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Spur of the Moment (Cisco x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

Cisco starts to distance himself from you and you have no idea why… 


“Hey, Cisco?”


“Is something on your mind?” You asked.

Walking up to your boyfriend, you leaned against the rooftop railings and stared at him as he gazed out at Central City. And while it was an admittedly beautiful scene, you could tell it was the last thing on his mind.

For a moment, Cisco looked as if he was about to respond; but, for some reason, couldn’t. Shaking his head, he averted his gaze and focused back on the view. “I don’t know…”

I don’t know…? That wasn’t a very Cisco-ish answer.

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grassina3  asked:

Heeeey I really love all your writing, it always makes me so happy when I get the notification that you posted! ^_^ I was wondering if you could do SHINee doing chores/cleaning the house

hi bebs~ that really means a lot to me^^ offffff course ~


  • wondering how it’s humanly possible to generate this much trash (taemin: you’re trash / onew: what did you just say to me / taemin: ………… 6v6;; your trash?)
  • they took out garbage two days ago (taemin: but you’re still here / onew: are you going to be like this all day?? / taemin: pretty much) 
  • makes taemin help him for being a lil shit (onew: you’re out now, bye) 
  • realized that the two ginormous bags were not the end bc there’s the bathroom garbage cans as well as individual room ones…………… 
  • shoos taemin back inside (taemin: i knew you’d come back for me) 
  • needs to have a serious talk with the members about reducing their carbon footprint 
  • has prepared slides 


  • his laundry basket
  • it’s full
  • with his clothes 
  • ……..sus p icious 
  • all of his clothes are black or white but “separating whites and colors into two loads is a myth, nobody got time for that” (key: *concern*) 
  • his clothes are now a general grey-ish color 
  • “i meant to do that” 
  • secret tears about his favorite white tee
  • taemin: hey hyung / jong: yeah??? / tae: it’s just white t-shirt *fingerguns*
  • and that’s how jonghyun came to write “white t-shirt” (it’s all about you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you 휴ㅅ휴 my white t-shirt)  


  • was talking to taemin when he suddenly got up and started vacuuming (taemin: ??? ) 
  • “WHAT I CAN’T HEAR YOU” / taemin: *flips him off*
  • you know that NEED to clean this instant??? 
  • it waits for no man 
  • not even lee taemin in the middle of a sentence, who is now flipping him off with both hands 
  • singing “delicious” loudly over the vroooooooom sounds 
  • febreezes everything 
  • turns on the fan & wakes up minho sleeping on the couch so he doesn’t die 


  • swi-swi-swifering~
  • wearing (mismatched) socks so he could slide across the wood floors 
  • he doesn’t have matching socks anymore bc the drier eats them ok
  • with the amount of hair he’s picking up someone in shinee is going bald srsly (key: unacceptable, i’ll get the deep conditioner and shower caps and we’ll all be mushrooms for a bit) 
  • regards the swiffer 
  • spins it like onew’s dream girl move 
  • smacks himself in the face (onew: lol) 
  • is super insulted 
  • he would really like to know how jinki works 
  • for science


  • in his room with comme des and garcon lying on him bc they freaked out at the sound of the vacuum (key: sorry babies~) 
  • since he doesn’t want to leave them is stuck in his room 
  • not much to clean here bc he actually kept it pretty neat this time 
  • but there’s one pair of jeans he took off and did not pick up 
  • they’re flipped inside out and splayed on the floor 
  • looks like he murdered the damn pants 
  • refuses to pick them up???? 
  • will actively step over them and not deal with the ONE thing cluttering his room 
Runblr Asks

1. Favorite race memory?

2. What is your race mantra?

3. Favorite XC course?

4. Favorite running quote?

5. What pro-runner most inspires you?

6. Favorite track event? 

7. What is your strength as a runner?

8. What is your weakness as a runner? 

9. Are you superstitious before races? (certain pre race meal, clothes, etc.) 

10. What is the coolest place you have ever run?

11. If you could live and train anywhere in the world, where would you and why?

12. How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own?

13. Which running shoes are your favorite? 

14. What kind of watch do you have? 

15. What’s your favorite workout? 

16. Why do you run? 

17. What is your biggest running-related pet peeve?

18. What’s the most mileage you’ve ever run?

19. What’s the longest you’ve gone without running, since becoming a runner? 

20. How many years have you been running?

21. What is your ideal running weather?

22. What is the proudest running award you have received?

23. What do you dream of accomplishing? 

24. What do you think your training look like in 5 years from now?

25. What did your training look like 5 years ago? 

26. What is the biggest mistake you have made (and learned from) as a runner? 

27. What running memory will you most fondly look back on, when your career is long over? 

anonymous asked:

The boys' reactions when the pretty girl somehow seems more interested in Prompto than anyone else (since they always poke fun at how out of his league the girl he likes is)

Weren’t sure if you wanted this as a headcanon or a mini fic. But lucky you, you get a mini drabble!

Hurried fingers tapped against the phone screen as Prompto texted a message to his three friends. 

Omg, guys! There is a really cute girl sitting across me!!

That was true. Standing write across from Prompto was the said cute girl. Your head down and you too seemed to be texting away on your phone. The minute the blonde lay eyes on you he knew you would be the one. Your smile, the way you laughed, it all looked so divine in his eyes. 

However as per usual, his three precious friends thought otherwise. 

Bah! Gladiolus was the first to text back. Even if she is cute, she’s probably way over your league buddy.

A scowl fell upon Promptos lips. Even through the phone he could hear Gladiolus laughing away.

Noct! Prompto quickly text the royal highness. You believe me right?

However to his dismay, the prince too thought otherwise Pics or it didn’t happen. Thought his reply was simple, it hurt.

Prompto’s eyes widened in shock. WHAT!? DUDE I CAN’T JUST TAKE A PHOTO OF HER!

What? Noctis questioned back. You always take photos of things, how is this any different?

Cause it’s a person? Prompto quickly typed back.

I’m a person too. And you still take pictures of me Noctis replied. 

He’s got you there Prompto. Gladiolus quipped.

I second that Ignis too added.

Prompto frowned deepened. “Such friends…” he muttered. Tearing his attention away from his phone, he looked up to see you still typing away on your own device. The smile which made him all warm and fuzzy was present on your face. It was the perfect opportunity to snap a photo, but god he knew it was so wrong. And yet, lifting his phone up….


The flash was on.

At the sight of the flash that seemed to be directed towards you, you looked up at your phone to see Prompto quickly advert his eyes away. “Did you just take a photo of me?” you asked, making your way towards him.

“W-What?” Prompto stammered. “W-Who…m-me?” 

You nodded. 

“W-W-What! No! No! I was just testing my camera phone…I mean phone camera. It’s been acting up lately. The flash must’ve turned itself on.” The words began to tumblr messily out of his mouth. Even he himself didn’t know what he was trying to say. Keep your cool Prompto! Oh my god!

You giggled. He was adorable, you’d admit that. “Can I see your phone for a second?” you suddenly asked. 

“M-My phone?” Prompto asked. 

You nodded. “Yeah, maybe I can see whats wrong with your camera.”

With shaky fingers, the blonde handed his phone to you to which you took from his hands. Without warning, your arm wrapped around his shoulder, and directed the camera towards the both of you. 

“Say, Cheese!” 

A selfie was taken. 

“Here.” you said, handing the camera back to him. “Show this to your friends instead. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?” 

And with that, you walked away. With only the photo you had taken left in Prompto’s memory. 

anonymous asked:

Hi if it's possible can you do a headcanon about the guys reaction that there's a new girl and she play volleyball verygood like kage almost his level and they became friends by the time theyre in the end they fell in love?? Sorry for my bad English hope not bother u ::>_<:: .

Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you the characters about the volleyball thing then if u don’t mind “ hinata, akashi, tendo ” and thank you soon much for this, I love your writing ❤ .

Here we go, Anon, hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Hinata Shouyou

  • Pretty much instantly smitten with her. Like, not just from the first moment he sees her - because there’s always a mystery to a new person that’s attractive - but from the first moment he sees her play.
    • He probably caught a glimpse of her spiking or setting (whatever position she plays) as he was passing by the gym where the girls team practices and was immediately like, “WAAAAAOOOHAA!” And his eyes are all a-sparkle!
  • Oh, and once he found out she plays he wouldn’t waste any time, especially if they’ve already started a friendship, in walking right up to her and calmly ask, “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY YOU PLAYED VOLLEYBALL?!”
  • They’d just start doing almost everything together and they’d constantly be practicing their skills, even outside of their clubs. After some time it’d just end up being second nature that they start dating.
    • Everyone probably assumed that they were already together and were extremely confused when they stated that they were a new couple.

Akaashi Keiji

  • Honestly, unless they were in the same class, this boy probably wouldn’t really know much about her until both boys and girls clubs were on a bus heading for a tournament or training camp.
  • They probably ended up sitting next to each other and conversation just came easily to them. It probably started with volleyball, considering they have that in common, and before long they’re talking about personable things, like favorites and ‘what would you do it…?’ kinda things.
  • Oh, and it won’t be until they’ve really gotten into practicing and such that he’ll notice just how good she is at the sport.
    • I can see him watching the girls team and next thing you know she does this awesome crazy move in the middle of the match. And while Bokuto is hooting and hollering, Akaashi’s just totally awestruck!
  • I think they just developed such a good friendship while away at practice camp they didn’t waste any time in getting to know more about each other. Bokuto surely calls them dating before they even figure it out themselves that they’re so in love with each other.

Tendou Satori

  • Omg, I can see this kid passing by where the girls are practicing with Semi and Ushijima when he sees her pull off an awesome toss or something. This boy will literally oooooh and ahhhhhh ridiculously loud as he sticks his head into the gym.
    • That’s the start of their friendship, really, just all this crazy amounts of support while being waaay overzealous about it, ya know? Like at his next match he’d go this crazy block and she’d scream from the audience something like, “OHHHH YEA! Guess monster in the HOUSE!”
    • Okay, for real, let’s say it started as a joke that became something they seriously did, but I can see them not even knowing each others name beforehand. This is what made them friends!
  • Aw, and then this baby would develop such an adorable crush on her, especially as they started to hang out more. He’d probably talk about her all the time during practice to everyone’s announce. They’re probably constantly telling him to just ASK HER OUT.
  • AHHHHH! It’s not until they lose to Karasuno that she makes the move! He’s trying to play it off and all this stuff and then she just lays one on him! Bam, they start dating and they even go to the same university together.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't normally do this. I'm not exactly a religious or spiritual person, but my boyfriend is. He is struggling right now as he has not come out to his parents yet and he's dealing with the fact that they are not going to accept him for being gay. Today, a close friend that he felt very spiritually connected to decided to tell him that he is no longer connected to god and his lifestyle is wrong. He's heartbroken. Could you please send him your prayers?

Hey there, thanks for reaching out for your boyfriend. We’ll be praying for him.

God of Love,
You fashioned us to be like you, as diverse and unique as you are vast, and built for relationships of many kinds. Yet we live in a world in which many Christians have fallen prey to xenophobia and bigotry, convinced that some relationships are wrong. Hold this person close as he struggles with the pain a friend has brought him. Protect him from despair in the midst of his worries and fear – walk with him through this hard time, guiding him into peace and comfort. 
Send your Spirit of understanding to remind him that never, ever could he be disconnected from you – that nothing could ever break the ties between you and him. Let him feel your presence, oh Living God. 
Meanwhile, soften the hearts and minds of his parents, preparing them to receive his truth one day. No matter how they receive it, offer this person your serenity; and for now, calm his fears over a future he cannot control. Send the support of loved ones his way, and be with them too, giving them the knowledge and patience they need to help him.

anonymous asked:

Zen reaction with a very attractive MC who likes to wear skirts and tight shirts. /Tight clothing in general/ because she likes how they look on his body. You're free to ignore this if you don't feel comfortable n.n

Of course, I can do that.  

I have no idea why it took me so long to get to this ^^*

  • He loves you a lot and you look really great in tight clothes.
  • They suit your really well he has no issues with it.
  • Other than he is a guy and you are in really tight clothes what causes him to image certain thinks.
  • He can easily picture how you would look without these clothes on.
  • Zen is a gentleman of course so he wont stare too much.
  • I mean if that skirt you wear slights any higher on you then … OMG it just did and Zen is really distracted from that.
  • You might want to prepare yourself for some beast action if you up for that.
  • So in private with just the two of you alone go all out dress as sexy and tight as you want.
  • He would encourage you to do it, Zen even does the same to make you know how he feels seeing you like that.
  • You not mind him in tight clothes either so there is no harm in that.

  • Outside with other people seeing you like this it’s a different story.
  • Of course, he loves to show you of, since he is dam proud that you are his.
  • But on the other hand other people seeing you in this tight and sexy clothes ?
  • He not will tell you to not dress sexy in public but he will tell you to stick to him.
  • Zen will always hold your hand and if someones eyes linger on you a bit  too long he will pull you closer.
  • He might even shows to them that you are only his, by kissing you in front of everyone *the media has a field day from that but Zen couldn’t care less about hat*
  • He would ask you to not go too far with your outfits since there is only so much teasing one man can handle.
  • Zen would hate it if you go sexy dressed without him, so just don’t do that.
  • Other than that, he supports your fashion style.
  • He even buys you outfits to wear but only if you promise to only wear them for him.

To loosely quote him from the game :

He has two thoughts –

His first thought is: you are very sexy.

His second thought is other guys will see you like that and he really dislikes that so you have to make sure to stay close to him.

*this is just from the top of my head*

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