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donghyuck having a crush on you and finding out mark is your tutor 📓


I drenched myself with wildfires and maps in search of a destination that isn’t your smile but I keep searching in circles and ending right back into your arms. I should’ve learned long before that a maze isn’t complete without your dead ends, honey, some lost souls are only lost to please pathways leading nowhere.  

Anonymous said: Regards to your writing prompt, “lost" 

For You - A Promptis Fiction

I’ve got just the thing.

Please, forgive me for taking so long to fill this prompt, but I do hope you enjoy it. I had quite a soft spot for these little numbers when I reblogged that prompt list!

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Pairing: Promptis - Noctis Lucis Caelum/Prompto Argentum
Word Count: 754
Rating/Warning: G
Prompt: “Do I look like a pillow to you?”


“Oh, gross, you sprayed me!”

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how about 'HC' for the chocobros and their Tsundere S/O ?? I want to see it so much!!

Awesome, tsundere characters are so interesting! Thank you for requesting, lovely! I hope you like it :)


  • Sunshine boy is super worried at first
  • Did he do something to upset you?
  • Do you hate him?
  • He’s always tried to be nice to you!
  • He’s very careful around you for this very reason
  • He just gets very insecure
  • But Prompto tries so hard to get you to like him!
  • He always tries to include you in conversation
  • And insists on showing you his photos
  • Initiates conversation
  • Always asks before he takes a picture of you
  • Is extremely respectful (even more so than usual) around you
  • He’s just nervous that he will mess up
  • You actually smile at him one day and say how you feel really comfortable around him to reassure him
  • The boy turns red as a beet and starts stuttering
  • You just made him so incredibly happy!
  • From the on, things go more smoothly
  • He’s still shy and tries to get a reaction from you every time
  • But at least he knows it doesn’t bother you
  • And more importantly, Prompto knows you actually like him
  • In fact, you do try to be more talkative and less grumpy


  • Gladio was taken aback by your behavior at first
  • Looking at you, he thought you were just shy
  • But found out you can be grumpy and cold too
  • And he tries to change that
  • Somehow, he thinks it’s his duty to get you to smile
  • You’re always so serious and quiet!
  • So he does it the only way he knows how
  • Gladio teases you a lot
  • He nudges you, compliments you and almost flirts!
  • And when he once got you to crack a smile, his entire day was made
  • He wouldn’t let you forget it, though
  • “I’ve seen your smile, and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”
  • “Gladio, shut up or I swear I will kick your ass”
  • “I would like to see you try, gorgeous”
  • You eventually give in to his attempts
  • Even though you prefer to reveal your smile only to him


  • Noct wouldn’t really have a problem with it
  • He’s really quiet and kinda cold himself at first
  • But when he realizes how warm and friendly you can be, he just falls in love
  • You become close very fast
  • Mostly, you and Noctis talk about trivial stuff
  • Not really much about your feelings
  • But you find that, when you do, it’s not awkward at all
  • You do vent to each other sometimes
  • And even though you thought it would be weird
  • You actually feel very comfortable speaking your mind to the other
  • It might sound kind of selfish, but he feels special knowing that he’s one of the few people that know how warm and kind you can trully be


  • Honestly, Ignis didn’t like you much at first
  • He thought you were somewhat impolite and ill-mannered
  • Ignis wanted to respect that each person is their own and not everyone can be formal and polite like himself, but…
  • That was until he realizes you weren’t being rude, just reserved
  • With time, he realized how wonderful you are
  • How you act the way you do to protect your feelings
  • But that you’re kind, lovely and warm
  • Honestly, it made him fall for you very fast
  • From then on, he tried to get you to open up a bit
  • Very slowly and not forcing you at all
  • Ignis is very respectful and calm about it
  • He doesn’t want you feeling overwhelmed
  • But in the end he gets you to talk more and he’s so proud

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If its not a problem could you make kankri peixes<3meulin crocker?

TG: its nine thirty in the morning and im ready to post
TG: so why did you disappear for four days at a time this time david??
TG: WELL your boy a new job at double daves pizzeria
TG: and yes its exactly for the reason you think
TG: its even funnier because its double daves and not only did i get a job there but so did my best good friend sollux
TG: so now its a friendship pun
TG: laugh

TG: uh anyway meucroc and kanpeix make a good couple
TG: if their god tiers are the seer and the mage of life respectively,,
TG: does that mean
TG: that this ship gives me life?????
TG: i just spat out two puns in one post im fucking hilarious

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42 with Reddie please :)!

Of course lmao, Thanks for requesting!

42- “I’m pregnant”

With age Bill became quite the loser specific party hoster, which normally end badly but are fun nonetheless. He finds a way to get a shit ton of alcohol (usually the cause of the disasters) and finds fun activities to do throughout the night. One of these parties was the main reason that Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak have started dating in the first place, and much of their most openly romantic or just straight up strange interactions happen at these very events as well.

Tonight was just a night to drink a bit if you want and talk to your friends, nothing special, nothing crazy, nothing over the top. However, Eddie decided to have a few drinks tonight, and Eddie Kaspbrak when drunk is much more difficult to control than times where he’s sober. Making this event exceptionally more interesting, Richie did not drink, he rarely did, alcohol hits too close to him to drink very much, however, he did find joy in watching the others be the idiots for a change. Besides, all the losers would agree that sober Richie was already incredibly difficult to handle and they can’t even imagine the extent he would be at while drunk.

Stumbling over air and giggling regularly is Eddie, he had more to drink than anyone and he was more of a lightweight as well. The losers were not intending to drink very much that night but Eddie must’ve gotten carried away, a strange sight because he rarely had more than a bottle of beer. He wasn’t generally fond of alcohol, knowing the health risks and legal complications with it at their age (they were merely 17-18) and worried greatly about consequences and what he would end up saying if alcohol did the talking in replace of his mind. 

Eddie drew out Richie’s name dramatically, Richie already laughing at Eddie not even knowing what’s to come. Eddie lay down on Richie’s lap with a shit-eating grin on his face and a strange look in his eyes, Richie was unable to entirely grasp at what Eddie was feeling and wondered if Eddie was even sober enough to know himself.

“Would you still love me?” Eddie asked, it seemed very strange coming from a giggling boy with a never fading smile.

Richie ruffled Eddie’s hair gently, looking over at Mike who was rolling his eyes. Mike very rarely drank along with Richie and the two of them were the only completely sober people in the room leaving them to laugh at the idiocy of their friends and the utter irrationality of Richie’s boyfriends behavior.

“Sure I will Eddie Spaghetti,” Richie responded a smile growing on his lips.

“But will you love me when you know?” Eddie asked making an exaggeratedly shocked gasp matched with an equally ridiculous expression of shock.

“Know what Spaghetti man?” Richie asked, confused overall by Eddie and his conversation but also elated by his ability to use the dumb nicknames for Eddie without constant protest (though in all honesty Richie never minded Eddie’ s protests and complaints they made the whole thing better when Richie wasn’t trying to understand his boyfriends slurring)

“Richie… I should’ve told you sooner,” Eddie said, his expression suddenly changing to incredibly serious but his voice still draped with strange amusement.

Richie was nearly concerned despite knowing drunk Eddie had nothing incredibly serious to say, “What is it Eddie?” he said looking down at his boyfriend and playing with the boys hair, not even noticing that Beverly was not so secretly taking candids of her friends as Ben gushed over everything about it.

“I’m pregnant.” Eddie said seriously before bursting into a fit of laughs, “I’m pregnant, Richie Tozier you are the father!” He continued adding more.

Richie let out a laugh, watching as Stan rolled his eyes dramatically at the whole situation.

he’s probably just jealous his boyfriend’s head isn’t this close to his crotch right now,’ Richie thought in amusement.

Eddie continued the joke, it being the exact same thing with small additions.

“Hey Eds, I think you should head to bed for the night,” Richie said finally after getting tired of the stupid joke. He kissed his boyfriends head gingerly and reached for a blanket to cover his boyfriend’s body watching slowly as the boy fell asleep easily and peacefully.

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First i love ur fics, u are a really good writter ur charecters look so real. Aaaaaand... Reader jealous of unity What do u think? 🌚

(I don’t think Rick would tolerate jealousy in his partners too well seeing as his patience when it comes to the emotions of others is basically nil.)

“Green, it - it’s really not your color. Drop this shit already.”

You huffed, crossing your arms across your chest while you glared at the ground. 

Rick ran into an old friend, a hive-mind that went by the name of Unity, while you two were out on an adventure. The three of you had chatted briefly before heading your separate ways. It wasn’t until Rick informed you that she was an ex-lover that you decided the interaction wasn’t so innocent.

“I saw the way she looked at you. She still has feelings for you, Rick!”

But he just groaned, raking his hands over his face.

“A-and so what if she does? Am I - am I fucking her? Am I dragging her all over the - the goddamn galaxy? NO. I do that with - with you. N-n-now, fucking cut it out. This conversation is literally exhausting me, Christ.”

He had a point, and you began to feel a little foolish, your cheeks burning. Rick sighed and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close.

“L-look, none of that - it’s all in the past. What matters now is - is now. So, do us both a favor and - and focus on that.”