but the cast are fine

Things you don't hear in the cast recording

-Phillipa’s scream when Phillip dies (it’s fine my heart just cracked)
- Jonathan Groff’s insanely funny, bratty facial expressions
- how involved the ensemble is in the scenes
-Lin Manuel’s voice cracking at “call me son one more time”
-Andrew Chapelle.
- Laurens holding Hamilton’s head to his after “Laurens- do not throw away your shot”
- Jefferson’s mic drop after Cabinet Battle no. 1
-Hamilton going to kiss Angelica’s hand during the Reynolds Pamphlet “someone who understands what I’m struggling here to do”
-Angelica yanking her hand away at “I’m not here for you”
-the cast rotating around Hamilton in slow motion doing ballet during Eye of the Hurricane
-Leslie Odom Jr wiping away tears during The World Was Wide Enough

nbc better be fucking careful with snl on saturday. i want the show to directly call themselves out for letting trump host last year and making this election look like a joke when it never was. snl has been a racist institution for so fucking long and they showed that when they allowed that white supremacist monster into their studio, ignoring the poc and women who would be uncomfortable with that. enough with this “we don’t get political” bullshit from them. i want them to say how awful trump is and not have it be a joke.

kate mckinnon, a lesbian, should not have to play hillary clinton and give her usual amazing, cheerful performance when her rights as an lgbt person could be taken away. none of the people of color in the cast should have to act like everything is fine and dandy because it’s fucking not. i want colin jost and michael che to go on a complete anti trump rant on update. i want pete davidson to call trump a racist rapist like he did on instagram. i want leslie, sasheer, melissa and kenan to tell him to go fuck himself on live television. i want the women to write one of their a+ songs, but this time have it be empowering about how trump can’t break us.

people go to snl for laughs and the only thing that would make so many of us happy this week would to see them spitting in amerikka’s face


Okay, so I was sick at home today and this alternative idea for the SMA cast just started playing in my head. So… I ended up alternative casting every single SMA character (all the recurring ones too) and making this gifset. I hope you like it and it doesn’t come off as overeager, I am high-key obsessed with this fic!

I hope you like the idea!

Ohhhhh myyyy God, I am dead. This cast is perfection. Dev and Aja (but honestly how much would Aja crush Caroline, like she’s basically party girl Michaela, and DEV PATEL IS LIKE REAL LIFE SMA!STEFAN), Matt and Antonia (I love that you see Matt for this because he plays such a grumpy puppy on SH but I feel like he’d crush a Damon-like role with all that lazy humor and Antonia is basically Bonnie on Lovesick), JGJ AS KAI HE’D CRUSH IT, + all of the gifs you picked (the high five is so Daroline post-Heads Up good lord) - this is so fabulous I can’t even handle it! Like the whole new breath of life you just injected into the story for me with these faces is amazing - the characters all altered a bit in my head and took on new weight and yeeeeeeeeesssss. If I ever went original, a cast like this would definitely be the direction I take cause IMO, it turns this into a story worth telling (for more than just fun, you know?). I feel like PoC rarely get these kind of mainstream fluffy narratives and just imagining these faces as the leads makes me outrageously happy. So needless to say, I LOVE THE IDEA and am resisting the urge to make a ton of gif sets for it, lololol. Thanks so much for this, babe!

- Remus never really questioned James and Sirius’ decision to call it the Marauders’ Map

- Honestly the name just kinda seemed to… fit.

- and it was 3 am anyways and alliteration so yeah whatever James just cast the Permanent Writing charm already, it’s fine and you really need your beauty sleep.

- [No Sirius I’m not saying you are in need of any more beauty sleep, I’m saying we have a Transfiguration test tomorrow]

- he regretted the decision as soon as he got hold of a dictionary


ck countdown challenge ➝ week 2 ➝ favourite quote

jesper knocked his head against the hull and cast his eyes heavenward. “fine. but if pekka rollins kills us all, i’m going to get wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that i can annoy the hell out of your ghost.” brekker’s lips quirked. “i’ll just hire matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.” “my ghost won’t associate with your ghost,” matthias said primly, and then wondered if the sea air was rotting his brain.

Tooru has tried to pinpoint — multiple times — which exact part of a kiss feels the best. Though, it’s hard to think about it with Hajime so close, breathing the same air, stealing it right from Tooru’s lungs in a way that has his head spinning.

Maybe it’s the classic, the cliché. The fraction of a second before it happens, charged high with anticipation and longing.
Maybe it’s the first brush of lips, or the second mouths open, sliding the bar from innocent curiosity to carnal desire.
Or maybe it’s the first intake of oxygen after, when minds are still fuzzy and hearts still racing, eyes heavy but fingers itching for an encore.
Maybe it’s none of them. Maybe it’s the entire thing, that blanket of time made up of single patches of sensation.

“What are you thinking about?” Hajime nudges him, his touch feather light. His bright eyes have a warm glow about them, long lashes casting fine shadows across his cheeks. He trails a hand down Tooru’s back, tickling him through the fabric of his sweater. A smile tugs at his lips, the tiniest of movements, but it’s enough to move mountains. Hajime’s smile is a magical thing.

Tooru cups his hands around Hajime’s face, the tips of his fingers disappearing in thick black hair. Their foreheads bump, softly, and Tooru’s voice comes out a whisper when he says, “This, I’m thinking about this.” I’m thinking about it all the time. Your fault, your fault, your fault.

Tooru pulls him in, eyes closed, and kisses him. He tries to pay attention, listens to his body, waiting for the second it’s supposed to click — but it doesn’t. He can’t think straight, he can’t think. Hajime makes a sweet noise in the back of his throat, his hands settling on Tooru’s waist. Tooru’s mind is an endless whirl of nothing and everything, hooked on dopamine, he loses track of his quest and allows himself to fall.

Hajime is the first to pull away, his cheeks tinged red. “What were you really thinking about?” he asks. Tooru squints, too winded to make sense of it immediately. What is there to think about, really?

“The same thing as before,” Tooru whispers, pulling Hajime in close, closer, his lips moving against his. “But I’m done with the thinking now.”

When Hajime pushes Tooru into the pillows, scattering kisses across every inch of skin he can reach, Tooru finds his answer. He finds it not by thinking or analyzing, but in the warmth of Hajime’s embrace, the way he murmurs sweet nothings (sweet everythings) in his ear. 

It’s not one moment or the entire kiss that makes it special, it’s the person who it’s with. He makes sure to let Hajime know.