but the director is letting them roll with it


Second part to, “Life Saver”. First part can be read here

Daisy can’t snap Fitz out of his Framework personality, but she knows someone who can. Jemma Simmons.

Daisy looked around, cautiously following behind as she watched her every exit. What the heck did he want? She almost was tempted to make a run for it and get out of dodge – but Fitz could easily just report her, and then she’d have to figure out how to get out of Hydra facilities without anyone on her side.

Plus, she wouldn’t deny she was just the tiniest bit intrigued. Why did The Doctor want to hack Hydra…? Did he not have all access as it was?

They reached his lab and he opened the door, gesturing her to go in. He might be evil but he still had manners. She walked in with hesitance, unsure if she was about to receive a get out of jail free card or a death certificate.

Fitz walked to his desk and cleared his throat. “The computers over here,” he said with a smug expression on his face. Smug Fitz was not her ideal. “I assume you know what a computer looks like.”

Daisy glared and took a seat beside him. “What do you need me to do?”

Fitz rolled his chair back some, giving her space. “I have all access to everything in Hydra. Everything but the Directors.”

Daisy looked at him, watching his face. He was up to something – but not this Fitz, not The Doctor. No, the Fitz that Daisy knew – he was in there – and he was up to something.

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Sleep With Me- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Warnings: Just lots of fluff!

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve written any Percival so here’s a drabble for your aching hearts <3

I leaned against the banister, fighting a losing battle. Near my feet, I could feel my cat rubbing his furry face against my shins.

“No, Ollie. I already fed you.” I murmured tiredly, letting my eyes close.

I felt myself sinking, becoming deliciously warm and cozy despite the fact that I was currently using my carpeted staircase as a bed and the wooden banister as a pillow. But it was the fourth night in a row that Percival had been working late. The owl he’d sent around dinner time had crushed me a little, though I knew it wasn’t his fault. This is what I’d taken on by falling in love with the Director of Magical Security and having him fall in love with me back.

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Wait, what?

Jensen Ackles x Reader

Funny, acting involved, I don’t know what to tag this for.

Summary? Well, let’s say the reader is a cast member of Supernatural, and have been a recurring character for the past two years, and she has issues being around Jensen, and Jared, and even Misha.

Y/N is your name

y/h/c is your hair color

y/e/c is your eye color

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The Guardian of Right to Pass Judgement on Evil - Part Two

“Game Start”

Following on from Part One, this post is primarily going to look at some of the main aspects of Yami’s personality that start to come to the fore. I’m also going to (hopefully) further prove my point that Yami’s early shadow games aren’t a consequence of him being insane and getting a thrill from torturing people, but rather the result of him being very self-righteous and far too ruthless.

The next two chapters also serve mainly to give us hints on Yami’s origins and also help to solidify certain areas of his personality – namely, his incredible self-confidence and some of his unique skill set.

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all of my characters have tragic backstories

“Emmanuel,” Eli said in exasperation, “you gotta let us take care of these people. Those kids -”

Javed rolled his eyes. “The ones being fostered by a retired rich couple? Their life must be so terrible. Swimming in a pool all day, trips all over the continent -”

“They’re in trouble, director,” Scopes snapped. “The Yezhovs are using them. We gotta stop it.”

Javed eyed them coolly. “Not without a client contract.”

“Look,” Eli snapped, losing his temper. Sam and Mickey, neither of whom had seen the pink-haired, flower-tattooed man ever get so close to being angry, watched with keen interest. “We all know poor little Javed Emmanuel didn’t get a childhood, but that’s no excuse to walk away from some other kids in trouble just because you had it worse -”

“Kinda hard to have it worse than some kids being framed for felonies,” Mickey commented. “What was your deal, director?”

Javed gave them a sidelong look. “I was a child soldier in Iraq.”

Sam choked on his takeout; Mickey stared in horror and embarrassment, and stuttered an apology. Even Eli, who already knew, briefly looked ashamed for bringing it up. Javed ignored them, arms crossed over his chest.

“Not our business, Montoya,” he said quietly. Eli pursed his lips.

“The woman’s an empath,” he replied, his voice just as low. “She’s using it to control the kids into committing robberies. Remind you of someone?”

Javed went very still at that. Sam, for the first time in forty minutes, stopped eating when he realized he was making the most noise out of all of them.

The director sighed and took off his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Tip off the Liberty Guard,” he said, finally. “Morning Glory will find someone to take care of it.”

“But -”

“We can’t do anything without a client,” Javed said wearily. “I’ll pass it upstairs, maybe the boss can convince Morning Glory to outsource the job. Now piss off, Montoya, Scopes. You both need a shower.”

anonymous asked:

New recruit meets jack and Gabriel for the first time and accidentally blurted out how attractive they are. Ficlet please

This was kinda rushed but I did my best. I hope you like this, anon! - Mod Meep

The meeting room was a bit of a mess at the current moment. There was a heated argument earlier and then somebody threw a hissy fit that ended up with people slapping in the room. The director was forced to announce a short break to cool their heads. Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes were instructed to stay as what the director said that they will use this chance to let them meet the new recruit. No one between them tried to arrange the chairs properly. This was the usual, and what will the recruit expect, anyway? Cleanliness and orderliness? Bullshit.

“Jack, get the chair up,” Gabe pointed at the tumbled chair just beside Jack whose legs were on the table. Jack stared at Gabe and raised a hand up.

“How about never.”

Gabe crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. “This is why no one takes us seriously, Jack.”

“What the fuck do you mean, we’re literally commanding officers.” Jack raised a brow at Reyes. The latino man sighed, he kept his head low and shook his head.

“This is it, we’ve reached the point in our career where we literally don’t care anymore, huh?” Reyes looked up with his crossed arms and sighed, “God, I hope it’s another Blackwatch member.”

“You got that cocky kid from the Deadlock, let Overwatch have this one.”

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Trailer Surprises


“Let’s break!” the director called out, making everyone let out a sigh of relief - Kyungsoo included.

Relaxing a little, he handed his props to a member of staff and rolled his shoulders back to loosen them, rubbing the back of his neck to help do away with some of the aching. It was late, he was tired and there was still hours left of filing to get through before he would finally finish. It meant that the beginning of his birthday would be spent on set filming, away from his members and away from you.

He let out a long sigh and headed outside to the massive trailers in the car park that were acting as dressing rooms, quickly finding his among the many. In his head, he was already running through the script for the next scene, not really paying attention as he climbed the short ladder to his trailer.

It was perfect for your surprise however.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you called out excitedly, surprising your boyfriend so much he stumbled back a couple of steps. Throwing your hands up in the air, you smiled sweetly and waited for Kyungsoo to get over the shock and gather his wits. “Surprise!” you said excitedly, when he finally looked up at you.

Kyungsoo ran a hand through his hair and moved to kiss your cheek. “What are you doing here?” he asked, still blinking at you in disbelief as he took your hand and led you to the little sofa in his trailer. “It’s really late, shouldn’t you be at home?” he asked, his tone filled with concern.

“I came to be the first one to say ‘happy birthday’,” you told him softly, leaning over to grab your bag. “I even made you a cake!” Letting go of his hand, you lifted a small white box out along with some candles.

Kyungsoo took the box from you and rested it on his lap, lifting the lid. “Wait, you made this?!” he asked, staring at the beautiful cream cake you probably spent hours slaving over. You had even piped ‘happy birthday kyungsoo’ piped across the top in swirly handwriting. “It looks amazing!”

You took the cake out of the box and placed candles around the edge before fussing around with the box of matches. “It may look nice but it might taste disgusting,” you quickly told him as a disclaimer,  trying your hardest to light a match. “I haven’t baked a cake since I was in school – oh are you kidding me, why won’t these matches light?”

“Pass them here,” he insisted, taking the matches out of your hands. In one swift flick of his wrist, the match instantly lit, burning brightly as he lit each candle carefully.

Your mouth fell open in shock and awe. “How did you do that?” you exclaimed, taking the box of matches out of hand and trying again, only to fail again. “Did you steal Chanyeol powers?” you giggled, knowing how ridiculous Kyungsoo thought the superpower concept was.

He instantly frowned as he lit the last candle. “Ha, ha,” you exaggerated, shaking his wrist to extinguish the match. “You’re so funny!”

“Nuh, ah!” you uttered as a warning, taking the cake out of his hands. “No sarcasm on your birthday,” you told him, pulling his hand as you stood up.

“What are you doing?” he asked, shyly running his hand through his hair.

Straightening your dress, you checked your watch and then looked up at Kyungsoo, the flickering glow of the candles twinkling your eyes and making them sparkle. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my Kyungsoo, happy birthday to you!” you sang softly, watching Kyungsoo step back and smile into his hand in embarrassment of how cute you were being. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky to have you – how many people could say their girlfriend would go to such lengths just to be the first to say happy birthday?

“Don’t blow out the candles yet!” you exclaimed, holding the cake out for him to hold. “I want to take a photo of you,” you explained, rolling your eyes as he immediately started to moan. “We’re creating memories here babe and I want to remember everything when I’m old and grey.” Taking your camera out of your bag, you took a step back and smiled as Kyungsoo posed sweetly for your photo.

As soon as the flash went off, he blew the candles out and sat back down on the sofa, patting the space beside him. “Come on, let’s dig in before I have to go back on set.”

You sat down next to him and started picking the candles off the cake again. “Don’t they know it’s your birthday? Can’t they let you go home early?” you asked, turning onto your side to face him better. With your finger, you scooped up a bit of the cream topping and held it out for your boyfriend.

“I wish!” he muttered, leaning forward to lick the cream off your finger. “It’s ok. We don’t have that much left to film and I’ll be able to go home.” He broke off a little piece of the cake, bypassing the need for any kind of utensil, and fed it to you, gauging your reaction.

“Are you checking it doesn’t taste bad?” you accused, playfully slapping him on the chest. “I promise it’s not going to kill you! It might make you ill but I doubt it’ll kill you!” You broke a bit off and held it in front of him, waiting patiently. “I’ll cry if you don’t try it.”

He rolled his eyes and gave you a little smile before letting you feed him. “It tastes quite nice actually,” he exclaimed, nodding his head and giving you a thumbs up.

“Well don’t sound so surprise!” you replied, poking your tongue out and breaking a piece of cake off for yourself. “We can’t all be culinary geniuses like you!”

He pinched another piece of cake off and helped himself. “That pasta dish you made last week was really good,” he said sweetly, warming your heart with his little creamy smile.

Moving the cake of his lap to the little table, you cosied up closer to your boyfriend and kissed the cream off his top lip. “Happy birthday baby,” you murmured, leaning on his chest to reach up and brush the hair off his face. Meanwhile he reached up and cupped your cheek with his gentle touch. “I’m sorry you had to work on your birthday.”

“Don’t apologise,” he interrupted, your fingers playing in his hair. “You’ve already made it the best birthday and we’re only 5 minutes into it,” he added, leaning forward to give you a little kiss.

“It was my pleasure,” you told him softly, smiling as he pulled his lips away. “But wait until you’ve actually digested the cake. If you don’t throw up, then you can thank me.”

A knock at the trailer door made you jump in Kyungsoo’s arms, making him laugh as he sat up straight and pulled you up with him. Leaning his head back, he called for whoever it was to come in. A small woman poked her head in, a clipboard in her hands. “We need you on set in five minutes Kyungsoo,” she said in a quiet voice.

Kyungsoo smiled at her and nodded his head. “Thank you,” he replied, waiting for her to close the door before turning back to you.

You huffed loudly and folded your arms across your chest. “You have to go back so soon?” you moaned softly, your bottom lip jutting out in a pout. “It’s not right that you have to work on your birthday.” Moving your arms up, you wrapped them around his neck and leaned closer so you could hold him tight and not let him go.

“I’ll only be a couple more hours,” he replied, kissing your cheek. “Then I’ll come straight to yours and we’ll go out for breakfast or something,” he promised, tucking a little strand of hair behind your ear and tilting your head up to kiss your lips softly.

“Can I wait here for you?” you asked, licking your lips. Even though you had just kissed him, you still wanted more: more of his lips, more of his touch, just more than him. He didn’t know how addictive he could be. “I don’t really like driving by myself when it’s so late?”

Kyungsoo smiled softly, warming your heart. “You won’t be bored?”

You shrugged your shoulders. “I can always just take a nap while you’re on set. Now go on, you should be getting back there before they tell you off,” you quickly told him, pulling him up so you were both standing up. “I don’t want them thinking you were late because of me. They won’t let me visit again if they think that.”

He put his hands on your hips and tugged you closer in a very unlike-Kyungsoo way. Maybe because he was a year older now meant he was much more forward. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my birthday with you,” he said softly, lifting your head up to help his lips find yours. The kiss was brief and left you wanting more but you knew he would be late otherwise.

“Happy birthday baby,” you replied, pecking his lips before you steered him in the direction of the trailer. “Now go and be amazing!”

“With you here, I will be,” he told you sweetly, squeezing your hand before leaving you in the trailer and heading back to set with a smile on his face – a smile only you could put on his face.



“I always imagined this duet exchanged like a dialogue between a couple who are separating, and this conversation triggers huge washes of emotions in their minds, all these abstract memories and feelings becoming overwhelming as they speak to each other. In our video, it manifests itself in the environment around them, they talk of a time that was once theirs, and so this world should feel like no other, but darkness and turmoil rolls in. When they conclude their conversation and finally move on from one another, this world they inhabited eventually fades away into a normal, quiet place.” - Sing J. Lee, director of the “Let It All Go” music video

Broken: Wendigo!Josh x Reader

and exceeded every expectation I could have set. You are an exceptional writer and I hope you realise this. Could I request Request: Hello. I’d like to thank you the imagines you wrote for me. They were- are -beyond perfect literally any character and have it include this conversation? : “It’s better to be alone sometimes.” “Why?” “Because no one can hurt me.”

A/n: A lot of you wanted more Wendigo!Josh, so here it is!
Credits to @danji-doodle for the amazing drawing!

WARNING: Slightly triggering

Word count: 1,021

You had called Josh exactly 7 times, but he didn’t respond. Even the 15 messages you sent him were not responded too, and it made you worried. You knew Josh had a hard time after you and Chris had found him in the mines. They locked him up, like an animal and treated him like one too. You stayed with him every minute you could, and he would always crawl up to you for support. You didn’t care about the way he looked, you didn’t care about his sharp teeth or his antlers, he was just Josh for you, but he had never not responded to your texts or not picked up the phone when you called.
He also didn’t tell you about his recent appointment with Dr. Hill. You didn’t even knew he was seeing this bastard again.

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"Music Theory"

So I wasn’t in this class, but I heard this from a friend.

This band director was really laid back and he let pretty much anything go.

One time my friend’s mom bought in pizza rolls and they made them in the director’s microwave. The principal walked into the class just as this guy’s pizza rolls are getting done. The microwave timer is going off and everyone is just standing there.

I walked into the band room. There was a thin fog and all three doors were open. (The same guy who was making the pizza rolls in the first story) Pulled a little container of macaroni from the trash can. Turns out he forgot to put water in the container. The noodles were black. It smelled bad.

The same class went out on a field trip to “record sounds” for a project. They went to Burger King and had lunch. I walked into band the next class and there were two kids, with BK crowns, playing mini golf with two cups, guard rifles, and a wad of paper.

The Other Winchester ~ Part 2 ~ A Visit From The King Of Hell

Originally posted by shadow--hunters

Warnings: Drinking and language

Pairings: Winchesters X Reader; slight Charlie X reader

Word Count: 1500



April 2014

I sigh as I slam my head down against the table earning me a raised eyebrow from my friend Charlie. It had been four years since that day and a lot had happened. Dean going to and coming back from Purgatory and was now carrying the mark of Cain, which made him borderline homicidal. Sam, almost having died from the trials to close the gates of Hell permanently and being possessed by an angel to keep him alive, was now searching for a way to reopen the gates of Heaven so the angels could go home. Castiel was now running on borrowed grace and hunting down Metatron the scribe of god. They had been right all those years ago, our family was a dysfunctional one.

I pick my head up and once again slam it against the table making Charlie say, “You know if you do that enough you’ll break the table.”

“I don’t care, I’m bored.”

“We could go out?”

“You know I can’t, Dean would kill me.”

“I know,”

“Charlie,” I say as I walk over and sitting on the table next to her. “I haven’t been out in years, of course I went hunting with my brothers; but I wasn’t allowed to leave the motel. Now we have a bunker and they still won’t let me out. So tell me what’s been happening?”

“Well other than the avengers saving Manhattan, which by the way did you see Black widow? I would love to roll around with her.” She says making me chuckle. “I can’t believe you two know each other.”

“Yeah well when you have a shared past you tend to know some people. Although I wouldn’t mind knowing Thor on a personal level.” I say as I bite my lip making her laugh. “He’s just ah!”

“Have you talked to her lately?” Charlie asks and I nod.

“I talked to her right after the alien incident; she’s the only one other than Fury that I trust to know I’m alive. Although she was pretty shocked to know that I was. I gave her and Fury all the info I had on HYDRA before I became a ghost again.”

“I still can’t believe what they had you do.”

“Yeah well shit happens.”

“Come on,” She says instantly getting to her feet making me raise an eyebrow at her. “We’re going out, screw the boys you deserve it.”

“You’re serious?”

“Hell yeah I’m serious, we’re both bored and coming up on loose ends so let’s head out and get a couple beers.”

“Dude I love you, I could kiss you; but that would just make things awkward.”

“Just a bit,” She says as she chuckles. “So where sounds good?”

“No idea, but anywhere that sells beer is perfect.”


A few minutes later we are sitting at a bar with beer in our hands and talking about random stuff. It was so nice to be out and able to relax.

“Okay, so have you met Tony Stark yet?” Charlie asks as sets her beer down in front of her.

“Unfortunately no, but maybe one day I will.”

“What about Captain America?”

“Oh god I wish I could meet him, he seems like such a gentleman and his arms? God I’d love to run my fingers over them.”

“You’re hormones are raging aren’t they?”

“Just a bit, it has been years since I actually had sex. Well you know.” I say as I down the rest of my beer. She nods not asking anymore. She knew all about the man I was in love with that had shot me; she even knew more about it than Sam and Dean did. I trusted her with all my secrets and I didn’t know why.

“So have you thought about moving on?” She asks making me sigh.

“I have, but when you’ve had that one real love; even if it was part of a mission, it stays with you.”

“You really liked him didn’t you?”

“I did, but I told him what would end up happening.”

“What do you think he’s doing now?” Charlie asks taking me by surprise.

“Probably still killing people, he is a master assassin.”

“What do you think he’d do if he found out you were still alive?”

“Him, nothing. Now they people he works for would send him to finish the job.” I say as I glance around the room.

“That sucks,”

“Tell me about it.”

“So karaoke?” Charlie says and I smirk.

“You’re just having me break all the rules tonight huh?”

“Of course, it’s a girl’s night.”

“Sure let’s do karaoke,” I say as I hold my hand up for the bartender to bring us two more beers. After he does Charlie leads me over to the Karaoke stage and chuckles as she says, “So what should we sing?”

“I have no clue; I’m just following after you.” I say as I take a swig of my beer.

“Uptown Funk?” She says making me almost spit my beer out. “No. huh I don’t know,”

“Whatever you pick will work; I’ll just try to keep up.” I say as I down the rest of my beer and set it on a nearby table.

“Hello (Name),” I hear a voice say making me instantly sober. I turn toward the voice to see Crowley standing a few feet away a glass of whiskey in his hand.

“What do you want Crowley?” I say as i let out an irritated sigh.

“I wonder if Dean knows you’re out an about,”

“Are you gonna tell on me?” I ask sarcastically as I raise an eyebrow at him.

“No, I just thought you two might want some company; and I have some information you might like about your former boss.” He says as he swishes the liquid around in the glass.

“I’m listening,” I say as I raise an eyebrow intrigued. He motions me to follow him and I glance at Charlie who nods and follows closely behind me. upon reaching a seat he motions for us to sit down before he says, “It seems that one of my former employee’s has went and told Pierce some important information pertaining to your whereabouts.”

“What the fuck Crowley?!” I say a little louder than I meant to.

“He’s a little peeved since I’ve been spending all my time with you lot. Thinks he should be the new king of hell. Stupid twat.” Crowley says as he takes a sip of his drink.

“So what does Pierce know?” I ask my heart starting to race in my chest.

“Only a few minor details; one of which being that you are still alive, and the second that you are a Winchester.”

“Well that’s just real fucking peachy isn’t it?” I say as I let out an annoyed groan. If Pierce knew I was still alive there was no doubt he’d send ‘Him’ to finish the job. My throat closes at the thought. “Does he know exactly where I am?”

“Nope, thankfully I am the only demon with that knowledge. Although, if you must know they are planning on offing SHIELD director Fury.”

“What? Why?”

“Do the words Project Insight mean anything to you?” I raise an eyebrow in confusion making him roll his eyes. “Hydra is going to use the Helicarriers to kill everyone who might be a threat to them.”

“Holy shit,” I say as my eyes widen. Suddenly my heart clenches as I say, “Then I have to go to DC.”

“What? No, are you crazy Dean would kill you!” Charlie says but I just shake my head.

“Charlie, I’m the only one Nat can trust to tell her everything; and besides I need to make sure HYDRA pays for everything they did to my family.”

“Dean’s gonna freak when he finds out you’re gone.” Charlie says making me sigh.

“Then we just won’t tell him. Crowley can you keep Dean occupied until I get back?” I ask causing the demon to nod.

“And if you don’t come back?” Charlie asks with worry in her voice.

“Oh come on, I’m a Winchester we never really die; we evolve.” I say as I force a laugh. I knew what was awaiting me in DC and to be honest I was terrified but I had to go. Sighing I turn to Charlie and say, “I need to get back, are you ready to go?”

“Although I don’t condone lying to Dean, I guess this is something you need to do.” She says making me smirk.

“Don’t worry Charlie, I’ll call you every day and will even have you help me out with hacking and stuff. Whataya say?”

“Yeah whatever,” She says clearly not convinced about my lies. We quickly stand and make out way back to the Bunker where after I pack some clothes, guns, and knifes I head down to the Garage. I walk over to the nearest bike and hear Charlie groan as she says, “You’re really going?”


“But on that? Why don’t you take one of the cars?”

“Because all those cars were built in the 50’s a little suspicious if I pull up in one don’t you think?”


“Besides think about it, if I take one of them Dean will surely notice. He loves those cars. A motorcycle is the way to go and it’ll get me there faster. The faster I get there and warn them the faster I get back.”

Charlie lets out a heavy sigh and I offer her a soft smile as I say, “It’s okay, I promise I’ll be back and if Dean does happen to find out just tell him I force you to lie to him.”

“Like he’d believe that,”

“Meh, we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.”

“Be safe,” She says as she hands me my helmet.

“No problem, I am a master assassin after all.” I say as I quickly put the helmet on and starting the old Motorcycle speed off toward the garage door and from there I head toward DC. It was a 20 hour drive so if I sped and made very few stops I’d be there by tomorrow night. I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy at the thought of possibly seeing 'Him’ again but I knew what I had to do to protect not only my friends but also my family; cause no doubt they were on that list of possible threats. At the thought of loosing Dean at Sam I pull the throttle back making the bike surge out from me. To hell with traffic lights.

Will Continue In ~ An Old Mission

People come into your life, and some of those people leave. People change. If they were real while they were in your life remember them that way. Life has a funny way of affecting people. Things happen. Make good memories and always keep moving forward. You’re your own director in your own movie. Grant some people main rolls. Let some people play extras. But regardless of who you chose for the credits…Make sure you produce a movie that you’re proud of.
Boy in Luv [Taehyung]

Originally posted by live-laugh-love-with-ur-fullest

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: Taehyung and his girlfriend are filming for BTS’ music video for Boys in Luv and things a go a little unexpected.

Word Count: 2,378 words

Member: Kim Taehyung from BTS 

I hope you enjoy :) and i’m debating if I want to make this story have a sequel or even a series but if I do create a sequel or series to this it will contain the other music videos that have that one random girl in it like ‘War of Hormone’. And if you want this to be a series or have a sequel to it you can message me. And in the story the reader is the same age as Jungkook. - Admin Kookie

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Dog Days

Description: When Phil blindly agrees to take care of someone’s dog, he and Dan must endure the troubles of handling a dog and hiding her from their landlord.

Warnings: there’s a LITTLE swearing and one innuendo sh

Word count: 2849 words

AN: im not that great at writing fluff but i worked hard on this so pls love me and i know the title is dumB pls but yes feel free to request and give feedback should amy keep to writing angst stay tuned (also if there’s mistakes im sorry)

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Drama Club! Sterek

It’s dress rehearsal and Stiles is center stage, singing some ridiculous song about a missing hat.  Derek, on the other hand, is getting completely lost in how ridiculously good Stiles’ voice is and the way he moves his body across the stage while he sings.

He’s standing in his usual spot, backstage left, completely mesmerized until he suddenly becomes aware of a voice in his headset.  “Derek , your cue! Your cue!”

Shit.  Derek was supposed to start closing the curtains 3 lines ago.

He fumbles around, pulling on the chords and forcing the curtains to move quickly and jerkily across the stage.  Stiles is still standing center stage, holding out his note for way longer than he’s meant to as he waits for them to close.

“Cut!” the director calls. “Derek? Get out here!”

Derek pushes the edge of the curtain aside and steps out, head lowered as he feels his face heat up.

The director, an older lady with gray hair and a permanent scowl, is glaring at him. “What is the matter with you? It’s tech week and suddenly you’re missing your cues?”

“Sorry,” Derek mumbles. “Won’t happen again.”

The director sighs and runs a hand through her hair. “It better not.  Okay, let’s do it again, from the top!” she yells out.

Derek slips backstage again and finds Stiles there, waiting for him.  Derek’s insides immediately turn to mush.

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People come into your life, and some of those people leave. People change. If they were real while they were in your life remember them that way. Life has a funny way of affecting people. Things happen. Make good memories and always keep moving forward. You’re your own director in your own movie. Grant some people main rolls. Let some people play extras. But regardless of who you chose for the credits…Make sure you produce a movie that you’re proud of.
Family {19}

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions Of A Car Accident, Character Death

Words: 2,559

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Too tired to proof read, sorry guys. Hopefully it’s not too horrible

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  • [Preparing to take down Hydra—and S.H.I.E.L.D.]
  • Natasha: Let me get this straight, Director. You're actually giving us permission to do this?
  • Nick: [rolls his eyes] That is correct, Romanoff.
  • Natasha: To blow it up? [excited] Boom?
  • Nick: [yells] Boom!
  • Natasha: [laughing] Wicked. But how on Earth are we gonna do that?
  • Nick: [sarcastically] Why don't you confer with Rogers? As I recall, he has a particular proclivity for pyrotechnics.
  • Steve: [nodding] I can bring her down.
  • Nick: [excited] That's the spirit. [shooing them away] Off you go.
Filmmaker’s Series: Young Bones

(Filmmaker’s Series showcases the films of independent filmmakers while shedding light on their works and the art of cinema through a personal and intimate interview with the filmmaker.)

Impacting on several levels, Young Bones shows beyond doubt that great filmmaking lies in the filmmaker’s ability to best communicate the emotional. Still, certain subjects at times prove challenging for cinematic storytellers. How does one, for example, approach violence and other uncomfortable topics? Through brilliant direction that molds a story of violence into an engaging cinematic presentation, filmmaker Bryce Hoogland proves that it is a matter of creating a dialogue between the film and the viewer in such a way that the viewer feels compelled to reflect upon the subject of the film rather than simply consume the film. In dealing with social issues, he understands the importance of inspiring answers within viewers over providing reassuring answers.

As a film director, he is also aware that a strong dialogue between the film and the viewer stems from a strong handling of cinema’s language. From violence to poetry, Young Bones unveils itself in an arresting way. Learn how in an interview with Bryce Hoogland, presented by A-BitterSweet-Life:

The logline for Young Bones reads “Claire, a girl stuck in the drainpipes of life, finds a way out through a violent act.” How did the subject matter of the film affect its narrative, and as a filmmaker, how did your grasp for each evolve from your early writings down to the final edit? For example, although violence is central to the film, we only witness the evidence of violence, especially in the climatic one-take scene. Were your directorial choices–like in this case–fixed from the beginning, inspired during the process of making the film and the insights discovered, or perhaps both?

There’s definitely a violent backstory to Young Bones and with that I knew I never wanted to actually show violence even though the first few drafts of the script showed otherwise. As the script started to evolve, the idea of showing violence began to dissipate; I felt the story would seem more mature without it. Since you mention the one-take scene during the climax, I had that visualized in my head from the very first draft. I knew I wanted this life changing scene for Claire to be seen through one eye, rather than multiple eyes (different shots).

I’ve always found it interesting to think about what is happening off-screen, and I want the audience to be interested in that also. I love to give the audience something to chew on and think about what is going on behind closed doors.

The expansion of the frame or the continuous building of the film story’s world outside the frame is a skill we find in most great visual storytellers–Robert Bresson, for example, does it all the time. I like to think that there is also a trickier “expansion of the frame” and that is an emotional one that relies heavily on the actors. Certain actors are capable of further absorbing the viewer in the film. Like the golden rule “show, don’t tell,” they are aware of “being” the emotional state of the character rather than “acting” it out. Sydney Thomas absorbs one further into the film–one “feels” her rather than simply following her. How was it working with her and were there additional discoveries into the film’s story because of this collaboration?

Sydney Thomas is an amazing talent, and I’m not being bias just because I’m about to marry her in three weeks. We have a very strong director/actor connection because of our off-screen relationship. We often know exactly what we want from each other, and she is so skilled that she can deliver the performance the script needs. When directing actors I often like to step back and let them feel out the scene and grow and create character development within the scene. I tend to rehearse the scenes over and over so the actors can not only get comfortable with the material but get a feel for their surroundings; once the scene and actors are ready, the camera will roll. Sydney was able to bring emotion to the character that I didn’t write into the script. An example being the scene where Claire interacts with nature right before the climatic point of the film. I had asked her to evoke a sense of self-discovery through emotion, and she added so many layers to the character in that scene that I hadn’t even considered before.

As suggested before, the film presents a person’s access to freedom through a violent act. This part presented in a climatic one-take rests between poetic sequences that reflect a sense of the free. In the first, Claire interacts with nature, evoking a sense of self-discovery. In the final two shots of the sequence, the ascending camera relates this “evoking a sense of self-discovery.” In the second sequence–after the climatic one-take of the violent act–we see Claire at the sink wetting a piece of cloth and cut to an overhead shot of Claire placing it on her face as if in an attempt to wash away the reality of the past. This type of shot shares a connection with the previous ascension of the camera. She pulls off the piece of cloth, and we cut to a close-up of it absorbing blood. Perhaps, we ascend to a sense of self-discovery in the first sequence, and after the violent act, that self-discovery is no longer an ideal held above Claire but a reality brought down to her “earthly” living. As the writer and director, what elaborations may you offer the viewer in regards to how these three scenes work together and their significance?

I was interested in giving Claire a scene where she has never felt nor experienced something before; she unearths life in the nature scene. It’s a separation of reality, a realization that beauty is outside of her current confinements at home/town. Having that scene prior to the climatic one-take was in my mind from day one. I love diving into a contrast of daily routine, then sucking the character back into their reality quickly, but coming off of the nature scene, it gives Claire that extra push and reasoning to commit the violent act; she now knows what’s outside of her current reality. The best way to describe the scene right after the one-take is that it’s the calm before the storm, but the storm has already passed. The silence in that scene and absence of sound from outside is beautifully haunting. Claire, for the first time in her life, is experiencing a silence at home. As far as the shot of Claire putting the wet cloth over her face, you’ve pretty much nailed it. She’s washing away the past, the dirt, the violence; she’s cleansing herself and, in a way, becoming pure again. Framing that action in a high angle works metaphorical for God looking down on her as she cleanses herself.

Cinema is an emotional medium, says Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and I believe that tapping into the human soul is one of the most enriching artistic endeavors. I love learning about myself. Every new film teaches me how to lead my life. As a storyteller, what did Young Bones teach you, and as a filmmaker, what insights into the filmmaking process did the film reveal to you? A film that inspires not just social reflection but also a contemplation on the power of cinema’s language, how will Young Bones influence your future filmmaking and what can you share on the art of cinema that may inspire other filmmakers?

Storytelling-wise, I learned to make sure everything you have in your script translates to screen well. There’s nothing worse than going through production, then getting to the editing stage and finding out that a relationship between characters isn’t clear at all. The relationship I’m specifically talking about is Claire/Mom. After seeing the rough cut, I was upset and frustrated with myself because it worked in the script but not on the screen. I spent months rewriting different drafts of a scene for Claire/Mom until I nailed the relationship down clear enough for the audience. The best advice I can give, which happens to be the same advice my favorite film professor gives, PRE-PRODUCTION IS KEY. Make sure everything from locations, to scheduling, to budgeting is all solid before production starts. This may seem like obvious advice, but you’d be surprise about how many students I’ve worked with on films and have things go wrong because they slacked off in pre-production. Luckily my producer, Bryant Tovrea, loves everything that is pre-production, so we were able to work through all the kinks and details several times beforehand.

At the end of every film I make I learn more and more about myself as a director and the stories I love to tell. I’m constantly learning what works and doesn’t work when it comes to specific camera moves and ways to direct actors more effectively. I’m always discovering more about me as a person as I grow within filmmaking, and I’m learning to use that information within my films. If you as the writer/director can pull from your past to create something personal, then the more connection you’ll have with the film as a whole. One more tip for inspiring filmmakers, don’t be afraid to leave your audience with something to think about. Don’t feel the need for exposition, don’t just spoon-feed the audience the information you think they should walk away with, because the less time they think about your film the easier it will be to forget it. That reason alone is why I love being a filmmaker, the power I have to create a message and encourage an audience to really think about something; at the end of the day my goal is to have them not only remember my film but be affected by it in some way. If I can get an audience to dig deeper into what specific images mean to them metaphorically or open their eyes to a bigger picture of life then I have done my job.

Watch and enjoy Young Bones.