but thats because there are no other kids to try and take our status away

Who is in Control

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

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Summary:when you land on earth you do everything in your power to defy Bell partly because you dont agree with his methods and partly because you find him attractive. Your defiance infuriates him but you soon find out that there is a fine line between love and hate.

Warning: things get a bit steam towards the end ;) plus this was entirely unedited so I apologize sincerely in advance

A/N: This will be my first imagine for the 100 so yayy!! If you want more or have any requests please feel free to send them in here, I have about 6 more Bellamy au’s planned that should be coming out shortly so keep an eye out and be sure to check out my masterlink and the fandoms I write for!

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“Here we do whatever the hell we want. Now you dont have to like it, Wells. You can even try to stop it or change it, kill me. You know why? Whatever the hell we want.” Bellamy’s voice echoed among the crowd, his “chant” catching on like a wild fire, everyone screaming “whatever the hell we want”. You were tucked away in the corner, eyes glued to the man who had already placed himself in charge of the camp. You scanned his features for some sort of fear, passion, insanity; trying to understand why he was doing this. Why was he even here? And furthermore why did he think allowing a bunch of crazy delinquents to “do whatever the hell they want” was a good idea. After all, him taking responsibility of us was his public declaration that we were his burden, and if kids died under his watch how would people back on the ark respond, how would delinquents not rise up?

“Rise up- Thats it!” you thought to yourself, a sly smirk upturning the corners of your lips. You would have to defy Bellamy, after all that is what you wanted. A new way of life, and Bellamy’s attention. Back on the ark you had always had a crush on him; the gorgeous mysterious boy who rarely left his room. You were infatuated with him, even before he started training to be in the guard (guardsmen were a hot commodity on the ark, always the first to marry because of their status and strength). Even after he lost it all protecting his sister, you still managed to love him more, his dedication to his family and protecting his sister at all costs was extremely admirable in your eyes. Thats why seeing him now, allowing such a diverse and potentially dangerous group of people -some no doubt good, but a larger portion bad- to do as they pleased, set you on edge and made you severely question his choices. As everyone went on cheering and blindly following his every order you slid away pulling a few kids you
knew away to discuss your next step.

“Look Bellamy’s going to drive this camp to the ground; especially with Murphy as his little henchmen, we all know how crazy he can get with too much power. Now I know his speeches are promising and his eyes sparkle when he talks and he makes you want to believe that this will work, but the facts tell us it wont. And thats why we must do everything in our power to change the system, and its not like we are breaking any rules. Whatever the hell we want.” I smirked at the end, my eyes trailing across the many faces in my audience. They all nodded, some smirked back others a little more fearful of the inevitable defiance but most were willing.

“y/n, what do you propose we do?” A small voice called from the back. You smiled at the small girl who had lived in the opposite cell as you back on the ark.

“We’ve got to start with these bracelets, he wants us to take these off so we cant communicate with the ark, but the truth is, as much as we may not love everyone on the ark there are people up there who need us and love us. They’re oxygen supply is running out and they are going to start killing innocent people in order to prolong their oxygen supply. I know you may not care for the people who locked you up or floated your parents but dont let more people die at their hands. At their expense. Because the people who will die up there are not going to be the president or general; they will be everyday people like you and me who will be deemed "not as important” as the medical staff or the top mechanic. If you want the leaders of the ark to pay, allowing them to kill off our kind will do nothing to bring them to their knees. We mean nothing to them and they will kill anyone in their power to stay alive. Make them come down here and then we will show them the rules of earth, and these rules cannot be ‘whatever the hell we want’.“ You finished. The crowd erupted with applause, inspired looks dancing across the faces of the few you had been speaking to. You were so caught up in the excitement you didnt see Bellamy glowering in the corner, his jaw clenching as he looked around at all the cheering kids. He was frustrated because to some extent you were right and he didnt know how to argue with your claim. "game on” he whispered before slipping away into the darkness.

The next couple of days you spent with your new “people”; protecting them from Murphy and his gang of psychotic idiots who were trying to rip peoples bracelets off. Back on the ark you loved to learn; you spent more time reading and majoring in different areas than anything else. You had studied biology, chemistry, history, and martial arts which gave you a pretty clear understanding of things on the ground, possible food supply, and how to kick Murphys ass even with his knives. You preferred to attack peoples pressure points; it was by far the easiest method because it was virtually painless for your victims an
renders them momentarily paralyzed with the right strikes. You taught your people how to fight, and assess vegetation; the things you felt were most important for them to know right away.

“Y/N!” You heard a voice growl as a large hand wrapped around your arm dragging you towards a nearby tent which was built into the side of a tree for support. You’d recognize this tent anywhere.

“What do you want Bellamy?” You rolled your eyes, wanting to appear tough and annoyed.

“What the hell are you doing?! Theres absolutely no reason to create this huge rebellion against me! Everytime I go out hunting you pop up to distract me and ruin my advances, whenever Im speaking publicly you retort with your own speech, defy me, and walk away with more of MY people!”

“They are MY people now” You winked, watching his jaw clench as his face was over come with rage. Suddenly you felt your back pressed against the “wall”, you’re heart was beating a hundred miles per hour as you felt his hands tighten around the collar of your shirt. The thin material dug into your neck as his warm breathe blew across your glistening skin, you were both panting as his lips hovered over your ear,

“You are mine y/n. you’re people are my people.” Your breathe caught in your throat as you felt your knees go weak. This was not fair! He couldn’t use his sexiness agaisnt you like this. His eyes lit up when he saw the affect he had on you, wanting nothing more than to lean down and kiss you, but he also needed his people back under his control and that would have to start with some major self control. He pulled away from you, smiling cockily as you tried to wave off the delicious delirium of his presence. You wondered if he had known how much you liked him all along, but then you realized he wasn’t doing this just to tease you. He wanted you to hand over your people, your power to him; and thats something you would never allow.

'Two can play at this game.’ You swayed your hips as you approached him, your tongue gliding gently over your lips as you watched him assessing your every move. The look on his face was priceless as you slid your hand up his arms cupping his shoulders and hovering your lips over his. He was stock still; afraid to give in, afraid to lose. You smiled, what a game this would be.

timdrakemockingjay  asked:

Hey Bren I think I remember a time in which Tim Drake nearly died, not in the event of being shot, stabbed or smushed under something but that one time that the power went out at Wayne Manor and Tim barely had any internet (some on his phone but that's no good without a computer) and it was out for a couple of hours and it was a good thing that Bruce came back from the other side of town to turn on the generator because Tim could have died that night. And I think you should tell that story. :)

I shall tell this story for you, dear friend.


Once upon a time, a rather horrid storm blew into the city of Gotham. Rain came down in torrents from dark clouds, making everything horribly slick and quite hazardous to our resident vigilantes.

With the rains and harsh winds, there was little crime to speak of, thankfully, so most of said heroes stayed in their homes, snug and warm while the weather raged outside.

And Tim, he was certainly glad that he did not have to run after small-time crooks or the rampaging villain of the week, but instead he was curled around a warm cup of hot tea, reclining in his favorite leather chair as he typed out the essay due tomorrow with his free hand. He was positively comfortable and cozy.

Until, that is, there was a exceptionally loud crack of thunder, and suddenly the room was eveloped in complete darkness. Tim froze, looking away from the glow of his computer screen and towards the window, where he caught glimpses of the rain pounding against the pane with every flash of lightning.

“Please no,” he whispered, glancing quickly down at the now-blinking battery symbol on the status bar of his screen. The power was dangerously low and Tim resisted the urge to smack his forehead. “I knew I should’ve charged it earlier.”

There was no way to know how long this would last, and the generator was downstairs but Bruce had forbidden Tim from going down there because he knew Tim would probably try to work on something and he was supposed to have a night off which was ruined now



Bruce really wanted to go home already. It was getting late, and he was tired. The chair he had been sitting in for the past five hours, which had at first felt amazingly plush and comfy, now felt hard and unforgiving against his back. But, he had promised Lucius that he would finally finish the stack of paperwork that had been waiting for him to go over.

Poker Face then suddenly began playing rather loudly in the room, and Bruce fumbled for his cellphone, mentally berating Tim for changing his damn ringtone yet again.

“Hello?” He answered quickly, not bothering to check caller ID in an attempt to stop the awful music.

Bruce you have to come home right now immediately,” came Tim’s breathless voice, and Bruce tensed at the barely concealed panic in his son’s tone.

“What is it, Tiger?” He asked hurriedly, unconsciously pushing away from the desk and standing. He heard Tim take a breath, before:

“The power went out, B. And my laptop is dying, my cell is only at half battery, and you hid my tablet– Which, that was super rude. I know I’m grounded but, still. Also I have that essay due tomorrow and I can’t write it while my computer is drawing its last breath as we speak and–”

Bruce sank slowly back into his seat, relief washing over him in waves, now that he knew there was no real danger. Tim paused, probably to draw a breath, so Bruce seized the opportunity to speak. “Tim,” he said as calmly as he could, fighting down the urge to just- Start cracking up. Honestly, this kid. “Tim, you’ll have to wait until I get home to start up the generator. Let me just wrap up some things and then I’ll be on my way, okay?”

“Okay but hurry. I would like to finish this essay by tonight and by tonight I don’t mean like, one in the morning, as that’s what seems to always happen. Even when I start early, it’s like time speeds up because the universe hates me and I end up rushing to get it done but–”

“Breathe, Tim,” Bruce interjected, swallowing back a laugh. “You’ll be fine, I promise.”


Tim. Calm.