but the constant is forever the best

can you believe that next week my life will be over and so will season 3 of skam and i will forever be in a state of numbness bc

on the one hand i will be so happy to have gotten to witness this entire series in real time whilst making the BEST memories along the way on this whole epic journey of isak and even’s as both individual characters and together as a couple

but i’ll also be in a constant state of mourning bc i KNOW that NO OTHER show will ever meet this intangible standard that skam has set, ever, to fulfill every deep need of mine i have ever wanted to see be depicted on a tv show in such a REAL form and be represented SO ACCURATELY. no other show is just gonna do it for me now? how do i move on now? how do i go back to life without skam until season 4 now? what am i gonna do?

ugh this is so bittersweet bc this HONESTLY is a case of “i know you’re gonna end, and i know you have to end, because all good things come to an end … but i don’t want you to end and go because … you’ve been so good to me. so good to me.”

If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls you know of Rory’s three boyfriends throughout the series, Dean, Logan, and Jess. In my opinion, I think that every girl out there has had/will have their very own Dean, Logan, and Jess.

The Dean- Your first love, intoxicatingly wonderful and every moment you feel the constant butterflies. You think it’ll last forever, but in reality nothing ever does.

The Logan- You take chances and experience things you never dreamt of. With him every day is an adventure and the love you have for each other is endless.

The Jess- He understands you better than anyone. He is your better half, your number one cheerleader, your best friend, and your soul mate. He keeps you sane when you get off track. He’s your person, forever. Regardless if you go your separate ways.

Dating Lucifer Morningstar would include...

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  • Your conversations mainly consist of flirtatious, sarcastic comments and jokes
  • Sex, and a lot
  • Like…a lot
  • Everywhere
  • Every type of kissing imaginable (neck, jaw, nose, forehead, lips, chest, ears, etc)
  • Believing he is indeed the devil and accepting him for him
  • Him constantly trying to prove his worth and his ability to deserve a wonderful person like you
  • Piano and singing lessons 
  • Becoming best friends with Mazikeen and Chloe 
  • Getting to know Trixie and her becoming like your own daughter (and teasing Lucifer about it)
  • Constant care and affection
  • Being devoted to only each other and no one else
  • Occasionally trying out some new things (if ya know what i mean ;))
  • Taking him forever to sort out his feelings for you
  • Being the first to say ‘I love you’
  • Any arguments or complications being quickly soothed out
  • His ‘powers’ not working on you (him not being able to get you to tell him your darkests desire)
  • Him admiring your independence and letting you have it
  • Looking into each others eyes and just knowing that this is who you are supposed to be with 
  • Beard burn and hickeys (The devil likes to mark what’s his)
  • His arm always finding somewhere to rest on you, whether it be your back, thigh, shoulders, cheek or any other place ;)
  • Witnessing his true form and while being terrified at first, coming to terms with it
  • Learning things about the Underworld and his life before you met him
  • Deep conversations 
  • Tracing each others veins and bones (You tracing his wing scars)
  • Sending him cartoons of the devil and telling him horrendous jokes for fun
  • Him showing annoyance but secretly loving that smile that grows on your face 
  • Makeout sessions everywhere
  • Jealousy being a terrible color on both of you (especially Lucifer)
  • Kissing his scowl and scars away
  • Making him feel loved and wanted for the first time in his life
  • Him treating you like the Princess you are
  • A lot of gifts
  • Pet names (You- Princess, angel, darling, babe, sweetie, love(ly), gorgeous, etc)(Him- Luci, babe, Luce, Angel, goat (as a joke), and darling)
  • ‘Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine’ - ‘Listen to me. I will always worry about you. It is my job to worry about you. Now sit down, shut up and let me help you’

hello all!! 2016 was a bust but my mutuals really got me through it! and i really appreciate all of you, especially since many of you have had to put up with my annoying ass and my constant url changes (i deadass might change my url after post this). Anyway even if you had a bad year this year i really hope 2017 is the year for you and i wish yall the best of luck!!

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Honestly so fucking tired of complain posts about Magnus not having a belly button!?

Like… that doesn’t define Magnus in any way shape or form. Be happy that they have represented him perfectly.

His tendency to expect the best in people.

His confidence in his sexuality and his race and his personality.

His fight for equality in the Shadow world.

His taking care of other Downworlders in need of help.

His constant loving soul.

How he has survived being suicidal.

How he is an abuse survivor.

How gentle and undemanding he is of Alec.

Like… this list could go in forever.

The First Birthday

Context: It’s Robert & Aaron’s daughter’s first birthday.

Robert and Aaron woke up at the same time to the sound of their child making random noises down the baby monitor. Usually they would continue to make noises to themselves for about 20 minutes before becoming bored and calling out for them to go and get her. This morning was particularly important, today marked a year since their lives changed forever, the end of the best year of their lives so far – it was their daughters first birthday!

They both got out of bed, smiling like idiots at each other thinking about the amazing year they had had being dads, sure it hadn’t been easy, not by a long shot, the endless nights, the never ending tantrums, the constant overwhelming feeling of responsibility, but despite all of that neither of them would change it for the world.

They walked into their daughter’s room singing happy birthday, pointless they knew, given that their daughter had absolutely no concept of what a birthday was but that didn’t stop them.

“Good morning darling!” Aaron smiled reaching down into the crib to pick up Lottie, who was holding her arms up to him. “Happy Birthday!” He said excitedly bouncing her up and down on his hip and placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Daddy!” Lottie smiled, holding her arms out to Robert who was stood behind Aaron.

“Hey birthday girl!” Robert smiled lovingly, taking her from Aaron and placing a kiss on her forehead. “Should we go see what the birthday bunny left? Yeah?”

Before turning around to head downstairs his eyes met Aarons who had a look of confusion plastered on his face.

“Birthday bunny?” Aaron mouthed, wondering where Robert had got that from, causing Robert to laugh.

The night before, once they had put Lottie to bed, they stayed up for hours trying to wrap each present perfectly and organising them in the nicest way possible. As the night drew on Aaron decided it was time for them to both go to bed given how much of a busy day they had planned the next day,

“Come on Rob, she’s not gonna care if you put the bigger present to the left or the right of that one,” Aaron said sitting down beside him on the floor, “She will care if she has a grumpy daddy because he didn’t get enough sleep.” He pointed out, placing a kiss on Roberts shoulder, “Come on.”

As they entered the living room, Robert placed Lottie on the middle of the floor and let her explore all the many presents surrounding her, a look of surprise on her face they had only ever seen the Christmas before when she was surrounded by a sea of presents.

“What is it Lotts?” Aaron asked excitedly taking a seat on the floor next to her as she looked back at him as if to ask him the same question. “Is it presents for you?” He continued, raising his eyebrows and smiling. Lottie smiled back at him before looking around the room and pointing at the presents, mumbling a word that sounded very similar.

“Should me and Dadda help you open them?” Robert asked, taking a seat opposite Aaron next to Lottie. “Yeah?”

As he said this Lottie walked over to one of the presents, picked it up and took it back over to them, placing it in the middle of them both. She then toddled over towards Aaron as if to ask what to do next, Aaron then ripped a part of the paper so Lottie could unwrap the rest, “Lottie do.” Aaron said showing Lottie the paper so that she could open it properly.

As Lottie unwrapped the rest of the paper, Aaron looked up at Robert who a fond expression covering his face as he watched his daughter – the sight of this just melted Aarons heart. As he was looking towards Robert he heard a little laugh come from Lottie’s mouth.

“What is it Lotts?” Robert asked excitedly.

“Deddy!” Lottie responded, happiness filling her voice.

“Yes, that’s right!” Robert said watching the joy fill her face. They had bought her a large baby pink teddy bear that she had seen in the toy shop in Hotten a few weeks before, every time they took her in the shop she showed so much love for it that when it came to buying her presents they couldn’t resist buying it for her.

“Are you gonna her a cuddle?” Aaron said to Lottie who proceeded to give her new teddy a massive hug, “Aw that’s nice.” Aaron continued helping her unwrap her presents whilst Robert continued to take about a million pictures which he had already bought a photo album for. They also bought her a few books because she loved having stories read to her, a couple of other baby toys they had seen in the shop and a little football, which of course was Aarons idea.

After all her presents were unwrapped Aaron gave Robert the signal to bring in the last of her presents which they were unable to wrap. As Robert went to get the present, Lottie continued to kick and throw the tiny football to Aaron whilst he started telling her about all the tricks he planned on teaching her so she would beat all her cousins at football.

“What’s daddy got?” Aaron asked getting her attention and pointing towards Robert who was walking into the living room pushing a small toy pram in front of him. Suddenly Lottie started rushing over to where Robert was before gripping onto the handles of the pram, laughing excitedly. She became pushing it around the room before going back over to her new teddy, picking it up and placing it into the pram.

“Is teddy going for his na’nights?” Robert asked Lottie, who was parading the pram around the house. “Should we get some breakfast whilst he has his sleep?” Robert nodded towards her.

He walked into the kitchen and she quickly followed after him, toddling along into the room leaving Aaron to tidy up all the discarded wrapping paper and gathering her toys into one area in an attempt to keep the house clean for later on.

“Where’s the birthday girl?” Chas sang as she entered their front door, presents and balloons in hand and a ridiculously big smile plastered on her face.

“You’re early.” Aaron questioned following his mum into the living room and checking the time. “You’re not meant to be here for another hour yet.”

“Yes I know,” She began, placing the presents on the floor, “But it’s my grandchild’s first birthday and I couldn’t wait to see her,” Chas explained looking around, “So where is the little madam?”

“She’s having a nap,” Robert answered, entering from the kitchen, “Actually, we should probably wake her up now so she’ll sleep later, what do you think?” He wondered looking towards Aaron.]

“Yeah probably best, do you wanna get her or shall I?”

“I’ll go, you make your mum a drink.” He said tapping Aaron on the shoulder before running up the stairs.

“Thank you, Robert.” Chas called, “Least someone in this house has manners.” She teased, walking into the kitchen.

“Tea? Coffee? Water?” Aaron asked.

“Tea please love.” She replied as Aaron reached into the cupboard and began making he a drink, she watched him fondly as he did so,

“What?” He asked turning around and noticing her face.

“You. It’s just weird seeing my baby have a baby, you never really get used to it – you’ll learn that one day.”

“Yeah right, she’s not going anywhere near a lad until I’m at least 60.” He remarked, causing them both to laugh.

“I’m just proud of you that’s all, you’ve done an amazing job, you and Robert – she’s lucky to have you.” Chas smiled gently, taking the mug off of Aaron.

“Thanks mum.” He said quietly, smiling back at her.

As he said this he heard Robert coming back down the stairs, holding their daughter in his arms who had a dummy in her mouth and was resting her head on Robert’s shoulder. Her blue eyes were slowly adjusting to the slight and her blonde hair was all messy from her sleeping on it. Chas looked up lovingly at Lottie but didn’t try to hold her, knowing she’d be a bit disorientated having just woken up from her nap.

“You gonna wake up properly and say hello to grandma?” Robert murmured placing a kiss on her head. Instead of turning to Chas, Lottie held her hands out for Aaron, wanting to be held by him.

“You want dadda?” Robert asked softly, handing her over to Aaron.

Aaron bounced her gently on his hip to try and get her to wake up properly as the three of them chatted about what they had planned for the evening. After about 5 minutes, Lottie began to wriggle in Aaron’s arms which was he way of telling him she wanted to be put down. When he did so she went into the living room before returning with her toy pram and showing it to Chas.

“What’s this?” Chas questioned excitingly towards Lottie. “Did your daddies get you this?” Chas continued as Lottie was showing her her new teddy, playing with Chas.

“Birthday bunny.” Aaron interrupted, smirking towards Robert.

“What?” Chas questioned, looking at him confused.

“Doesn’t matter.” He smirked, winking at Robert.

“Where is she?” They heard Liv’s voice call from the front door, they still wondered why they gave her a spare key to their house. “There she is.” Liv smiled as soon as entered the kitchen.

When she spotted Liv, Lottie had a huge smile form on her face and she quickly ran over to Liv with her arms up wanting to be picked up, none of them knew how Liv had done it but Lottie was obsessed with her Auntie Liv – she was like her little side kick. Liv picked her up and began spinning her around, singing happy birthday to her, causing Lottie to giggle away.

“Erm I’ve left her presents next to the ones in the living room, is that alright?” She checked with Robert and Aaron.

“Yeah that’s fine.” Aaron told her. “I don’t think she’s interested in them anyway now you’re here.” He laughed before they all headed into the living room. They all repeated what had happened this morning with the presents, this time instead Chas and Liv were sat on the floor with her whilst Robert and Aaron got the last few things ready for the other guests to arrive.

After half an hour, once all the presents were opened, Aaron came back into the living room and picked up Lottie.

“Come on little one, should we go and get you ready for your party? Yeah? Come on then.”

As he took her upstairs to get changed, there was a knock on the door. Robert was greeted by Vic, Adam and their two children when he opened it. Vic and Adam had a 4 year old daughter called Amelia and a 2 and a half year old son named Matthew, both the sweetest, funniest children in the village. They had a present each in their hands as they ran into the living room, quickly followed by their parents and Robert.

“Uncle Robert?” Robert heard Matthew call from next to him.

“Yeah bud?” Robert asked looking down at him.

“Can I have some juice please?” He smiled persuading, clearly his father’s son.

“Course you can mate, do you want anything Amelia?” He asked his niece, who was showing off her new bracelet to Liv and Chas.

“No thank you.” She shouted, clearly too invested in showing off her new jewellery.

After 5 minutes Aaron came down the stairs with Lottie, who now had had her messy hair brushed and sorted into place and was wearing a new tiny light blue dress.

“Look whose here.” Aaron exclaimed, bringing her into the living room before putting her on the floor and letting her wander off to go and see her visitors.

Over the course of the next hour, more and more family began to arrive, most of the Dingles, Diane and Doug, some of the other villagers. They all sat around chatting, watching the birthday girl open her presents, seeing how cute she was whenever she opened something new and showing her daddies. After an hour or two, once everyone had ate some food, they all gathered around the living room, Aaron sat with Lottie on his knee on the floor in the middle of the room as Robert came in with the cake. It was a white cake, decorated with pink icing and had a candle placed in the middle of it – made of courtesy by Vic. As he entered the room, everyone began to sing happy birthday to Lottie.

He took a place on the floor next to Aaron and placed to cake on the small table which was in front of them, once everyone had finished singing to her, Robert and Aaron helped her blow out the candle before everybody cheered. They then served out cake to everyone, which they found amazing actually be able to do given how many people were there and continued to watch Lottie enjoy all the attention she was getting.

As the evening drew on, Lottie began to become tired and everyone had started to leave to allow them to put her to bed. After they had thanked everyone for coming and for the presents, once everyone had gone they took Lottie upstairs.

They ran her a bath, placing all her new bath toys from grandma Diane and grandad Doug into it, and got her cleaned up from the busy day she had had. After her bath, they took her into her room, put the night lights on and got her ready for bed. They dressed her in one of her new onesies which Liv had bought her and began trying to get her off to sleep. 

Aaron had gone downstairs to get her a bottle of milk and when he returned he came back to hear Robert singing softly to her, something which he only did in private. Robert gave her her bottle as Aaron went back downstairs to clean up any rubbish which was left over from the day and putting all her presents into one corner of the room so she could play with them tomorrow.

As he went back upstairs he noticed Lottie was now sound asleep in Roberts arms and was cuddled up in his chest, something she had done since she was born. When Robert saw Aaron, he walked over to her crib and placed her gently into it, making sure she was tucked under her blanket properly and was warm enough.

Both men were leant over the cot just gazing down at their daughter with such looks of adoration.

“Can you believe it’s been a year?” Aaron whispered, still looking down at Lottie.

“No, feels like only yesterday, we were at that hospital wondering how we were gonna do this, now look at us.” He said softly, looking towards Aaron, earning a smile in return.

“Come on.” Aaron muttered, grabbing Roberts hand and leading out of the room so not to disturb Lottie. They went into their bedroom, both knackered from the day they’d had and got ready for bed. Robert climbed into bed followed by Aaron who lay next to him with his head on his chest, both of them looking through pictures of the day before landing on a picture of all three of them, sat together laughing and smiling, causing both men to smile.

“Do you think she enjoyed it?” Aaron asked facing Robert as he put his phone down.

“I think she loved it.” He smiled, both of them happy that they could give her the childhood they had both dreamed of.

“I love you.” Aaron smiled at Robert, thinking about how much happiness he brought into his life.

“Love you too.” Robert said lovingly, leaning in and placing a gentle kiss to Aarons lips.

“Now we should probably get some sleep because madam in there will be up at the crack of dawn.” Aaron commented before being stopped by a smirking Robert.

“I’m sure we have some time before we need to be asleep…” He smirked, causing Aaron to smile in response.

“Oh yeah?” Aaron teased.

“Yeah…” Robert quickly said, reconnecting his lips to Aarons…

Well that was a long fic, I apologise! Hope this was okay! Let me know what you think! (I’m sorry it’s so long but for some reason my blog won’t let me put anything under a ‘read more’ I will try at some point to fix that!)

Also credit to @littlelooneyluna for helping me pick a name lmao

Please help me have necessities if I become homeless.

Hey so. Here’s a thing- again…In my father’s words:

“I want the radical out of my house”.

I’m the radical. Apparently. Anyway, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know my home life isn’t peachy. It’s not the best by any standards. It’s taken me a long time to start pushing back, but ever since I started, things just escalated. 

Basically, there’s this forever hovering threat of being kicked out. It’s a constant thing. All it takes is one argument. I know, you’re all probably thinking “what does that have to do with me?”…

To be frank, I really need money. This money is for food and travel alone, necessities, not for IF, but WHEN I get kicked out. It’s kind of a thing I can feel coming, and it’s been threatened again today. If you could donate even a few £££, I’d be so grateful. My only real chance of knowing I’ll be in a safe place, is by going to stay with @spengs…again. I’m vegan and I won’t change my diet due to my rigid morals. I’m desperate for this money to know that I’ll be able to eat, and get myself to Maddy’s in the first place, which will cost me about £45 one way. I’ll also have my cat with me, I’ll need money to feed her and keep her happy…I’m desperate. I’ll keep this money untouched in my paypal, until it needs to be withdrawn. Thank you to anyone who’s helped me in the past. I hate having to do this.

My paypal is: jayreincarnate@gmail.com

Can you please continue to circulate this, even if you can’t donate…thank you!

One shot time!

Prompt; Introduction after talking about your s/o for the first time

Requested by; @jadeoccelot

Enjoy! :D


“So, what’s with all the secrecy around here lately?”  

Levy gulped as Lucy leaned closer, a teasing grin plastered over her face. The blue haired girl bit back a groan of dread and lifted her coffee closer, hiding her blush behind the steaming beverage. She knew she couldn’t hide forever, especially if her hunch was correct; Lucy had found out about her current situation with a certain man she had only recently agreed to date. Not that she had actively grilled Levy about him every day since she had been foolish enough to casually mention him in a conversation (though asking once a week and constant leering at her was more than enough to drive her bonkers).  

She had been angry when she was ranting and raving about the first encounter with him, and hadn’t seen the sly look that flashed through her best friend’s face, warning her that her love life was no longer safe from interrogation. Another warning she should’ve seen was the intense interest that Lucy had whenever she sat down in a foul mood, and it would disappear when he wasn’t involved. Once she finally clued in on what the blonde was doing, she avoided any mention of him.

“Come on, you at least owe me since there’s a cute little rumor that you two hooked up in the library,” Lucy teased. Levy spat out her coffee, nearly drenching Lucy as she choked. As she coughed, trying to recover from her surprise, Lucy had merely blinked before cracking an evil grin, quietly handing her a napkin. Finally, Levy breathed deeply, wiping tears that had escaped as she turned to glare at the blonde, grateful that the blush that was gracing her cheeks could be blamed on her choking.  

“What, it’s not true?” Lucy asked, trying to force her lips together in a pout. Levy sighed in defeat, dropping her head slightly before facing her best friend.  

“Errm, it’s not not true…” She started lamely, and grimaced as Lucy’s face split into a wide grin.  

“Weelll? Spill! I need details, Levy!” The distance between the two all but vanished as Lucy leaned even closer to the flustered girl. Levy suddenly found her fingers far more interesting, and paused before diving into her story, reliving the first time she had laid eyes on him…

She had been working the late shift at the school library when he appeared for the first time. She was at the top of the ladder, just reaching over to slide a rather heavy textbook back into its space. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that a mass of black hair was about to bump into her and the ladder, sending her and the ladder careening over and possibly badly injuring her. She was barely able to get out a garbled squawk when it stopped suddenly, and lifted to reveal a man’s face, shock written across his face. Before she could say anything else, the book began to slip from her grip, and she nearly screeched in alarm as she lurched over to catch it, throwing herself off balance. She could feel the ladder beginning to tip, and knew that she was in trouble.

I’m so dead,’ she thought, closing her eyes against the inevitable fall and pain that awaited her. A breath later and she landed on something cool yet soft, smelling of metal and grease. A deep grunt rumbled from underneath her, definitely masculine and throaty. Something wrapped around her back, securing her from falling any further. A moment later, she risked opening her eyes and found herself staring at the lapel of a leather jacket.  

“Oi, you alright?” A deep voice asked, and Levy could suddenly feel the heat of her blush racing up her cheeks. She wasn’t sure why, but she liked that voice. It felt rather safe, though she would later deduce that to having just been saved. Even being held like this felt somewhat… well, right. Like she had belonged there all along, even though she didn’t know a soul who owned such a jacket like this. The man nudged her with his jaw, nearly tucking her into his neck, completing the feeling of comfort. He cleared his throat suddenly, and Levy gasped, shooting her head back and nearly out his grasp. If she had enough room to bow, she would have, yet the man held onto her, saving her yet again from falling.  

“Ah, I’m so sorry! I didn’t notice you fast enough and I -!” Her babbling was cut off by a low chuckle, and she nearly bit her tongue in two as she finally laid eyes on him properly. He wasn’t handsome like a prince, yet the ruggedness of his sharp features drew her in. Silver piercings dotted along his brows, nose and chin, twinkling in the in the harsh fluorescent lighting just as brightly as his sharp teeth. But the thing that stilled her the most were his ruby colored eyes, and the way they bore into her as he looked over her face.  

“Gihee, didn’t think birds chirped as much as you did, shorty,” he rumbled, and suddenly the moment was gone. She reared back even further, pushing herself away from him in quiet indignant rage. Now steady on the ladder, she pulled herself away from his grip, nearly fumbling with the book that had caused her near accident.  

“E-excuse you? Birds? Shorty? Just who are you talking about?” She demanded, and he merely laughed easily at her, taking the heavy book from her and sliding it where it belonged.  

“You, short stack.” He laughed, and turned away, shoving his hands into his jean pockets easily. Little did she know at that moment that he was taking her heart with him.  

“So who was it that said it first?” Lucy’s voice broke in, shaking the girl out of her memories. She was smiling gently, her hands under her chin in rapt attention.  

“Ah, said that?” She asked, blinking in confusion. Lucy huffed, poking her shoulder in amusement as she nodded.  

“W-well, he did, actually. Was really awkward about it though,” Levy chuckled, blushing slightly as his embarrassed face flashed through her mind. He had all but blurted it out when he asked her out, breaking his suave demeanor for the first time. He almost looked nervous, as though she would reject him. The poor dork, she mused. There was no way that she’d say no to him, not after the way she had quite literally fallen for him.  

“Oi, talking crap about me already?”

Both girls jumped, and Levy whirled to face the very man they had just been talking about. He was pouting in annoyance, his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at her. Yet, he wasn’t as intimidating as he meant to be, and Levy could only giggle embarrassedly as she turned back to Lucy.  

“Luce, this is my boyfriend, Gajeel Redfox.”

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Hiii I was wondering if anyone might have louisandharryandlove fics saved? I cannot remember the name of her last series (in which they were princes) but I really want to read again. I often checked if it had been updated and then one day it wasn't there anymore. My world almost ended. With that, I'd love being able read then now and forever again too. It was one my first fics and also one of the best to date 💔

Heya !

If someone has some fics of louisandharryandlove ?

(Then, now, and Forever : Three and a half years into their relationship, Louis and Harry have never been more in love. But the years of lying and pretending are beginning to catch up to Louis. He can feel the anxiety building in him and tries to deal with it in some unhealthy ways. Harry does everything he can to keep Louis centered, but the constant pressure on both boys is slowly wearing them down.In flashbacks, Harry and Louis are at the very beginning of their relationship. They deal with everything that goes along with the start of a new relationship, including fumbling first kisses and first sexual experiences. They also, of course, must deal with their rise to fame and hiding their nonconforming love from the world

Moonlit London : Harry had always loved the London Underground. He had lived in London his entire life and rode the trains whenever he could. But one harsh winter night, Harry sees something he does not expect down in the Underground tunnels. His journey to discover what, or who, it was leads him on a journey he could have never imagined, discovering the magic of London after nightfall.

Three Days of Peace, Love, and Music  : The summer of 1969 would later be nicknamed the Summer of Love, because that’s what it was. Love, or at least a drug-induced form of love, was everywhere. It was an era of freedom. It was an era of nonconformity. Make love not war, free hugs, all you need is love.Woodstock Music and Arts Festival was the pinnacle of the revolutionary sensibilities of that summer; Three Days of Peace and Music was the festival’s tagline; and Harry, Liam, and Niall were caught up in all of it.When they met Louis and Zayn at the festival, it felt like fate. It would be three days of peace, three days of love, and three days of lots and lots of music. ☮

and more fics

The only one still available on AO3 is :

A Summer of Us  : Louis couldn’t help that he was basically a bundle of nerves all the time. He had too many thoughts and too many worries, but too few friends to share them with. So when Louis’ mom told him he could invite a friend to the beach house his family was renting for the summer, he couldn’t help but panic.
But this year was different. This year he knew exactly who he wanted to invite, if he could just get up the nerve to ask the pretty curly haired boy who had been so nice to him for the past four months. Little does Louis know, he’s in for one of the best and most transformative summers of his life.  (47k)

When your crush is a solid 2 at best and your friends think he’s a solid 2 at best and you wanna think he ain’t shit but your foolish ass is a Venus in 21 degrees Aries so you feel the constant need of an aggressive affection and he gives that to you but uk nothing good’s ever gonna come of it so you just sit there with your Moon in 3 degrees Capricorn wallowing in your own existential despair whilst destroying yourself with the thought of being alone forever but hey that’s life and u just gotta deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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honestly the constant implications from fans that ford got the worst of it all or that his life was harder than fiddleford's or even stan's are getting to me so much


I mean I wouldn’t care as much if it wasn’t like the universal thing most Ford fans talk about and act like its canon.

From a story telling perspective, Ford’s hubris caused his own damn down fall. Fiddleford’s down fall came from tragedy. He already suffered a mental illness and his best friend put him in a position that forever changed him. Not once, not twice, but three times.

He wasn’t seeking greatness or fortune, he came out to see Ford because he loved him and wished to help and that act destroyed him.

Ford went willingly into a cave, saw a warning someone in his position should have taken very seriously and summoned a demon anyway.

Fidds warned him the portal was unstable, several times and he didn’t want to listen.

The hand witch warned him to think about who he trusted and he didn’t listen and maybe consider Bill wasn’t trustworthy because of all these signs and the fact that in his job these are huge red flags.

Stan is similiar to Fidds. He lived in his car and just came out to help Ford and he gave him the best solution but he didn’t listen.

Its all more complicated then this yes but these are facts. These are the reason I just can’t garner pity for Ford, I’m sorry guys, it was his hubris that caused this. He thought he knew better then everyone and let his ego take over.

He is not more tragic then Stan or especially Fidds in my eyes. 

And he came out of this fine. He doesn’t have the lasting effects Fidds and Stan have. He got what he wanted. He got to travel the multiverse and by all accounts liked it. He had fun. He was not suffering. He was living his dreams.

If any character constantly got what they wanted it was Ford. He got to find out what the Unified Theory of Weirdness was, He got to travel the multiverse and by all accounts liked it and had fun and is proud he got to do it, and he got to kill Bill in the end.

There were down sides to all of that of course, but I’m just saying that all sure beats the hell out of being alone and hated like both Fidds and Stan were. 

Ford got the short end of the stick compared to everyone else around him. Please stop trying to paint him as something he is not and making that the only content the fandom is allowed to have of Ford.

Rhysand: The Constant Flirt
  • Feyre: *sneezes*
  • Rhysand: I'd say bless you, but the rest of the world is already struggling to compete with how blessed you are.
  • Feyre: *rolls eyes*
girls in constant motion

inspired by:  there’s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls. - megan abbott


running down corridors, darting into classrooms
the swish of your skirt as you skip down the stairs
a sea of heads bowed in prayer, eyes closed
our father and hail mary spilling from our lips
there is viciousness in the voices of girls,
echoing in corners of a convent school.


walking in the rain, ripped jeans and dirty converse
your best friend tying a braid that tugs at your mind
pens used for doodling on the insides of wrists
a blood pact with no blood spilt.
teenage girls promising each other,
forever and always and friendship.


stealing your brother-in-law’s shoes and hiding them
your didi’s pleased laughter as she grins at you
a bold red lipstick that incurs an aunt’s disapproval
the pink and gold saree your mother chose for you
you are not yet twenty, no one knows it yet,
but when the time comes, you will not marry.


blowing out the single candle on the cupcake
a face illuminated by the light of a laptop screen
singing a quiet ‘happy birthday’ to herself
eating the cupcake before her phone starts ringing
she’s nineteen - determined, happy, bored,
she’ll never be as dangerous as she is now.



No matter what, throughout your life you’re going to lose people. Whether that be to circumstances, changes, life, death, love, hurt, indifference, it’s unknown.  And while that used to scare me into holding on tight, only recently have I begun to understand what it means to let go.  That sometimes the ones you think will be a constant in your life won’t, that the people you love most can’t live forever, that time and growth can cause some of the best friendships to fall apart.  And the tighter you hold on, the harder it is to appreciate what that person brought to your life.  Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting, it’s freeing yourself from the hurt and angst of missing someone who won’t be coming back, and carrying a piece of them with you through the rest of your own forever.

Kilorn Warren…

A fisherman’s apprentice, a war orphan, and probably my only real friend. We used to beat each other up as children, but now that we’re older-and he’s a foot taller than me-I try to avoid scuffles. He has his uses, I suppose. Reaching high shelves, for example. -Red Queen

I love how Kilorn seems to be Mare’s constant. Never changing, always there for her, someone whom she can forever trust. His love for his best friend Mare is what makes him special.

I was the little girl he would carry and put to sleep
without the fear of monsters chasing after me.

He would shower me with little kisses and hugs
like his arms were the safest place.

He would save me from bruises as a child,
now from heartaches and uncertainties of life.

He’ll be there to pick me up, correct my wrongs,
And be the proudest dad no matter how little my achievements were.

A rock I can lean on, the only captain of my team.

Whose love is boundless, patience–extended
and presence–constant just like Mom’s.

I may appear to know everything at times but
I’ll always be his little girl and,

He’ll forever be the ‘best’ Father.

—  Mariaa💋 ‘A Man Like My Father’


House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Chesnut and unicorn hair, 12 ½ inches, sturdy
Patronus: Clouded leopard

Kim Seokjin is a muggleborn whose parents needed quite a bit of convincing before they allowed him to attend Hogwarts. In fact, they continued with plans for him to attend a muggle secondary school right up until he vanished through the barrier onto Platform 9 ¾. The only magical person in a family of muggles, Seokjin is forever being wheeled out at parties to perform entertaining spells for the amusement of his relatives. 

Seokjin did well in school and surprised his magic-born classmates with how well he took to wizarding life. Indeed, in fifth year he was named a prefect and in seventh year he took on the position of head boy. Best friends with notorious slacker, Jin Hyosang (Gryffindor), his near constant run-ins with DaeNamHyup kept Seokjin on his toes and helped him develop astounding patience for the weird, unexpected and unpleasantly smelly. 

Coming from the muggle world, the hardest thing for Seokjin to adjust to at Hogwarts was the lack of technology - particularly his precious Nintendo gaming stations. He fully supported the endeavors of Ravenclaw student Kim Taehyung to bring electronics to Hogwarts and would often venture off campus at the weekends in the hope of finding a spot where his DS would work. 

With highly praised charmwork and a passion for magical history the likes of which the school hadn’t seen in centuries, Seokjin left Hogwarts with a rather impressive set of NEWT grades. A testament to the just nature of his house, he came straight out of school into an apprenticeship at the Wizengamot and by the age of forty he was head of the Department Of Magical Law Enforcement - the youngest person to ever hold the position. 

Seokjin married the acclaimed auror Lee Gukjoo, who he met whilst doing gruntwork at the Ministry. The couple never had any children of their own, engrossed as they were in very time consuming professions but Seokjin’s their friendship meant that he was named Godfather of Park Jimin’s oldest daughter - a position he took very seriously and would often spin into an excuse to spend time ‘in the field’ supervising her flying lessons.  

Once night fell, Bruce decided that was the best time to make a break for it. Since Tony ran off as a fugitive, the tower was under constant surveillance and that meant Banner was essentially forced to stay inside lest he get captured and forced into an underground prison. 

However, he couldn’t stay inside forever and decided to test the waters before deciding if it was worth it or not. Donning dark clothes, he slipped out through one of many emergency exits and ducked into an ally. He wasn’t going after anything in particular, just wanted to make a quick run to the pharmacy a few blocks away. Of course, nothing ever really goes his way and he was being followed by some strangers in the ally. 

When confronted, Bruce backed up with his hands up. “No, please, leave me alone…you don’t want to do this.”