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whyyyyy do people not like gryffs just because we are represented the most in the books? :( people always think im gryffindor because its ''cool'' and stuff

I think gryffindor suffers from the problem of being flooded with casual fans. As huge as the hp fandom is, there are tons of people who are only into it casually and these are the ones that tend to be obnoxious and give gryffindor a bad rep. They tend to be quite full of themselves for being sorted into ‘the best house’ and it sucks because gryffindor is such a great house and these few people who don’t even care about gryffindor are giving it a bad rep in the fandom and it sucks


Studyblr photo challenge January 2017 - 14. TV Show: Vikings, S.4 II. ep.7

Relaxing after a long day. I did my washing, cleaned the house, shopped for the week, run to Uni, had my seminars, run to yoga studio, did my praxis, run home, ate my veggies, called my parents and now I´m finally treating myself with some sweet snack fruit and my fav Tv Show. 

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“Don’t worry Oikawa, it’s just dog adolescence.”

Sorry dear Anon ( and @etstrubal​ for you too ofc :D), but did you really think that “IwaKyou” is going to get a serious answer from me? XD ……Didn’t think so.
Here have some Kyoutani rebelling against the team-mom.

I’ve had guys tell me, ‘I’ll never feel for anyone the way i feel for you’

And I’m like, 'well, yeah, because it’s neurologically impossible to have identical emotionally associative response patterns for two separate people you’re receiving input from.’

Which I guess????

Isn’t the response they’re looking for??????