but the colouring looked so gross

Understanding Emo Bands

Fall Out Boy: you can’t

Neon Trees: not considered an emo band despite being loved by many emos

Black Veil Brides: Andy Biersack and friends

My Chemical Romance: we don’t talk about this.

Sleeping With Sirens: the lead singer is a male

Pierce The Veil: this lead singer is also a male

Bring Me The Horizon: you only ever hear about them from your one friend who likes them

Imagine Dragons: an emo band that emos don’t listen to

Evanescence: they have that song that everyone knows but people still get the name wrong

In This Moment: Maria Brink

Avenged Sevenfold: they have that song about zombie sex

The Pretty Reckless: Cindy Lou Who

Shinedown: you either know that one song or you know all the songs.

Seether: their name is everywhere but you rarely actually hear their music

KoRn: corn jokes

Nickelback: hated so much that many emos refuse to call them an emo band

Falling In Reverse: they’re the band with that album cover where the tongue looks like a gross pickle

Linkin Park: meme

Marilyn Manson: this is the emo’s Jesus

Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Three Days Grace: taken over by creepypasta

Hollywood Undead: also taken over by creepypasta

Bullet For My Valentine: you like them but don’t know the names of any of their songs

The Killers: that blue coloured album with the buildings and the sky has Mr Brightside on it

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You're acting like women don't get offended when a man they think is out of their league "dares" to speak to them. How not to be an asshole goes both ways you know.

The difference is, there’s literally a systemic pattern of straight men behaving like this, and it’s socially acceptable for them to do so. 

Women as a group usually turn guys down as politely as humanly possible, because men routinely commit violence against or even murder women for saying no, thanks to a fucking epidemic of lethally toxic male entitlement. Of course, it’s hard to be as polite as a guy wants when what he considers “polite” includes, at a minimum, lots of compliments and reassurances with his “no”, regardless of how repulsively he’s acted toward you – and often, for you to “give him a chance” because “how can you know you won’t like him?”

And people will go along with it. Women often face social sanctions from entire social groups for turning down men not-gently-enough or for saying no at all. Women murdered by men for saying no are often blamed after their deaths; people will say “Wow, why didn’t she give him a chance and avoid all this?” even with literal proof that the man she was saying no to was willing to commit murder.

Women as a group also face social stigma for approaching men even if they otherwise suit his preferences, because of ridiculous social rules that say to approach a man means the woman must be “desperate”.

But it’s far worse for people who don’t suit a guy’s preferences, because the idea of being associated with socially marginalized groups is so repellent to men that they can become physically violent - and they often get away with it.

Trans women bear the brunt of this, as men have routinely successfully argued in court that they had no choice but to commit murder because a woman who flirted etc with them happened to be trans. Gay men, too, face huge risk if they accidentally flirt with a straight man, because again, straight men literally get away with just saying “I was so grossed out I panicked! So I shouldn’t face repercussions for committing violence!” (Look up the gay and trans panic defenses.)

Like, yes, women are capable of meanness too, but you’re ignoring the entire cultural context of male entitlement that discourages women from even saying no at all, because just saying no is considered “mean”. Women who have the social power to feel safe being as cruel as men are to women they aren’t attracted to, are generally acting on other axes of privilege, like a white woman being horrible to a man of colour.

When I gender my social commentary, it’s because I’m pointing out a trend that falls along gendered lines. There will often be individual exceptions, but there is a gendered pattern to this behaviour that shouldn’t be ignored.


Authors Note: I kinda think this is cute and fluffy, but I don’t know. I am thinking of doing a part two to this, but again, I don’t know, haha. Thoughts and opinions welcome. I hope you enjoy this piece, kinda enjoyed thinking about it. Xx 

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You observe the space between the bare sheets and you sigh to yourself, the scarceness denoting that Harry is either working or he’s running early morning errands, perhaps even at the gym. 

You take your time with getting up, savouring the pleasure of the bed and the warmth of the fresh coverings. There is nothing better than relaxing between the warmness of the covers, having nothing to worry about, no need to get up and go to work, just a pleasant lazy day to do nothing.

You smile as your round into the kitchen, your husband smiling before he takes a drink of what you assume is his early morning smoothie. 

Every now and again after working out he indulges in a smoothie or he gets a health shake— you much prefer the smoothies, particularly his, he continuously distinguishes the ideal combinations of fruits. 

“Morning!” You beam as you wander closer, admiring his fallen hair and his gym outfit compiled of nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of jogging shorts. 

He beams down at you, opening his arm for a hug, “Morning, someone’s cheery.” He comments before caressing a kiss to the top of your head, a hum escaping your lips to agree with his observation. 

“How was the gym?” You tenderly pull away from the hug, the scent of his cologne lingering on your shirt, something you absolutely love to inhale in warm mornings.

“Pretty good. How was sleeping in?” He questions, taking a drink of his Coral coloured resembling smoothie, 

“Better if you’d sleep in with me.“ 

"Mhm, you know I can’t sleep in. Body just doesn’t like it.” He shrugs, “plus, I needed the workout, been slackin’ lately, no thanks to you.” He kisses the top of your nose, reminding you of how you have selfishly managed to keep him nestled into you in the mornings the last few days. Sometimes, you don’t want to share him with the world or the gym, you want him to stay in bed and cuddle with you until you are ready to get out of bed. A few muffled whines and an ‘I really don’t feel good,’ is enough for him to give in and skip the gym. It wasn’t really intentional— You can’t help the fact that sometimes his warmth, soothing touch, and cuddles is enough to make you feel better.

“What did ya get?” You challenge, your hand reaching for his smoothie but he stretches away from you, your lips already beginning to form a pout. His smoothie looks so~ good and refreshing. 

 "Uh-ah, yours is there.“ He gestures to the counter that holds a verdant coloured smoothie, something you have no desire to drink. His looks better, it has a delightful ocherous hue to it, much prettier than the burgeoning grass he wants you to absorb. "It’s a lot healthier than this mango thing.” He takes a drink of his smoothie, only enticing you to desire it more. 

“It looks fucking gross." 

"Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s kale, it’s good for you and helps with morning sickness.” He encourages, handing you the verdure resembling smoothie. You glare at Harry, already not savouring his concept of a healthy smoothie. “Taste it, that’s it.” He presses kindly, giving you his affectionate eyes and an agile kiss to the lips to convince you. 

You take a sip, instantly spitting it out to the floor with a heavy sigh. 

“Well, it was worth a try.” He shrugs, 

“You fucking taste that.” You hand the smoothie back to him, “That is enough to erupt morning sickness, gross.” You shake your head, handing him the drink. 

With a heavy sigh, he takes the smoothie and decides to try the Kale-Smoothie. Immediately, he screws his nose up at the flavour, understanding your feelings towards the disgust. “Alright, here you go, love.” He hands you his smoothie, instantly satisfying you as you taste the pleasant taste of mango on your tongue. So much more soothing and enjoyable than the Kale. “And now I’m left with the morning sickness drink.” He pouts, watching you sip on the smoothie he was deliciously appreciating. 

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“Forget Me.” pt. 4

Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

pt.1  pt.2  pt. 3  pt. 4  pt. 5 pt. 6  pt. 7  pt. 8  pt. 9  pt. 10  pt. 11  pt. 12  pt. 13  pt. 13.5 (End)

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I found myself out of focus a lot of the time. I couldn’t pay attention during rehearsals, I found it difficult to eat, difficult to sleep.

 I miss her so much. I miss her voice, her laugh, her smile. Everything about her.

 I miss the way she would tuck her hair behind her ear when it fell in front of her face. I miss the way that chewed on her bottom lip when she was focussed on doing something. I miss the way her eyebrows would furrow when something doesn’t turn out according to the way she wanted it to. I miss the way she would ruffle my hair and tell me how I should stop dying it so many different colours because she was afraid that I’d end up going bald. I miss how she would laugh so much at my dorky jokes that she would start to tear up. I miss the way she would crack her fingers and I would scold her because of how gross it was to me. I miss the way she’d run away from the birds on the streets or hide behind me and use me as a protective shield because she was so afraid of them. I miss the way she would look at me whilst I eat and laugh because I had food on the corner of my mouth. I miss the way she would wipe it away for me and call me clumsy. I miss the ways she would take out the orange, yellow and green sweets from a packet of skittles because she only liked the red and purples. I miss the way she would hug me every time I was back from a different country. That hug was always significantly different to any of the other hugs she would give. But I wouldn’t be able to have that kind of hug anymore. My favourite kind.

There were so many things about her that I miss, so many things about us that I miss. I didn’t realise that tears were involuntarily falling from my eyes until a tear fell on the back of my hand. 

Even if she didn’t want me anymore, couldn’t she at least reply to let me know that she’s okay, just one more time? 

Even though she didn’t want me anymore, and her way of breaking up with me wasn’t the kindest. Why do I still miss her? Why do I still want her? Why can’t I forget her?

Request for pt. 5 ~ I hope you enjoyed it! 💜

Gliscor from memory
I love them so much…….. so much

can you imagine if their shinies were monocrhomatic and all stone-coloured like gargoyles
Nintendo hear me out,,

You're Beautiful

Bruce Banner X Chubby Reader

Reader wants to start running, deciding it best for her health and so her boyfriend Bruce decides to help her by jogging with her.

I’m not going to lie this was 100% inspired after seeing this gif, LOOK AT HIM <3

Y/N panted, desperately gulping for air yet somehow receiving none, she could feel her legs straining in every step she took. Y/N looked ahead at Bruce, squinting so she could see past the salty sweat that dripped past her eyes. He was so scrawny! How was he this far ahead of her? No… He wasn’t scrawny and she knew it. He was lean and slim and everything she wasn’t.

Y/N stopped, placing her hands on her knees and panted to catch her breath. She felt so confident this morning, in her colourful running tights and her black breathable spandex tank top. When she scoped herself out turning and checking herself in the mirror, Bruce had wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck assuring her she looked cute! But now she just felt gross and sticky and downtrodden.

She had tried everything right down to pretending zombies were chasing after her! If this was the apocalypse she’d be long dead… She ended up sitting herself down on the pavement and sighed, wiping the sweat from her face. She didn’t REALLY care how she looked… Honestly! She wasn’t going to outright lie and say if she did slim down she wouldn’t enjoy it but it had gotten to a point where she just wasn’t healthy anymore. She struggled up stairs or couldn’t walk very fast without getting pains. Most importantly she wanted to be able to keep up with Bruce!

He was always careful with his health and diet due to the other guy and she wanted to be involved with that part of his world. Bruce had always indulged in her movie nights and the things she liked, so she wanted to indulge in what he liked, even if it was meditating and jogging.

She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see Bruce sit down beside her, he too had sweat running down his brow but unlike her it was only just peppering his forehead. Oh man he even looked attractive when he was sweaty! She screwed up her face imagining what she must of looked like.

“We don’t have to do this Y/N.” Bruce said gently as he smiled at her. “I think you’re beautiful just as you are.”

She smiled lightly. He WOULD say something like that, the jerk!

“It’s not about that Bruce. I want to be healthier. I want to spend this time with you. I just… Want to be better for me…” She was almost at the point of tears now until Bruce stood and held his hands out to her. She looked at them cautiously before taking them and he hoisted her up.

“We’ll go slower. Speed walk a little until you catch your breath?” He asked her, eyes soft and supportive. She smiled again, wiping her face free from sweat and unshed tears before nodding.

“Thanks Bruce.”

“That’s what I’m here for Y/N.”


Donghyuck x reader

Word count: 2013

A/N: im sorry to the anon who requested this like forever ago ok im sorry but i made it long and i hope its worth the wait okay also like i worked hard on this so uh here u go 

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Wander with Me | JUNMYEON

Genre: college!au | so fluffy i am decaying

Member: Junmyeon / Reader

Word Count: 1,300+

Warnings: too soft

NOTE: this college!exo series is heavily inspired by THIS amazing edit by @pcyults. i’m sorry if this doesn’t accurately represent junmyeon, i’ve written one fic for exo and that was yonks ago, so this is me trying to get into the swing of things again.

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Still going by Devereaux?


04/06/2016 // may ‘16 spreads!

after my exams ended and my summer started, i started a new bullet journal! i’m having a lot of fun experimenting with layouts and colours and all the arty stuff that’s hard to do on top of a busy academic year ;;; if you look closely, you’ll be able see that i’ve been very busy (which would also explain my absence e heh he h ^^;) i was really inspired by @studypetals spreads as well as this post by @teacomets for my monthly layout!! so sorry for the gross lighting i have going here agh

fatpussycafe  asked:

Hey sweetness (can i call you that? Idk sorry if thats weird) but anyways, ive had a hard time with colour palettes and i was curious on how you usually choose yours. Your artwork is beautiful by the way!

Hey sorry I’m so late replying to this! I just really wanted to take my time and answer this properly. Because boy oh boy do I have bad news for you…

I really don’t… use colour pallets? Like except for simple drawings like these:

But I will talk about how I use colour and choose my colours using the following three examples!!

So the first thing wee need to do is we actually need to look at all of these drawings without any shading, blending layers, or lighting. Just flat colours. Because that’s when it becomes obvious that I make my own damn rules. 


So here you can see that I actually blend my elects together with the use of shading and lighting. Right now All of these images are very gross looking, BUT they do illustrate the most common way I work with colour. For most of my drawings i generally pick a DOMINANT COLOUR to work with, and then I pick several colours to accent that colour. 

The dominant colour in this image is pretty obvious, and so it’s easy to pick accenting colours. Yellow is right next to green on the colour wheel, so it’s common for the two to be used together. But what about an image with more variety?

So here I’ve talked about using all warm colours, and using all cool colours. But what about a picture where I have a bunch of different colours hanging out? How do I make that work?

In order to make a bunch of colours work together, shading with similar colours from the environment is important. This is how you embed characters in an environment. 

NONE OF THESE ARE RULES! It’s just the way i work! And honestly when it comes to colour, it’s really just practice and… having a good eye? I’ve met exceedingly talented artists who when I was like “Hey can I get an image that looks cool and fresh” I’d get an image back that used WARM COLOURS. And i would have to message them and go “what the hell are you doing??”.

But they legit couldn’t see it! So it’s always good to talk to people, share your work, and get feedback. find what works for you. If you need to stick to a strict pallet, ok. If you’re like me and you can just somehow intuitively grab colours and make them work? right on man. There’s a bunch of tricks and cheats out there. Try a bunch and see what sticks.