but the colouring didn't look right

PSD #06 by hirragis/excalibers; made for colouring screencaps from the Korean drama Descendants of the Sun. Works with most lighting conditions, but you may need to adjust the blues for darker scenes. ||| Preview: [1] [2]

Download: [MediaFire] [TinyUpload] [Box.com]


  • Light leaks - 3 optional yellow/green gradients, set to screen or lighten for a colour splash effect
  • PSD - split into two parts, tone and light. Tone adjusts colours, light increases the brightness for the pastel effect.

Feel free to edit this to your liking and use it for whatever you want, but please do not repost/re-upload/claim it as your own! No credit is necessary except if you use this in your tutorials but please like and/or reblog this post if you download (: