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softbrobucky  asked:

Could I please get some help finding a fic? It's an alternate version of CATWS in which Bucky gets turned into a puppy right before the movie would have started, and Steve finds him on the street and adopts him. Rumlow tries to dognap puppy!Bucky and instead of the Winter Soldier, Hydra sends in another Black Widow to take out Steve, etc before they can stop the helicarriers. I've searched and searched but I can't find it!! Thank you!

I think you’re looking for this one:

To fill it up with something by caughtinanocean

A fateful encounter with Dr. Strange leaves the Winter Soldier transformed, and Bucky Barnes reunites with Steve Rogers in a most unexpected way.

“Steve brings the puppy inside, into the apartment that doesn’t quite feel like home no matter how much he’s been trying. He isn’t used to being alone. Before the war, he always had Bucky, and his mother until her death. During the war, Bucky was there, too—and the rest of the Howlers, of course—but Bucky always meant home. (And well, maybe Steve’s already got a name for the puppy in mind).“

Contest Winners

Hello everyone! We’d like to congratulate you all on a job well done. We received every one of your submissions and they are all beautiful! We actually had to delay this post because we couldn’t come to a decisive set of winners! But after all of this, we finally have our top picks! Top 10, Cnv’s pick and Sergeant’s pick.

Top 10 (In no specific order)

Tanzanite- @anabundanceofsquids

Labradorite- @tia-paneritas

Blue Lace Agate and her pearl - @makadraws

Sodalite- @safe-by-voice

Druzy Quartz- @nikkineeky

Emerald- @gilver-tblr

Sodalite- @sugarcoatedlimes

Moonstone- @renegadeemerald

Moonstone-  @tia-paneritas

Blue Goldstone- @renegadeemerald

Blue Ruby and the Sapphires /  Purple Saphire- @trusty-tnoyc


Sergeant Plopp’s Pick

Tiger’s Eye Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate- @vaporwavemeintheass

Cnv99′s Pick

Blue Zebra Quartz - @blacktanzanite

We will be in contact with winners!

We obviously can’t offer much in the way of a physical prize, but the winners will be featured in our One Shot Comic: Blue’s Goodbye! It’s when Blue Diamond’s closest court gather upon the request of their Diamond.

We hope to do this again in the near future! All of you are talented artists! It was a lot of fun, so let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this!

Perhaps we can do different drawing prompts..?


Son of Haggar part 11

Lance held his head in pain, tears were coming down. His eyes were closed, It hurt so much that couldn’t stand it.

“Open your eyes Lance.” It was a different voice this time. Calm, kind almost nervous. Lance open his and saw her. It was Haggar, but she looked different.

“Your actually dreaming Lance.”

Her hair wasn’t silver white but a light blonde color. Her eyes were the ocean itself, beautiful even. And skin tone change, it was pale, almost what you imagine Snow White to looks like. And her altean markings were the same look but color was actually pink. She was beautiful, was this what she looked like before the war?

“I’m sorry things turn out this way,” she paused and looked down at her hands. “I don’t expect you to forgive what I’ve done. But I will tell you why.”

Farla ran, she had to find Isamu. She didn’t know what was going on, all she knew was Zarkon wanted Voltron and control the universe. She just prayed to the gods that Isamu left untouched. She wouldn’t know what to do without the red paladin. And she stopped as she saw the dead body of Isamu, she felt her tears come down her eyes. And turn to see Zarkon, the weapon was from altean that stabbed Isamu in the stomach. No blood on Zarkon’s hands, “I found him like this. I can’t find black but we have blue and red lion. Yellow and green lion crashed landed.” Farla didn’t care for the lions, she couldn’t stop crying.

Haggar stopped and looked at Lance, there was no pain on his face.

“When I found out about you, I had to protect you. I didn’t know what would Zarkon do to you.” He listened quietly, “I didn’t want to send you to Earth. I wanted you to stay with me and maybe Lotor as well. But you were safer there, but the blue lion grew fond of you and I knew you will come back on day. Though as the blue paladin, but I knew you wouldn’t come back to me.” Lance felt his heart ache, “Yes…I do want you by my side but…I also want you to be happy.”

“I’ll give you three choices Lance. 1) I could erase your original memories and you could stay with me. 2) I could erase the new ones and you could go back to being normal or the closes to it. 3)..” Haggar paused and bit her lip.

“3) you could suffer in pain with all the memories and die slowly and painfully.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, there was an ask about a fic "where Steve comes home and buckys passed out on the kitchen floor." It may be Ghost in the Shell by Wind_Ryder in which Bucky has seizures. On a personal note, thanks for all your hard work; It has led me to some fabulous fics. :)

Thank you for writing in!

Ghost in the Shell by Wind_Ryder

He lay the jacket over the Winter Soldier’s body. “My name is Steve Rogers, we’re going to get you out of here.” The head turned, wide blue eyes stared up at him. Steve felt his breath catch in his throat.

“Steve?” the Winter Soldier asked.

After mounting a valiant war effort, Steve’s body finally won out over his mind. He turned and he puked. He was still vomiting even when Natasha shouted for the man to stay still and not move. There, in the tube, frozen in time, lay Bucky Barnes. Natasha was right. Things could always get worse.