but thats how i drew it


“Fortunate Son” from Ao3 by @anna-droid
didn’t draw this from the actual fic but i enjoyed reading it

soft boy @danisnotonfire 💐🌻

inspired by that little moment in the video where he kept doing sweater paws. that jerk.

Holy shit dude congrats @therealjacksepticeye​ on 14million subscribers!! Thats a huge fucking amount of people but you sure do earn every single one of them

I found your account somewhere in 2014, around your 600k video? Anyways i started watching you and i quickly realized how much your videos brightened my day, and they still really do!

So thank you and keep doing you Jack!! ♡


(toffee shoves his fist in his mouth the second “cute” leaves his lips, moon doesn’t notice because she’s horrified none of her headbands fit anymore)

(gently slides this under the door for Moontoffee Week day 2)


mentioning his height is probably like a taboo in the house

yeah if you haven’t noticed before, the age differences in this au are slightly different from canon. I wanted the kids to be closer in age so I made the gap smaller (I mean Wendy is like, what, 6,7 years younger than Natsu and Gajeel? Yeah, I just didn’t want to make them teenagers here I guess)

alternative title for this post: everyone bullies Sting


sneak peek of how lucifer’s thought process went when he tried to act like cas around dean


Walking in a winter wonderland~
Fluffy jongkey gift for @herewegobebe​ ♥
Thanks to @choiminoh for helping me get their faces right!!

ey, it’s baby izumi and olivier, cheers

@starryiedd and i were talking about how rightfully pissed off hunk was that no one would listen to him about rolo and nyma… then we started screaming at each other abt how Good he is …. also freckles

>tfw ur friends wont listen to u but u kno u right

anonymous asked:

Ideas for Inktober-if you'd like some :)-: jealous Scorbus, shy under the invisibility cloak ('we're really close, aren't we?'), angry/first kiss ('why doesn't he realize he belongs with me not Rose?'), tangled in a time turner, awkward Potter/Malfoy family dinner (with bonus hand holding under the table?), dressing for a wedding? I have so many ideas, please feel free to ignore these! (also I love your art so much, thank you for sharing!)

[ Inktober 2016.10.29 - Under the Invisibility Cloak ]

Being under a Cloak is a Scorbus classic by now :’) Thanks for the all the lovely prompts, if we had more days left in October I def would have tried to go for all of them!

what is consistency I recently completed my first pacifist playthrough of UNDERTALE and I’m really looking forward to trying out some other routes. In my anticipation for killing everyone and everything in my path, I sketchdumped some Chara’s. Looking forward to finally meeting them =)

it’s a bit hard to see, but in the open locket there’s a photo of Asriel inside ;v;

I recommend clicking and then opening it in a new tab to see it clearer bc tumblr makes it look too small and blech