but the caps were too dark and i re did it three times

  • LoZ: Child goes on adventure because he feels like it
  • Adventure of Link: Child gets roped into another adventure because the girl from the first one won't wake up
  • Link to the Past: Pig is the opposite of a furry and pretends to be human to conquer the world. New boy's uncle dies. He isn't having it.
  • Ocarina of Time: Shows how Pig fell from attractive desert man to a furry. Also time travel.
  • Majora's Mask: Someone at Nintendo has issues. Also time travel.
  • Link's Awakening: Boy falls asleep and dreams of protecting his beach waifu.
  • Oracle of Seasons: Boy gets a boner for a goddess incarnate and rescues her from an Iron Knuckle cosplayer
  • Oracle of Ages: Same thing but the goddess is blue and the Iron Knuckle cosplayer is now a hot sorceress. Also time travel again.
  • Wind Waker: Moana without dark skin or a female lead and also like 15 years before Moana.
  • Minish Cap: Nintendo's fetishes get out of hand.
  • Four Swords Adventures: This time there's FOUR BOYS. You did not have enough friends to play this game like it was meant to be played. Nobody did. Switch re-release pls.
  • Twilight Princess: The edgy one. If you were 13 at the time this was your favorite Zelda. You know exactly why. Introduced Edgy Waifu Supreme, who would hold that position for years to come.
  • Phantom Hourglass: Moana again but there's an asshole with you.
  • Spirit Tracks: Choo choo. Girl dies.
  • Skyward Sword: It's the worst one. But it's still great. Also more time travel.
  • Link Between Worlds: Link to the Past again but there's a shadow world where people are hotter and usually evil.
  • Hyrule Warriors: Boob Witch tears the timestream apart because of her boner. This time the time travels to you. A lot of people hated this /Japanese Made Action Game from Koei Tecmo/ for being too anime.
  • Tri-Force Heroes: This time there's THREE BOYS. They ate the purple one for sustenance because Nintendo doesn't feed them anymore. Nobody liked this one. I lied this is the real worst one.
  • Breath of the Wild: Religious dad fucks over the entire world. Amnesiac small boy catches things on fire.
Moving In

PAIRING- reader x avengers


WANINGS- use of a naughty word and  fluff :) 

Hello, so this is my first every reader insert story, and my first ever post on this new blog woo, now please bare with me, I’ve very new at this whole reader writing thing and I would love your feed back and constructive criticism, Now enough of me, go read I hope you like it and I did ok !!


Originally posted by buckydancing

The day had arrived, at the risk of sounding like a teenage romance movie you had played down the small fact that you were moving in with the Avengers, of all people! You had given yourself some credit of holding your dignity together after Fury gave you the news, you did however fulfill your long awaited Breakfast Club moment in the deserted hallway thrusting your fist in the air. You had been on a few small missions with various members of the team mainly Clint, Natasha, and Steve. On the odd occasion Tony as well, however you only thought you relationship with the superhero team was 100% professional and you were happy to leave it at that, there’s not many people who get to say that work with the Avengers. Even fewer get to say they live with them and you were a part of those lucky few. Bags in hand and all the confidence you could drum up in the small amount of time you had watching the numbers fly by as you ascended the elevator with Maria Hill you were silently thankful for the directors second in command, her cool clam demeanour rubbed off on you, causing your breathing to even out as the elevator doors opened.

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anonymous asked:


“during a storm all the lights went out and now youre in my apartment bc youre afraid of the dark but i want to kick you out again since all you do is keep telling cheesy one liners” with Peter please! Thanks :-)

‘We keep telling each other pick up lines and I thought this was a funny game, but it turns out you were serious?? oh’ with Peter? Ily 💗

“when one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and they answer by kissing them more” with my baby peter maximoff pretty pls 😊 (ps you & your work are gifts from the heaven)

For the drunk friend prompt list: “Did you just call me a dickbag….. in French?” w/ Peter is really funny to me and idk why

Peter Maximoff + this prompt list + this prompt list + this prompt list + this prompt list + this prompt list

A/N: Look. I know this sucks. This started as convenience or whatever and rapidly devolved into a personal challenge. It kind of works not really. Just don’t examine the flow of the plot or the complete lack thereof too closely. Also let my lightweight Peter Maximoff live he’s a precious bean who’s a complete mess. @kurtwxgners @put-in-writing check out my efficiency also @maximoffsjpeg I used your prompt list are you proud of me

It’s only about nine thirty pm when there’s a particularly violent crash of thunder followed by a blinding flash of lightning and then total darkness as the power in your apartment cuts out. And judging by the muffled but prolific swearing coming through the thin walls between you and your neighbour, the power is out for the entire building. Sighing heavily, you reach for your phone torch and find your way to the cupboard your mum had insisted you keep well stocked ‘for emergencies’ where you kept backup torches, lots of tinned food, several decks of cards and some poker chips. You’ve barely gotten the torches set up in strategic positions around your apartment when there’s a knock at the door, and when you get there, it’s your neighbour, Peter. He’s holding a bottle of Jack Daniels and looking sheepish as you arch an eyebrow and wait for an explanation.

“Can I hang out with you till the power comes back? I’m not-” he pauses, scratching self-consciously at the back of his neck before continuing, “I’m not overly fond of the dark, so could I maybe-? I brought this as an offering of gratitude,” He holds the bottle out to you hopefully and you shrug. You’ve never really spent a whole lot of time with him before, but he’s come bearing gifts and he seems like pretty decent company and it’s not like you were looking forwards to spending the night alone in the dark with limited laptop charge.

“Sure, come in. Careful of the torches,” you say, taking the offered bottle and set it down on a coffee table before heading to the refrigerator. “We can watch How I Met Your Mother until my laptop runs out of battery and eat my ice cream so it doesn’t have a chance to melt.”

If you had known that Peter was both a lightweight and somewhat less than gifted in the hand eye coordination department before figuring out a way to pass the time, you would have known better than to mix drinking, ice cream and low lighting. It takes all of about three episodes before he’s tipsy enough to accidentally tip half his bowl of ice cream all down your shirt.

“Shit,” you groan in resignation, setting your own bowl of ice cream on the coffee table. The alcohol in your system is making everything feel very unimportant, but you can feel your shirt starting to stick to your skin where the ice cream was spilled so you haul yourself up from the couch, walking towards your room to change. Absentmindedly, you reach for the hem of your shirt as you approach your bedroom door, starting to pull it up and over your head. There’s a loud thump from behind you that reminds you, somewhat belatedly, that Peter is still in the apartment.

“Hey (Y/N), are you an astronaut? Because your body is out of this world,” Peter calls from his position on the couch. You lean round the door and glare at him, strategically angling yourself so that only your head is visible.

“Don’t watch me change, connard,” you retort before disappearing back into your room and rummaging around in the dark for a new shirt.

“I’m-I just google translated-did you just call me a dickbag…in French?” He asks after a brief silence. You yank a shirt out of a drawer and pull it over your head, throwing the dirty one into a corner of your room and rolling your eyes in amusement at the indignation in Peter’s voice.

“Close enough,” you quip, re-emerging and scooping your laptop up off the coffee table to check the battery. It’s about two percent away from dying so you reluctantly shut it down. You glance over at Peter, about to ask him if he has any ideas about how to pass the time when the mischievous grin he’s wearing makes you pause.

“No really, you’re smokin. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.” There’s a momentary silence as he awaits your reaction expectantly and you don’t quite manage to hold back your eyeroll as you reach for the bottle of Jack again. “Or maybe you’re a magician, because abraca-damn.”

“Peter, these are terrible. Please stop.”

“But I gotta know. Are you god? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers,” He asks, giggling and you groan.

“Are you just gonna keep doing this for the rest of the night,” you ask, and he just shrugs.

“I mean, I wasn’t but now that you mention it, If I had to rate you from one to ten I would rate you a nine, because I think I’m the one you’ve been missing,” he quips and you throw a pillow at him in response. “Okay fine, fine you’re a ten, I was lying.”

“You’re a terrible liar with worse pickup lines but I can beat that. Some guy at a bar once came up to me and said ‘what’s your favourite silverware? Because I like to spoon’ so if you can beat that, then I’ll be impressed,” you retort, taking another sip of the alcohol. Peter gives you a grin and chuckles.

“Is that a challenge? Because I’ll take that challenge,” he asks and you laugh.

“Y’know what? Why not. Yeah, this is a challenge. Whoever comes up with the worst pickup line wins something from the loser. Winner’s choice,” You say, holding out your hand for the two of you to shake on the agreement. Peter takes your hand with a smirk.

“If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable,” he quips and you stifle a giggle.

“You look great and all, but you know what would look really good on you? Me,” you counter, passing the bottle back to him.

“Hey baby, wanna sit on my lap and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up?”

“Is your name google? Because you’re everything I’m searching for.”

The pickup lines vary from the absurd to the obscene, and between the two of you, there are significantly more of them than you though were possible to come up with.

“Okay, okay, okay. Are you ready? Cause I’m about to win this entire thing. Fucking brace yourself,” Peter announces, already laughing even as he sets up the pickup line. You take another gulp from the now significantly depleted bottle on the couch between the two of you.

“Bring it on, Maximoff.”

“Are you my appendix? Because you’re giving me a funny feeling that’d I’d like to take you out.” Peter is all but doubled over, wheezing with laughter as he finishes the joke and it’s so awful that it actually takes you a couple seconds for it to sink in before you’re laughing too.

“Jesus that was fucking awful. I concede. You win. Pick your reward. Not even my Netflix password is off limits,” you chuckle, holding your hands out in a sign of defeat, the alcohol in your veins registering as a pleasant buzz at the back of your mind.

“I was,” he starts, flushing bright red and not quite meeting your gaze. “I was thinking more like a date,” he continues, you let out a short laugh, not immediately registering what he meant.

“Dude, that’s not even a bad pickup line, and besides you’ve already won-oh. Oh, wait you were serious about-oh,” You slowly trail off as you realise what he meant, studying him thoughtfully. You’re not at all opposed to the idea of going on a date with him, in fact, it’s a fairly appealing suggestion. It takes you a couple seconds to pick up on the fact that Peter’s still talking.

“I mean, you don’t have to-it was a dumb idea, I’m sorry-I shouldn’t have-I’ll take your Netflix password instead-” he’s babbling nervously, and you make a split second decision, reaching out to grab the front of his shirt and hauling him in to press his lips to yours to cut him off. He tastes like chocolate ice cream and Jack Daniels as you shift closer to him on the couch. He pulls back after a couple of seconds, eyes wide with surprise. “I’m-wow-I’m sorry, are you sure?” he whispers almost nervously and you don’t even think about it, you just pull him in to kiss him again, one of your hands carding through his hair as you pull him in closer. Peter’s reaction is immediate, his arms going around your waist and hauling you into his lap as his lips move insistently against yours. His fingers are digging into your hips as one of your arms hooks around his neck, pressing him into the back of the couch. His teeth graze tentatively over your lower lip, making your grip on his hair tighten reflexively, and Peter lets out a startled gasp against your mouth that makes you giggle. Pulling away, you start to press kisses down along his jaw and neck as one of his hands starts to drift idly up and down your spine and then suddenly he laughs, making you pull back and look at him curiously.

“What?” you ask and he gives you a smug grin, reaching up to tuck a stray piece of hair away from your face.

“It may have been a terrible pickup line, but it worked on you, apparently.”

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 31 Questions

Sorry for the lack of activity guys (again). I’ve been going to the hospital recently (nothing to worry about, though) and I’ve been returning home quite late. Still! New chapter this weekend means this was coming, so brace yourself for a couple questions about Seidou, a ton about Floppy and another ton about Haise and Arima.

Seidou ate his Parents

Anon said: Yayyy you’re back! Okay so I totally agree that TG is following the tarot card journey… so this implies that there will be a happy ending right?! :P Oh and also I read on other sites about the fact that Seidou mentions how his mom tasted good and all that = he was forced to eat his parents and this broke my heart. Poor Seidou :’( I’m not sure which one had it worse, Seidou or Kaneki.

I hope we get a happy ending, but I wouldn’t know.

amachiko​ said: So, I’m not sure if anyone may have mentioned this to you, but it seems in ch. 31 of :re, it’s implied Seidou are his family, more accurately, his mother, and this may be why he’s so damaged. I’d like to hear what your take on it is.

People in 2ch managed to decipher this little bubble:

Apparently, it says “I ate them, Mom’s intestines”. So, based on that and this… 

…we can assume Seidou ate both his mother and father. Still, I think that his sister might be alive, mostly because he didn’t mention her.

More about Floppy

amachiko said: So your long post of asks mentioned a lot about Floppy, and I’m ashamed to not know who Floppy is, so if it’s not too much trouble, could you clarify who Floppy is?

Floppy seems to be an individual or group that has been giving Aogiri problems; it’s also said that the CCG is also interested in them. Also, Donato Porpora implied that they (or at lest one of them) holds the key to Haise’s memory. Ayato was ordered to get rid of them if they appeared during the Auction, but they still managed to kill many of the ghouls escaping from there (it’s worth mentioning that they commit cannibalism)

dark-hearts-and-swords said: Do you think that Floppy might be Hide? I mean like, despite the blood in Kaneki’s mouth after he had woken up from passing out, it was never shown that Hide was dead (other than the anime)

We still don’t know if Floppy is just one person or many. It’s pretty much confirmed that one of them is Amon, but in the case of Floppy being more than one person I guess it is possible that one of them is Hide, especially because he knew Amon.

yourimaginati0n said: do you think the capped ghoul that appeared at chapter 31 might be Amon? Do you think well see Hide any time soon?

Well, it does look like Amon; also, the height fits: 

As for Hide, I guess it all depends on who did he end uo with (if he is part of Floppy, then we should see him soon).

Anon said: So you were totally correct! Amon IS floppy and you can totally see his cross necklace on the page that floppy shows up!

Not sure if it’s a cross or something else:

Still, I’m 99% sure that is Amon (Ishida-sensei better not throw a plot-twist at us now).

Anon said: A lot of info Ive read online are stating that most ppl are 98% sure that Amon = floppy and that since Floppy was described as “them” it could likely include Kurona - an old pupil of Amon who was abandoned by Kanou and maybe Hide. I like this theory a lot and some say that Floppy comes from the description of peace-seeking, pacifist rabbits but also that he was a “flop” experiment if he refused to acknowledge his ghoul side and succumb to mental instability like Seidou! What are your thoughts??

I thought Floppy comes from the fact that Amon did turn out to be a successful experiment but didn’t let them use him, making him a flop for Aogiri.

Anon said: The auction arc is finally at its end it seems. Judging by the appearance of Floppy, do you think that the floppy arc involving Amon and Seidou’s past three years of torture is next or something else? I don’t think my heart can possibly take the tortue that Seidou has been through… Ishida Sui sensei just enjoys ripping people’s hearts with the emotions :( Oh and do you know how long an arc tends to last? I might stop reading tg just to read it when a lot of the chapters have been uploaded!

I think we will get a Floppy/Gourmet arc next; Monsieur Croque’s appearing hints at that:

Also, arcs tend to last 1-2 volumes (that is, around 20 chapters).

Who is Scarecrow?

Anon said: Who do you think Scarecrow and Floppy are?

You can read about Floppy above. As for Scarecrow, I think it’s either Banjou or a completely new character.

Anon said: So I’ve seen on other sites that it’s practically confirmed that Bajou is Scarecrow due to his build and his blubberiness (?) esp. when scarecrow accidentally pushes the speaker buttons that allow everyone to hear Sasaki screaming. He would also want to hide his face from Aogiri and probably has his own motives for being at the auction. Hopefully, he’s working with the :Re team Touka and Yomo (and maybe Hide)!!!

I’m not sure if it was an accident or he did it on purpose; still, I do think it might be Banjou. Whether he is working with the people at :re, I wouldn’t know (guess we’ll need to see him more).

Arima knows

Anon said: hey there, what are your thoughts about squad 0 and arima appearing in the auction, it feels like arima was there to check on haise and was ready to destroy him if he didn’t respond properly. also how he gripped his quinque when he asked “haise?”. idk i feel worried about this

I think he was actually releasing it; he always holds his quinque with all his fingers:

However, when he calls for Haise, he is only holding it with his thumb and index fingers, while the rest of his fingers are loose:

I guess we’ll need to see how he acts further on, but I don’t think he was going to kill Haise.

@gihbright said: Your blog looks amazing! By the way, do you think that Arima knows that Kaneki is back? and what was the reason kaneki said “i lie”. I was thinking that he lie because he didn’t want to Arima know that he remember and to let Hinami alive, but i saw other people saying different things and i got confused -.- 

Thanks! I’m glad you like how it looks. I think he was referring to what he said about Hinami (that he had cornered her). And he definitely knows (or at least, suspects) that Haise is not the same. Otherwise, Ishida-sensei wouldn’t have used quotation marks (or, in Imperial Scans’ translation, bolds) when he was addressing Haise:

Also, his gaze is full of suspicion:

(If you ask me, it looks a bit more curious than incriminating)

Anon said: Hello,could you please explain me why Haise said,after he talked to Arima,that he lied?Is it because he said that he cornered Hinami?And would you please explain me why,at the end of the chapter,small Shironeki was telling Haise to ‘hush’?Thank you. Ps:Do you think Haise will regain his memories back anytime soon?

Little Kaneki probably knew that Haise would feel guilty about his lie later on, especially because this is the first time (that we know) that Haise has conciously lied; previously, we saw him lying about being happy, but I doubt he knew he was lying:

I assume he’ll start getting his memories back gradually, maybe triggered by some events.

thestrangerprjct​ said: hi there, I don’t know if anyone has alredy asked you about this, but in the last page of TGRE chap 31, Haise said he lied, but he didn’t touch his chin (like he usuallly do when he tells a lie), so I’m confused because that “I lied” could belong to somone else (Arima? Hinami?). If it was really Haise’s, then what did he lie? And the way young white Ken act. It looks, to me, a bit mischievous. It’s an act of hiding a secret. But that shouldn’t have happened since Haise have just accepted him.

He probably didn’t see his lie as something wrong; he saved someone who was fighting to protect him.

naxan86​​​ said: Hello!! 1º I love your blog! 2º Do you think that Haise will ask Hinami things about Kaneki? Maybe so he can understand more about Kaneki or himself.

I’m not sure he’ll get the chance; the CCG monitors every conversation between the prisoners and ghoul investigators. It wouldn’t be wise for Haise to ask her about that. Thanks so much for the support!

This took a lot longer than expected (damn medicine makes me sleepy). Sorry about the lack of content, I’ll try to fix that as soon as possible.

Arboreal Dreams - Part 7

Summary: In a curious case of benevolent dryads, as thanks for sparing their lives, Sam, Dean and Castiel are gifted with a small but precious parcel: you.

Word count: 1500ish

Pairing: Eventual polyamorous Castiel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings/tropes: UN-BETED, Size-difference (reader is like Thumbelina for the first few parts but she is NOT underage), creature fic, canon-level violence, UST and eventual graphic smut.

A/N: Thank you thank you thank you thank you to everyone who’s sent me messages and chats and so on, and to everyone who’s liked this story so far and followed and reblogged because I’ve only really had this Tumblr for a month but it’s like I’ve been getting at least one follower a day and you guys, I don’t know what to say! I’m just so happy and giddy and it makes me so happy that people like this story!

You’re all freaking amazing and I wish I could hug each and every one of you!

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| Part 6| Next Part

“Really, Sammy? He’s buried in a random plot of land in the middle of fucking bumfuck? Are you fucking kidding me?

You and Dean stood somewhere off a dirt road and all that was around was miles and miles of tree, dead grass and absolute nothing.

“I’m the one trying to distract the dude, Dean!” Sam yelled back through the phone, and a number of crashes could be heard, making you worry your lip.

“You okay, Sam?”

“Wha-? Oh, hey Y/N,” he said, sounding out of breath but cheery. “I’m doing fantastic. Nearly lost my arm but, well, you know how it is.”

Despite the situation you chuckled. “Hang in there, Sam. I might have this one.”

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anonymous asked:

Bucky's assigned Tony duty after he is deaged to a 3yo. After a few days, Tony comes out of his shell & Bucky can hardly keep up with the lil bundle of mischief. He loves seeing this side of Tony, but he's always exhausted by the evening, despite his super soldier status. Naturally, he unleashes Tony on the team. Tony has a bath & Bucky ‘just misses’ him as he goes streaking to the common room. Tony's nonstop giggling under the commotion of the others trying to catch him is Bucky's new fav sound

(Thanks for re-sending it!)

This will be a short fluff! ^_^


If it were any other person, Bucky would have flat out said no (maybe not for Steve or Natasha, but definitely for Sam and Clint). But it’s Tony and, big or small, Bucky adored Tony. 

As an adult, Tony and Bucky got along just fine. Tony’s chatter filled the silence (it was never awkward between them). Tony gave Bucky a better choice of music to listen too (”Don’t listen to the crap Steve listens too!”); loud, but dark. A way to lose yourself. 

They both liked their coffee black and will only take it in Tony’s ridiculously sized mugs. Tony doesn’t censor himself around Bucky, something Bucky appreciates. And Tony never tiptoes around Bucky, which only makes Bucky more grateful.

So when Steve drops off a tiny Tony, hardly three years old, Bucky didn’t mind. He hasn’t been around kids in a long, long time, but it’s Tony. But it’s Tony and, big or small, Bucky adored Tony.

Only, tiny Tony was quite the handful after coming out of his shell.

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Someone Like You

After the fact - Power Outage

Previous part can be found here.


Power Outage

It’s a normal thing now, for Grace to roll over and see Hannah lying next to her. For her to let a sleepy smile creep across her face as she shuffles forward and reaches out to pull Hannah into her body. It’s just something that happens, and she’s not complaining.

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i-eat-men-like-air  asked:

Skinny!Steve/Darcy - dancing

Darcy found him in the communal living room, Harry James and Helen Forrest singing ‘It’s Been a Long, Long Time,” in the background. His narrow shoulders were slumped, head bowed over the glass of liquor in his hands. 

Something had happened on a mission that resulted in Steve returning to his previous (natural?) state. Short and skinny and lacking in the muscle that matched his strong sense of duty. He’d been sulking ever since, or so Tony had said. 

“Hey soldier,” she greeted as she walked over to him. She leaned a hip against the island and nodded her chin down to the stool beside him. “This seat taken?”

He smiled faintly, giving his head a small shake before he took another swig of his drink. “Woefully empty, miss.” 

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IX - Tales from Asgard - Chapter 9

Loki/OFC, Sara

A/N The end. Please don’t cry.

(I truly, deeply hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint. I hope to make it better someday, but for now please take this and know that I am so happy that all of you have followed along and been so kind as to message me with your thoughts, reactions and encouragement.)

Timeline to Thor (film)Events in this chapter take place up to this:

and shortly thereafter.




Tales from Asgard

Chapter Nine

Rivers stretched like veins around the beating heart of Asgard. 

From the Citadel in the center, its palaces and balconies open to the airs and unafraid of siege, to the South where the night-dark sea roared to the edge of the world, the rivers sang loud as they carved through the kingdom, carrying the power to break apart, to re-join, and break apart again wherever they wished. 

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