch was something unexpected, but you wouldn’t ever trade it for the world…even if it meant no late mornings.Yes, you were an assassin, born and raised, but that wasn’t what landed you a spot at Overwatch. You were also an incredible nurse and one of Winston’s most trusted partners when it came to technological advances. You had worked really hard to make a name for yourself that wasn’t seated in the assassin business, but after a year, word had gotten out when your mother was called upon by Overwatch for an assignment to help out Blackwatch.

“Why are you calling me when you have my daughter who’d do it for you if you ask?” Your mother had snorted over the phone to both Jack and Gabriel.

Needless to say, you and Gabriel had taken an interest in each other after that and grew from a “thing” to a serious commitment.

You sighed and turned so that you could face him, your (h/c) tresses even more of a complete mess of bedhead than his was as you looked into his eyes pleadingly. “Fifteen more minutes?”

“(Y/N)…,” Gabriel had started, but trailed off as he watched you softly bite your lip. God, you were so mesmerizing to him. “…Those eyes of yours are going to be the death of me.”

You gave him a playful smile as he leered over you, now moving himself to caress your cheek before pinning you to the bed. His grin grew into a smirk as you gasped a little bit, feeling his erection pressed against you. Oh yeah, it was definitely that type of morning, and you made it known with a soft mumble. “Te quiero, Gabriel~.”

Oh do you~?” He teased, nuzzling his face into you neck as his warm breath ghosted over you collar.

You couldn’t help the shiver of excitement that had coursed through your body as you nodded softly. “Mhmm,”

“Then what the hell am I waiting for?”

Memory after memory for the both of you flashed before eyes.

You sighed softly as you and Gabe sat in a gondola riding through the burning city on water that was still Venice, head hung low. This mission had been hard for you the second you left the Overwatch carrier craft. To see the beautiful city on fire hurt you in ways you couldn’t describe. You shared so much history with this city already, having spent years coming and going. Even with the mission over, your heart was still heavy, and Gabe had taken notice.

Gabe shrugged off the bomber jacket he currently wore and draped it around your shoulders as he pulled you close to him. “I’m sorry.” The words he said were simple, but sympathetic in tone.

Raising your head softly, you sniffled as you wiped away a tear that had escaped your eye. “It feels like all of my memories are being burned with the city. Every time I’ll think back on Venice… I’m going to think of these flames.” You muffled pathetically into his chest.

Gabriel grimaced; He had honestly hoped Venice wasn’t as bad off as it was. The engagement ring that sat in his zipped pocket had been on his mind this entire ordeal. He had intended to propose to you as soon as the mission was over, on the gondola you two sat on; What he hadn’t intended was the true chaos of this entire mission and the gondolier getting shot in the forehead. Gabriel knew everything about you, so he knew that Venice was very special to you having been your summer home all throughout your odd childhood. Marrying you had been an idea sitting in Gabe’s head for months now. He wanted you to know that he intended to have you until the days you both perished leaving a legacy, and maybe even a family, behind… if you said yes of course. The problem now was; How in the hell did he propose now? The team had very well known of his intentions, having made them known prior so that they could give you and Gabriel time alone for the proposal before you grouped up the rendezvous point; a cathedral. Everything was set up, but yet it seemed like god awful timing, until you gave him an idea. “I think I have a solution to that, cariña.” He mumbled, looking down at you as you gazed up at him from your place resting on his shoulder.

What happened next had caught you off guard completely; Gabriel kneeling on one knee in front of you as he fumbled with opening his pocket. Your heart nearly stopped before beginning to beat rapidly as he pulled out a crimson velvet box and began to fidget with it. “(Y/N)…I have no idea how to start this proposal, even though its been on my mind for months now. This is uh, a lot more nerve-wracking than I thought it’d be.”

Gabriel looked up at you only to see you looking down at him with surprise, your eyes shining brightly with realization and love as you stayed huddled within the bomber jacket as you suppressed happy tears from streaming down your face. He felt his stomach flutter a bit and urged himself to continue, despite his fried nerves. “You mean everything to me. These past two years have been crazy – but I can’t imagine it without you… and now I can’t imagine the future without you, either. I wish I could give you a normal proposal and a normal wedding…and a normal life. I can’t give or guarantee any of those things right now, but (Y/N) (L/N), will you–,”

“Hell yes I’ll marry you.”

Gabriel looked up to you in surprise as you gave him a warm smile, the happy tears now streaming down your face as you shook your head at him and pulled the man to his feet as you stood up yourself. “Gabriel, I don’t need a normal proposal, or wedding, or life – I just need you in it. I’d marry you right now, right here if we had the option to.”

Gabe chuckled and gave his infamous shrug. “Well… who says we don’t? The rendezvous point is a cathedral, the team would all be there so we’d have witnesses.”

“Don’t we need a certificate?”

“I’m sure we could pull up the certificate and forms for us to sign in holographic copies for when we get back to Headquarters.”

You grinned at him, wrapping your arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “If that’s the case then I’m more than ready to be given the title of Mrs. (L/N)-Reyes.”

“To the cathedral then,”

Your eyes burned with tears that hadn’t been shed yet as you began to tremble softly, staring into the fire in front of you. Fire had been practically symbolic in your relationship in more ways than one. 

Over the past years of your marriage, things had been fine… until suddenly things weren’t. Overwatch had began to be questioned by government officials, leaving society to begin questioning the organization as well. In that time you had watched as Gabriel began to lose himself to the stress and interrogation. Blackwatch specifically was under very heavy surveillance by practically everyone, and your poor husband’s hands had been tied. You had been attempting to be there for him the best you could… but eventually, he began to shut you out.

Another problem had also arisen from seemingly nowhere; Moira. Your husband had some sick fascination with the lengths she would go to for the sake of science, something that the rest of Overwatch didn’t like. She overstepped boundaries in more ways than one, and she was shady. Not to mention, Moira had an attraction to Gabe, and you could tell. She’d stand to close, constantly call on him for opinions, and they talked often. Now… you weren’t the jealous type…

Sike, yes the fuck you were – and you could also read people’s body language like a book.

 The ways she would look at him made your stomach churn and your temper flare. So when you had found out Gabe had recruited her for Blackwatch, you seethed and arguments brewed. You really did have trust and faith in Gabriel, you definitely did… it was Moira you didn’t trust worth two shits. Not to mention, you hadn’t had a night with Gabriel in over two weeks and the two of you had hardly spoken. Also, he had had some physical changes going on as well. His voice seemed to get deeper when he was angry, and he had gotten a lot more buff than he already was, his chest looking a lot more chiseled. Whenever you two would argue, his glare would become like ice and his eyes would develop a red tint, and he seemed to deal with spouts of rage and staring at nothing for long periods of time. Still, Gabriel had insisted Moira was making things better for Blackwatch, the physical changes were due to a new super soldier experiment, and that he only had eyes for you, but was so busy with his career caving in. Now feeling guilty for your anxiety and paranoia towards your husband, who was under enough stress as it was, you backed off of the situation. Everything he had worked so hard for was falling apart; of course he’d be wrapped up in trying to save it all, right?

But now here you sat in a court room as your husband was put on trial due to an accusation of Blackwatch having a secret deal with some rather shady mercenaries to bomb some corporation. Of course you would come to support your husband – as far as you knew, Gabriel was in Los Angeles at the house you two had purchased for yourselves, taking a weekend to rest up while you went to a convention with Angela. They had tried to say your husband was there when it had all went down, but it wasn’t true, and there was newfound solid proof.

Moira’s proof; Specifically Athena’s security cameras Gabriel had had installed in the house.

Everyone in the courtroom and watching had seen them together in the bed you two shared. This was on global television…

Your stomach gave a sickening lurch as you couldn’t tear your eyes away. You could feel everyone’s eyes on you once the video footage was finished, you could feel Jesse’s grip on your hand tightly as you fought back the urge to faint on the spot, you could hear the camera’s flashing of the press as your body went numb. 

The entire courtroom had went quiet. 

Clearly Gabe hadn’t been expecting this at all – you could tell by the way he had suddenly tensed, then looked at Moira and then to you with the purest expression of “Fuck” written all over his face. 

You stood suddenly, placing on your shades on as calmly as possibly as Ana stood with you, followed by Lena and Jesse. Ana knew very well you were holding it in until you were out of the press’ range and into the car. She looked to Reinhardt who quickly stood to act as your shield from the press who immediately roared with questions as soon as your began to walk out with him before you and the other three behind you.

“Mrs. (L/N)-Reyes! Did you know about the affair between Commander Reyes and his co-worker?!”

“Mrs. (L/N)-Reyes, any comment for the press?!”

The tears began to stream, even as you stayed emotionless, holding your head high as Lena and Ana kept your face out of the cameras’ views and Jesse ran to get the car. You were about to have a very serious breakdown once you got into the car, but you’d be damned if what little dignity you had left was lost to the paparazzi. 

Once you were in the car and past the press, it began. You shook violently as you began to sob, your body on overdrive as Lena hugged you tightly and buried your face into her trench coat. “Oh love, I’m so sorry.”

“What the hell was he thinking sleeping with her?! What the hell was she thinking publicizing it?!” Jesse growled, angry at his father figure.

“Clearly he wasn’t, and clearly she was. Moira wanted more fuel added to the fire.” Ana replied as she rubbed her temples. “She wants her name out there, and she got her wish. The fire’s roaring now; We all need to avoid the press and make sure to keep Gabriel and Moira away from (Y/N). Agreed?”


The next two weeks were a personal hell for you as you hid from the press and stayed locked away inside of your quarters. You didn’t turn on the television, you removed yourself from all missions, and you locked Gabe out of your room. He  could try and override the system, but you had it set up with Athena to make sure that didn’t happen.



“Change security measures for my quarters to completely keep out Commander Reyes. Every time he attempts to, I want it reported to me. Also, should he try to override you for my quarters, tell him to go to Moira’s quarters.”

“Are you sure about these settings?”


Athena hadn’t let you down yet, having turned him away multiple times now. He had tried to apologize through flowers, playing your song over the intercom at 4 a.m., various voice mails, even love letters. Still, you weren’t ready to talk about it. Why had he done that? Why had he betrayed your trust? It made no since.

It wasn’t until you had served Gabriel your separation papers that things began to get even odder. He had managed to get past Athena, without even opening a door, and he was different. 

You had heard something in your room as you tossed and turned in your bed. Something wasn’t right.

“(Y/N)…” Gabe’s voice sounded distorted, and guttural.

“…Gabe?” You whispered softly, shocked as you could see your breath. You looked around for the sound of his voice as you sat up only to come face to face with two glowing red orbs.

It was Gabe, you could tell by the way a stray beam of moonlight revealed his chiseled chest and his happy trail. He kicked off of the wall he had been leaning against. “You’ve been… avoiding me.”

You shivered as the cold air of the room hit your torso, “How did you get in here?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Slowly peeling the covers from your body, you got out of bed to try to turn on the lamp beside you, only for a sharp command to hit your ears. “Don’t.”


“The super soldier drug I’m on makes me sensitive to light for the first few weeks.”

“I think you and I both know it’s not a super soldier drug.”

“Oh? Then what is it?”

“Gee, who knows? Probably some fucking STD you caught from Fire-crotch.” You shot back bitterly as you stumbled about in the darkness, attempting to find your sweater. 

The room was silent for a minute before Gabriel gave a growl. “It was a mistake.”

“Sure it was, because mistakes last for months.” You scoffed, the sarcasm dripping from your voice openly. 

You couldn’t react fast enough as you were suddenly pinned, Gabriel’s hand around your neck tightly. You gasped and squirmed, eyes wide with fear as you looked to your husband. Something was very wrong with your husband, you noted, as he seemed to act like a feral animal, snarling at you.

He came back to reality quickly, releasing you and stepping back as he looked to his hands in shock. “Son of a bitch, Moira said the rages would stop by now.” He mumbled to himself as he continued to back away from you.

“Moira?” You gasped softly as you regained your breath while realization hit you. “What did she do to you..?” You questioned, the grief thick in your voice as you slid to the floor. “What in the fuck did she do to you, Gabe?!”

Gabriel didn’t answer, continuing to back away from you. It wasn’t until he began to disappear into a dark mist that he spoke again, leaving you alone to your own despair. “I’ll sign the separation papers.”

He wouldn’t go near you while he was suffering the side affects, he concluded. He didn’t want to hurt you again. Ever.

Several days after that night, you stood in front of the house in Los Angeles the two of you had purchased so long ago, your mind set in determination mode. You came here for answers, and you were going to get them while Gabriel and Blackwatch were in Numbani. You needed answers for that night, and you had an inkling they’d be here in his office on the second floor. You got to work quickly, starting by disabling Athena. 


“I need to disable you from this house, Athena. I don’t want you to be here for this.” You replied softly.

“For what?”

“I can’t tell you this time.”

Disabling her system, you were able to butcher the door to his office with a sledgehammer, making a hole big enough for you to unlock the door from the inside with you hand. You ripped the office to shreds, butchering and breaking locked cabinets full of files as you searched diligently. Soon, you came across Moira’s most trusted files and blueprints for her work, things she and Gabriel had been working on – including this new “Super-soldier Drug”. You read through them, shaking your head wildly in disbelief as you scanned the horrors of these experiments with your own eyes. Gabriel’s final injection was due to happen next week in the house. You had to stop it – before your Gabriel was lost forever. You wouldn’t let this bitch have him. You loved him still, with every fiber of your very being, and you’d end this shit now. Moira had turned this home you had dreamed of raising a family in into a nightmare from harboring and performing ludicrous experiments here to screwing your husband in the bed you shared.

There was only one way to end this properly; The marriage that started among the flames was going to go down in the flames.

You poured the gasoline, careful not to get any of you as you doused every inch of that damned office before pouring the gasoline in every room of the house. You had lost your mind more than likely, and you could guarantee Athena had alerted the base of you disabling her as you entered the house with a sledgehammer. That was hours ago of course, and if you knew your friends, that meant you had ten minutes before they arrived. You had to finish in time; you wouldn’t let Moira win, and you wouldn’t let Gabriel have that last injection. You didn’t care about the consequences as all of your feelings came barreling you at once.

You walked a calm path outside as you threw a match into each room, watching the fire spread quickly as the heat hit your skin. It was disturbing how much the roaring sound of everything burning calmed you significantly, but justified. 

It reminded you of your wedding day, and that brought a tear racing down your cheek. 

What you didn’t expect as you walked outside was a sedation dart hitting you in the shoulder as a black van sat in the driveway. You hissed as you sluggishly pulled the dart out of your shoulder to look at it. 

It wasn’t Ana’s. 

The dart’s effect began to hit you hard as men in black got out of the car and you fell to the ground on your side, your vision blurring. This wasn’t Overwatch, this was somebody else. You were being kidnapped.

The last thing you remember before fulling passing out is Jesse’s scream as you were tossed over a man’s shoulder. “MA!”

You shook your head as you snapped out of the memory. It was hard to think on all of that even all of these years later, but grieving through it one last time before you risked coming face to face with your husband felt as if you were lifting a huge burden off of your shoulders. You wiped the tears away as you leaned against the bed, staring at the fire before staring at your ring and wedding band, and then to your watch. 

You placed the papers away and stood up, straightening your clothes out. 

It was time to go to Venice. 

“Mom,” Marianna’s voice came from your doorway.

You turned to look at her, grabbing your jacket. “Heading to Dorado?”

“Yeah… just wanted to say we love you. Uh, are you okay?”

“You know how I get when going to Venice, sweetheart. Don’t worry about me, just have a safe flight.”

“Yeah, you too, Ma.”

Greetings! I’ve been playing monthly with my group for nearly a year and I believe I’ve finally gotten the guts to DM a oneshot. My problem is getting thoughts to paper.

What’s a good way to start to build the world? Can it be written out similarly to a story, or would more of a concise outline be better for a first timer?

Also, sorry if I’ve breached any protocols by asking this way. Still kinda new at tumblr.

The above is the question as submitted – bold/ italics for differentiation.

I almost always start with something written down. Even if I don’t end up using the ideas I write, it’s a place for me to start. I’ll share the notes in my notebook so you can see how I organize everything.

Pictures below the cut.

(If you play with me, try to refrain from reading below the cut. It won’t be the end of the world if you do, but there are ideas I still want to use from the pictures I have posted.)

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(Just a reminder that the switching bodies m!a has ended! You can still ask Eddie and Richie questions, but they are both back into their original bodies. )

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#1 of the writer questions please!

That’s a tough one, because I really love writing my fics. A couple of them are more silly than serious, and some fell a bit flat in my opinion, but they were all a good time for me. I almost picked “you give me something” just because I liked imagining Jedha before the Empire (and I stuffed that story full of almost all my favorite tropes!). But in the end, I think my favorite thing I’ve written so far is “your words are mine to keep,” because that was such a fun style, and I still go back through from time to time and try to neaten it up (make the formatting consistent, fix typos, little adjustments). It was a real challenge, too, because while I had wondered before if Star Wars had social media/networking, I’d never considered what that might look like, or how the Rebellion might use it to their advantage. I loved trying to sort of how to make brief messages into something emotional and personal, and most of all, how to tell a story with plot and danger and people getting hurt in the background without anyone explicitly describing….well, anything. I’ve never had to twist my brain in quite that way before. Plus, it gave me room for SO MANY stupid “tumblr/twitter/instagram…in space!” jokes. Oh man, that was ridiculously fun. 

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lmao army really out here wildin asking ellen to ask the boys if they'd date a fan. tbh, it wouldn't really matter what they're response is. even if they would, the chance of one of the millions of armys ending up being w/ one of them is still not very high lmao

for real!!! like, you’re honestly going to sit there, and ask that type of question?? what are you, 10?? like ;waifejaef. my friend is like this, she’s always like “omg me and jungkook would be so cute. i bet you he’d date me. if i met him, i’m asking him out” like a;feifs you’re wild lmao. like, yeah, the boys could fall in love with a fan. but it’s around a .001% chance of happening lmaooo


The last time I spoke to her was when we ended, it ended. She was angry at me and was questioning what we had. Did we have anything? Was our whole relationship just fighting? We ended awfully. However, she didn’t want to ‘work things out’ she didn’t believe in stuff like that. Instead I’m left here trying to drink her away while she’s out with her friends. If I called, I wonder if she would answer. Maybe she would pick up and tell me that she regretted everything and still loves me the same. Just maybe … 

Did the other interview today. As good as the pay was, I had to say no. I just can’t see myself dedicating my time to selling insurance. The first company is the same but they also have a part time position for booking the appointments and such. I am leaning towards that just so I can have more money coming my way as my internship comes to an end. I will voice that to them this next Monday coming up, cause I do wanna keep art first.

Still, all these interviews are good experience! I am getting better at knowing what questions to ask and such! So it wasn’t a big bummer or anything. I think it was a step in the right direction uvu

Prompt #6: Identification

[Catching up! Featuring @moengeim ]

They’d blackened her eye. And cut her lip. She’d given as good as she got, but still the little raven haired girl sat on her Da’s lap and cried.

He let her. His big, strong arms wrapped around her still small shoulders, and he rocked her to and fro on the dock.

“They said I was nothin’ but a pirate’s brat, ‘n’ I was goin’ t’ end up swingin’ fer it!” She wiped her snotty nose against his shirt – again – and frowned up at him defiantly. At only seven Moe was perfectly capable of holding her own.

Until her character came into question.

“I said they were twats!”

Her father smacked her up the back of her head, then flicked her sharp nose. “Now m’Pearl, what’d I say ‘bout callin’ folks tha’?”

Her royal blue eyes swam with fresh tears. “Da’, I’m sick’ve fightin’ ‘em…”

His expression softened. “Moengeim, darlin’, what’re ye?”

“…’m a Bhalnwyn,”

“Aye, ‘n’ wha’ does tha’ mean?” He affectionately rubbed a hand through her almost tangled hair.

“I won’t stop fightin’! Not fer anythin’!” She wiped her nose and face again.  

“Wha’ else?” A Captain now, he pulled himself taller in his seat. The little girl mimicked him, squaring up her shoulders.

“ ‘cause I’m strong!”


“ ‘cause I’m brave!”


“ ‘cause we don’t give up!”

“And why’s that?”

Bhaln looks over at his daughter, standing just shy of his shoulder. She has her impressive arms crossed over her chest as she stares out over the sea. His own arm rests around her shoulders, drawing her close. It takes everything in him not to comment on the tears in her eyes. Even twenty-seven cycles later, all he can see is the freckle-faced babe staring up from his arms.

“Because I’m loved,” She finally murmurs, looking down at the bottle of rum clenched in one tight fist.

“Aye, m’Pearl. Ye are loved. When yer loved, ye aren’t alone. That’s where th’ bravery comes from. The strength,” He presses a kiss to the side of her head and isn’t all surprised when she chucks the bottle and clings to him. “Now, who’re you?”

She pulls away and wipes the tears from her eyes. A few deep, calming breaths bring the smile back to her face.

“I’m your daughter,” She says. “I’m Moengeim fuckin’ Bhalnwyn.

“And what’s that mean for ye now?”

The Seawolf cracks her knuckles. “I’m not done fightin’ yet,”

*whispers* guess whose favorite asshole just officially became a main character !!!!

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I would've liked Riposte more if it weren't for the fact that Marinette now caused THREE AKUMAS IN A ROW. Seriously, if she keeps this up, she may as well become the new Chloe.

Okay I’m going to stop you right there Anon. I understand what you’re trying to get at, but I just don’t agree with it at all. Not with Marinette being the cause for Riposte, or any of the akumas we’ve had thus far. In some way, I can see how you came to that conclusion, but I honestly feel like you and a lot of other fans who have made claims like yours, are too eager to persecute Marinette, too much to the point of actually deeming her the “new Chloe,” when there’s a world of difference between them.

To clarify, these are the reasons why Nadja, Gina, and Kagami became akumatized:

Why Nadja became Prime Queen

Nadja had an agenda that she did not relay to Ladybug or Chat. She was primarily concerned with getting ratings and she continued to push Ladybug to admit that she had a relationship with Chat Noir, even when she repeatedly denied it and appeared very uncomfortable with it.

Ladybug saw through Nadja’s intentions and that she would not stop until she forced her to give her the answer she wanted. And primarily she came to the interview and left it because she was wholly and completely focused on her responsibility as a hero and only wanted to reassure Paris that she and Chat will continue to keep them safe.

And what’s more, was she supposed to give into pressure and lie about having a relationship with Chat Noir???

Why Gina became Befana

She was disconnected from the fact that her granddaughter is not a young child anymore, but a teenager with a life and friends of her own. At the end of the episode, she’s come to accept that Marinette had grown up.

Even when Marinette asked her if it was okay to leave for the party, Gina encourages her TWICE that she should go.

And is it really that wrong for a girl who JUST turned 14 years-old to want to go her own surprise party that her friends worked hard to plan for???

Why Kagami became Riposte

She lost to Adrien. That’s it. That’s why.

Maybe Marinette made the wrong call, but it was literally her very first day in a sport that she barely knows and in spite of that she was still put on the spot to make the final judgement. She admits upfront that she’s not sure, but she thinks that Adrien won, but D’Argencourt accepted her answer without question, only happy that his student won over the “insolent” girl. Even when Adrien tried to clarify Marinette’s answer and it’s very clear that she’s uncertain when she talked to him, D’Argencourt remains firm that her call was final.

source for translations on the scene of Marinette making the call

And in any case that still doesn’t make her responsible for Kagami’s reaction to losing. While it’s understandable why she took it hard (she felt that she let down her family) that’s an issue that’s completely separate from Marinette.

Plus towards the very end, none of the characters really learn who truly won. Adrien might’ve thought that Kagami got the point, but neither of them really know for sure. And ultimately let’s say that Marinette was correct all along, Adrien did win.

We would end up with the same results of Kagami getting akumatized, so would you STILL honestly pin the blame on her then???? And if you do, doesn’t that make Adrien just as responsible if not more than Marinette for akumatizing Kagami with him beating her???

Conclusion: all of the reasons for these characters’ akumatizations were due to their own pre-existing issues that they already had before Marinette came onto the scene.

  • Nadja was under the threat of having her show cancelled.
  • Gina hadn’t been involved for most of Marinette’s life and she was lamenting over it.
  • Kagami has a hard time accepting losing because there’s pressure in her family to always win.

TL;DR Marinette did nothing wrong in any of these episodes.


anyone else kinda lowkey worried about a quizzie who drank from the well and what that might mean for da4 cause i am

list of a-spec identities & info!

this is meant to be a comprehensive list (to the best of my limited abilities) of aro-spectrum and ace-spectrum identities. all the posts I saw had like 3 choices or a hundred, and I wanted something that was accurate and had a lot of research behind it…so I made it myself. I wrote the definitions, based on preexisting ones, for additional clarity and context.

anyone a-spec, questioning, or simply wanting to know more about our community is free & encouraged to reblog!

*”romantic/sexual” is in the definitions because the labels apply to both spectrums unless -romantic or -sexual is in the name

Asexual : not feeling sexual attraction to any gender(s)

Things that are completely separate from being asexual (but can be related): libido, sex drive, being a virgin, having/had sex, being sex positive/neutral/repulsed, and platonic, romantic, & familial love

Apothisexual : asexual that is sex repulsed

Aromantic : not feeling romantic attraction to any gender(s)

Things that are completely separate from being aromantic (but can be related): shipping, fantasizing about relationships and love, wanting a close relationship, been/being in relationships, being romance positive/neutral/repulsed, and platonic, sexual, & familial love

Apothiromantic : aromantic that is romance repulsed

Apath- : romance/sex neutral, regardless of orientation or attraction felt

Cupio- : not feeling romantic/sexual attraction but still desiring a relationship of that nature

Gray- : feeling romantic/sexual attraction weakly, rarely, only under certain conditions, or all of those. also an umbrella term for between allo and asexual/aromantic. may or may not desire a relationship.

Demi- : feeling romantic/sexual attraction only after an emotional bond is formed. the bond strength and time before attraction can vary between the demi person and the person they’re attracted to.

-Flux : (aroflux or aceflux) their orientation fluctuates, but always stays on the aromantic/asexual spectrum

Lithro-/Akoi-/Akoine-/Apo- : feels romantic/sexual attraction and enjoys relationships in theory, but don’t need/want those feelings reciprocated or to be in a relationship. (there are several labels because the original, from litho, is argued to be appropriated from lesbian butch culture, so wouldn’t recommend using it.)

Recipro- : feeling romantic/sexual attraction only to people who feel it for them, they reciprocate the type of the attraction

Fray- : feeling romantic/sexual attraction when less familiar with a person, but it fades as they get to know them better (sometimes described as the opposite of demi)

Aego- : enjoys the idea of romance/sex, but doesn’t wish to participate in it or related activities (based off autochoris- : a disconnection between the person and a romantic/sexual target or fantasy)

Quoi/WTF- : feeling unsure if romantic/sexual attraction is being felt and/or if they experience it. feeling as if the concept of that type of attraction is inaccessible, inapplicable, and/or nonsensical. (Another commonly used definition that isn’t correct is for the term below, so use that instead.)

Platoniromantic : feels no distinction between platonic and romantic attraction

Idemromantic : feels romantic and platonic attraction similarly so they are not particularly distinguishable from each other. categorizes platonic and romantic relationships based on external factors such as age, compatibility, closeness, etc. they mean different things and can be categorized, but feel the same.

Requies- : little to no romantic/sexual attraction due to trauma, possibly caused by bad past experiences with the type of attraction, or mental/emotional exhaustion

Caed- : used to feel romantic/sexual attraction, but doesn’t anymore due to trauma

Apres- : feels romantic/sexual attraction after another form of attraction is felt, and the original may or may not fade/be replaced by the new attraction

-Vague : (arovague or acevague) their a-spec status is uncertain or affected by mood

Burst- : romantic/sexual attraction comes and goes, may or may not have a reason

Nebularomantic : difficult or impossible to tell romantic and platonic attraction apart because of their neurodivergency or they’re platoniromantic

Novi- : feels complicated romantic/sexual attraction so it can’t be described in a single label

Quasiromantic : “someone who identifies as quasiromantic may see their attraction as non-traditional or may feel it differs from crushes, perhaps a mix between platonic, romantic, aesthetic, or somewhere completely different and/or it involves other non-traditional aspects, such as rare attraction, or attraction but non-physical, non-platonic but romantic, etc.” -general def


S.A.M : split attraction model. most used in the a-spec community, it means that romantic and sexual orientations are different and separate. for example, someone could be homoromantic asexual, or aromantic bisexual. in the case of someone who is, for example, panromantic and pansexual, they can just state their orientation as pansexual, as there is no need for the SAM. however, it’s totally optional! if you feel, for example, asexual is your orientation and doesn’t need other labels, that’s fine!

Q.P.R. : queerplatonic (or quasiplatonic if the participants are not LGBT+) relationship. this is a type of relationship created by aro people for aro people, but anyone of any sexuality can be in one if they wish! it is defined as “a relationship that is not romantic but involves a close emotional connection beyond what most people consider friendship. The commitment level in a queerplatonic relationship is often considered to be similar to that of a romantic relationship. It may include any romantic or sexual elements the people in the relationship feel they want, or none at all.” -Aven Wiki

Peach Fuzz : qpr partners (known as zucchinis) pretending their relationship is romantic to avoid questions and explanations

Positive/Neutral/Repulsed : labels used to describe how someone feels about sex or romance in relation to them. positive: willing to be in that kind of relationship and/or do related things; neutral: indifferent, almost apathetic to the idea of sex/romance, doesn’t care too much if they give and/or receive it; negative/repulsed: actively disgusted by the idea of sex/romance. can also describe a person’s attitude about sex in general (not used in this post).

Amatonormativity : society treating romantic relationships as more valuable/better than non-romantic ones, and generally that a romantic and sexual relationship is the end goal and necessary (it’s really not)

Nonamory : doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship, regardless of orientation

Aromate : a platonic soulmate, aka an aromantic partner

Lush : sensual attraction crush

Plush : queerplatonic crush

Smush : sexual attraction crush (can be considered lust if applicable)

Swish : aesthetic attraction crush

Squish : platonic attraction crush, usually more intense than “want to be friends”

Soft Romo : subdued romantic attraction

Post Rubor : gets quick crushes (of any type of attraction), but once the initial excitement fades, their feelings do too

Aplatonic : as platonic attraction is on a spectrum just like every other type of attraction, this is being on the lack-of end. not experiencing platonic attraction

Placio- : little/no desire to receive sexual/romantic acts, but wants to perform them on someone else. not specifically an a-spec term but is used more in the community

Alterous : attraction that isn’t completely platonic or romantic, somewhere in between, but still a desire for emotional closeness. used as -alterous, like -sexual or -romantic. can also experience romantic and/or platonic attraction, but feel some level of discomfort by categorizing it as fitting in those labels.

*remember, even for people who use the same label, it’s different for everyone, as are most things here! if you’re questioning and looking at this list to try and see where you fit, there’s no rush. take it slow and think about it.

feel free to add on! I’m sure I’ve missed some key terms or amazing identities because there’s so many out there and I’d love to see this post grow!!