but the clap scene


As someone who saw the movie, I can confirm LeFou is not stereotyped or abused or ridiculed in regards to his sexuality and SPOILERS he does get a happy ending. The whole theater clapped and cheered in response to the scene that has been discussed. So please don’t shit on Disney or the director for this, I was very pleasantly surprised.


Bones » 2016 2017 rewatch - 4x25 “The Critic in the Cabernet”

So are you going to let her have this child alone? - I didn’t say that. You are! You’re going to abandon your child! Oh night’s deepest gloom washes over my tiny frame!

Multi-chapter fics need love

Attention everyone.

The more chapters a fic has, the MORE YOU NEED TO COMMENT. 

I’m looking at all these fics with lots of kudos, lots of hits, lots of subscriptions I’m sure, and then *crickets* at an update. IF THERE ARE SAY 100 PEOPLE SUBSCRIBED, WHY ARE THERE ONLY TWO COMMENTS?? Let’s say only 10% of the people still read it. That’s ten comments that should be there. 

Too shy or worried or blah to comment? Here’s some copypastes for you:

  • I love this chapter so much.
  • I love reading this fic.
  • I think about this fic a lot.
  • It makes me happy when I see there is an update. 
  • This story is so intense and well-written.
  • I’ve been following since the beginning and it’s better than I imagined.
  • I’ve fallen in love with your characterization.
  • *quote your favorite part* This is my favorite! 
  • This fic made me think about a lot of things. 
  • I’ve learned some things about myself reading this story.
  • This is my favorite fic of all time. 
  • I reread this all the time. 
  • *incoherent screaming*
  • This is absolutely delectable and I love it. 

Use one! Use all! There are endless possibilities! Don’t feel pressured to write an essay. Just say that you are still here and you’re happy! 

It would be preferable for you not to say 

  • Can’t wait for the next chapter!

It’s ok when combined with other things, but if that’s all you say…..? We’re looking for love on the hard work we just posted

When you post your first chapter/oneshot, you worry: “Is anyone reading it? Does anyone like it? PLease someone, anyone!?” and you wait for people to come into your space. 

When you post your Xth chapter, you already know that people are reading it, there’s already a crowd gathered. Even if it’s only a few people, you know that they are there. “Does no one like it? What’s going on? What happened? Everyone loved it before?? I thought?? Did I mess up?”


Love your author. They need it. 


Hi folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY!

Usually here I post my own animation–or occasionally my cat–but today I’m sharing this animatic from An Nguyen (@pmdkproductions), who contributed to last week’s post, “Issues in Female Character Design.”

An did this last quarter for her Screen Design class at SCAD, and she asked me to voice the host. It was great fun, and I hope you enjoy!

one of the best parts of today’s episode, and possibly the best highlight over all?

Casey Jones straight up murdering a man, and saying “Whoops.”

his whole expression, his tone of voice, my god.

I don’t know who animates for him specifically, but let’s give them a slow clap everyone. because this part right here, this split second scene? it gave me more emotional impact than any other portion of the episode, and actual chills down my spine.

Casey Jones attempted to kill a man, and probably didn’t feel anything but pure hate for him. god damn.

Alpha-5 clapping with Billy when he’s happy is my world OK? That scene made me tear up so much. 

He’s clapping with him because he’s happy for him. Alpha-5 doesn’t ask why he claps when he’s happy or excited, he just claps with him because he’s happy for him. He’s supportive and happy for his progress and that means the world to me because it’s the first portrayal I’ve seen of a character on the spectrum stimming and being supported by their friends. Even going as far as to stim with him. 

This is the kind of respectful portrayal I live for. 

Evelyn sat in the audience while we watched the first episode.

There were a lot of awesome things that happened at the Orphan Black split screening event yesterday, but the best is when the first episode was playing and Evelyn literally sat with the audience (a row and three seats away from my friend and me). 

It was surreal watching her react to her own scenes and people clapping to it. haha 

She would just smile and cover her face with her hand. I can’t even with her… l

Long time no see.

I don’t know if any of your readers, especially  new readers remember me? But I’m the girl from the party story time and also the movie story time, well the movie date being the last one I told you all about. I was catching up on my favorite blog, this blog and I was looking through the story time tag all this week, and I was happy to see someone asked about me (thank you sweety) and I would love to give you an update on everything, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year! since I told you all about my personal love life, you all are like sisters, so I don’t mind having girl talk and giving you all the hot tea (I use our fake names so it’s ok).

If you remember I called him ‘Sota’ well unfortunately he and I are no longer together, we dated for a good while, the BEST relationship I’ve ever had,  but don’t be sad ladies because honestly that was the best months of my life AND, AND, We are still friends. We still talk here and there, not as much as before, but we still vent about things and talk time to time. I do miss talking to him every day, But guess whose not going to cry? Me, ok I did, but what ever.

This is when the tea gets hot! I know my life is always full of tea, but girls let me catch you all up on what happened AFTER we broke up. Ok the reason why we broke up is because

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Their GF Having a Heated Scene with Another Member in a Movie: EXO


Really proud of you and not a word to the other member for the duration of the drama/movie.


No prejudice and 100% happy for the member and your new opportunities that opened up with that movie/drama.


So very proud f you that he forgot all about the heated scene in general, just looking at the screen with awe as he observed your acting.


A sarcastic little laugh would escape BaekHyun’s mouth as he watched the scene, clapping the other member on the back and congratulating on the scene a little too violently.


“Full offence but I would have played that role so much better.”


Confused because he totally forgot that such a scene was in the script and would stare at you and then the other member with a gaping mouth.


He might not have been overly joyous over the fact that you were in that scene, but he would still appreciate the acting.


He would be laughing at that scene because the awkwardness between you and the other member was totally see-through.


Totally displeased because he thought he was so much more better suited for that role.

BTS| Having a normally calm gf/bf but when they meet their s/o’s bestfriend he/she get’s really loud and silly

Thank you for the request Anon. <3

Enjoy! Suga’s was a little shorter than the others, but i thought his reaction was really obviously.

Also I’m not satisfied, but I hope you like it anyways.



When you and your bf suddenly started fangirling over a new actor, Jin was already surprised about your behavior. But when you both started screaming, Jin would be seriously worried about your condition since he never knew a human being could have such a high pitched voice.

“Are you okay?”

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One of the things he loved most about you was your calm and chilled character, so when you started to scream and roar with your bf about a drama, he would do nothing but judge you.

“Who tf are you?”

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Namjoon was reading in your bedroom when he heared a high pitched scream from you. He immediately jumped on his feet and rushed to the living room where you and your bestii wanted to watch a movie. When he breathlessy arrived he saw you laughing with your bf about a funny scene. When you turned and saw his exhausted expression a big question mark formed on your face.

“I swear, I thought you got murdered.”

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He watched a really silly comedy movie with you and your friend at the theater. Suddenly he heard you whooping while clapping your hands. You saw a scene which remembered you to your childhood and your bf had the same thought as you, Hoseok, who never saw you this much out of your calm character also started laughing after you told him your reasons.

“Welcome to the sunshine-club, jagi.”

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You went shopping with the two most important people in your life. When you stopped at a small café, Jimin bought ice cream for all of you. No one knows how, but suddenly your bf  dropped his/her’s on your chest. After a short awkward moment a loud squeal filled the street. You laughed so much that your stomach hurted and the fact that you weren’t able to say why made it even more funnier. 

“I assure you, I don’t know them.”

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You, y/f/n and Taehyung were at the park, when suddenly a bug started to attack your friend. S/he run over the large meadow placed in the centre of the park. You laughed like you never did before and Tae, although he never saw you like this, joined in. When the bug finally let go of y/f/n s/he returned back to you. When s/he arrived s/he started to playfully hit you. The rest of the time you and your friend horsed around while arguing who’s more afraid of bugs, Taehyung observing you with a soft smile on his face.

*She should be like this more often*

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The three of you played video games at your home. You played like your life depends on it since you wouldn’t accept a win of Jungkook or y/f/n. When you suddenly fought against y/f/n you used a special weapon and won the match. The same thing also happened with your boyfriend and suddenly both of them lunged at you. You screamed and foughted back till you sat on your best friend while laughing like you never did before,

“Never seen this side of you, jagi”

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Closed Set

Request:  Hiii so I know you write mostly Sam and you claim you don’t write Jared, but would you be willing to write a Jared story? I want to request: Imagine filming a sex scene with Jared. And maybe he gets really into it, which isn’t in the script, but you can obviously take it wherever your heart desires. -@impalaimagining

Jared x Female Reader

Summary: Filming a love scene with Jared is a little more than you bargained for. 

Warnings: This is what I would consider smut adjacent, nothing too graphic.

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: Beta’d by the always amazing @elliewinchesterr

Possibly part one of two, I’m always skittish when I write Jared. 

“How do those feel?” Tabitha, your wardrobe assistant, gestures to the round flesh colored stickers covering your nipples.

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