but the coloring wasn't right

throwaninkpot  asked:

*gasps* You're doing QT requests! I would love to see you draw the Minister of War, if you have the time or inclination. (Perhaps frustrated about yet another shenanigan his wayward young son has gotten up to?)

I’ve never given any real thought as to what the Minister of War looks like, so this was an interesting exercise! I think QoA describes him as grizzled(?) but I also imagine him as a spare, taciturn sort of man. Very military. I think he’d forego the cloak except on official occasions.

So I’ve been thinking about Fox and Bunny a lot lately (I even had a cool dream about them last night >w<), and while driving I would listen to “Try, Try Again” from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which sounded very Underswap to me. It made me want to draw them in “Underswap form,” so here they are!

Try, Try Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN78i0nfqE8

@phaunicier and @bun-bunmuse I hope the two of you like it and I hope you’re both doing well. 


B O O K S : The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

“You can help me pick out a tiara when we’re done saving the world.”

Lyric Challenge: "Kiss" by TC and Sam Kang (3/?)

“Unyielding motion that’s wrapped up in a smile but you seem so steady as I am burning inside. I feel the warmth as I have fallen too deep, now I know that you know me though I’ve been told to believe. It’s just a kiss. For a kiss.”

I hate how there is practically no Ravenclaw merch, and when there is it’s in the WRONG COLORS


B O O K S : Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

“We’re a crew with limited interests, and you don’t gamble, swear, or drink to excess. But here’s the secret to popularity: risk death to save your compatriots from being blown to bits in an ambush. Great way to make friends.”

@xenized-kitsune aaah I see. Ill admit the duel wielding magic was cool but i..admittedly really hate skyrims graphics so I guess that’s where we agree to disagree nfjfhf


“Dope” Lyric Posters


aqours positivity because we all need a little love and support from our favorite idols


“Elevator, let’s go! Now! (…) This is better than the stairs.” “Yeah!”

Paul Walker in Brick Mansions’ trailer (x)

i began reading naruto back in middle school, but then stopped keeping up with it some time during high school. recently, i reread the whole series from start to current and seven years since i originally started the series later, temari is still my favorite kunoichi by far.

all outfits were done from memory since i was too lazy too google so forgive any mistakes as far as details go…i would take the award for most halfassed art ahaha aha a h