but thats just because of nostalgia i think

So im having a little nostalgia from when I used to really enjoy myself. When wr had a common goal and even say a common rallying point. We knew who we up against. And some of my favorite people were still here and this part of the fandom was somewhat balanced. The good old days as they say. Which I know perfectly well were an illusion because the shit was always here. I just think it was balanced out a bit bettet thats all. The negative and pisitive I men.

You might have noticed I reblogged a whoke bunch of stuff from Consumed today because of that nostalgia. Did a search on my blog and realized I did a lot of writing on that episide alone. Meta, Asks and Anons. ASHIT TON haha. And I realized I dont write as much Meta anymore, and I dont get that many asks anymore eithe. Amd I miss doing both. There has a decline in inspiration these days. Although not in my belief in my ship people, just letting you know.

I thonk what I want to say is, I aanna get back to doing my part again and trying to add some light in here again. In othet words im gonna start lighting candles again if thats alright with you guys. And if anyone wants to help with that by sending me asks, prompts or submisdions that would be nice. If not Ill generate it myself, im perfectly capable of that.

My hours at my job are weird but i find a way to make time. It makes me happy to give others joy so yeah 😊

Love ya all and im gonna Caryl the fuck on if you dont mind 😁

I’m not much of a writer but I’ve been brewing a fanfic in my noggin for sometime mostly about missions for team 7 ft working w Taka now to restore the council/orphanages being opened/hospitals and schools for medicine and the arts and wanted ideas for how the characters develop in your heads in regards to not just romantic relationships but how you’d envision the interactions. of course mutual sns pining because I’m trash.

This is an entirely self indulgent // gimme all ur nostalgia and wishes so I can blabber to myself

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what's with the bill nye talk

bill nye is the host of a new netflix show. its…. not what you would expect or hope from bill nye to put it lightly

i cant speak for everything about the show because i cant bring myself to watch too much of it but what i have seen comes off as really out of touch trying to appeal to a sense of nostalgia as well as transparently push an agenda

the biggest thing people are tearing into is this song about sex/gender/sexuality thats just really really BAD

in general its a waste of an opportunity to actually teach people about gender and how  its not as much of a binary as most think and that theres more to it and everything because you end up alienating everyone with stuff like that

Tbh, I think Mga should’ve re-released the old bratz dolls (rock angelz, treasures, wild wild west, etc, etc) through out the whole year of 2016 and 2017 for kids in this generation to collect them and as well for the nostalgia of older bratz fans who grew up with them, instead of just redoing the characters as a whole with different personalities, different face art, and different clothing style. If they would’ve re-released the old bratz dolls, not only would mga be making sales (because the 2015 dolls were doing poorly) but it would also hype up for the new bratz dolls collection that’s coming in 2018.

  • Matt: There are certain games in my life that when I play them, it makes me feel like I want to cry. Not because I'm sad, but because it strikes this weird nostalgia cord that's the type of nostalgia that just makes you wish you could go back there. And you feel it again when you play those games.
  • Ryan: I feel like it's almost a sad thing because it’s like I know for a fact I enjoyed games more when I was a kid. And I still love them. I love them right now, but I know I had this other kind of amusement and adoration for them when I was younger and I think it’s because it's like all I did. It's like I would come home from school, and I would play video games or I'd play split screen video games with my friends and when you're younger, you don't have all this shit that you've been through or shit that you know that you're going to have to go through because you're not so fucking cynical.
  • SuperMegaCast Episode 12 “From Nostalgia to Trump”

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Top five favorite Royai fics and why OKAY GO

whata bae lil anon

Reverberations because its just the best royai fic out there lets be real it feels like watching a movie of royai and im p sure this is what happens after the end of brohood ok just read this, but it hasn’t been updated in a long time and i actually want to cry thinking about it because it is literally stopped at the ultimate climax of the whole fic im dying

Chapter 2 of Apples from the Tree this is literally the cutest fic you will ever read like i read this about once a month and it actually makes me cry no joke thats the lever of cuteness we are reaching here ok also every chapter is great especially towards the end there are more tears there too 

We Have Time this is one of my favs mostly for nostalgias sake because it was one of the first royai fics i ever read in my whole life also its just really good also this gal just writes greats fics in general 

Ready Aim Fire this is another one where the cuteness levels are off the charts i choke up thinking about it good lordy and yeah its short and cheesey but i dOnT cARe


i took all these from my royai fic recs page if anyone is interested in more hehe

thank you anon you are an inspiration to us all 

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I just don't understand how some people can rate this anime with a 10. Different tastes in anime aside, do you think it deserves it?(fast-paced+bad directing+bad animation+forgetful and useless side characters aka sailor senshi) They say the Crystal haters are the ones with the 'nostalgia goggles' when they are the ones who can't even judge it correctly just because it's Sailor Moon. "I love sailor moon and everything involved with it! That's a true fan!" Sounds pretty much nostalgia talk to me.

It’s funny how the pride side says that we are the ones with the nostalgia googles on when they’re the ones forcing themselves to like it and defend it just because it’s Sailor Moon.

If anything, the nostalgia googles only serve us to keep sticking with this mess of a show, because let’s be real, if Crystal wasn’t Sailor Moon none of us would be watching.

So yeah, the fact it’s Sailor Moon it’s the reason we’re sticking with it not the reason we’re not liking it.

We don’t like it because it’s a really bad made anime and it’s giving the franchise a bad name.