but that's what makes him even more lovable ;a;

anonymous asked:

why can't you with jeon wonwoo?

Good question my friend, good question indeed.

  • his deep ass voice that’s deeper than the ocean i swear one of the best voices in kpop dear god save me
  • 183cm of glory tbh have you seen him????
  • his hair, do not get me started on his fluffy hair
  • if handsome, hot, beautiful and cute existed in one person, that person would be Jeon Won Woo
  • he can so cute but then savage on stage, how?????
  • you know that bias that makes you feel indescribable emotions? thats Jeon Won Woo for me
  • my life is a hamburger
  • wonwoo is one hoe, he gets around so much, flirt? probably, shippable? definitely, lovable? absolutely
  • dont let the intense gaze and sexiness fool you, i’m pretty sure he’s more clueless than minghao. minghao is not clueless, he knows what to do to slay, he just partially doesnt understand what people are talking about in korean
  • goddamn body rolls ugh, how does he do it so well
  • boy got my feels in a mess
  • i dont even want to date him i just want to hug him and pet him and feed him lots and lots of food
  • that time in busan when mingyu wanted a bite and he glared at the poor boy i crey much sexy such damn
  • this list is getting long but i dont care cause jeon won woo
  • have you seen him in jeans dang that some booty *coughs*
  • his tiny joints his body structure is slim af
  • quoting cantwithkwonsoonyoung: his nose is so sharp you could cut cheese with it
  • jeon won woo in glasses *ugly sobs*
  • wonwoo’s singing
  • have you seen his hips?????
  • his beautiful eyelids i will cry at the beauty
  • his skin so beautiful so pure
  • his thighs and his legs i just
  • i dont have a life because of jeon wonwoo
  • he’s just so beautiful in my eyes
  • sweater paws OTL
  • bucket hats tbh
  • his cheeseburger aegyo *eternally sobs*
  • he is perfect how did god create him????
  • deep ass voice + 183cm + sexiness + cuteness+ beauty = jeon wonwoo = UNFAIR

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