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7 Days of Heaven (A GOT7 Smut Series Teaser)

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Teaser (Hyung line)

Teaser (Maknae Line)

Prologue  Day 1-Jaebum  Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung  Day 4-Jackson  Day 5-Youngjae   Day 6-Bambam   Day 7-Yugyeom

“Wow, so you guys really blocked this week for my birthday?”  You eyed the boys and they all nodded, causing you to smile from ear to ear.

“Of course you are our best girl friend in the world; we only want what’s best for you on your birthday.”  Jackson says and you giggled before giving each one of them a hug; not noticing the evil smirks that are plastered on each of their faces, as their mind automatically drifted to the future events in the next seven days.

“Welcome to a week of heaven hell, _______.

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Prompt: “…Chat has been overworked by his dad and it slows him down during an akuma attack and he just ends up collapsing halfway through and he eventually ends up opening up to Ladybug about his home life”

I do not own Miraculous Ladybug.

“Stay focused,” she snaps, and he nearly flinches when her yoyo swings out to deflect an attack aimed right for his face. She is quick to charge, dodging seamlessly and with little effort at all.

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Darling Pan. Apocalypse!AU. 

Based on the work of Audrey

fairytalemoments  asked:

Oh my god so that fic about Amy fake dying and Jake and everyone not coping is honestly the best/most heart breaking thing I have read could you PRETTY PLEASE write the part where Amy comes home and goes straight to Jake because I desperately need to read that and it would be so amazing

missing scene from THIS

The first thing that she notices when he opens the door is that he needs a haircut.

The second thing that she notices, quickly after the first, is that his whole body seems frozen, rooted in the spot, the most motionless she has ever seen him in her life.

The third thing hits her only once she opens her mouth and whispers, “Hi”; that there is a fractured quality about his eyes that is unfamiliar, and it makes Amy want to take his face in her hands and tuck his head against her neck and hold him, makes her want to crack as many insane jokes as she can, makes her want to do something, move heaven and Earth and all manner of other cliche things, until it goes away. 

(Makes her wonder if she will ever be able to forgive herself for putting it there.)

She doesn’t do any of those things, though, and says, again, “Hi, Jake.”

The sound of his name seems to jar him out of his frozen state.

He breathes her name, barely audible: “Amy.”

She takes a deep breath and says, for a third time, “Hi,” and the movement is dreamlike, Amy thinks, as she watches his hands come up slowly and fluttering like he’s scared she’s an illusion, tips of his fingers brushing against her cheeks, tracing the shape of her face.

“This - “ He’s inhaling, shaky and stuttering. “This isn’t a dream.”

“I’m sorry,” she says, blurts, eyebrows creasing and breath catching because God is she sorry. “Oh, Jake, I’m so, so sorry -”

And then he’s kissing her, and she can’t say that she’s completely surprised, can’t say that she doesn’t immediately kiss him back and draw her hands over the back of his neck, through his too-long curls, lets him pull her to him with shaking hands, and she’s pressing her nose against his cheek when she realizes that it’s coming away wet.

“You’re not a dream.” He repeats it, more firmly this time, but his voice is still breaking. “You’re real. You’re real, I was right, I was really right, y-you’re alive -”

And he’s really crying, tears spraying against her cheeks when he blinks, but it’s okay because she feels her own eyes sting and now she does cradle his face in her hands.

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Dear You,

I’ve been day dreaming lately. I’ve been daydreaming about fun things like staying up til 3am telling each other our dreams, taking roadtrips with the sun shining through the open windows, warm nights cuddled in your arms under the stars, exploring God’s wonderful world with you, and growing a family together full of love and grace. I’ve been daydreaming about this magical future with you.

But I’m not so naive to think that our entire lives will be peaches and cream. I know there will be fights where we don’t want to speak to each other. I know life comes with business meetings and late fees and things breaking and heartbreaks and disappointments. I know life won’t be perfect all the time, and that’s ok. In fact, I wouldn’t want it to be. The challenges, the struggles, the heartbreak, and the annoyances are all a part of our growing process as flawed human beings saved by grace. I cannot expect a perfect life because I myself am not perfect. I am growing, and I realized the fun part of life is when we stop trying to pretend everything is perfect and enjoy the hard, unglamorous moments in life. You know how much I adore perfect, magical moments. I live for them, but I’m also learning to live for the in between moments. The moments waiting for each other to get ready when we’re already late, the long line at the grocery store, the seasons when money is tight, and the times things don’t go my way. I’m learning to love those in between moments because I love spending them with you. 

I can’t wait to eventually marry you and have those wonderful “staring into the sunset on top of a mountain” moments. But more importantly, I cannot wait to kiss you when you’re frustrated at me, to dance in our kitchen after one of us didn’t get the job, and to have a best friend for life with a shoulder always willing to be cried on. You make me smile so big and your heart for God lights up a room. Thank you for showing His love and grace to everyone you know especially me because it makes my soul smile so so bright and it makes me fall in love with you more every day. I love you.

- Lindsey

I was looking for a breath of life A little touch of heavenly light

Apocalypse Au, Final Part. 

This is the last part, guys. THE END. I hope it’s good - it’s very long, and it was draining to write. I hope this lives up to expectations ? Anyway, enjoy, and be generous to me, that is all I ask. Anyway, this fic has been wonderful to write - it leaves me crying to myself from emotions. Everyone has been supportive and lovely, and I hope this ending pleases you. 

Sequel to 


I was looking for a breath of life A little touch of heavenly light  (x)

-          Peter, listen to me.

-          No. We’ve been over this, Wendy – no.

-          You have to let them go ! Both of them !

-          They’re leverage !

-          Leverage ? Leverage ? Peter, Bae is my friend !

-          I’m not hurting him, Peter snaps. I’m just keeping him where I want him.

-          You’re holding him prisoner !

-          What the hell do you want me to do, Wendy ? Give him back to his father so Gold reduces London to ashes without blinking ?

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The author has his favourite characters, does with them what he pleases,
makes them dance on strings pulled tight, their scars look like diseases.

The author doesn’t like my love,
he tortures him without care,
writes him into a broken home with a broken heart he cannot bare.

The author doesn’t notice me, just a background part of his story,
and so he goes and underestimates the power of a girl turned predatory.

The author often forgets what a love like that can do now and again,
that girl stands up, offers out her fury and then picks up a pen.

—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #75