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‘The Crown’ Season 2 Cast Has Us Ready To Royally Binge On History

Elite Daily Nov 20, 2017

If it’s holiday time, then it must be time for another round of British royalty with the arrival of The Crown Season 2 this December. The series, which was greenlit for six full seasons, focuses on a decade of the life and rule of Queen Elizabeth II, the current reigning monarch of the UK. Season 1 covered the period from 1947 to 1956. This new season moves the story along to the period from 1957 to 1963. With a new era comes new characters and The Crown Season 2 cast looks to be making an fine argument for moving right along to the next decade.

If you’re worried that Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Philip have been recast, no, not yet. That *is* happening though. It’s actually part of the show’s entire concept. Rather than put Foy and Smith in old age makeup, as Elizabeth and Philip age, the show will merely recast them with older actors. But that’s not starting until Season 3. It has already been announced that Olivia Colman (of Broadchurch fame) will take over the lead role. No word who will take over Philip or Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret as of yet when it happens.

Speaking of Margaret, as we know, the end of Season 1 left her heartbroken and alone, as Elizabeth had to turn down her wish to marry Group Captain Peter Townsend. Never fear though. One of the major casting for this season is her next suitor, the one that (spoiler alert) history tells us she will marry.

Matthew Goode Is Antony Armstrong-Jones

Matthew Goode plays Antony Armstrong-Jones, a society photographer, and an artist, and the one who marries Princess Margaret. They were married in 1960, which means this season will get a royal wedding, though we assume not quite as large as Elizabeth’s the Philip last season.

Goode will be familiar to those who love British television, most recently for his turn in Downton Abbey, as Lady Mary’s race car driving beau from the final two seasons. Let’s hope Margaret is as lucky as Mary was.

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Does coco have anyone that is Mexican or is a latinx in their cast? I mean it's fine if they don't since non-hispanics/latinx can play the roles too but it'd cool to see people of that heritage play these characters. And it gives non white people a chance to a have a role in something

Yes. A lot of them. One being Alanna Ubach who played El Tigre in the TV show of the same name.

What I say: I’m fine.
What I mean: Ben Platt has suffered so much from his role as Evan Hansen, not only do all of the shows mess up his voice and health, he also has adapted harmful habits like nail biting and hunched posture and increased anxiety from having played Evan so often and so he has to go to physical therapy, not to mention all the times he has cried on stage, and yet people are rude to him when he is too tired to greet his ‘fans’ or whatever, wth is wrong with people, please be okay Ben Platt, I love you so much-

There’s just something so incredibly pure in Malec, it breaks my heart a little. I keep thinking about Magnus crying in Alec’s embrace, and them giggling like goddamn teenagers in between heated kisses, and their fingers entwining as they talk about their fears and expectations and future, and the momentary bewildered expression on Alec’s face when he’s trying to figure out who on earth could have called Magnus anything but beautiful, ever, and the tired lingering smiles on their faces when they see each other after a busy day, and Magnus keeping that Omamori charm close to him all the time because it feels like a tangible proof of something too emotionally complex to give a name to, and Alec hugging himself and looking small on Magnus’s balcony because somehow, for some reason every responsibility feels less crushing in this place that’s not supposed to feel as comforting as it does, and Magnus allowing himself to fall for someone again after centuries worth of heartbreak and misery cause he just has this gut feeling that this is going to be special, and Alec begging Magnus to stay because yes you can, we can, and the way Alec’s eyes close, overwhelmed when Magnus brushes his hand against his cheek, and the invisible transition when “the loft” somehow becomes “home,” and Alec impulsively driving into an all-searing kiss after they confess their love for each other because they truly deeply wholly sheerly care about each other so much and it hurts because an intensity of feelings like this is so rare and beautiful and I want it to exist forever