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Why this year's Doctor Who Christmas special was everything fans dislike about the Moffat era

A couple of years ago, disliking showrunner Steven Moffat was a niche interest in Doctor Who fandom, mostly the realm of feminists who objected to seemingly misogynist themes in his writing, and die-hard fans of his predecessor Russell T. Davies. Now, it seems, Moffat’s anti-fans may be in the majority.

Reactions to this week’s Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” have been decidedly mixed. Along with the predictably tearful mourning for the departure of eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, the episode was widely criticized for being incoherent, confusing, and sexist. 

There’s a reason why this fake TV listing has been retweeted almost 500 times:

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The episode included (spoiler alert!) the Doctor spending 300 years in an isolated village called Christmas, which did not develop culturally or technologically during the entire time he was present. Essentially, the Doctor has now spent about a fifth of his current lifespan inside a Dickensian snowglobe. Another baffling detail was the fact that his companion Clara was touched by one of the previously notorious Weeping Angels but survived unscathed, despite the fact that a Weeping Angel directly caused the final disappearance of beloved companions Amy and Rory last season.

The episode also introduced a new female character who embodied many of the characteristics of a stereotypical “Moffat woman”: a sexy, powerful woman who flirts with the Doctor while he bobs around awkwardly like a confused child, before she is killed off, brought back to life, and then insulted by the Doctor for not being as good “a woman” as Clara—10 seconds after he kissed her without her consent. It was like a Greatest Hits montage of all the bizarre interactions between the Doctor and his various female companions and love-interests since Moffat took over as showrunner. And this was just a few minutes after Clara was forced by the Truth Field to admit that she first began travelling with the Doctor because she “fancied him.” [READ MORE]

steven moffat does not understand the Doctor.

the Doctor is a mercurial strange and tricksy being. the doctor does not always play by human rules or any rules at all

but at heart, the doctor is good. the doctor cares.

not about whether people are sexy or acquiescent or impossible, but if they are kind and brave and good.

the Doctor I know wants people to be kind and brave and good and clever more than anything, because deep inside he knows all people are. he would sit down with anyone and have a chat with them about their lives, and he wouldn’t make fun of anyone for being short or not having a girlfriend or wearing the wrong sort of clothes to do work.

the doctor I know doesn’t place anyone above anyone else based upon rank or destiny. the Doctor I know cares about what people have the potential to be, not what people look like or where they’re from.

The Doctor I know met a stranded, rebellious juvenile delinquent and acted as a father and role model to her and helped her grow up. The Doctor I know shepherded a reckless, chubby Edwardian runaway through an alternate universe that her actions trapped them in, and when she broke everything from the neck down in an earthquake accident he sat by her bedside and held the hand she couldn’t feel and told her things would be all right, and I believed him utterly.

I suppose Steven Moffat met the Doctor when he was little, sat down in front of the telly just the way I did.

But I don’t think his Doctor is the same one as mine.


Wicked Storyboarded: Act 1 (x)

scvll-y  asked:

ten x Rose and "I just really need to have you here right now." (If it's not too much trouble of course!!)

It had been two years plus the year that never was since the Doctor had seen Rose Tyler.

Some days it felt like he was going to drown in his grief, some days it felt like he might be okay eventually.

(Learning how to live without her was like learning how to live without fresh air. He could live on substitutes, on canisters of oxygen, but it wasn’t the same as drawing in a breath scented with vanilla and strawberries and sunshine.)

He still reached for her hand when he was running to or from danger, jolting when another hand filled his.

When he managed to sleep, his dreams were full of glimpses of blonde hair and wide smiles. If he was lucky, that is. Often in his dreams she was walking away and he couldn’t stop her, couldn’t call her back. Usually his mind replayed the image of her falling towards the void, of her crying on a Norwegian beach where he couldn’t comfort her.

There was a reason he didn’t sleep as much as he should these days.

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and we love doctor who because the whole fandom is mourning the upcoming loss of our beloved eleventh doctor at the same time as we are saluting matt’s amazing job and performance, thanking him for a wonderful couple of years and exclaiming our love for him. Look at the excitement on his face, he’s been invited to join in on the wonderful adventure that is being the doctor! We didn’t even know him then, but three years later he’s leaving and that same goofy, excited man now finishes this extraordinary chapter of his life with thousands of thousands of fans loving him and wishing him good luck because he’s their Doctor.

He was a stranger to us and now he is The Doctor, our Doctor, quite an amazing journey to make! 

apparently they were seriously considering casting keanu reeves as doctor strange rather than bimbledingus chojinsentaijetman

is it still mourning if it’s for something that never happened

  • Relative: so did you have a nice Christmas???
  • Me: ten years since the doctor held hands with rose tyler in the snow. nine since donna appeared in the tardis. eight since the titanic almost crashed into buckingham palace. seven when Jackson lake was a thing. six since ten regenerated and I honestly thought doctor who was going to go to shit. five since a shark in the fog and Katherine Jenkins???? Idk about that one. Four since there was a wardrobe and a widow don't really know about that one either to be fair. Three since Clara Oswin Oswald fell from the clouds and brought the doctor out of mourning. Two where eleven regenerated and I experienced probably one of the biggest let downs of my life. One since last christmas and I swear to fucking god I cried about 40 million times and then OH MY GOD RIVER FUCKING SONG
  • Me: yeah it was alright
Don't underestimate Dr. Caitlin Snow

I don’t get why people are going crazy literally crazy over Caitlin’s little screen time in episode 21. Saying oh how she is not important or no one cares about her, how she has a bad storyline.
Ok theres a reason why her scene was at the end of the episode, its called a cliffhanger. She has done more for team flash than anyone else, she is the sole reason we even have a flash, without her Barry would be dead before he even woke up from his coma. In more ways than 1 she has the best storyline we have seen multiple sides of her.
shes been the strict logical doctor the voice of reason within the team, the mourning of her loved ones, we have seen her relax and just have fun and resulted in a hilarious episode of karaoke, we have seen her step up to the challenge out in the field, we have seen the evil meta human side of her the amazing performance of killer frost. Danielle’s acting definitely has been put to good use
Her storyline is where it should be now, she is single handedly keeping zoom restrained it wasn’t for her Barry and central city would be done for. She is an integral part of the flash vs zoom saga(don’t even think Iris has ever met Reverse flash or Zoom). Its only going to get more intense as writers tease the introduction of Caitlin family in season 3.

Countdown: The Husbands of River Song

Tick Tock
Goes the clock
We wept and we mourned her
Tick Tock
Goes the clock
Till River meets the Doctor.

But Rigsy.

Hasn’t touched his graffiti spray paints since the last time he saw the Doctor.

Blames himself for Clara’s death and can’t even mourn about it with anyone.

Fishes his paints out from the back of his cupboard.

Finds the TARDIS.

Spends all day crying and decorating it with flowers and pictures in memory of Clara Oswald.

Watches other people frown at the flowery telephone box as they walk past, wondering what it could mean, not giving it a second glance.

Realises no one else in the world knows or cares about Clara’s death so takes it upon himself to visit the TARDIS every single day without fail.

Wishes the Doctor would come back JUST ONCE and help him feel better about everything or just to talk about it.



WhatCulture being shippy about Doctor/Rose in an article <3 <3

OK this is a top 10 list from WhatCulture about DW actors in other roles, yadda yadda yadda, that’s cool and all but ngl what I’m really posting it for is this caption to the inevitable Billie-and-Matt-in-SDOACG reference:

They were one of the most loved Doctor-companion duos of all time; Ten and Rose Tyler took the dynamic to places that it barely been explored before, and when they were separated, it was heartbreaking. The Tenth Doctor mourned his best friend, and nearly-girlfriend, for two whole series, never quite getting over losing Rose.

Most loved of all time! Heartbreaking!!! Nearly girlfriend!!!!! NEVER GOT OVER IT!!!!!!! I will never ever ever get over seeing this sort of thing said about Doctor/Rose in the media <3

MY MANIC & I - A Waylon Park x Eddie Gluskin Fanmix (on 8tracks)


Sky Ferrieira - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) // Lana Del Rey - Pretty When You Cry // Margot & the Nuclear So So’s - A Journalist Falls in Love with Death Row Inmate #16 // Laura Marling - My Manic & I // Lana Del Rey - Once Upon a Dream // Annie Lennox - Love Song For a Vampire // Doe Paoro - Can’t Leave You // Evi Vine - Inside Her // Emily Haines - Doctor Blind // Mikky Ekko - Mourning Doves // Fabiana Claudia - Crazy In Love

Can I say a curse word? I hate it! And, he’s stealing Doctor Strange’s move!!!

My Daughter, a still-mourning 11th Doctor fanatic, upon seeing the new Capaldi costume.

(Understand: My wife and I both like it; it’s our 6-year-old kid who’s livid)