but the ending is still questionable

This still probably doesn’t happen in the au, but here’s Mari as Monarch, having double-transformed with the butterfly brooch and the ladybug earrings. No clue as to weapon.

Mari, even in these dire circumstances, has a certain inner strength and radiance to her. You can feel that she’s going to win and it’s really only a question of how and when.


On the other hand, if someone else was to lose their other half… well. 

(this is the bad ending I’m not that cruel)

All of my shows are ending but PLL hurts the most. This show has made me who I am today, I’ve gotten through some of the hardest times in my life watching this show. The show, this blog, all of you guys, the cast/ crew have kept me going and I cannot believe it has been seven years. Plot-holes, unanswered questions or not. I am going to miss this show. I’ve sat through series finales before, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, to name just a few, but this is different. I was truly invested in PLL. It’s still difficult to comprehend that it’s over and we’re not just about to go on hiatus again. Which we’ve all sat through together, reblogging the same things over and over. I think it’ll take a while to truly sink in. As Troian said, I’ll be devastated for a while. We can take solace in the fact we can re-watch the show, and we can savour these last hours and enjoy the last episode while we still can. How time flies when you’re having fun. It truly has been the best seven years. I am truly going to miss the entire cast, crew and family of PLL. I’ll miss the snapchats, the Instagram’s, all of the behind the scenes footage. The only hope we can hold on to is that the cast/ crew go on to have wonderful, long careers and we see them all again. And particularly get to see them together again. They really made some true friendships from this show and so did we all. We are all ‘PLLFamily, always and forever.

Forty weeks!
No sign of baby but feeling pretty good except for an abundance of stupid questions and suggestions. Swollen hands when I walk, swollen feet by the end of the day. Heart burn is gone, sleeping is awful most of the time, and I’m up to peeing 2-3x per night. I can breath deeper and drink more. I’m walking 10k steps every day, taking so many baths, and am out of even my non-baby to-do list. Still going to work!

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Question - what I got from the end of DAI was that solas absorbed flemeths power and as flemeth has part of mythal does that mean that if you drank from the well of sorrows you are now bound to solas? Because if that's right then my trevelyen is in for one hell of a shock (Hope this makes sense, it's really confused me)

I don’t know if there’s any definitive answer on this yet.  What does “being bound” mean?  Could Flemeth still be alive?  Does taking her power mean he is granted Mythal’s power?  

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Let us know in the comments what you all think!

-Mod LC

for @qbswhumpsideblog​ - bb I’m so sorry this took forever I’m garbage. Motivation to write has been fleeting BUT I am sitting on the shore of a lake rn and it was the perfect time to finish up. 

No warnings, just a really miserable Keith! 


“When is this shift going to end,” Keith mutters to himself, head in his arms on the countertop. 

It’s not a question as much as a plea. His head is throbbing, a tight band of pressure squeezing around his skull and behind his eyes. Keith’s been fighting a bug all week - he started off snotty and coughing but at this point his sinuses are so clogged it just feels like he has a face full of concrete.

Hunk is doing prep in the back but, upon hearing Keith, he peaks his head out. “Everything okay?”

Keith doesn’t lift his head, “Peachy.”

Hunk walks out and leans against the counter, giving Keith a pitying look. “I wish you would take the day off.

“Lance and Pidge are out of town -”

“And Shiro already said he’d cover your shift,” Hunk says. “C’mon Keith, I can tell you don’t feel well.”

They’re on the morning shift at Bean There, Done That - it’s Coran’s coffeeshop technically, but he’s all but turned the reins over to Shiro. Keith normally loves coming in to work, though he’d never admit it. Today, though, Keith wants to be anywhere but here, in bright lights, waiting for customers. Still, he steels himself for the day. 

“I’m not going to die from a cold.”

“Well when you put it that way,” Hunk says, filling the register with quarters.

Keith groans again.

“You’re not making a strong case for yourself.”

Keith stands upright and tugs his hair into a messy bun. “Whatever, let’s do this, I guess.”

“That’s the spirit.”

Hunk and Keith hold down the fort for the morning - and it’s busy. So busy that Keith barely has time to think about how terrible he’s feeling outside of the exhaustion, which has settled like lead into his limbs. Hunk can see Keith flagging, but can’t do much about it until they finally hit a lull around 11:30.

Keith is wiping down the counter with a faraway look.

“Keith, buddy”

Keith looks up, and his face is tight with pain, headache back full force.

“C’mon, you look really sick.”

“Don’t tell me to go home.”

“I’m definitely telling you to go home.”

“We’re short staffed already.”

Hunk puts his hands on Keith’s shoulders, “Call your brother.”

“No,” Keith says, shrugging out of Hunk’s grasp.

Hunk frowns, “You’re pretty warm.”

“No,” Keith says again.

“You are.”

“End this.”

Hunk opens his mouth to protest but has to pause as another group of students walk in. There’s a small rush but it only lasts about a half hour. Even so, Keith can barely focus for it. He knows he’s sick - his whole body aches and he can’t get warm. But still, he’s determined to finish the day on principle. That, and he wants to put off Shiro’s fussing for as long as possible.

Even so, Keith is feeling sort of foolish refusing the offer to go home. But he’s backed himself into a corner now, so he’ll just have to stick out the day as best he can.

Hunk goes in the back to do some pastry prep and Keith releases a huge breath, coughing into his shoulder as quietly as he can. At this point, Keith would normally settle the register, so it’s easier to close out at the end of the day. He opens the register and stares and stares and stares. He shakes his head once, to clear away the fog, but all that does is increase the violent pounding behind his eyes.

Keith turns around as the bell above the entrance tinkles. He looks up expecting customers but sees Shiro instead. Keith’s stomach sinks, and he can feel his face heat further.

“What are you doing here?” Keith asks, defensive and stuffy.

Hunk steps out of the back and stares down at Keith with wide, guilty eyes. “I’m sorry! But to be fair, you weren’t going to listen to me.”

“Hunk,” Keith says. Well, really all but whines.

“I promise you’ll feel so much better.”

Keith looks up at Shiro and puts on his best fighting face.

“Don’t even try it, kid.” Shiro says.

“But -”

“Absolutely not.”

Keith sniffs and manages the most steely glare he can, which is, admittedly, more adorable than intimidating.

“Do you need me to drive you home,” Shiro asks, walking over to get a better look at him.

“I have my bike,” Keith mutters.

“I don’t know if you should be driving right now,” Shiro says, and reaches out to put a hand on Keith’s forehead. Keith ducks under the counter before Shiro can reach him.

“If you’re sending me home, at least send me home with dignity.”

“Okay.” Shiro says, fondly, and moves forward to ruffle Keith’s hair. He frowns at the steady heat. “But if you’re not in bed when I get home I’m putting you on morning shifts for the next month.”

Keith flips him off and heads out the back.

“Thanks for calling me, Hunk. I didn’t see him this morning, or I definitely wouldn’t have let him leave the apartment.”

“Yeah, of course. He just seemed really miserable.”

“It’ll be a miracle if he actually rests.” Shiro says, tying on an apron. “Now! What do we still need to do?”


When Shiro gets home, the entire apartment is quiet. He expected Keith to be sprawled out on the couch watching SVU or playing video games. For a moment, worry bubbles in his stomach - Shiro’s not sure Keith even made it home until he sees Keith’s helmet tossed on the kitchen table.

Keith’s bedroom door is ajar, so Shiro pushes it open gently, peaking in. Keith is tangled in his comforter, flushed and dead asleep.

Shiro walks over and brushes Keith’s bangs away from his face. Sweat and rolling heat hit Shiro’s palm and he winces. There’s an open pack of Mucinex on the bedside table and Shiro’s happy Keith at least took something but it hasn’t seemed to touch the fever.

Keith stirs and makes a small, low noise. His eyes flutter open. “Shiro?”

“Hey,” Shiro says, sitting on the edge of the bed. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” Keith says, sitting up slowly. His body is heavy and uncooperative. Goosebumps break out across his arms and he resists the urge to tug the blanket around him. “What are you doing home?”

“It’s 6 o’clock.” Shiro says, brow furrowing.

“Oh,” Keith says, blankly.

“Have you been sleeping this whole time?”

“I guess,” Keith rubs his eyes.

Shiro pushes Keith’s hair back again, and for once Keith doesn’t jerk away. He closes his eyes and lets out a small sigh, leaning into the touch.

Shiro can’t help but smile. Keith is so rarely open with his affection, he needs it to be unspoken and unsentimental: a shoulder shove, a home-cooked meal when Shiro’s arm is aching with phantom pain.

“You feel pretty bad, huh.” Shiro says. He feels a pulse of protectiveness, one that’s been with him since he first met Keith, a small 11 year old boy with messy bangs - bruised, angry, and hurting. “Are you going to bite my head off if I try to take your temperature?”

Keith just snorts. 

Shiro frowns. He expected some sort of protest, even if it was only a quick I’m not a kid, Takashi. He quickly grabs the thermometer and comes back. Keith has turned over and face planted directly into the pillows.

“C’mon Keith, turn over.”

Keith coughs shallowly and sits up again, his hands shaking.

“Alright,” Shiro says, putting a hand on Keith’s back and slipping the thermometer under his tongue. Keith closes his eyes and they barely have to wait before it gives a staccato high pitch beep.

Shiro takes the thermometer out and grimaces. “103.3, you’re not playing around.”

“Just leave me here to die.”

“Very funny.”

“Not joking.” Keith says.

“Are you hungry?”

Keith shrugs.


Keith shrugs again.

“Want to watch Jurassic Park on the couch?”

Keith smiles.

“I’ll probably fall asleep.”

“It’s okay,” Shiro says.

Keith grabs his comforter like a cloak and stumbles to his feet.

“Woah!” Shiro reaches out to steady him at the shoulders.

Keith lets Shiro fuss for a second and then makes his way to the couch, curling up in the corner. Shiro comes over with a glass of juice and some fever reducers.

“It’s too late to make an appointment, but we’ll go to the clinic first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Shiro, no.”

“It’s that or have Allura come over and check you out.”

“How about none of the above,” Keith says, and coughs deeply into his arm.

Shiro stares him down and Keith grumbles, “Fine.”

They turn on the movie. Keith can barely keep his eyes open, but his muscles are aching too deeply for him fall back asleep.  He lists to the side until he’s leaning against Shiro’s shoulder.

“I’m so tired,” Keith says softly.

“Go to sleep,” Shiro answers.

“I - can’t.”

“Do you want to move back to your room?” Shiro asks.

“No.” Keith says. “I just..”

“Don’t feel good?” Shiro asks.

“Yeah,” Keith says, and his eyes feel wet.

Shiro puts a hand on Keith’s forehead and sighs.

“Yeah,” Shiro echoes. He pets down Keith’s sweat-soaked bangs and Keith closes his eyes and leans farther onto Shiro. He feels young, pressed against Shiro like this, but he’s too miserable to be embarrassed.

Keith finally falls asleep to cool hands tying up his hair, and the firm weight of a blanket, and the sounds of Jurassic Park softly in the background.

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Hey there! I was wondering, have you read the throne of Glass series? I was planning to read it so I looked up some reviews and they were so mixed? And a good number were negative. They said that the main character was cliche and shallow and didn't live up to the badass assassin premise. Others said the plot and the world wasn't interesting enough. What do you think? Cuz I really want to read it! I'm in love with the ACOWAR series but if TOG isn't good then I don't want to waste my time. TYSM!

Hey there! I HAVE read the TOG series and I really loved it.

I can certainly understand the mixed reviews. Personally I felt a bit let down at the end of the first book and I still had a lot of questions about where this story was going. But like ACOTAR, just keep reading and everything will blow your freaking mind! 

Crown of Midnight was much better, but Heir of Fire is where the series really takes off and it just gets better and better from there (imo).

If you loved ACOTAR, I think it is worth a read. I know of a lot of people who prefer TOG to ACOTAR (though I am not one of them), so it is really about your preferences. 

I can’t believe pll is ending tomorrow… I know I’m gonna cry non-stop and be so emotional this show has been a part of my life for such a long time now and it’s going to be over. I don’t want it to end even tho they have put me through a lot of crap and frustration. I actually really enjoyed 7B, it’s been really good and way better than I expected. I hope this finale doesn’t disappoint, like I know we are still gonna have many unanswered questions but they better give us a great episode before they say goodbye because boy am I gonna miss this show.

i have so many confusing thoughts about g-d all the time but like at the end of the day i always come back to the feeling that hashem is what unifies, strengthens, and gives love to the world, and even if i doubt and question, i am still loved. the jewish tradition WANTS me to question. 

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Is there anything we (as in your readers) can do to help you in terms of your writing? What I mean is... I confess I always get a little nervous reading WIPs because it always breaks my heart if they end up going unfinished. I think you've said in the past you are committed to both BtH and BH&H, but I just wanted to let you know how much I adore your stories and that you have my support!

This is an interesting question that I haven’t been asked before, so thank you, Anon!

As a writer, I haven’t finished everything I’ve started. Some are still ongoing, some are on hold for later, some I intended to write more but just never wound up going back to, and some just didn’t turn out the way I originally envisioned. When that happens, sometimes I keep going in the new direction, other times I’m just not feeling the story enough to do that. I do view Tumblr as a way to be more experimental and try things out that I don’t post on ff.net or AO3 - BH&H actually started as a Tumblr one shot that I didn’t plan on continuing at first. 

BtH and BH&H are the two I am 100% committed to finishing, no matter what happens. Even if I stop watching Once, I will always love CS and the epic love story that we watched for 5 seasons, and I want to continue my take on a pirate/princess swashbuckling adventure, and an angel/demon paranormal romance that the show and the characters and the actors inspired. I’m a fic reader to, and I know the pain of unfinished WIPs from the other side. 

One thing I find disheartening is to post a new chapter and almost immediately the response is “Update soon!” or on the last chapter of BtH there was a review that said the chapter was “short but good.” My chapter average on both those fics is 5,000-8,000 words - I don’t consider that short. After spending hours writing, researching, editing, and trying to produce 10 to 20 pages of engaging prose…c’mon, all you can say is short but good? I get that some people struggle to write reviews, but quoting a line they particularly liked and saying “this was my favourite part of the chapter” or something like that is pretty easy, and it makes me smile. Reblogging fics, reblogging the gifs and edits people make of fics, leaving kudos on AO3, writing a rec post and tagging the author, we’re all feedback junkies! 

Heck, sending me this message when I posted, “hey, Beyond the Horizon has reached this pretty big milestone and I wanted to share it with all of you” helps me, to have the support for the story as a whole and not just for updates. I’ve known for a while that it would probably go over a million views which meant a lot to *me*, but I didn’t know if anyone else would really care, you know? I still get a little nervous when it comes to putting myself out there for things like this.

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Hello, admin! What a wonderful blog you made X'D May I know when you started liking Hideyoshi (i.e., was it his MS? ES?), and why? :3

Hello dear! Thank you for the kind words~

First of all, congrats on being my first ever post on here! Have some free Bekko-ame from Lord Hideyoshi’s personal stash~ ;D

On to the question!

A little background on where I am with him rn: Currently playing his MS, finished with ch. 6 + the crossroads of fate (cuz ain’t nobody got the pearls for those expensive af kimonos fml T^T), so my overall judgement of his character is still iffy.

That being said, however, I fell for him somewhere towards the end of Kojuro’s route (Hide is my 4th route rn), while the ‘Droughts Of Starlight’ event was going on.

The common route for Mitsunari and Ieyasu was where the magic happened (if you wanna call it that XD). That’s the ‘when’.

As for the why, I’ve got a *few* reasons (under the cut!):

Keep reading

Well, this is it guys...

I’ve been putting this off for weeks now but I think it’s finally time to say goodbye. This blog started as a storage space for my favorite photos of MIW and I never thought I’d get any followers, let alone over 600 of you. Let me be clear that I still enjoy the band, I’m just growing tired of searching for new photos and keeping up with their changing style. So I’m moving on. I feel especially bad about this decision considering I’ve recently gained new followers, and I’m so sorry for anybody looking for an active MIW blog. I’m just not feeling it anymore. I’ll leave this blog up for the next few weeks in case anyone wants any photos or has any questions, but I will be deleting it by the end of July. So this is it guys, it’s been… Well I’ve gotten like two messages ever, so it’s been pretty uneventful but good nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who’s followed me and sorry to those who recently started following me.

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Here’s another commision. These two were for David Moody (one of two frequent artists who have commisioned me to make their gemsonas). I really, really, reaaaaaaally hope these two weren’t shattered. I honestly expected Steven to scoop up Blue Zircon’s gem after she was poofed while making his and Lars’s escape. Yes, I do realize high stress situation, he probably didn’t have time to do it, or didn’t think about it, but still, wouldn’t it have been cool if Steven absent mindedly scooped her up since she didn’t attack him, doesn’t seem capable of doing harm (so even after coming back there’s no danger of her murdering most of the household), and she just made everyone question whether or not Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. I just think it would be really cool if she regenerated and ends up being stuck on Earth since she’s certain that if she were to go back to Homeworld without any proof about what she said (at least if she can prove a diamond did it, maybe the other diamonds would let her live). So she starts an investigation on Earth by seeing the scene of the crime. Maybe she could drag Steven along since this is still for his court case and she needs protection or something. Plus this would be so nice for Steven who gets help in learning about the past from someone who just wants to know the truth. She may be loyal to the Diamonds, but she’s still objective about her cases. These are just my thoughts. So if you think this sounds just terrible, then well I’m not a show writer, so you don’t have to ever worry about this becoming cannon.
I don’t own Blue Zircon or Yellow Zircon.
Here’s a link to my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleFeltWorld?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

June 26th - Happy Pride for all y’all who are still questioning, sexuality or gender! Have a Swap Pap :D

I AM GOING TO MAKE IT TO THE END. I PROMISE. (I will not be late, even though my timezone is always the latest and it’s already tomorrow for some of you)


Day 7: Merman AU

Day 7 already!  Finish strong, Hijackers!

Behind on your submissions?  No worries!  As long as you continue to tag your work, I’ll reblog late submissions til the end of June.  Keep up the great work!

As a reminder, please tag all of your submissions as hijack week in the first 5 tags so I can find them easily! Also, please included somewhere, may it be in the tags or the post itself, what day of the week your submission is for.

If you have any questions about the week, please head to the FAQ page, and if your question still hasn’t been answered, shoot me an ask!

vampire Pearlapidot AU, part 4/4 (probably the last)

Part one is [HERE]

Part two is [HERE]

Part three is [HERE]

Wow, I did it. This idea was killing me for a long time, but now - here it is. Thank you for loving it <3 If you have any questions about this AU, fell free to ask, I will be glad to answer.

  • They manage to convince the other vampires that Jasper will only bring problems to the vampire society. It was difficult, because other vampires either didn’t want to mess with Jasper, or they just don’t care that people will hunt them again. Nevertheless, many still decided that it was time to end with Jasper. There was a bloody battle, but in the end Jasper was killed.
  • They tell Lapis that now she is free and can do what she wants, live as before and not be afraid that someone will devour her on the street. They say it in an indifferent tone, but Lapis already knows them well to understand that they don’t want her to leave. “After all that was between us, you want me to just leave? Tell me this in my face, idiotic vampires.” They stand in front of her and look really menacing, but when they open their mouths, all they can say is “don’t leave us.”
  • They ask Lapis if she would like to become a vampire, and she certainly agrees. They agree that they will turn her into a vampire when she is 29, which means that they have 7 more years to enjoy her blood and human traits.
  • On a full moon night, vampires can fly not in the form of bats, but in ordinary form, and they take Lapis with them, showing her the city from a height. Peridot likes to toss Lapis high in the air, or throw her into Pearl’s hands. This is their little game “catch Lapis on a tremendous height.” Lapis promises to take revenge on them, although she never does it.
  • Despite the fact that Lapis likes to sleep, they like to pull her out of bed and climb to the roof, watching the dawn.
  • Lapis likes to observe the relationship Peridot and Pearl. They often swear, but also often behave as one whole, speaking phrases simultaneously and simultaneously doing something.
  • Becoming a vampire, you lose all the memories of a past life. When the time comes, Pearl and Peridot are very worried that she will forget about them and will not fall in love again. Lapis hears these disputes and decides to make a reminder for herself. She makes a video saying “these two idiots are your family, they love you, and you love them. Please take care of them.”
  • The next days after the transformation they spend telling her about “them” and how to be a vampire in general, and Lapis somehow immediately believes them and feels protected.
  • “We created a monster,” they say, realizing that she is now the “dominant” vampire.

OK! Let’s dive in

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Ask anyone and they will tell you “Jimin always loved Jungkook”

Originally posted by yoonmin

Some said “Jungkook hated it”

Originally posted by jiminiediary

Wiser ones replied  “He adored Jimin even back then. He was just too young to know …

Originally posted by gotjhope

how to respond 

Originally posted by jun-kookie

Or how to grab a hand

Originally posted by caughtinjimin

before the tables turn and he becomes the one begging for it”

Originally posted by mimibtsghost

Jungkook’s body kept pushing Jimin away, yet his expressions said otherwise

Originally posted by iamlatinaandilovekpop

Jk thought no one saw his hidden smirks

Originally posted by pkjjm

Or  stolen glances

Originally posted by dishwasherjimin

I mean you don’t need much to see that his indifferent attitude

Originally posted by yahjiminie

Took a 180° turn 

Originally posted by caughtinjimin

Little by little … 

Originally posted by apgujeon

Things really did change

Originally posted by missbaptan

Who teases who now

Originally posted by mochimchimadness

Who can’t get enough of the other now?

Originally posted by jeonasskook

It “used to be” a very innocent relationship between these two

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

They used to just play together

Originally posted by bigbyong

Until Jungkook realized that looking wasn’t enough

Originally posted by jikookruinslives

And that Jimin is VERY sexy

Originally posted by apgujeon

So he will touch his chest

Originally posted by satellite-jeon

Again and again

Originally posted by minblush

Lift him

Originally posted by fujoushirulestheworld

Tie him up

Originally posted by jungkookflirting

Lift him up again and slap his butt

Originally posted by bangbangbangtanx

Seriously Jungkook do you like him that much?

Originally posted by bythsea

BTW This will look to many just as a physical attraction

Originally posted by montrealae90

It is! 

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

It really is  …

Originally posted by jungkookiestimbs

BUT It goes beyond that

Originally posted by jkisart

No matter the place, be it an interview

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

A fan meeting

Originally posted by pjkook

A music video

Originally posted by jikookized

The back of a truck

Originally posted by jikookized

While shooting for a show

Originally posted by jikookized

They will always find one another

Originally posted by gong-yoo

So how did Jimin manage to change the rules besides him being the cutest most sexy perfect human being… Stop it Mimi. Focus!

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Jimin is an expert at making you adore him. He will be gentle at times

Originally posted by yoongishappiness

Surprise you at others

Originally posted by eatkookiie

With only one word he can make your heart skip a beat

Originally posted by sugutie

And that really gets JK off guards (poor bunny)

Originally posted by lostinjimin

From the very first day Chimchim just wanted to make beautiful memories with Jungkook-ah

Originally posted by irapjustlikejay-z

That’s why most of his selfies have Jk in them

Originally posted by bwipsul

And swoon Jeon do not mind

Originally posted by justmejen

He just wanna hug him too

Originally posted by jikookized

feed him from his spoon

Originally posted by beagletae

Sing and …

Originally posted by jecn

dance with him

Originally posted by llamadetective

while having fun all the way

Originally posted by bangtan-got7-boys

We love their height difference

Originally posted by pkjjm

Their not so secrets moments

Originally posted by spankpjm

Their push & pull

Originally posted by caughtinjimin

The way they make one another laugh

Originally posted by equitas

The way they share a moment

Originally posted by bts-is-best-bias

The way they still play like the old days

Originally posted by ultranicolet

The way their roles changed

Originally posted by jikookdaily

The way they make a simple heading to the airport a love series

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

The way Jeonlous happens whenever someone gets closer to Chimchim

Originally posted by blvampyre

The way they make you question if they are actually real

Originally posted by jiminiephile

But then you tell yourself maybe you saw it wrong after you turn quite obsessed

Originally posted by jikookized

But then you just end up finding more proof they might actually be

Originally posted by pembeesut

Netherless by then jikook will already have slided into your life

Originally posted by ofhairandthighs

And it doesn’t change if they are close friends/brothers or even lovers because no matter what …

Originally posted by jiminizedx

All in ALL everything about it is goals !!

Originally posted by jikookized

So how do you like them now?

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

With hearts and kisses I finish this post again, wishing it made you smile for a moment <3

Originally posted by ultranicolet

I love these two sooooo much, wishing I shared some of my adoration for them with you and hoping you liked it^^
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Hey, you're awesome, thanks for existing, basically ^_^ Anyway, I wanted to know if you have any tips on how to write different personalities? My characters (all of them) always end up with the same default personality that I fall back on. Thanks!

Thanks for your question, darling!  I think most of us have struggled with this – after all, we’re conditioned to one way of thinking, feeling, and acting for as long as we live.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we write characters like ourselves, though.  In fact, many of us have a “default character” that’s sassier than we are, sweeter than we are, or in some way different enough from us that we still feel like we’re writing a character.

The problem, then, isn’t that we can’t visualize a different personality than ours.  On the whole, we can.  What we’re missing are the small details that make it feel whole – otherwise, it’s like painting the same room six different colors and trying to pass it off as six different rooms.  Different dominant traits can’t hide the fact that you’re working with one template!

So the question we’re left with: what are the traits we’re missing?  And how can we change them to create a unique and whole personality?

Three Types of Character Traits

There are, as the title suggests, three major categories of personality traits as I see it: fundamental traits, acquired traits, and detrimental traits.  A well-rounded character needs some of each to be three-dimensional and realistic.

Fundamental Traits

The fundamental traits of a person’s character are not as simple as interests and preferences; they are the very base of all decisions and desires.  They are either learned in early life or developed over a long period of time, rooting deeply into the personality.  A few examples of fundamental personality traits include:

  • Upbringing – The word choice here is conscious, as upbringing encompasses many different aspects of a person’s development.  Consider who raised them, and with what morals and practices they were raised to adulthood.  Consider their influences, both familial, social, and in media; consider the relationships that were normalized during their development, as well as the living conditions (financially, emotionally, environmentally, etc.).  The people, places, emotions, and conflicts made common during a person’s developmental period are essential to their personality in adulthood.  This is why psychologists often draw present-day problems back to a person’s childhood memories – because those formative years can subconsciously dictate so much of a person’s future!
  • Values – These may not coincide with the values a person is raised to hold, but upbringing certainly has an influence on this. A person’s values will direct the course of their life through every decision, large and small.  You don’t need to outline everything your character believes is important – every moral and every law they agree/disagree with. But those values which stand above others will give your character purpose.  A few of my favorite examples are: Jane from Jane the Virgin (whose initial storyline is heavily based on her religion and desire for a beautiful love story, as well as her childhood influences who inspired these values) and Han Solo from Star Wars (whose character development rested upon his values shifting from money and gratification to more honorable things).
  • Beliefs – Different from values, beliefs are a more general set of guidelines for how a person believes things are supposed to be.  Beliefs can also be a source of great conflict, as a character tries to stay aligned with their beliefs despite other values or desires.  These beliefs can be established systems, like religion or politics; they can also include more personal belief systems, like nihilism or veganism.  A characters beliefs, like their values, can change over the course of the story – but even if a character is questioning one system of belief, like religion or pacifism, they should have other belief systems in place to govern some of their activity.
  • Reputation – A lot of human activity, whether consciously or not, is dictated by how others perceive them (or how they believe others perceive them).  There are two types of reputation: personal and passing.  For instance, a woman named Sally who gains a personal reputation of sleeping around will behave in reaction to this reputation – either sleeping around because everyone already expects it of her, or specifically not hooking up because she wants to shake this reputation, or developing a thicker skin to deal with the rumors until it passes.  A man named Billy who, because of his tattoos, bears a passing reputation as an intimidating man will either try to soften his demeanor with strangers, own up to the image, or at least learn to expect judgment from strangers as a consequence.
  • Self-Image – Also relevant to a person’s behavior is the way they perceive themselves, which can often have little to do with their reputation.  A lot of self-image is based on definitive moments or phases in the past.  For instance: for several years after I started wearing contacts and cutting my hair, I still saw myself, in dreams at night, with long hair and glasses.  One of my friends, similarly, could not seem to notice when boys would flirt with her during sophomore year – because she still saw herself as an awkward middle schooler with braces, and not as the charming cheerleader with the great smile.
    Inversely, self-image can be inflated, causing character to behave as though they are funnier, smarter, or more prepared than they truly are (see: the rest of my sophomore acquaintances).  This can be an overlooked character flaw opportunity – or flawportunity…

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Acquired Traits

Now we move on to the acquired traits of personality, which are the ones you’re more likely to find on a character sheet or a list of “10 Questions for Character Development”, alongside a million other things like their zodiac sign and their spirit animal.  But the traits I’m about to outline are a little more relevant to a character’s behavior, and more importantly, how to make this behavior unique from other characters’ behavior.  The following traits will be learned by your characters throughout their life (and their story), and are more likely to shift and grow with time:

  • Interests – I know, I had to reach deep down into my soul to think of this one.  But it’s true!  Interests, both in childhood/adolescence and in adulthood, are an important part of a character’s personality and lifestyle.  Childhood interests both reveal something about the character (for instance: my nephew loves trains, Legos, and building, suggesting a future interest in construction or engineering) and create values that can last for a lifetime.  Current interests affect career choice, social circles, and daily activity for everyone.  Forgotten or rejected interests can be the source of pet peeves, fears, or bad memories. There’s a reason I’ll never play with Polly Pockets again, and it 100% has to do with bloody fingertips and a purse that wouldn’t open.
  • Sense of Humor – This can be a little hard to define, understandably.  If you were to ask me what my sense of humor is, I’d probably start with a few stupid memes, pass by Drake & Josh on the way, and somehow wind up telling you bad puns or quoting Chelsea Peretti’s standup comedy. A person’s sense of humor can be complex and contradictory!  Sometimes we just laugh at stuff because someone said it in a funny way.  But anyway, to help you boil this down to something useful: take a look at a few kinds of comedy and relate it to your character’s maturity level.  Do they laugh when someone lets out a toot?  Are they the kind of person to mutter, “That’s what she said,” or simply try not to laugh when something sounds dirty?  Can puns make them crack a smile?  Do they like political humor?  Do cat videos kill them?  Is their humor particularly dark?  Can the mere sound of someone else laughing make them laugh?  Figure out where your character’s sense of humor is, and you’ll feel closer to them already.
  • Pet Peeves – For every interest a person may have, and everything that makes them laugh, there’s something else that can piss them off, large- or small-scale.  Are they finnicky about their living space and neatness? Do they require a lot of privacy? Do certain sounds or behaviors drive them crazy?  What qualities are intolerable in a romantic interest for them? What kind of comments or beliefs make them roll their eyes?  If you need help, just try imagining their worst enemy – someone whose every word or action elicits the best eye-rolls and sarcastic remarks and even a middle finger or two – and ask yourself, what about this person makes them that mortal enemy?  What behaviors or standards make them despicable to your character?  That’s all it takes.
  • Skills – Everybody has them, and they’re not just something we’re born with.  Skills can be natural talent, sure, but they’re also cultivated from time, values, and interests.  What is your character okay at?  What are they good at?  What are they fantastic at?  Maybe they can cook.  Maybe they have a beautiful eye for colors.  Maybe they have an inherent sense of right and wrong that others admire. Maybe they’re super-athletic or incredibly patient or sharp as a tack or sweet as a cupcake.  Maybe they know how to juggle, or maybe they’re secretly the most likely of all their friends to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Where do they shine?  What would make someone look at them and think, “Wow, I wish I were them right now”?
  • Desires – A good way to “separate” one character from the next is to define what it is they want, and then use every other detail to dictate how they pursue that goal.  Every real person has a desire, whether they’ve defined it or not – whether it’s something huge, like fame or a family of five with triplet girls and a beach house on an island, or something small, like good grades for the semester.  These desires can cause a person to revise their values or forsake their morals; and these desires can conflict with other people’s desires, influencing how people interact with each other.  Remember that every character is living their own story, even if it’s not the story you’re telling.
  • Communication Style – A majorly overlooked character trait in pop fiction is unique communication styles.  Having every character feel comfortable arguing, or bursting out with the words, “I love you,” is unrealistic.  Having every character feel paralyzed at the idea of confronting a bully or being honest to their spouse is also unrealistic.  There should be a healthy mix of communicators in a group of characters. Some people are too softspoken to mouth off at their racist lab partner.  Some people wouldn’t see their girlfriend kissing another guy and just walk away without saying something.  Some people just don’t react to conflict by raising their voice; some people enjoy sharing their opinions or giving the correct answer in class.  Boldness, social skills, and emotional health all have a part to play in how people communicate their thoughts – so keep this in mind to create a more realistic, consistent character.
  • Emotional Expression – Along the same lines but not the same, emotional expression is more focal on feelings than thoughts.  If you’ve ever heard of the fight-or-flight response, the different types of anger, the stages of grief, or the five love languages, then you’re aware of different “classifications” of emotional expression and management.  Read up on some of those things, and think about how your character handles emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, anger, loneliness, paranoia, and so forth.

Detrimental Traits

While acquired traits are certainly more enjoyable to brainstorm during the creation process, detrimental traits are as important – or even more important – to the character’s wholeness as well as their role in the story.  Not only do these negative or limiting traits make your character realistic, relatable, and conflicted – they create a need for other characters and their strengths to move the plot forward.  A few examples of detrimental traits include:

  • Flaws – Character flaws are probably the first thing that came to your mind while reading this, but they’re the essence of the category.  Flaws in a character’s personality, morality, or behavior can be a source of character development; they set an individual on their own path and provide a unique motivation for them.  Having Character A struggle with sobriety while Character B learns to be a more patient mother can do a lot to separate their stories and personalities from each other.  Even if certain flaws don’t reach a point of growth, they create a third aspect to personality and force us, as writers, to be more creative with how our characters get from Point A to Point B, and what they screw up along the way.
  • Fears – Everyone has fears, whether we’re conscious of them or not – and I’m not talking about phobias or “things that give you shivers”.  Just like everyone has a primary motivation throughout life (romance, family, success, meaning, peace of mind, etc.), everyone has a fear behind that motivation (loneliness, failure, emptiness, anxiety).  We all have something we don’t want to happen places we never want to be and things we never want to do.  We’ve all been in situations that mildly bothered others but wildly affected us at the same time.  For me, it’s a lack of autonomy, or in any way being forced to do something or be somewhere against my will.
    What does this mean for me?  It means that when other people have nightmares about being chased by an axe murderer, I have nightmares about being kidnapped and locked up.  It means that I’m continually aware of my “escape plan” if something goes wrong in my living situation, and I’m hypersensitive to someone telling me, “You have to do this.”  It means I struggle to follow rules and usually don’t get along with authority figures because I have to assert my independence to them.  It’s irrational and continual and doesn’t just affect me in one situation; it subconsciously directs my steps if I let it.  That’s how real, guttural fears work. Phobias are only skin deep, and they don’t make you feel any closer to the character.

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  • Secrets – Even goody two-shoes Amber from the swim team, with her blonde blonde hair and her good good grades, has a secret.  Everybody does, even if it’s not a purposeful, “I have a deep, dark secret,” sort of secret. We have things we don’t tell people, just because they’re embarrassing, or painful, or too deep to get into, or they don’t paint us in a good light.  While the secrets themselves tell a lot about a person, so do the reasons a person keeps a secret.  Hiding something out of shame suggests a person is prideful, or critical of themselves, or holds themselves to a higher standard than they hold others.  Hiding something painful suggests that the person struggles to handle sadness or regret, or that they feel uncomfortable showing raw emotion in front of loved ones. And so on and so forth.
  • Conflict – Whether internal, interpersonal, legal, moral, societal, or what have you, conflict will limit your character’s actions at every turn.  A story is nothing without conflict driving the plot in different directions and causing your character to rethink both their plans and their lifestyle.  Without Katniss’s moral conflict over killing other tributes, The Hunger Games would be the story of a girl who entered an arena, killed a lot of people, and lived the rest of her life rich and comfortable.  If Luke Skywalker didn’t have interpersonal conflict with Darth Vader, Star Wars would be the war-story of a guy who joined a rebellion and then… yeah.
  • Health – Physical, mental, and emotional health is a huge limiting factor for characters that often goes untouched, but it’s valuable nonetheless.  Not everyone has a clean bill of health and can jump off trains without pulling a muscle, go through a traumatic life experience without any hint of depression or anxiety, or watch a loved one die in gunfire and shove right on without emotional repercussions. Consider creating a character who’s not perfect – who isn’t perfectly in-shape or abled, or neurotypical or stable day-to-day, or completely clean and clear of residual heartache, unhealthy relationships, or bad emotional habits.  Don’t define them by these traits, of course – but don’t feel that you can’t write a character with health issues without writing a “sick character.”

So this post got ridiculously long, but I hope it works as a reference for you when creating unique characters.  Remember that you don’t need to outline all of this information to create an individual, realistic character.  These are just some relevant ideas to get you started!  It’s up to you, as the writer, to decide what’s necessary and what’s excessive for your creative process.

Still, I hope a majority of this is helpful to you!  If you have any more questions, be sure to send them in and we’ll get back to you :)  Good luck!

- Mod Joanna ♥️

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