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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #10

It’s time for more recs! You can find past rec lists here. As always, this is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff. In that order. Gen unless otherwise noted.

All of the titles and author names are links. I don’t know why some are showing underlined and some aren’t. at least on my end. Maybe it’s just some weird tumblr thing. But hey, my fellows who like to do recs, there’s a super easy way from AO3. Just copy and paste the title and author into the tumble thing, and it will automatically make them into links. I copy and paste a lot for these lists.

The Nature of Leadership by VelkynKarma for BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 10,837
Author’s Summary: Recent experience has left Shiro questioning a lot of things: his decisions, his abilities, even the bond with his own Lion. There’s only one way to really find the answers, but he’s never been both so desperate to find and so scared of the truth before.
My Comments: This is the reconnection and explanation fic we all need (but especially Shiro) after that finale. For real. I loved the characterization and it felt very meaningful and necessary and good.

Sleeping in Corners by hufflepirate
Words: 3,526
Author’s Summary: 5 times Hunk found a friend sleeping in the common areas and carried them to bed, and 1 time it turned out the other way around.
My Comments: Suuuuper cute. Hunk is a Good and he gets properly appreciated here. More Hunk-centric fics, please. Or Hunk-centric anything.

Left Behind by lissa_molloy
Words: 30,599
Author’s Summary: Katie Holt has to find her family. That’s all there is to it, and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve her goals. But there’s no way she would go undercover without a plan. An extensive one. And with only two months to become another person entirely, Katie has a lot to learn–about the world and about herself.
My Comments: Quoting ace-pidge’s rec, this is truly the origin story for Pidge that we all need and deserve. It really does feel like the origin story for a superhero, from the inciting incident and personal loss to the decision to become a hero to the research and training. Includes original characters met along the way who came to be VERY IMPORTANT TO MY HEART, some plot twists that make it feel like a complete story in itself, and also Mama Holt just being all-around amazing. Can’t recommend this any higher.

The (Not So) Still Of The Night by Sandyclaws68
Words: 3,532
Author’s Summary: A few nights in such close quarters taught all of them a lot of things about their team mates.
My Comments: Technical problems with their living quarters force the paladins to all sleep together in a little tiny room, and bonding ensues. They all irritate each other, they all help each other, they all comfort and cuddle and learn about each other. It’s beautiful in every way.

Spark to Ignite by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) for VelkynKarma
Words: 11,350
Author’s Summary: Part of a prompt exchange with VelkynKarma. Shiro wakes up in the dark. He is alone.
My Comments: Painful but incredibly well done, as always with this author. Shiro alone and suffering in the dark and the cold was very difficult to read, but the recovery at the end helped make up for it a little bit, though I sure could do with a continuation. Everyone’s responses were heart-wrenching and perfectly in character.

The Weight of Right Choices by hufflepirate
Words: 4,540
Author’s Summary: After the events of “Tears of the Balmera,” Pidge discovers that not all emotions can be successfully squashed away. Luckily, Shiro knows a thing or two about the emotional fallout of making decisions when all of your options are bad, and living with those decisions once you’ve made them. Or: The one where Pidge throws up instead of dealing with her emotions, and Shiro shows off his scars to make a point even though he can’t stand having his shirt off, and they both come out ok in the wash.
My Comments: Urgh, my heart. The fact that she was indirectly responsible for a death hits Pidge hard, and Shiro is the one to find her and try to comfort her. Though he’s struggling with his own trauma, too, he says just what she needs to hear and somehow knows exactly how to help. These poor children. Please protect them all.

Headphones by CamsthiSky
Words: 1,079
Author’s Summary: Where did Lance get those headphones?
My Comments: I love love LOVE Pidge being kind to Lance and vice versa. This is sweet and well-characterized.

Because It Still Happens in Space by Titans_R_Us
Words: 1,029
Author’s Summary: Of course, someone has to disturb the peace. “Hey Pidge! About the Blue Lion, could you-OH MY GOD YOU’RE BLEEDING!” Pidge looks down and finds that yes…they are. Huh. There’s a dark line of red running down their leg…hey when did that happen? Pidge doesn’t remember doing anything that could-OH. MY. GOSH. THEY’RE BLEEDING! IT’S BLEEDING BUT NOT THAT KIND OF BLEEDING.
My Comments: This is HILARIOUS. Read for fun dialogue and everyone freaking out and embarrassed Pidge but also just THIS IS NORMAL GUYS CALM YOUR TEATS.

Pillow Forts for the Soul by Titans_R_Us
Words: 1,493
Author’s Summary: Slumped in the common room, sweaty and gross, it started simply with: “No offense guys, but right now I’d kill you all for a chocolate bar.”
My Comments: I think I’ve recced this before, but not in a formal list so here it is again. It’s cute and funny and it’s Hunk and Pidge and Lance in a blanket fort and Keith and Shiro being dragged in and I love it.

The Pidge Hunt by Titans_R_Us
Words: 2,147
Author’s Summary: Pidge has a problem. Pidge can fall asleep just about….anywhere. Even unconventional places. The first time is characterized with confusion and mild hysteria. “Hey guys, have you seen Pidge?” Hunk says holding a bowl of something that cannot be identified. Between his pink oven mitts, the dish wiggles and Lance swears that it’s alive. Yet once again to Hunk’s magic, it smells delicious so it’s definitely on the menu tonight. “The table is ready, but I can’t find them anywhere.”
My Comments: I read this on my phone while standing in line to vote on Tuesday, and it made me feel good and happy and forget where I was for a while, and that should be enough to tell you just how wonderful it is.

Out of the Cold by birdzilla
Words: 4,701
Author’s Summary: When Hunk and Shiro crash-land on a wintery planet, it’s up to Hunk to keep Shiro alive and warm.
My Comments: Hunk is so strong and good, mm boy, and Shiro is so encouraging and kind when Hunk needs it, too. I could read fics like this all day long. (I honestly try to.)

Do It For Him by QueenSquared
Words: 2,464
Author’s Summary: When Pidge gets sick, Shiro’s motherly instincts kick in. Or maybe he’s trying to make up for his past.
My Comments: Nice H/C, with added angst for Shiro trying to make up for mistakes he never actually made. Everyone on this show needs so many hugs.

Sleep is not for the Weak by FanGirlofManyThings
Words: 1,552
Author’s Summary: Pidge stumbles into breakfast one morning and Hunk and Shiro help her get some much needed sleep.
My Comments: Aww, yes good. Just some good cuddles, it’s good. Yeah, I’m a little incoherent. It’s very cute.

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