but the best think about the scene is how selfless neal is

(the ringing in my ears)

Post 3x07 missing scene / canon divergence for the following Neverland Renaissance 2.0 prompts:

  • “Do you ever get used to it ? To their cries ?” “You get used to everything.”
  • Emma tells Hook that Neal left her in prison pregnant
  • Hook tells Emma he’s glad Neal is alive

~1.8k Rated K. Just a little conversation where Emma has a bit of a rant. Not very pro-Neal, ftr.

Emma does her best to ignore the rustling of the leaves as somebody approaches her little clearing, wrapping her arms around herself protectively as she stares into the small fire she’s lit the old-fashioned way. The flames flicker higher and brighter as they get closer, and she recognises the solid footsteps of her father. Each one feels like a punch in the gut, the knowledge that he’ll die if he leaves this island twisting her stomach into knots.

“We wondered where you’d gone” he says from behind her, “thought you might want to celebrate.”

Emma stares at the flames, unblinking until their orange glow is imprinted on her retinas, and bites hard at the inside of her cheek. Clearly, her impending parental abandonment isn’t playing on his mind in quite the way it’s playing on hers. Maybe David’s just used to it. Letting her go.

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So I decided on making a masterlist of Jennifer Morrison movies and TV shows. In this list you’ll find working links to all of Jen’s (available) projects. Some may have pop-ups, so it’s advisable you enable a pop-up blocker while watching. There are sooo many more videos I could have added in the interview and random sections, but whenever I searched, so many more popped up. Enjoy!


  • Intersection (1994) - Meghan Eastman
  • Miracle On 34th Street (1994) - Denice
  • Stir Of Echoes (1999) - Samantha Kozac
  • Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000) - Amy Mayfield
  • Girl Fever (2002) - Annie
  • Big Shot: Confessions of A Campus Bookie (2002) - Caliie
  • Grind (2003) - Jamie
  • Surviving Christmas (2004) - Missy Vanglider
  • Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) - Jade
  • Mall Cop (2005) - Chris
  • Flourish (2006) - Gabrielle Winters
  • Big Stan (2007) - Mindy
  • The Murder of Princess Diana (2007) - Rachel Visco 
  • Star Trek (2009) - Winona Kirk
  • Table For Three (2009) - Leslie
  • Bringing Ashley Home (2011) - Ashley
  • Warrior (2011) - Tess
  • Five (2012) - Sheila
  • Knife Fight (2012) - Angela Anderson
  • Stars In Shorts: Prodigal (2012) - Agent Rachel Mintz
  • Some Girl(s) (2013) - Sam
  • Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) - Winona Kirk
  • Alpha Alert/Event 15 (2013) - White

House - Dr. Allison Cameron


[ Pilot ] [ Paternity ] [Occam’s Razor ] [ Maternity ] [ Damned If You Do ] [ The Socratic  Method ] [ Fidelity ] [ Poison ] [ DNR ] [ Histories ] [ Detox ] [ Sports Medicine ] [ Cursed ] [ Control ] [ Mob Rules ] [ Heavy ] [ Role Model ] [ Babies & Bathwater ] [ Kids ] [ Love Hurts ] [ Three Stories ] [ Honeymoon ]


[ Acceptance ] [ Autopsy ] [ Humpty Dumpty ] [ TB Or Not TB ] [ Daddy’s Boy ] [ Spin ] [ Hunting ] [ The Mistake ] [ Deception ] [Failure To Communicate ] [ Need To Know ] [ Distractions ] [ Skin Deep ] [ Sex Kills ] [ Clueless ] [ Safe ] [ All In ] [ Sleeping Dogs Lie ] [ House vs. God ] [ Euphoria Pt.1 ] [ Euphoria Pt.2 ] [ Forever ] [ Who’s Your Daddy ] [ No Reason ]


[ Meaning ] [ Cane & Able ] [ Informed Consent ] [ Lines In The Sand ] [ Fools For Love ] [ Que Sera Sera ] [ Son Of Coma Guy ] [ Whac-A-Mole ] [ Finding Judas ] [ Merry Little Christmas ] [ Words And Deeds ] [ One Day, One Room ] [ Needle In A Haystack ] [ Insensitive ] [ Half-Wit ] [ Top Secret ] [ Fetal Position ] [ Airborne ] [ Act Your Age ] [ House Training ] [ Family ] [ Resignation ] [ The Jerk ] [ Human Error ]  


[ Alone ] [ The Right Stuff ] [ 97 Seconds ] [ Guardian Angels ] [ Mirror Mirror ] [ Whatever It Takes ] [ Ugly ] [ You Don’t Want To Know ] [ Games ] [ It’s A Wonderful Lie ] [ Frozen ] [ Don’t Ever Change ] [ No More Mr. Nice Guy ] [ Living The Dream ] [ House’s Head ] [ Wilson’s Heart ]


[ Dying Changes Everything ] [ Not Cancer ] [ Adverse Events ] [ Birthmarks ] [ Lucky Thirteen ] [ Joy ] [ The Itch ] [ Emancipation ] [ Last Resort ] [ Let Them Eat Cake ] [ Joy To The World ] [ Painless ] [ Big Baby ] [ The Greater Good ] [ Unfaithful ] [ The Softer Side ] [ The Social Contract ] [ Here Kitty ] [ Locked In ] [ Simple Explanation ] [ Saviours ] [ House Divided ] [ Under My Skin ] [ Both Sides Now ]     


[ Epic Fail ] [ The Tyrant ] [ Instant Karma ] [ Brave Heart ] [ Known Unknowns ] [ Teamwork ] [ Lockdown ]


[ Everybody Dies ]

Once Upon A Time - Emma Swan


[ Pilot ] [ The Thing You Love Most ] [ Snow Falls ] [ The Price Of Gold ] [ That Still Small Voice ] [ The Shepherd ] [ The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter ] [ Desperate Souls ] [ True North ] [ 7:15am ] [ Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree ] [ Skin Deep ] [ What Happened To Frederick? ] [ Dreamy ] [ Red-Handed ] [ Heart Of Darkness ] [ Hat Trick ] [ The Stable Boy ] [ The Return ] [ The Stranger ] [ An Apple Red As Blood ] [ A Land Without Magic ] 


[ Broken ] [ We Are Both ] [ Lady Of The Lake ] [ The Crocodile ] [ The Doctor ] [ Tallahassee ] [ Child Of The Moon ] [ Into The Deep ] [ Queen Of Hearts ] [ The Cricket Game ] [ The Outsider ] [ In The Name Of The Brother ] [ Tiny ] [ Manhattan ] [ The Queen Is Dead ] [ The Millers Daughter ] [ Welcome To Storybrooke ] [ Selfless, Brave & True ] [ Lacey ] [ The Evil Queen ] [ Second Star To The Right ] [ And Straight On Til Morning ] 


[ The Heart Of The Truest Believer ] [ Lost Girl ] [ Quite A Common Fairy ] [ Nasty Habits ] [ Good Form ] [ Ariel ] [ Dark Hollow ] [ Think Lovely Thoughts ] [ Save Henry ] [ The New Neverland ] [ Going Home ] [ New York City Serenade ] [ Witch Hunt ] [ The Tower ] [ Quiet Minds ] [ It’s Not Easy Being Green ] [ The Jolly Roger ] [ Bleeding Through ] [ A Curious Thing ] [ Kansas ] [ Snow Drifts ] [ There’s No Place Like Home ] 


[ A Tale Of Two Sisters ] [ White Out ] [ Rocky Road ] [ The Apprentice ] [ Breaking Glass ] [ Family Business ] [ The Snow Queen ] [ Smash The Mirror Pt.1 ] [ Smash The Mirror Pt.2 ] [ Fall ] [ Shattered Sight ] [ Heroes and Villains ] [ Darkness On The Edge of Town ] [ Unforgiven ] [ Enter The Dragon ] [ Poor Unfortunate Soul ] [ Best Laid Plans ] [ Heart Of Gold ] [ Sympathy For The De Vil ] [ Lily ] [ Mother ]


[ The Dark Swan ] [ The Price ]

How I Met Your Mother - Zoey Pierson (Van Smoot)


[ Architect Of Destruction ] [ Canning Randy ] [ Natural History ] [ Blitzgiving ] [ The Mermaid Theory ] [ Oh, Honey ] [ Desperation Day ] [ Garbage Island ] [ The Exploding Meatball Sub ] [ The Perfect Cocktail ] [ Landmarks ] [ Challenge Accepted ] + [ Gary Blauman ] 

  • Conversations with Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison & Frank Grillo of WARRIOR 
  • ComicCon 2013 (Jen, Michael & Colin - Ginny, Josh, Lana & Emilie) 
  • TeleFilm Festival 
  • ComicCon 2011
  • Jennifer’s Emmy Red Carpet Virginity 
  • Jen & Hugh Laurie 
  • Hook or Neal? 
  • Last Call With Carson Daly 
  • Interview with Once Upon A Fan 
  • Interview for Grind
  • Golden Globes Interview 
  • Jennifer on Bonnie Hunt 
  • Jen on Jimmy Fallon 
  • Jen on Craig Kilborn 
  • Jen on The Late Late Show
  • Star of The Miracle Worker 
  • ComicCon 2014 Season Four Tease 
  • NYCC 2013 
  • Talking Once Upon A Time
  • More ComicCon 2014 
  • PressPass 
  • AMA 2012 w/Ginny & Josh
  • Jen on The Wendy Williams Show
  • Live with Kelly & Michael 
  • Grind Interview 
  • Grind Interview pt.2
  • Meeting Fans 
  • Google Hangouts
  • The Video Shoot - Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica (2003) 
  • The Lost Weekend - Dawson’s Creek (2001) - Melanie Shay Thompson
  • Sleeping Arrangements - Dawson’s Creek (2001) -Melanie Shay Thompson
  • Paranoia - Chase (2010) - Faith Maples
  • Singlebrooke - Once Upon A Time Dating
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars - Bloopers 
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  • Scene from “The Script”
  • Jennifer Shopping for Christmas 
  • Jen & Jesse Give Back to Nurses at Mission Hospital 
  • Jennifer & Colin being cutieees 
  • Jennifer presents at the Billboard Awards 
  • Jennifer for Olay 
  • Backstage at The Miracle Worker 
  • Jennifer Takes EW’s Pop Culture Quiz
  • Too Bad About Your Girl - The Donna’s music video
  • Shut Up - Nick Lachey music video
  • The Making of Big Stan 
  • Tried to get a cool shot of the crowd, ended up finding my chair 
  • Upside down zip-lining 
  • We accept your challenge 
  • We challenge…

Why I Moderately Enjoyed “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Prompt: Hello, I know you’re busy with incubating little ninja, congrats and good luck btw. But please, please could you write somthing about OUAT 3x16? [big, sad puppy dog eyes] I’m particulary interested with Zelena… I’m not psychologist but she shows many symptoms of Antisocial personality disorder (according to auntie Wikipedia;)). Your esseys are always really insightful and I’m curious what do you think about that? Ludka

Since you asked so nicely, how could I resist?

British accents mean villains!

Read on for some deadly sins– and I’m not talking about Hook’s failure to change his outfit.

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What does Emma get out of Swan Queen?

I was browsing around through tumblr and I stumbled upon an anti-SQ blog. For the most part the blogger seemed fairly reasonable, save for a little bored given that he/she can run a hate blog. But one of the anon questions that was discussed on the page was what would Emma get out of a romantic relationship with the evil queen?

It’s a fair point, actually. From an outsider’s perspective, I can totally see how the couple would heavily favor Regina. She’s the woman who’s been scorned the most on the show and arguably the overall fandom favorite so of course most of the pros would focus on her. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t pros for Emma too. So let’s look at what Regina can and could do for Emma.

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anonymous asked:

Hiya! I respect your opinions (whether it's the SQers among you or not, we're all fans of the show and characters, no? :) so I was wondering what did you think of the sneak peak and even SQ scenes being spoiled by Hook's general presence?

Greetings and salutations, kind Anon!

(And apologies, as the non-SQer got the task of replying you this one :)

Let’s start by boiling things to bare bones, shall we? Hook simply needs to be shoved/pushed/integrated into plot and dialogues wherever in/humanly possible, from sudden Henrysitting/bonding, all the way to Regina’s possible (again, cue queerbaiting?) jealousy – simply because as a character he has absolutely NO more purpose than he’d had to start with. Which again was none. He sought his vengeance, yeah (even though that was kinda meh, because anger is a seductive emotion – though Regina does it infinitesimally better, doesn’t she?) but that was more the part of Rumple/Neal’s story than anything else. And then gaggles of teenage girls (Twilight) and unhappy lonely middleaged women (50 Shades) start gushing about his sexxay ‘persistence’ (borderline rapeyness if you ask us well-balanced adults, but hey ho – to each their own) and then look what happens. First the feud between him and Rumple is dropped for inexplicable reasons (unless you count his sudden wisdom about it “taking you nowhere” as the most profound ‘romantic’ pass at Emma, but hey - it’s not like she could get that from Regina) and then looky what happened to poor ol’ Neal: he gets pushed under the bus. First as a character (he gets shoved aside and gets absolutely no redeemable qualities that some of us have been expecting because he was supposed to be that beautifully selfless boy, some 300yrs ago?) and then, quite literally – he’s axed. All of which, why? Because the writers have chosen. Adam indeed never lied, there never was a ‘love triangle’ there – because poor Neal was just an obstacle. Not a real competitor to the dashing guyliner dude. To cater the Twilight/50Shades crowds, of course.

Because writers have chosen their viewership target group?

Plot-wise that was incredibly lame, however you take it. But the worst part was that it consequently reframed everything about the show to be about males. Like, actually, everything. Remember when this was a show about mothers and daughters? Lol, me neither. Personally, I always found the fixation with having to pair Emma up romantically with either of these two problematic characters as forced and tasteless. How ‘bout this plot twist: she IS a strong individual that needs to find her own place, her own sense of self, and has some character development, past S1, and past S2 butchering? But then we got S3. Where Emma is less Emma Charming and more Emma we used to know and love (because hey, they do listen to criticism after all?) but she is still oddly passive in this weird ‘dance’ she’s forced to have with her “love interests”, because that’s about the best ‘plot’ they’ve been weaving for us (hey, they only choose to listen to some of that criticism) as it seems to be the best they can dish out for us at this point?  

We have criticized OUaT writing here at length. From 50% overwrought dialogue (how many times did you go “the fuck, who wrote that for you?!”), inexplicably asinine plot twists (that don’t have a satisfying click, and mostly invalidate 50% of stuff written before), inconsistent character development, OOC-ness and plotholes galore. But what pains us the most, are storylines that have SO much potential but it always turns out it was just a one-episode thing and no one is ever going to mention it again. Evidently, they need new blood in that writers’ room, preferably someone with the stones to say “actually that’s fucking terrible, try again.” But no, at this point I am only imagining AnE throwing tantrums at people’s displeasure, with “it’s MY story, fucking deal with it” (stomping feet optional). Which brings me directly to your question of their golden boy (for chosen audiences, gushing teenagers and spinster ladies – ‘family show’ label be damned now that we’re delving into Twilight/50 shades turf) now also being shoved into (and s/p/oiling) SQ moments as well. And again, it’s simple: when they can’t SHOW us a romance, they’ll TELL us about it. Same with Snow/Regina gossip girl “check out the hunky dude checking you out” moment. Their utter, at this point alarming inability to write romance (at all, not only from their heroines’ perspectives, in favour of course writing them from heir male LI’s viewpoints) gives us this simple, annoyingly banal result: they feel like they are simply shoved at us. Nothing more, nothing less.

And then of course there’s the gaypanic element. Evidently, the show works best when the central emotional conflict/resolution involves Regina and Emma (and Henry) which subsequently brought us ‘The Mothership’. Which again, gave them this fairly large fanbase they know fuck all what to do with, now? Of course, whether it all was or wasn’t unintentional – it will depend on who you ask. Personally, is hard for me to believe they’re collectively that arrogant/ignorant, but after all “incidents” (that unfortunately had to raise their awareness of SWEN) they still seem unable to handle the situation any better than at CC. So it’s perhaps less coincidental to wonder if maybe they now they want to put an end to it, get rid of this growing, unwanted shameful fanbase (of course, with gross underestimation of its size and the backlash) in order not to alienate their main (white/str8) core – by forcing these unnatural, rigid, incredibly sexist ships at us?

You know, because queerbaiting aside, they CHOSE their target audience?

I mean I understand writing for the lowest common denominator but… really. It’s such a fucking pity, isn’t it?

Once Upon A Time 3x16 "It's Not Easy Being Green" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Count on Once Upon A Time to not only give us a beautiful emotionally driven episode, but take us back to the Wild West with a good old duel to determine who should’ve been chosen to be Rumplestilskin’s most beloved trainee. 

Flashbacks: A childless family on their way to The Emerald City find abandoned, infant Zelena and decide to keep her. At that moment she’d  already been displaying magical abilities, and while the husband was hesitant to keep her, the wife insists she needs their help. It is later when she dies, and Zelena isn’t able to to control her magic that her “father” finally tells her the truth about where she’s from, and persistent to find her real family, Zelena sets off to visit the Great Wizard of Oz. The Wizard shows her that she was abandoned by her mother because she couldn’t have given her the life of royalty like Regina did, and Zelena chooses to use the slippers in order to visit the Enchanted Forest to meet Rumplestilskin. Though their training was successful, Zelena’s envy was far too deeply rooted for her to be able to control the way he wanted; thus, she literally began turning green. Filled with rage and resentment she visited the Wizard once more to ask him to change the past, but when he wasn’t able to grant it, he was turned into a flying monkey – howdy, Walsh! – and forced to abide by her commands. It’s then where she takes on the identity as the Wicked Witch of the West, and sets off on a journey to find ways to change the past.

Modern Day Storybrooke: The episode begins with Neal’s funeral, unfortunately the most important person to him, Rumple isn’t an attendee as he’s still controlled by the Wicked Witch. And as if the funeral wasn’t heartbreaking enough, his absence made it even worse. They each took turns to toss dirt onto the coffin, beginning with Hook and ending with Emma. Zelena then interrupts the wake at Grannie’s diner, drops the bomb about being Regina’s sister and proposes a duel with her on Main Street. 

Zelena has finally found the means to change the past as Charming’s courage, Rumple’s mind, and Regina’s heart are the necessary ingredients to fulfill her desire. She tries to steal Regina’s heart, but doesn’t know that Cora’s told her never to attend a witch fight with it in place, and knowing she’s after it, Regina allows Robin to keep it safe. 

Rebecca Mader has been outstanding so far as Zelena, but she was even more exceptionally wicked and great this week. The momentary innocence and genuine heartbreak she brought to Zelena’s character prior to envy overpowering her was excellently portrayed. And even more so in the clock tower, the absolute rage she’s able to illustrate with her eyes are terrifying on all grounds, and that’s truly noteworthy acting. Now if there’s one thing we can’t wait for, it’s to find out whether the green broach she’s constantly wearing holds anything. If she turned Walsh into a monkey, perhaps she somehow stole his abilities to see into the future? Who knows.

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