but the distance is not the main reason he's upset

Mystreet Headcanons Pt.2

Again these are mostly going to consist of my ships.
-Garroth likes being comforted like, full on just, bear hugs from tall people. Although this is hard since he is one of the taller guys (this is a main reason why he talks to Laurence and hugs Laurence anytime he feels upset).
- Dante is very insecure about his height. He feels like since it’s so hard to find a girl who doesn’t being with a guy that just is a few inches taller or shorter. So his flirty isn’t necissarly being a fuckboy but just a way to get himself out there.
- Zane actually doesn’t mind hugs as long as he is alone or with a close group of friends (since it still is like he is distancing himself).
-Vylad would LOVE to care for plants or for an animal but with his traveling and with how busy he is, he knows he never could.
-Not a head canon but just imagine Vylad with a kitten tho
-Travis runs a secret meme account. No one can tell me otherwise.
This seems shorter than the first one but I just felt like getting these few out.