but the constant is forever the best

bluesey ? ?? ? is literally one of the Purest Most Wholesome relationships ive ever read with my own two eyes  .  Y’all . that scene ? ?? ? where gansey tucks blue into his overcoat?  11/10  . every single one of their phone calls? ?  truly Inspiring . top notch  . the topest notch , , .  the scene where they’re being all secrety and whispery and gansey lets out this “tremendous” laugh suddenly and he just looks So Pretty smiling and blue’s thought process is literally “oh no!”? ? thats some . Quality stuff my friends . Quality  . and  that one scene, ,, , where all the boys go to nino’s because blue’s working and they wanna show her the magic box and gansey just .. joyfully cries “Jane!” like, it’s not even really a bluesey scene but fam ,,,. Fam. also,,, lets not forget the lampshade scene . “whatever sort of lamp it belonged to, Gansey looked like he wanted one” can you believe gansey looking at blue with constant heart eyes is a for real canon thing . brings a tear to my eye that does :’’’’) . and then theres the scene where blue literally thinks “she just wanted to keep being Gansey’s best friend forever, and maybe one day also have carnal knowledge of him.” have y’all ever read anything so Good? golly . and then of course . .. .. theres the yogurt scenes . … fam i love those scenes so much for multiple reasons but one of those reasons is that. blue literally has to Look Away when gansey puts the spoon in his mouth . binch . what do y’all think she was thinking then? ? the same thing gansey was ? something  l e w d  probably lord knows that girl has no chill,, ,,, jesus .then theres The Scene .. y’all know the one . . the “I like you an awful lot, Blue Sargent” scene ..  .. .The Scene That Cured All My Ailments. . aLsO tHaT oNe ScEnE wHeRe GaNsEy LiTeRaLlY ,,, “I suppose… She makes me quiet.” yEA H SHE DOES BOI YEAH SHE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mENTION1!! THEIR PRETEND KISSES AKA THE SCENES WHERE I MCFREAKING LOST IT  , ;;FITE ME BLUESEY IS SO G O OD 

people i know under the signs

disclaimer: these are people in my life who are under these signs i’m not saying that these signs do these things in particular this is just for fun!!

Aries :
Hot-headed, jealous/insecure in relationship, cook, moody, great dad, recently just found out they needed glasses and should have been wearing them earlier in life.

Hardworking, determind, happy go lucky, loves alcohol and sweets, very materialistic, likes to tease loved ones, laughs internally when watching comedy specials, asks you to watch a movie then falls asleep right after it started.

Not very emotional, loves poltical memes but didn’t vote, anti-government, abandonment issues, shy but playful, amazing cook, loves hockey.

Insecure, deserves the world, doesn’t realize their worth, loves being babied and loved, cute voice, pessimistic about themselves, would probably die for their faves.

Newly vegan, had a peanut butter allergy for majority of their life, cry baby, did track and soccer in high school, hipster, runs marathons and does yoga.

Relationship issues, does everything to please family, goofy, athletic, tall, sort of a fuck boy but with a good heart, cant emotionally express themselves.

Daddy issues!!!!, jealous, literally good at everything their first try, great with you when on good terms but awful on bad terms, loves raunchy movies, plays bass.

Relationship issues, deals with constant anxiety, wants to be loved, always feels misunderstood, went to a good college, close with younger sibling, loves cats, they look like forever 21 as a person (in a good way), baddie.

Constantly working, bartender, people person, knows everyone, wants people to like them, always on facebook making witty statuses, people pleasure, drinks a lot.

TATTED UP. Amazing writer, the goofy mom, loves horror movies, gauges, has a huge collection of books, cackle laugh, short but thicc, will punch you.

Loves social media, lives for likes on facebook, does whatever they want, wants to be young forever, loves lighthouses.

AESTHETIC AF. Takes the best selfies, loves bunnies, cries easily, funny laugh, meme lover, types in all caps, has septum.

Boyfriend! Jimin

Jimin would be the type of boyfriend that is really playful. He would try his best to make you laugh 

And sometimes, he would even tease you in public and around other members 

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But then pretend to be all innocent and act as though he did nothing wrong 

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Overall though, he would be a really sweet boyfriend. 

He would forever give you little kisses and do his best aegyo for you ( even though its lowkey cringy when he tries to force aegyo)

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But it always makes you smile, which is why he does it. 

I also feel like Jimin is a hugger and so you would always get hugs from him, OH! and LOTS of cuddles !!!

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(ignore the caption ^^)

But let’s not forget, Jimin has a naughty side !

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Jimin is the type to run his hand up your thigh whenever he is in the mood. 

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And whisper dirty things in your ear. 

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And let’s not forget, his constant lip biting just to tease you and pushing his hair back because he KNOWS it drives you crazy.

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And that look he would give you when he is needy:

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But he is a sweetheart at the end of the day, so every day spent with  him would fill your day with happiness. 

Bonus : Pink haired Jimin (ah~ i love it so much)

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Thoughts on Quiet BPD

When asked about BPD, most people who know about this disorder immediately think of the “classic” symptoms: impulsive behaviors and episodes of rage. The same holds true for even mental health professionals.

But rage and impulsivity are only two out of the nine criteria in determining whether someone has BPD. Some people with BPD—myself included—meet the criteria for a diagnosis but do not use these “acting out behaviors.”

So what does it mean to have quiet BPD?

You probably still suffer from extreme mood swings and emotional reactivity, self-harm and suicidal ideation, chronic feelings of emptiness, paranoid ideation, dissociation, a lack of identity, and the intense fear of abandonment we love so very much (disclaimer: we hate it.).

And it may well be that your relationships are stormy as well—even if the other person has no freaking idea how distressing said friendship is to you.

How is that possible? Well, we feel the same things other people with BPD feel: we idealize you and become deeply emotionally attached to you, then suddenly we become emotionally cold and distant toward you over just a minor disappointment, we’re kept awake at night by paranoia that you secretly hate us because you didn’t text us back immediately, we spiral into crushing depression over the littlest things you say and do.

But the difference lies in how we express it.

With “classic” BPD you may tell the other person what you’re feeling. You may accuse the person of lying to you, avoiding you, abandoning you, etc. You may display anger toward the other person or get into arguments. The other person becomes aware of what you’re thinking and feeling. Not so with quiet BPD.

I almost never tell my friends what’s going through my mind unless they ask. I’m too terrified of being a burden to them. I internalize this tempest of dysphoria, letting it fester for weeks and months. I will drop off your radar, distancing myself from you without you even noticing. Unless you reach out to me, you’ll never hear from me again. I’ll isolate myself, forever convinced you hate me and that you’re better off not dealing with my burdensome self… even if there’s no evidence to suggest this. Even if we’ve literally been best friends for years.

You may not notice this shift at all, simply because I don’t express it. The friendship may not be distressing for you, but it’s sure as hell distressing for me. I’ve cycled through so many friendships in this way, in near constant agony as a result—and the vast majority of my friends had no idea.

I’m obsessed over this idea that I’m a burden. That my very existence is an annoyance to everyone, and so I very frequently deny myself the very emotion so often associated with BPD: anger.

I loathe myself so much I feel I don’t have the right to be angry for myself.

Sure, I can feel anger all right. If you slight a friend or family member of mine, I cannot begin to describe the rage that wells up inside me.

But if you insult me? I’ll sink to depression and probably agree with you (this has happened multiple times).

People with different types of BPD respond differently to the same triggers. For some, if they feel you’re going to abandon them or that you don’t care about them, they respond with anger. Others act impulsively in hopes of relieving some of their pain. But I respond by turning inward. I justify these “signs” that everyone in my life hates me—the same signs recognized by people with “classic” BPD—by deciding that if I’m going to be abandoned, well, it’s because I deserve to be. If you do hate me, it’s because I am, in fact, absolute scum. My BPD takes these signs and twists them into reinforcement of my extreme self-loathing. If anything, I’ll be angry with myself.

This translates into “acting in” behaviors that aren’t as obvious as impulsive behaviors. I self-harm and don’t tell a soul about it, I lock myself in my room and cry for hours, I become so emotionally numb I just stare at the wall all day, I’ll sleep for an entire weekend to escape my pain, I’ll even deny myself food because what’s the point of extending my lifespan, especially if I don’t deserve it?

Any kind of BPD sucks, quiet or otherwise. But raising awareness about quiet BPD is crucial: professionals may not realize we have BPD because we don’t fit the “classic” model, and thus we end up spending years misdiagnosed or in treatment that doesn’t address what’s actually going on with us. We could be spared YEARS of additional suffering by getting the correct treatment as soon as possible. So let’s raise awareness, shall we?

A small collection of high school aus! There’s so many wonderful ones out there that has yet to be read!

And Then There Is No Mystery Left (Baby, I’m Sweet On You) -  Swing Set in December - 1k - Teen

Stiles has no idea why Derek is sitting at his lunch table.

As Good As The Real Thing - literaryoblivion - 5k - Mature

He’s maybe had a crush on Stiles for going on two years now, but there’s no way he’s ever going to act on it or say anything. But, he’s memorized all of Stiles’s quirks and habits because he and Stiles have been in the same history class for two years now, and he always ends up sitting by him. However, he and Stiles have had limited interaction with one another, which is fine. Derek can subside on his daydreams of Stiles. He can live the rest of his high school career on his fantasies alone.

That is until their teacher assigns them to be partners for a project.

Awful, Wonderful You -  stilinskisparkles - 16k - Mature

Truth be told, Derek was suffering from the mild delusion he lived in all summer wherein he actually thought this year might be different, and he might, perhaps, be able to bury the hatchet with Stiles and start over.

The superglue that’s destroyed a ninety dollar pair of pants, however, says otherwise. Derek knows how this play goes down; eventually, he’s going to have to climb out of the pants and trudge back to his dorm half naked. Stiles will gloat for a damn week; Derek will have to put up with constant remarks about Stiles getting him out of his pants… Dammit, he’s actually going to get Derek out of his pants, and it’s not even close to the way he pictured it happening.

Betting On Forever -  mrstotten, veritas_st - 17k - Mature

It’s not like Stiles spends a huge amount of time thinking about it. But when he does it seems strange, good strange, but strange nevertheless, he cant really put a finger on when they decided to become civil to each other let alone friends, best friends even.

Him…and Derek Hale. Can you imagine it?

Binomial Coefficients - DevilDoll - 20k - Teen

In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.

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“maybe, in another world, you’re just two boys tangled up in plaid sheets.

your armor is his worn sweatshirt, threadbare in all the right places. your helmet: his knit cap, the one you pull off of his head whenever he least expects it.

your hands aren’t meant to hold a weapon, not anymore. they tangle in his hair instead, intricate braids woven on lazy sunday afternoons, framing his face and falling gracefully over his shoulders.

somewhere in your mind, there’s the memory of waves slapping against rocks, loud and aggressive, a call to war that dragged you away from everything that had ever felt safe. the sounds here are softer. birds find a home outside your window, and their songs align with the sound of his steady breathing beside you each morning.

the room you share smells like coffee and hair conditioner, and feels more like home than anywhere else ever has. his clothes smell like him, and he never minds when you wear them.

the blood that once rushed in your ears and seized your heart in violent stutters is nothing more than the shower running now, every morning at the same time. sometimes you’ll join him, and other times you’ll lie in bed, listening to him sing until he wanders back to you. his damp hair is always wrapped in a towel on top of his head, and you both laugh.

in fact, there isn’t any blood here at all, just empty soda cans on your dresser, and a teapot sitting on the stove. he always puts fig leaves in his tea, and the notion stirs something in your heart that you can’t name.

he’s different here too. you’d love him in every universe, but his eyes never lose their brightness anymore. his hands hold yours without shaking, gentle and soft, and you can’t help thinking that this is how he was always meant to be. he never trembles in his sleep, and there’s a peacefulness to his face that never falters.

you aren’t afraid of losing him here. that’s the best part, isn’t it? he is a constant. achilles, achilles, achilles. you never feel like the ground is falling out from under your feet, and you’re never struck with the realization that he won’t always be beside you. “we’ll have each other forever,” he promises you, and you believe him.

maybe, in another world, you’re just two boys who love each other, and there isn’t a war or a prophecy to separate you.

maybe, in another world, you wake up every morning to the feeling of his lips against yours.

maybe, in another world, you’re happy.”

         -dear patroclus, i promise you there’s a place where everything is okay // jc

Tell You Later

Warnings: lots of nsfw, cursing, will give u tom feels

Summary: you and thomas have been best friends with benefits for almost a year now, however he want’s it to be more and can’t find the moment to tell you that.  My first smut so bear 🐻 with me.  ft. slightly sub!tom

concept by Lili (@osterfieldz) story by Zara (@tomsleftbrow)

word count:  2358

key: the first part is toms perspective, flashback,  __________ denotes perspective change

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I feel like this is when I should tell you how much I miss you, but a part of me knows you probably don’t care. If you did, we’d probably still be friends…right? But I still hope you think of me on occasion and miss me too.

It’s been months since we last talked who would’ve seen that coming? I know I definitely didn’t. So much has happened since we last spoke, and I’ve wanted you to know it all. Isn’t that twisted? Even though we’re no longer friends, I still want to tell you all the things I used to. And it sucks because you’re not that person to me anymore.

You were the one person I was supposed to be able to count on for anything. You used to be a phone call away but suddenly you stopped answering. You were supposed to always look out for me but then you forgot . We were supposed to be friends forever but the next thing I knew, we were growing further and further apart

But I guess that’s life. Nothing is constant and no one owes you anything. And even though we’re not friends anymore, I still want to thank you. Thank you for being my best friend and dealing with everything that comes with that. Thank you for the nights we stayed up til dawn just talking and laughing. Thank you for being honest and genuinely caring about me. Thank you for taking me for me, and never letting other’s judgments get in the way. Thanks for never sharing those embarrassing pictures you took of me. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being the best friend I needed during that part of my life.

And even though we are no longer friends, I just want you to know that I could never hate you. Trust me, I’ve tried. It sounds awful, but I thought it would be easier to get over losing you if I could hate you but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was hurt when you left, but I will never hate you. You were my best friend. And despite how things ended up, because of that, I will always love you.

Sometimes, I still scroll through pictures of us and smile. I see screenshots of old conversations and laugh. And whenever I see something that reminds me of you or an inside joke, I almost always almost send it to you. I don’t think there will ever be a day when you don’t cross my mind at least once, but the sadness and hurt are fading, and I’m learning to look at you as a cherished memory.

Everyone chooses their paths in life, and I guess your path just no longer intertwined with mine. But I hope you’re happy. Because I really do wish you the best. I hope you’ve found someone new to send all those weird memes too, to stay up on the phone with on the nights you just can’t sleep, to binge watch Friends with, and to equally complain and celebrate about all the things with

Just know that I don’t hate you and that I’ll always love you. Know that I cherish the memories we made and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’ll always check your snaps and Facebook posts to make sure you’re doing okay, because some things will never change. And know that even if I don’t go up to you the next time I see you, I will always be grateful to have called you my best friend.

Sincerely, Me.

—  loyaltyxoxo, #bestfriendbreakups #dearyou 
So Flirty - Derek Luh, Sammy Wilk, Jack Gilinsky Imagine


Being the only girl in a squad can be fun, but it surely isn’t always easy especially if you have very flirtatious best friends like I do. 

I just turned 19 and I’ve been friends with Derek Luh, Sammy Wilkinson and Jack Gilinsky since I was 13 years old. I’ve always been more comfortable being in guys’ company than girls and there’s a reason for that. 

When I was 12, I had a best friend named Ashley. We were inseparable. We were literally every single day together hanging out and doing fun stuff. Everything was perfect for about a year and then, my “bestie” started to hang out with the girl that we used to hate to death and blew me off. I was devastated, I couldn’t believe that Ashley would ever do that to me. I had thought that our friendship was going to last “forever”, but she ruined everything. But that’s not all, there was one boy that I was so in love with, his name was Adam. He was really cute and we would’ve always made and eye contact when our eyes would met and it was really cute. But then, this bitch started dating him as soon as we stopped hanging out. I was so hurt and mad. I wanted to rip her hair off. She knew I liked him and she did something like that. 

As I was deeply disappointed in girls’ friendships, I didn’t want to have friends anymore at all, especially not female friends. But then, I met these three; Luh, Wilk and Gilinsky. When we just started to hang out, I was really scared to get too close to them just because I didn’t want to be hurt by them like I was by Ashley so I didn’t taker our friendship seriously at all. But as the years were passing, I realized that they’re nothing like Ashley. After 3 years of non stop hanging out with my new 3 best friends, I knew they were here to stay. 

‘Sammy,’ I whined ‘Let me go.’ 

‘Noo’ He protested tightly holding his arms wrapped around my waist. We were watching a movie for 2 hours in his and G’s house and we were cuddled into each other and I really had to pee, but he didn’t want to let me go. 

G didn’t want to watch the movie with us because we’ve all seen in a million times, but Sammy got sick a few days ago and the cold was still holding him so I had to please him and watch the movie again. I always treat him like a baby when he’s sick. Well, not just him, all three of them.

‘I’m gonna pee in my pants,you idiot’ I chuckled. 

‘But your boobs were so comfy and I was just about to fall asleep.’ He said and I rolled my eyes. 

‘I’ll come back in a minute.’ I said managing to pull out of his tight grip. ‘Gosh, Sammy’  

I was literally running upstairs to the bathroom and when I finally reached it, I just rushed in without even checking if someone was already in there and what happened? 

‘Jack, oh my God!’ I screamed as I saw naked Gilinsky stepping out of the shower. I quickly covered my eyes and turned around. ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were in there and I have to pee really really bad.’ I started apologizing. 

‘It’s okay, y/n.’ He said. ‘I don’t mind really.’ 

‘I’m gonna leave..you to..get dressed’ I said reaching for the door knob, but when I tired to open the door, it didn’t want. ‘Why-? Jack, why this doesn’t want to open?’ I asked. 

‘Fuck, did you slammed the door?’ He asked. 

‘I didn’t, they slammed itself.’ 

‘Shit, now we’re stuck.’ 

‘What? Why??’ 

‘These doors are broken and you need to close them really slowly or else they’ll get stuck.’ He said. 

‘Great, G, you’re telling me this now?!’ I said frustrated squeezing my thighs and still trying to open the door. 

‘Wait, let me try’ He said. 

As he stood behind me, I felt his bulge poking my butt and he purposely thrusted himself a little into me. ‘Jack!’ I said slapping his arm and moving away from him noticing that he had a towel around his waist now.

‘What, baby?’ He laughed. 

‘Fuck off’ I chuckled rolling my eyes. ‘And hurry up with opening the door. My bladder can’t hold on anymore.’ I said and he laughed again. 

‘Well pee, I’m not gonna watch you while you’re peeing.’ 

‘But you’ll hear me’ 

‘Y/n, just fucking pee’ He said. 

At this point, I didn’t have choice and I just had to do it. 

‘Don’t you dare to peep at me’ I said taking ma yoga pants off. I sat down on the toilet and finally let the piss out of me. ‘Fuck’ I breathed out as I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relief. I saw Jack turning his head a little to peep and I threw a roll of toilet paper at him hitting him in the head. ‘Jack!’ 

‘Now I’m not gonna give you back the toilet paper because you hit me with it’ He said. 

‘Jaack, c’mon’ I whined. ‘I’m done, I need it’ 


‘C’mon, don’t be an asshole.’

‘If you kiss me, I’ll give you the toilet paper’ 

‘Okay, just give me fucking toilet paper!’ I said and he threw it back to me.

I mean, only my friends can blackmail me with the toilet paper. 

I flushed the toilet and came over to the sink to wash my hands. after I dried them, Jack turned me around lifting me up, sitting me down on the sink and standing between my legs. 

‘You promised’ He smirked. 

I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek. I pulled back and he raised his eyebrow at me. ‘What?’ I chuckled shrugging my shoulders. 

‘Seriously? I didn’t mean kiss on the cheek’ 

‘I know, but I’m not gonna kiss you, you’re my best friend, you idiot.’ 

‘I know you want it as much as I do’ He said trying to seduce me by pushing his head into my neck and leaving a kiss there. 

‘Jack, stop’ I laughed pushing him back and then he laughed with me too. ‘Open the door, I’m not planning to be stuck with you here forever’ 

‘Oh, but I do’ He smirked and I rolled my eyes at his constant flirting with me. ‘Sammy!’ He yelled. ‘Samuel, come upstairs and rescue us!’ 

It was around 2 a.m. and I was laying in my bed and watching some youtube videos since I couldn’t sleep for some reason. Just when I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep again, I got a call from Derek. 

‘Y/n…’ He whined. By the sound of his voice, I immediately knew that he was not sober.

‘Derek..’ I sighed. ‘Why are you drunk again?’ 

‘I was feeling like shit and now I feel even worse. I need you to come and pick me up’ 

‘I’m really tired, call Jack.’ 

‘Noo, I want you, please, I’m sad.’ 

‘Uh, okay, I’m coming. Just tell me where you are’ 

I sat in the car and started driving toward the club that Derek was in. 


‘Let’s get you upstairs’ I said struggling to take him into his room. 

‘You know, I’m really happy to have you’ He mumbled. 

‘I know you are’ 

‘If there wasn’t for you now, I’d have to drive by myself and who knows, maybe I’d get into a car accident’ 

‘Oh my God, Derek. Don’t even think about things like that.’ I said shaking my head. I don’t know what I’d do without three of them and I don’t even wanna imagine a life without them. 

‘I love you. So so much.’ He said taking my face between his hands as we reached his bedroom. 

‘I love you too. Now go lay down on the bed while I go get you some water, okay?’ I said and he nodded. 

As I came back into his bedroom, I almost dropped the glass filled with water when I saw Derek naked laying on the bed. 

‘Oh my God, seriously?’ I asked turning my head. ‘What is wrong with everyone today? Why do I have to see everyone naked?’ 

‘I sleep naked.’ He said. 

‘Nice to know.’ I said sarcastically. ‘First Gilinsky, now you.’ 

‘Gilinsky? Why did you see him naked? Did you cheat on me?’ 

‘It was accidentaly, of course.’ I said. ‘And I did not cheat on you because we’re not even together’ I rolled my eyes. 

‘I know, why do you have to rub it in my face?’ He asked almost starting to cry. 

‘Oh my God, you’re so drunk, Derek.’ I sighed. I covered him with a white quilt cover and moved his hair out of his face. ‘Sleep now, okay? I’ll come to check on you tomorrow.’ I said. 

‘Won’t you stay here with me like you always do?’ He asked pouting. 

‘I can’t tonight. I have something important to do tomorrow.’ I said. ‘I’m going. Goodnight.’ I kissed his cheek and he kissed mine before I left. 

‘Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?!’ I was going crazy cause I couldn’t find my other nude heel that I needed. I was about to start crying cause I couldn’t find it when I remembered where could it be. 

I quickly sat in my car and drove to Gilinsky and Sammy’s place. Waiting impatiently for one of them to open the door, I texted my date to come and pick me up on this address. 

When Jack finally opened the door his eyes went wide ‘Damn, baby’

‘Get out of the way’ I quickly walked past him running upstairs into my room. Yes, I have a room at theirs place. 

‘Whoa, she’s so hot’ I heard Samy and Derek comment.

‘Here you are!’ I felt such a huge relief when I found the heel laying next the bed. 

‘Why are you so dressed up?’ Derek asked me when I entered the living room. 

‘Because I’m going on a date.’ I said smiling as I sprayed my favourite perfume all over myself. 

‘What?’ All three of them said at once. ‘Why?’ They asked and I laughed. 

‘I don’t know really. I mean what kind of question is that?’ 

‘With who?’ Just when I was about to answer the question, the doorbell rang. 

I hurried to open the door and all three of them followed me. 

‘Seriously, guys?’ I asked quietly before I opened the door. 


‘Hey, Kian!’ I smiled as I kissed his cheek and he pulled me into a hug. 

‘You ready?’ He asked. 

‘Yeah, let’s go.’ I said and then I heard G, Sammy and Derek clearing their throats. I rolled my eyes smiling as I turned to them. 

‘Who are they?’ Kian asked me whispering. 

‘They’re..my brothers.’ 

‘Listen, we want her back by 11, understood?’ G said. 

‘P.M.’ Derek and Sammy added. 

‘I’m scared’ Kian whispered in my ear.

‘Oh my God, please ignore them.’ I chuckled. ‘Let’s go.’ I said pulling him outside.

‘Y/n, we’re serious! We’ll come looking for you if you’re not here by 11.’ Derek yelled. I turned to them and blew them kiss before sitting in the car with Kian and driving away. 

anonymous asked:

So i've read a fair amount of Arthurian literature but I've never seen anything mentioned about Percival wearing a dress? Not that I don't believe it but I'm just curious where you read that

In Perceval, le Conte du Graal (1135).

Percival’s father was King Pellenor, who died in combat. His brothers were Tor, Aglavale, Lamorak, and Dornar, all of who became Knights of the Round Table. His mother Did Not Like This Shit because they all were in danger of dying at any moment, because being a knight in Arthurian mythos was a “you are either Goku and you’ll rock or you are Yamcha and you will die really fast” kind of deal, so Percival’s Mom took him and his sister to live away from civilization, where he learned all sorts of cool Non-Knight shit like crocheting and sewing and basket weaving, and definitely not swords or kite shields. He was also raised as a girl and wore an exquisite silk dress along his sister.

One day, Percival is cooking some amazing stew when he hears some shit outside his Away From Civilization Castle Hidden In The Forest, and whatddya know, it’s some knights, wearing armor, swinging swords, being cool, and Percy’s all like “SWEET, YO MOM LOOK AT THOSE” and P-Diddy’s Mom is like “Aw Fiddlesticks. See, Percy, dear, those are ANGELS, and the only way you’ll ever be one of those is when you DIE”.

But, see, Percival was so ENTHUSED with the idea of being a knight that he goes to his sister and outright asks her to kill him. Reasonable lass as she was, she immediately says “What In the Fuck is wrong With You” and doesn’t, so P-kun is like WHATEVER and sneaks out of the castle to go hang out with them. So he does and he has Presence Concealment B+ because he just sorta eavesdrops on them for a while but then accidentally scares their horses, and the only thing louder than fire truck’s siren in this world is a scared horse, so the knights get prim and proper STARTLED and then they see this kid wearing a dress and are like “U GOOD?” and Paypal is like “I didn’t know ANGEL HORSES could get scared” and they are like “what the fuck dude we are not angels we are KNIGHTS”. So P is like oh! cool! can I be a knight? And Knight-san is like Fuck The Off kid you are 12 and also wearing a dress, you gotta grow up first, get some hair on that chest, then maybe.

So Percival is like YAY OK I WILL so he does his best to grow up, which is not too hard because the passage of time is a constant, PSYCHE, it IS hard because as soon as he got home and told Mom he wanted to be a knight when he grew up, Mom used Panic Ploy and convinced Percival that he was going to be 12 forever, because Percy is not the brightest crayon in the box. This goes on for Four Whole Years and Percival is now 16 but still thinks he’s 12 because his mom sucks, but mostly? ‘Cause he a dumbass.

Now, in Ye Olde Arthurian culture, 16 is the year in which it is socially acceptable to start performing crude neurosurgery with swords and axes on people you dislike. As it would happen, a bad knight storms his Child Castle and flops out his huge knight dong, ready to train it towards P-Diddy’s mom and sister, but P was having None Of That Shit, so he rolls up his silk sleeves and goes to the knight like “Hey, I Contend With That Attitude, Sir”, and the knight is like “you are the ugliest fucking girl I’ve seen in my life, what is wrong with this household”, and see, here’s a thing you gotta know about Percival: His superpower is having IMMENSE RAW POTENTIAL, like this dude is the embodiment of a Magikarp, except, he was already Gyarados by the time he was 16, because he, and I paraphrase, grabbed the evil knight, who is a grown ass man wearing a full set of armor, and just outright chucks him outta the castle, over the wall. No, he didn’t wrestle him or push him, Percival straight up lifted the knight with his mighty 16 year old arms, and threw him, proving once more that when people say that GBF’s or FGO’s take on the Round Table is “too anime”, they are WRONG, they are not anime enough, because Arthurian Mythos is the first shonen franchise in history.

So Percival’s like yaaaay and his mom is like nooooo and he’s like I can be a kniiiiight now I killed a dude and his mom is like haha go to you rooooooom.

So some time passes and then a Cockatrice shows up, so like, for the uninitiated, a Cockatrice is basically a Basilisk Chicken Chimera Fuckhouse that can and will feast on whatever part of your still living body it that hasn’t been petrified it can find. This would USUALLY be a problem, except Percival’s a Strength Main, so he just went, uprooted a whole tree, and speared the fuck outta Deathchicken with it. This kinda convinces Percival that maybe his mom was lying about a lot of things, so he outies outta that household of LIES.

So Percival is hitting the road and happens upon a scrap metal merchant, who has a wagon full of piss ass metal with no use, and Percival is like hey dude do you know where I could sell this priceless dress I have on? And the merchant, whose eyes are dollar $igns, says “WELL I AM A GOOD MAN AND I WILL HAVE MERCY ON YOU, if you give me that dress that could buy three mountains, I will give you this wagon full of shit and the donkey that pull it, KILLER DEAL” and Percy is like “YOU ARE A SAINT” and so he finally does away with the dress and makes a SHIT ASS LVL 1 “ARMOR” out of the scrap metal, and uses the donkey as his trusty steed, EXCEPT HE DOESN’T because the donkey is old and worn out, and he’s too heavy for it, so whatever he WALKS. 

2.8 seconds later, in a town nearby, they arrest the fuck out of the merchant because he HAD to have swindled that dress, no way he had The Ultimate Silk Dress, being a poor fuck as he was, but before they can lynch him, Percy walks in and defends him, saying “Make no mistake, citizens, I am a moron and I did trade it to him legitimately” and thus he does his First Just Knight Action, and that’s how Percival’s dress is important into the making of Gyarados Muscle Kid.

Some Girl, Special Girl - Part 3

This is actually from the “Reader’s Choice”. I had a lot of people ask me to use one of the prompts to continue this series.

Prompt:  Can u do some angst dick x reader where they r dating but the batboys for some reason dislike the reader n therefore is kinda mean to her in an attempt to broke them up? Dick stay true with the reader until he cant n they broke up. Years later they met again n she still hurt by his decision so refused to deal with him but dick want her forgiveness n pursue her relentlessly.

The second half of this request will probably happen in the next part of this series.

There isn’t a lot of Dick x Reader in this one, but I hope you like it anyway!

It’s been five years since that night. Roy had found you, half over the roofs edge, unconscious from the combination of alcohol and antidepressants. He had stayed with you at the hospital where they pumped your stomach and gave you fluids. Once you were discharged from the hospital, you and Roy had packed your stuff and left Gotham.

Now, after five long years, you’re back. You take a deep breath, taking in the thick city smog, and slowly step out of the plane.

Roy is the one who meets you at the airport. He has made sure that everything was ready for you, that all your belongings were at your apartment, and that no one knew you were coming.

“Hey, Y/N!!”

“Roytoy!!” He rushes toward you, swinging you into a tight hug. While the two of you had kept in contact you hadn’t seen him in the five years you were gone except over Skype. “God, I missed you”

“I missed you too, sugar” Roy puts you down, and scrates the back of his head, giving you a sheepish smile, “I actually have something to tell you … I – I have a daughter now, and I’m on a new team called the Outlaws, and …”

You hold your hands up, eyes wide, “You have a daughter?!?”

“Yeah, her names Lian. I’d like you to meet her, she already knows all about her Auntie Y/N”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me about her?!?”

“I, um, I only found out about her a little while ago. I didn’t even know I had a kid for the first six months she was alive, and then it took another four years for Cheshire to let her stay with me permanently”

“So, how old is she?”

Roy gets this dopey smile on his face, before he pulls out his phone and starts showing you pictures of the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen, “She’s six now. She’s my whole world, Y/N”

“Well, where is she?”

“She’s with Kori … and Jason”

You stiffen, “You mean …”

“They don’t know where I went! I promise! They’re – they’re my new team, they’re the Outlaws. Y/N, Jason’s changed, I promise. Yeah, he’s still an asshole, but he regrets what he did to you. He’s been trying to make me tell where you were so he can apologize. Y/N …”

“Maybe … maybe someday, but not right now, Roy. I’d still like to meet your little ball of sunshine, but I’m not ready to see any of them right now. I’ve grown up a lot in five years, hon, but I need to prepare myself”

“I understand, sugar” He starts to lead you out of the airport, “I already got your place set up, everything unpacked and ready for you”

“Please tell me you didn’t do my grocery shopping, it might have been five years since I last saw you, but I know how you eat”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t, saved that chore for you. I don’t even do the shopping in my own apartment, Jason …” Roy stops, as if he said something he hadn’t mean to.

“Roy, honey, I’m gonna ask you a question, I want you to answer me truthfully … Are you and Jason seeing each other?”

Out of the corner of your eye Roy goes red, “ … Yeah, have been for a year … we’re also dating an alien princess named Koriand’r”


“You – you aren’t mad?”

“Roytoy, I love you, you know that. You’re my brother in every way but blood. All I care about is you being happy. Now, are you happy?”

“Happiest I think I’ve ever been, Y/N”

“Good, that’s all I need to know”

Roy chuckles, placing your luggage in the back of his car, “You always find new ways to surprise me, kiddo”

“Someone around here’s gotta keep you on your toes!”

Another two months had passed, you’ve finally started your job at Wayne Enterprises, working down in the R & D department. The only reason you agreed to work there at all was because you were assured that you would never have to see any of the Wayne’s.

“So where are you working again?”

“I already told you Roy, I’m working at WE. They sought me out because of my PhD’s in engineering and architecture. I’m only here until we can create a compound that will withstand the constant alien attacks, and crazy villains that seem to flock to Gotham. There are almost a hundred of the best scientist’s money can buy working on this project, so I’m hoping to be out of Gotham in a year.”

Roy sighs, leaning back further in the couch. Lian’s playing quietly on your floor, toys spread everywhere, “So you’re just gonna leave after that?”

“I won’t be gone forever, I’ll be over in Metropolis. It isn’t too far away. I could never leave my favorite niece. Isn’t that right Lian!” The six year old grins, running over and jumping on the couch next to you.

“You gotta come visit all the time! And call me every night, and …”

“Well, I’m not leaving yet, baby cakes, so we have time to plan”

Lian nods before yawning, it’s almost 9:30, time for bed, “It’s getting late, hon”

Roy huffs, “I know, Lian we need to head back to the apartment.”

Lian hugs you tightly before she takes her father’s hand, “You promise we can get ice cream tomorrow?”

Squatting down you hold out your pinky finger, which the six-year-old readily takes, “I pinky promise that when your daddy drops you off we’ll go get ice cream and go to the park.“

“You can’t break a pinky promise, auntie“

Giving a solemn nod you lock pinkys, “I know“

“Good!“ Lian looks content with your promise, and readily follows Roy out of you apartment. You smile and wave, actually looking forward to going out with Lian tomorrow, maybe you’ll make some good memories in this damned city.

You and Lian slowly make your way from the ice cream parlor to the park. Roy was off doing a job with Jason and Kori, leaving you and Lian to spend the weekend together. You two end up feeding the ducks, and playing on the playground that’s in the middle of the park.


“Yeah, baby?”

“Daddy said that Uncle Dick, and Jay-Jay were really mean to you a long time ago”

You crouch down, furrowing your brow at the little girl, “Yes, they were. They made me very sad for a long time, but I’m not sad anymore. You’re uncles said some really mean things to me, and so I left”

“So, does that mean you and Uncle Dick aren’t friends?”

“That’s right, he’s not my friend anymore”

“Oh. ‘Cause Uncle Dick’s standing over there staring at you, auntie”

Turning, eyes following Lian’s raised finger, your gaze locks with the one person you had been hoping to avoid … Dick Grayson.

okay. I just gotta talk about the iconic westallen wedding for a second.

So, let’s just start by saying that my babies send out their wedding invitations, and were going to start planning their wedding. They sat on their couch laughing because they both felt light and free, everything that had been weighing them down for the past few months was finally gone. They were free from everything standing in the way of their happiness. But then of course the speed force had to be a jerk and ruin everything by kind of killing Barry (?? not really ?? but ?? kind of ??) anyways, I have no doubt that the first couple of episodes of season four, if not the first episode, will end in Iris rescuing Barry from the speed force, because she is his lighting rod, Iris West-Allen is the one person to always save him, and rightfully so. 

So, fast forward to the iconic westallen wedding. This better be an event. I’m talking season 4′s crossover event, it’s not realistic that Kara + team Supergirl, the Legends, and Team Arrow wouldn’t be there. If they have some crappy makeshift wedding at Star Labs I’ll personally go and egg the writers houses. Anyways, it’s going to be this giant elaborate beautiful wedding with a bunch of fairy lights and pretty decor that has the same look/vibe as their apartment. The guests consist of Team Flash, all their friends from the multiverse, Cecile and Joanie, Linda, Jay, and some other people that are close to them. Iris will be wearing an elaborate yet understated wedding dress that makes her look like a freaking queen, and Barry will be crying before she even walks down the isle. When Iris comes down the isle, Joe will be sobbing and holding Cecile and Wally’s hands. Cisco will be grinning ear to ear because his best friends are about to get married. The wedding will be performed by Harry or someone close to them, because it’s going to feel more close and personal. Barry will give an insanely long speech about how through all of their struggles and challenges the constant in their life has been their love for each other, and they’re going to continue fighting their battles together. He’ll say that he’s been in love with her forever, and he will love and protect her for eternity. Iris will be crying, but then one-up Barry with a speech just as incredible, that makes everybody in the room cry. She’ll talk about how it took a long time for them to finally get to each other, but she wouldn’t change their story one bit. She’s loved him her entire life, and she will continue to love him “until death do us part.” She knows that he will always protect her, and promises to protect him right back. 

Their first dance will be to “Runnin’ Home to You”. Barry will sing to Iris under his breath as her head rests on his shoulder, and even though everyone is watching them it feels like they’re the only two in the world. They’ll spend the entire night whispering “I love you’s” in between conversations and peppering each other with kisses. Later in the night Cisco and Cynthia will be tearing it up on the dance floor and Barry and Iris will be watching from their table, laughing at their friends and at the promise they made to each other years ago at a night club. They’ll look at each other and smile, remembering that conversation and thinking about how far they’ve come since then. Joe will steal Iris away for a dance, where they’ll laugh and talk about memories of Iris planning her wedding when she was little. She’ll also dance with Wally, and they’ll both wish Francine could be here with them, but be so insanely happy that they found each other. Barry will sit with Joe and reminisce about the past, and Barry will once again reassure Joe of his love for Iris, and Joe will tell him that he knows there is no one better to be with Iris than Barry. 
Barry will find every opportunity to call Iris “Mrs. West-Allen”, and at the end of the night they’ll sit with her head rested on his shoulder again, watching everyone talk and laugh, and she’ll whisper in her ear that they should get out of here “Flash”. They’ll say their quick goodbyes and Barry will speed her home, and insist that he “carries her over the threshold” even though Iris rolls her eyes and laughs, saying it’s silly because they’ve lived together for over a year. But she’ll go along with it because it’s Barry, and she’s going to go along with every cheesy and wonderfully romantic thing Barry does for the rest of her life, because they’re going to spend the rest of their lives together.


the best day of my entire life. i love you so much, @taylorswift. i love you more than you will ever know. i’ve loved you since i was 7 years old, and there will never not be a day where i’m not thankful for you. i’m forever proud of my 7 year old self for deciding to buy your very first album. since then you’ve gotten me through everything. every single thing. every bad day i’ve gotten through because of you. whenever i was going through something rough, i turned to you and you helped without even knowing. i never thought i would actually be able to hug you and meet you, nevermind have you know who i am. i wouldn’t be here anymore without you, and i wouldn’t even be close to the person i am today if it weren’t for you. so many pieces of who i am and how i choose to treat other people, ive learnt from you. t, thank you so much for this day. i will never forget it for as long as i live. thank you for being here for me when no one else is. thank you for being the only constant in my life for the past 11 years, the only one who’s kept me going. thank you for being you. thank you for everything that you told me that i will never forget, and thank you for all the hugs. thank you for being more like my best friend than just some huge celebrity. i love you forever, i promise you, okay? see you again soon, please? thank you, taylor. i love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.

being in a poly relationship with bill and stan hc

a/n: this is my first attempt at writing headcanons as well as writing for a poly relationship so bear with me (‘: i did this for bill and stan since i have richie/reader/eddie headcanons coming up

reader is gender neutral!

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okay i saw john wick 2 yesterday and i just realy love this franchise 

  • ruby rose playing a deaf assassin whom everyone uses correct signs to communicate with (including john)
  • also john speaks Every Language so fkn cool
  • lawrence fishburne playing a character who when he meets up with john says, “ this man and i we go years back” asjkjdakbkdba
  • the concierge at the continental volunteers to look after john’s doggo
  • delving a little more into the lore and politics of the assassin syndicate john works for
  • we all know keanu is an ageless being of chill but i love how john wick as a character shows his injuries slow him down and hurt him and he groans in a constant state of being DONE cos i get sick of action heroes who are just constantly fine to run and jumb and shit even when they’ve been stabbed in the nuts
  • john’s doggo following him everywhere???
  • keanu reeves giving people the thigh grip of death at least a dozen times 
  • actually filmed on location for all the scenes in rome which is SICK honestly some of the best scenes
  • all locations in the movie seem to have been deliberately picked because they are aesthetically dynamic (i.e. the showdown in the mirror exhibit)
  • ian mcshane is forever mr wednesday now sorry i don’t make the rules
  • i just love john wick as a character so much?!?! he’s not motivated by notions of toxic masculinity (like so many other shoot em up protags) he’s just out here like “oh u killed my dog and took my car and burned down my house??? hang on lemme put my doggo in daycare and then i’m gonna kill everyone u know cos fuk u i haven’t got anything better to do now” 
  • (admittedly, the second film had a very vivid self harming scene and on some scenes the sound editing was so whack i thought i was gonna go deaf but i still enjoyed the film as a whole)
#285: He Watches You Sleep


WhAt EvEn Is A PrEfErEnCe? Can you believe it’s been over two months since the last time I posted one? Okay so I’m gonna be honest I haven’t updated one since the guy I’m dating came home from 5 weeks of vacation so I’ve been spending A LOT OF time with him but now he just went on vacation again… So you have me for a whole week now… I promise x

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At first it wasn’t something he noticed. It was something he had done out of a small habit, trying to figure out the best way to sleep. He was gazing around the room like any other person would have done with so many thoughts and lack of chase to catch some sleep. Maybe it was because of the jetlag or maybe it was just because he was having too much going on at once but as his eyes focused on you it was like he found peace. To see the way you were breathing slowly, your chest heaving up and down soothed down his chest. The way you were fluttering your eyes spoiled dreams hidden behind. Deep down he couldn’t help but wish it was about him because in his mind he didn’t want to dream about anything else. He wasn’t even sure if it was healthy because when he was like this he could watch you forever. He always loved watched you doing stuff mainly because he knew you would always put a smile on his face. It amazed him because even in your sleeping state, you gave him all the feelings he needed. Comfort, love and peace at the same time.


Usually he would have just woken you up but this time it was something different. He knew you had been up late, you were trying your utter best to fall asleep but with a constant cough it was hard to get everywhere. He knew that deep inside you felt sorry because you had kept him up but there wasn’t anything for revenge. He enjoyed watching you finally relax and that was what he did. Making sure the sheets were still covering your whole body to create warmth and silently watched you breathe carefully. He knew that he had to get up soon and take a shower because a new day was starting but he waited just a bit. It wasn’t often you had moments together but even if it meant you had to sleep he still wanted to use every second of it. When he was busy and you were out it was hard trying to find time together but even moments like these was appreciated. It was like when you just needed to be close to someone else and this was it. Knowing that you were safe by his side meant the world to him, to just watch you sleep and dream.


Your cheeks were in a mix of red colors, it was the reason why he still kept hiding between the sheets. He knew the stomach was growling for food but watching you could take his time forever. He had your hair toyed between his fingers and with an elbow pressed in the mattress with his chin resting in his palm he sighed softly. Maybe it was because of the heat you were a little warmer than usual but he couldn’t help but smile at the way you were pouting ever so softly. It wasn’t often he did this but when he did he took in every aspect of you. The way your eyelashes were resting against your cheek, the way your hair was on a mess on the pillow but he couldn’t help but thinking that even because of that. You were still the most beautiful girl he had ever come across in his life. Even if you didn’t want to believe it he couldn’t help but thinking it the second you would sleep. There was just this peace over you that you carried both as awake and as a sleeper. He was amazed how someone could continue to look this amazing.  


He was actually amazed he was the first one to wake up. What amazed him even more was the fact how large his hand was compared to your cheek. It was often he caressed your cheek but when doing it without you moving around and kissing surprised him. He knew he had large hands but he could basically cup the whole thing, it was like he was carrying his whole world. He wasn’t sure if you were still sleeping or just pretending because he had been caressing your cheek with his thumb for a while but he still continued to do it. He loved mornings like these where there was no stress and he could just look at you for an eternity. He always joked around with his favorite moments were when you were asleep. It was of course a joke hinting towards you either talked or scolded at him too much but he still enjoyed it so much. He could get the chance to kiss your forehead and just admire you from top to toe. It was quiet moments like these that he wanted to remember because not waking up to your face every day would always be the start of something bad.

anonymous asked:

uncle mod this might be kinda personal but, how? how do you stay so motivated. you have EDS just like I do but you don't seem to slow down at all and you don't let it dent your love of things, you don't hide the fact that you have it and when you've talked about it you don't sugar coat but- how? I'm so tired, of being so tired, how do you still be so... cartoonish? about life?

gonna get a little long so

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Given how quickly humans age, I feel like the trolls would be equal parts proud and sad to see their human teammates grow and mature into fine young adults, and then continue growing into experienced protectors and full-fledged guardians.

It’s bittersweet, because on one hand they’ve come so far from the times when they could barely fend for themselves, and now they have their own stories of battles past. On the other hand… they’ve grown so quickly. Too quickly, almost. It’s less than a decade before their bodies are physically matured, and they’ve reached their full heights and grown into their forms. Still not nearly the size of most trolls, but they are bigger than they were, and stronger, especially with their continuous training.

(i wonder if Draal ever looks at Jim and feels guilt for the fact that he tried to kill him, especially when he was so young)

What’s more, they are mentally matured sooner even than most humans, forced to grow up, to adapt and change in the face of a war that wasn’t technically theirs to begin with. They’ve had to cope with grief, loss, keeping secrets from family, facing horrors few people even know exist. They manage as best they can with support from each other and the trolls, but the cracks are still there.

And of course, humans don’t live forever. They would all keep fighting for as long as they could, and barring any sort of crippling illness or injury, if they kept up an active lifestyle they’d be able to keep at it for decades. (and there has been the suggestion that repeated exposure to Heartstone Trollmarket, as well as constant proximity to artifacts imbued with magic, might grant the humans a somewhat longer life span, especially in Jim’s case) even so, they wouldn’t last much longer than a century.

One way or another, they would have to say goodbye for good. Jim’s sould probably follows the lead of the previous Trollhunters and remains with the amulet.

On a lighter note: can you imagine if Draal became the next Trollhunter after Jim finally dies.

Grumpy Ghost Old Man Jim. Draal making jokes at Jim’s ghost about how since he’s finally dead, now an actual troll is Trollhunter as it should be, and Jim is just “Excuuuse me.” The near constant banter every time Draal enters the Void.

(also, imagine if Draal did something stupid and the next time he enters the Void both Jim AND Kanjigar are there, giving him that disapproving Dad look)