but the bigger deal we make

Listen up PB:

•Your open-ended “explanation” to why James (among other anonymous people) is completely ludicrous.

•It’s clear that your avoiding a lawsuit from their face claims for using their likeness (mostlikely without asking while making a profit)

•Now, ofcourse, we understand this, but if you just were able to let us know, there wouldn’t be an issue.

•Because the entire fandom at this point fully confirmed Michael B Jordan being the inspiration for James. But it’s possible to make a character in someone’s likeness, without making them exact. It’s easy.

•The Walking Dead has done it before.

•And now, other unknown characters will be change (Some guaranteed to be Michael Ealy from Most Wanted & Keo/Dwayne Johnson from LoveHacks)

•And doing it suddenly is like someone forcing unwanted advice on you that was not asked for.

•We understand, but I can’t respect not being told in advance. And now, I’m just suppose to “deal with it.”

•Just like your overpricing of diamonds scenes to get more money out of us.

•This will end up becoming a bigger issue,

•But the most I can say, is that I’m glad it’s being brought up and dealt with now

•But I have no promises that I’ll be spending diamonds of The Freshman/Sophomore series anymore.

•I’ll have to see. But I’m disappointed.

PS: I realized this explanation wasn’t given unless the outrageous outburst happened. Is this what it comes to just to get a semi-response?

hey dreamworks? can we MAYBE have the voltron team be a little more chipper with keith instead of dismissing his stand-offish behavior as “edgy” or “moody”? like fuck he’s snapped at people a lot and he’s only just learned he’s a FUCKING ALIEN and he like. just nearly killed himself for his fucking team. can we have a little more support from the crew? like. aside from shiro? something besides shiro for once where its just keith’s friends making a bigger effort? like oh nbd just gonna go on more than one near death suicide mish  and almost kamikaze myself whatever. not a big deal

“trans men aren’t in danger like trans women are. They are just mistaken for girls in boys clothes and that’s fairly socially acceptable”

this is a limited perspective from young, non or only partially-passing trans men, probably who live in urban areas.

I’m never mistaken for a girl in boys clothing. I am “mistaken” for a man. I have been slapped (not too big a deal), jumped and BADLY beaten by a group of men (way bigger deal), and seriously threatened with rape (one of the more terrifying moments of my life) to prove to me that I can’t “pretend to be a man” and “lie to people” and “get away with it”.

I have seen more than one post (and there’s one going around right now) promoting this idea that trans men are comparatively safe.  

are we safer than trans women? Usually. But we are by no means safe. Trans women are in IMMENSE danger, the fact that we’re in less danger than them does NOT make our real risk invalid or not as important to talk about. 

Here’s a radical idea: stop telling other trans men how at risk they are or aren’t. Your experience is NOT everyone’s experience and I am exhausted with the implication that trans men are safe. Safer, when we pass, but the same is true of trans women who pass, they are comparatively safer than trans women who don’t pass. That doesn’t make them SAFE. 

Regardless, this isn’t a “who’s in more danger” race, y’all. Trans people are at risk. Trans women can talk about being at risk without implying that trans men aren’t. And trans men can talk about being at risk without somehow detracting from the risk trans women experience. 

This isn’t a competition. Love and support your brothers and sisters and nonbinary sibs, all of whom face immense risk out there. 

Rising sign Vibrations

Every rising sign has a reason to celebrate. Each of you has a distinct look that is beautiful in the eyes of another. Inspired by an anon on @disneystrologie account who mentioned that “the risings aren’t really appearance. It’s more so the vibe that you give out that enhances your genes”. I think, whoever you are, that was a very sagacious observation on your part. Hope you don’t mind me elaborating some more.

Aries | Loud and proud, you won’t miss these individuals in a room. They ooze life out of them as if the next big race is about to begin. When you look at them you see someone who knows where they are trying to go. Direction and drive is thrilling to watch. It’s beautiful to be a part of so there’s no shortage of individuals clamoring for an Aries rising’s attention.

Taurus | Old school beauty in a new package. What is old school depends on your heritage. Taurus rising’s know where they’ve come from and have the willpower to expand on the comforts of their past. You see it in how they carry themselves. It’s as if royalty from all walks of life have graced you with their presence. Make sure not to hit your head as you bow down.

Gemini | Lively individuals with a fairy like disposition. Lithe, young movements. It’s like watching your childhood crush race you to the river. It’s like watching your brother’s older friend tease you mercilessly. Gemini rising have a youthful beauty that makes you think anything is possible. 

Cancer | The watery vibe of cancer risings is like a siren call. Coy is what you think of when you see a cancer rising. There is something beneath the surface with them. The changeable nature of a cancer rising lends itself well to human nature’s constantly fluctuating desires.

Leo | It’s hard to deal with the voluptuous quality of a Leo rising, but thankfully we all manage. Something about them is bigger and better. Each Leo rising works that quality like there’s no tomorrow. They are larger than life. A cinema masterpiece you are willing to watch over and over.

Virgo | Where Gemini rising is youthful and lively, Virgo risings are youthful and somber. There is an energy about them that is contradictory. You know they are calm, yet a restless spirit hides within them. A knowing smirk is a common characteristic for these rising signs and they wear it so well. It could make the most hardened minds curious as to what they know.

Libra | So charming, it’s honestly hard to be around them. You feel like you would do anything for them. In fact you truly want them to like you! If a beautiful creature such as this likes you, surely you’ve done something right. Lovely, full features.

Scorpio | It doesn’t matter if you consider them cute, sexy, beautiful. Hell you could actually think they might be ugly, but the enticing nature of a Scorpio rising is hard to miss. Their actual genetics are enhance by pluto’s glow and penetrating stare. You really can’t help but look at them. You won’t ever want to look away once they are done with you.

Sagittarius |  Nothing can go wrong with these individuals around. Didn’t you know that Jupiter watches out for his own? They are brass and loud and so much fun from a single glance. You know that you’re in for a good time when you encounter a Sagittarius rising.  Do it big or go home and that includes their appearances. They take up space with their shining light

Capricorn | Sharp or strong features are common with this rising.  Even without the features they are known for, there’s something commanding in the way that they move. Something about that screams power to those around them. Power is beauty in the eyes of many.

Aquarius | Trendsetters who know no bounds. Aren’t we lucky we have them? There’s something about them that’s different. Different is good because who else would we base our art off of? Who else would inspire us. An Aquarius rising knows and understands this. Even if they aren’t conventional, they certainly have a way of making us fall for them.

Pisces| A soothing wave over your soul, you’ll feel like you’re drowing in the touch of a Pisces. It is hard to get them out of your head. Their energy is elusive, yet endearing. We as humans want to figure out what makes other works which is why Pisces risings cause so much obsession. What is going on with that beautiful vibe?


So I’ve been watching DOTU and I couldn’t help but notice…

This is episode 6, The Right Arm of Voltron.

Season 4 supposedly has 6 episodes.

This episode, Shiro/Sven dies, but there isn’t an explanation for the title. Lance is the right arm, and Sven was the pilot of Blue. With the whole thing on Jeremy saying “Lance like dies” in S4, I can’t help but wonder why this is why it is.

There is a post about Klance a while back stating that every episode 6 of VLD has something going on with Lance and Keith. I’m not sure where the original post is, but the main point is:

Sven/Shiro is the Black Lion/Blue Lion pilot in the generations of Voltron, although it switches sometimes. Lance pilots Red for the majority of the shows.
There has been a concerning amount of foreshadowing to Lance’s supposed “death” next season, such as:
In S3 04, Hole in the Sky, the armor of the dead crewmen is blue, and it’s odd that Lance was the first to approach them.
The scene where Lance tells Keith about him stepping aside from the team. (If I call it the “bedroom scene,” I’m gonna lose it, sorry.)
If we flip back to S1 VLD, when Lance gets caught in the explosion to save Coran, a dude he just met. Literally, that takes some guts and honor. Kudos to Lance. Let’s all just high-five him, he deserves it.

Lance “dying” would kind of be the climax of his insecurities that haven’t been directly approached yet in the show.
And, since the interview on S4, Keith causes a “rift” in the team.

This may just be a theory, but I’m guessing Keith is going to go off somewhere and Lance will follow, hence the “rift.”
When Sven runs toward Haggar’s cat in episode 6, Lance runs after him saying “Don’t go alone!”
This will definitely be parallel to Keith rushing after Lotor by himself. Since we know Lance has been supporting the new leader in S3 nonstop, it would be of no surprise that he would continue this. I have no doubt Lance would follow Keith, to either save him from himself, or from the enemy.

In the process, I assume it will be either Haggar or Lotor who “kill” Lance. And no, I, without hesitation, do not think Lance will actually die. I know right? Take deep breaths.


They aren’t going to kill him off in the fourth season.
Honestly, it’s a waaayy to bold move for them to make. No, not because of cencorship, guys, this is Netflix, not Cartoon Network. It’s because they’d be killing off a major protagonist.

Plus, it’s also kind of lame.

Dreamworks and Studio MIR collaborate in adding little details that we know will pay off later. Expressions, setting, dialogue.

And another line from Keith which may or may not be important: “We could toss out some non-essential weight.”
Yeah. They’ve pretty much been hyping up the Lance angst subtly until it isn’t so subtle and will only become a bigger upcoming deal.

Anyway, someway, somehow, Lance will be protecting Keith. And he’ll feel like an awful leader for rushing off and putting his teammate in danger.

They aren’t going to kill Lance off if they’ve been setting up Klance (or Laith, which in my opinion, sounds prettier) for a while. Angst is only good when it sets up a relationship, I think. And judging by LOK with Asami and Korra going through a lot of unpleasant experiences together, Voltron will be no exception.

Nursey is so wrapped up in saying goodbye to the graduating seniors that he doesn’t notice Dex and Bitty disappear until Chowder pokes him in his ribs with a grin. “You’re gonna pretend to be surprised, right?”

Nursey is already surprised, and confused, but doesn’t say so.

When they get back to the Haus half an hour later, taking the long route at Chowder’s insistence, everything looks the same as it always does. That is until Nursey makes his way up to Lardo’s old room, determined to figure out what he’s apparently supposed to already suspect.

“Shit,” Dex curses when he spots him. “Uh, hey? Fuck. I mean. What’s up, Nurse?”

Nursey blinks several times in quick succession, but the image of Dex in the middle of hanging custom bookshelves on the back wall of their soon-to-be-shared-bedroom while surrounded by at least five of Nursey’s favorite baked goods doesn’t go away. “…I literally don’t even know where to start, bro.”

Dex’s head drops down with a beleaguered groan. There’s a number two pencil stuck behind one ear and a hammer hanging from one of his belt loops. It’s a good look on him.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Nursey adds.

“You weren’t supposed to know I installed this,” Dex mutters, eyes trained on the floor.

“And the pies?”

“That was mostly Bitty. I only made one of them.“ Dex shrugs a shoulder stiffly. "Well. One and a half.”

“And did you make me shelves too?”

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Cost a horrible boss all the profits from selling his company.

I met an amazing mentor while doing my masters in the US who hired me to work for a company where he was the COO after I graduated. I’m an immigrant to the US, so my visa is conditioned upon being employed: get fired, and I would quickly get deported back to the Middle East.

The CEO of that company was planning on selling the company to a much larger British firm, so he wanted to maximize revenue in the short term so that he could get a better price for it. He also had a huge ego, and so did the sales VP. She was convinced that I was too young and inexperienced for my job and tried to sabotage me quite often.

Part of my job was ensuring that we respected out terms of use for the data we bought from our suppliers: I would make sure that our customers used it in the pre-approved way, that the engineers used and encrypted the right data for each product, and that we reported usage and sales accurately so that the suppliers could bill us.

Well the sales VP and the CEO had approved a bunch of deals where they allowed a customer to use the data in a way that breached our supplier contracts and underreported sales to the supplier, so that they could pad the company’s revenue and get a bigger payout once they sold it. I brought it up to them because I thought they might have gotten the contract terms wrong at first but they threatened to fire me and have me deported if I didn’t go along. Whistleblowing would’ve just gotten me deported anyway since the suppliers were not based in the US.

One of the suppliers asked to audit our reported sales data, but the CEO kept delaying the audit and hid it from the British firm who was going to buy us.

I kept track of every single transaction they made in that way, however. After the British firm bought that company, I was one of the people they kept on because I was managing the product lines really well at the time. I got along with the new owners quite well.

So when they decided to review the contracts and discovered the audit, I gave them every single file I had on those fraudulent transactions. The company had been in breach of contract with several suppliers and I had the paper trail to prove it.

The new owners immediately worked with the supplier to address the issue and reimburse them. They then claimed that this additional expense had been incurred before the purchase (since the audit predated it), deduced it and the revenue based on it from the company’s total value, and then took that out of the payout that they were supposed to give the CEO and VP. Those two assholes didn’t make a single cent off of selling their company, and that’s after they had worked on it for 6 years.

Lets Dance

You and Tom hate each other, you thought having to go to the same performing arts school was torture enough.. but just wait

(1,600 words)

Warnings: language, sexAY talk (not rly)

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Lets get one thing straight. Tom and I were not friends. We’d been at the performing arts academy together for two years now, and ever since we met we’d been irritating each other beyond belief. Out first I thought I’d just be able to ignore him, but everything he did pissed me off. To make matters worse, all of our friends hung out, which meant we were constantly stuck at social gatherings together.
At least today I was stuck at home with a fever and didn’t have to see him in ballet. That’s where he was exceptionally annoying. He knew he was the best in the class, and made sure everyone else did too. He constantly gave me “pointers” which I never asked for.
I was halfway through watching La La Land for about the twentieth time when my best friend called me.

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- Jason never really understood the point of marriage, except for maybe some benefits in filing your taxes

- And then he meets you, and it all just clicks

- He loves you so much, and he wants to spend all of his time with you

- He wants to come home to see your sleeping form in his bed

- He wants to wake up to your kiss

- He wants to spend late Sunday morning afternoons in a bubble bath with you

- He doesn’t want for you to ever go back home

- He wants to be your home

- Because that’s what it means to be married

- So when you’re just waking up, still half asleep, he slips a simple ring onto your finger

- “Be mine, and stay by my side forever, and I’ll make you happier than anyone else in the world.”

- You smile as tears slide down your face.

- “I’m already all yours”

- You have a simple courtroom wedding, and you both decide you’d rather use the money for your honeymoon and house than feed a million people you don’t really care about

- Bruce hears about the wedding and throws you a small reception with the family and some close friends

- “You really didn’t have to do this, thank you so much.”

- “You don’t have to thank him (Y/N), we never asked for any of this” Jason’s still thankful regardless, he kind of wanted to have a big fancy wedding and see you all dressed up

- Bruce pays for the honeymoon and gives you both some very nice wedding gifts as well as a hefty check

- “I just want my kids to have fun when they start their life together.”

- You give him a big hug

- “Thanks Dad”

- You go somewhere hot for your honeymoon, like Mexico or maybe the Caribbean

- “Jason I just changed!” You practically yell as a sigh escapes you as his hands wander over your body.

- “Yeah” he smirks “another outfit for me to give you an orgasm in”

- The simplest things turn him on, seeing you in a swim suit, rubbing sunscreen onto your back, waking up to see you wearing one of his shirts

- It’s all just bad for his health

- He probably writes his initials in the sunscreen on your back tbh

- So when when it tans everyone knows who you belong to

- “Hey you said in sickness and in health babe”

- “What does that have to do with anything?”

- “Mental health, is still about health”

- “…… why are you like this”

- If you like wearing a swimsuit with strings, like a string bikini, and you fall asleep on the beach, Jason will untie all the strings until you wake up

- “Jason what are you doing?”

- “Shhh”

- Then when you’re finally awake he’ll grope you, and kiss all along the curve of your body

- “Jason, stop teasing me…”

- This eventually leads to sleepy beach sex

- You go parasailing together, Jason sails the boat.

- “I didn’t know you could sail Jason!” You shout

- “Oh yeah I can do all sorts of stuff?”

- He actually doesn’t know how to “technically” sail, but he’s doing okay so far

- Jason almost crashes the boat

- When you come back you sub let your place and sit on the floor of Jason’s apartment surrounded by papers

- A stack of boxes, all with the stuff from your apartment behind you

- “Do this is how much we got from everyone at the wedding, this is all the stuff we got from the wedding, and this is how much we both make a month”

- “Well that doesn’t look to bad.” Jason says

- “This is how much a motgatge payment on a house would cost a month”

- “Oh”

- You both decide to sublet your places and get a new, slightly bigger apartment somewhere nicer

- All the bat boys find out and start sending you both listings for available places

- “I know it’s a little pricey, but it’s actually a really nice lake house, with a loan I don’t think it’s a bad deal”

- Well they all come to YOU with ideas

- “Thanks for the suggestion Dick, but we can’t afford a house right now, we’re just looking for an apartment”

- World tickles down the grapevine and eventually Bruce hears about it

- “I should have bought them a house,” he pauses and looks at Alfred “I shouldn’t have bought them the China set and the cuisineart collection I should have bought them a house”

- Alfred just rolls his eyes

- “Master Bruce, you gave them a check for fifteen thousand dollars, I believe they could have made a down payment with that.”

- And it’s true you could have

- But Jason doesn’t want the house you start your life in to be built from Bruce’s money

- For a while you both left the envelope untouched

- Eventually you cashed it and put all the money in a separate bank account

- When Bruce finds out, he and Jason have a little talk

- “Don’t take it the wrong way Bruce, I appreciate the support.”

- Bruce doesn’t understand

- “I want to build that house for her, with the money I earned, and with my own hands.”

- And somehow, Bruce has never felt prouder of Jason.

- “I raised you pretty well”
- Jason snorts

- “If that’s what you want to call what you did”

- Just a relationship built on mutual respect for each other

Rising Sign Vibrations

Aries | Loud and proud, you won’t miss these individuals in a room. They ooze life out of them as if the next big race is about to begin. When you look at them you see someone who knows where they are trying to go. Direction and drive is thrilling to watch. It’s beautiful to be a part of so there’s no shortage of individuals clamoring for an Aries rising’s attention. 

Taurus | Old school beauty in a new package. What is old school depends on your heritage. Taurus rising’s know where they’ve come from and have the willpower to expand on the comforts of their past. You see it in how they carry themselves. It’s as if royalty from all walks of life have graced you with their presence. Make sure not to hit your head as you bow down.

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i see your “neil takes over the foxes” headcanons but since thats canonically dan’s dream it makes me feel a little uneasy putting neil in that role so i give to you another option: neil starting a charity for underprivileged kids to get to play exy

  • it starts with neil volunteering teaching kids exy at an after school community center program
  • but then he starts noticing this girl who always watches the practices from the bleachers but never plays
  • so one day while the kids are cleaning up neil goes over and talks to her and is like “you know we could always use more players, the more the merrier”
  • and she explains that she would but she couldnt afford the gear. or at least she’s too worried to ask her parents about the price
  • and neil gets really sad and mopey about it because everyone should be able to try something they’re interested in
  • eventually andrew is like oh my god just buy the girl a damn racquet im so sick of you being annoying about this
  • so neil does. he gets the gear and he realizes by now that she probably cant or wont except it as a gift so he decides to get some extras as loaners for other kids so she wont feel bad about it
  • and this inspires him so he starts talking to some local youth groups about donating racquets and armor like around christmas and stuff
  • and soon the other OG foxes and some of neil’s pro friends hear about it and are like yo how can we help
  • so he gets like memorabilia signed, a racquet by kevin and posters by matt and thea and jerseys by jean and jeremy and goalie shit signed by andrew and stuff and has it all auctioned off for insanely high prices and uses all the money to give low income and at risk kids gear and donations to schools and community centers and stuff who want to build exy courts
  • and allison might not be pro but shes rich af so she helps out by making matching deals like if we raise x amount at this fundraiser she’ll match it by a certain amount
  • and it soon becomes a Thing, he’s suddenly not just known as the smart mouth who makes reporters cry hes now the smart mouth who is mean to reporters but apparently has a heart of gold because now he’s a major philanthropist
  • and he just loves being able to do this so much?? so it gets bigger and bigger so he visits the childrens hospital aaron and katelyn work at to make the kids smile and he talks to physical therapists about how practicing exy drills can help patients (kevin did it so could others) and gives them whatever they need for that
  • and he gets contacts with a bunch of social workers and foster care departments and works with juvie systems to get exy programs there with andrew in mind
  • and through renee he gets americorps and programs who help kids at risk for gang violence and for dan he finds programs for minors who because of economic reasons get into sex work and for matt drug prevention programs
  • and after he retires from being pro he does this full time and it feels good
  • but he never stops teaching at his community center

Imagine seeing your favorite turtle without his mask for the first time. You haven’t known the turtles for too long, maybe two or three months now, but you’re started spending more time at the Lair.

So it made sense that you would eventually stay over, crashing on thier couch. Your favorite turtle’s little heart had done back flips as he peeked at your snoozing form. You looked so peaceful and pretty aaannndd he was going to bed before he made a fool of himself.

You would think that a turtle that had spent all night thinking about his house guest would remember you in the morning but, no. Your favorite turtle stumbles out earlier then usual, only to see you making your way towards the kitchen.



You had never seen the leader in blue without his armor…or his mask for that matter. You are taken aback for a second and Leonardo looks at you, half concerned-half asleep.

“Something wrong?”

“I’ve just…never seen you without your mask, I guess.”

He laughed a little, rubbing the back of his neck.

“It must be weird, huh?”

“Hmmm…not really. I never realized how blue your eyes are though…they’re really lovely.”

You continue into the kitchen and Leo follows, now wide awake and smiling like a fool. What a great way to start the day.

“Morning, Don.”

Donatello was NOT a morning person. But seeing you with your glasses and messy hair just woke him right up.

He was lost in how adorable you looked until he realized that he was staring at you…and that you were staring at him.

“Y/N? You okay?”

“Oh! Yeah, I’ve just never seen you without your mask on.”

The turtle felt self conscious for a second, not knowing quite what to say. Until you spoke up with a,

“You’re pretty cute, you know that?”

Self confidence soaring like a rocket, the turtle smiled and nodded towards that kitchen.

“Uh, coffee?”

“Can’t start the day without it.”

“Raph? What are you doing?”

You rubbed your eyes, looking up at the turtle.

Here he was, defenseless (and maskless for that matter) and staring down at his crush. Too big tee shirt, messy ponytail, and tired eyes…he didn’t realize how cute people could look in the morning.

“You’re not wearing your mask…” you mumbled.


“Never seen you without it before…you have pretty eyes…”

He watched you stumble your way into the kitchen, smiling like an idiot. Raph was certain that you wouldn’t have said that if you weren’t half asleep…but his heart is still racing like a locomotive.

“Morning, Mikey.”

He had forgotten about you (dreamed about you all freaking night but couldn’t remember the real deal in the morning! He’s kicking himself) and was surprised to see you in your little shorts and Wolverine tee.

Happy surprised.

Ecstatic surprised, even.

“Morning, sleeping beauty. Never seen your jammies before…I like the shirt.”

“Never seen you without the mask before.” you replied.

“Well, we don’t sleep in ‘em, Y/N. Except on national holidays.”

You laughed and smiled at the turtle.

“It’s too early too be cute, Mikey.”

He was just joking but, oh! You said he was cute! C-U-T-E cute!! He smiles even bigger, nodding towards the kitchen.

“Lemme make up for it with a bowl of cereal. Lady’s choice?”


while i’m not fond of this idea, there is a good possibility of julian breaking all the parabatai bonds so hERE GOES (don’t read if you want to keep your heart intact)

warning: heavy angst under the cut

julian will do whatever it takes to be with emma. he makes a deal with the seelie queen. we don’t know what she wants in return. we don’t know what is done to make it so. we dont know what it costs, because now - now, there are bigger problems at hand. all over the globe, parabatai bonds break. two souls, bonded as one, their unique connection, shattered.

when the bond breaks for julian, it hurts, but he embraces it, because now, he can be with emma with no repercussions. (except, there is, there always will be, after what he has done) he’s overjoyed… but emma isn’t. she feels it break, just as he does. she, however, is not happy in the slightest. there is a small, traitorous part of her mind that whispers, you can be with julian now, isn’t that great? but no, she thinks, it’s not great, as she keels over in pain of losing the sense of julianjulianjulian in her. despite their love, they feel their souls cleave in half. when emma finds julian, or when he finds her, she slaps him. she screams at him, how dare you, julian, how dare you, i thought you were better than this, and he wants to say he doesn’t regret it, not when he can now be with her, but seeing her tears stream down her cheeks, seeing how she is more furious than joyful, his resolves falters, just a little.

somewhere else, jace and clary still go about their mission. that’s when jace feels it. it fucking hurts, and it takes him a moment to realise what’s burning. desperately, he finds his parabatai rune, only to see it fade into nothing. no - where’s alec, alec, jace thinks desperately, where is my other half, my brother. and he realises, no, he can’t feel alec, at all. next to him, clary cries out in pain, her own parabatai rune searing. simon, her soul cries, as he’s ripped away from her, simon! the two lovers cling to each other as they feel half of their souls ripping away from them, but even with each other, they can’t ease the pain and loss.

alec lies with magnus at the loft, tired after a day of navigating downworld politics. it’s sweet and domestic and - jace. jace, where are you, what happened. it comes out of nowhere and he clutches at magnus as he tries to find his parabatai rune and - whereisitwhereisitwhereisit. it - it can’t just be gone. it’s just like during the battle where valentine killed jace to raise raziel - except it’s worse. back then, jace had died - he had died and it had hurt like hell, his other half was dead, but nothing compared to this. nothing compared to having part of his soul forcefully ripped away by unnatural forces, to feel a yawning void at the loss of his soul-bonded, his sworn brother.

and magnus - magnus, with all his magic, feels something rip through the fabric of the world, feels something rippling through the nephilim, breaking apart what has always been constant. he reaches further with his magic - he hears hundreds, thousands of shadowhunter souls crying out, mourning the loss of their other half. he feels the rrrrrrrrriiiiip of so many souls, feels the bleeding of the broken halves, and he frantically turns back to alec, whose tears spill down his face, his blue eyes pained and glassy - alec never cries - and he aches, because magnus is old and he knows how parabatai are - he’s seen too many. two halves of one soul, one soul in two bodies, or two souls bound forever - take your pick. and he understands just how painful it would be - what’s a person without half of their soul? so magnus reaches out, trying to comfort his love though he knows it’s futile, and he mourns for all the halved souls, for alec and jace and clary and simon, for jem and will, for fierce little emma and quiet julian.

simon is with isabelle, training, or maybe kissing. and all of a sudden, the constant feeling of clary within him is gone, replaced by a hollow, hollow emptiness. he panicks and grabs aat isabelle, what happened to clary, and there’s nothing within him, no joy or anger or sadness, and he can’t feel her. and isabelle, through whatever connection that binds her to alec and jace as siblings, just understands, and as she holds a broken simon in her arms, she silently weeps for her brothers, for clary, for her love, because they don’t deserve it, after everything they’ve been through. how can they live without one half of their soul?

jem and tessa are taking a break from their quest when tessa, like magnus, feels a resounding rip through the fabric of existence just as jem gasps soundlessly. tessa knows instantly what has happened and barely has time to think, no, not again, when jem sinks to his knees. will, he chokes out, and tessa wants to scream at the heavens, why, why, why jem, why torture him for all the good he has done. and jem, he feels the loss of his beloved parabatai again. even years ago, even as a silent brother, losing will had hurt like no other. now, he experiences the same pain he had felt years ago, only much more pronounced. for even in death, part of the other’s soul stays with you, for not even death can part two halves of the same soul. jem feels what little is left of will - will, will, his will - rip away from him - there’s no more of will’s joy at seeing him and tessa together, no more contentment, only a gaping void where the bond once was.

there’s a pair, two girls, just finishing their parabatai ceremony. under the watchful gaze of a silent brother and iron sister and their smiling witnesses, they embrace, reveling in the feeling of their best friend zinging through them. then, all of a sudden, it’s gone, shattered. the bond - it’s only been there for less than a minute - and it’s gone. the best friends haven’t even had time to enjoy their souls bonded as one. as soon are they’re bound, they’re ripped away from each other, and even though they’ve only just finished the ceremony, it still hurts like no other - to have a taste of something extraordinary, and have it ripped away from you right away.

luke hasn’t cared about his parabatai bond in a long time. it had hurt when valentine betrayed him, hurt when he had turned, hurt even more when valentine died - but it was all muted, because then, valentine hadn’t mattered to him. not anymore. but this - this is one of the only times he feels his parabatai bond even as a werewolf, and he howls and his soul breaks. the bond - it might as well be broken in the first place, but it only makes it hurt more. his pack surrounds him, but he can’t bring himself to care as he mourns the loss of his former brother - for the valentine who had once loved him. (and valentine, burning in the fires of hell, feels the pain, far beyond any of the realm’s tortures, and regrets not cherishing this bond he had with lucian.)

so many shadowhunters had died in the war. so many of them had parabatai. now, those who had lost their parabatai feel the pain of losing their soul twice. the first time, taken away by the horrible fate of death. the second time, ripped away by the breaking of the bond, the horrifying loss of what little is left, replaced by a black hole that consumes them. it’s - it’s unbearable. that kind of pain - it’s enough to make some of them turn their heavenly blades on themselves, their broken souls joining their soul-bonded in heaven. those who do not - they break, shattering into pieces that can’t ever be put together again. 

because - they’re not like jace and alec, or clary and simon, who still have each other after this. their parabatai is gone, gone, and there’s no one, no one who’s enough, who can bring them back from the pain. and where clary portals herself and jace, and magnus portals alec to the institute, where isabelle and simon are waiting, and jace and alec cling to each other furiously, while clary and simon embrace like they’re the only things keeping the other upright (and no, it’s not fine, and they don’t think it ever will be); where julian and emma still have each other despite emma’s anger… there’s no one to comfort jem, or others like him. tessa can’t ease his pain - can’t, because only will can, and she hurts for jem and will both, to see the boys she loves ripped away from each other so fiercely. for those whose parabatai have already died, an unending, gaping abyss fills their entire being. they have family and loved ones - but no, they can’t suffice, for nothing compares to the bond that is parabatai, and there’s nothing that can bring them back from the edge of the abyss.

perhaps, after death, some shadowhunters choose to be reincarnated. a mundane woman walks along the street, unaware, when a sudden pain strikes her, and it’s horrible, and she doesn’t know what’s happening, only that she feels like she’s lost something so very important. on the other side of the world, another mundane man doubles over to the shock of his colleagues, as the bond that connects the two breaks. and - they don’t know what happened, because how can they know that they were shadowhunters in a previous life, and they had just lost the other half of their soul? so these people live out the rest of their life with an uncurable emptiness living in their soul, with no idea that their other half had been taken away from them.

there are still shadowhunters in heaven, half of a parabatai bond, waiting for their loved ones to join them. but - but even in heaven, in this sacred, holy place, they still feel it. even heaven cannot block the connection of souls. and so the dead shadowhunters who have parabatai still on earth, or with them in heaven, feel the pain nonetheless. will, whose parabatai bond is much stronger than most others, feels the pain significantly. he’d been watching jem and tessa with a sense of contentment and then - even in death he feels it. no, no, james, please don’t leave me. he feels himself collapse, and he watches as jem falls to his knees, and he cries, because he’s up here and he can’t help jem. his parabatai is down there, hurting and helpless, and will can do nothing but watch. will has never felt so helpless, so pathetic, in his life. i’m so sorry jem, he cries, i’m so, so sorry.

max cries, for his brothers and their friends - he hates to see alec and jace in pain, and jace’s pretty girlfriend clary isn’t as pretty anymore as she sobs into her nerdy friend simon. livvy yells at julian, nonono no, julian, don’t you dare, but is useless, sliding to her knees to watch the consequences of her big brother’s actions. robert and michael, matthew and james, they clutch at each other as they feel the other leaving them - leaving them, even though they’re right next to each other. they’re together, with each other - but they’re not. the angels - who are almighty and cold and indifferent, and have no care for the shadowhunters - feel disaster looming, they see julian threatening the natural order of the world, and they do nothing to stop it - what is this little event to them? they feel millions of souls cleave in half, and they think, oh, this will pass.

the entire world hurts. souls broken and ripped apart. the seelie queen laughs in amusement as she watches the world fall to pieces in her scrying glass. and even when emma, headstrong and stubborn, bulldozes her way to faerie and confronts her, the queen only lets out a tinkling laugh. oh, darling, she says, you should have warned your pet of the consequences his actions would bring. now - now, this, she gestures to where emma’s parabatai rune had been, is irreversible. parabatai will cease to exist.

you should have known.


oh god why did i write this i’m sorry i spent like 2 hours typing this and now my heart hurts I’M SORRY DON’T KILL ME. i reread it and i legit cried.

@catarinalosss i was the evil anon i’m sorry, and you said (yes) to the essay and i was craving some angst so i delivered i’M SORRY

EDIIT/BONUS: (thanks @the-dark-instruments for prompting this!!) 

in this world, there are people who aren’t parabatai, who aren’t bonded in such a way, and yet, their souls are still entwined. this occurs in the mundane world as well as the shadow world - and the breaking of parabatai bonds affects them as well. 

an example of that would be ty and livvy blackthorn - twins, siblings, not yet parabatai, but with a connection that’s just as deep. they know each other in their bones, know their thoughts and actions, just as parabatai do. even in death, livvy feels ty hurting, and ty feels livvy’s concern, for they are twins, soulmates in every way. and so, julian’s actions affect them too. ty is reading, his head on kit’s lap. he’s still not over livvy’s death, but he thinks he will be. and kit will help him every step of the way. but then - hot, blinding pain. it’s a different pain from what parabatai experience - ty has no rune, but he and livvy share blood and bones, and he feels the pain in all of him, in his body and mind and heart and soul. livvy, he cries out, and then she’s ripped away from him, that slight connection reduced to nothing. it’s this moment that ty breaks - his twin, his twin, his twin - and curls into a ball. he feels kit cradle his head, murmuring soft reassurances, but it doesn’t ease the pain, because livvy was the only one who could do that. would always be the only one who could. no, livvy - 

and livvy, watching jules destroy the world, breaks just as ty does, her body mind heart soul crying out for her twin. she reaches down, down, down, she needs to touch ty, to reassure him as she always does - and she can’t leave. she can only watch and ty breaks in kit’s arms, and she can’t help him, and there’s no one to console her, no one who can. she watches through her tears as her twin, her soul, bound by blood and loyalty and so much more… and she watches as ty becomes so much more broken. ty, ty, ty… 

julian didn’t just destroy parabatai bonds. he destroyed all that links different souls together. 

he destroyed the world.

and the queen laughs, again and again, horrible and twisted, taking pleasure from the pain. hse tuts.

oh, dear julian, you should have known.


s orry omg @cassandraclare if you do something like this i will cry

rayningparade  asked:

....why did you post that hunting thing? Like, I know you are probably in favor for it and stuff. Since you didn't tag it with anything there was no way for me to avoid it + it makes me super upset that a wolf who actually likes humans will get betrayed and killed for that interest? And you don't want us to protest it or help them so why would you post it? Why make your followers super upset like that I actually cried? I can't fucking deal with more bad news and how fucked up humanity is.

@daughtersoftime​ Hi! My blog posts factual content about wolves, including news or articles. In order to be able to create a realistic view on what’s going on, I share áll wolf related news - not selectively just the positive news, because it’s important to be aware of what’s going on. That includes upsetting news. I usually post the original articles without adding anything myself such as my own opinion, unless I consider it needed/useful.

I do support regulated, sustainable wolf population control - it is one of the most beneficial ways to help keep their own population, other species’ populations, and the environment they live in safe and healthy, and is beneficial to the conservation of wolves as a whole*.
But I’m against the hunting of wolves for other reasons than effective wildlife conservation. I often post petitions of cases in which the culling of wolves is not beneficial to the concerning wolf population. When needed, I speak out against culling practices that have nothing to do with sane wildlife conservation.
If people feel like they want to take action after reading news on my blog by let’s say starting a petition, I fully support that.

This case of the wolf in Saxony doesn’t concern hunting, it concerns conservation - a less pretty side of conservation, yes. I understand that you’re upset - so am I. Cases like this are always painful and sour, especially considering it was probably humans who made this wolf a threat. But there’s no denying this wolf became a legitimate threat that needs to be dealt with anyhow.

There aren’t unlimited resources for conservation, so you’ve got to pick your battles. Realistically, there is very little chance a very expensive rehabilitation program for this wolf would work. So unfortunately, this case is a “pick your battles” one, and a preventive action for the greater good, because the general public holds a very ignorant and irrantional fear towards wolves, and will not be open for reasoning if this wolf causes serious problems. Those people won’t hear to the fact that this concerned a habituated wolf who acted very unnatural, and that wolves normally don’t act like this. An attack on livestock, a pet, or a human being will do severly further damage to this already very negative public opinion on wild wolves, and will only give governments and hunters yet another argument to cull more wolves in said region, or the whole of Germany, or all over the world.

The feeding of wild animals is the cause of this problem, so preventing problems like this is mainly a matter of educating the public to not feed wildlife. There is no wildlife conservator that wants to kill an animal. But until we have fixed the cause (the feeding of wild animals), we will have to deal with the consequenses in a way that fits the bigger picture. Knowing how these politics work, there’s a very big chance that in this case protesting/petitions/etc. won’t make a difference, and even if you cóuld somehow stop them from killing this wolf, it’s just a matter of time before the wolf will cause an accident and it will then be shot either way ánd will be used as an ignorant example of the misinformed, fear-mongering idea that wolves are vicious man-eaters.

I do apologize for forgetting to tag this post with “wolf hunting”, which I normally tag posts like these with. I totally understand that news like this is upsetting, but it’s not okay assuming things about people you don’t know and accusing people of things when you don’t know what and how.

This message was in response to this post

(*some proper sources on wolf population control in case people want to read more about this topic:



Congressional Democrats have pulled a fast one on Republicans by striking a deal with Trump to raise the federal debt ceiling only until the end of the year. This will give them bargaining leverage in December to strike a bigger bargain with Republicans: Democrats will agree to raise the debt ceiling then in return for Republican cooperation on legalizing Dreamers (unauthorized immigrants brought into the U.S. as children), making small but necessary fixes in the Affordable Care act, and other things Democrats seek.  

Raising the debt ceiling is always a political football, used by whichever party is in the minority to extract concessions from the majority party or from the majority party’s president.

The debt ceiling is how much the government is allowed to borrow. It shouldn’t be a political football. It should be abolished. It serves absolutely no purpose.

When the debt ceiling was first adopted in 1917, it might have been a useful way to prevent a president from spending however much he wanted. But since 1974, Congress has had a formal budget process to control spending and the taxes needed to finance it.

There’s no reason for Congress to authorize borrowing for spending that Congress has already approved, especially when a failure to lift the debt ceiling would be so horrific.

Having a debt ceiling doesn’t discipline government, anyway. The national debt is obligations government has already made to those who lent it money. Discipline has to do with setting spending limits and legislating tax increases, not penalizing the lenders.

Which is why most modern democracies don’t have debt ceilings. Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia – they do just fine without explicit borrowing limits.

Even more basically, the nation’s debt is a meaningless figure without reference to the size of the overall economy and the pace of economic growth.

After World War II, America’s debt was larger than our entire Gross Domestic Product, but we grew so much so fast in the 1950s and 1960s that the debt kept shrinking in proportion. 

Today’s debt is about 77 percent of our total national product. The reason it’s a problem is it’s growing faster than the economy is growing, so it’s on the way to becoming larger and larger in proportion.

This is what we ought to be focusing on. Fighting over whether or not to raise the debt ceiling is a meaningless and dangerous distraction. So abolish it.

About Natsu's (lack of) character arc

So, there are a lot of posts criticizing Fairy Tail thanks to this recent arc. I’m sure there’s someone out there talking about this exact same issue, but I admit I haven’t found that person yet… And in any case, I want to say my own piece about this subject. It’s been awhile since I wrote some sort of analysis here, but this is probably going to be long anyway.

I want to clarify something: I’m trying to be objective here. While my opinions and tastes will show up, what I’m going to focus here is on writing and structure. I want to talk about why Mashima’s writing is so ineffective lately, and why so many people call Natsu a Mary Sue or plainly dislike him. I’m not here to defend Natsu; I love him, sure, but he’s been a victim of terrible, awful writing. I 100% understand why people dislike him or even hate him. They have VERY good reasons to do so. What I want to do is explain why this happens.

Alright, now let’s start.

→ Inability to change.

At the start of the latest time skip I saw the first sign that I should drop any tiny bit of hope that I had for Natsu’s character. I was stupid and I kept that hope alive, sadly, but I really should’ve seen it coming.

Remember when he came back of the one-year-trip he took after Igneel’s death? How he had his long hair, and many people wanted him to keep it that way, but in the next chapter he came back to his usual look? 

It may seem silly, but to me this was a sign of a bigger problem. Usually, when there’s a time skip it’s expected that character designs change. Not only because it keeps things interesting, but also because people change with time. A change in design tends to reflect this. And I know it sounds stupid to worry about something so “insignificant”, but remember: manga is a visual medium just as much as it is a written one. Visual elements are as important here to tell the story as any other. For example: Lucy, the character who’s allowed to change the most throughout the story, gets a slight change in her design after this time skip. By contrast, Natsu doesn’t.

Following that small sign, we discover that Natsu’s personality hasn’t changed. Like, at all. A year has passed, and he hasn’t changed. Worse than that: He lost Igneel. And. He. Hasn’t. Changed. At. All.

Natsu’s motivation was established in the beginning of the manga: He wanted to find his adoptive father, Igneel, after he disappeared 7 years prior to the start of the story. That motivation was fulfilled in the Tartaros’ arc, followed by Igneel’s death. In one day, Natsu fulfilled a dream he spent seven years (or fourteen, I guess) pursuing… and then he had to see one of his worst fears come true. This is a pretty big thing for any person, but it’s also the culmination for a character arc. The character is at his lowest point, so he’s forced to grow in some way (whether it’s positive or negative).

But… we don’t see Natsu grow. Sure, we see him grieve for… a couple of panels, but that’s all. The chapter before the time skip, we see Natsu smiling and barely reacting to what happened, besides deciding that he has to become stronger. 

We don’t get much insight into him. And after that? A year passes and we don’t get to see Natsu’s struggles or his process of growth. What’s worse: when he comes back, he’s acting like he always acted. And there’s no insight that shows us that no, he changed, he’s just ACTING. We have nothing like that, he just… got better. And we don’t get to see it.

Look, this isn’t about his coping mechanisms or anything. It’s not about whether a person, in real life, can go through a situation like that and appear unchanged by all that happened. No, this is about the writing choices made for a character being utterly ineffective and incompetent. It’s not like we need much, honestly. We don’t need to have Natsu ranting in his thoughts about all the suffering he went through and how he changed. Small changes would’ve been enough. Maybe having Natsu smiling less, or showing sad smiles. Or maybe have him lose some of his will for fighting, at least when it comes to the reckless fights he does for fun. Those things are small, but they are effective.

But, what is Natsu’s character arc anyway? What did Mashima intend for him at the beginning of the story (or what he seemed to intend)? In my opinion, there are two major themes to what should’ve been Natsu’s character arc: Choosing between Igneel and Fairy Tail, and learning to deal with loss. Both of these themes should’ve culminated at the end of the Tartaros arc, but Mashima accidentally destroyed all the moments that lead to this.

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anonymous asked:

Nurseydex + 3am confessions?

This got so fucking long but here I am projecting my own 3am anxiety attacks on my sweet beautiful boy Derek Malik Nurse for your enjoyment.

_/\_  _/\_

It’s Nursey’s first night as a Haus resident and he is painfully aware of how late it is. Dex’s alarm clock sits on the bedside table next to Nursey’s head and reads 2:43am. He has never felt more awake. 

Bits and pieces of unwritten poetry rush through his head too quick for them to stick, a replay of his goodbyes with his moms is on repeat, but his most prominent thought is that no matter how hard he tries he can’t remember if he took his meds before laying down for his laughable attempt at sleep. He tries visualizing everything he did before going to bed - had pie with the other Haus resident, showered, brushed his teeth, put on his pajamas, wrote a new entry in his journal, crawled into bed - but it doesn’t work. Nursey’s memory has checked out for the night while the rest of his body is on high alert. 

Then there’s the hot-headed ginger a few feet above him who he is deathly afraid of waking up. He and Dex have become friends - good friends, even - since they first met. Nursey really didn’t want to ruin the progress they’ve made. The irrational part of his brain is convinced that if he moves too much in his effort to sleep then Dex will start hating him again. Dex will wake up, yell at Nursey, and snap the olive branch they’ve extended towards each other in half. 

And maybe there’s a part of him - a really tiny part - that’s terrified of not being able to see if their friendship evolve into something a little less platonic and a little more romantic because of him screwing it all up. 

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Voltage Inc. Developer Interview – Pt. 3

It’s here! Pt. 3 of our interview with the talented M-san!

What went into Irresistible Mistakes’ development? What stories did she find particularly challenging to make? How does she feel about Scorpio and Zyglavis taking the top two spots during the Fans’ Choice Awards?!

The answers are right here, fans!

Click Keep Reading for the interview!

Pt. 1 can be found HERE and Pt. 2 can be found HERE

Scorpio contemplates life as he watches the Tokyo sunset from the office window…

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Different VLD People


The Anti Who Doesn’t Think They’re an Anti: Wow, I hate antis. *sees fan art of a ship they don’t ship* Omg, I hate this ship so much, why would they ship that, it’ll never be canon anyway, just stop!


The Not Anti: *sees fanart of their ship* Awww!! This is so cute! *sees fanart of a ship they don’t ship* Not my cup of tea, but whatever. This person obviously put a lot of time and effort into making this, and it actually looks really good, so props to them!

Me: You guys are making a bigger deal out of antis than it needs to be. I’ve have not seen one legit anti post in the past eight or nine months I’ve been in this fandom, and have probably seen over one-hundred posts complaining about antis [Not helping my case by posting this, but not the point]. So can we just cool down, and not explode or fight back when we see an anti? Fighting back, and complaining so much is only going to make things worse, so let’s just cool our jets for a sec, and enjoy being part of the VLD fandom, something we all like.