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you were mid conversation with Eric when someone tapped you on the shoulder. the girl was about your size, “you. me. fighting ring.” she stated.

Eric rolled his eyes. “she will not be joining you in the ring.” he stated.

“and why is that?” the girl glared at him.

“because you are bellow her and if you get in that ring with her you will be leaving on a stretcher.”  Eric said, “now leave. and dont be this stupid again or i’ll have to show you the consequences of idiocy.” 


(Y/N) and Peter never got along maybe it was because your personalities were polar opposites or it could have been that your endless competitiveness felt the need to beat Peter at everything or it could have been that while you lived life on the wild side while he played it safe in every direction. And in between all of that you and peter managed to gain a vendetta against each other.

You jumped when a pair of arms snaked around your waist and a mystery voice said, ‘’You need help with that?” You could feel his hot breath at the nape of your neck as you calmed down realizing it was Peter.

‘’Jesus Peter don’t do that.’’ you said said feeling your cheeks heat up at the close proximity between the two of you.

‘’Don’t do what? Sneak up behind you? Or grab your sides?’’ he said while pinching your sides, his voice quiet and mocking so that two of you wouldn’t be kicked out of the library.

You jumped into him, ‘’Peter stop.’’ you said trying to pry his hands off of you.

‘’Why would I do that (Y/N) are you scared of me?’’’ he still hasn’t let go of you,while you looked down at your intertwined hands. Heat crawling up to your cheeks once again.

‘’No Petey I”m not scared the only person here that is, is you.’’ You said turning around to face him still in his arms. Your front pressed against his chest.

‘’Oh ya?’’ he looked down at you, his eyes shining brightly at you.

‘’Ya Peter now let go of me.’’ You said trying to pry yourself away from him which only resulted in him holding you tighter.

‘’Make me.’’

‘’ Hey peter are you going to fire work show tonight. Its hosted by MJ! We all know how you feel about her.’’ you said pinching his cheeks.’

‘’No (Y/N)  I’m not going-” Peter started pushing your hand off his face.

‘’Because you’re scared.’’ you said with pointed finger, nodding in agreement.

‘’No (Y/N) I’m not scared.’’ He stared again hoping to be able finish his sentence.

You cut him off again, ’’You sure because it’s totally okay if you don’t want to go because you’re afraid of fireworks.’’

‘’For the last time (Y/N) I’m not scared of fireworks.’’ an irritated look crossed his face.

‘’It’s okay Petey I understand it’s okay.’’ you said with mock sympathy.

‘’I’m not scared of fireworks.’’ Peter told you with determination in his voice.

‘’I already told you Peter it’s okay his is a safe space.’’ you gestured to the almost empty hallway. It was a Friday after school you were generally surprised people were still here this late it was usually just you and Peter who stayed after school past six. You see your school’s library had this thing called flexible hours where the library stayed open till seven and students were encouraged to use it but usually it was just you and peter who took advantage of it.

‘’(Y/N) fine I’ll go.’’ he said, ‘’ but only to prove to you that I’m not scared of fireworks.’’ Peter looked at you to see your eyes light up as a small laugh left your lips, you walked away with a smile on your face

‘’Here you go.’’  Confused you looked up to see Peter standing up over you.” You drink Petey, I thought you were a good boy.’’

‘’Well technically it’s root beer, But still considered a type of beer.’’he said with a wink. You laughed as he sat down ext to you grabbing the drink.

‘’So what brings you to my solitary area of peace?” you asked.

‘’ You looked lonely.’’he said looking at you

‘’I was trying to be alone you know, clear my head, watch the show unfold’’ you said as you motioned to the fireworks.

‘’But why all alone and I mean all alone like you a good half a mile from the party.’’ he said wondered.

‘’Ehh what can I say not a big fan of parties.’’ you said gazing onto the horizon.

‘’You go every party.’’ Peter emphasized.

‘’Well Petey i guess you can say that we don’t know each other very well.’’ you said softly at him.

‘’ Hi, I’m Peter Parker,  go to midtown, and i think you’re very cute.’’ he said with a goofing smile on his face, holding out his hand waiting for you to shake it.

Confusion covered your face as you said ,’’ Hi, peter I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) ?’’ you grabbed his hand as he pulled you into his chest.

Falling onto his chest, “Peter what are you-’’ you started looking up at Peter who was already looking down at you. You meet his eyes both of you started to lean in, your hands creeping up to his hair.

‘’This is wrong Petey,’’ you said as you continued to lean in.

‘’No,(Y/N) this is perfect.’’ he breathed out.

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45 w bucky??? :)

Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

The sound of the television blaring from the living room woke you much too early for your own liking. 

Even the heaviest of sleepers could have been disturbed by the sound of some shitty sitcom echoing around the corridors of the compound, canned laughter making whatever was playing on the screen considerably less funny. 

Rolling over in the large bed, you found the switch for the lamp, illuminating your bedroom in a soft yellow glow. It had been the same as when you’d left it. 

Pristinely neat, barely lived in. You hadn’t lived in the compound for long and a few days still needed to pass before you felt as though you were at home there. 

Your stomach growled, desperate for a snack. Patting it, you slipped your feet into a pair of soft ballet pumps and exited the bedroom, heading out towards the kitchen. 

Stark’s sleek marble kitchen directly adjoined the living room, where large, plump leather sofas were laid out in a perfect semi-circle. It was only when you stepped into the large glass room and spotted the light blue glow that captured everything did you realise that you were no longer alone. 

On the couch, Bucky was sat underneath a blanket, half asleep in front of the television, eyes blank and staring at the screen. You watched from the corner as he shuffled in his seat, gaze never moving from the picture. 

For a moment, you wondered how another soul could stand to be awake at such an ungodly hour. Then, as you spied the tell-tale bloodshot veins within his sullen eyes and the dark shadows beneath them, you realised that perhaps Bucky’s sleeping had not been as recurrent as he had convinced you it was. 

You and Bucky were old friends- PTSD therapy for the most part. For the first few sessions, he had remained stoic and quiet in the corner, gloved hands folded over his lap. 

Only when you had broken down, recounting your experiences in combat in the warm deserts of America’s current warring location, had he opened himself up like a flower in bloom. When your lease had been cut off, he offered you the spare bedroom in this compound. 

Heading for the refrigerator, you pulled out a carton of milk and poured yourself a glass, adding a few chocolate chip cookies for good measure. It was comfort food but you didn’t care. It was delicious. 

On the counter, there was a gentle buzz and the glow of a phone screen. Instinctively, you glanced over, spying a familiar image on the screen. By the couches, Bucky looked up and spotted you. His lungs shuddered unhappily as he leapt up from the couch. 


You couldn’t help but stare blankly at the phone. The photograph on the front was of you. Candidly taken, you were sipping a mug of coffee next to a freshly emptied syrupy plate of pancakes. 

Your hands were curled around the chipped enamel and there was a warm smile of happiness as the caffeine warmed your blood. If you thought back hard enough, you could remember the sensation. After a meeting, the two of you had gone for food. You remembered. 

‘I’m your lock screen?’ 

Bucky snatched the phone from the counter, holding it protectively against his chest. 

‘You weren’t supposed to see that!’ 

Silence fell between the pair of you. Bucky chewed his lower lip, clasping the phone as he stared down at his bare feet. 

‘I suppose…’ you began softly, voice just audible over the sound of the television, ‘Why?’ 

Bucky swallowed. ‘Uhm…I…I thought it was cute.’ 

You stifled a soft laugh. He was the world’s worst liar. Bucky rolled his eyes again. 

‘It’s partially true, at least. But mostly…it’s because even in the worst moments, you make me calm. I just have to look at that photograph and I feel soothed. There’s something about you that makes me grounded.’ 

Your mouth fell open just a little as the words stunted within your brain, unsure of how to respond. The silence seemed to crush Bucky, as he shoved his phone back into his pocket and began to return towards his lonely position on the couch. With a soft sigh, you stepped closer, slipping your hand into his. 

He looked up. 

‘I agree. I think it’s cute too.’ 

The faintest ghost of a smile danced across his plump lips. Though he said nothing, he gently squeezed your hand again, cradling your digits in his large palm. 

‘Couldn’t sleep?’ you asked. He shook his head. 

With a smile, you poured another glass of milk and shook a few more cookies out onto a plate for the two of you to share. 

‘Can I keep you company?’ 

‘Of course,’ Bucky said. 

Before he could move, you leant up onto your tiptoes and pressed the smallest kiss to his cheek. The flesh blossomed with a sudden pink and Bucky caught your eyes. They sparkled. 

It made butterflies dance around your stomach.

Braids {Sirius Black x Reader}

Anon requests are a bit slow today so I decided to write down one of my ideas where Sirius is actually great in braiding (cuz I want me a man like dat)




“Hey, Sirius,” (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around his neck from the back. “Are you ready?”

“Of course, darling. I’ve been waiting for this,” he replied before sitting down on the ground as she climbs up on his back.

It was the end of autumn and the trees had shed all of its red leaves, leaving them in a beautiful pile of orange and yellow shades. The weather was cold and so the two were in their coats and mittens. They were supposed to go to Hogsmeade with their friends but seeing as the castle was deserted, they decided to take advantage of this moment to enjoy the empty castle.

Sirius carried her on his back and walked to the courtyard, gently putting her down on one of the benches.

“So, what do you want to do?” He asked before sitting beside her.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, trying to seem as though she was thinking very deeply when he surprised her by kissing her cheek softly.

“You are so adorable,” he whispered.

“You’re more adorable!”

“Why, thank you, love.” He said, kissing the top of her head while she chuckled.

“You need to improve on your flirting,” (Y/n) said, facing away from Sirius while he began to comb her hair gently with his fingers. He loved the way it cascades down her back, the way it always smells sweet, and the way it tangles in his fingers. Although there were some days she often complained about her hair, wishing it was just like some one else’s; Sirius loved it the way it was because it made her who she is. He leaned close to her left ear and softly whispered, his breath tickling her neck.

“What do I need it for? I already got the one I want right in front of me.”

(Y/n)’s heart leapt out of her chest at those words. She blushed and pulled her knees to her chest.

“T-That was…”

“What? Too cheesy?”

“It was cute…” She mumbled, a small smile on her lips as Sirius continues to brush her hair.

“Mmm, guess I still got it,” he replied. “Could you give me a hair tie, love?”

(Y/n) pulled out a black hair tie and gave it to Sirius who placed it in his teeth, his fingers twisting small pieces of her hair and braiding them together.

“Do you suppose they’re having fun in Hogsmeade?” (Y/n) asked after a while.

“Why? Do you want to catch up? They’re still daylight, you know.”

“No, just wondering,” she said, “What’re you doing back there?”

Sirius did not reply, intending it to be a surprise but his silence slightly worried (Y/n) so she tried to turn around until she felt him accidentally tug on her hair.


“Don’t move now, love. Just a bit more,” he said and with the hair tie he borrowed, he tied her braid and pulled out his wand, sprinkling small stars on her (h/c) colored hair. He smiled triumphantly and rested her braid on her shoulder.


(Y/n) looked at the intricate braids he did and she had never seen her hair look this beautiful. She watched the stars he placed twinkle into red and gold then white, matching the color of her hair and eyes. It was like a mermaid’s hair, only it was hers. She could almost say Sirius was better than the other girls who would fix their hair in different braids (Y/n) could never master. She had no time. But now it seems like she will attend her classes in style.

She smiled at Sirius and kissed him lightly on the side of his lip before whispering, “You know, I’m starting to think you might have been a girl in your past life.”

“But I’ll still be adorable, won’t I?”

She laughed and nuzzled her nose against his, their foreheads pressed together as they shared another kiss.

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Chris Beck and 49 please?

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Two sickly companions were sleeping soundly on the bed. 

One had the blankets scrunched up and curled up around the large body of the elder, ending just below the running nose that had been tripping him up for the days. 

The other was very happily sprawled out across the soft cotton of the bed sheet, her tiny legs crooked at a strange angle. 

Around the little sprinkling of dark hair that framed her head was a small pink headband that bore a flower that simply added to how beautiful she looked. 

My daughter and husband were a sight to behold. 

I pushed open the door with my foot and smiled softly down at the pair of them, depositing the tray of soup onto the floor and gently shaking Chris. He wasn’t generally one to come down with the flu; he knew way too much about what was going on inside of his body to let himself get sick on a day to day basis.

But here he was, the great doctor, tucked up in bed with a fever, a scratchy throat and a dripping nose. 

‘Hey sleepy-head. You need to eat.’ 

It was late afternoon, the fall sunlight draping the bedroom in soft shadows, waiting for the evening to take over. Chris groaned, burying his face in the pillow. 

‘Don’t wanna.’ 

‘Well, if you want to get better then you’ll have to.’ 

I watched as Chris scowled once again, then rolled over onto his back, gently shifting up the bed until he was in a comfortable position. With the tray on his lap, I pressed a cold compress to his forehead and a kiss to his cheek. 

‘Your voice is sexy.’ 

As I turned, Chris coughed, spluttering into a tissue as the noise grated through his throat. 

‘Your ass is sexy,’ he wheezed in reply. I turned back to face him, my hands on my hips. 

‘You have never been more attractive to me before just now,’ I deadpanned, managing to keep my straight face for a few seconds before finally, my mouth split into a grin. 

Before he took a sip of his soup, Chris glanced over to the other side of the bed. His face softened, eyes smiling as he reached out to run a hand over Lili’s head. 

If there was anyone he adored more than me, it was the tiny little girl sleeping next to him. 

Lili had been premature- a good six weeks too early- and Chris had spent weeks darting between my bedside and hers, watching as she grew stronger and healthier. He could boast that he was the first of us to hold her in his arms, to talk to her, to kiss her tufty hair. Since then, a certain attachment had formed between the two of them. 

‘She looks so peaceful,’ he rasped. 

As if almost on cue, Lili shifted against the sheets, her tiny hands curling into fists. 

‘Someone else is hungry too,’ I reminded him, moving around to the other side of the bed and gently picking up our daughter. 

She was still soft and dozy from her nap, and much like her father, it made her clingy. I felt her small hands grappling at my shoulders, thankful for something to hold onto. After a moment, her big green eyes blinked open and she stared at me. 

There was a brief bewilderment that crossed her face until she realised where she was, and a smile appeared from her gummy mouth. 

‘Hello there beautiful,’ I smiled, straightening the headband around her front. 

Gently, I placed her into the crook of my arms and pulled up my shirt, guiding her to my breast and leaning into the pillows when her mouth latched on hungrily. 

‘How do you feel?’ I asked Chris, who was hoovering down the bowl of fruit that was on the tray. With his mouth full of grapes, he looked over at me. 


‘Ssh. Baby present.’ 

‘Sorry. Sicky.’ 

I laughed, holding Lili a little bit tighter. Suddenly, I longed for these moments to never end. I had spent the first six months of my pregnancy alone, while Chris trained and worked his ass off in a whole other state. 

I had missed him more than anything in the world. It didn’t seem right to go through this process without the man I loved by my side. Chris gently placed the tray down onto the floor, and he curled up beside me, his arm wrapped around my shoulders as he watched Lili feed. 

‘So, I’ve been thinking—‘ 


‘I don’t want to stay in this apartment forever. Thinking of us and our family and…this little one…’ 

Chris reached out and ran his finger along Lili’s arm. Her hand snatched out and clasped his finger inside. 

‘I want to move,’ Chris said softly, ‘I even found a place. And don’t get mad but…I kind of already put in an offer for it.’ 

My eyebrows knitted together. Chris leant down for his iPad and pulled up a property website, pushing it onto my lap. The house in question was a villa style home in California, many states from our home currently. 

It was large and spacious, with a big pool and back yard that was shaded with greenery. 

‘I got a job out there and they offered me this place. I figured…maybe we’d prefer the sun to the rain.’ 

He glanced out of the window, where dark clouds were beginning to coat the grey sky. 

Lili’s mouth detached from me and I pulled down my shirt, gently placing her over my shoulder and patting her back. I caught Chris’s eye. His forehead was creased with worry. 

‘Next time give me a bit more warning,’ I murmured, kissing the crease away with a soft smile. 

We could make it work. I knew we could.

How Convenient




“Could you have picked a shorter dress?” you asked, pulling at the skirt. Honestly, it wasn’t that short—it hit right about your knees. But it was a hell of a lot shorter than your favorite pair of jeans.

“Calm down,” Dean said. “We’re supposed to be suave people, right? But if you go around yankin’ at your dress, people are gonna realize we don’t belong.”

“But I feel like my ass is hanging out!”

Dean grabbed your wrist, pulling your hand away. “Stand up straight.”

You did so, fingers itching to grab the hem again. Dean stepped around you, examining the garment.

“You’re fine,” he said. “Everything’s covered.”

“I wish everything was covered. Why do I have to go with you? Just take Sam.”

“He’s sick.”

“Please. It’s just a man-cold.”

At that moment, a strange retching sound came from the bathroom.

“Tell that to the toilet,” Dean said. “Sam’s been attached to it for three hours.”


The party and investigation went off without a hitch. None of the other party-goers seemed to know that you and Dean were technically crashing the event. You didn’t hear any whispers about your outfit and somehow managed to keep from pulling at it too much.

The cursed necklace, the one that allowed the wearer to summon demonic powers, was found upstairs, hidden away in a surprisingly plain jewelry box. Dean took the whole thing and took it out to the Impala, locking it securely in the trunk.

“Anybody notice it was missing?” he asked as he found you again inside.

“No. Everyone is acting pretty much the same as they’ve been acting all night.” You glared up at Dean. “Boring.”

“Well,” Dean said, stepping behind you, fingers brushing against your hip. “What do you say we make this a little more interesting?”

“What’d you have in mind?”

Dean reached down and grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hall. He opened a door that led to a bathroom, leading you inside and locking the door behind him.

“Dean,” you said with a slight laugh. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you just how much I appreciate this dress.”


Dean stepped around you again, watching you in the mirror. “This dress,” he said, running his hands down your body. “Makes you look so damn good. Don’t you see how it hugs your curves?”


“This neckline,” Dean said, his fingers tracing the edge, barely slipping below the fabric. “Just enough to give me a peak.”

You laughed, arching your back so your chest was up and out.

“And this skirt,” Dean said, his fingers pulling at the hem—up, this time, instead of down. “Just short enough to keep my interest but long enough to keep the old bats out there from getting offended.”

“Pull it up a little higher,” you whispered. “I think you’ll find something else of interest.”

Dean did so and you felt his breath catch. His eyes were trained on the mirror, at the spot where your bared pussy looked back at him. “You little minx.”

“Why do you think I was so afraid of having my ass hanging out?”

Dean spun you around and lifted you onto the sink in one swift motion. “Little girl, you certainly do play a dangerous game.”

“It’s a game meant for two,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You wanna play?”

Dean’s fingers expertly undid his belt, pulling out his growing erection. You leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips as your hand drifted down, wrapping around his dick. Dean inhaled sharply, glancing down as you pumped him to full mast. His own fingers dipped into your dripping cunt, your slick dripping down onto the sink.

“Come on, sweetheart,” Dean said, pulling your hips toward him, angling them upward. “I need to feel you.”

“Dean!” You cried out as he suddenly filled you, all the way to the hilt in one swift go.

“Shhh,” he said, clapping a hand over your mouth. “We don’t want to call attention to our situation, do we?”

You shook your head. After a few moments, Dean pulled his hand away, only to have his lips pulled to replace it. His hands gripped your hips, his thrusts causing the most devilish sounds to echo throughout the bathroom.

“Little girl,” Dean groaned. “Promise me you’re gonna keep this dress handy in the future.”

“Anything for you, Dean,” you promised.

Dean grunted, his hips beginning to stutter. One hand slipped between the two of you, his thumb finding your clit.

“Dean,” you moaned. “Dean, please.”

“Come on, sweetheart,” he said, applying more pressure. “Come on.”

A few more moments and you reached your climax, your pussy contracting around Dean’s dick. He made a few more minuscule thrusts before spilling into you. The two of you stayed connected, breathing heavily for a minute. Dean carefully pulled out of you, tucking himself into his pants.

“Hold on,” he told you. He pulled a hand towel from the bar behind him and ran it under the hot water. Then he cleaned you up, lightly pressing the towel against your still-sensitive pussy. “I know,” he whispered, his free hand landing on your hip, holding you in place. “There. All clean.”

Dean lifted you down from the sink, keeping a hand on you as he could see your legs trembling. He pulled your skirt down for you, patting you on the ass when he was done.

“Let’s go home,” Dean said, slipping his hand into yours. “I wanna see what that dress looks like on my bedroom floor.”

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Hi! Sorry to bother you. It's my birthday tomorrow and I was wondering how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to an MC who forgot her own birthday?

You never brother me anon !

Happy prebirthday to you I hope you will have a very lovely day !

I assume they all know it´s your birthday I hope that is okay for you.


  • He was a bit surprised that you not mentioned your own birthday even when it was slowly coming closer.
  • Zen just brushes it off though and prepares a birthday party for you anyway.
  • You where really busy before your birthday so somehow you forgot and when the day comes and Zen is extra sweet to her in the morning you have no idea why.
  • Zen gives you a present and you are  just really surprised.
  • You think he is just being super sweet till he wishes you a happy birthday and you tell him that you forgot.
  • Zen is really shocked about that like how can you forget the most imported day on earth.
  • To you the day is maybe not that important but to him it is.
  • Zen will make sure that from now on you never forget that it´s your birthday again.


  • He has it marked on his calendar with a huge star for what ever reason you think it might be for a game or something.
  • But no you forgot your own birthday.
  • Yoosung bakes a cake in the evening and you just don´t know why
  • He is also hiding something you that makes you feel bad you just go to bed without telling him what is bothering you.
  • When you get up in the morning you are a bit grumpy and then you see the decorations.
  • Have you forgotten a holiday ? Oh no was it something imported you panic a bit.
  • You walk to the kitchen and see Yoosung smiling at you and wishing you a happy birthday and then it hits you.
  • It was today !! You completely forgot you almost cry because Yoosung is such a cutie he got you the think you always wanted and you tear up.
  • Yoosung thinks he did something wrong but you tell him how sweet he is and that makes him so happy.


  • You made sure to remember her birthday since you knew she would forget otherwise.
  • Your own birthday on the other hand you forgot it just was not really imported to you.
  • Jaehee had marked it down and even took a day off to celebrate with you.
  • You not mention your birthday so Jaehee thinks its just not a big deal to you just as much as her own birthday is no bid deal to her.
  • She spends much rather just time with you anyways.
  • You two meet up for a dinner on your birthday she wishes you a happy birthday and then you remember it was today !!!!!!
  • You forgot Jaehee is surprised too since you made such a effort for her on her birthday like how could you forget such a imported day.
  • You remind Jaehee that she would forget her own birthday too and she really can not disagree with that so you make a pact to make sure that neither of you forgets their birthday again.


  • He would make a national holiday for your birthday if he could but since he can´t he settles with preparing a unforgettable day just for you.
  • He tells you to take the day off and you do but he does not mention why and you just think he has some sort of date planned.
  • The day comes closer and you are exited for what ever Jumin has up his sleeve.
  • Of course he thinks its because of your birthday.
  • Once the day comes he wakes you up and you two have breakfast.
  • Then you take his private yet and have some nice day on the beach
  • – or what ever location you prefer-
  • Once its time for dinner he has booked the entire restaurant just for you its so romantic everywhere are candles and there is a orchestra playing.
  • Its just so sweet you wounder why he did all of this and then he asked you “Do you have a pleasant Birthday my love?” and then you suddenly remember.
  • After you tell him that you forgot your own birthday he is really shocked you can not forget such imported thinks.
  • He will think about making it a national holiday once again but he can´t so he will just make public announcements a week ahead so you are reminded of it.
  • You will never forget your birthday again.


  • Since he knows everything about you he makes sure to not forget your birthday.
  • No matter if he is really busy with his job he has a reminder in his computer and his smartphone.
  • He will prepare a huge surprise party for you he planned to pretend that he forgot just to be like bam party.
  • Well since you forgot it does not brother you but it sticks him as a bit odd but maybe you are trolling him.
  • He teases you about the upcoming day you think he is joking or he plans some sort of prank.
  • When the day comes you have no reaction to him not wishing you a happy birthday that upsets him a bit.
  • But maybe you figured his plan out maybe you are an better actor then he thinks he is impressed with that thought.
  • Then he tells you you two are going out - out in the real world shock-
  • you arrive at the location its dark till they lights turn on and all your friends and faily are their and the RFA.
  • You are so surprised you are screaming from shock and then you are just really happy.
  • Their seven figures out you literary had forgotten your own birthday !
  • Seven will make sure you remember it in the future he will set up a countdown that counts all the days down till your next birthday.
  • Just so he can troll you proper next year


  • He made sure right away to remember such an imported day it was one of the first thinks he asked  Saeyoung.
  • V makes sure that you will have a special day and he would do nothing rather then spending it with you.
  • You are happy when he invites you to have some dinner with him even when you don´t know why.
  • You really look forward to it you even buy a brand new outfit for him.
  • He is waiting in front of the restaurant for you with flowers.
  • It so sweet of him you thank him and when he wishes you a happy birthday you are surprised.
  • Was that today? Wait yeah it is how could you forget ? You feel stupid but V remembered it what is very sweet.
  • He feels bad that you forgot it and he makes sure that the rest of this special day is really good for you.
  • V spends the whole rest of the day with you and it feels really special to you.
  • He will give you a friendly reminder a week before your next birthday so you remember it this time.
  • If you forget it again he will make sure to remember it for you and make it special again.

Skip this one for spoilers


  • He was never keen on holidays after anything that happened to him.
  • But your birthday is really important to him since you became the light of his life.
  • He wants to make a effort to repay you for your kindness he plans a date for you two since he wants to show you that he is capable of doing normal thinks.
  • You keep telling him that you are happy as it is with him but of course you look forward to having a date with him in public.
  • You had no idea it was a birthday date but it was super special for you.
  • Saeran avoided people by being in a quiet area of a park with you you had some icecream even when it was still cold outside.
  • It was a nice and quit date but you really enjoyed your time with him he liked being outside with you and you where hoping that you could do this more often with him.
  • Hew asks you if that is your birthday wish you are really surprised by that question.
  • Then it hits you it´s your birthday and you completely forgot it !
  • Saeran is just as surprised as you are like really you forgot how could you it´s your own birthday.
  • Its so important to him now but you just forgot how dare you !
  • He is not actual mad just really shocked you then just tell him that your actual birthday wish is to be with him and you got that.
  • He finds that so sweet of you he almost cries you end up holding his hand till you are back home.

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73 with Carter or Lance?

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You actively disliked leaving the house without your darling daughter. 

Christina was two years old and the light of your life. You spent days trapped in the penthouse with her, even when you had had the freedom to take her around New York, meant that you had forged a connection with your baby girl that could not be replaced. 

There was a delighted laugh from her bedroom and, as you spritzed a little perfume onto your neck, you smiled at the soft realisation that she was not on her own. 

The nanny was downstairs, fixing her a cup of warm milk before she slept. Therefore, the only one who could be with her was Carter, her father. Christina had him wrapped around her little finger and he spoiled her rotten in response. 

From the moment she’d been born, he had dedicated himself to returning to the bright side and making sure she had the best of everything available to her. Not that she really took much notice until it was bright, colourful and made of plastic, but there were only so many ways you could sedate a young child. 

You slipped into the heels, lifting up the train of your gown to put them on, before admiring yourself in the full-length mirror. It had been a long time since you and Carter had been out together, and a charity event was the perfect time for you both to reappear in society. 

The cameras adored him. For the evening, you had a chosen a midnight blue dress that clinched at the waist and fanned lightly down over your legs, creating a slight rippling effect that looked like waves. 

With a swish, you let the skirts spin out for a moment, before exiting the master bedroom and heading down the hallway to the pink and purple haven that Christina called home. 

You lingered in the doorway for a moment, looking in on the scene. Carter, in his full black tuxedo, stood over Christina’s bed, helping her load stuffed toys onto the pillows so she could have a whole zoo to sleep beside. 

Gently, he tucked her up under the covers, pretending to cover her head and making her squeal with delight. 

‘You still need your baby blanket?’ he asked her. 

Christina nodded furiously, her blonde curls darting over her shoulders. Carter smiled softly, glancing around the room much too large for a two-year-old. 

The baby blanket, in particular, was a large scrap of purple material dotted with white stars. They had wrapped Christina in it when she was younger, especially in the early days of her life, and she had become attached to it ever since. 

Emerging from the shadows as Carter handed Christina her blanket, your daughter stared up at you, her mouth a wide oval. 

‘Mama…you look pretty,’ she mumbled sleepily, taking in every inch of your gown. 

Carter wore a similar expression. His easy going smile had dissolved just a little to be replaced with a look that appeared to be a cocktail of arousal, love and happiness. 

‘Thank you, baby. I think Daddy thinks so too,’ you replied with a grin, heading towards the other side of the bed and crouching down beside it. 

With one of you on either side of her, you hoped she felt safe and comforted. 

‘Mama looks stunning, doesn’t she pumpkin?’ Carter affirmed. 

The nanny appeared in the door frame and you glanced at your watch, noting that you were already running late. When Carter made to stand, Christina grabbed his tie to pull him back. 

‘Huggle,’ she mumbled, wrapping her arms around his neck. 

Carter’s smile glowed and he held his daughter tight, pressing a kiss to the crown of her head. 

‘We’re here when you go to sleep and we’ll be right here when you wake up, OK?’ 

Christina nodded her head as he gave her another few kisses on her forehead, her nose and then her lips, grinning when she giggled. Then, she stumbled across the bed, hugging you close. 

She smelled like talcum powder and strawberry shampoo.  You held her tightly, one hand splayed across her back. 

‘You smell nice,’ Christina mumbled. 

With a soft kiss on her cheek, you helped her back under the covers, tucking her in amongst the masses of stuffed animals and blankets. Allowing the nanny to take over for the final parts, Carter’s hand slipped into yours. 

You found your coats in the entrance and neither of you said much until you were stood in the elevator, the only two people there. Gently, you felt his arm slip around your waist and pull you closer. 

Soft, plump lips pressed a kiss to your powdered cheek. His cologne was intoxicating. 

‘I don’t like leaving her,’ he mumbled gently. You squeezed his hand. 

‘Me neither. But we won’t be long. She’s in good hands.’ 

Carter smiled at you as you rested your head on his broad shoulder. He could remember a time when night’s like this would have terrified him. 

When the thought of a wife and child, a home of his own and a successful business seemed like a pipe dream that he’d never achieve. 

Now, he’d never felt more content or alive than he did right now.

Daisy, Daisy




“You should try blinking.”

Crowley’s brow creased. “What?”

“You’ve been staring. Hard.”

Crowley straightened his back. “You don’t know what you’re–”

“Dude. Come on.” Dean took a drink of his beer. “When are you going to tell her?”

“Tell who what?”

“Time to stop playing dumb, Crowley,” Sam said. “We know you like Y/N.”

“I do not.”

“We also think she likes you,” Dean noted.

Crowley’s face lightened for a moment, but he tried to conceal it. He stood, buttoning his suit coat. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. And I’ll thank you to not bring it up anymore.”


Thank you.” In the blink of an eye, Crowley disappeared.

“Damn,” you said, stepping up to the table. “I’ve never seen this place so crowded. Next time we need refills, I’m not going.”

“We figured you’d have the best luck gaining the attention of the bartender,” Dean said, reaching for his new beer.

“Oh, really? How so?”

“Your top. It’s just so….” Dean waved his hand in your general direction.

“Shut up,” you said, taking your seat. “Where’d Crowley go?”

“Oh, was Crowley here? We didn’t even know.”

“I could feel his gaze on me the entire time I was at the bar.”

“He’s smitten with you,” Sam said.

“Is that what it is?”

“Can you blame him?”

You cocked your head to the side. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re a great catch,” Sam said. “You’re smart, funny, strong, interesting,”

“And that top does wonders for you,” Dean said, earning him an elbow in the ribs.


Crowley stood outside of your bedroom door.

“Stupid,” he said to himself. He turned to leave when the door opened.


Crowley froze, eyes wide like a deer in the headlights. “Oh. Hello, Y/N.”

You gave him a small smile. “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing at all. Took a wrong turn outta Hell.”

You glanced down at Crowley’s hand. “Is that a bouquet of daisies?”

“Hm?” The King of Hell looked down. “Oh. Well, yes, I suppose it is.”

“What are they for?”

“I…” Crowley straightened. “Well, I was going to torture one of my creatures down below who happens to be allergic to them, but if you like them, you could… keep them.”

You graciously took the flowers from him. “They’re lovely, Crowley. Thank you.”

“I… I happen to have my own daisy supplier,” Crowley said, feeling very silly as the words came out of his mouth. “So… if you like them… I could… bring them to you every week or something…”

“That’s very sweet of you, Crowley.”

Crowley nodded. “Well, then. I suppose I should let you get back to sleep.”

You said nothing, simply watching Crowley nervously twitch.

“Right. I’ll see you next week, then.”

“Thank you, Crowley. I…”

Crowley studied you for a moment.

“I’ll see you next week,” you said with a smile.


Darkness. Never-ending darkness and cold surrounding your shattered soul. The panic swept through you like a tornado, your fists balling together and pounding on the barrier around. Your skin ached from splinters, your lungs burned from the rapid breathing, your throat hurting from all the screaming.

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Skinship & Kisses (Shownu, Wonho, Jooheon, I.M)

Aww this is way too cute! I’ve got just the thing for you… I might change this up a bit (where she is enjoys PDA with him more), if you don’t mind!

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Shownu - He was waiting there for her, sitting patiently and quietly on a bench underneath the spring sunshine and a tree standing behind him, giving him a muddled pool of shade. Cherry blossoms had just begun departing from their branches, and was soon carried off in the wind’s pathways, with some only falling to the ground. The two of them decided to walk together throughout the city, taking photos of new downtown cafes, shops, and even boutiques to buy her favorite items. Sure, it was a cliche, but to her, cliches never became old. “Shownu-oppa!” Shownu turned his head to his girlfriend jogging to meet up with him. A smile that could spark happiness in people’s hearts was what drawn him to her. She was like no other. Always adventurous and passionate about what she liked to do had Shownu fall in love. Hard. “Are you ready to go?” She took a hold of his hand, bringing him up to his feet. “Of course, I was waiting for you, wasn’t I?” He gave his signature eyes smile before leading his girlfriend to their destinations. Every once and a while she had the audacity to display her affections by giving short cheek kisses or holding onto his arm and murmuring sweet nothings while he would listen and try to come up with something better. “Oppa, is it bad to say that I love you?” “If I could, I would love to hear it from you every day because when I’m away from you, I miss your voice just as much.” He responded. Whenever he was around her company, he could never ask for anything better because this is the best it gets and he felt that he doesn’t deserve as someone great as her. Apparently, all that thinking had him snap out of it when she took a picture of themselves, her kissing his cheek while he was caught up in the moment.

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