but the clap scene


As someone who saw the movie, I can confirm LeFou is not stereotyped or abused or ridiculed in regards to his sexuality and SPOILERS he does get a happy ending. The whole theater clapped and cheered in response to the scene that has been discussed. So please don’t shit on Disney or the director for this, I was very pleasantly surprised.


Bones » 2016 2017 rewatch - 4x25 “The Critic in the Cabernet”

So are you going to let her have this child alone? - I didn’t say that. You are! You’re going to abandon your child! Oh night’s deepest gloom washes over my tiny frame!

  • Aomine: It’s 9:01! Akashi Seijuurou is officially late for the first time ever! Alright, let's do this, who’s got theories?
  • Kise: Uhh… his alarm didn’t go off?
  • Aomine: All the alarms? All with the battery back up? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?
  • Murasakibara: Ooh, maybe Aka-chin was taken in his sleep.
  • Aomine: That’s what I’m talking about, Murasakibara! Super dark, but way more plausible than Kise’s idiotic alarm clock theory.
  • Kuroko: I bet he tucked himself into bed too tight and got stuck.
  • Midorima: Maybe he fell into a dimension where he’s ruling the world.
  • [Nijimura sees the group huddled together, not practicing]
  • Nijimura: It’s 9:01 AM, why is no one practicing?
  • Aomine: Akashi is a few minutes late and we’re all trying to guess why.
  • Nijimura: I’d like to play. I’d say he’s in line at the bank. This is fun!
  • Aomine: It is fun. But you’re all wrong! He clearly slipped through a subway grate and is having terrible sex with a mole woman!
  • [Akashi walks into the gym]
  • Aomine: There he is - Akashi! Where have you been!? Explain yourself!
  • Akashi: I’m just 70 seconds late, it’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it.
  • Nijimura: Akashi, you will tell us and you will tell us now.
  • Akashi: There was a problem at the bank…
  • Nijimura: [claps his hands together] HOT DAMN!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the ferocity with which the Lodges were ready to protect Veronica? Look at how shaken Hiram is, and the horror and rage that he’s feeling. Hermione is quick to assure Veronica that they won’t do business with the St. Clairs, even though this will hugely hurt their plans for the new development. No hesitation, they’re ready to do battle, and they don’t need to ask for proof because they know their daughter is telling the truth. I’m not usually a fan of the Lodges, but I was clapping my freaking hands off during this scene.
Admittedly, what they end up doing is not something I can condone, but I adore their instant reaction. So far removed from Penelope Blossom’s reaction.

Multi-chapter fics need love

Attention everyone.

The more chapters a fic has, the MORE YOU NEED TO COMMENT. 

I’m looking at all these fics with lots of kudos, lots of hits, lots of subscriptions I’m sure, and then *crickets* at an update. IF THERE ARE SAY 100 PEOPLE SUBSCRIBED, WHY ARE THERE ONLY TWO COMMENTS?? Let’s say only 10% of the people still read it. That’s ten comments that should be there. 

Too shy or worried or blah to comment? Here’s some copypastes for you:

  • I love this chapter so much.
  • I love reading this fic.
  • I think about this fic a lot.
  • It makes me happy when I see there is an update. 
  • This story is so intense and well-written.
  • I’ve been following since the beginning and it’s better than I imagined.
  • I’ve fallen in love with your characterization.
  • *quote your favorite part* This is my favorite! 
  • This fic made me think about a lot of things. 
  • I’ve learned some things about myself reading this story.
  • This is my favorite fic of all time. 
  • I reread this all the time. 
  • *incoherent screaming*
  • This is absolutely delectable and I love it. 

Use one! Use all! There are endless possibilities! Don’t feel pressured to write an essay. Just say that you are still here and you’re happy! 

It would be preferable for you not to say 

  • Can’t wait for the next chapter!

It’s ok when combined with other things, but if that’s all you say…..? We’re looking for love on the hard work we just posted

When you post your first chapter/oneshot, you worry: “Is anyone reading it? Does anyone like it? PLease someone, anyone!?” and you wait for people to come into your space. 

When you post your Xth chapter, you already know that people are reading it, there’s already a crowd gathered. Even if it’s only a few people, you know that they are there. “Does no one like it? What’s going on? What happened? Everyone loved it before?? I thought?? Did I mess up?”


Love your author. They need it. 


Hi folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY!

Usually here I post my own animation–or occasionally my cat–but today I’m sharing this animatic from An Nguyen (@pmdkproductions), who contributed to last week’s post, “Issues in Female Character Design.”

An did this last quarter for her Screen Design class at SCAD, and she asked me to voice the host. It was great fun, and I hope you enjoy!


Murder on the Orient Express - Behind the Scenes