but the company is still gonna try to reel in as much fans as possible for as long as possible

atombatter  asked:

Have you seen Toby's tweets about possibly doing a second game, or a comic that expands on Undertale and its lore and characters? We might get more of an explanation on Gaster and what happened to him, and even that alone makes me super hyped.

I don’t want to hype it so much because you’ve got to understand how this feels for Toby, he never expected this amount of fame for his game, he is still reeling from the fame, he didn’t expect people would be talking about the game so much and so long. He is probably getting tons of offers, tons of business messages, lots of companies trying to trick him and make money off his hard work and get rights to his stuff.

He has a ton of fans messaging him wanting more, and his game made game of the year for a lot of sites. It has such a great amount of accolades and fan theories and assumptions to remember. To make new stuff he would feel the need to avoid contradicting past info, as well as avoid causing a whole upset about (blank) erasure if he happened to contradict popular headcanons and assumptions, or happened to change something.

It’s incredibly difficult, it’s hard to make a good sequel. you are competing with unfair expectations and unreasonable comparisons filled with the nostalgia and the fact the first UnderTale was the first time we experienced something like it. Of course since we played the first one first, we will think that is the best one. To make a better sequel takes a lot of determination for a single creator. It’s why we won’t see a popular sequel to OFF or Cave Story or other cult following indie games. It’s like the “Han shot first” stuff, if he patches it he risks causing an upset with fans that don’t agree with the changes.

Then comes the time, he would have to make another kickstarter campaign and take a long time, Undertale took over 3 years to make, and who knows how long ago he started making the story. People are impatient. No doubt Toby has other ideas for games or feels like he is finished with some character arcs and is tired of them. It is hard to make a non-interactive comic that can have the humor and quirks that Toby put in Undertale.

The final and most problematic aspect of this is, what parts of the story were designed to never have answers just to get people to decide their own headcanons? What parts are like what Asriel says at the end: “only you know the answer to that”? What parts of Gaster and Sans was just made to be mysterious with no intent of ever making a complete story or explanation? What was done just to leave gaps for blokes like me to make popular theories and try to connect evidence with Toby having no idea for a real story behind it?

I hope it isn’t like that, I don’t think Toby would do that, I don’t think he is the type that would shy away from the challenge of making a sequel, but it’s something we need to understand and accept is a possibility we need to prepare for, Undertale 2 isn’t going to come out this year. A comic is not going to be able to answer everything without breaking a lot of people’s fan fiction and theories, it’s gonna break your heart. The amount of upset I caused with my theory and evidence that everyone’s sexy big boned blue ectoplasmic husbando is actually a drained human/monster soul in a human/hybrid/essence in a human body in a skeleton costume means that if we get any answers people are going to be upset or try to say the comic isn’t canon or is an alternate universe even if it comes out after the release of the game and is designed and approved by Toby.

I’m just happy he hasn’t jumped in trying to rush things to sell a quick low quality sequel or trying to sell the rights to the highest bidder make a fortune. We have found all the info in the game that we can and all the resources, all we can do is analyze and connect all the pieces we can while we wait patiently in case new pieces are added to the puzzle.