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Gabrielle was never a true pacifist as much as she wanted to believe it in Season 4 with taking on the philosophy of ‘The Way of Love’. She still had her own rules to follow by with keeping the peace but she was never an outright “non-violence” person. She knew that if it came to fighting to put something right then she had to do it. Even if she didn’t want to or Xena didn’t want her to. To fight for what she believed in. To fight for the safety and the well-being of her loved ones or for the freedom of the innocent. That’s the choice she made in ‘Ides Of March’ when Xena was injured and left vulnerable and defenceless.. There wasn’t even a hesitation. She knew the right thing to do was to defend and protect her reguardless of the teachings of Eli. Her love for Xena is why she did it. It’s why she picked up that javelin and hauled it right at the soldier. It’s why she picked up the sword and went all out berserk on anybody within even a foot’s distance from Xena. It’s why she picked up the knife and stabbed one of them repeatedly to death  Love is what motivated her to fight and kill those soldiers, so therefore her way wasn’t to do nothing at all, it was to do something. Anything she could that was in her power if it meant there was a chance she could save Xena.

So her dichotomy with peace and violence specifically in Season 6 wasn’t as contradicting as you may think. Because for Gabrielle, it was always take action and deal with the consequences later. From the very start of the show with her meeting Xena that was her way of doing everything. It’s just it never required her to use violence to do it early on as Xena always took care of it. But that begins to change and become much more necessary later on in the show when she is a skilled fighter and she’s in the heat of the battle. She always had the choice whether to knock her enemy unconscious or to kill them. And she chooses the latter when she knows it’s absolutely imperative and there is no other way to stop them. She never went against what she believed in at all. She was just struggling to find the right balance for her as a warrior and as a peacemaker. And a lot of the time it was instinctive for her. It was something that just came naturally. She was just thinking about it too much all the times when it didn’t work out for her. It wasn’t because it wasn’t the right way for her, even though that’s what she initially believed.

It was never defined what ‘The Way of Friendship’ was but it’s pretty obvious that this is what it means given her actions. It’s like an even greater level of love where you have to put the consequences aside to help another. Where you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. So Xena was wrong. Gabrielle was meant to be a warrior. It’s just it didn’t always need to be physical, unless it was the only option she had. She did it for love and friendship. She did it because she cared enough to cater to someone else despite what it may have meant for her spiritually. That was always HER way! She felt lost in Season 4 because she hadn’t come to terms with why it was she felt she needed to use violence in the moment. She never processed it because it was just something she didn’t really need to think about at the time. But it played heavily on her mind after the battle was over because she didn’t know that her true way of dealing with hardships was to fight for peace and love even though her spirit evidently did. So the question isn’t was she meant to be a warrior and ditch ‘The Way of Love’? It is was it inevitable that she would? The answer is ‘yes’. It was. Because her way wasn’t either ‘The Way of Love’ or ‘The Way of the Warrior’. It was ‘The Way of Friendship’ where it was required to fight and kill in the name of love. It seems completely nonsensical at first until you try to put yourself in her shoes. Then you come to understand her as Xena eventually did.

I tell you, I had such a hard time understanding her in Season 5 and 6. But I take back everything I said about her completely going against what she stood for in Season 1, 2, 3 and 4. It finally clicked and I’ve realized the bigger picture to it all. That it really doesn’t matter how you do something in a dire situation, as long as you make a choice to do something in the first place. I respect and admire Gabrielle for putting aside her teachings of ‘The Way of Love’ in order to do what she believed was the right thing to do in the moment. I can say with absolutely no doubt whatsoever that she is my favourite character in Xena: Warrior Princess because of this reason. I feel so guilty for thinking of her so negatively to begin with because I thought she had abandoned her own spirituality. I was wrong and I understand her now.

The bigger picture and point to this blog: 

X: You know, we live our lives the way we do, because someone has to help those who can’t help themselves. But is it wrong to expose a child to that kind of violence? That blood?

G: I think so. But, Xena, sometimes, it’s our only resort, until we find a more effective way of doing it all.

X: Perhaps the greater wrong is never to fight at all, huh? You know what? I think it doesn’t matter where we take a stand, as long as we make one.

And this ladies and gentleman is the one of the strongest and most substantial reasons to watch Xena: Warrior Princess. I hope you enjoyed reading.

- Girl4Music

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Hey Sera, I was wondering who's your favorite romance in each dragon age game? And which class is your favorite to play as? Also have you played Mass Effect as well?

Ooohhh… Ok.

Dragon Age: Origins: Alistair. Always Alistair. (I love Zev and Leliana, but Alistair was my first love in Bioware, and is permanent in my heart, lol.)

Dragon Age 2: Fenris. Broody elves do it for me, apparently :D

Dragon Age Inquisition: Harder to choose, because I liked a lot of characters in this one! But, it’s between Solas and Cullen annnnndddd it’s probably Solas, in the end. So much pain… But I do it every time, lol.

Mass Effect 1: I like Kaidan, but I was holding out for Garrus.

Mass Effect 2: Garrus. (I’m gonna admit it would be Thane if he didn’t die- so in love with the lizard-man!)

Mass Effect 3: Still Garrus :D

Mass Effect Andromeda: I really liked Liam’s romance, but probably shifting to Jaal as favourite!

My favourite classes- probably two-handed warrior in Dragon Age (I love feeling like some bad-ass lady :D ) and Adept in Mass Effect- where apparently I like being much more range and less in the bad guy’s face!

Thank you so much for the ask! The reply was probably longer and more in-depth than you expected, but seriously, I could talk about Dragon Age all day… :)

Eliana T.: … yeah, Lennon, I get you’re better than everyone, but you can’t say they’re bad. For example, I never could do the splits properly… and they can.


In Loving Memory of The Crown and The Flame 👑&🔥

My favourite @playchoices book is obviously The Crown and The Flame. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this book.

It’s the first book I started reading, as there were only 3 books to choose from when I started playing the game, and this book was the best looking one. I mean, a warrior princess and her attractive best friend/LI who has fire powers? YES PLEASE! I mean, the cover alone was enough the draw me in, since I’m such a fantasy fan.

But, the book though! It’s one of my favourite books of all time, not only from Choices game! The story, the characters, the graphics..! It’s enough to make anyone fall in love with it instantly. But that’s not the reason why I love this book so much.

These characters have been in my life for almost a year (since the time I started playing). First time I laid my eyes on Kenna, she was this fierce but naive princess, who had no choice but to leave her kingdom behind since she could do nothing to defend it. Then she makes friends (so do I), gains allies, gets stronger and gets her kingdom back to become A QUEEN. And she doesn’t stop there.

She then defeats her biggest enemy, the man who tried to take away her kingdom and killed her mother in the first book. And suddenly he’s not the biggest enemy anymore, a literal goddess with unbeatable powers dares to defeat her and take away her kingdom. Well guess what? NO ONE. TOUCHES STORMHOLT. WHILE KENNA IS THE QUEEN. So Queen Kenna defeats Empress Azura. (The “NOTHING?!” scene is a literature masterpiece.)

I have seen Kenna grow up through these three books. She lost a lot of people who were very dear to her. First she lost her mother, then the only father figure she had left, only to lose another dear friend who had been nothing but another father/brother to her. I cried with Kenna when these happened.

But she kept going no matter what. She saved peoole. Saved kingdoms. Saved her home. Made friends and got married to the love of her life (Dom obviously, duh.) I cried tears of joy with Kenna when these happened.

The final chapters of the final book were my favourites. The final battle made my hands shake so much I was scared I was gonna hit the wrong choice. It gave a thrill than most action scenes I have watched. The after-battle scenes were a little blurry because of the tears constantly coming from my eyes. I cried more than I had for a long time, just because I was just so, SO happy to see that, after all these battles and all these pain and all these struggles, Kenna finally made it. WE made it.

I have watched Kenna grow up. But even though her story lasted only a year for me, I did grow up with her too. So thanks to Kenna, Dom, Val, Raydan, Annelyse, Whitlock, Tevan, Gabriel, Leon, Jackson and all the others I can’t remember to name right now, and of course the wonderful @playchoices team, for giving me the chance to grow up with them.

-I wonder if this is what the end of a story feels like.

+Maybe. But I don’t think any story ever really ends. It just… changes.

The Fond Farewell ~♡~

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1. Talk me down/ troye sivan
2. Fools/ troye sivan
3. 100 letters/ halsey
4. Guillotine/jon bellion
5. Warrior/ beth crowley
6. Girls like girls/ haley kioko
7. First time he kissed a boy/ kadie elder
8. For him/ troye sivan
9. Never forget you / zara larson, mne
10 . Mi gente/ J balbin
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The Hobbit meme:→ {3/5} weapons

Bow of Tauriel

“Leading the Elven hunting parties was Tauriel, favourite of the King and lethal warrior. Even among the Elves, Tauriel’s prowess was revered and the whisper twang of her short, elegantly curved wooden bow and unerring flight of her barbed arrows were held in dread by the Realm’s enemies.”

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Hi! <3 Top 5 books? (Love your art and your characters. You're awesome.)

Oh goodness! Thank you so much~

5. The Warrior Cats Series (First Series): because these books were so fantastic when I read them, and still are to this day <3

4. Outlander: so beautifully written, and I can’t get over the gorgeous covers~

3. The Name of the Wind: absolutely a work of art, and the main character is such a little shit that it’s fantastic. 

2. The Song of Achilles: I’m still crying… whenever this get’s mentioned at all…

1: The Captive Prince Trilogy: you guys knew this was coming. :) CP is my most favourite book/trilogy EVER <3