but the 3rd and 6th gifs ;~;


One shots:

Are we friends or are we more?   

Part 2

In which Harry’s best friend admits her love for him

I hate you because I love you

 In which Harry acts like he hates (y/n) but soon admits he feels quite the opposite


 In which your friend doesn’t like Harry 


In which he’s distant and (y/n) thinks it’s because he doesn’t find her attractive anymore

The game [SMUT]

In which Harry and (y/n) test their self control around each other

Camping [SMUT]

In which Harry and (y/n) go camping with her family and Harry just can’t take the lack of intimacy

Is this the end?   

Part 2 

In which (y/n) just wants the Harry she fell in love with back

The choice

In which (y/n)’s his friend and his girlfriend makes him choose between them both

Let down

In which Harry has difficulty understanding the life of his girlfriend, who is black

Forbidden love

In which (y/n)’s parents forbid her from being with Harry and they meet again ten years later

Called off

In which (y/n) is getting married to a guy named Chris… the wedding is called off

Meet the parents

In which (y/n)’s dad is wary of Harry’s lifestyle ft a very nervous, adorable Harry


Part 2

In which management force Harry to break up with (y/n)

It’s a date

In which Harry has a slight crush on one of his cast mates

Novels, scripting and coffee

In which (y/n) is a famous novelist and Harry’s cast in the movie adaption of her book

Be okay

In which (y/n) is suffering from post natal depression, but doesn’t tell Harry about it

New Years Eve

In which (y/n) and Harry meet at a mutual friend’s party 

Birthday Boy [SMUT]

In which Harry gets exactly what he wants for his birthday 


In which Harry is so much of an overprotective dad, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore


In which Gemma and Anne aren’t fond of (y/n)

Mine [SMUT]

In which Harry gets protective of what is secretly his


In which (y/n) questions Harry’s commitment to her

When life gets in the way

In which (y/n) is so busy, she hardly has time for her relationship


Airplane shenanigans  [SMUT]

In which (y/n) and Harry get bored during a long flight

Halloween  [SMUT]

In which Harry tastes more than just (y/n)’s halloween cookies

Sour peach

In which Harry feels down after a bad performing experience 

One of those days

In which (y/n) is very pregnant and very cranky and Harry’s had enough

Need [SMUT]

Harry gets a little help from (y/n), even when they’re miles apart 

Writing prompts 

 MITAM song blurbs:


December 1st - Scrooge

It’s the first of December and Harry’s being a bit of a Scrooge because he’s a little bit poorly.

December 2nd - December birthday

Harry forgets a very important December birthday


December 3rd -  Santa’s grouchy little helper

(Y/n) is always happy and sometimes Harry can’t handle it.

December 4th -  All I want for Christmas is you

(y/n) is pregnant and all she wants for Christmas is Harry

December 5th - Christmas markets

(y/n) and Harry visit the Christmas markets together

December 6th -  Secret Santa

Harry makes sure he has (y/n) for secret Santa

December 7th - Daddy saves the day 

When seeing is believing for the Styles kids

December 8th - Christmas in the city of love

(y/n) and Harry spend Christmas in Paris and have very special gifts for each other.

December 9th -  Lonely at Christmas

Harry’s so caught up in work that he forgets the true meaning of Christmas

December 10th -  Home for Christmas 

In which Harry faces difficulties in being home for Christmas 

“I die, as I have lived, a free spirit, an anarchist, owing no allegiance to rulers, heavenly or earthly.”


♡ sun in aries, gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces

♡ moon in aries, gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces

♡ mercury in aries, gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces

♡ venus in gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces

♡ mars in gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces

♡ ascendant in aries, gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces 

♡ sun / moon / mercury / venus / mars in the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th house

♡ jupiter in the 3rd, 5th, 9th house

♡ uranus / neptune in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th house

♡ dominants: air, uranus, jupiter, neptune, gemini, libra, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces

♡ uranus aspecting sun / moon / mercury / venus / ascendant / midheaven / jupiter

♡ jupiter aspecting sun / mercury / venus / ascendant / midheaven / uranus / neptune

♡ neptune aspecting sun / mercury / venus / ascendant / midheaven / jupiter

After a year’s absence, Petyr Baelish Week is back at FuckYeahBaelish! Our favorite schemer may have taken his final bow on HBO’s hit series but we still have plenty of footage from seasons past and a new ASOIAF novel on the horizon (c’mon GRRM!). From October 2nd — 8th there will be seven days of prompts and themes to encourage all types of fanworks about Petyr Baelish: graphics, gifs, art, videos, fan fiction, and meta are all welcome! The only rule this week is golden, so please be respectful towards the work and opinions of others ♥ The schedule is as follows:

Monday, October 2nd: Favorite Book/Season OR Players and Pieces
Tuesday, October 3rd: Costume Porn OR King of the Ashes
Wednesday, October 4th: Favorite Quote OR Pre-ASOIAF
Thursday, October 5th: One Relationship OR Ambition
Friday, October 6th: One Scene OR Mockingbird
Saturday, October 7th: Petyr Baelish + Color(s) OR The Winds of Winter
Sunday, October 8th: Free Day!

You can participate in as many or as few of the prompts as you would like! There are two prompts for each day to try and accommodate as many types of fanworks as possible. You do not have to incorporate both (unless you want to!). We will be tracking both #keepshady2017 and #fuckyeahbaelish, so please be sure to include one of those in your first five tags if you would like your creations reblogged. We look forward to seeing everyone’s great work in October!

Are you ready for #DAIYAWEEK 2017?! We’re really happy to announce that this year’s DAIYAWEEK will be on August 1st - 7th (as the result of the poll we’ve done).

A weeklong event for the Terajima Yuuji’s Diamond no Ace, where we can create and share works, like GIFs, Graphics, Fanart, Fanfics, Videos and others for the fandom. Any form and kind of content as long as it is your own work and creation!

Here are the PROMPTS for this event:
August 1st — Day 1: BLOOM OF YOUTH
August 2nd — Day 2: GLORY
August 3rd — Day 3: Go EXCEED!
August 4th — Day 4: GROW STRONGER
August 5th — Day 5: MEETINGS
August 6th — Day 6: TEACHINGS
August 7th — Day 7: SHINE ON

Please read our GUIDELINES on how to participate for this event. Also don’t forget to tag your entries with #DAIYAWEEK2017 in the first five tags of your post so we can see and reblog it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Welcome to Kim Jongdae’s 26th birthday project hosted by kimjongdae-net and kimjongdaenet!
Our lovely Jongdae is turning 26 on September 21st and us admins have thought about what we could do to make our networks and members grow closer together. Seeing that he is turning 26 we thought of a project that will last 26 days! We came up with the alphabet challenge for our lovely members to do!

Sounds fun? Here is more information!

  • The project will start on on August 25that 00:00 KST  and ends on September 19that 00:00 KST
  • Each day starting with A on the before mentioned day will have a different topic
  • You don’t have to do something for everyday. Choose what is to your liking and for what you have time. The actual day of his birthday the members can choose whatever they want to edit/gif from him and still use the project tag for us to see!
  • Tag your porject creations with #kjdnetproject

Here are the topics of the challenge:

August 25thA for Aegyo

August 26thB for Boyfriend!Chen

August 27thC for Chensing Machine

August 28thD for Done With Your Shit

August 29thE for Eyelashes

August 30thF for Fedoras

August 31stG for Guns

September 1stH for Hats

September 2ndI for Ivy Club

September 3rdJ for Jawline

September 4thK for King Of  Fanservice

September 5th L for Favorite Live Performance

September 6th M for Mum Friend

September 7thN for Nut

September 8thO for OSTs

September 9thP for Photoshoots

September 10thQ for Quiff

September 11thR for Rocker!Chen

September 12thS for Smile

September 13thT for Thunder Boy

September 14thU for Something You Find Unique About Him

September 15th V for Vocals

September 16thW for Whining

September 17th X for Xtra

September 18thY for Through the Years

September 19thZ for ZZzz (Sleepy!Chen)

If you have any more questions regarding this project feel free to contact the admins of the networks. We’d be happy if you join!


A week-long fandom event dedicated to celebrating everyone’s favorite big sister, Laura Hale!


The first week in October, Sunday 1st - Saturday 7th!


Create! Write a fic, make a fanvid, draw art, compile a rec list or a fanmix, spill your favorite headcanons, or put together some nifty meta. Any and every medium is welcome, as long as what you produce centers around or heavily features Laura.

This is a largely informal event, so you don’t have to sign up or make any promises. You’re welcome to produce something for every day of the week, or just drop in for a day or two. Just submit your work directly to this blog, or post it to your own and tag it with LHAW17 so I can find it and reblog it here for everyone to see!


1. Laura must be either a main character or a prominently featured secondary character in whatever content you produce.

2. All content must be tagged appropriately, including any and all warnings/triggers.

3. All ships are welcome, and no ship-bashing will be tolerated.

4. Please be respectful in all your dealings.


I’ll be making a more detailed post on each of these later on, but of course you are more than welcome to interpret the prompts as closely or as loosely as you want to. Just get writing/drawing/editing/creating!

Sunday 1st - Laura Didn’t Die

Monday 2nd - Alpha Laura

Tuesday 3rd - Hale Twins

Wednesday 4th - Bickering Besties

Thursday 5th - Lovable Laura

Friday 6th - Looking Through Her Eyes

Saturday 7th - Dealer’s Choice

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the sign of hard work and social status. Capricorn people tend to focus objectively in their goals better than the other signs.

In the house where Saturn is positioned, it will be an area of life where the individual have to learn their lessons in order to end Saturn’s negative effect. The individual will struggle with the house where Saturn is in.

Saturn in…

1st house: struggles with their identity, have to learn who they are.

2nd house: struggles with possessions, have to learn avoid the pessimism about their wealth.

3rd house: struggles with communication and thoughts, have to learn how express their ideas.

4th house: struggles with family and roots, have to learn nurture themselves.

5th house: struggles with interests, have to learn to be more spontaneous.

6th house: struggles with habits and work, have to learn the right time to stop working.

7th house: struggles with relationships, have to learn to build relationships.

8th house: struggle with changes, have to learn that transformations and changes are good.

9th house: struggle with other’s beliefs, have to learn to be more open-minded.

10th house: struggles with career and responsibilities, have to learn not to use their career as a identity and not to carry too much responsibilities.

11th house: struggles with social groups and friends, have to learn to live more with people and that they can be unique even when they belong to a group.

12th house: struggles with spiritual growing and loneliness, have to learn to live in the reality.

(gif isn’t mine).

Bakukirikami Appreciation Week 2017 1st-7th April

Prompt List:

  • Day 1 (1st April) - New
  • Day 2 (2nd April) - Hard 
  • Day 3 (3rd April) - Insecure
  • Day 4 (4th April) - Electrifying
  • Day 5 (5th April) - Nature
  • Day 6 (6th April) - Explosive
  • Day 7 (7th April) - Nightmares
  • Bonus Day (8th April) - AU

This is a week about Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari so it’s not necessarily a shipping week. 

We’ll accept any ships involving them with eachother so bakukirikami, kiribaku, bakukami and kirikami. But also brotps, bakusquad (+mina and sero) and content focussing on just one of them individually is great too. 

We would prefer there not to be any ships involving these three with anyone other than each other but side ships are fine. If the ship with one of them and another character is not the main focus of the content we might make an exception.

Any original content is welcome. We’ll be checking the tag #bkkweek and reblogging everything from there. If you could reblog to let others know we’d be really grateful :) Have fun!

We bring you Mon-El Appreciation Week from 3rd July - 9th July 2017 ! As a way to show all the love for this awe and some character.

day 1 (3rd July): the moment you fell in love with Mon-El.
day 2 (4th July): favourite episode or scene.
day 3 (5th July): favorite heartbreaking/angsty moment
day 4 (6th July): favourite outfit
day 5 (7th July): favourite hero moment
day 6 (8th July): favourite funny moment
day 7 (9th July): free choice

You can make gifs/videos/text post/fanfiction/graphics anything you want to show the love for Mon-El

We will reblob all the post related to the week in the Monelnetwork page so make sure you are following it!

If you participate please use the tags #monelnetwork and #monelaw (in the first 5 tags)

Ps. this probably will get hate or some people will try to highjack it but there is no way that we should let it prevent us from enjoying this week.

In honour of reaching 1k followers canaries, we at @theworldneedslaurellance have decided to create a Laurel Lance Week; categories and rules as follows:

    • Favorite Fight Scene - 3rd April
    • Favorite Sass Moment - 4th April
    • Favorite Laurel Related Location - 5th April
    • Favorite Laurel Crossover Ship - 6th April
    • Favorite Song Associated with Laurel - 7th April
    • Favorite AU Version of Laurel - 8th April
    • Favorite Quotes About Laurel - 9th April
  • RULES:
    • Make anything you want (gifset, graphics, art, fic / imagine) that complies with the category description.
    • Post it on the correct corresponding date (shown above).
    • Use the tag #twnllweek in the first five tags in order for us to track, see and reblog the things that you make.
    • Feel free to ask us anything if you have any questions or queries relating to the week, rules or categories.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is the sign of innovation and the future. Aquarius people tend to seek information and share it with everyone, Aquarius people need to have their own points of view on everything.

In the house where Uranus is positioned, it will be an area of life where the individual will be erratic and rebellious.

Uranus in…

1st house: rebellious attitude, unusual appearance.

2nd house: don’t care about money, unstable possessions.

3rd house: rebellious mind, wants to know everything.

4th house: rebel of the family, erratic relationships with parents.

5th house: rebellious creativity, unusual interests.

6th house: rebellious with routine, erratic routine.

7th house: open-minded partner, seek unusual people.

8th house: want to know the truth, constant change.

9th house: rebellious beliefs, unusual points of view.

10th house: rebellious with authority, unusual and unstable work.

11th house: rebel of the society, wants friends and be different.

12th house: not a rebellious at all, unusual desire to change the world.

(gif isn’t mine).

It’s been almost 10 years since we last saw Brooke and Lucas on screen, but if you still feel the same way about the couple behind the red door, join us on June 3rd for this year’s Brucas Appreciation Week. Tag your posts with #brucasweek17 and we’ll be reblogging all of them. 

We’re accepting gifs, edits, fanfics or just rants as long as they are yours and yours exclusively. We won’t accept resposts of people’s work.

Here’s the following topics for each day:
Day 1: Favorite Brucas season - 3rd June
Day 2: Favorite kiss - 4th June
Day 3: Favorite adult moment(s) - 5th June
Day 4: Most heartbreaking moment - 6th June
Day 5:  A quote that reminds you of Brucas - 7th June
Day 6: Favorite “I love you moments” - 8th June
Day 7: Free choice - 9th June

Reblog and spread the word! :)

Have fun! 

September is here and that means we’re only a stone’s throw away from one of the most exciting weeks of the year! Has everyone fired up their Photoshop and/or word processors? Anyone hard at work at getting anything done on time I know I am? Feel free to let us know or ask us questions!

  • Mon, Oct 2nd: Hogwarts au/magic
  • Tues, Oct 3rd: arranged marriage
  • Wed, Oct 4th: supervillains/Savifrost/Flashfrost
  • Thurs, Oct 5th: free day
  • Fri, Oct 6th: amnesia
  • Sat, Oct 7th: high school/college au
  • Sun, Oct 8th: soulmates au

(!) F.A.Q

Keep reading

This weeks event is Lightning Era House Pride! This will span four weeks, one for each house. For this, members and non-members can make anything about any character in the lightning era who is in the house of that week! This will span the week of August 6 - Septmber 3 and is open to everyone!

The order will go:

  • Gryffindor (august 6th - august 13th)
  • Hufflepuff (august 13th - august 20th)
  • Slytherin (august 20th - august 27th)
  • Ravenclaw (august 27th- september 3rd)

How to Join in:

  • reblog this post to spread the word (optional)
  • be sure to caption the post something like:

@lightningeranet creation event: House Pride - [house e.g Gryffindor]


tag your posts with #lightningeranet so we can see them!

members: if it does include people from other eras there is no need to tag them! and when you reblog your creations to the network blog, tag them as usual, and also add the tag #lehp

After figuring out a system to roll for these winners based on the additional times you had your name in the draw for those that donated extra: 
The winners of this years charity goes to: 
1st Prize: Tyr
2nd Prize: ScopeGuard
3rd Prize: Wisp
4th Prize: Kelpie
5th Prize: Cryo
6th Prize: Berry
Just as a reminder:  

  •  1st Prize: A detailed coloured and shaded character of your choice (potentially an animation, we’ll have to discuss that.) 
  • 2nd & 3rd Prize: Cell coloured/shaded character of your choice 
  • 4th, 5th & 6th Prize: Cell coloured/shaded bust of your character

I’ll be contacting those that have won to see what they’d like! It may take some time to complete these as they won’t be just sketches done on a stream.

Thanks to the many people who had donated and joined me in streams for the previous week. You are all amazing and I hope you guys liked the sketches you earned for your donations to charity. You guys give me the warm fuzzies, and my family were both very confused by everyone’s pen names (and I loved it.)

Not kidding though. the Wildstar community really donated a lot, which made them have a higher chance of winning.  I am super glad to see how this all turned out!


Hello everyone! This is Tumblr user pipiipek here, but you guys can just call me Lea. I decided to run a little mini-event called Positively Pearlmethyst this year, in order to spread some positive content around to us Pearlmethyst shippers.

There’s been a lot of hate clogging up the tag lately, and I wanted to drown that out so we could all have some good vibes again. So this little event will be happening the week of August 1st (2016). It will operate similarly to the Pearlmethyst Bomb.

Each day of the week, there will be a new theme for users to have a chance to participate in. All you have to do is tag the post ‘positivelypearlmethyst’, so that everyone can see it! I’ll post the theme of each day below.


August 1st (Monday): First Time Meeting Each Other

August 2nd (Tuesday): Cooking Together

August 3rd (Wednesday): Protection/Teamwork

August 4th (Thursday): First Kiss/First Act of Affection/First Date (First Times, basically)

August 5th (Friday): Fusion

August 6th (Saturday): AU (any AU that you have at all that you wish to share!)

August 7th (Sunday): Forgiveness

*You can be as creative with these as you want. They don’t necessarily mean anything in particular. Be creative! Don’t be afraid to use your head cannons!


What kind of content can you make? Easy! Anything at all that you can think of. You can make:

  • Art
  • Music Videos (AMV’s)
  • Fanfiction
  • Songs

Just to name a few!


1) Do not ask questions in the main tag. If you have a question, send an ask to my blog or PM me. I’ll get back to you ASAP. The main tag is for content only.

2) If you make nsfw, the tag for that is ‘positivelypearlmethyst-nsfw’ or ‘positivelypearlmethystnsfw’. Please do not post nsfw in the main tag.

3) Do not post anything that is not relevant to the week in the tag (this will clutter the tag). While we appreciate the Pearlmethyst content, this is an event.

4) Do not post other peoples work (even if it pertains to the subject). Only post content that you’ve made yourself.

5) Do not be rude to any of the people submitting work to the tag.

6) Make sure to be creative and have fun!


Can I submit work late?

Yes, you can submit work late. But please do not submit it early before the event starts in August.

Will there be a blog that everything is reblogged to?

I will be reblogging all content in the main tag to this blog. However as the event gets closer, I may make a blog specifically for this event. Let me know if you would prefer this.

Can other characters be in the piece I make?

Yes. But try to keep it focused around Pearl and Amethyst.

                 *Any other questions anyone has can be sent here!*

                          Hope to see you all participate!

                            Please reblog this to spread the word.

Season one has ended. To keep the content flowing and show your appreciation for the show, we’ve provided several themes for any of you gif/edit/fanart/crack/aesthetic makers to try out. 


  • 1st July till 3rd July: Favourite episode
  • 4th July till 6th July: Favourite female character
  • 7th July till 10th July: Favourite male character
  • 11th July till 13th July: Favourite scene(s)
  • 14th July till 17th July: Favourite one-liners
  • 18th July till 21st July: Favourite revenant/non-revenant guest stars
  • 22nd July till 24th July: Favourite platonic/romantic/family relationship
  • 25th July till 26th July: Favourite villain character(s)
  • 27th July till 28th July: Favourite baddass moment(s)
  • 29th July till 30th July: Favourite parallel(s)
  • 31st July: Favourite Earp sisters moment

Another free one week in August; 

An idea: Magical items, locations, outfits, Wynonna Earp’s best lines, favourite scenery, and favourite song used in one of the episodes.

Use the tag  #wynonnaearpdaily or  #wearpmonth (for easier organisation). Remember to tag in one of the first five tags. Thank you for participating! We’ll see all of your content and reblog them for you!